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Creature Suggestions

  • Bugs! Bugebites (talk) 20:21, 25 June 2012 (UTC)
  • Pets should definitely be able to level up as our characters train, and be able to pvp. -Mercedes-
  • I agree with the pet comment, but pets should also play some part in normal combat.
  • I'd like to see pets involved in PvP/PvM combat, as I'm sure many others have stated. --Balcaam 18:42, 6 April 2007 (CDT)
  • I was wondering if monsters could stop moving around when you battle them, because when you are trying to kill a monster sometimes they scamper off to another page stopping the battle. -- Rantes
    • If you were getting the crap kicked out of you, wouldn't you leave to? --Vuryal 10:37, 15 October 2007 (CDT)
  • With the Preklek Peacekeepers, if they are supposed to be keeping the peace, why do they attack you on sight? Or are they just called peacekeepers but aren't actually supposed to keep the peace? --Aterri
    • They're keeping Preklek style peace. They're invaders. What did you expect? A royal tea party? --Vuryal 23:01, 3 November 2007 (CDT)
  • First of all, it would be great if we could get a description of mobs when we click on them, before we decide if we want to fight them or not. It's probably a lot less coding-intensive than getting them to talk, and it would add a lot. Plus, I've noticed that, like way way too many Muds, the Hollow forces you to kill ants and beetles and flowers and butterflies and the like, for the first week or so. I realize that it's probably been that way since time immemorial, and that everyone else has had to go through with it too, but frankly, it's a little insulting, a little humiliating, a lot discouraging, and it gets on a person's nerves. It's fine if you're a pixie battling a tarantula, but a giant? a dragon? If you feel newbies just have to go through the little flower garden of horrors in order to stat, then maybe it can be in a separate area before you join the game? There's plenty of ways to do mobs that are exciting, for any level of character. --SirHoneyBadger 03:40, 19 April 2008 (CDT)
    • The Ranger's Guild is adding descriptions of the mobs into the wiki. Just an FYI -- Cyllarus 23:14, 5 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Pets should be able to add damage and HP/SP/MP to you instead of just being there. ---Gale 00:26, 16 August 2009 (UTC)Gale
  • I think mobs could do with respawning faster, regular mobs not the ones that drop. Also the screen telling you that you've escaped a mob is, I think, redundant. It would be quicker having text appear in the top left of the screen, like when you're fully cured or have your magic restored. --Cadoras
  • add teh Demon Bunny please! I would love to see a mob from Monty Python's Holy Grail now that we have 'Rabbit' as a level 1 mob. This demon bunny could be somewhere in the middle levels (or the high ones seeing as some people do need more mobs up there). Thanks Anders for the suggestion! Impontus 19:08, 2 May 2011 (UTC)
  • How about an EvE Feature, Monster v Monster! Sakkarah (talk) 13:40, 26 April 2014 (UTC)


  • What about programming in an option that allows one to stake an item or gold? When the winner knocks out the other player, the items staked automaticly converts into the winners inventory, this way the player who lost the duel doesn't screw around and not hand over the spoils. --Levvy
  • Allowing the leader of a clan to design an emblem for their clan, which, ofcourse, will be a small image, such as 24x24, 16bit or what ever, and have the emblem shown to the left of the members name in a room. This will easily identify a member of a clan. And, in the who list, make another row beside the clan and have it as "Clan Emblem" with the small image. That or just have it beside the clan's name. May just save up on room. And, with all this, we could have special rooms designed for CvC (Clan vs. Clan), where you cannot attack a player who is in the same clan as you. Who ever is the last clan standing, wins the spoils for that clan, so something. --Levvy
  • I think it would be nice to see A/C ratings to become a factor in PvP dueling just as it is in PvE fighting. Attacks could still do their normal amount of damage until they reached whatever the "non-customs" max A/C rating is (be it 68, 73, or whatever it is now). From there on, each attack's damage would decrease accordingly until it did only 1 damage. ~Shen~


  • Well we've got potions in battle now thumbs up on that, thanks! I also wanted to 'second' the putting song of life on the battle page. I'm still using potions when I go negative hp. The casting system requires you to hit submit, so you die anyhow.Thanks again!

--Blyss 4-25-2014

  • Allow players to use potions/herbs/etc. in battle*

--Ilydia 01:13, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

  • Possibly make it so that a player can convert hp to sp (as if using wait on a mob that does 1 damage). Maybe 1-5 hp to 1 sp.*

--Ilydia 01:13, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

  • pets should be somewhat of a second weapon. when leashed they should add half of their attack to the damage you deal to a mob. Cecil
  • Replace 'Cure' with/or add 'Full Cure' in the attacks selection when fighting mobs. Would be beneficial as curing for 77/78 just doesnt cut the mustard when you get hit for 3000+ in return. -- X
  • What about making dexterity or speed factoring into a character's armor or even into creatures/mobs? -- Kain
  • As of recent moving around has becoming increasingly bothersome. This is most pronounced with the massive damage and health increase in monsters as marked by Hollow Trinity and aggressive monsters. The mantles designed to counteract this along with the recall system have assisted in alleviating this problem. Yet they are somewhat counterproductive. Examples of this would be: Requiring large amounts of gold in order to be effective, limited use, rarity of the mantles, being completely deactivated in certain areas, possibility of having a completely different function, or simply unknown to most players. It is only natural that adventuring into unknown areas has become less attractive and grief concerning attempting to get in place for certain RPs have become aggravating. So it is a rather simple suggestion of mine to just have a command which completely deactivates PvP or PvE for a character. This would not make the current system invalid due to the fact that people would still wish to keep it active, much in the same way they keep the OOC channel active, but still allow for easier travel. Neither would this effect the PvP environment due to the fact that a character would have to consent in the first place to take part in such a battle. Such an easy solution could completely resolve the issues many writers have with the current system that is in place, but still keep it useful and relevant to those that wish to partake. ~Cuki
  • I'm not sure if this is done already, however a distribution of the experience that would be gained in a maxed out stat (My strengths 75..and I'm betting whenever that exp bar is full, all the exp I'd be gaining is wasted beyond that). Hence, What I'm simply suggesting is that when one fills up a stat bar, the exp you would have gained is directed towards your next highest stat, and ect..until all the characteristics are filled, by which point they'd go to h.p. and stamina. This would, in effect, make using those final attacks a bit more feasible for statting in the long run :). Especially when someone told me it takes 75 slashes to raise h.p. and 36 final attacks, which each take 5 stamina (Hence a 75 stam to 180 ration). ~Kasyr
  • I also think that if a monster attacks you, you should at least have a guaranteed escape. Getting killed in the middle of an RP just because you had to move and you got jumped is incredibly frustrating. --Giniro
  • I think that when using the 'wait' command, one should regenerate magic as well as stamina, as the current system is slightly prejudice against mages, besides that, I also believe that incraments you get from waiting should be increased with your current stamina/magic, because if you naturally build up a higher one of those two, it should only be natural that you can recover faster in their fields. It could be that once you reach lets say 20 stamina, you regain 2 stamina every wait, and will increase by 1 regeneration every 20 stamina points added and could be similar with magic. --Kaine
    • Currently: If your cure is maxed, each magic point is worth ~ 25 HP. If you wait on a creature with 0 stamina, that 25 HP turns into ~ 50 STA. So in effect, one wait would become 51 STA. If something like that is enacted, it should only magic users that cannot cure, or else the game would be even more one-sided toward curers than it already is.--Oreste 14:17, 14 March 2008 (CDT)


  • I think there should be a few quick rests spots like the Stepped Hot Springs in Frostmaw. I believe if they where not in bedrooms like the few that are available are. That they would become gathering places for rp while recharging.
  • I want to suggest a new quest. That way it wold work is the Mammoths in Frostmaw some times drop ivory. Well it you had to ivory you could take them to the Mage Tower and use them to make enchanted knitting needles. These would be equitable to the hands.

