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RP:The Long Night In Xalious

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Kelay Tavern

Chakor’s head rests on the bar after another shot of whiskey. “What the hell were you thinking, confessing your love like that? You stupid oaf.” he mumbles to pint of ale. Though the alcohol dulled the pain, it didn’t erode it completely. The elf reaches over and grabs a shot of vodka, downing it in a flash. The sound of the tavern door bursting open startles him. Turning around to see what all the ruckus was about, he sees the ever familiar fire wyvern Buddy. Staggering from his barstool, he makes his way over. “What do you want runt?” he drunkenly slurs “Did your mistress send you?” The gladiator falls over infront of the small wyvern. Buddy coos lightly as he reaches down with his gaping maw and picks up Chakor by the back of his vest, carrying him off to destinations unknown.

Xalious Village

Buddy swoops into view with a large lump hanging from his mouth. The small wyvern lands softly as it drops its load from its mouth. Slumped on the ground is the drunken heap that is Chakor, the elven gladiator that the young fireball has been sent to retrieve.|| Chakor grumbles as he hits the dirt. Barely coherent, his hands dive into his satchel searching for another bottle of booze. He feels the hard glass off his whiskey bottle and quickly produces it. Taking a swig from it he looks up to see the beautiful avian Misaki. “Oh bloody hell. Why did this runt have to bring me to you?” He drunkenly bellows before taking another drink. “Haven’t you done enough today?”

Alphonz staggered in to view with a whiskey bottle in one hand and vodka in the other. His drunken voice slurring the words to a song he was making up on the spot." ohhhh take a drink take a drrunk." with that he started to giggle to himself. The blood and damages from earlier still littered his body and he looked much paler then before. When his drunken sight fell upon the group he gave another small giggle. With a snap of his fingers he vanished. But sadly the bottles did not.Sneaking was much harder while intoxocated the kitsune noted as he stumbled up tp the dragon that had retrieved the lycan. With all the grace he could muster Al lept onto the back of the dragon. His invisibility failing." fly my pretty fly." With that he broke down laughing slowly sliding from the dragons back to land in a heap beside Chakor.Seeing the bottle the Kitsune drunkenly shouted"Drinking buddy!"

Mythayus 's mouth gape with shock and confusion. "Glad to see a few bottles can get you to replace me. And that one must be 'Chakor'?" He motioned towards the pointed eared heap. He sighed, " Well this is going to be a fun and interesting night." A mischievous smirk crossed his face, a small amount of laughter escaped his lips.

Misaki , personally, was pissed off, mostly about what Chakor said. She walked over to the head and stomped her heel right into his temple, smacking the side of his head right back into the ground. "YOU can shut up," she said, her body glowing in her rage, "Here I am, worrying about you and pulling my hair out and you have the GALL to bitch me out for something I had no control over?! and YOU!!" She removed her foot from Chakor's head to glare at Buddy, who was staring at the fox at his feet. "YOU knew I didn't want to see him. So why the hell did you bring him here?! And YOU--" Now she turned on Alphonz, stomping hard on his stomach, "YOU need to learn to sit still and let others treat you when you're injured!" Pissed off as she was, you could tell she would still forgive all of them. Because she's too kindhearted to hold a grudge.

Alphonz stood slowly. " I could see up your skirt... and if not a skirt then I neec to drink more..." The drinken kitsune turned to myth." Ohh myth no one can ever replace you. After all your the first dragon i jumped on and rode." The kitsune broke down giggling again. Randomly a winged snale appeared holding a letter. The kitsune read it quickly and tirned serious."of all the times... " He gave them all bow then handed the whiskey to chakor. He started to mutter under his breath and with a quick crack of lightning the kitsune teleported himself to only god knows where.

Chakor winces at the loud Kitsune’s remarks. “Calm down. I am NOT your drinking buddy!” He angrily slurs. As he goes to take another drink he feels a sharp pain permeate his temple. Letting out a loud howl of pain he sits up sharply. “Thanks for that you moaning hag. As if my head wasn’t going to hurt enough tomorrow.” He rubs his head for a moment before turning his attention back to Misaki “And you bloody well could have told me sooner. As much as I came on to you, you could have had the common courtesy of telling someone that they are pursuing a dead end.” Looking around to the new person before him, he sharply bellows “Is you? Are you the one she’s so blasted in love with?” The elf’s anger growing more and more by the second. He shakes his head viciously and lets out a bestial growl. The gladiator knew this growl all too well. The beast blood in his veins was boiling, a change was surely on it’s way.

Mythayus remains quiet. He figured this was most likely the best course. He gently placed a hand on the avian should and offered her a smile.

