RP:The Kidnapping of Joliette Thorne - Part II

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This is part of the Kidnapping of Joliette Thorne story arc.

Cornelius' early success in the execution of his plan to kidnap Jolie of The Eldritch Cabal is threatened by several people who sought to see him fail, for various noble reasons.

Fortunately, likewise for various noble reasons, Cornelius has allies in his cause.

Thus, Cornelius brings the party to Ranok's house, and things get wild.

Regrettably, there was no beer, rum, or brandy - however, in Jolie's case, there were some fine drugs.

Cornelius invites some friends over to Ranok's House

From outside is a knocking and a familiar voice: "Open up old chap. And put on a kettle. We have company."

Gwenilyn said, "Cornelius said he had to save a puppy. *glances to Nia before continuing* He drugged Jolie and had her across his shoulder. She was unconscious."

Tysinni blinks at Gwen, surprised at how fast Cornelius had acted. She thought she knew who Jolie was but she couldn't recall a face. A curious pain around her belly assailed her as she fully realized the act of sacrificing someone else to save her friend. Looking down at Nia, she resolved herself to go through with it. She would do whatever it took. Her attention is given to the door as someone knocks. Ty puts a hand at her waist, hovering over her knife. Never before had she felt so close to violence.

Gwenilyn quickly rises to her feet to stand between Nia and whoever is at the door. her hand strays to the whip at her belt and stays there as the fae's eyes turn to icy slits. She, too, is unaccustomed to violence, but will do what must be done.

Niawtu looks up in confusion at this. And then simply steps back .

Gwenilyn still stands guard, using her slight frame to guard Niawtu.

Cornelius has just opened the front door to Ranok's home, Jolie still over his shoulder, with a broken-faced and bleeding Lared and an apparently irate Tiphareth behind him. The dandy is saying ""I have a lovely blend of Gualon Grey, and Rynvallian Imperial Caviar if such is to your tastes?"

Lared wipes blood from his nose with his shirt sleeve, his hands covered in mud from pulling himself to his feet, he follows the others into the house. Tiphareth's words about the mage's guild put his mind at ease, he had feared the drow might want Jolie for some even more nefarious purpose of his own. He looks toward his unlikely ally, the ancient drow, seeking guidance on how best he can help matters.

Jolie dangles still, limp as a dandy's wrist and blissfully dreaming about oddly scented ponies and teapots, for some reason.

Mark :: "mmph," the darkly garbed female exerts a small grunt as she lifts herself from her embarrassing feat. Coming from behind her, a pair of similarly garbed figures appears. They walk in unison and while their hoods only covered the top portion of their faces, the two are undecipherable from each other. Immaculate, porcelain-like, skin, lips poised emotionlessly, even their expressions were the same. From underneath their hoods, it was quite possible for the stranger carrying Jolie to notice a piercing, empty, stare coming from identical crimson hues. Looking behind her the female who seemed most normal of the group shakily approach the man carrying Jolie. The anxiety in her motions become ever more present when the sight of another stranger, seemingly on the verge of engaging the one carrying Jolie, comes into sight. "S-sir… I must consent with the words of the other… P-please… leave the lady be…" Even her words drip with fear… Behind her, the twins follow in silence, their expressions are void of all emotion…

Ranok mutters, "Dat vould be Kornelius." He jumps into action...by going to his study. A hurried amount of clicks and the crash of something hitting the floor can be heard, "Vere iz...dere it iz! Kome here, sveethert, ve hef vork to do." He emerges with Mirabelle...only it wasn't quite. She had a cylinder around the trigger. And a lever close by. Mirabelle got an upgrade, it seemed. The man cracks it open, and selects a shell out of the bandoleer that now is around his chest. Coupled with the longcoat, and the hat he was wearing, he'd look quite the cowboy. If they existed, that was. He strides to the middle of the room and stomps his foot, hard. A click is heard and the couch overturns completely, providing handy cover. And a dip into the floor behind it, where a man could crotch. Anyone sitting on said couch would go flying. Ticking is heard as bars slowly slide onto the windows, closing them to casual entry. Something he'd put in after Ty came through once too many. He shoulders the contraption in his hands, leveling at the door, standing in that little nook behind the fortified couch. He looked ready to rumble, and was obviously expecting to. His cold blooded one liner was all prepped and ready to go, too, "How nize uf hyu. Hy hope hyu like de flavor uf...vait, vat?" He sees Corny casual, not scrambling. He was about to pull the trigger on Mirabelle, the strange contraption in his hands, to send crystallized magic forth, but he stops. It utterly ruined the cold blooded one liner, too, "Kornelius. How nize uf hyu to drop by. Kare to explain vat de fook iz goink on?"

Niawtu simply hides behind Gwenilyn, more so in fear, when this group enters.

Jolie murmured, "Niiice Bu'cup. Nomnomnom." Apparently feeding her dream-pony some oats.