The mammoths would all so drop mammoth wool 80% of the time. You would be able the take the mammoth wool to a enchanted glass spinning wheel that would be in Starry Heavens. You use 10 mammoth wool and get 1 enchanted wool yarn.

The more enchanted wool yarn you use the higher the armor + it has up to +10. The more often you do this the more items you could make. To reflect a skill increase.

  • I still hold to the idea of making it where once you're one level above a mob, you still get experience, but half the usual amount, and half drops. Two levels about 25%, three levels 10%, 4 levels 5%, and then nothing or mayby 1% after that. This way you wouldn't get two attacks into a mob, gain a hp and get nothing for the rest of the battle, allowing one to continue gaining experience without having to go to bigger mobs they might not be ready for, but making it less likely for folks to gold farm on low level mobs. The same could be applied in the opposite direction as well, with mobs one level higher than your character giving 150% experience and drops, 2 levels above 175%, 3 levels 190%, 4 levels 195%, and 5 or more levels above your character level giving 200%. This would make fighting mobs far below your level rather pointless, removing some of the problems of big characters going on gold farming runs on mobs far below their level, while encouraging statting by allowing a character to continue working on mobs they can handle, although at a slower pace. --Kain
  • Make drops based on levels. Say if you fight a monster +4 levels, it only gives 50% drops, +8 levels, 25% and so on and then, -1 levels, 50%, -2 levels, 25%, and so on. I'd say for item drop rates and gold drops since it might make it so that fewer high levels are farming lower level mobs.

--Ilydia 06:54, 9 June 2010 (UTC)

  • Perhaps a peer function so you can look in a direction before you walk over there.

A player could "peer up" or "peer climb cliff" and see what is there before going there. --Ilydia 01:17, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

  • maybe improve the game by showing what the room looks like and other characters in the room
  • Change the command on the tavern boards, well, like if you type 'public' you will be moved to a page that looks like the one in the Hmail, its for, when you are posting at the tavern, something list like. well is you put a list on the boards now, it would appear:


but if you add this new feature, it would be like:




--Noemi 17:21, 6 February 2010 (UTC)

  • I think a great feature (not sure if this goes here or not) would be a button in the stats page that allows for automatic account deletion. Let's face it. There are certain players who change characters like they do underwear. Why not let them do it without taking up our admin's valuable time. This way, admin don't have to manually delete characters and will have that many fewer h-mails to go through. --Dissonum 22:31, 5 February 2010 (UTC)

Premium suggestions: --Dergious 02:20, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

No need to eat and drink. -Or- Auto eat and drink -automatically consumes items in one's inventory rather than forcing the player to do it by clicking inventory, finding the food item, clicking eat, then clicking inventory again, finding the food item again, then clicking eat again... etc.

Healer anywhere- buy full cure and buy restore magic anywhere without having to run to the actual healer location

No slip and fall in battle (or at least make everyone have the same chance)

No fail to escapes in battle

Auto /command (emote -allows players to set an auto /command that is seen by other players when the enter a room the player is in, or when the player enters a room where other people are in.

Auto-Battle (used for gold farming mostly, or in combination with a healer) -Allows an Auto-battle, the fight with the mob is fought without all the clicking until the mob is dead or the player is in the negatives. --Dergious 02:20, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

