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Summary: This year the Yule Ball is held in Venturil. There are quite a few people in attendance, everyone seems to have a blast. Penelope and Soraya are named the Sovereigns of Joy and Revelry at the party due to their stylish outfits.

The Silver Forest

Khitti || [1 of 3] On the evening of the ball, any guests that show up would find themselves in a silvery winter wonderland. Mind you, this wasn’t the sort of ‘winter wonderland’ you’d find up in Frostmaw. The snow (both falling and fallen) and temperature were entirely tolerable, having been created by magic to keep the guests from freezing to death, but likewise allowing them to celebrate Yule in seasonably appropriate weather. Sparkling rainbowy stars blink in and out of existence all over the area, providing decoration as well as the much needed light for the party. Wreaths made of yew, evergreen, and bunches of holly are hung on low boughs of the birches, with ivy snaking its way around the upper boughs, with mistletoe hung carefully in places--all of which were dusted with snow.

​​Khitti || [2 of 3] Several tables have been setup off to one side: one with a bartender and various types of alcohol and mixers, ready for requests, as well as a huge bowl of mulled wine; one with savory types of finger foods (some of which actually include real fingers and other body parts, for the undead guests); another for sweets of all sorts, with several large cakelogs of varying types; and finally one for non-alcoholic drinks. Each of those tables, as well as the tables and chairs for guests to seat themselves in, are all decorated with fallen birch branches and holly seem to be in a sort of heated pocket, allowing people to mingle for more than a few moments and keep warm throughout it all. In the middle of the area lies a fire pit, awaiting its expected yule log, with an altar beside it. The altar itself is decorated similarly to the forest’s silvery birch trees and adorned with several dozen candles and an offering bowl, allowing those devout amongst the partygoers to give thanks to their chosen deities or to nature itself for yet another joy-filled holiday. Near the food tables and seating, a stage has been created for the night’s entertainment: the ever lovely bard, Kanna Tsuji. And finally, beside the stage, two wooden pedestals hold the prizes for the night’s best dressed contest.

Khitti || [3 of 3] The hostess of the ball eventually appears, so as to officially start the event. Her wild red hair has been tamed into an elegant updo, held in place by silver starbursts. Still retaining her gothic flair, the stars of Yule come out to shimmer and shine on this glamorous embroidered black gown. A plunging V-neckline is framed by a striking cowl-back cape, the lining ending just above the knee to further emphasize the silhouette. She hadn’t worn a dress like this since her and Brand’s wedding and she was hesitant now to remove the black lacy hood to reveal her face to the crowd. She could always just… leave right? Right now? The party would take care of itself? Probably, but the guests expected their extremely nervous hostess and so she sighed, removed the cowl, and offered everyone a welcoming smile--something that was rarely seen on the redhead, but it was just as genuine as all those angry scowls she so loved to give people. “Welcome and Happy Yule! I’m not great with speeches and I’m sure you all know why we’re here: to drink, eat, and be merry and all of that--so let’s get right to it! And please, don’t piss off the griffins and hippogriffs,” she said, motioning to the skies as the massive bird hybrids circled about and planted themselves along the rocky tops of the valley to watch the partygoers below. She’d go to greet and help direct guests to where they’d need to go, if they needed it. As she moved away from her initial spot, that raven-haired child of hers, Dominic, was left there in his adorable little blue and silver tuxedo. He stared with wide saucer-like emerald eyes, watching as the aforementioned bird creatures flew about. “BIG chickens…” He was clearly entranced and would likely be so until that cousin of his, Fleur, showed up.

Kanna stands at the center of the stage in a gown of the increasingly popular Black Pond Designs. The periwinkle corseted top is covered by a soft white fur shawl that rests over her shoulders. The skirt of the gown is a silvery white similar to her hair, which has been plaited and pulled into a bun. A love bug taking the form of a snowy butterfly rests on her head, giving the illusion of it being a bow when its wings stop moving. Depicted across the skirt of the gown is a snowy birch forest, with blots of royal blue birds scattered across the branches. The sky above the trees fades from a foggy silver to a brilliant blue that extends upwards to the periwinkle corset. With every step Kanna takes, an illusory spell makes it appear as if snow is falling gently from the trees on her skirt, or making the birds hop and fly across the branches. Raising a silver-gloved hand to her face, cantripped to appear a little more human, the bardess greets the guests. “Praise be to the gods that allowed us to gather here today.” Breaking character of the elegant bardess for a moment, the chubby ghoul coos over some of the beautiful outfits the attendees wear. “Oh my gosh, I love how that gold lipstick looks on you-- ooh, are those real crystal dragon scales?” There’s a clearing of a throat somewhere behind her, and she straightens up and resumes her introduction. Kanna waves a hand to stools of varying heights, topped with tambourines, sleigh bells, cowbells, and a toy guitar sized for a child. “If your little ones need a break, they’re more than welcome to join me during the songs.” A dark-skinned dragon toddler with shockingly red hair needs no further prompting, clambering onto the stage and claiming one of the sleigh bells. “Good music for Kitty Mommy and Big Mommy.” His tiny voice proclaims triumphantly as he starts a rhythm, his scaly tail wagging behind him. Needing no further delay, Kanna takes up her lute and begins to sing, “The fire is burning / The long night draws near / All who need comfort / Are welcome by here / We'll dance 'neath the stars / And toast the past year / For the spirit of Solstice / Is still living here.”

Mathollak heard as a boy that if the last of the Yule log’s embers burnt to ash before the festivities were over, then a ravenous night-dwelling beast would come to feast on the fool who cut the tree. Or sometimes they’d be so hungry they’d eat everyone. With everyone’s best interests in mind, Mathollak lumbered through the woods with the trunk of a great old birch on his shoulder. Many times as long as himself. It would burn for days and the monster would be kept at bay. The superstition says it hated the warmth and light of a fire, the taste of smoke, and especially the smell of wine. So the log would traditionally be doused in it before it was burned. By now, Mathollak had run into several similar superstitions designed to keep the atmosphere comfortable. This was his favorite, he always hoped to see the monster. Ahead of the gathering spot, Mathollak lets the trunk roll heavily off his shoulder and embed itself in the ground. His axe rises and falls. The first of the yule log is brought to its ultimate rest in the fire pit. Once lit, the crackling jubilant flames bounce and mingle, partnered with manically dancing shadows. A warm glow washes over the faces of those present to welcome the coming day and enjoy the longest night. As the smoke builds a teetering tower into the sky, the sweet smell of ripe fruit mixes with the breeze and pays a visit to all.

Hudson in the interest of avoiding scandal, or at least minimizing it, is here stag. Well, with his entourage of bodyguards and in a tux, of course. Tailored. Unremarkable. Something he’d pulled from the closet, no custom prepwork here. It’s a surprise to Hudson’s men that he’s here, quite frankly, that he would be socializing elsewhere from the fancy hotel off the boardwalk in Cenril. Not that anything’s wrong with outside of Cenril .. it’s more that Hudson has preferred the company of his very own echo chamber for some time now. The people who laugh at his jokes on cue, who jump when he says jump, who say yes when he starts a question with “Can you.” Sometimes, people aren’t their best selves. Hudson hasn’t been his best self for a long time. “We’ll get us drinks, boss,” one of his guys says, disappearing with another lackey to fetch whiskeys. Hudson and his second in command, Milo, survey the scene. No coats needed, notwithstanding the snow, it’s unseasonably toasty. It’s festive. The glamorously attired bard, Kanna, is stoking a murmur of enthusiasm from attendees. She must be popular, he realizes (No shade, because this is a self-own). He’s never heard of her, which means .. when did he get .. old?

