RP:Tysinni cuddles the supreme empress of the known universe

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The tunnels of Upper Craughmoyle

This was rped on 29 August 2011

Remembering Cornelius

Rowen said to Tysinni, "You have my permission to approach and pay your respects to the supreme empress of the known universe." You gave 1 chocolate heart to Tysinni.

Tysinni grins and looks at her dear rat-friend. "My humblest apologies, Your Eminence. I have not the supplies to greet you in the grandeur you so richly deserve."

Rowen bows politely. "Worry not, dear one, worry not I have become quite used to slumming it with the peasants, as am curenntly living in this benighted corner of the universe know as Hollow. Your great loyalty and affection are all I need."

Tysinni executes a rather extravagant bow in return, doffing her hat to the Empress. "And you shall have it! I was most worried about you when you went into hiding. I can hardly countenance why someone would wish to do your Supreme Personage harm."

Rowen shakes her little rat head sadly in agreement. "I know, I know. Does Vuryal not realise the grave consequences were I to be unable to protect my realm? It would almost certainly mean that all life throughout the universe will have never existed at all. If that happened, then he'd be sorry!"

Tysinni nods her head in resigned agreement. She looked rather sad herself, perhaps as much for Rowen's plight as that of little Nia's. "I do not think he cares one wit. He seems to be a singularly unpleasant fellow. I confess I find him to be repugnant in the extreme. But never fear, you will always have loyal subjects!"

Rowen reaches out with her little pink nose to gently touch Ty's hand. "Thank you, thank you. You don't know how much that means to your beloved empress. I am so distraught about the death of dear dear Cornelius. He cannot be replaced, we must all merely do the best we can to muddle along without him."

Tysinni gently scratches Rowen behind the ear. "As we all are. He did make things quite a bit more dashing around here. And of course, he impacted many lives. They will all feel his loss. You are a wonderful Empress to care for your subjects so."

Rowen weeps at Tysinni's kind words. "It means so much to hear you say so. It is a great responsibilty caring for the entire universe. I often feel that many of my subjects feel neglected that I am not giving them enough of my time, my affection, my wisdom, but I only have one pairs of paws...er I mean I only have one paw you know. I do strive ever to do what is best for my beloved subjects."

Tysinni looks rather startled and awkward as she tries to comfort the weeping royal rodent. "Er....I say nothing but the truth. Of course they know that you care for them. Everyone is very grateful, I'm sure. Your influence is felt even when you're not around." The thief nods as if imparting the gravest of secrets.

Rowen crawls onto Tysinni's hand and snuggles up to her friend for comfort.

Tysinni cuddles the Supreme Empress of the Known Universe and contemplates how strange her life is.

You curls herself up into a ball, relaxing in her friend's hands, enjoying being petted. "Ahhh, this is the life. It was so extraordinarily kind of my lady Daedria to bless me with this wonderful rodent form."

Tysinni idly pats Rowen, adding in a scratch here and there for good measure. "The very best gift ever, I'm sure. So, you don't ever miss your old form?"

You replies seriously. "Only the one time, when my dear friend Nigel's heart had stopped and as a rat I was too small and weak to help him. I have since had a potion made up, so that in the case of such a dire emergency, I shall be able to return to human form for a few hours. I hope I never have to use it, but I would of course make such a sacrifice to save the life of one of my beloved subjects."

Tysinni smiles and gives Rowen a gentle hug. "I knew you were a grand ruler. Much better than any of the other silly ones I've heard of. I feel extremely blessed just to be in your royal presence."

Rowen the happy little supreme empress of the known universe is soon fast asleep curled up in the hands of one of her adoring loyal subjects.

Tysinni sits quietly with the sleeping Rowen in her hands, mulling over the idea of a special Empress pocket in her large duster.

Rowen would adore a special Empress pocket. She dreams happily of her loyal coat rack.