  • How about a Carry slot, similar to the Pet slot, for RP items? Right now, they occupy the Hand armor position, and are not visible unless you look at the person. Take them out of that slot and make it so that they function like pets instead. 'Carry red rose' and 'Put away red rose' (or something), and whatever you are carrying would show up in your description at the top. 'Cyllarus is here with a red rose and a dog named Fred.' -- Cyllarus 23:21, 5 March 2009 (UTC)
    • Someone noted that this would let you carry three things at once: weapon, shield, and item. There are several different ways of handling that, but I'm not sure what would be the simplest for Hollow's system. -- Cyllarus 23:21, 5 March 2009 (UTC)
    • Also pointed out that not every weapon and shield necessarily takes a hand to hold. Auras, flying razor discs, etc. Weapon and Shield slots could just be assumed to be the item ready to be used if combat occurs. -- Cyllarus 23:30, 5 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Similarly, being able to see race in the overview would be nice. -- Cyllarus 23:21, 5 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Premium Request: I would like to have an option to purchase a premium that woudl allow auto-emotes. These /commands could be changable by the player at will. Whenever they enter a room where other Players are, the /command would run automatically. The same when a player enters the room where they are. Examples would be; As you enter a room where Dergious is, you see "Dergious stops picking his nose." Or when Dergious walks into a room you are in you see, "Dergious stomps into view, doing odd things to a live chicken." This option could be turn-offable, and outlawed in the tavern (much like Healing in the tavern being dis-allowed). Additionally, anyone using said premium could lose it if they break any of the existing rules with the posts they enter. Also, if possible, it would be best if the emote's function as a tell... meaning that only the person newly entering the room would see the emote rather than the other people in the room seeing the emote every time someone walks in. If entering a room where many people are, they would all see it, but in the same tell-esque way. Additionally... picture this. You walk into a room, and you see a /command involving Dergious, and you also see one with say... Beata.. and so on for anyone else involved in the Rp. So anyone walking by would get the auto-emote explaining the RP in progress and they can choose to join in the fun if it suits them. So the auto emote could help draw others into an ongoing Rp--Dergious 16:23, 25 February 2009 (UTC)
    • I like the idea, but I think a "static emote" would be better, something brief that would actually stand by your name description much like a pet does now. The default static emote would be "[Player] is here." but it could be changed to something like "[Player] has a crooked collar and lipstick on his cheek." or "[Player] is unconcious in the middle of the floor." This would be perfect, as Dergious said, for drawing players into RP, but it would also help prevent awkward situations where someone who has just arrived on the beach attempts to start a casual conversation with someone else floundering 30ft out in the surf, or where someone who has just stepped through the door rushes up and hugs someone else who is locked in brutal swordplay. You might consider having it reset to default whenever a player moves, so that way no one is running about the countryside whilst "sleeping soundly in the corner of the tavern." Moreover, it would be a complete shame to make something so utterly useful into a premium service. Rather, it should be made available to all, just like the custom race and class features. -- Orikahn 8:33, 23 June 2011 (UTC)
  • I would like to see a programmable room in which one might enter, type thier own room description and hit enter, and the room description would change to match what the character typed. The change would be temporary, until the player who made the change left the room and/or for a specific time frame (say one hour). This would allow the players to more readily customize a specific RP. Anything that is entered that shouldn't be (such as curse words) would deactivate the room and Hmail an admin so that the offender would be punished. The idea is, a player could gather a group of people to rp, and that person would essentially be a GM or DM or whatever you want to call it for the duration of the adventure. A default setting could be a tavern. Additionally, this area could be used to train new players with the ins and outs of RP Hollow style.
  • Have players be able to set 1 custom recall location. (Ie.; A player sets a location for a shop then goes to mine/stat then after obtaining the funds needed being able to recall to that shop)
  • I think that your position in Hollow should be able to get changed over time or the more you rp, pvp, or pvm it would change. I mean I have been here for 5 1/2 years and im still a citizen. Shouldn't I be ranked a little higher than that? --Sollamis
  • I think that clan Leaders should be able to turn invisible just like the admins can. This would be useful because then the clan leaders can see what the clan is discussing without the clan members knowing about it. Admins will still be able to see what clan leaders are on and still be able to track what they are saying. --Sollamis
    • Bad Idea that can be readily abused. And also fairly pointless. A -log- for clan chat would be far more useful as were this implemented, most people would simply use clan chat for spam and use whispers and the like for plottings. -- The tiefling
      • Or a member log you mean? Or just have it to where you can see member chat, no matter what type of channel they use. The channels would be obviously separate. Have it to where you can turn it on or off too (spamming purpose and all). ~Yashgoven~
  • Since items cannot be seen when taken off or put on, it would be nice if items that were found from mining, weren't viewed by everyone around. --[An Observer]
    • To further this, it would also be beneficial to maybe have a combo box off to the side for consumption of items during mining. Thusly eliminating the need to quit mining consume items and then mine again. --Veszmur'ss 10:22 PM, 06 June 2007 (EDT)
    • I was unhappy to discover that the feature I liked (seeing when items are equipped etc.) were eliminated, but the feature I did not like (mine spam, wait spam) were left in.--Oreste 14:22, 14 March 2008 (CDT)
  • It would be terribly useful either to have the "use" commands back, or to have a combo box or edit field in the Inventory page to allow for quicker and easier consumption of items.
  • I believe that self-healing should once again raise the MP stat of the user. When I asked about this in-game I was told that someone constantly healing themselves would stop learning; this may be true but MP is not a reflection of lerning but of magical capacity before exhaustion. That, of course, is why stats in general (besides HP, MP and stamina) are capped. If you must limit healers to only gaining MP when they heal others - an illogical and detrimental change if you expect them to fight on par with others later on - then you should also deprive miners and fishers of stamina and should, in actual fact, make sure that every skill used outside combat is useless, stat-wise. However, since this just drives a larger wedge between statting IC and statting OOC (yes, it can be done both ways), I think it would be best to just give healers MP experience when they heal. Less than when they heal for others, maybe, but it should still go up.
  • I think that on the Who page, the Clan should be removed. Let's face it. Unless a player is wearing an emblem or something, you won't know which clan they are in unless you RP with them. It makes it more realistic. --Vuryal 11:59, 7 May 2007 (CDT)
    • I think that on the Who page, the Clans should be a link to the list of everyone else in the clan. That way we all know who has the minimum number of members required. Because I have my suspicions about some of them... --Xarden 07:48, 20 May 2007 (CDT)
  • I also think that mining should raise more stamina than it does now. When mining all your training for is stamina, it's the only thing you're using, it's not like it has to be split among a few other things.
  • Upon roaming about the lands, finding things to kill, I'm finding monsters that wouldn't normally roam randomly roaming about the lands, i.e. the Gladiator of the Damned in the Sage Forest. Then there are others that would normally roam under real/fantasy world standards that would roam, i.e. spiders. I believe it would add a totally more...'realistic', if you would, feel to our world if maybe someone was brought about to research the monsters of Hollow and figure if they would normally roam the lands or not, and where they would usually reside otherwise. --Veszmur'ss 6:19 PM, 07 June 2007 (EDT)
  • Add mentors or guides. That could be done by changing the tell to channel, to a mentor/guide (something players choose to become)only function and can only be used to talk with someone new (Generally IC, but if needed, they can talk OOC as well) and removing the ooc channel.Marshal
  • I think the clan leaders should be able to mute and unmute their own seperate clan lines. ~Razgriz~
  • How about we make it that fishing is like mining? You click on a picture of a lake in the water and you catch a fish or you don't. Waiting for three seconds is kind of boring when you even rarely find anything within a hour. XD There could be a fishing limit, like the mining limit, and eventually, a service could be made - Speed Fishing. I know people used to fish all the time back in the starting days of Hollow, why not evolve fishing? - Darius
  • I think that it would be great it you would be able to recall to your own HQ, along with all the other members. An example: You are in Stormtempered Kingdom and you type "recall HQ" you should be able to recall to ONLY your HQ (this would work because what if others have clan locks on their HQ?). I think it would be a great feature for Hollow and everyone else who is in a clan. ~Yashgoven~
  • A room called 'Assassin's Guild', maybe down some alley in Cenril, or Trist 'Oth, were there was bulletin board, so that anyone looking for an assassin, or any assassin looking for work, can post there. ~ Ilin
  • Not sure if this goes here but let me have a crack at it. I -really- think that the cure spell should be able to cure more than one person (also taking more stam and mp from you when doing so). It is weird when you heal someone and it says that you heal THEM for however much you can heal/cure for. Them being one person? That doesn't make sense at all... ~Yashgoven~
  • I think it would be sweet if everyone had their own storage box... kind of like the bank, only they can store all their other items that they do not want on them. Maybe get charged for every item they put in? Like 1 gold an item for example. Something like that. Free to withdraw of course. Wouldn't want to pay twice for just -one- item. Tis my thought(s). --Yashgoven
  • instead of 'you stand there motionless' could it be change to somethings relevant to class? like "you stand there in a defensive stance" (being a warrior for example) or "you stand behind a magical barrier" for a magical user. -Riotka-
  • I was thinking if yall could program an ability called focus that restores 1 mp like wait does for stamina in combat thanks a million-Nazarus
  • A board in the clan room would be nice, so we can all speak about clan things there instead of having to Hmail to a million people. ---Gale 00:32, 16 August 2009 (UTC)Gale
  • I was thinking that perhaps it would be possible to be able to tell how many times you have mined and see how far you are from reaching your limit. -Mihael

I think that monsters should invade diffrent towns, and will stay until they are killed. The monsters won't respawn, so it is like defeating an invading army. ~ Cadno

  • Just like Frostmaw is of Ice, having an area of Fire, like Volcanoss, where Crimsona is coming to hollow from -- Crimsona 16:38, 5 April 2011 (UTC)

  • Stamina percentage used during recall should depend on how far you intend to recall. Instead of being generically half, regardless, different cities should use different amounts.. Within the city could be 10% one city over 20% Two cities 30% etc... It could encourage more RP, I think. -Svil