Right now, the room is fairly a mess. Maps lie on the table on the attached kitchen, the process of packing was in mid motion before the interruption, and the general mess of any house lived in. Right now, the couch was flipped over thanks to a bit of clockwork, and an exposed compartment that was underneath is revealed, in which Ranok stands. Gwen, Ty, and Nia are presumably off to the side, and everyone has weapons readied or on the verge of doing so. Most of the doors to the house are open, as well, but the windows have sturdy oak bars over them that were activated by the same axle and clockwear winding. Ranok had been living in the house for a fair amount of time, but these additions were relatively new.

Cornelius grins at Ranok "Ranok old bean. I thought I'd invite some friends over. And, some very beautiful strangers." The dandy winks at the three women, but does not oblige them, instead saying "Fear not, lovelies. Lared has a plan to save Niawtu, so Jolie will be fine. Besides, the plan is to ask Vuryal to marry Jolie."

Tysinni steps back and away, making room for all the new arrivals. Her eyes widen at the sight of Cornelius carrying an unconscious woman into the house. "You work fast, Cornelius." An eyebrow is raised at the vaguely familiar people who fall in behind him and her hand tightens around the hilt of her dagger. The tight knot in her stomach becomes much worse at the pleading from the other strangers. Now was not the time to show weakness. That's about the time she's distracted by Ranok's strange antics. She watches him run around with an arrested expression, not quite sure what he was up to. However, when the couch is flipped over, she can't help but blink and just sort of stand there. What an odd person her friend was.

Cornelius mutters "Maybe if the bitch is married, she'll stop making my life miserable"

Jolie said, "Geegee!"

Jolie is clearly is in a drugged stupor, and hopefully shall not recall any of this.

Cornelius sighs "Geegee she says. Do you see what I mean?!" Cornelius appeals to Tiphareth "Would you put in a good word to Vuryal? Let him know she's excellent wife material? I need her out of my hair! The woman is driving me up the gods-damned wall!"

Jolie gets a little blood on Ranok's floor, there, from the sundry slashes made by Cornelius' poisoned blade.

Gwenilyn is about to respond to Cornelius but Rank's... inventiveness.... catches er eyes and she simply stands there, somewhat dumbfounded as the couch goes flying, etc. Gwen's eyes sweep the newcomers, resting first on Lared, then Tiphareth and so on. Her usually mobile features have gone still as stone, but for the eyes, which sparkle with some underlying emotion.

Tiphareth follows quickly behind Cornelius as he bursts into the home, casting a quick glare toward Lared, iniquitous claret eyes gleaming from behind the spider-silk veil as his demeanor suggests a 'stay out of my way' course of action, head suddenly snapping toward Cornelius, "Not me you daft human, it is the Lady Tenebrae whom you have attacked." The Drow patron seems to ignore the pleasantries of Cornelius and without a further word, the Drow levitates upward slightly from the wooden floor and extends his arm outward. The entire venue becomes covered in an arcane darkness, black as pitch. Words of Drow origin begin spilling forth from the Drow as he calls forth from the depths of his mystic abilities, deft gesticulation of his hands weave forth a channeled force into the body of the necromancer, the woman's form taking on a levitational magic of considerable power as it lofts her toward the ceiling, likely taking along any who might attempt to hang on for the ride

Jolie mutters, indistinctly, "Whee!"

Lared has no specific plan to save Niawatu. He glares at the dandy, who just broke his nose and then smashed him in the face a second time for good measure. "I might have been able to come up with a good plan by now, if you didn't keep hitting me because I won't just let you hand a lady over to Vuryal's cruel mercies." The unarmed priest's voice has a nasal quality, due to his broken nose. Half way through his speech, to his dismay, everything goes dark.

Niawtu shakes with fear at this grouping and at Tiphareth's magic. She was rather afraid of ... well... Generally everyone after what had occured in the area in front of Kelay Tavern.

The moment there is darkness, Cornelius reacts, diving back out of the room, hurtling much higher than expected as the edges of the spell swing his momentum upwards. Landing heavily outside, with Jolie on top of him, the temporarily squished dandy shouts "Dammit, Tiph, are you trying to say Jolie isn't suitable for marriage! I am going to tell her you said that!"

Gwenilyn ::Sudden darkness, coupled with the arcane magic sends shivers up and own the healer's spine, but she will not sesert her sister under any circumstances. But she does gently persuade Nia to move toward a corner farthest from the goings-on.

Tysinni takes a step forward to peer more closely at Jolie. The woman looked quite pitiful all dangly and bleeding. She gives Cornelius a sideways look somewhat taken aback by his idea. "You can't hold anything she says right now against her. She's not really in control of her own faculties." Her bemusement is cut off abruptly as the Drow seems to plunge the entire world into a deep blackness. She can't help the small squeak that escapes, her hands going out before her to try and touch something solid. "Bedamned devil of a drow!"