Penelope slowly makes her way through the rich, silver-leaved forest. Bright green eyes stare up at the towering trees that extend towards the mountains ahead. The Ardelian had never been in such a beautifully crafted area. How did this area exist in Lithrydel? One so enchanting? Lithrydel always had its nooks of beauty. Penelope is escorted through the forest by her twin brother Pakellin, Ruari, and a few other friends that were connected to the healers. When Penelope enters, the woman is wrapped in a brown mink shawl before she sheds the fur from her shoulders. Winter green silk and chiffon cascades down to her feet, the dress is sleeker than the average ball gown, but Nel hated wearing heavier material for being only five foot, two. From her waist, embroidered deep green leaves overgrow on her hips before green vines trace down the chiffon. The woman goes for an earthly, classy, but ‘bohemian’ look for the festivities this evening. Long, sheer, airy green sleeves lace her arms and the fabric on her back is also airy and loose. In the front and torso cut of the dress, the fabric is tight and dips into a deep ‘v’ in the front of her scarred chest. A deep, open back is revealed where her tattoo-covered scars remain to give a floral touch to the earthly, deep green dress. The woman’s tangled hair is pulled half-back loosely where, in the back, winter berries, little burgundy flowers, and green leaves peek out through the brown curls giving a woodland feel. Hair falls to frame her freckled face that is dusted with light highlight on her cheekbones, brow bones, and nose. The group that enters decides to find their place for the evening to settle and wait for more people to gather in the area of the forest. The music plays, the feast is displayed, the area is decorated perfectly. Nel feels all sorts of giddy to be ogling at everything. “Oh my gosh, I haven’t dressed up like this in -so- long! Look at all the decorations and beautiful dresses! Everyone looks so -wow-,” she chimes to her fellow ‘group’ before she watches to see familiar faces. A small hand would wave in their direction because… it was rare to see them in such a formal, festive environment.

Quintessa is here dressed in a simple black gown, nothing extravagant like she normally would wear to such an event. Her dress leaves the top of her pale shoulders uncovered, but does cover the sides and flows down into a graceful jewel neckline. Her arms have been covered just above her elbows with loose fitting sleeves that, in a way, help put focus on her soft skin. The dress' waist is broad, but it's also a loose fit, and a bright scarlet bow has been wrapped around her and rests gently on her lower back. Below the waist the dress widens and has an asymmetric draped style, reaching to just above her ankles and is the same length all around. Quintessa is also wearing red scarpins the same color as her bow, an ideal match for the dress she’s wearing. To top it all off she's wearing a rhodonite jeweled necklace and large, dangling silver earrings. With the changeling’s hair cleaned and styled in her normal hime cut, she adorns it with a large scarlet ribbon atop her head, micking the bow resting just on her lower back. Finally, draped upon her pale white shoulders is an ebony fur shawl, cut from the hide of a wolf (or perhaps a lycan) and added specifically to keep her warm in the wintery air outside. Slipping in alone, Quintessa finds the drinks first, trying not to be noticed as she scans the party for anyone she might recognize- the norm for a creepy girl like her, always watching with her mismatched eyes from some dark corner of the room.

Meri got the memo that this was meant to be a ‘ball’ but then completely disregarded any standards for typical formal attire. That is not to say she is poorly dressed, it’s just always hit or miss as to how she feels like styling herself for these events. To wear a dress or not. It seems today that the tattooed blonde has opted to go with a pair of fitted black dress pants, a black corset with a hint of red lace, and a crimson red-leather half-jacket, and high heeled shoes that are the same shade of red as her jacket. There is also one very snazzy looking black-diamond engagement ring on Meri’s ring finger. Meri has seen fit to bring her daughter with her, a raven-haired child who is probably around the age of five or six. Fleur is dressed in a far more adorable outfit than her mother. The child is wearing a green long-sleeved dress that has a poofy skirt that has snowflakes embroidered on the skirt in silver-stitching. Fleur is very high-energy at this exact moment, the kid might be managing to keep a hold on her mother’s hand but she is excitedly pointing out all of the decorations and talking about all of the lovely dresses she is seeing. Typically, Meri does not bring her child to these formal outings, as prior to this event Meri felt like Fleur was probably just too young. Is this the kid’s first ball? It sure seems like it based on how hype she is. Fleur is the first to spot Dominic, and he is greeted with one very jubilant wave. Meri was of course here to mingle and make her rounds, greeting the people she knew, it would just take her a bit longer to get there since she had a child in tow. A brow is lifted as one of the first people Meri spies, outside of Khitti and Dominic, is Hudson. How long has it been since she has crossed paths with him? He is greeted with a wave, and then so is Quintessa. She'd approach but Fleur is quite busy being all wide and wild-eyed. Kids.

Terra was still thinking about the day she received the invite and dropped it in front of Shishi with the exaggerated flourish it deserved. "I think... green. No, red? No, greeeeen." The four time Titan of Winter blinked at her in response and that was the start of a conversation that would last for weeks, including the night of. It was apparent that Blue intended to arrive at the event in his trademark white shirt and black tie but the influence of Terra, or perhaps the veiled threats, would prove to win in the end as his well-tailored, forest green suit of velvet was a far departure from his norm. While the black tie remained, it was hardly visible in the blackness of his shirt, tucked behind a waistcoat that matched the formal jacket and pants. His influence may have been apparent in the black boots, made from dragon skin and scales, and his hair that remained unkempt and styled in the way all the portraits had captured it. His date captured his hand as they entered the venue, her nerves apparent as she eyed his shoes once more. Even if they were seperated throughout the evening, which was likely to happen given he'd likely leave to entertain fans as the Titan, it was obvious they were paired. The fitted long-sleeved gown she wore was the same color and texture as Shishi's suit, though the deep v-cut at the front of it would mean her dress required far less material than his and some hidden, strategic taping to keep it in place. All those stars ahead help her to sparkle, the crystal embellishments sewed into the dark green material reflected and shined while the plunge of the neckline ends at her waist, made apparent by the green bow that wrapped around, marking the transition from the velvet material up top to the plain, green satin material that draped in layers to the floor. As above, there's a split going up the front, stopping mid-thigh and used to add drama to her poses as she was sure to pause and her leg through the slit for effect, drawing attention downwards to the strappy black sandals. Those blonde curls were all but gone, straightened to lay flat against her back and tucked neatly behind a pointed ear that was wrapped in a crystal vine while her dark green eyes are rimmed in gold liner, matching the same golden color that painted her lips. For the most part, Gualon's lady seemed pretty relaxed in the company of Blue, but that could also be a result of the seemingly never-empty glass of blood wine she had managed to procure from somewhere.

Melusine :: The siren enters the event, wide eyes of blue with green star burst, nervously running her golden tanned hands along the white waves carrying splashes of colors; blue, pink, purple and green. Freckles covered her blushing cheeks, full hot pink lips sucked inwards. The four foot nine mermaiden sporting an white ball gown with sleeveless square neckline, tank top-like straps. An iridescent sequin scroll print made from look down fish leather, with a flared silhouette skirt; form hugging to the curves of the maiden. Pearl necklace with a large sea gem enchanted to allow her out of the sea for a longer time then normal. Melusine’s crown upon her head being of sea crystals and pieces of coral reef. The lady smelling of very sweet ocean breeze takes a deep inhale and letting such out slowly. Moving further in barefooted glancing amongst the faces of strangers, none looking seaborn all land dwellers. Closing the large eyes, reopening with a smile full of sweet innocences.

Mesdoram || (1/2) Yule time fun, fancy attire, and merriment? Not the environment typical associated with Mesdoram. Nevertheless, the drow decides to make an appearance to keep these surface dwellers looking over their shoulder – so many targets gathered in one place… it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Scanning the other patrons fills Mesdoram with a confident arrogance; however, this egocentric attitude is based on knowing no one wants him there – hatred, fear, or disdain for his race and person, Mesdoram stands proudly with sarcastic smile. The drow, though mischievous and conniving in nature, has zero intentions of participating in the Yule time festivities – other than drinking everybody under the table. Further illustrating his contempt for formalities, Mesdoram stride in wearing plain black boots, black pants, plain button-down white shirt, and thin headband pushing his long white hair away from his face: no jewelry, no fancy tuxedo, nothing exceptional to standout other than his unwanted arrival. Immediately upon arriving the drow makes a straight B-line to the refreshments – leaving his elf slave, Nariv, to fend for herself. Pushing several people out of his way, the drow has now secured his spot near the whiskey table where he can drink and scowl in peace.