  • New Race: Bugs! Bugebites (talk) 20:20, 25 June 2012 (UTC)
  • Race Rule Change: I really believe that the rule of half-breeds being sterile should be abolished. It honestly doesn't make any sense other than an attempt at keeping a population in order or trying to encourage people to keep to pure bloodlines. With how many people rp, there's a lot of half-breeds that may run about as npc or pc children and people that come in as half-breeds find they are unable to have children effectively ending a bloodline. I personally see it as unreasonable and unrealistic, I'd like to see it ended. -- Awne
    • It's not entirely senseless, if you take things like Mules into consideration. Mules are born from a female horse and male donkey. They're a similar genetic family, but just different enough that mules are sterile. It's arguable that this works the same for the variety of races in Hollow, all being fairly humanoid but still different at the core. >.> Which is a working argument to help admins keep the vampiric quarter elf/quarter dragon/onefourth feline/dash of dwarf characters from running rampant. Perhaps, instead of removing the rule altogether, they can allow an appeal to those that present a logical argument? The rules are usually put in place for good reason, so abolishing them can be risky business. Making working compromises are a safer route, if change is so desired. -Satoshi 19:31, 13 July 2010 (UTC)
  • Merfolk(Mermaids/Mermen)--Brandi 21:27, 27 September 2009 (UTC)
  • Goblins--Noemi 13:48, 22 September 2009 (UTC)
  • Why not add another list? some kind of Race type. under it is vampyric, demonic, holy and high. because vampires are generally vampyric human and most players tend to rp thier elves as vampires, with this list players may set thier own alignment to thier characters. So players rp thier chars easier. as demonic players may rp thier chars with unholy strength, holy with divine, high with advance knowledge with arcane magic, and vampyric characters may be good in hand to hand combat. - Ahnaya.
    • well of course the vampyric dragons and vampyric lycan is still not allowed. except of course a hybrid was approved by admin--Ahnaya 18:45, 23 July 2008 (CDT)
  • Murlock - "fish people" thier fins are webbed turned to legs and arms, amphibious, may have a free swim skill. - Ahnaya.
  • Golem - "rock giants" - Ahnaya.
  • Different kinds of giants. Expanding upon the idea of "rock giants" above, how about different breeds of the biggest folk? Based on elemental affinity and their position as a primordial and primal race. The idea is to separate them in a strong, certain way from Ogres.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Rock Giant. The oldest and most primitive, but also most spiritually and elementally attuned breed. Rock Giants are made from "living stone" that is actually alive. Different giants of this type are born from different kinds of stone. They are very, very tough, even compared to other giant breeds, and can live forever, but are additionally weak against extremes of heat and cold. Rock Giants are easily influenced. Although the eldest of their kind possess the very Wisdom of the Ages, the typical Rock Giant has a childish mind. If left to her own devices, a Rock Giant tends towards kindness-even friendliness-towards other races, but it's very easy for them to "fall in with the wrong crowd". And once they get an idea in their heads, good or bad, Rock Giants have an awesomely stubborn drive to run with it.
  • Berg Giant. The most refined and civilized of the giant breeds, the Berg Giants are also one of the most sinister kinds of giants. Slavery and cannibalism of other races is an important part of their society. Berg Giants live in enormous kingdoms built into and onto mountain peaks, which they force their slaves to mine for the gold the giants love. Berg Giants can be identified by their deep red skin, cruel blue eyes, and long, flowing blonde or platinum hair and beards. It should be said that, while the Berg Giants have many aspects of their society which can be termed "amoral" or "evil", they are lovers of art, especially music and poetry, and while many individual Berg Giants embody the worst steriotypes of the Giant Race, still some few others exist who have overcome much, and far transcended those qualities, becoming beings of shining virtue and hope.
  • Rime Giant. Rime Giants embody the relentless, grinding glacier. They are ancient creatures of terrible destruction, but they are more than just dark forces of nature. They have turned the essence of what they are into a spiritual path through which they find purpose, fulfillment, and a way of life, in their war against all that is warm and green and alive. Infact, it's a war against All, simply and profoundly. To be a Rime Giant is not only to know that the world must end some day, but to know that you are an Enemy of Creation, an architect of it's unmaking, and to build your existence around the celebration of that coming glorious dissolution. Rime giants are huge humanoids formed from translucent ice. They range in shade from clear icy crystal, to a deep-almost black-amethyst. Although only as evil as the end they serve, the Rime Giants are unloved by all, even the other breeds of their race, who are all too aware that they themselves embody the very essence of the universe the Rime Giants seek to see undone.
  • Vulcan Giant. Born in the fires of creation, the veins of Vulcan Giants flow with magma instead of blood. With flaming hair and eyes of crimson ember, Vulcan Giants can be very beautiful to behold. Getting that close to one can also be very deadly, as the Vulcan Giants share a spark of their distant brother Rime Giants' love of destruction. It's only a spark, however, because one cannot burn without fuel, as Vulcan Giants are very much aware. Although not as intrinsically warlike as other races view them, Vulcan Giants are creatures of chaos and passion, but they can also be industrious, long-term planners, both qualities helping to further any warlike ambitions an individual of this breed may harbour. They love new toys, gadgets, and machinery as much as they do a good wild-fire, or a good fight. They also love strong drink, passionate romance, and wild, often destructive dancing, but they never purposefully seek destruction that does not also cause eventual rebirth.
  • Forest Giant. (to be continued)
  • Sky Giant. (to be continued)
  • Sea Giant. (to be continued)
  • Desert Giant. (to be continued)--SirHoneyBadger 13:37, 16 April 2008 (CDT)
  • Aquarian - A human sea-folk halfbreed living in a half submerged coastal city and who tend to lean towards an amphibious nature. Webbed-hands and feet, and maybe an affinity for psionic abilities and no magic of any sort. This could open up a new class, a new race, and a new city with detailed backstory and workability. --Euroya 3:10, 13 February 2008 (PST)
  • Mermaid
    • Who would actually keep their character as a mermaid? Most people would have them walking around on legs if they had their way.
      • Well it's the same as dragons, people make them people-sized! Mermaid would be way cool. If it was added, I would definately make a mermaid chari (legally of course ;)
  • Harpies --Vgfh 15:50, 31 August 2007 (CDT)
  • Herpies
  • some sort of serpent person -Eiri (Sahagin or Naga mebbe? --Ryeanna 07:45, 6 May 2007 (CDT))
  • Elementals: People made out of a certain element, with powers to go with...
    • Fire: A being made out of twirling flames. Hot-tempered and quick-thinking. Uses bursts and walls of fire in attack.
    • Air: A being made out of smoke and wind. Impulsive and jumpy. Uses hurricane-force winds in attack.
    • Water: A creature made of water and semi-frozen ice. Cool and calculating. Uses ice-cold blasts of water in attack.
    • Stone: An entity made out of the ground itself, cracking the ground as it moves. Slow thinking, slow to anger, slow to act. Slams foes with fists of earth for attack.
    • Green: A being comprised of many plants, it's mind multifaceted. Very wise and territorial. Attacks using vines, roots, thorns and poison clouds.
    • Dark: An entity wreathed in shadow, awake only at night. Cruel and cunning. Attacks the mind, paralyzing foes with fear.
      • I'm sorry, but this would be way too much. People god mod enough as it is. This would be an open invitation to them. Not just the Dark Elementals, but the elemental idea in general. --Vornir
        • That's a good point. I hadn't thought about that.--Taikahn 14:42, 29 September 2009 (UTC)
  • An insectoid race of some kind would be cool. I'm picturing giant centipedes, six feet tall when reared up, venomous fangs, four scorpion claws for arms, a hard exoskeleton, and a surprisingly good nature. --Taikahn 23:19, 13 October 2009 (UTC)
  • Naga of the humanoid Variation
  • Kitsune
    • That'd most likely go under lycan, they are canines.
  • Kenders
    • (Aren't these unique to Dragonlance books? I imagine they are copyright too.)--Ryeanna 07:45, 6 May 2007 (CDT)
  • Gargoyles~Kasyr
  • Personally, I think, if any race is to actually be added, it should be Avian. It seems like a race that could actually be played well, with some semblance of reality. Also to add on this point, more people have actually played these than anything else listed.--Rasja
    • I've played an Avian for years, and have been waiting for them to be a race. I could even provide a back story of sorts for them, possibly.--Demont
  • Gorgons--(I spose this could fall under the serpentine suggestions or not)--Ginger
  • Fauns
  • Trolls --Ryeanna 07:28, 24 August 2007 (CDT)
  • I have a suggestion to make regarding the dragon race. I believe that this race shouldn't be allowed to wear armor or weapons, and to compensate, an inherent racial AC bonus and a breath weapon should be added.

