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The First Yew Wand

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Lore Item
This item is important to Hollow's lore and history. It is held oocly by Josleen . As as lore item, the terms of ownership for this item are different than from a custom item made for a particular player.
This page describes a Custom Item. To see rules and pricing to create your own, go to Customs Price List.
The First Yew Wand - (Weapon-Magic)
Creator: The First High Druid of the Eternal Tree
Last Known Owner: Zanril

An unremarkable piece of yew that has been rubbed smooth by millennia of use. The wand was not carved or shaved, and resembles a petrified twig. A circle of ancient druidic runes has been burned in a circle that forms a single band around the thickest part of the wand.


Historians believe this is the first yew wand ever created. It was made by the first High Druid of the Eternal Tree in Sage Forest. The Eternal Tree is believed by some historians to be the site of the first druidic grove in known history, though there is debate about that.
The wand was recently recovered from a den of primordial lycans in the wild lands accessible by diving in the crystal clear moat under Enchantment. Queen Josleen, Meri, and Salvaret were trying to find the wand, but the were-elk and master ranger Zanril Wyvernbane betrayed the adventurers and stole the wand for himself.