Mesdoram || (2/2) Polar opposite to her master, Nariv is at least dressed for a party scene – though a simple presentation, it would be the nicest wardrobe Mesdoram has allowed Nariv to wear to date. The elf slave wears open-toed sandal style shoes with a spaghetti-strapped red dress that hangs just past her knees. Complimenting her piercing blue eyes, she also wears a silver necklace with a modest turquoise gemstone hanging from the silver chain. Masking her ‘Sin’ tattoo is a runic upside-down fleur-de-lis style enchantment which shines a similar blue to her eyes and jewel. Her long blonde hair flows freely and sways with every step the thin elf takes. Nariv may not have the most flashy or showy attire on for the occasion, but she certainly out-classes her master, Mesdoram. Seeing her drow master heading promptly to the alcohol gives Nariv some comfort that she can enjoy the evening without repercussions. Still, the reserve Nariv navigates nervousness through the crowd and takes in the scenery – hoping to enjoy a happy occasion in a mostly bleak existence.

Soraya did not have much time. The illusory magic she persuaded a more magically-inclined friend to cast upon her would only last for the evening, only a few hours in fact, but that may be just enough to feel...enchanting, the avian supposes. Mysterious perhaps, given the white and silver mask obscuring her face, secured into place with the assistance of length of white ribbon. At the very least, someone that was most definitely not herself. Swirls of silver paint accentuate the mask's eyes, cheekbones, and lips. Her white gown is a shimmery, delicate hand-me-down, its silk skirt just a hair too long and bishop sleeves a little too wide. Its bodice is cut lower than Soraya would prefer, but she wasn't healer nor librarian tonight. She was someone else. A lady that could wear a delicate necklace fashioned to look like crystal clear icicles and not fret over whether or not it might get tangled by her hair of break due to mishandling. A lady that wore matching, frosty bands of silver on her fingers that seemed to emanate a chill mist with the flex of digits. Overall the gown is a bit too sheer, but this proves to be advantageous. Aforementioned illusion applied to flesh transforms her snowy pallor to something almost mercurial, illuminating the web of veins beneath her flesh gold in one breath, silver the next. The color coalesces at her fingertips and the tips of her pointed ears, changing gradually with the color shift of her veins. Not quite an accurate interpretation of winter snowfall, but the delicacy of individual snowflakes, the refr of light from both sun and moons alike across an undisturbed patch of snow or ice. This is further emphasized by her footwear, a pair of crystalline, low slung heels each topped with a delicate crystal snowflake, to match the single earring hanging from her right ear. They twinkle. Her hair, unbound from its normal styling, falls in waves over her shoulders. The illusory magic worked into her flesh is at play here as well though different, along with her wings; A dusting of frost upon hair and plush feathers, just enough to lend a subtle shimmer and reflect the magicked stars that illuminate the space. A blend of peppermint and cedar perfume oil is dabbed behind either ear and wrist in effort to mask her normal scent just a little, and to hopefully evoke a more wintry presence. Her arrival is a quiet descent to the forest floor from above, feet meeting ground just in time for the sound of music beginning to play. Coaxed by voice and lute, Soraya wanders her way to the stage to listen, perhaps to socialize.

Khitti snuck up behind Mathollak and attempted to slap him on the back to scare him. “It looks great! Maybe if you’re a good boy for Yule, Saint Khitt will give you free tickets to one of his matches.” She grinned innocently, then headed for where her sister and Quintessa were, offering the two of them a wave. Dominic, on the other hand, actually broke his line of sight when he realized Fleur was here and ran over to her. This wasn’t his first ball--that was the Halloween one--but this was the first one where he didn’t have his chickens to run around with him and he was actually able to look at the other things. “Fleur!” It’d been a while since he’d seen her and he was eager to show her the griffins and hippogryphs.

Shishi looks a little uncomfortable. The blue eyed vampire enters the venue with Terra and can’t even hear the re his celebrity does or doesn’t extract from the partygoers because he’s convinced his suit swishes very loudly when he walks, and that is the only thing he can hear at the moment. He’ll join his date in the bloodwine indulgence, because that is the kind of thing this guy does at balls, leaving him to nervously adjust his neck tie with just one hand. Once Kanna starts singing, The Titan freezes and eyes the bard, leaning towards Terra and whispering loudly, “She’s casting a spell…” Is that fear in his voice? Probably not.

Valrae arrives fashionably late by way of carriage. She was, in fact, escorted by several carriages. There were thirteen in total, all stopping briefly to allow the witches to disembark. They were cloaked in greens and reds, adorned with furs and bells and holly. And their arms were filled with bow-wrapped jugs of wassail wine to be offered to the host of the evening, Khitti. The final carriage carried Valrae, who was assisted by the coachmen as she took care to keep her skirts out from underneath her heels. The witch wore a floor length, form fitting sheath dress of raw silk. The top was as white as fresh snow and cut straight underneath her collarbones, leaving her shoulders bare. The sleeves were long, with three delicate gold snowflake buttons at her wrists. Veins of gold and small, rounded beads of gold quartz started at the narrow waist and flowed down the length of the dress, ending like a pool of shimmering gold at her feet. Her hair had been braided intricately at her temples and twisted low at the nape of her neck so that the long curls of it tumbled like a waterfall of light over her shoulder. Her eyes were lined dark and the hoods dusted with gold, her lips painted a bold red that matched the holly berries pinned to her right sleeve. Finally, the opal and gold triple-moon diadem rested delicately over her brow. The Cenril witches have arrived. Val slides into the gathering crowd easily, the members of her coven spreading out around her quietly, and she aims her path toward Khitti.

Terra had been concerned that as a result of splitting time between Gualon and Vailkrin, she wouldn't know another soul at the party. Thankfully, that did not appear to be the case although Shishi's concern did cause her to pause on the way to Mathollak. "Hmm? What do you suppose the spell would do?" That question seemed to be genuine although there's the hint of a smile flirting with the corners of her mouth. "Turn us into wooden knick-knacks?"

Quintessa is doing her thing, people-watching from her table. She wouldn’t mind the company of Meri or Khitti however, giving them a casual wave or maybe even whispering a snarky remark or two about somebody’s tacky dress or sloppy makeup but never letting those words reach whoever she was talking about. There was an interesting turnout so far, however, many faces she had never seen before today mingling in the party. For now Quintessa would sit quietly and patiently like a spider in her web, nursing her hard snowflake cider waiting for the perfect moment to engage one of the guests or simply waiting for one to come to her.

Shishi shrugs up his shoulders and puffs out his cheeks, "She can do that?"

Joan slide pale fingers through her newly styled hair as she makes her entrance through the winder secne, the vampiric healer dressed for this event in a two piece festive ladies pants suit, the colors being silver and purple. Fancy silver thread work lined her vest and down along her pants suit, all showing details of snowflakes in different styles if looked at closely. A smart pure silver belt rode on her panted hips, with matching silver open toe heels. She even went so far as to have a matching pedicure/manicure. Flashing a fang baring smile the woman would make her way towards the tables laid out with food and drink, making sure to nod and smi,e to anyone that greeted her, she'd thenmake to pick out her choices before making her way towards a table near the dacefloor, sliding into a seat and making herself busy with stuffing her face with the sugary goodies.