Maybe the AC bonus could increase with the health of the dragon, say 0.1 AC every 5 health you gain, and the breath weapon should increase its damage output as the player gains strength. (Of course i would leave this to the better judgement of the admins, since i'm really new and i don't know if those numbers are adequate). I suggest this change because i believe that Hollow is the only RPG that gives you the chance to play as a dragon. That was the main reason i joined the game, i mean, i've always wanted to play a dragon, it was almost a dream, and i saw i could make it happen here. But upon joining, the way the game restricted the dragon's Roleplayability dissapointed me. And it's kind of unfair, because why should a human be able to use it's racial features and have the chance to RP properly (using armor, swords etc) and a dragon can't? If this, or something similar, that could improve the dragon's roleplayability were implemented, it would make this game an invaluable treasure for RPers. That's for sure.---Azrul Unsure what you mean here, when I played a dragon before I ascended V, I always used to RP the dragon as having it's abilities. Dragon scales as armour, weakness of underbelly, fire and ice breath, talons, spikes etc. Unless you're going with the culture people have these days of having to have whatever you're using equipped, which I frankly still find silly. --Vgfh 15:54, 31 August 2007 (CDT)

  • Marsh Ghouls - A ghost that lives in secluded places *points to the word Marsh*. Since they are a ghost, make it to where you have to have a secial weapon in order to kill them (melee or ranged, doesn't matter) but make it slightly more expensive. Kind of like... if you want to get to this next city (sort of like the Naga city), then you have to go through the Marsh first. Be it guarenteed fighting (due to so many). That, or it could just be a great spot for training. It would just be another good idea to get to another city/spot in Hollow (sorry, don't know if that part went there but it kind of goes with the Marsh Ghoul idea). --Yashgoven
  • Shrents - Basically a small variation of a pixie. Not so much like a size differential, but more or less a pixie who has had their wings ripped off and made to live on the ground. I know it would be more like a rp race. But it would be fun to see the interaction between them and a pixie. ~Jeriel
  • I believe that each race should have a small boost to the maximum of a stat they can have for example, an elf is suppose to be intelligent and be very well knowledge in the use of a bow therefor perhaps the max for Int and Dex of an elf be increase to 85. Then for each race give them an appropiate boost to their races strong points. ~Gamia
  • I believe that you could use a few more races. Satyr and Gnoll, perhaps. A satyr is a creature of nature, a goat-man. They usually create their nature magic through music. A Gnoll is half a bear or wolf like thing and also half human. They have sharp claws and cannot use magic usually. Most are warriors. I don't know if these descriptions are perfectly accurate but thats what I've heard. Also maybe a Hydra. A 7-headed beast that cannot use magic, unless it is a Ranger i guess. When one of their heads is cut off, 2 grow back. They are very strong and can only be killed when their heads are cut off and burned before they grow back. RP-wise, anyways. ---Gale 12:51, 15 August 2009 (UTC)
  • Also, perhaps you could create Drakons. They are several millenia older than dragons. They are more serpantine-looking than dragons as well. They do not have wings. Most cannot breath fire. All are able to spit out a poison/acid from their mouth. The largest ones are well over 200 feet long. Small ones can be as small as a bus (ooc of course) They also have huge fangs. They can transform from human to Drakon, much like Dragons. ---Gale 14:18, 19 August 2009 (UTC)

Maybe spirits? So you could play your character after death, or even start your character as if he has already died.

  • Dark Phoenix/Dark Phoenix type People, since there have been Phoenix and Avians here, this would make sense, that and Crimsona is basically A Dark Phoenix-Human Hybrid, and other Fire type races, like Frostmaw has their frost races -- Crimsona 16:40, 5 April 2011 (UTC)


Each of these Premium skills would cost a one time fee of 5 credits. This allows players who want more powerful abilities to have them at the same time as allowing hollow to generate some needed funds.

Premium Feature skills for classes. Example Melee classes have Onslaught cost 50 stam, you will slash like Arrow rain at 10 Speed per swing but deal base strength as damage so max damage would be 75 x 7 = 565 HP

Missile classes recieve Enchanted Arrow - cost 25 Stam and 25 MP you fire a single enchanted arrow dealing damage equal to Dex x one tenth of Intel so max damage equal 565

Then magic classes can get Chain Lightning dealing damage equal to Intel plus an extra bolt per 10 wisdom. for 565 damage. Slit

  • Thieves getting paid for successful heists by admin. The amount earned depends on the RP and what the admin deems reasonable/realistic. Proof of success judged by completed RP sent to designated admin. This way, thieves' attire/equipment reflect their class abilities and can potentially foster RP (e.i., raise suspicion of the nature of their income). -Jecket (talk) 17:09, 19 August 2012 (UTC)

A demonologist class or demonology as a school of magic could summon demons or augment their own abilities.--Sprotus 23:11, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

Why Can't all classes heal themselves, and why do only rangers and druids get the new 'full cure' skill? - Marcellus

I agree with Marcellus. Why give a new healing spell to multi classes of all things and leave classes whose primary function is to heal and help the unfortunate (i.e. Priests, Paladins) out of it all? Does this not give an unfair advantage to healers who can not only heal themsevles, but full cure as well now? - Virote

  • Templar - Guardians, tends to use axes and warhammers as weapons - Ahnaya
    • Aren't Templars technically Paladins and Priests?
      • Well yeah. but monks generally uses staves and the Templar are somekind of battle priest with a mix of a paladin. so the idea is the axes and warhammers have somekind of use, like an archer and a bow.--Ahnaya 05:25, 30 April 2008 (CDT)
        • Then if you dont want the name Templar... how about Cleric? It is also somekind of battle priest with a mix of paladin --Ahnaya 01:30, 8 May 2008 (CDT)
  • Temptress, Enchantress, and Bounty Hunters -Mercedes-
  • Ninjas and Samurais! xD
  • Enchanters, Hunters, Titans, Summoners, and Geomancers. ~Yashgoven~
  • Give the widespread existance of psionics in hollow, its odd there is not a psychic class..Telekinesis pyrokinesis and all that jazz. kasyr
  • Hermit, Smithy (perhaps by only limited allowance providing an easier way for people to come by custom armor and/or weapons with proper approval by the admins), Alchemist, Calvaryman, Gypsy for the females and Bard for the males, and perhaps changing the mage class to more specific variations such as Black Magi, Elementalist, the above mentioned Geomancer, etc. Irin
  • Learn Classes ingame rather than when you sign up. Each race and alignment would give you what you can attain by being a Good elf or an evil Drow etc. Marshal
  • I'd like to draw attention to Spell Blades - Suggest that because they are a multiclass and weak because of it, they should at least have an advantage (besides the cool name) as well? So they can use spells with melee weapons, not needing magical ones? It would make a great difference to gameplay, and it would surely balance out their great weaknesses a bit more. ~Darogan
  • Rangers should be able to use a track ability, wich adds who left the area you are in, and which way they went over the last few minuites to the descriptoin. This would add a little more realism, and would help out a lot when trying to find people. Narinis
    • The other classes would need jiffy abilities as well ~ That being said, I wouldn't mind aiding in said think tankery that would ensue. Also, have it be a skill to use like the time feature (Typing track) as places like kelay would have an exceptionally muddling quantity of back and forths spamming your screen. It is definitely an interesting idea however- Perhaps a relative estimate of how old the tracks are to a point? up to five minutes or such? The tiefling
  • I think it would be great if there were a sub-class so to say. You are a druid but yet also have access to some other class skills. Yashgoven
  • as before mentioned in my above post where a race would get a boost also allow a class to get a boost to its primary attribute. for example rangers would recieve a +15 to dex, mages recieve a +15 to int, and warriors recieve a +15 to str. this would show just how specialized each class is towards its primary function. ~Gamia


