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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

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General Description

  • Name: Ashlaar Eoghan
  • Age: Early twenties.
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Mage
  • Sub-Class: Carnomancer (Flesh Mage)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Hometown:
  • Height: About 5'3"
  • Build: Curvy, but muscular.
  • Skin: Light and freckled.
  • Hair: Curly red, to her shoulders.
  • Eyes: Teal
  • Clothing: She usually wears leather pants with a colorful skirt over them; furs if its cold. She always wears a leather pouch at her waist which hold spell ingredients. She often wears feathers in her hair.
  • Personality: She's got her own sense of morality which tends to mean seeing everything as a grey area. Her experiments may seem gross or even immoral but she believes in the pursuit of knowlege to be the highest of callings. Ashlaar can be pretty sarcastic and has a morbid sense of humor. While she is very blunt and makes a few too many jokes, she doesn't intentionally hurt people unless given reason. She's generally very friendly. She will be kind to anyone unless they give her a reason not to be.


A Bit About Ashlaar

She has spent the early part of her life in school and is trained as a mage. Training is over and she's eager to practice her skills and gain new powers.

Ashlaar is extremely interested in how things work and she loves to solve puzzles; naturally she leaned towards carnomancy as her preferred magical specialty. She does have a decent grasp on basic elemental magic and utilizes them in her experiments. She's found lightening to be especially helpful.

Once discovering her interest in carnomancy, she started collecting corpses and examining them to better understand how living flesh works. While she has great understanding of human anatomy, she still has some learning to do. Ashlaar has no knowledge of the internal working of non-humanoid creatures but she's eager to learn.

She has a small dog named Frederick as a familiar. He's often getting himself into trouble and will do just about anything for a treat.

Current Events

Upon seeing so many different races were living in Hollow... she realized she would need to procure some corpses for study. After hearing about a man who was good at getting things, she's headed for Cenril.

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