Mathollak finished his labor, and now he was ready to enjoy its fruit. So it was time to dust off his naturally colored leather pants, laced along the sides such that if there was a need or urge or perhaps an encouraging whim, they could be pulled off in seconds. For the sake of decency and the pride of the other men present, he covers his undershirt of revealing black mesh with a fur. He pulls a pristine cloak of clean white alpaca hair from the branch of nearby tree and hangs it over his shoulders, tying a loose knot across his technically covered sternum and just under a heavy golden torc. The unclosed ring was sturdy, easy to wrap a hand around. Could be a decent handle in a pinch. A pair of epaulettes made from a vibrant vermillion foliage is woven over the white fur on his shoulders, and he shimmys a little, settling them into place and shedding a leaf or two. Finally, he lifted a wooden crown carved to look like antlers onto his head and over a mane of brushed out hair, and affixed a few sprigs of mistletoe to the branches, as a treat. Evidently he was going stag, and now he was ready to be enjoyed like the juicy game beast he is.

Meri :: When Dominic approached to show off his griffins and his hippogryphs, Meri released her hold on her daughter’s hand. She did not stray too far from where the two children were, especially once she caught sight of Mesdoram. The woman was glaring daggers at the drow, having apparently not go of any resentment she might have toward him in light of the fight that…she admittedly did start. Still, Meri was not about to let his presence sour her mood. She let’s her gaze move away from Mesdoram and Nariv so that she can continue to greet the numerous people that she knows. There was Penelope, Valrae, and Terra. They are all greeted with a wave. Kanna gets some cheers and some hollering, supporting the bard in her musical performance. However, Fleur seems very intent on dictating where her mother actually travels and right now her daughter wants to snag Dominic by his hand so that she can lead him over to Quintessa. Once there, Fleur would promptly tug lightly on the changeling’s dress so that she can ask, “Where is Berry?” Dominic wanted to talk about griffins and hippogryphs, while Fleur wanted to introduce her cousin to one of her favorite playmates. Fleur gave Quintessa a most pleading look, as if she expected the changeling to manifest Berry out of thin air.

Khitti || It’d been a little while since Khitti realized she needed to talk to the very witch that was approaching her with the rest of her gang. Posse. Brew crew. She actually looked positively nervous about Val coming over to her with the rest of the witches and tried to do her best to hide it, but to no avail. She also hadn’t even seen the witch since the night she--well, -they-, seeing as how Khitt had been there too, the two of them blended together a bit--and now she was thinking about that too. “H-hi, Val,” Khitti said, offering her a wave.

Kanna softens her smile into not just one of a performer, but a genuine one as she watches faces familiar and new dance around the enchanted clearing. “Come by the fire / The harvest to share / For the spirit of Solstice / Is still living here / The fire is burning / The long night draws near / All who need comfort / Are welcome by here.” The Titan of Winter is only partially correct, the spell Kanna is using is only to make sure her voice carries through the party without it deafening conversations. Nonetheless, the panicked murmur reaches her ears, and Kanna turns her head to Shishi and Terra, flashing them a smile that Terra would find welcoming, but Shishi would likely find just slightly antagonizing. The tiny dragon toddler stops his sleigh-belling when he realizes no one is coming to join him on stage, and takes a handful of instruments to pass out. To the woman who smells of the sea, he holds out castanets made of snow-white shells and calls up to her, “Make a music!” His little head darts around before running over to the silver-masked woman and holding out a tambourine. He repeats the phrase excitedly, “Make a music!” Before jingling into the crowd to look for his mother or his friends.

Terra does not actually know if that were possible but she'd adjust the lapels of Shi's jacket and then smooth them back down. During that, she'd catch sight of Meri and her greeting and return a quick wave of her own. Seeing as how Meri's smaller, determined date was leading her in a different direction, Terra stayed by the Titan which was for the best since Kanna's smile was likely to get a re of some sort from him. "She sounds great. I doubt she's going to turn you to wood." She was careful not to exclude anything else from that list, however.

Hudson is nudged by Milo, who points out a waving Meri, with her .. is that her daughter? Oh, werewolf kids: growing like literal weeds. Except there is that feeling again. That feeling of being _old_. That feeling that maybe he’s been coddling himself for a bit long and life has moved fast around him. A whiskey is handed to him, though, just as a recognizable herd of Cenrilian witches, with one very recognizable ex-mistress of his, appears. And so the moment of self-reflection ends. “Bro, it’s the four-time Titan of Winter,” second-in-command Milo interrupts to point out the existence of Shishi, that thought silenced as his gaze wastes little time in following Hudson’s to likewise mark Valrae. “You want me to get her?” he asks his boss, who nods, but for the time being pushes through the crowd in search of another: Meri. “You’re a sight for sore eyes,” he greets her, leaning in for the kiss on the cheek. “Your girl is getting so big.”

Mesdoram has consumed 3 whiskey-base drinks in a short amount of time as he scans the over-the-top decorations and fancy attire. The bartender he has stalked begins pouring a drink for another patron as Mesdoram begins placing his glass back upon the table. The party go-er is about to grip the drink when a drow hand steals it suddenly from the surprised guest. Mesdoram glares and scowls at the innocent man and returns to his stolen beverage and keeps a watchful eye over the proceedings – including a sarcastic wink at the blonde he recently got into a scuffle with. Making her way to the stage, Nariv silently hovers with a drink she had received earlier from one of the servers. Not wanting to stand out, she quietly bobs her head to the music of Kanna – some peace enters her frame as this is the most pleasant environment she has seen in quiet away.

Penelope watches as everyone arrives before standing up. Meri is offered a very peppy, girlish wave in return. “I gonna go grab a glass of champagne and listen closely to the music. Maybe… dance later?” She poses the question to Ruari who waves Nel off casually. Yeah, Ruari was normally the guy who had to fulfill that aspect of the ball for the girl. He knew the drill. The girl is then off to work her way through the crowd and grab her glass of champagne where she sees Joan. “Hi, Joan. I’m glad to see you. I love your suit! I’m going to go listen to the music a little more closely!” The healer grins before raising her glass to move on through the crowd to also listen to the music. Eyes glaze over Soraya and the frosted, feathered hair. Everyone looked stunning. Even Kanna with the periwinkle dress on stage. “This is something, huh? I haven’t been to one of these things in so long. I like your dress,” Penelope admires, “You look frosty. It fits,” the compliment was odd, but it was indeed meant to be a positive thing towards Soraya.

Joan took care to enjoy slice of cakelog she chose to save for last, everynow and then she'd take a long sip out of her glass that held the delicious winter berry-juice, delightful in her thoughts, a splash of blood would make it even better but the necromancer doubted it would be polite, hince she only wishfully longed for the bit of blood, her orbs darted about catching sight of all she could, but she still kept to herself for the time being.

Valrae greets Khitti with a bright smile, “Khitti!!” She exclaims the other woman’s name excitedly, reaching out for her hands to give them a quick squeeze. “You look amazing.Magical even.” It almost seemed over the top, but her happiness to see the other woman was genuine. It was nice to see her familiar face during an occasion that was, for once, a joyous one. “This is lovely. It took my breath away when I saw it from the carriage!” The witch turns her head toward the stage Kanna performed on. “Honestly, you’ve outdone yourself. Is she from the bard’s guild? I need to ask her where she got that dress.”

Joan was mid-sip when Penelope greeted her, the woman almost chokes as she gives a wave of greeting back to her fellow healer.

Shishi is essentially in disguise when not in that iconic white shirt, so it takes longer than the usual one minute for the fans to come out of the woodwork, but eventually they start to trickle in. He turns on the charm, albeit at a slightly reduced efficacy because of how out of his own skin he feels right now. The waitress types get the winks and fanged smiles while the sports fanatics get the little inside baseball bits about this year’s Titans field. Kanna smiles his way and he forgets what he was saying about Vexar, instead changing the subject to the bard, “She’s not fighting this year. Not like she’s scary or anything. I could punch a mushroom in the face.” He nods to himself and then throws up deuces to Milo when the wingman kind of loudly points him out.

