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General information

Class: Ranger

Race: Human

Weight: 180 pounds

Height: 6'2


(In chronological order starting from the present to the past)

Infected by Kazadin's corruption, a timeless ancient being who swallowed Antioch into a distant vortex. In the flow of time distorted he became more than human and far less than righteous.

Fueled presently by a galactic hate.

Son of Zena'thor, wielder of the King's Blade.

Is entuned with nature and has a firm base knowledge of its elemental powers.

Leads Kelian and Larketian humans in his Ranger's outfit.

Wears a magical Ankh.

Leader of Champions of Kanos after Redovian's hasty departure from Hollow.

Has royal blood flowing in his veins.

Doesn't negotiate with madmen and illusioned royalty.

Drows and Pixies are his least favorite races. There is nothing redeemable he can see about either of them after viewing the arrogance of their leaders.

Is an ally to the Elves.

Handles most of Larketian business in the absence of the King and Queen.

Has found Griffon eggs which he hopes to incubate artificially with life magic.


King's Blade- A decorative longsword with rune inscribed enchantments. This weapon recognizes the true ruler of Dunderhelm.

Twin daggers- A pair of elegant, elven crafted daggers named Ariet and Galecian. Gifted by Cerenia of the glade for being a champion of the elven people.

Blackwood Bow- A custom made bow for Antioch that's been approved in all his specifications. Lightweight yet durable and with enough tensile strength to deliver armor-piercing velocity.

Draconian Dueling Sabres- Weapons infused with darkness.

Archaic Knowledge-Memories wished to be forgotten and lessons learned through centuries of suffering.

Ignus- Scorching flames born of endless hatred.


Elemental Ankh-An amulet with special powers over nature's elements. Lucretia Silver, Antioch's birth mother passed this down to her only son.

Chaos Fae-A burning crimson orb that is actually a figment of Chartheron's burning soul.

OOC Wishlist

I depend entirely on other players to donate items/ gold for my RPs as I just don't have the time nor the will power to stat.

1. Gold for custom items (ofc :P)

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All donators get my love. All of it.<3

About me OOC

I'm 23, a soldier in the US army, I spend most of my free time writing on Hollow and have ever since I was in my teens. Definitely a long time player but you won't see any hubris attached with that fact, I realize we are all here to have fun. I have had many older characters which would be recognized but I choose to not make it so readily apparent as I truly believe RP is better when you don't what to expect from the other player and obv knowing me would take away some of that mystery. Plus it helps lose all the haters (for a little while.)

There are only a few people in this game that I am hesitant to RP with. If you constantly derail RPs and argue every aspect of someones IC actions then more than likely you are going to lose my attention. There is really only a few people right now who do this as most have learned by now it's better to just roll with the punches. I have my good days and then I have my great days but all in all I play Hollow for something different. Though I have been regarded as a good duelist I prefer coming to restitution through RP. For too long the emphasis has been on these dueling fights when in reality the system is weak and flawed, promotes little RP, and is just overall an excuse for 'top players' to discount other peoples characters.

Feck that! That said I can be moved to duel under the right circumstances. Mostly whether I am in the mood or not. I have AIM at xvburnthecityvx and it is a handy way to get my attention for RP.