Niawtu stays put. She has no clue -where- a corner was in this darkness. "Gwenilyn?" she asks quickly and with a slight scaredness to her voice.

Ranok works his jaw. He was just trying to piece together what in the hell just happened. An entourage marched right into his living room. The unflappable Ranok, finally flapped. In retrospect, it ought not be surprising that Cornelius was the one that finally did the deed. And what an odd sight. Finally, he just says, "Kome in. Und klose de door. De inskects at dis time uf night are horrible." And then the darkness descends. Oh, good. He was beginning to worry that things were getting just a little too simple. A hand flicks down the visor of the helmet he picked up in his scurrying, and then a shout, "Pull!". A crumpled *whoomp* later and suddenly...a spray of very, very fine flour coats everyone in the door. Ranok mutters a great many curses, "Vait, no, fook. Dat vasn' de right shell. Gott dammit. Vere deed it...?" The sound of rustling. Those that got hit with the flour might, at the least, be picking it out of their nostrils and eyes. The man himself takes a few seconds to try to locate the proper one he had in mind. The contraption in his hands only had one load in it, that being about as much time as he could afford to give, so there wasn't any follow up. Seems that his rush made him select the incorrect one. A muttered, "Got it." And the sounds of a click and chack. Then, the contraption is fired again, with more spectacular and expected results. Namely, the explosion of light, sound, and a flurry of shards that would pepper anyone still standing in the doorway when he fired a second time.

Tysinni had been about to start another round of cursing when Ranok had the bright idea to use his weapon. In a completely dark room. Since she had backed away from the door, she wasn't directly in the line of fire, but she still had the shock of being pelted with a find powdery dust...that tasted like flour. Because of the aforementioned cursing, Ty's mouth was open during the blast, which left her choking and spitting for a moment. She's barely recovered when the second ammo is used, the blinding light nearly knocking her to her knees. The thief staggers to the side, bumping into someone as she tries to see anything through the blinding light. "Argh! My eyes! Fires of Abbadon, Dezro!" She launches into another fit of cursing, making sure to include nearly everyone in the room.

Gwenilyn whispered something to Niawtu.

Niawtu whispered something to Gwenilyn.

Niawtu begins to move in the direction that Gwenliyn had just whispered to her, hoping that the drow would ignore the fact that the condemned child was here. She then reaches the corner and keeps her hands against the wall.

Gwenilyn wonders just what the hell Ranok is doing spraying everyone with flour. Then the fae hears the muttered curses, and when the second explosion occurs, she screams, then covers her eyes, pressing herself slightly against the child, hoping Nia is alright. Thankfully, she and Nia are somewhat behind Ranok when he cuts loose and so have avoided all but the tiniest of flour dust falling on them.

Lared has his bleeding nose caked with flour, then his head aches as he is half blinded by the sudden flash, all in all this is not a great day for Lared.

Mark :: At the moment an armed group is spotted, possibly threatening the life of the seemingly cowardly female, the twins step before her. The sound of blades being drawn from their sheathes is thundering as a total of four-machete like blades are drawn in complete unison. The twins hold their blades at their sides, blades running along their legs, pointing towards the ground. The leader of the group steps back, petrified in fear at the sight of so many armed men and the possibility of bloodshed. When darkness suddenly engulfs the area, the twins seems to take no notice, their gaze remains straight ahead, looking at nothing in particular. Curiously, the leader, once petrified in fear, seems to ease up a bit in the darkness... When the flurry of flour comes, the twins immediately move to cover their leader, holding that position as the one responsible for the attack reloads his weapon. Again the twins cover the leader from the attack. Shards embed themselves into the females' backs, blood begins to drip from their wounds, but no cries of pain or anguish escape their lips, rather they dutifully turn to face their adversaries, but seem idle... at least for the moment...

Niawtu yips, rather loudly at the explosion... Definitly not good for sensitive ears. Why couldn't they ever get her somewhere safe without such random occurences all the time? She still hides behind Gwenilyn now, though they were closer to the wall now.

Ranok's Lawn. 'Keep Out' sign pending

Tiphareth hears the sudden thud from outside the doorway, and noting no such noise from the ceiling overhead. A quick flick of the wrist sends the globe of atrous magic suddenly disappearing from view, leaving the natural light restored the room as he peers around for the offending Dandy. Noting the man lying in a heap just outside of the homes portal he paces toward Cornelius until merely a few steps away, two quick manipulations of his long ebon digits send the newly crafted staff suddenly appearing within his grasp. The gnarled end point downward at Cornelius form as he hisses a response through his teeth. "If Tenebrae wishes to seek marriage from Vuryal, that is NOT your decision, and there'll certainly be no trading my finest Necromancer to save some little brat."