Quintessa was about to brag to Meri about that one time Karasu beat up Mesdoram and carved her name into his flesh but Fluer caught her attention first by tugging on her dress. “Berry?” Quintessa looks around, scanning the crowd a bit. “He wanted to come here with his Auntie Kanna so he’s probably still by the stage.” Before the young werewolf could run off to find him, however, Quintessa slips the child a small penknife she had been hiding in her cleavage and leans down to whisper. “Remember that trick I taught you? Cut a small hole in the bottom of the coin purse and collect as many as you can. Lots of good marks here.” With a final wink Tessa allows the werewolf to go find Berry near Kanna.

Meri :: When Hudson approaches, Meri allows her gaze to temporarily swivel away from Quintessa so that she can greet her fellow werewolf. There is a mild look of surprise when he goes for a cheek-kiss as a greeting but she responds with a cheeky curve of her red lips. “Hey Hudson. It has indeed been awhile…” The blonde takes a moment to scan the crowd, noting Milo’s presence but…no Alvina? Meri is curious but she has the good sense to not ask so publicly. “Yeah, she is growing up pretty fast. Funny how that happens, eh?” Meri drops her voice to a whisper, “She’s a bit more fun at this age, if you ask me. No more diapers, we can color together.” She doesn’t want Fleur to hear that though, at least her daughter is mostly distracted with harassing Quintessa about Berry. When the young lycan hears that he might be off by the stage, she snags Dominic’s hand and they are off again! Meri is sorely tempted to follow, but she resists the urge for now. Instead taking the moment, “Hudson. Quintessa. I don’t think you two have ever met?” To Quintessa, “Hudson is a long time friend of mine, for…shoot…five or six years now…?” Meri is looking to Hudson for confirmation. To Hudson, “And Quintessa is my niece.” Adopted, sure, but that detail does not matter to Meri. Family was not always blood, in her view.

Melusine slowly accepts the castanets made of snow-white shells, placing them in her hands as if they were crab claws. Looking towards the singer for the event, smiling widely to her. With fluid like grace she moves towards her, listening to the lyrics that Kanna spoke. Clapping the castanets to fit to the brythme, opening her mouth she softly begins to sing along. Trying her best to not allow her voice to echo outwards, her voice of lyrical contralto. Sultry, drawing you in like a long lost memory of a lullaby. Not denying the child of the moment for a bard to enjoy herself. Giving a twirl, swinging her hips to the beats. Kanna getting another smile of pure joy, the happiest she has been in a long while.

Soraya lacked any sort of musical talent, but how could she possibly say no to the child's request to 'make a music'? She gives the tambourine in hand an initial, hesitant rattle, which most definitely does not compliment Kanna's music well. It feels disruptive to try again, but try Soraya does. Her timing is off. Frowning, her wrist stills, but the embarrassment melts away in an instant. Penelope's compliment causes her to practically beam despite her face being hidden. She's taken aback. Flattered, really. “W-why thank you,” she replies. Hopefully her voice still sounds cheery, being muffled and all. “And you look,” a pause to grasp for the appropriate word. “Absolutely evergreen. Timeless.” Despite her always white attire between jobs and when sneaking off to balls in her sparse free time, Soraya's favorite colour just so happened to be green. “Your dress is marvelous. ...And I haven't been to one of these things ever, if I'm honest.” She looks around, uncertain with where to set the tambourine down for the time being. Her attention remains on Penelope all the while. “It seems so lively than what I am used to.”

Terra is fairly confident that the date she came with is the one she would be leaving with so she left him to the adoring fans of all genders in favor of giving a tug on one of Mathollak's antlers.

Khitti blushed as she reached out to take Val’s hands, offering a squeeze in return. “Thanks! And she is! Kanna’s music is lovely. I’m certain she’s better than the Sirens. I really should ask her to teach me how to use a lute. I’ve been wanting to learn other string instruments and I figured that should translate well for the various types of guitars too.” The redhead got caught up watching the undead bard play and sing. She almost wished she’d brought her violin to play with her! But alas. “Oh. I wanted to talk to you at some point. About uh…” She scratched the back of her head awkwardly, looked around at where the other witches were amongst the partygoers, then returned her olive-green line of sight to the witch, “Witch stuff. But, not here obviously. It’s uh…” Crowded. Too people-y. Would the other witches even accept her? Hrm. “Not the right time, I think.”

Quintessa looks up at Meri suddenly, afraid that she had just been caught handing her young child a knife to use to pickpocket people at the party. When she realizes that no, she is simply introducing her to one of her friends. “Hudson!” Quintessa reaches out to offer him her hand, a cheeky smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. “I don’t believe we have met, in fact, but I’ve seen you attend these affairs before. I’m Countess Quintessa of House Dragana.” Her blue and hazel eyes flicker to Meri and then back again, her smiling growing to reveal her sharp teeth. “Yes, family tends to take on a new meaning when you spend enough time in Vailkrin. So often our chosen family is much more dear to us than the family we are born with.”

Mesdoram || Nariv cautiously checks over her right shoulder to see what Mesdoram was doing; not surprising, the drow has claimed a drinking station and a bartender to the chagrin to many other thirsty party go’ers. Not making eye contact with Kanna, Nariv politely nods at her direction in appreciation and walks away from the performer. Nariv strides somewhat confidently and looks at the other’s gathered – not confident enough to strike up her own conversation, she sees a group of women that she would like to approach and possibly interact with. Meekly preparing a greeting, she recognizes one of the ladies: Meri. A nervous panic adorns her face, and Nariv elects to go back to the stage – maybe next time, she says quietly to herself.

Penelope grins at the masked woman despite the lack of knowing what her face looked like. “Of course, you look wonderful!” Then, she peers down at her own dress. “Evergreen? I like it! Really, I’m just representing Sage, I suppose,” she smirks with a little twirl which causes the dress to swish. Moss eyes grow wide and doe-eyed at Soraya’s comment about not attending a ball, and of course, girlish Penelope is stunned to hear such a thing. “Well, you’re in for a treat! Literally,” beat. “Free food, music, drinks. And -people-. Plus.. it’s always a good excuse to dress up, you know? I don’t get out much either, if that's what you mean," by the lack of liveliness Soraya speaks of, "I'm always busy doing the whole clinical stuff in Kelay." The Ardelian pauses again, her lips twist before she decides to just go ahead and introduce herself. “I’m Penelope. Nel for short, if you want. Or Penny, Pen. Whatever helps one remember, really.”

Kanna approaches the end of the song as the tune continues, her jingling accompaniment replaced with the musical staccato of Melusine’s castanets. “We'll dance 'neath the stars / And toast the past year / For the spirit of Solstice / Is still living here / The spirit of Solstice / Is still living here.” A hired vampire, from the Vaikrin Fortress undoubtedly, assists to end the song with a flourish from a lyre as Kanna adjusts the strings of her lute. Kanna clicks her teeth a few times as she thinks of a song that would match her new assistant’s beautiful voice. “The holly and the ivy / When they are full grown, Of all the trees in the wood / The holly bears a crown. / The rising of the sun / The running of the deer, / The playing of the organ / Sweet singing in the choir.” Berry, meanwhile, finds his bestest friend in the whole wide world! “Fleur!” He chirps happily, his dragon tail wagging and leaving tracks in the snow behind him.

Hudson laughs knowingly. “It is wild,” he agrees on the matter of werewolf children growing up overnight. “Kind of cool we’re built that way, but it’s also bittersweet,” he says, his amusement tempering as he remembers that his own children live separately, elsewhere, and he’s missing it. He glances toward Quintessa as they are introduced and extends a hand. “Nice to meet you. Hudson Landon, of Cenril,” he says warmly. “Friend or relative of Meri is a friend of mine.”