Just as the admins can see a difference between the admin channel and the ooc channel, there should be a different look for the clan chats, or have an option for clan chats to be in a different color in the preferences page, for the ones that are in clans. It might make things a bit easier.---- Iktomi.

    • Clan chat already is different from ooc and ic channels, set in an italic font that makes it easily picked out from the rest of the text. - Satoshi 04:13, 23 November 2010 (UTC)
    • I really like the idea of being able to assign different colors to different types of in-game communication. Maybe break the text color options into OOC, clan, tells and "the rest?" --Lokthull 22:40, 21 May 2011 (UTC)
  • Similar to how you can mute OOC, make it so you can mute the following system messages: When someone eats/drinks, When someone fights a monster, When someone mines/fishes.

Date as well as time on the bulletin board. Some of the messages are over a year old. And it is hard to tell what is still relevant. -Rusilan

It can sometimes be bothersome to have to read through a whole page of "this player cast this on this monster" or "this person eats this" or "This person mined and got this" just to get to a conversation.

Though healing and fighting should probably be two separate options. --Ilydia 01:11, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

  • Possibly change it so that you can eat until you are full or eat multiple items at a time*

--Ilydia 01:11, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

  • Allow players to use more than one potion/herb/etc at a time*

--Ilydia 01:11, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

On the stats page it should have what level the Character is at stats wise especially with the monster lists and all on this wiki I think this would help the players and all! Brandi 09:34, 10 April 2010 (UTC)

No need to eat and drink. -Or- Auto eat and drink -automatically consumes items in one's inventory rather than forcing the player to do it by clicking inventory, finding the food item, clicking eat, then clicking inventory again, finding the food item again, then clicking eat again... etc.

No slip and fall in battle (or at least make everyone have the same chance)

No fail to escapes in battle

Healer anywhere- buy full cure and buy restore magic anywhere without having to run to the actual healer location

Auto /command (emote -allows players to set an auto /command that is seen by other players when the enter a room the player is in, or when the player enters a room where other people are in.

Auto-Battle (used for gold farming mostly, or in combination with a healer) -Allows an Auto-battle, the fight with the mob is fought without all the clicking until the mob is dead or the player is in the negatives --Dergious 02:25, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

  • I'd like to propose an idle-out system comparable to what we used to have on Hollow. What I mean here is that I think it'd be great to be able to idle-out (or a nice safeguard if you accidentally idle-out) and keep the stats you had gained by resting up to the point at which you idle out. In order to compensate for the extra bandwidth that will undoubtedly be used, I also propose charging a modest credit fee to any character that wants to be able to use this feature. -Krytt
  • I don't really know if this goes here, this is just a general suggestion for Hollow Deaths. I think that players should be limited to a death in three months or something. That would change the mindsets of several people who think that killing of their characters in two days and creating another character the day after is extremely original, and thus think themselves great. One such example is Bornivek, which is the player's sixth character in, I think, two weeks or less. Horrible. Worse of all, Javelin killed one of his characters, Chakohkev, and the next day, it somehow got revived and from then on, all his characters die and come back with a new name in a minimum of 3 days. All retaining their memories of the previous character, thus all knowing Javelin and disturbing his gameplay, when Javelin only introduced himself to Chakohkev and killed him soon after. This is extremely irritating, and I think that those players that don't have enough experience with a single character yet shouldn't be allowed to do this, because they really think that they're -very- original and -really- great. If a time limit is set, maybe they'd stick to it after three months, because keeping a character for three months even leaves an impression of it on the player, and so perhaps he wouldn't be so quick to kill it off. Just a suggestion, cos' its really freaking irritating to lots of players, examples being DO NOT PROVIDE NAMES etc. Thanks.--Javelin 09:36, 6 April 2007 (CDT)
    • I myself understand where you're coming from on this, but it is a big hassle deciding which race and class you do want to be. I mean it is permanent until an admin allows you to change it. As for his new characters retaining their memory of meeting you, that is just wrong. I myself when I change my character act as if this new character doesn't have any thoughts what-so-ever of anyone my old character knew. I mean I have ran into a few characters that knew me when I had my first Hollow Character ever and I just walked by them and when they accused me of being that character in a tell I played dumb.
  • I think that on the help page that there should be a room map, shop lists with prices, item list stating what they do and how much ac they have, and a creature guide telling what they hit for and max payout is, it would help players seek out creatures they could take on, get around the world better, and not buy items that they don't need. -Niamh
  • I think it would make sense if you could see how much stamina you have while mining (how much you have left and how close you are to maxing it out). An example would be: 200/500 (stamina you have used and have left), and 245/750 (maxing it out). I hope that made sense >.< ~Yashgoven~
    • I would also like the time delay on mining to fast to refresh the page back to the mining one after a second else you get stuck in it. -etherkye
  • Speaking of Format, does it include layouts too? Because having an option to move to a frameless layout depending on browser type would be choice. Browser type being a NetFront 3.x for mobile devices... Mobile devices being ones that have 176x220 pixel resolution... If ya'll could do that, that'l be kicck ass.
  • Not sure if this goes here, But I think a way for clan leaders to send a message to just the leaders on should be added, Like the clan channel, but is only sent out to the leaders?- Azlue
  • I can't think of any other place to put this. So here it is: As you rise in hit points, stamina and magic you have to wait longer and longer to regenerate. I have an idea to combat this, that when you reach certain hp/magic/stamina levels, the rest rate increases. It makes sense you regenerate faster the more battle hardy you become, although it shouldn't be by a lot. Like it increases by one point for every hundred hp you have, so it's not as much of a grind when your trying to become more powerful ~Darogan
  • I had a really great idea for the clothing part of Hollow. Have pre sets for all clothing an armor. Example. I click pre set 1. and all of my clothing that I would wear for Rping instantly equips over what I was just wearing. Black shirt, fishnet sleeves, leather pants ect. Ok, now I want to go stat, and I click on pre set 2. All of my armor instanly equips over all of my Rp clothes that I had just been wearing. I think this would eliminate ton's of wasted time trying to unequip and epuip every little thing personally. ~ Damius.
  • It would be excellent if when RPing, your character's name would appear bold wherever it appeared, so if someone said something to you it would be much harder to accidentally miss. ~ Zurgas
  • Some form of timer in the screen that forces it to refresh every 30 seconds so that any chat that might have happened gets displayed so everyone is kept up to date and also for while your resting so that you can see the numebrs going up and know what your fully healed and can move again. -etherkye
  • Since the game seems to support a wide range of background colors, maybe this could be used for in-game purposes? If you're in a forest, say, the background color could be green. In underground areas, purple or grey. Desert, tan. Mountain, brown. You get the idea. And the colors could get darker, gradually, in order to convey the increasing darkness/dangerousness/evilness of a particular area. It would add a bit, inexpensively. --SirHoneyBadger 03:57, 19 April 2008 (CDT)
  • I guess this is the best place to put this idea. What about adding a counter next to each character's name to denote the idle time for that person? I'm saying just for people in the same room as yourself. This way, a person can enter a room and immediately tell the difference between someone ready for some rp or someone that's idling out. I don't know how hard it would be to program in, but I think it would be a great convenience. ~Feanaro
  • Another idea: I think that the objects found while mining/fishing shouldn't be announced. The knowledge is rather useless in general to any but the miner him/herself, and it can be quite annoying to have to sift throughduring rp, especially when someone auto-mines about 50 things from the process in the blink of an eye. Maybe it could be tweaked in a similar fashion to how 'looking' only affects specific people, though I think setting that up that way was a mistake. ~--Feanaro 10:11, 14 July 2008 (CDT)
  • Would it be possible to have it so case doesn't matter when typing commands (e.g. "learn fire bolt" vs. "learn Fire Bolt" or item commands)? It's frustrating when the "you don't have that" message comes up when you do have a certain item, but just didn't capitalize right. A suggestion for how this could be implemented is by, in the coding, parse the user's inputted item into all of one case before comparing it with...whatever (not sure exactly how Hollow's code is being carried out at the moment) in the same case. I know this can be done relatively easily in C, but I'm not too sure about (or of) whichever programming language(s) Hollow uses. Or, I guess, just make sure how the game writes these words is how they should be typed by the user, so the user only has to copy the game's capitalization.... --Mitth
  • Just an idea on how we might keep some new players. Make a pool of good Hollow players who are on a lot, and have them sent an H-mail when a new person enters Hollow so that the N00b can have a real person to help. I think this will help keep our numbers up, might help with catching some one alting. Might have a bubble they pick when creating a new character, "do you want help by another player".- Sy

