Silver Lapis-Lazuli Choker

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Silver Lapis-Lazuli Choker - (Armor: Neck +10 bonus)
Creator: Actual creator unknown. (OOCly created by Khitti)
Last Known Owner: Khitti

A long somewhat flexible band of silver makes up the majority of this necklace. Two small chains, one fitted with a clasp, are soldered to the ends of the band, allowing for adjustment of the choker as needed. In the middle of the band, embedded into a thick silver backing that's been fused to the necklace, is a piece of lapis lazuli. There are two of these necklaces, completely identical except for one has a crack down the middle of the stone.


Look, this necklace--both of them, technically--have been more trouble than they're worth. The original of the two, the one with the fractured stone, has a faulty enchantment on it, thanks to said fracture. Instead of offering protection, it latches itself onto the wearer and induces strange visions (note: do not use lightning magic on it; the person wielding the magic will share those visions with the wearer; it will not be pleasant). The other necklace, once the cause of much confusion (it was speculated for a time that the copy might be a part of some sort of trap; it was, just not for Khitti and Brand), now holds the souls of two undead--one a raging psychopath from the Shadow Plane, the other a hella grumpy genderless child from another time. This one, specifically, is the one Khitti wears daily. While the original is kept because of sentimental value, the copy is worn as a reminder of the child's sacrifice and to find a way to bring them back, without unleashing the evil that the child sealed away in the necklace with them.