Melusine noticing Nariv, she offers her one of the musical sea shell to clap to the beat. Without realizing it, her voice begins to echo. Bouncing off the walls, making anyone holding a glass bottle or cup vibrate from the intensity. Catching herself, she reels the voice back in. Stopping for the moment, “Hi, I am Melusine.” She starts back up to the clapping sounds, giving another twirl as her gown sparkles like the ocean waves reflecting the moon’s light. When the lyrics changed, she stopped singing only to lets out beautiful long notes to compliment what Kanna sings, the siren’s voice becoming an instrument.

Khitti || Dominic followed along behind Fleur, seeming a little nervous. Don’t know WHO he gets that social anxiety from. He hid behind his cousin a little, then peeked out from behind her, offering a wave to Berry. “Hiiii,” he said. He’d watch what they’re doing for a little bit, to see if he’d be invited to play with them. Otherwise? He’d go watch the big chickens again.

Valrae’s laugh rang out like a bell. “Well, all of you have me in spades. I have no talent for music and can’t carry a tune, hearing me sing would probably conjure nightmares.” They both lapsed into a moment of comfortable, friendly quiet as Kanna’s music wove like magic through the crowd. When Khitti speaks again, Valrae turns her dark eyes to her and listens intently. “Hmm,” She nods, following her eyes to the witches and other party goers around them. “Definitely too people-y for serious talk,” The witch agrees. “And you should be enjoying yourself! But any other time, I’m a letter away and my home is always open.” Valrae gives her another warm smile before, ever mindful of being a polite guest, she excuses herself from the host to search for a drink.

Soraya ~ “Sage? I've been to Sage a few times. I was just there in fact, not too long ago. Well, Kelay Tavern really, really the forest. I do fly over it from time to time though...” She's talking too much. She trails off, but her hands clap together in appreciative applause at Penelope's twirl, causing an abrupt jingle from the tambourine that she failed to set down somewhere she deemed safe. The avian mimicked the gesture, turning just a bit slower with care to not trip over her gown or accidentally bump someone with her wings. “Clinical stuff?” Her brows lift with some surprise. A bird of a different feather? “I work in the Imperial Healing House in Schezerade. Soraya Sian,” she offers, a hand lifting almost insinctively to tap at a name badge that she wasn't wearing. Instead she pats the tambourine on her chest in a clumsy sort of way. “It's a pleasure to meet you, Penelope.”

Mesdoram || Nariv looks kindly back at Melusine and returns a smile at a friendly face; graciously, she accepts the sea shell and briefly glances around to see if anyone else is using a similar device. “Thank you, Melsuine.” Nariv had been so grateful for positive reinforcement that she had forgotten to say thank you – she bows politely and introduces herself. “I am Nariv. Very nice to meet you.” Awkwardly and gingerly, she begins clapping the sea shell together to not break her drinking glass – which makes her rhythmic clapping not on tempo with Kanna’s song. Nevertheless, Nariv perks up abit and smiles again at Melsuine for the generous gift and dances more confidently than before.

Joan used one of the supplied napkins to lightly dab at her mouth once her choking fit settles, upon noticing Khitti as once again Khitti and not her male counterpart Khitt, Joan would offer a wave of her pale hand, then turning towards Qunitessa the woman would offer a wave also, Joan had yet to reach out to the other for her new schooling in the nerco arts. Kanna is given a polite clap and a call for 'more', Shi and Terra were given a nod, but still Joan stay seated and went back to her unfished cakelog piece.

Meri definitely saw Quintessa passing off a blade to her daughter, but….Meri was not the sort of mother to care. It was good for Fleur to learn how to use these things young, plus she was a werewolf which meant she was pretty resilient. Meri can sense the way that Hudson’s amusement tempers when he speaks of his children, which causes Meri’s curiosity to perk up again. Meri nods in agreement though, it was bittersweet. “Well I would love to stay and chat but someone ought to keep an eye on the kids while they run amuck.” To Hudson, “We’ll have to catch up sometime, I’ve still got my gallery in Cenril but more of my time is spent in Kelay-Sage at Magik’s home these days.” A smile for Hudson and a wink for Quintessa and a wave of her hand to both of them. Before Meri scoots off, she excitedly points to her new engagement ring a a way of breaking the good news to her niece…then off Meri goes to find the kids. As for if Dominic would be allowed to play with Berry and Fleur? Of course he would be invited! They could talk about griffins and hippogryphs together. Knowing Fleur, she’d probably try and show them that trick Quintessa was talking about. Would Meri stop her daughter from teaching them both these naughty tricks? That entirely depends on the target. Meri had quite a few friends here and one enemy.

Khitti smiled and nodded, letting Val head off to do as she pleased. For the time being, the redhead looked around, wondering where Dominic had gotten off to. Finding him near the stage, she tilted her head at him, watching as he shyly waved to Fleur’s friend. Khitti smiled a little, then got up to get herself a drink, wondering what the heck Annette was doing right now on the Tranquility, as it was docked over in Chartsend. Annette, as it happened, was doing absolutely frak-all because she was so pregnant at this point Khitti could’ve rolled the Catalian woman all the way here, across Chartsend’s beach and Venturil’s hills. She would not have enjoyed this.

Penelope is all sorts of in awe of the avian. A small pink flush creeps on the Ardelian druid’s neck due to the clap that is given. A sheepishness reaches pale lips, but there is also a laugh that comes with it. “Imperial Healing House? I work at the Kelay Healer.” There were those bright, doe-eyes again. Another healer? “That’s great! Nice to meet you Soraya.” She sort of does a little mini clap with glee. Penelope might have been an overly bubbly one. “You might be on my list for a visit then.” Ruari then comes up. “Nel, you best get some grub to go with that champagne. I’m not carrying you through this forest.” The champagne was full still in Nel’s glass which causes a brow to quirk at the half-elf man. “Um… rude,” Penelope says flatly before looking at Soraya. “I hate to depart. I hope to see you around. It was nice meeting you, Soraya. Apparently I have babysitters.” She blows out her lips dramatically before waving and turning away to the food table.

Mathollak is busy making the rounds and ensuring everyone is adequately over-indulging, putting full cups in empty hands and taking requests as they come. It’s on one such delivery or bout of peer pressure that he feels his antler slide off, and he’s halted on one foot. “Oh! Hey! No!” His hands can’t prevent the fall with full cups, so he has to shimmy under Terra’s hand to keep the crown on his head. He’s momentarily baffled. “You? Party? You always seemed like a wet blanket to me!” To celebrate this revelation, he thrusts a cup at her.

Mesdoram takes note of the inter between Nariv and Melusine as he gets his 7th refill of the night. Securing his beverage, he sloppily walks and bumps into everyone who is within 2 feet of him – though annoying and impolite, the party go-er’s elect not to push the drunken drow down unto the party floor (gravity might do the trick soon). Mesdoram has no plan, but can be seen waddling up to tables and kind of hovers pointlessly. No agenda, no tricks up his sleeves… just standing there with his drink.. until he laughs an obnoxious laugh thinking about his brother. “Ah, yes brother…” he speaks loudly to no one. “… you shouldn’t have done that…” The drunken babble of a whiskey man as he sways to the music from Kanna… or maybe he’s swaying to stay on his feet? The jury is out.

Hudson nods to Meri, recognizing the polite need to keep circulating. He has plans to do the same, though it is good to see her. “That’s great, Kelay’s a great place to make a home, lived there for some time myself back in the day,” he tells her, lifting his chin in a nod to see her off. Seems Meri has news of her own, he realizes, the ring glinting as she flashes it. “Nice meeting you, Quintessa,” he says, before he likewise takes his leave. Milo has reappeared, and without fanfare ushers him toward Valrae.