Belts should be an item spot we can equip. I wasn't sure which that suggestion fell into. -Svil.


  • Custom Properties

I've seen we have blessed items now. Very cool! I think the blessed customs should also give a little luck when fishing for mining. . . or make a second custom property for it, like make it Lucky. Just a little buffer so one might get just a little more stuff. or better odds of getting glowing stones? Just a thought. Thanks ~Blyss 4-22-14

  • Bug Bites
  • Bug E Bites
  • Buggie Bites


  • Custom Properties

I’m not sure this is the place to post this, but Ill do it anyway here and if it should be moved someone can move it then. So some of the admins that work customs will have some recollection of what I’m talking about since I’ve asked if customs had them in the past. What I’m suggesting is that Customs have the ability to bestow upon a custom one of three different properties that they currently cant possess.

The first is anti-agro. This is as it sounds, the custom when worn shall help shield the wearer from aggressive mobs in game. Long story short, you would get attacked less. The Second is Cursed. Literally the complete opposite of the previous property. When wearing this item you shall be attacked more often by creatures while you roam around. The third is negative AC. Instead of working to get the max AC a custom can obtain we have the ability to bestow upon the item a NEG armor count.

I know each of these properties exist in game for some items so I don’t see it being much of a stretch to take these properties and apply them to customs. I don’t have any clue as to what the price charge should be for each of these and will of course leave that to others to decide or argue over. ~Allanon Oct 17, 2011

  • This might be more of a coding thing than an items thing, but being able to click on an item to equip it in place of what's already equipped would be nice. Rather than removing my weapon then equipping a pick ax, then removing the pick ax and equipping the weapon, it might be nice to be able to just click the pick ax in my inventory and have it equip, tossing whatever is already equipped into the inventory. --Lokthull 16:12, 7 May 2011 (UTC)
  • Druid friendly weapons. - It looks bad carrying around nasty spell books as a druid. Items like special enchanted holly berries or types of staves made out of certain wood, such as a staff made from the remains of a great oak once cut in half by lightning. More fun. Danu 23:40, 7 January 2011 (UTC)
  • Possibly two item sets that you can wear-RP and Statting. One set for RP gear and one set for AC and Damage. Make it so that you can toggle between showing nothing on a piece the RP set and showing what you wearing on your equivalent Statting set.

For example, Player has:

    • Statting:
      • Headgear: Black helm
      • Body: Black Chest
      • Legs: Black pants
    • RP:
      • Headgear: Nothing
      • Body: Use Statting Gear
      • Legs: Pink Skirt

Then if someone looks at the player, they would see Nothing worn on the headgear, Black Chest used on the body, and Pink Skirt on the Legs. --Ilydia 00:56, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