Niawtu pops her head out from behind Gwen when the words 'some little brat' hits her ears. It is evident that she is going to attempt to talk back at Tiphareth when one would notice a growl and the anger in her silver eyes.

Gwenilyn visibly shivers at Tiph's words and actions, thankful to be somewhat out of the way of the Drow's notice.

Gwenilyn turns around and hisses something in the child's ear.

Gwenilyn whispered something to Niawtu.

Jolie is, much like her shopping bags of yore, quite akimbo, still bleeding somewhat and now rather dusty.

Cornelius sighs as he settles Jolie on his lap, and a silvered dagger appears in his hand, placed against Jolie's neck "Tiphareth. As much as I admire the drow, and fear you at a visceral level, you are barking up the wrong damn tree." The dandy does a terrible parody of ventriloquism, moving her jaw slightly "I, Jolie, think that this is a wonderful plan, and that Corny is utterly trustworthy. Also, he is my childhood companion and I would be most put out if you kill him" Cornelius then adds in his typical drawl "See, Eldermage? She'd be most put out. -Most- put out."

Lared wipes a bloody floury odd kind of dough from his face, and blinks as his eyesight begins to return to normal.

Niawtu clamps her mouth shut quickly at Gwenilyn's words, before she can even get a word out, but crosses her arms stubbornly.

Tysinni had been about to start another round of cursing when Ranok had the bright idea to use his weapon. In a completely dark room. Since she had backed away from the door, she wasn't directly in the line of fire, but she still had the shock of being pelted with a find powdery dust...that tasted like flour. Because of the aforementioned cursing, Ty's mouth was open during the blast, which left her choking and spitting for a moment. She's barely recovered when the second ammo is used, the blinding light nearly knocking her to her knees. The thief staggers to the side, bumping into someone as she tries to see anything through the blinding light. "Argh! My eyes! Fires of Abbadon, Dezro!" She launches into another fit of cursing, making sure to include nearly everyone in the room.

Jolie is a NOT a dummy. :|

Tiphareth's muscles begin tensing visibly, the very floors beginning to shake as a silent building of power gathers within the Eldermage, seemingly focused directly into the tip of the Xalious-wood stave. The arborous implement proceeds glowing and pulsating with an eerie azure light as he responds. "Step away from her... when she is coherent, then SHE will decide what is best. For now it's best for -you- that the knife is withdrawn from her neck and you make a rather expedient departure from this scene, lest you wish to die well before your meeting with Patron Kuzial."

Lared -- All the violence, threats of further violence, fears of the intentions of the tyrant Vuryal, and having his face repeatedly smashed in then used to mix dough on, finally become too much for the unfortunate priest. Probably mostly as a result of delayed shock from his injuries, he faints, and keels over onto the floor with a thud.

Tysinni is still trying to blink the fuzziness out of her eyes when she notices that the light has been brought back to the room. Also, the altercation seemed to have moved outside. She looks around, a little bleary-eyed, assuring herself of Nia's safety before making her way to the door to gander at those in the yard. Seeing the spectacle taking place, she starts muttering again. "Damn, Corny...can't just kidnap someone nobody likes to hand over to the monster, have to kidnap the woman everyone wants..."

Ranok is the only one in the room who hasn't reacted to the bright light that the shell provided. Now that the sphere of darkness has been lifted, he doesn't see the need for another white marked shell. Hands stray to a red marked one, but immediately recoil. No, no. That one was...not very good. Especially considering how it reacted with the dust. What looked like flour wasn't really. It was a type of alchemial solution, that precipitated out. Very, very flammable. As covered as most things were, the backlash of a flame spell would see unpleasant results to all involved. Save him. He wasn't covered in the stuff, being the one who fired it. The man was operating on instinct at the moment, something he absolutely hated to do. a pop and Mirabelle opens again and dust is poured out of the two large cylinders from the previous firings. He looked grim as he did. Only he knew what that dust really did. Not only was it flammable, it mucked up the workings of his weapon. Subsequent firing would increase the chance of a misfire, which would not be very pretty. He hadn't worked that bug out quite yet. But in three shells go, to occupy each cylinder, while Cornelius jaws at Tiph. One white, another of the type he fired just before, one green, and one that was clear. The clear one went in first. While he hadn't found a way to stop the clogging, he did figure out a fairly decent way at mitigating it. Once placed, the contraption was closed, and the lever executed via an overly fancy flick of his hand, spinning the whole thing around. It was flashy, and entirely unsubtle. "Right. Now, Hy hef no idea vat de fook iz goink on, but kan ve take dis avay from my house? Hm?" He sounds entirely reasonable, and has regained his calm demeanor. Regardless of the impending hell about to break loose.

Niawtu looks between everyone. Never before has the child had such an extreme day. First being condemned to death if no one is there in her place, by a monster of whom she'd never witnessed before. And now this... The Eldermage in Ranok and Brina's home. Sighing she mumbles a certain D word that children shouldn't generally know.

