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Just the basics...

Name:Annabelle Ära

Age:27 (August 13-ish)
House:House of Ära


Lil bit o' history...

The House of Ära:

This house was created by a small clan of humans some time ago, in order to accurately record the history of magical items. The original house consisted of farmers and non-magical users that worked diligently under the noses of barbaric rulers to protect the secrets of the greater-natural magicians. The House of Ära is no more than a house defined by Honor, thusly it is in the possession of a plethora of rare and thought to be nonexistent artifacts. (she is still collecting)
Annabelle was the fourth born to the House of Ära, 12th generation. Daughter to Gregorious of Ära and Lena of Outrove.
Sister to David, Edward, and James.

... over the generations it was bound to happen, as the magic was bred into the bloodline...slowly they became more like the ones they were meant to protect and less like the ones that had started it all...

Annabelle is small, even for a human. Having spent the majority of her short years with her nose in a book she has never built up much of a core for the art of combat. Thin out of control curls of bright red hair surround her face and is usually kept up in a loose bun with straggling pieces wandering just out of her line of sight.
Just Stuff...
Just because she doesn't fight, doesn't mean she can't fight... she is a spell-blade after all.
She can manipulate magic in the most trivial of ways. Enchantments and defensive spells are pretty much it.
She is almost never seen without a very large book, her nose neatly tucked away as she loses herself to the pages. Few have been graced with the privilege of seeing these pages.

The Book of Ära

The book is wicked-magic-secret-super-special-uber-cursed-voodoo...thing. (completely unpractical, not light reading)
It can not be taken, it must be given.
Once it is given, it can not be returned.
It must be written in truth, or the lies recorded will rot the blood of the transgressor (we are talkin massive icky pain- worse than death)
It is cursed, it is blessed.
The book will protect it's protector.
It can also be in two places at one time.... just as well it contains the spell that allows a person to do the same,though.... it can be somewhat confusing.

The book is Chuck Norris, yo. Use your imagination.