  • Clickable items. Customs would be a good place to start this, imo, and it's addition into the game should (imo again) be inevitable. There are alot of players who have customs, custom weapons, armor, pets etc - and at times I feel like I don't know wtf I'm dealing with when they make a post and I'm supposed to know that the 'curved horn bow of doom and transgressions there-of' can suck my charries spirit out and such. So if you could program in a little box for a description of the item, that'd be grand. - Jozie April..14th-ish, 2010
  • I wish the Customs can create RP Items, not just weapons and armors. Items like food, useful items or even just the "Others" thingies. And also if those Custom-made rp items can be used like fireworks or some sort. Example: Ben used fireworks. (and automatically an rp will take into effect as the item was used)= Ben uses his fireworks, which started with a BANG. the fireworks started flying upwards, making the sky fancied with light making anyone stare it. (or something like that) and if the same item was used within the minute an automatic RP will pop and fireworks display. and also if the Custom made Rp items are asked in bulk mebbe a discount would be appreciated by everyone.--Noemi 14:06, 12 November 2008 (UTC)
  • I was just thinking that there should be some dual weapons available to everyone other than customs (not a ton so that customs seem as if they're not worth buying, but enough to satisfy the wants of those that can't quite afford customs). The only one I can think of is the Twin Daggers but you can wield two swords, and some axes and such. But anyways, this could help with both PvP and RPing a more customized character. - Jenkins
  • When changing active characters (not alting, swapping with the consent of an admin) can your old account be frozen and remain all it's items and stats? Like other people I want to create new characters, but I like my character now too, and would like to come back to him one day. Would this be too much to ask? The benefits of this are of course less of the same old faces and all the hard work that went into your old character can be saved for a later date. Basically it would open up a window for people who usually stat to RP a new character, and not lose all their hard work.(I hope this goes here too by the way. Bit of a tricky suggestion) ~Vince
  • Sending H-mail it would be great if you could just type in the clan name for the composed H-mail, ir would send that H-mail to the clan leader or the whole clan itself. Yashgoven and Sollamis
    • Use the Clanlist, then mail clan members, and that is the whole clan --Vuryal 10:34, 15 October 2007 (CDT)
      • I think that only works with leaders. Sollamis it talking about sending hmails to LEADERS themselves or the entire clan as if you were looking at it from a regular clan members view. --Yashgoven
  • It would be nice if Inventory had its own sub category for Pets. Also, having one for mined items and what you've found while fishing would be nice as well. --[An Observer]
  • We need a trade screen! If someone is trading a rather valuable item to someone, wouldnt it be easier to have a trade screen to put up the items, and have a confirmation trade screen after that, instead of having to wait on a gm to make the trades? --Levvy
  • As there are more economical means of healing HP (pine essence for 27 gold) which non-healer classes will often use, and since self-healing has absolutely no benefit now and saps both stamina and MP, I suggest that there be a drop on the price of Sage Mixture, Mint and Arcane Root, and that new items be added which give more MP and stamina to compensate. By robbing self-healers of MP experience, not onl do you force them to find a healer or pay high prices for MP, but you force them to use stamina in a nearly worthless pursuit while others can heal pure HP at a go for less.
  • Is it possible to add in a feature to the armor and weapon shops? I believe it would make it alot easier on some of the newcomers and anyone else who thinks this is a good idea if it stated the AC or how much bonus damage the items give. Like, have the value of the number shown beside the item name. Have everything in a table-like fashion. --Mervyn and Levvy
    • Adding onto this suggestion, I think it would also be a good idea to have a description of an item, like what they do, beside the item name in the shop. If anyone is like me, I keep getting mixed up between all them herbs and spices at the Magical Herb Shop, so I pretty much buy 1 of each to see what does what. Either that, or just have it set that when you hover your mouse over the item names, that little yellow caption box thingie pops up beside your cursor and tells you what the item does, how much AC it gives or the bonus damage. It'll look less cluttered this way I believe. --Levvy
      • Whilst I agree on showing what bonuses an item gives- I think the most important facet with armour is saying -Where- it goes, like head, shoulder ect. Some of them do leave to some confusion when it comes to efforts to divine.~Kasyr
        • When you "look" at a character you can see what they're wearing, perhaps the word (rusty dagger etc) could be linked and you can read a decription of the item, it's AC/ Attack, part of the body it is worn etc
  • I think that it would be pretty sweet if you could use items against monsters. A good example would be using a smoke bomb or something to guarantee escape from any monster. It doesn't just have to be that either. Good idea, yes? ~Yashgoven~
  • Instead of the shield slot for items, you should just call it "off hand", so people could dual wield if they chose to, or if they like shields, it could also go there. ~Narinis
  • I think there should be two hand slots and two foot, left and right. Just to add a little more customization when it comes to your character's look. I also think there should be a "hold" slot for things like pipes and dolls. --Giniro
  • I second the off hand. Shields are fine, but not everybody's going to want to use one. And, if you think dual-wielding would be too powerful, just don't activate the second attack when statting. Let people roleplay it out, and pay for an extra, basically useless except for RP, weapon that they can equip, but doesn't do anything for their stats except take away the opportunity to use a shield. Also, two-handed weapons would be nice, and could also take away the shield slot, as above.

Also, I'd love it if items had weight. The way I see it working, in an ideal world, would be that any given item could be purchased from the shops by any given race, but they'd cost more, the larger (and maybe stronger) your race happened to be. They also might function better or worse, depending on your race-large races get benefits for bludgeoning weapons, battle axes, heavy swords, polearms, etc. and aren't as penalized for wearing heavy plate and heavy baggage, while smaller, quicker, more agile races get bonuses for using rapiers, spears, daggers, and the like, and benefits for keeping their armour and gear light too. That would open up race-specific equipment, without prejudicing against anyone equipping their character the way they want to. Ofcourse, if you equip a character with items that aren't the most efficient for that character's build, then that's you're own lookout, but it can, in some situations, be a path to roleplaying. Equipment could give bonuses or negatives, depending on a character's specific stats, but size is definitely a big factor, where weapons and armour are concerned. Maybe shops could sell "fitted" weapons and armour, at a premium? These wouldn't be Custom items, they would just be items that had been tailored by the AI to fit a specific character. --SirHoneyBadger 04:18, 19 April 2008 (CDT)

  • Another nice slot to have would be a Knees slot. My character's running around right now with spiked shinguards, but no pants. If there were a Knees slot, he could wear some kind of leggings, and the shin/ankle/knee pieces of equipment could go in the Knees slot. Legs are a big, big area, and if you're going to have two separate slots just for each wrist, then knees deserve their own slot too. I don't care who you are, protecting your knees in a fight is really, really important. A lot more important than earrings. At the same time, just covering your shins, knees, ankles, or whatever, with armour is silly. --SirHoneyBadger 04:27, 19 April 2008 (CDT)
  • A feature I think would be very useful, would be beside every piece of information on this wiki, you put a number from 1-10 indicating how well this information is known ICly, I have thought of a ruff sketch of how this could work:

1- No one knows it.

2- Very few people know this, and they will not tell anyone.

3- Very few people know this, but they can be persuaded to tell close freinds.

4- A group of people, such as a clan, know this, but they will not tell anyone.

5- A group of people, such as a clan, know this, but they can be persuaded to tell close freinds.

6- Very well educated people know this.

7- Well educated people know this.

8- People with a degree of education know this.

9- Almost everyone knows this.

10- Everyone knows this.

There could be exceptions, like specialty in education, for example someone who has been educated very well may not know things someone who was reasonably well educated in a specific subject. Knowing 1-5 would be limited to finding out ICly, or having your backstory aproved by someone who knows it ICly. 6-10 you would just need a reasonable backstory to explain why you know it. ~ Ilin

  • It would be cool if you had an item that you could eat or drink or whatever and it (for a period of time) would boost your stats or give you an enchantment of some sort that actually did something to the enemy (Chilling Touch for example does nothing). --Yashgoven
  • How come you can have like a necklace on, or a cape, but not both, I think capes and cloaks should have thier own section, like back or something rather than neck-Kaowaul
  • How about being able to attach items to an Hmail? This could be a big help icly because people cuold perform trades, etc. through the mail. It could also help oocly if you have a friend that you've bought something for and want to give to them without rping it out. ~Feanaro
  • Another idea, whould it be possible to implement some sort of refining process so that people could create things from raw materials like things gotten from mining? It could be set up as, maybe, a shop somewhere in which you'd have the option of either purchasing the item or paying with X raw materials. Dunno how hard this would be to program in, but I think it could work out nicely for the community. ~Feanaro
  • I think it would be very helpful if items were sorted alphabetically in each category instead of...however their sorted now. --Feanaro 09:11, 17 July 2008 (CDT)
  • Players should be able to assign items in their inventory to 'suits'. After doing so, a player could equip a 'suit' that they have, and it would automatically equip everything in that 'suit' and replacing anything that is in the way. So a person could have an RP 'suit' that has everything they they wear in an RP, and a stat 'suit' that has everything they stat with. That way, they could just click the title of the 'suit' they want, instead of un-equiping and re-equipping everything they want to change.
  • I've often thought it would be useful to have the option of hmailing other plays items from your inventory. -Lirithen.


A sandbox like feature Wikipedia Sandbox Where one could do coding with out the need to make a new page, and with out it showing up on the recent changes. --TeenWolf 22:44, 22 December 2014 (UTC)

Suggestion for the quick rest rooms (Red Ogre Inn, Pearl & Mithril Room, and Fancier Room for Rent): Could the 3 or 5 gp be charged when the player rests rather than when they walk in the room? --Josleen (talk) 18:08, 28 February 2014 (UTC)

A Freeze Account/Character Option, Suggestion for the option to "freeze" your character/account, so that if you are going Inactive and work alot on your character, you do not lose that character, that and when you log back in you "Unfreeze them" Sakkarah (talk) 10:53, 23 April 2014 (UTC)