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RP:When the Raven Calls

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This is a Rogue's Guild RP.

Summary: Deciding to meet with Blut once and for all to determine his fate with the Rogue’s Guild, Eleanor invites the phantom assassin for a sit-down at the Jolly Roger, bringing him officially into the fold under the code name Raven.

A single raven seeks out the phantom assassin, a small blue-edged piece of paper bound to its ankle with cryptic text and bearing a strange four-bird emblem stained into the paper.

We need words. Find the skull and crossbones on the island of elves.

The Jolly Roger

Once, the Jolly Roger had been a veritable cesspool of illicit activity, but now only ghosts of that former life remained, tendrils of a past Eleanor wasn’t alone in trying to revive. She and her partner in crime had toiled day and night lately to turn the abandoned warehouse into more than just the debris and shame Ranok’s masquerade had brought down on it. Broken chairs and tables and been cleared out, some mended thanks to Sidd and now were scattered about, but the tattoo booth remained, along with the bar and a few salvaged around it. Eleanor now sat on that empty bar, rather than at it on one of those stools, preferring the higher perch when glancing around the cavernous establishment. Although a bottle of whiskey was within arm’s reach, it was mostly untouched as she browsed through a sheaf of papers written in her native tongue of D’Vainese; they were written that way by the spell-rogue herself, preferring the runic script for private information meant for her eyes only. El hadn’t touched that whiskey in a while perhaps, but between sheets of notes, she took small drags from a cigarette balanced between her index and middle fingers on her right hand. A shadow-laced cloak coiled and swirled around the sonsie-bodied assassin, causing the edges of her figure to blur and fade into her surroundings, but the cowl of that cloak was lowered to reveal her face, her runed crown intact around her brow and draped over with her long flaxen waves, left loose to tumble around her shoulders save a single fishtail plait starting at her left temple that she occasionally tucked behind her left ear. She was alone in the JR this day, anyone else being out and Tuna not having made the journey back to her owner’s side yet, remaining still in Cenril under the watchful eye of Eleanor’s pickpocketing protégé. Every once in awhile, the down-facing pentagonal-shaped turquoise gem in her diadem seemed to catch what scarce light managed to filter through the warehouse’s dingy, cracked windows.

Blut walked into the bar looking around at the broken residence. His cloak covered his leather armour and his face the man kicked some of the broken furniture as he walked. He saw the womans face familiar from when he meet with Leoxander in the past but her body was difficult to see. As he got closer he could more easily see the distortions around her cloak takeing a seat on the stool infront of the bar and looking up at the woman. "So what you need to know. Tried to contact your boss but you guys went cold on me there a change in the works or you just have another job for me." Blut asked as he took oil and a flattened piece of metal from his bag and placeing them on the bar his eyes focuseing on the woman.

Eleanor lowered the papers to her lap the moment she heard the chains shifting as they remained hanging from the gates outside, her flaxen brows rising before a wicked smirk spread slowly across her face. “Leo's nae mah boss, loove,” she started with, her gaze lowering to the assassin in front of her as she crossed and recrossed her legs. Her gaze narrowed subtly as she regarded the other. “We've aye bin partners, which ye seem tae hae a problem wi' in th' pest.” She paused, her smirk darkening a few degrees, growing until her dimples winked. “Now, aam callin' th' shots, an' yoo're haur coz Ah hae an opportunity fur ye.” El canted her head slightly to the side, studying Blut for a long, unwavering moment as she took a long drag from her cigarette. “Eh'd loch tae offer ye a position in mah crew, sae lang as ye can kin 'at ye noo answer tae me.” The spell-rogue paused for another drag of the cig. “Means mair jobs fur ye which ... Ah hear coods be guid fur someain who's bin a bit it ay th' gam fur a while.” She twisted away from Blut then, reaching under the back of the bar for a small sack of coins, setting it on the bartop with a chink that hinted the bag was heavier than it looked. “An’ ye worked fur us afair, an' ye deserve tae gie paid fur yer wark.” Her hand tightened around the sack, not yet relinquishing the payment to the potential recruit as she waited to hear what he had to say so far.