Tysinni prods Lared's body with her foot.

Ranok still stands in the same place, though the door is open and it'd be fairly easy for him to hear/see much of what was going on.

Tysinni eyes the others in the room rather shiftily. The man -was- just lying on the floor. It would be a shame for someone not to 'check' on him. She swiftly kneels next to his body, actually feeling for a pulse first, before starting to pat down his body. Really, the temptation was just too much for her.

Niawtu looks at Tysinni and releases a growl that is obviously saying "cut that out, or I'll get Eek!"

Gwenilyn continues to be a silent observer of what transpires. She takes note of Ty becoming somewhat familiar with a priest, Lared. Gwen gives thought to saying something appropriate, but decides, what the hell.and returns her gaze to the goings-on in the yard. To Nia, she gives a sharp tap on the arm, having heard that word children aren't supposed to know.....

Cornelius drawls to Tiphareth "Trouble is, dear Eldermage, drow have a reputation for killing those who agree to such terms. Admittedly, death is not something I fear. But I have things to do, and a scoreboard to even up. It's simple." The dandy shrugs, still alert and ready "You see, Tiphareth, at the Masquerade to re=open the Hanging Corpse Jolie slipped me a love potion which had me lusting after Hanan like an oaf. Jolie and I have an agreement which has lasted over three centuries: if one gets ahead, the other has to even the scoreboard, no matter what outsiders want." Cornelius looks up at the drow ancient, whose very presence promises death, and smiles. A mad, cheshire thing which holds no fear of consequences. "So tell me. Can we postpone this conversation, Eldermage? We are both busy men, with much to do."

Niawtu looks up at Gwen and whispers, though not entirely quietly "What? I hear word from Father, -and- Leoxander... What wrong with it?" Now wasn't exactly a good time for any of these questions to be answered, but soon the child takes the odd pocket watch that Ranok gave her and looks upon it. She then looks out the window, her eyes wide. Time was running out. Quickly she calls to Ranok "Father! This wasting time!" she was sure that he already knew such a thing, but just thought that incase he didn't realise it she should say so.

Tysinni is apparently stripping the poor man.

Tysinni stuffs all of her illgotten loot into the her duster and then pretends like nothing happened.

Niawtu growls, again, she is finding the presence of the unneeded on her -possible- last night of life. But it wasn't good for a child to think such dark thoughts. Instead she turns her stubborn eyes towards the Eldermage and basically stares him down, angered at his threatening of Cornelius and his calling her a brat... Ok, she -was- a brat... But he had no right to call the little frost lycan such a thing!

Tiphareth is rapidly approached from the west by two Drow assassins, the men looking rather out of breath as they seem to stop suddenly upon reaching the obviously tense situation. Tiphareth still holding the ensorcelled stave in Cornelius direction as he flicks a mere momentary glance at the oncoming Drow. One of the men steps forward, looking scared to even speak as the situation appears rather dire at the moment, though he braves the circumstances and puts forth his words toward the Eldermage, "Patron.. sir... please forgive me. You ordered to be informed immediately if Rikailin was spotted within the forest. She has been seen M'Lord, near a southern enclave... Time is short Patron, she's on the move." Scowling visibly at the split attention required of him, the Drow simply stands at ease. The power gathered within the Xalious-wood appears to dissipate rapidly into the earth through Tiphareth's feet as he sneers toward Cornelius. "You are a marked man... Marked." With the final words Tiphareth makes a quick departure and follows quickly after the men who lead him westward.

Ranok shuffles out slowly from his compartment, creeping to the doorway. He was staying out of sight, for now. Tiph was glanced at around the door, floating in the air. Oh, good. If there was going to be magic flying, the place he called home would only be ruined. An internal sigh. Hands cradle the contraption named Mirabelle in his hands.

Mark :: With the situation escalating, the squeamish female seems to be in a daze at the sight of blood from her protectors' backs. A gloved hand reaches up to brush off a bit of powder that'd gotten on her shoulder. But as she lifted her hand away from her shoulder, she had a sudden urge to bring it to her nose and sniff. Bright emerald hues widen as the smell of the flammable powder seems to bring her out of her daze, "Please! There's no reason for bloodshed…" She seems to attempt to connect her pitiful gaze with the man with Jolie within his arms as she pleads, "Please… Just release her…"

Jolie groans in her drug-fugue, the effects of the toxin perhaps wearing off more rapidly in her lycanthropine system than they might in a human.

Niawtu sighs, her small body relaxing slightly when Tiphareth takes his leave. "Death... Why does He follow everywhere Lil Nia go..." she mumbles as she drops her gaze to the floor.

Tysinni tries to appear nonchalant, ignoring the unclad body at her feet for a moment. Her gaze goes back to the people involved in the altercation, trying to figure out who was winning. Well, the Drow took off, so probably Cornelius. Ty steps over Lared's body to get in a better watching position. There was Cornelius, still in possession of the unconscious woman's body, a woman pleading with him to let her go. She felt bad about it...slightly, but if it would protect Nia, she would do what was necessary.