Terra allowed the man his shimmy and adjustment as she was distracted by the offered drink. Who was she to refuse? Then his remark sank in and she sputtered on that first sip, "W-whwat?" This was news to her. "Wet blanket?! Did you ever consider that it was because all of your ideas were going to get us killed and someone had to say no?" Mathollak's antlers are eyed again as she debated another tug. "Where's your date?" Truth be told, she expected it would be Sargaso who she had started to miss.

Terra lifted her gifted glass towards Joan in greeting, giving a brief nod to accompany it so that it was clear she was saying hello!

Shishi eventually shuffles over to Quintessa and paces in front of her back and forth a couple times, trying to emphasize the swishing of his suit. “Can you hear that? Unbelievable.” It really isn’t as bad as he’s making it out to be. “Who made this thing, you know?”

Soraya cannot believe her luck. A healer from the Kelay Healer. And she's potentially on a list for a visit? This isn't at all what she expected to occur at a ball, but Soraya didn't really know what to expect. She had romance novels and fantasy series to go off of, sure, but she liked to believe that she wasn't naive enough to believe events at a ball transpired exactly like the pages of a novel. After giving Penelope a parting wave once she leaves with her group, Soraya decides that dropping the tambourine off on an empty chair is the best way to go. After that, she mingles with other attendees, and manages to get persuaded into dancing with a stranger that she assumes is an elf, judging by his ears. He's had too much spiked cider to hold a conversation, but she gathers from his slurring that his name is Tom, maybe? Tomas? Soraya can't really tell, but she's enjoying herself.

Khitti || After her drink was finished, Khitti approached the stage, waiting for Kanna to complete her latest song before taking the spotlight momentarily. “Hi guys! I wanted to take a moment to announce the best dressed winners! Drum roll please!” There were no drums here and Khitti full well knew that, so how did she make up for it? Dominic started his own drum roll by hand on the side of the stage. It’s just as offbeat as you’d think it would be. “And your Sovereigns of Joy and Revelry for this year is… Penelope and Soraya!!” Don’t ask how she got Soraya’s name. She has her ways. Khitti hopped off the stage and gave each their crowns. “Now, these are enchanted. The branches on them will grow to look however you wish. Whether it’s a traditional crown or maybe a circlet or a diadem. It’s entirely up to you and it can change whenever you’d like it to, to work with whatever outfit you’re wearing it with.” Khitti took a step back after giving away the prizes and clapped for them. “Congratulations, you two!”

Mathollak tried swallowing a whole guffaw while Terra reacted exactly like he hoped. Only a little bit slipped out, in raspberry form. "No, I know! You're right, all my ideas are occassionally," he thinks again, "Usually, not planned all the way to the end." In a moment of sincerity, he offers to clank cups. "I know why that swamp-town still kicks. Cause a bad ass swamp-yankees like you."

Joan clapped as she heard Penelope and Soraya as named the best dressed. "Congrats!"

Melusine releases a sing-song manner of a giggle to Nariv, seeing her use the instrument as well now. “Merry met, madame!” She says stopping from singing only to start her voice up again to go along with the beat the band plays. Twirling around Nariv, stopping at her side, bumping her hip to her’s with another soft giggle. Showing the good, cheerful nature of the mermaiden. Giving the girl a nod, approving of her joining and the marvelous effort given. Stopping her movements as an announcement is made, clapping for them as she stares at the items placed on their heads. Was someone crowned of something? Thinking back they were crowned the sourverigns of joy and revelry. “Hmm, land dwellers do something similar.” The siren thought out loud, turning to Nariv. “Are you here with someone?” Her head tilts to the left, sending a pink strand of hair to flow over her cheek.

Kanna puts down the lute to join the rest of the partygoers for applause. The garnets and rubies really did complement the two winners of the festivities. Now for a song a little more lighthearted to play out the night. “I don't want a lot for Solstice / There is just one thing I need / I don't care about the presents underneath the Solstice tree / I just want you for my own / More than you could ever know / Make my wish come true / All I want for Solstice is… you.” The music turns upbeat as everyone continues to enjoy the wintery landscape of the evening.

Valrae found herself with two bubbly glasses of champagne in her hand and on the path to Hudson. It was a short trip as Milo had already started leading him toward her. The corners of her red painted lips tilt up in greeting. She wonders if she should pretend to be surprised. Pretend that she hadn’t known exactly where he’d stood from the moment she’d stepped out of the carriage and into the cool night. Just as she’d decided, a look at Milo’s face changed everything. Her smile dropped. And as she offered out a glass to Hudson, her heel must have snagged on the beaded hem of her dress and she tripped. It was just a little, not enough to be noticeable or even sprain her ankle, but the contents of the flute was now on the front of Hudson’s shirt. Milo was taking both glasses from her before she was even able to make the first apology. Someone offered her a napkin and the witch batted at him with it weakly. “Looks like our times up,” While the crowd cheered for the winners of the best dressed contest, the pair and Hudson’s entourage slipped out without much notice.

Penelope had her back turned with a plate of food and a roll in her mouth. Khitti’s announcement had the girl turn around with a full mouth of bread. “Wh–?” Her voice was muffled before she spit out the bread and shoved her plate and soggy roll into Ruari’s hands. Starry eyes watch the stage and her cheeks heat as some people watch her and cheer before Ruari has to physically push the frozen woman towards the stage. Eyes shift around to find Soraya, the avian she had just met. “What a dream, huh? Heh.” She smiles towards Khitti as the circlet is given and placed on frizzy, curly tresses. “Thank you,” the Ardelian faintly whispers because she is taken aback. She then looks at the rest of the crowd and waves and blows a little merry kiss to show her thanks to the others. "Thank you all! So sweet of you all!" The woman would then turn to Soraya. “Congratulations to you! Your first ball!” Penelope squeals before Ruari taps the Ardelian’s shoulder because her friend is now going to cash in that dance.

Terra met Math's cup with her own before balancing it between her arm and her stomach so she could clap and cheer with the others. His compliment is nearly missed in the cheers but she did manage to catch and she'd accept a silent truce to stop antagonizing him while he was here, at least. Shishi's suit slander is thankfully not heard. Terra finished off the contents of her glass and motioned towards the dancing area as Kanna's tunes changed. "Dance?"

Shishi ducks as Kanna begins casting another insidious spell, one that only has any power this time of year, but what a power it is.

Soraya ~ What luck indeed. Tom-or-Tomas had wandered off from their dance, leaving her short of breath but grinning, and she whirls around to the stage just in time for Khitti's announcement. In utter shock, her mouth falls open when she hears her name accompanying Penelope's. She trails behind Penelope to meet Khitti and receive her prize. She holds the crown in her hands once Khitti delivers it to her, turning it carefully to take in the details of the branches. With care, she carefully places it on her head and envisions the branches unfurling and rearranging themselves into a diadem. Whether or not it suited her ensemble, Soraya couldn't say. She had never owned such a beautiful headpiece, let alone win anything. “Thank you so very much,” she says to the ball's hostess. Uncertain of what else she should do, Soraya follows Penelope's lead and waves at the crowd, but gives a sweeping curtsy instead of blowing kisses. “Congratulations to you as well! This is, goodness me...” Unbelievable. Magical. Utterly delightful. A thousand other positive words. Soraya is speechless.

Joan finishes off her cake piece, takes a long pull from her drink, takes a good look around before scooting out of her chair away from the table to stand up and then place her napkin on her empty now plate before making her way out. It was lovely but now the vampire had to return her studies and duties, it was such a lovely party, glad she took time to attend. But...she out! Peace.

