Silver Seashell Charm Bracelet

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Silver Seashell Charm Bracelet - (Armor: Wrist +10 bonus)
Creator: Bought by Brand (OOCly created by Khitti)
Last Known Owner: Khitti

Small, round links of silver make up the body of this bracelet, all of which is joined together by a lobster claw-shaped clasp. With plenty of space left in between each one, seashells of varying sorts and colors dangle from the links, and the entire piece of jewelry as a whole seems to be in pristine condition.


Once upon a time, a guy met a girl and she almost shot him in the face with an arrow. Despite this--and many other issues--the two became friends and eventually something more. To show the girl that he cared, he gave her a charm bracelet and she never took it off. It would part with her regardless, unfortunately, usually in times of great peril when the girl managed to get herself captured, but it was always found and would help lead the man right to her. And they lived dysfunctionally ever after, because this is Khitti and Brand we're talking about here and nothing can ever be normal.The end.