Rilla || It had been a long day, but Rilla was really just getting started. Which was good, since Ganjimu had sent her here after using her as a bodyguard. She moved near silently through the familiar forests and paths, glancing down at the collection of people she finds. Though she'd never met any of them, it certainly didn't look very good. Crystalline eyes were two little lights between the branches of the tree she had settled into, snowy wings disappearing to where they came from. This had to be what he was talking about. Rather suddenly she dropped from the branches, her hand on her blade quite calmly, fiery mahogany locks impossible to miss. "What in the gods name is going on here?" Her tone was almost sarcastic, tilting her head to look at the woman being threatened and the strange woman begging that she be released. "Is one of you Ranok?" Rilla knew that what she was doing was unsafe, and that was alright. She would much rather be unsafe than live a boring life in trees all the time.

Cornelius watches the departing eldermage and murmurs to himself "Well, who would have thought I'd have a reason to thank an elf? Thank you Rikailin, for being more important a target than I." The dandy glares at the women whining at him "No. No. and No." He calls out to Ranok "Please encourage these lovely ladies to sod right off? I find my temper slowing fading, and I fear I might just snap, and do someone a mischief soon." Corny's dagger presses slightly against Jolie's flesh, opening up the slightest of cuts and introducing a little more sedative into the powerful Lycan's system. "If you get what I mean." The dandy sighs "Bloody hell's bells. You'd have thought people would be thrilled with the prospect of a marriage. Happy occasion, marriage. Cake. Flowers. Pretty dresses. I know!" He smiles at the women "You can be bridesmaids!"

Niawtu looks up at Rilla, a puff of frost practically exploding from her hair in hands, out of startledness, when she hears another stranger's voice. When she sees Rilla through the door she holds still and quits her growling. The child simply stares with icy silver eyes, trying to get any kind of read on the stranger.

Ranok rolls out from behind the door. Tiph left. The threat of impending meteors and hellfire of various sorts from raining down on their collective sorry asses withdrawn for the moment, the man strolls out. Mirabelle, the contraption of his make, is rested on his shoulder, "Dat vould be me. De party izn't done yet. Korny, vould you like to make 'friends' vith dose nize ladies? Or em Hy going to hef to kick dem off my property?" 'His' property. He was technically a squatter. But he doubted anyone cared. And possession was nine tenths of the law, especially here, after all.

Niawtu walks out from behind Gwen (ooc: Who's supposidly guarding her... *shrugh* anyways) and walks closer to the door to get a better view of the stranger, despite any complaints.

Rilla hated when her clanmates had accents. Especially strong ones. They were just so darn hard to understand. A heavy sigh showed her distain, before she glanced over at Cornelius and the strange women. "So, I was called down here why?" She asks, surprisingly unphased by the scene before her. Or perhaps just calculating. "By Korny, I'll assume you mean this man here." She gestured with one hand, eyes locking on him. "So, I don't get a welcome. I'm assuming you all know each other. I'm Rilla." It was hard to tell who the avian was talking to, but her eyes were fixed onto the blade being held to Jolie's neck with just a hint of fear - or something. "It'd be real nice, sir, if you'd just put down that blade and maybe we'll actually figure something out, yeah?" It was worth a shot, not she expected that it would work. This was going to be a long night.

Ranok gestures at the ladies assembled, "Kindly get de hell uff my lavn." He, in a completely unnecessary manner, takes Mirabelle and flicks it by its lever, rotating the cylinders. It produces a lovely mechanical noise. Why he did it, naught but he knows. It was mostly for effect then anything else. He gestures to the entry to the place, being the fence, "Party iz over. Und ve're keepink de blasted voman."

Tysinni is silently gloating over her loot whilst watching the scene play out. She looks down as Nia comes close to the door and she offers the little one a reassuring smile. (ooc: I'm super sleepy, so forgive me if my posts are really sub-par.)

Jolie let out another soft moan, her eyes cracking open, though they remained glassy and probably unseeing. "Bad pony.."

Mark :: At the words of the men before her, her eyes widen in fear for a few moments, but it fades and she seems to reach a resolve with herself. " I wish your warmth was still by my side, I regret being the brat who didn't suspect a thing about you leaving us. Now I swallow my tears and bite my lip, So I can now laugh and show you that I've gotten stronger when you return to all of us." she whispers the lyrics to herself as she steps out from behind the twins, an intense look in her eyes. A gloved hand is raised and a glowing seal soon appears, hovering above her fingertips. A small, still, flame appears above the seal as the female with newfound courage speaks, "I don't know who your friend is, but I'm quite sure he failed to tell you that the powder which covers this house and yourself and upon which you stand is highly volatile… All that's needed is a small flame to set it off… now…" She brings the hand, seal, and flame down to point towards Cornelius, "Relinquish the lady… or we ALL die…"

Niawtu looks up at Tysinni, offering her the half smile that she's been managing all day. She then turns her attention to the stranger and Ranok saying to Rilla "Forgive Father... He just a bit stressed at moment." as though she were talking like this was an every day occurence for everyone...

