Tenbatsu Kaji

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Lore Item
This item is important to Hollow's lore and history. It is held oocly by Josleen . As as lore item, the terms of ownership for this item are different than from a custom item made for a particular player.

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Tenbatsu Kaji - (Weapon-Magic/Melee)
Creator: Yamamato Silverleaf {Redovian}
Last Known Owner:

The blade itself measures 28 inches long, while the handle is 10 and 3/4 inches, and te overall length is 43 inches.It is styled after the elven katanas of the old Sylvan Empire. Yamamato Silverleaf spent three months making this katana, the master swordsmith a very religious man, often meditated and prayed over his work, thus imbuing a very holy aura into every aspect of this masterpiece. The handle, made from the rare white-oak trees that are native to frostmaw's wilderness, is coated in a thick deep black lacquer and wrapped in white cotten. The sheathe is made from the hide of the elusive and legendary Frost-Ray, that slumbers deep beneath the frigid water that lurk in the Xalious mountain range. The blade is impressive to behold, for any who know anything of swordsmithing.
Forged in the Chapel of Cyris, of steel blessed by the priests of the temple, and cooled in holy water, to its very core the katana is sacred. Its edge is razor sharp, and the blade is as durable as it can be. Etched onto the blade is the symbol of Cyris. Its is said that only a man of a pure and holy heart can wield the blade. It is also imbued with the spirit of the holy sprite, Seika.


The blade, in the hands of the paladin, has been key in his defeat of the Wraith Ixiel, the Shapeshifter Ordox and the Elemental Mercenary Sephryne Ryder.

Upon the fall from Cyris's grace of former paladin Redovian, the sword was delivered unto the care of the Lichdrow Tiphareth, who subsequently placed the holy artifact in protected storage within House D'Artes. That is until, years later, the paladin Kelovath visited D'Artes to interrogate Gevurah, and in the process was chosen by Tenbatsu Kaji.

Over the course of the following year, the sword found its way into dwarven care. It was to be awarded to a winning combatant for the The Redskull Trophy Ring, but instead the sword found its new owner in Khitti who was among those in the crowd. After a few years with Tenbatsu Kaji passed, the sword and Khitti parted ways. She got rather tired of the lifestyle Seika was forcing her to lead and threw the sword into the ocean.