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RP:To Ask A Favor

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Part of the Through The Looking-Glass: Return To Wonderland Arc

Part of the Magic, Madness, and Mayhem Arc

Summary: After speaking with Meri the night before, Khitti heads out to the Enchantment to ask Lanara to officiate her wedding.

Lanara's Room Above The Flower Shop, The Enchantment

Khitti || Things had started to feel like the walls were closing in for Khitti. She’d tended to Brand when he needed it after his ordeal in the Shadow Plane, as well as her other duties… and also including her obsessing over Jessamine and James and what the hell to do about them. She was starting to feel like she had when she was forced to stay in the Frostmaw Tavern, and then the Tranquility, for weeks on end--both for when they were working to deal with Amarrah and the other times when she was an amnesiac and when she was pregnant. The redhead took special precautions with the wounds on her palms today: thin bandages wrapped a couple times around gauze, all of which were covered up by a pair of black fingerless gloves that she used to wear some time ago. It kept people from asking questions she didn’t want to answer or didn’t know how to answer and she wasn’t entirely sure if this was going to be one of those times. Her tikifhlee was the mode of transportation as per usual, the great beast clinging to the shadows that it and its rider loved so dearly, keeping both of them safe from harm on the way. They’d finally make it to the flower shop, her tikifhlee shifting to its house cat form before the two made their way into the shop and up to the room Lanara was staying in. Not being able to curl her hands into fists thanks to her injury, Khitti opted to use the knuckles of two slightly bent fingers, hoping it’s loud enough for the witch to hear.

Lanara sits at the small kitchen table, opening the mass of sympathy cards that had been haphazardly piled in the center, along with the platters of baked goods. It was strange that she went from hated to sympathized in a matter of days, and though she mourned her brother, it was time to move on. At least in the sense of preparing some thank you notes to those that thought of her during this trying time. The witch had put on a few pounds, courtesy of Khitti’s generous packages that arrived every few days, and so it’s the first box that she opens. “Nice! There are some carrot cupcakes in this box!” Cinder ignores her statement, those gray hues trained on the door as though she heard someone coming up the stairs. “Ooh, and there’s a note this time! I wonder what is says…” Lana unfolds the parchment, and her eyes grow wide, “A meeting? Tonight?!” If only she had opened the box yesterday, she would have been prepared for a visitor! Looking rather disheveled with her hair in a messy bun, and wearing pajama bottoms and a tank top, she clearly didn’t look like someone expecting company. Not that she’d ever turn her best friend away! She chews on the inside of her cheek, as she tries to think what this could be about… Was Khitti in trouble? Had Cenril gotten wind that she was one of the bank robbers? Did this have to do with the fact that Largakh was –not- dead? Her thoughts are running wild by the time Khitti knocks on the door, and it takes the shrill bark of a ten week old puppy to bring Lana back to the present. “Coming!” A moment later, the door is unlocked and opened wide enough for the redhead and her companion to enter the small apartment, “I’m sorry, I really need to straighten up. It’s been a hectic week…” Sawyer, the newest addition to Lana’s life runs into the room as fast as his little legs can carry him, that entire loaf body wiggling in excitement as he bounces around for attention. “That is Sawyer… He’s a long story. Basically, his breeder was pretty nasty to me in town, when I was only petting him! I had no intention of buying a puppy, but he started to get loud and threatened to kill me… Anyways, my friend knocked him out and the puppy ran away and somehow found his way back to me. So, he’s technically stolen…” Along with the skull. Lana was turning into quite the thief, these days. “Please! Sit down, make yourself comfortable. I can put on some tea?”

Khitti shook her head at Lanara, offering the witch a faint smile, “You’re fine. You’re exactly as you should be.” She never felt like she was allowed time to mourn anything, whether it was her family, friends she’d lost along the way (dead or otherwise), or even just her social life (not that she had much of one to begin with) now that she was a mother and a guild leader, which sometimes felt like the same thing. The smile grew a little more genuine when Sawyer was spotted, a pat given to him from the redhead, and an indifferent sniff given from her tikifhlee. “I’m glad you started your collection up again. You’re definitely not you without a slew of animals at your feet,” Khitti said with a chuckle. She nodded at the offer of tea with a “please” to accompany it while she sat down in the nearest chair. Once Lanara had gone off to start it, Khitti’s peek into her gloves to make sure things were still as they had been when she put them on, a slight look of concern present on the redhead’s face. It’d be wiped away immediately once Lanara came back. Absolutely nothing was amiss. Nope. “How are you feeling?” This always felt like the best question to ask people in mourning. You could only hear ‘I’m sorry’ so many times before it felt fake and only added to the numbness a person felt during a loss.