Blut looked at the sack of coins then back to the woman takeing a moment to comprehend what she is trying to say. "So basically you moved up the food chain now your the boss of your organisation." Blut paused for a moment thinking about the pros and cons of working for this woman. "Alright I accept I worked for Leo I'll work for you after all a jobs a job and I'm not one to turn down a offer." Blut explained as he brought down his hood revealing a metal mask covering his face "Let seal the deal then shall we." Blut asked as he held his hand out for a shake.

Eleanor chuckled, shaking her head a bit. “Thaur ye gang makin' assumptions again, bairn,” she snorted, regarding Blut with a glinting seaglass stare. She got it; no one expected the chick to be in charge of the criminal activity, and to those it concerned, she was fine maintaining the illusion that she was merely a lackey or crone. But now that she was inviting Blut into their syndicate, she intended to set the record straight. “Leo's ne'er bin mah boss,” she corrected him with arched brows and a smug tilt to her full lips. “Leo worked fur me afair, an' noo we're partners. Ye ken?” As far as El cared, she and Leo still retained the same relationship now as they did when she first hired him to work for her in the dust smuggling business: partners then, partners now, regardless of the guild titles switching places. Setting the stack of papers aside on the bartop, she took a slow drag of her cigarette, blowing the smoke over a shoulder before she thrust out her hand, shaking Blut’s firmly before releasing it, her arm draping over her lap. “Ah jist hae a body question: whit shoods we caa ye?” she asked, referring to his intended code name.

Blut sighed at the minor detail before resting his elbow on the table and resting his face on his knuckle. Blut didn't particularly care about the ongoings about the organisation but it was a useful insight. This woman clearly knew far more than she let on. Blut hummed for a moment as he thought about what they should call the. "Thats a tough one I'm changeing names left and right but how bout we stick to austetics." Blut took out his letter showing the four birds logo "How about calling be Raven." Blut asked a questioning tone in his voice.

Eleanor angled her chin down in a nod, arching a brow. "Raven, hm?" she started, looking at the picture, that same logo designed by her; it was the same logo which was inscribed into the clasp of her cloak, but only those bearing the rune-brands could presently see it. Unfortunately, that didn't include Blut yet, and wouldn't until El managed to make a new wand. She took a drag of the cigarette, head shifting to lean in the other direction. "Raven it is." It was only then that she nudged the bag of gold toward the edge of the bartop, indicating it with a slight nod. "Dornt spend it aw at ance," she added, tone lightly teasing.

Blut chuckled as he took the pouch of gold and placed in in his bag before takeing out a book opening it to a page with blueprints to his gauntlets "no promises". The man took his glove off revealing shining metal and blades his skin was as black as the night. Blut took his gauntlet off as he started to make adjustments to it. "So anything you need me to do now or do I have to wait" Blut asked not looking up from his work.

Eleanor shrugged, rolling her shoulders as she slid off the bartop. The cloak draped to the floor around her, further obscuring her hourglass figure as she angled a sidelong glance toward 'Raven'. "Nae fur noo, unless ye want tae keep an eye oan th' docks - an' eye only, min'," she offered up as she turned toward the exit, gathering the papers up in a roll and stuffing them into the confines of her cloak. "Report back oan whit ye see - guard schedules, onie interestin' activity at th' port, anythin' at aw 'at will help us if, say, we wanted tae slip ben unnoticed." Again, she shrugged, and added, "If yoo're lookin' fur somethin' tae keep yer hans occupied, ye can fin' it if there's onie bark oan tois bodies they foond at th' harbur. heard it was a coople ay thugs; Ah need tae ken if there's anythin' Ah need tae ken, ye kin?" She smirked at her phrasing, then started toward the exit again. "I'll be back later, if ye need me," the spell-rogue added as she sauntered out into the city.

Blut sighed as he spoke "rodger" in a unenthusiatstic voice as he waved his hand continueing to work.