Cornelius manipulates Jolie's jaw again with his dreadful ventriloquist act "Yes, stop interfering with my wedding plans or I shall cause your flesh to fall from your bones with my vast, bitchy, necromantic powers. For I am jolly creepy and spooky. Boogity boogity boo!" Cornelius then gets his feet under him, and hoists Jolie over his shoulder again before saying "You heard the woman. Really, I don't need a bloody audience while I tend to her wounds. Either come inside and have a nice cup of tea, or jolly well sod off. The alternative to those two options is deucedly messy." These words, coming from a man who just stared down an eldermage - albeit surviving through sheer good fortune - would hopefully hold the weight of some gravitas. He nods to Ranok "My good man, you look positively heroic. Dashed fine work, wot." Corny would then nod to the women, and state "Well then, we all die, and her death shall be on your hands, not mine. So be it. I'm not fussed either way" He would arch an elegant brow at them, entirely unperturbed by the threat.

Niawtu eyes open wide as the woman speaks, she then looks at her hands, frost falling from them, and slips forward as sneakily as a child covered in all white can be. She hides behind Ranok and makes a decent amount of frost within her hands, not sure if it would work. But then a thought crosses her mind and she says, as she steps out from behind him and drops the snow. "Wait! If you kill Vuryal's sacrifice early, won't that make him mad?" she spoke with utter seriousness at this subject and without a twinge of fear in her voice. Either way, she was probably going to die at this rate. So she just decided upon this.

Rilla gave one of her usual heavy sighs, glancing back at Ranok. "Behave. Ganjimu sent me. And besides, it's not polite." The woman was scolding, but there was something about her that suggested that perhaps she wasn't someone who should be messed with. "And you." She took a step towards the woman, tilting her head to one side and reaching out one hand. Any woman who could play with fire was alright by Rilla. "I'd greatly appreciate it if we didn't all die for one woman, alright? Don't be so hasty." It was calm enough that she could get away with it. The woman was calm, and so was everything else. Stagnant. Despite the fact that Cornelius was getting away with Jolie. "It's best to just let them go. Let them go. Minimal loss." Logical, yes, right? No, and Rilla would certainly pay for even thinking that.

Tysinni has decided that she has had enough for the evening. She catches Nia's eyes, using her hands to gesture that she was gonna go sit in a corner until needed and that the girl was welcome to join her. The thief had just reached her limit of strangers for the day.

Niawtu hears Rilla's words and mumbles "Yes... No death before tomorrow... They care much..." the child sighs and goes back into the house, hopping onto a chair to sit upon. Her left hand absent-mindedly moves up to her bare right arm and rubs the 13 that is branded deeply into her arm. "Stupid bad luck and Death..." she mutters. Obviously anyone to say anything against those two fates out loud was a bit crazy, or something!

Ranok clenches his fist. The man had been keeping it cool for now, but he was pissed. Someone was threatening the person he thought of as his child, despite never admitting it and probably never will. A serious of long, complicated events unfolding, and two rather powerful entities mucking around in his business. He was tired of it all. He wanted to beat the ever living hell out of someone who deserved it. But need and a little thing called 'self preservation' prevented him from doing these. Attacking Vuryal or Tiphareth head on, as armed as he was, was a very good idea to find out what 'regret' meant. Then there was this woman. Who didn't know the ends he'd go to protect Nia. Who didn't know who he was, or what he did. This woman was threatening his home, and an assortment of other things he kept fond. Something in him goes *click!* and his eyes fill with an absolute fury. His right arm raises. The longcoat he wore covered the armor beneath, but those that had seen him recently would know what laid beneath. A gauntlet that looked like the wind frozen in white metal, wrapped about his forearm. His hand is palm out. He says, in the most barely contained fury the man possessed, the following words, "I said: get the FOOK off my lawn." And then that hand would crush into a fist. The wind around the house suddenly whips, like a horse startled. And intensifies. More and more. The gauntlet allowed him to command the wind, relying on his energy and the land around him. In this bountiful area, and as angry and full of energy as the man was, there was only more and more fuel to add to the wind's strength. It goes greater and greater. The powder didn't coat the entire house, no, the shells were too small for that. But it was a real threat. One that wouldn't last long. The wind intensifies, trees groaning in protest, as he poured more and more fury and anger into the gauntlet. All focused on the woman that presumed she would make demands of Ranok, on his own turf. Everywhere else the air would push hard, but could be stood against. To the woman holding the flame, she would be pushed progressively harder and harder. He was, very literally, intending to throw her and hers right into the air and off his lawn. Rilla was ignored for the moment, though. He'd explain later. Right now, there was only one thing. That that was the wind roaring in glory at the man's bidding.