Lanara beams when she’s given the task of making tea, as it would keep both her mind and hands busy, and there was another set of eyes on Sawyer. She wasn’t expecting to have a puppy plopped onto her lap, out of the blue, and she still hadn’t been out to pick up any supplies. A jump rope was a now makeshift leash, cereal bowls became a food and water bowl, and as there wasn’t a place in Enchantment to purchase a cage for housebreaking, she had been letting the little guy sleep in her arms and wake her when he needed to potty. This broke all of Lanara’s pet raising rules, she was clearly exhausted, and if Sawyer chewed through another pair of heels, she was going to scream. However, all of this is kept hushed, as she readies two mugs of steaming peppermint tea, and adds a dash of vanilla for more flavor. “Feel free to…” Was Khitti peeking inside of her gloves? Scandal had left her half of his horde, so it wasn’t like the witch needed any gold for legal fees. Was that what brought the redhead to her door? “Um… Feel free to pick at whatever goodies you want. I have about fifty pounds of sweets on this table, and another hundred over on that counter.” A small smile is exchanged between the two, as she rests the mugs on the table, and takes a tentative sip. “I’m… Managing. I miss Scandal, and a part of me feels guilty. Like… Maybe, if I weren’t in the hospital and I was around? That… He would have felt so alone? And, that he wouldn’t have taken his life.” She sighs, releasing a weight she didn’t know she had been carrying for weeks. “Thank you for everything, Khitti… You are a true friend.” She’s referring to the packages heaping with sweets, the bank heist assistance, and her familiar, Cinder. “How… How have things been on your end?” Her eyes immediately glance at her forearms, where the previous injuries have been, and she narrows her gaze on the gloves, “Have you been back to the Shadow Plane?” Was Khitti hiding another injury?

Khitti blinked innocently at Lanara’s pause in her statement. Hoo boy. She probably noticed. Damn it. Khitti is really bad at concealing things, no matter how often she repeats the phrase ‘conceal, don’t feel’ to herself. She eyed the pile of sweets that was mostly because of her and coughed awkwardly, “Sorry. I’m, uh, really bad at giving people things. I’m used to baking for the whole town or cooking for the entire crew on Brand’s ship. I’ll stop sending so much, heh. Maybe send you some real food instead of just desserts.” Khitti was now getting her ‘just desserts’ for attempting to lie to her friend--she liked to think of it as keeping truth from people that could possibly be harmful in some form or fashion--as Lanara prodded at her about the Shadow Plane. But first, she responded to the topic of Scandal, “You’re not the only one that was “away”, Lanara. After you left, I basically just checked out mentally. Despite that though, this isn’t on us. He knew that there were people here that cared for him and that he could come to us, but he chose not to. It’s not on him either though. It’s just… a terrible thing that happened.” Khitti sighed heavily, and eventually nodded to Lanara about the Shadow Plane, “We did go there.” She paused, crimson brows knitting together somewhat as she followed Lanara’s line of sight to her hands, “But that’s not why I’m here.”

Lanara lowers her mug, suspiciously studying Khitti’s face for signs that she’s being dishonest. She never had a real reason to distrust the woman, but she knew that if something was making her sad, she tended to bottle it up. It was a minor flaw, and with enough gentle prying, the witch is convinced that she’ll talk, but she hates to play the ‘push’ card with anyone, especially with a best friend. “Thank you for saying that… I just never thought Scandal would take his own life.” She thought it would be herself, or Talyara, that went down that road, as they were far more fragile. “I’ll be okay… I don’t want you to worry about me. And… I’m sorry that I left, Khitti… If I knew that you would be so upset, or that Scandal would do what he did, I… I’d like to think that maybe it would have been enough to pull me from my own depression. I’m much better at fixing others, than I am my own self.” Cinder approaches her feline mother, sniffing the tikifhlee with intrigue, and after a moment, she brushes against her side. “I love how close they are…” Would she have that with Natianara one day? An actual mother-daughter relationship? Her mind is still reeling from –that- bombshell, but she’s not yet ready to broach that topic with anyone, and is somewhat in denial from her sister’s words. “So, what happened at the Shadow Plane? Are you injured? I have some healing salves in the washroom, or I can examine you…” Again, her eyes dart to the hands, though she tries to mask the obvious look on her face. She was onto her friend’s omission of truth. “Oh! I think I know why you’re here… It’s about Larz, right? I-I bumped into him last week, and it went awful. He was here, on a task from the Devout’s Guild… He called me a monster, said I deserve to spend the rest of my life in an asylum, and that it disgusts him to even look at my face… Apparently, he blames himself, because he allowed me to volunteer at the orphanage and that’s what led to the children’s death…” She glances away, his words having struck a chord, and she swats at her face as tears trickle down her cheeks, “I didn’t even know he was alive! And it was so embarrassing… I literally collapsed in the street, hysterical, in front of the tavern.” Largakh had never been so cruel. “Why didn’t you tell me? Is that why you’re here?”