Mesdoram || Nariv joins in the clapping of the winners; though, a simple congratulation as she wasn’t aware of any contest. “How cool! That would have been nice to know…” she says under her breath in thinking of her silly outfit. At Melusine’s sudden hip check, Nariv is briefly caught of guard and stumbles only slightly away; her demeanor quickly returns to a joyous one once she sees her newfound friend was clearly being gleeful. “Well met indeed!” Nariv reacts to Melusine inquiry next and attempts to match the party’s atmosphere. “Ah yes – I am here with my master, Mesdoram. He’s right over…” Nariv had started to point and look over to the bartender, but notice that the drow has moved off somewhere else. “Oh… well he was there a second ago…” Nariv says confusedly. The elf slave turns her attention back to Melusine in attempt to keep a conversation going. “Have you met him? Are you friends with people here at the ball?” Nariv looks around for Mesdoram as she waits for Melusine to answer.

Meri pauses in her self-appointed job of watching Fleur, Dominic, and Berry so that she could cheer for both the winners. She did not know Soraya, but Penelope was one of the people that Meri admired. It made her heart swell to see that Penelope was able to have the spotlight for just a little bit of time, especially since there were so many fabulously dressed people tonight. Once Meri was done cheering for the two winners, Meri would whistle and catcall in a playful way at the bardic entertainment for the night. And then the blonde was back on kid duty, but in spirit. Fleur was having too much fun with her pals, Meri did not have the heart to make her leave quite yet.

Mesdoram glances around sees someone somewhat familiar… he could not place this man he had seen before… “He seems bigger than last time…” The drow mumbles to himself. Then, he remembers: this was the man who beat his brother, Vexar, in the last Tournament of Winters. A drunken drow begins striding to the one named Shishi, the two never meeting before, to give him a piece of his mind. His path is blocked, however, by noticing an announcement of winners of some sort. The drow claps very sarcastically, and then… forgot what he was suppose to be doing. Mesdoram shrugs and begins heading for the exit – forgetting why he came to the Silver Forest in the first place.

Mathollak sniffs the air. "Someone has meat? I didn't see any. They better share."

Beldur || Shela would be the first through the door. The smell of food pushing the constantly hungry hatchling to escape her master. Though she would overshoot the food and land into the Frost-Fire Roses. Beldur would be shortly after her. Cursing in his native tongue under his breath. These kinds of events were never his scene. His drake poking her head out of the roses with one of them stuck on her horn. The large pale warrior would collect his drake. His pale blue armor was well polished and tended to. Those who fought with him would recognize that he never wears anything save the padding under the mithril plates. His helmet was left with a very confused doorman. Ensuring his embarrassed face was out on display as he chuckles sheepishly. "Um, sorry for disrupting the ball."

Mathollak tossed his cloak dramatically to his left without seeing where it lands, his cup similarly to his right. Then he answers Terra, "of course!"

Melusine || Master? She gives a hmm sound like one would do if warming up their voice. “I didn’t know land dwellers had slaves?” Her head straightens up, giving another twirl around Nariv to gently bump her hip to her’s or best she could as she is only four foot nine. Looking to where she pointed, seeing others around but not being able to successfully show her. “No madame, I have not. I have no friends here; I am from the coastal seas. Not a land dweller as everyone here. I hope to have you as a friend, yes?” Nodding her head towards Kanna, “As well that one for a friend, she is very musical like I. Would your master like to be friends too?” Looking towards Kanna, blushing as she does so. “Rather beautiful that one, most everyone here is. Even the rough looking. Everyone has their own land scent to them.”

Penelope grins at Soraya before she wanders off with Ruari. “Well, the crown looks like it’s in it’s rightful place,” Nel winks. “What an extravagant meet and evening. I don’t think this will be our last one by any means,” the healer concludes before she gently takes Ruari’s hand. He mutters something about taking the food to the table and they can eat after. Penelope walks with the dark haired half elf until they are in the midst of some crowd members dancing. He places a hand on the small of her back, and she steadies her arm on his own before they dance along with the other guests dancing to Kanna’s lovely music. “Miss Halifax, you are one little lucky lady,” he smirks before the two dance the night away. Pausing to eat when needing to, but for the most part, those two were going to overtake the dance floor. Drink, eat, and dance. Drink, eat, and dance.

Mesdoram || Nariv smiles softly; she has not had many positive experiences to think of lately. She does give another glance for Mesdoram before speaking to Melusine. “Oh, you are new? From the sea? That is so interesting!” Not knowing where her master went to fills her with a little nervous energy, but is quickly reminded she is currently projected with her runic charm on her forehead. “My master… I’m sure would like to meet you.” Nariv slowly speaks from her mouth. “He might have already seen us talk and left.” Nariv nods over in the direction of Kanna, agreeing with Melusine. “Her music was very pleasant to hear.” Forgetting where she is for a moment, slave Nariv makes an appearance. “Do you request a meeting with Mesdoram?” Nodding again, she claps her sea shell gift and finishes her wine drink.

Terra as always, remained inbetween being amused by Mathollak and concerned that his antics would result in them being asked to leave. She'd grab his elbow and steer him towards dance floor, near the newly crowned Penelope and her partner. It was not hard to have a good round the floor with Math's moved and Kanna's tunes and eventually the vampire would excuse herself from both to find Shishi. She'd either convince him to also join the dance floor or leave early out the back way to avoid any too-charmed fans.

Mathollak picks up a snowflake lily and tosses the extra 'L' into oblivion before sliding it into Terra's hair.

Mathollak was always anticipating being asked to leave at these things. "No thank you," he would say, and then continue on dancing with extra-behavior for a few minutes. But then they'd insist.

Melusine shakes her head excitedly, “Yes, I am a mermaiden. My hair is colorful as like ones from the coastal areas, just I had to come on land.” A golden tanned hand rises, twirling a strand of white hair about. “Possibly, as for meeting him, yes. I would like to have some more friends; I may need help if the sea doesn’t calm down.” Feeling lightheaded, “I need to go for now. I haven’t been in the sea in a while, be safe and shall we meet again.” Before she left, she went to grab two ice roses, handing one to her new friend. The other to Kanna, offering a smile.

Soraya feels like she felt the very first time she had flown away from her skyward home. Lighter than air, happier than she can ever recall being. Happy as a clam, she had overheard someone from Cenril's library say once while perusing the shelves. Perhaps she is as happy as a clam. However, it appears that her precious time has run out. The spell breaks. Her skin returns to normal, stark white hue, hair, wings and hands 'defrost', so to speak. The icicle necklace fractures and essentially disappears, followed by one crystalline heel that was created to mimic the remaining one as its twin was lost ages ago, prior to the ball. Her mask loses its sheen, the gown its resplendence. The perfume lingers however, mundane as it is. Now, Soraya thought that she might fret when her time ran out and retreat, but she doesn't. She enjoyed herself. Her hand reaches to adjust the diadem resting upon her head. She's satisfied. Instead she slips the other crystal slipper off to leave it behind, as it seemed unnecessary to keep. With care not to bump into anyone with her wings, she weaves her way through the crowd of dancers and other attendees until she reaches an area less crowded, and spreads her wings. She turns, so her wing beats don't accidentally send gusts of cool air toward the party-goers, and she ascends. Time to return home, to work, to her books, to normalcy.

Shishi finishes his wine and tips his head towards said back exit, "Let's get out of here. I know a place." Does he? Unclear, but he is a very famous celebrity, he could probably trip over and find a place. He takes the time to admire Terra's gown as he escorts her out of the venue, swishing the entire way. "It is a good thing nobody attacked the ball. You know? I would have had to take off all my clothes..."

Terra is leaving with a lily, a hot date and oddly... a few coins lighter. Hmmm.

Beldur sighs as he doesn't seem to have disturbed the ball. He pulled the hatchling out of the roses. He wouldn't pull the rose from her horn, however. She would look cute with the rose on her head. He would head to the edge of the ball. Not comfortable with so many non-combat scenes. Though he doesn't seek to actively disturb the ball. The warrior's hand gently pets his drake after he placed her on his shoulders. The fur that covered his shoulders protecting him from her claws, though perhaps not practical for the warmer climates.

Mathollak departs from Terra with a slight bow and joins his new partner. A security guard named Guy