Misaki folded her hands together in front of her., her eyes turning to the elf. "...because it was recent," she said, "and to answer your question, Mythayus is him." She narrowed her eyes at the el. HEr entire body started to glow with an otherworldly light. She was seriously pissed now. Her hands were twitching, as if eagerly awaiting to wrap them around someone's throat. This was who she was when she was for sure pissed off. All she needed was a pair of horns and a tail.

Chakor lets out a guttural, blood-curdling scream as Misaki told him the news. The beast inside him was forcing its way out. The elf’s head snapped from side to side violently. His body started producing a thick dark fur as his nose and mouth shifted into a snarling snout. The gladiator normally fought his transformations but for the first time he reveled in this one, letting it have free reign. Howling and snapping the transformation continued. In the fleeting moments before the change was complete, Chakor looked over at Misaki and utter a short, scathing sentence. “You could have stopped this.” With that, the joyous elf was gone. In his place was a massive lycan. A very large, snarling, angry lycan. His eyes locked on the human next to this bird.

Mythayus remains quiet. He moves in front of Misaki. "There is a time and place for everything. Now is not the time to be picking meaningless fights. When there is a war and people who need help!" He moved his left hand to the hilt of the word on his right hip. He did not draw but was merely preparing himself.

Misaki had never seen Chakor in his lycan form. All the anger inside her vanished, replaced by fear. "...Ch-chakor?" she was frightened. Buddy growled, hunching down, ready to pounce on the lycan. "Buddy, no--!" Misaki took a step towards the dragon to stop him, but Buddy had already launched forward, teeth bared and claws at the ready. He reached out with his massive jaws, hoping to snatch up Chakor and bite into his flesh. Buddy didn't have the intent to kill - he only wanted to immobilize Chakor so he couldn't hurt anyone.

Chakor catches the small wyvern jaws at the attempt to clamp down. The immense heat coming off of the fiery creature did not phase the lycan. With great force he pulls Buddy’s mouth wider than it should ever go. A sickening snap permeates the air as Chakor rips the wyvern’s skull in half. With a dying whimper, the fiery young is tossed to the ground dead. The lycans head snaps to the knight as his eyes widen with rage; His mouth salivating at the thought of another meal so soon after the full moon. Squatting back on his hind legs, he explodes towards the human, teeth bare and clawed hands extended.

Mythayus 's widen at the sight of buddy. His eyes sharpen, focusing sololy on the mutt before him. He quickly draws his bastard sword. Using the flat edge of his blade to deflect the clawed hands. He attempts to rotate his wrist to knock the bared teeth with hilt of the sword.

Misaki backs away from the fight, her eyes wide. Her entire body was shaking. Fear. Panic. Anger. Sadness. Loss. They were all rushing through her veins with adrenaline, making her cry out one long, painful scream as she fell onto her side, tears falling out of her eyes as she fainted. Hey entire body was back to its glowing state... what was going on?

Chakor's teeth clamp down on the swords hilt. He shakes his head trying to remove the sword from it's wielder but to no avail. An unearthly snarl utters forth from the beast as he detaches his bite. Carefully he walks to one side as if stalking prey. His eyes flash to the now tearful avian and a sickening grin stretches across the face of the lycan. Weak, unprepared prey are the easiest. Seeing that the knight was ready for him, the werewolf streaks past him towards the defensless avain. He howls as he gathers speed; launching him self at Misaki.

Mythayus held strong to his sword. He watched the lycan. His focus was broken as Misaki screamed. "MISAKI!" He knew that he couldnt move fast enough, to get in the way, he knew of one thing that was fast enough, lightning. He sent the current through body. He used his sword as a conductor and took aim at the wolf. Sending a bolt of lightning towards the lycan.

Misaki 's body kept glowing, and she remained motionless, even as Chakor dashed for her. For a few moments, it looked like Chakor was going to get to Misaki. But then... light shot from Misaki's body towards the lycan, taking the form of a large, pure white arrow. Misaki sat up, her eyes still closed... was she sleeping? But she charged after the arrow towards Chakor, her fingers curled into claws. Was she seriously going to brawl a lycan? Good thing avians were immune to lycan disease...

Chakor's body fell to the ground paralyised and stunned from the combinations of attacks. His head snapped from side to side as he got up. Looking up he saw the avian bearing down on him. The lycan jummped out of the way of the attack and retaliated by bringing his claws down with great force towards Misaki's wings.

Mythayus began to charge the lycan. He let out an inhuman roar. He gritted, his now pointed teeth. "Lowly, Dog! Come fight a real opponent, You filty dog!" He growled as he continued his charge.