Khitti || “Lanara, you acted the way you thought you should. What your mind was telling you. It may not have been the best thing for you, and eventually led to something bad, but depression makes you think things that you might not think normally. Trust me. I’m like an expert without a diploma,” Khitti said, tending to her own tea. “This isn’t an injury you can help with. Or, rather, I’m letting things take its course as they may. It’s… complicated. I had Lennier, the ship’s healer, look at it briefly to check for infection, but it’s fine for now. I don’t want magic or herbs to mess with it, if it’s possible.” She wasn’t going to go into much detail yet. She’d have to talk about Brand then. About the things that had happened there. And while she’d just told Meri the night before, it didn’t mean it wasn’t hard to talk about--and there were plenty of implications she wanted to ignore entirely. “I didn’t tell you about him because it wasn’t necessary. You have more important things to worry about right now and it wasn’t best to let you know. This trial is something that requires your full attention. Meri found Larz somewhere, brought him to the guild. He kept asking about you. So much. And it took me a lot to even tell him in the first place. And I never really wanted to go into a discussion with him about the things you supposedly did. He was ill then, barely even alive. I’m fine with him being in the guild, because he’s so devout, but I’m still concerned with him as a person, and even moreso now because of what you just told me.” Khitti eyed the floor, looking for answers to questions she silently asked herself, but wasn’t going to receive. “And since we’re on that topic, Eli returned at some point as well. He rejoined the Adventurer’s Guild for… whatever reason. But he is also not who you knew--nor have I seen him in a couple months. He had Larewen Dragana change him into a vampire. Her entire line is tainted. But, they’ve both gone elsewhere again, it seems. And good riddance, if I’m going to be honest about all of this.” A bit of her tea was drank, the redhead still mulling things over, “I was going to tell you, but not until the trial was over. And if it did end up that you were to be burned, telling you would’ve added an unnecessary sadness to your life that you just don’t need.” Khitti’s voice had taken on a matter-of-fact tone, one that she didn’t always use with her friends. It could’ve even been considered cold, if it wasn’t for the fact that Lanara knew Khitti better than that. “And I’m perfectly fine with you yelling and me or casting me out for not telling you. I knew the risks when I decided to take it.” She paused, and sighed. “And no. Your former partners are not why I’m here.” Khitti still didn’t say though. She was starting to wonder if she should bother at this point. She hadn’t expected to answer these questions. After talking to Meri the night before about… everything, Khitti wondered if it was even a good idea to get married at all.

Lanara swallows hard as Khitti explains the return of the half-orc, and the turning of Eli into a vampire. This was a jagged little pill, and she wonders if she –ever- picked a partner that was truly suitable. “Eli? He-He is a bloodsucker!?” She practically hisses the word, as those that knew Lanara, knew she was slightly racist towards the pale ones. “Larewen truly has issues! It’s like she can’t get enough of left over’s! First… Emrith, after he chose my sister on two separate occasions, and then Eli, after he left me at the altar.” She’d be smug over this in the morning, once the irony dawned on her that the vampiress was incapable of finding a man on her own, and she’d likely celebrate with Talyara. Their loss could be Larewen’s gain, for all she cared. “I wish Eli would have stayed dead, after he played me dirty.” That was the truth, as he had irreparably broken Lana’s heart, but she quickly changes the subject, “I’ve had enough of tears… And I’m not angry with you, Khitti. I think that if the tables were turned, I wouldn’t have told you, either. So much is going on, and my sanity has been questioned multiple times, so it’s alright that you kept it from me… I don’t even mind if we are both in the Devout’s Guild, when I’m cleared of all charges. I can be civil…” Would Larz be so accepting of Lana? Cinder continues to play with Khitti’s tikifhlee, and Sawyer is prancing around the kitchen with a leopard pump dangling from his mouth. “Give me that, you little beast!” As the witch launches to grab the puppy, he stumbles over his dramatically long ears and rolls onto his back, surrendering to belly rubs in exchange for the shoe. “He’s a terror.” But, it’s obvious she’s already smitten with the hound. Meanwhile, Cinder glares at the puppy, not amused by his behavior, and rubs her head against Khitti’s calf. “I won’t press you for details on what happened in the Shadow Plane, but please know that I’m –always- here for you, even if my own life is in the crapper. It makes me feel good to help others, honest! And… Alright. But, if you ever need any healing salves, or magic when I’m allowed to use it again, you know where to find me.” Lana knows when to back off, though she feels bad that Khitti is suffering, emotionally and physically. She hadn’t even met Brand, and she felt bad for him, too. “So… If you didn’t come to check on me, fatten me up, snag some healing herbs, or talk about my exes… I’m thinking you are here to ask me something?” Was Khitti pregnant? Did she think Lana was guilty? What could it be?!

