RP:What harm have vampiric women ever done you, that you should curse them with Lloyd

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Kelay Tavern Some time in 2009 or 2010 During the time when Vuryal had a price on Kazuma's head Which is why Rowen commented to Kazuma "You risk much being out in the open sir."

What's life without a little danger m'lady?

Rowen said to Kazuma, "You risk much being out in the open sir."

Kazuma said to you, "Shrugs* What's life without a little danger m'lady?"

Mahri looks over the public board, after entering the tavern in the usual fashion, before making her way across the room and to the bar. Her favorite spot lately. Along the way, if her swinging arms happen to raise a bit too much, and in the process smack Lloyd upside the head, or anyother part of his person. Well, it's purely by accident. Mostly.

"Generally longer and less painful. I would hide if I were you."

Rowen said to Kazuma, "Generally longer and less painful. I would hide if I were you."

Kazuma said to you, "I take precaution before I enter establishments such as these. I haven't smelt that foul stench of Vuryal and his trained monkeys since I awoke." Lloyd had been waiting for it as soon as he spotted Mahri enter the tavern, such accidents seeming more current as he managed to deflect the arm, curiously looking over and whistling playfully at the other's backside. . Kazuma said to Lloyd, "Good sir, surely you can find something other than a lycaness to whistle at. Allow me to introduce you to vampiric women."

You said to Kazuma, "Yet Vuryal has just recently posted a message on the board. Surely one who is loyal to him must have brought it."

Mahri just might have put a little extra oompf into the natural sway of her hips, just so he'd remember exactly what he's missing. Aside from that, the whistle is ignored and rum ordered.

Kazuma said to you, "I don't fear him."

What harm have vampiric women ever done you, that you should curse them with Lloyd

Rowen said to Kazuma, "What harm have vampiric women ever done you, that you should curse them with Lloyd."

Kazuma said to you, "Vampiric women have done me no harm, and if this fellow is a curse as you say then I won't mix the two."

Terra hid a wide-mouth yawn behind palm of hand as she moved over threshold and towards the bar. A quick request is made before the bleary-eyed empath settled at Mahri's table, even without invite.

Lloyd tapped his chin, chuckling at Letha, "We've only met twice, but my name is Lloyd, Miss Letha... Seems like every day or so things just slip out of your brain... Though it is kind of amusing.

Mahri said OOC, "Ha! Now there's a girl for Lloyd. One who won't remember him the next day."

Lloyd said to Kazuma, "You do realize that they consider me a plague on women, right? However, they still manage to come flocking."

Lloyd sat there a moment as he turned back towards Mahri, commenting a bit too loudly, "Still looks nice, I remember the day of teaching it tricks, and boy did it perform nicely."

Lloyd said to Kazuma, "Apparently I am a terrible person but great in bed or some such."

I am rather the scoundrel

Lloyd said to Letha, "Most likely, without a doubt. I am rather the scoundrel, most people end up wishing they forget about me or whatnot."

Lloyd said his piece anyway, shrugging at Letha as he leaned back in his own chair, closing his eyes slightly, giving off a rather kind type of sigh.

Mahri gives Terra a quick glance before turning in her chair to eye Lloyd a moment. "Apparently your 'lessons' were lacking. It's amazing what one can learn, with a better teacher." Tossing back the rum, Mahri decides the best thing to do at this point is to..well..ignore the cheater. Mostly for her own good than his. Swiveling back around in her seat, Mahri says to Terra, "Mornin."

Are you and Rikailin both washing the prices off, in order to try to escape justice?"

Rowen peers at Kazuma "I can't see a price on your head either. Are you and Rikailin both washing the prices off, in order to try to escape justice?"Rowen is a mess, her face is all swollen up, and she is covered in nasty purple bruises.

Kazuma shifts his gaze towards Rowen after she finishes speaking and smirks, revealing the tips of long, sharp fangs. "Who let you out of the loony bin?"

Letha said to Lloyd, "Indeed. I suppose I would be blessed instead of cursed then, with my mental state. "

Lloyd said to Mahri, "No need to be slanderous, you already want to kill me."

Lloyd said to Letha, "In a day or two, I imagine, you won't remember that and might talk to me again... I would consider it a blessing and a curse, the duality of everything, you know?"

Rowen scratches her watermelon, covered head.

Rowen scratches her watermelon, covered head. "I aint been in no bin, I aint rubbish."

Letha leans back into the doorway for a moment, saying to Lloyd before she disappears, "Story of my life right there, buddy."

Chaos shards throughout Hollow begin to shimmer and pulse strangely; larger shards shake violently as a strange noise is emitted from deep within their crystalline form. The noise is unbearable like a trillion voices screaming out in anguish and then suddenly silenced. Those attuned to the power of chaos can feel the momentum is building slowly; the time of 'The Restoration' is almost at hand and the purpose of the shards not forgotten… Then just as suddenly as the phenomena began all seems to be restored to normal and the shards appear for the most part benign once more.

You said OOC, "Hi Rye, nice post."

Kazuma bites Rowen

Kazuma sighs as he rises from his chair and in what appears to be in the blink of a human eye, appears behind Rowen and kneels, his voice growing ever menacing as he inches his head towards the girl's neck. "You sure dress like it....Archmosian filth."

Rowen said to Kazuma, "I am a priestess of Daedria, goddess of the law, and you are a fugitive from the law, therefore I must arrest you.

Smyth said OOC, "You don't want none? You can't handle the Smyth? And Terra, we could go do the usual on the beach..."

Terra said OOC, "I feel like you are implying something."

Smyth said OOC, "Never."

Terra said OOC, "Also, do you see Smyth as more of a Johnny English fellow? >>"

Smyth said OOC, "Um, no. Sorry Terra dear. But, I'm not an incompetent spy."

Alicia said OOC, "I can't think who Johnny English is. Damn this cold!"

Alicia said OOC, "Rowan Atkinson?"

You said OOC, "Indeed, Smyth you would have to improve your espionage skills no end to reach the standard of an incompetent spy!"

Smyth said OOC, "Aye, I have a ways to go before I reach incompetency."

You said OOC, "*huggles Smyth*"

The nasty vampire resisted arrest and he bited me and stealed my blood. He scared Nigel too!

Rowen told Vuryal, "I tried to arrest Kazuma for you, but the nasty vampire resisted arrest and he bited me and stealed my blood. He scared Nigel too!" Hans said OOC, "And yet dogs and cats want noting to do with you vur, odd that..."

Terra said OOC, "The hamsters like Vuryal more, Hans. : )"

Cyllarus said OOC, "Sheesh. I'm glad I now have enough power to ignore some of his sillier pronouncements. Still got to do others though. They've got me moving Cenril 6 inches to the left today. Yesterday it was to the right. *sigh*"

Vuryal told you, "I shall handle him, child."

You told Vuryal, "Thank you, you are the best boss I ever had."

Administrative message from Vuryal: People, why do your bios have to be so freakin' long? My eyes bleed are seeing some of these...