Misaki twists her body in midair so the lycan missed her wings, but scratched her ribs, tearing through her corset and her skin, making blood flow. The unconcsious Misaki grabbed the lycan's paw, flipping him over her body to throw him towards the tree, more speciffically, the branch she had broken the day before, which out hurt a whole bunch if it went through. With that, Misaki's glowing energy was spent. So she collapsed again.

Chakor manages to evade the charging knight but only because the avian had altered the lycans path. As he hurtles toward the he flails wildly. A moment later he is impaled through the stomach by the large branch. Letting out a tormented howl, the lycan musters his strength and pushes himself off of the branch. As he falls to the ground everything goes back. With a thunderous crack he lands on his side. Before your eyes, the lycan changes back into the elf. Chakor now lays on the ground, bleeding and dying.

Mythayus walks over to the dying man. He bring his sword to his throat. He looks down coldly, silent tearing running from the frozen gaze. A voice in his head stopped him, 'Your better than this. He's unarmed and prone, Remember your code, the oath.' He closed his eyes as more tears fell. audible sobs finally broke the silence. Hie shook his head violently and tossed his sword off to the side. He fumbled through his bag looking for some bandages. He held his hands over each wound using electricity to colterizing the wounds. Then bandaging him up. He then does the same to Misaki Being alot more gentle with her. He held her in him arms, Crying, "I'm sorry, i'm sorry,... I'm so sorry."

Misaki 's eyes flutter open at the sound of crying. Her hand reached up and curled around Myth's arm. "W... what... happened...?" she muttered, straining against her own weak body to stand. "Chakor... and..." She turned and saw Buddy's corpse. Tears sprung up in her eyes again, falling without her permission. "I... I told him not to..." she said, sobbing, "Why didn't he listen...?"

Chakor's body twitches slightly to the humans electric proding but he remains unconscious. The adreneline from the change had caused his blood to flow like a river from his body. Such massive blood loss has left the normally dark skinned elf as pale as Frostmaw snow. As he lay there, clinging to life, the elf let out a low, almost lifeless breath.

Mythayus holds Misaki tighter. The tears and sobbing stop, only the unsettled breathing remained. He tried to speak but every time he tried all that would come out was "I'm Sorry"

Misaki closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. "...I should've just..." she said, "I should've just accepted Chakor... None of this would've happened..." She forced herself to her feet, walking over to Buddy's corpse and falling next to it. "...dammit," she said, "this... was all my fault..." tears were pooling out of her eyes again. "You stupid... idiot..." she sobbed.

Chakor was slowly regaining consciousness and with each moment of awakening awareness, the elf is overtaken by more and more pain. Reaching down to his abdomen, he places a hand where his stomach should be but only find a gaping hole, partially bandaged and cauterized. Not know what happened, he lets out an other-worldly howl of pain.

Mythayus walked over to Misaki, and placed a hand on her shoulder. A cold gaze fell to the man as he screamed in pain. Myth had done all he was going to do for that 'murderer'.

Misaki winced at the sound of Chakor screaming. She took a deep breath, using what little strength she possessed left to stand. She stumbled over to Chakor and knelt. "...I'm sorry, Chakor," she said, "this was... all my fault." Her entire body started to glow, like before, as she tapped into her healing power. Wounds were healing themselves left and right on Chakor's body... though the one on his stomach was taking time. Too slow of time. Misaki didn't have the strength to heall it fully... so she was doing what she could.

Chakor looked up at the angel kneeling next to him. Her pearly white skin glowing with a majestic healing light. Had he died? Was this this what the afterlife was like? Weak and in pain he reached up and touched the angels face. "Did I die a beautiful death? Or did I fade into a relic of times past?" he asked of the stunning creature looking down on him. "Is this truly the way to the fields of eternal battle?" The elf's body went limp again as he blacked out.

Mythayus knelt down next to the the corpse of the young dragon. He could careless of that man, but this whelp had just started life and now it was gone. He whispered "I never got to play tag with you. It would have been a great game. " Haunting memories clouded the man mind. He stood straightening up his pose. He let only one more single tear fall. He walked over to Misaki. He looked to her and offered a comforting smile.

Misaki slumped as the last ounce of strength she has left her. The wound in Chakor was no longer life-threatening... but whether Chakor would ever wake up was up to him. Misaki looked up at Myth and tried to smile... but all that happened was she burst into more tears. "I'm... she started, trying to get to her feet, "I need... to get to the tavern..." she had a room there all rented out. But she couldn't even get up. She fell onto her side, dizzy and exhausted. And that was how she fell asleep.

Chakor lay motionless as his wounds healed. He was unaware of his surroundings, felt as though he was a soul, no longer in touch with the mortal plane. Had he passed on? Where had the angel come from? Many other thoughts raced through his unconcious head. There he lay on the ground in the Xalious village, only time would tell if he would ever awaken.