Khitti smirked somewhat at Lanara’s reaction to the news about Eli, “You’re talking to someone that used to be a vampire, you know. It’s easy to forget though, I know. Not all of them are bad. And Larewen did have her moments of niceness. I wasn’t even sired by her and she brought me into her home regardless. The corruption in her blood though, and those that are sired by her, is likely the culprit of a lot of her problems--and theirs.” Khitti soon shrugged, holding back a bit of laughter while Lanara struggled with the puppy, “You can be civil, but you’re not obligated to be. Nor are you obligated to be a part of things he’s also a part of. Like I said, I’m even more wary now because of the fact that he so readily took the rumors of the things that spirit did as gospel when he should damn well know better--especially since you two were together for as long as you were.” The redhead eyed the floor again and chewed at the inside of her cheek. “I’ll tell you after I ask you something. I just… am not of the mind to be comforted right now. I’m angry. Angrier than I’ve ever been, I think. And things are changing. -I’ve- changed, especially after this most recent trip to that hellhole. But, for one moment I’d like to be able to think about things that -I- want, rather than what fate and the gods have thrust upon me.” Going quiet again, Khitti thought about whether she should continue or just leave now. “I’d like you to officiate me and Brand’s wedding, if you’re okay with it. And I’ve been planning to ask you for awhile now, since you’ve been back. But, even asking that of you is hard right now, between your own issues here and mine in the Shadow Plane. It doesn’t feel right to ask. It doesn’t feel right to try to be happy, even for a day. Because you’re suffering, and the people in the Shadow Plane are suffering.”

Lanara sits campfire style on the kitchen floor, and pulls Sawyer onto her lap, bouncing him lightly as she meets Khitti’s gaze. Something was weighing heavily on her friends mind, and she didn’t have the faintest idea what was the matter. It likely had –something- to do with the Shadow Plane, and she forces herself to remain silent, as she promised that she wouldn’t press for details. “I understand… I feel like I’m a different person today than I was yesterday, or even a few hours ago. We all are changing, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Change can be for the better, it gives you wisdom, and it’s good to evolve sometimes… To find your true self.” Her tone is soothing, despite the fact that she has zero idea what Khitti’s referring to, and she promised not to ask. It’s difficult, but she’s glad that Khitti is upset that she made the comment about vampires. The witch was known for putting her foot in her mouth! Fingertips lightly stroke the puppy’s back, and after a few moments he falls asleep in Lana’s arms, his soft snoring a welcome reprieve from the moment. Even Khitti is mulling over something, and Lana is about to offer her friend more tea, when she asks her to officiate the wedding ceremony. She’s quick to reply, “Really!? Like… A handfasting? Of course I will! I’ve seen several done back in Kelvar, and I hoped to have one of my own one day… I mean, I am pretty much certified back home, as I was classified as a High Priestess, not that it means much in these lands… But, seeing that I believe my magic is also a gift from the Goddess, and I practice my craft through her, I know that I could give your wedding a proper blessing!” She would make certain that Lunalesca remove the ankle monitor prior to the ceremony. “Khitti… I am –honored- that you would grant me such a position on your special day! You and Brand deserve all the happiness, especially in times of suffering, because love is the only thing that remains the same, even in times of despair and constant change. Love is your truth.” A faint blush is apparent on Lana’s cheeks, and she’s smiling so wide that it’s obvious this means the world to her, “Are you and Brand sure that you want –me- to officiate?”

