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I thought this page could use some love, also. So like the last, feel free, admins, to use it if you want. Or delete it. Or alter it. Same to you, un-admin players. If you want to edit it, or think I've missed anything, feel free to make changes. I tried to keep it specific to just the wiki which is why I linked the rule pages, so if possible, keep additions wiki specific. Thank you. (Note: I know that some of the rules I added, such as editing other peoples' pages or uploading RPs without permission may not be punishable rules, as such, but I think it wise to have them here anyway.) Svilfon (talk) 09:30, 29 July 2013 (UTC)

  • Should the tag [[Category:Player Guide]] be added to this page? -Satoshi (talk) 14:36, 29 July 2013 (UTC)

Rules of Hollow's Wiki:

  1. Do not spam! This will result in you losing your wiki privileges and also receiving in-game punishment. It will not be tolerated.
  2. Do not promote other websites without permission from an administrator. Linking to other pages is considered promoting that site. You must have permission from the wiki administrator, Tiphareth, before posting any links outside of the HollowWiki.
  3. Do not upload any type of copyrighted content. This includes, but is not limited to, pictures, other author's writings or other forms of digital media.
  4. Do not alter the content of other peoples' wiki pages or user pages without permission, unless you're fixing errors such as broken links or missing links.
  5. It is considered rude to post RPs onto the wiki without first getting permission from the players involved. This is because some information may be sensitive to a situation, and the players involved may not want others to know in any capacity. Please ask permission first as it doesn't take long and will save many headaches later.
  6. The wiki is not a place for out-of-Hollow writing. Posting solo role-plays on the wiki is fine, but only if they are Hollow RPs involving Hollow characters.
  7. The admins have the final say on all the rules involving the HollowWiki. If they tell you not to do something, even if it is not listed on this page or others on the wiki, you must abide by their decision. Remember, the Terms of Service, General Policies and Rules of behaviour are applicable to the wiki as well as in-game play.

Breaking any of these rules can lead to you being punished in-game. The wiki is kept up-to-date by players, so if you post anything to it, understand that it might be altered or removed if it's not correct.

If you have questions concerning the wiki, go here or here.