Khitti honestly wasn’t sure how Lanara was going to react, if only because of being in mourning and having the prospect of being put to the stake looming over her head. As Lanara finished her thoughts on the matter, Khitti eventually nodded with a faint smile, “Yeah. Brand and I aren’t really like most people. Even with me running the Devout’s Guild, something like that wasn’t a good fit--somehow despite being a follower of Cyris, I still don’t consider myself as devout as some. And we’d meant to ask Lionel, but he’s frakked off to Nowhereville, and really I was only gonna ask because I considered him my brother. But, since then, I’ve done some reading on other types of weddings and handfasting felt like the best fit. It seems more intimate… or private… Brand and I have shared far too many intimate moments--and not just the usual one people think of. If you’re definitely sure though, we are too.” Looking down at her hands, she sighed and eventually pulled off the gloves. A deal was a deal, after all. “Long story short, I got my dark magic back. Apparently it was never truly gone. Just… hidden away. Someone in the Shadow Plane did this to help me, even if it doesn’t seem like help initially.” The bandages were removed and Lanara showed what was there: the alchemical symbols for the processes of putrefaction and purification had been carved into her palms. Both were jagged-looking, the carving done in haste. “There hadn’t been time then or else they’d look a little neater, I imagine. It’s supposed to balance out both magicks. And if I use them at the same time, this… person--” Khitti hesitated a moment before she said that word; Cirice hadn’t exactly been a normal “person”. “--said that it would not end well for me. I didn’t get much of an explanation on that, but…” She sighed, saying at length, “I’ve not tried using either one much yet. And I don’t know when I will, but I imagine I’ll have to before these are fully healed.”

Lanara smiles, relieved that Brand will accept her as an officiate, and have faith in her abilities, as did Khitti. It wasn’t often that witches were welcome in that sort of light, but being that they were practicers of white magic; it made perfect sense to have their blessing at a wedding. “I’m honored! And it’s totally Lionel’s loss that he’s elsewhere and can’t perform at the ceremony, but it will not take away from your special day.” She pauses, thinking of all the perfect little touches she hopes to incorporate, “What day did you want to wed on, and have you chosen a location? Will there be a reception after the ceremony? I know that you’re a private person, so I assume the guest list won’t be extensive? Also… If you want a bachelorette party, please let me know, and I can plan something. Even if you want to do something low key, like a spa day, or just go for cocktails! Have you gone dress shopping, yet? If not, I know of a few boutiques that I can recommend, or even go with you to try them on…” Lanara is in full on party planning mode now, an area she excels in, and were Khitti not to remove her gloves at this precise moment, she would still be babbling about cakes, favors, flowers, and anything else that popped into her mind. “Ouch… Those look so painful…” Placing the sleeping pup on the floor, she kneels and accepts Khitti’s hands, tenderly holding each by the wrist so she doesn’t disturb the markings. “Light and dark… So… You embody balance…Much like a witch, as that’s what we strive to do… There are always opposing factors, and too much of one isn’t always a bad thing, as a little of the other is always present… Hm…” She studies the workmanship, noting that it was rushed, and it would take some time to heal. “You can’t use both at the same time because they would consume each other… And it would likely backfire on the user, I’m guessing? I cannot be sure, but I think you need to practice soon. It’s better to meet any trouble head on, and you need to understand the power that you wield, before a time comes when you –have- to use it.” Lana falls quiet now, as she removes her hands from Khitti’s, wishing that she had her own powers to help her during this trial. “Is there anything I can do?”

Khitti || “We decided on Halloween. The list is definitely going to be very small. Meri will be there. Brand’s first mate, Dozla. I plan on inviting Talyara too. There may be a few more at the reception, if Brand decides he wants more of his crew there. A good portion of them all have families and lives of their own outside of working on the Tranquility, so.” Khitti thought about some of the other things Lanara mentioned, like the bachelorette party and dress shopping, “I don’t think I need a bachelorette party--I don’t even think I’ve got enough friends for something like that, even if I wanted one. And I think I’ve got a dress in mind already too. Little by little I’ve looked into things, but it’s been difficult to be too excited about it. I still wonder from time to time if it’s even a thing Brand still wants to do--with me of all people.” Lanara looked over her hands, Khitti’s line of sight shifting between the witch and her palms, “I told Meri last night that I need to speak to Zahrani. Things feel different in the devout sense too, but I’m probably just imagining it. And the more I think about it, the crazier I feel. As for the magick, I’m honestly not sure. Cirice told me that it would “come at a great cost”. I’ve been told that far too many times in my life, but I’ve still not been one to heed it. It’ll likely be something I save for when things are really bad. Like Meri when she’s got to really focus on her psionics.”

Lanara isn’t sure what else she can say about the magical markings, so she just nods and tries to be supportive. Cirice would know the answers, and hopefully Zahrani could shed some light. At least Khitti knew that she was dealing with something powerful and trying to obtain knowledge before she practiced, which was a good safety measure. “Just be careful… I used magic that I didn’t understand and look at all the trouble I am facing… But you are so much smarter than I am, and you have a lot of support.” Khitti would never be alone, as she had Brand, Meri, and of course, Lanara. “I don’t think you’re crazy or that you are being pulled away from the Devout’s Guild… I just think that the balance of light and dark takes some time to settle in, you have to adjust… If there’s ever a time that you need to talk, about anything, no matter how dark your thoughts may be, you can always come to me in confidence.” She wouldn’t judge her friend. “And Halloween is my –favorite- day of the year! I’m so happy you chose it!” They didn’t have much time to plan, but she’s confident everything will run smoothly. Lana is also making a mental note to speak with Meri about a possible night out, even if it was just the three of them and Taly, she wanted to give Khitti the full experience. A toned down one, of course, as the redhead preferred her privacy and wouldn’t be into the whole male-in-a-thong-dancing scenario. “I’m so excited for you, and you have every right to be a happy bride-to-be, Khitti! I mean that, so get your butt dress shopping, think of hair styles and what sort of makeup you want on your special day, and start writing your vows. You have two weeks until your Mrs. WhateverBrandsLastNameIs and I am –thrilled- to officiate your big day!” At this, she stands and pulls Khitti in for a gentle hug, “Your ceremony will be magical, I just know it! Thank you for choosing me to perform the handfasting.”

Khitti nodded in agreement with Lanara, not commenting further on the state of her hands or her magic. “I’m glad you’ll do it, even with such short notice.” She’d smirk at the mention of dresses, makeup, and hairstyles but she’d soon get all wide-eyed at the part about vows. “Uhh. Right. Yes. Vows. Uh.” The redhead scrunched up her face a bit, “I will get to the vows thing… eventually. But, as for the other stuff: mermaid style dress, a crown of firelilies instead of a veil, I might keep my hair down, and to be honest the black I usually wear might still work for makeup. The dress I’d been eyeing is also black and with it being Halloween, well, you know. And it’s going to be in Rynvale. There’s an area in the cove where the volcanic activity is visible. And then the reception is likely at that beach house near there. It’s all so simple, so the people we’re renting it from doesn’t mind last minute decisions so long as they get paid.” A smile was mustered for Lanara’s declaration of a great wedding celebration and Khitti tried to be optimistic about it. There was this nagging feeling though, in the back of her head, that something would go astray. It wasn’t something she’d mention though. Lanara needed as much happy thoughts right now as she could possibly get and it was likely just random worry on Khitti’s part anyway--even if her bad feelings had come true in the past. “I really am happy you accepted. There’s really no one else I’d trust with this. Well, Meri obviously, but this isn’t really her thing with the gods and whatnot. She said at one point Cal and her were probably just going to elope.” She shrugged, hastily pulling her bandages back on, and then the gloves. “I should let you get some rest. You need it after all you’ve been through. I need to make a stop in Vailkrin anyway. Somehow I manage to find that forest there peaceful to walk through. Probably helps that I know it like the back of my hand. Might help clear my head a bit.”

Lanara is excitedly clapping her hands, practically bouncing on her toes, as Khitti mentions her dress, veil, and the location. She may have been the epic event planner, but the redhead had described the perfect touches for an elegant wedding, and Lana approved with every detail...“Ooh firelilies in your hair?!” Now, both women are gushing, and the aura of the room is perking up a bit! “I can’t wait! I will begin writing up a script that I think is suitable for a handfasting, and everything will be fantastic!” She walks Khitti to the door, being careful not to step on the kitten or puppy which are both sleeping soundly, “I do need some rest, and so do you! Enjoy your walk, and if you happen to see my blood thirsty ex lurking in the forest? Put a stake through his heart.” She winks, though she’s only half joking, because Eli did leave her at the altar! “And… Seriously, Khitti. Be careful with that magic, just make sure you’re in a safe place when you practice, and learn all you can before casting anything. And… Come by anytime you want, you don’t even need to write me a note… But I’ll gladly take more goodies!” She chuckles and pulls her friend in for another tight hug, before sending her home for the night, in higher spirits than before she had arrived.