Niawtu looks up, only had she witnessed a tiny amount of power that the gauntlet had produced, but this was immense! The child simply sits, paralyzed, with her left hand clenching the deeply branded mark on her arm, as she looks about through the door.

Tysinni appears to be bored. She had witnessed the fury of that gauntlet first hand, it didn't really surprise her. She reaches her hand out to Nia, wanting to offer the girl comfort.

Niawtu notices Tysinni and quickly scooches over by her, whispering something to her.

Niawtu whispered something to Tysinni.

Tysinni whispered something to Niawtu.

Niawtu whispered something to Tysinni.

Tysinni hugs Nia reassuringly before standing and slipping past everyone out the door. She needed to meet her source, to discuss some contingencies for the next day. She knew Nia would be safe with the others for a few hours.

Mark :: At the approach of a winged stranger, the twins raised their blades to keep the other at bay. "No… I cannot allow this… I've need of the woman… 'Some sacrifices are necessary.'" She speaks almost idly, as if occupied with another matter at the moment. After she speaks, there is a seemingly spontaneous subtle nod from either twin. A look of anger crosses the usually gentle woman's face as Cornelius begins to retreat with the lady in question. When the other male stepped out to curse at her, it took only the sound of the wind that only began to pick up the dust about the area for the female to react. The flame, frozen upon the seal and only as large as a lit wick of a candle is animated as the seal begins to glow brighter. Like the breath of a dragon, the small flame quickly grows and extends towards the area covered in powder. She'd only meant to create a distraction for the twins to go in and retrieve the unconscious female, but the brashness of Ranok and his underestimation of his adversary's reaction had caused the first layer of powder to return to the air. The powder in the air is immediately ignited, setting off a chain reaction with the rest of the powder strewn about before the conjured wind was able to complete its task of clearing the area…

Cornelius had stepped behind Ranok as he withdrew the gauntlet, having witnessed its power in the confrontation with the giant Malkin. What little floury powder had escaped from Ranok's earlier salvo inside the house may be enough to light some flame in the air outside, but with the wind focused in a forwards blast past Ranok's position and over the lawn, Cornelius was not unduly concerned. When the powder flashes in heat and fury in a brief flurry of fire and air, the dandy comments "Women, eh? Deuced nightmare to deal with." He pats Jolie's rump and takes up position behind the large man, where the wind was not as strong. The dagger in his hand has been returned to its hidden sheath "Really, I offered them a role as bridesmaids at the wedding. What more could they want? Keep them busy for me!" With that, the dandy dashes into the house, smiles at Niawtu, and disappears from view of those outside. With Jolie. An echo of his voice filters through "You're all invited to the wedding!"

Nytestalker shouted, "I'm hungry!"

Fuan shouted, "Then eat something!"

Jolie offered nothing but a gurgled, "Bad... pony..." as her limp frame was jostled in the escape.

Ranok's House: Aftermath of the kidnapping

Rilla would, some day, learn to stay away from people and things that might explode. But then, at one point she was what might explode. It was the sort of thing that a person had to get used to if they were going to play around with fire and people who were bigger than themselves. "Damn it Ranok." She muttered before a string of not-very-lady-like curses as her clan-mate overreacts yet again. Rilla seemed to see the explosion coming, jumping back from the flames as they licked into the power, and covering her ears as there was an explosion like she'd expected. The heat from it licked at her leather jacket, was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. She fell to the ground, onto her bottom - better than some of the other options. "Do you see what happens when you don't listen to me?" Rilla would call out to the man, followed by yet another string of curses - for a beautiful woman, she swore like a sailor. And rightfully so. Of course even Rilla didn't know what happened when he didn't listen. Not aside from the fact that she had been hit with earth, and was much too hot - and from the feel of her hands, she had some burns building. And yes, as her arms slipped away from covering her face, her hands were revealed with there little burns and cuts from where rocks had hit her skin. Lucky she was good at staying covered these days, or that would have hurt a lot more.

Niawtu looks at Cornelius as he runs in, and just smirks at his utter randomosity. However, she soon looks back outside as the powder flies outward and begins to back up, quite considerably. Fire was not good for this child, it would seem...

Niawtu blinks a couple times, waves her hand in front of her face (due to the sudden brightness) she then shakes her head and looks up at the others, making sure that they'd all be moderately ok.

Mark :: Flames engulfed the powdery substance mid-air, a large explosion was the result, raining embers and cinders down onto the house and lawn below. Smoke filled the air for a few moments before the wind would take care of it. When all had cleared and finished, the trio of females were nowhere to be seen. A few blotches of blood and another clear liquid, tears, are left where they had last been standing…

Ranok lowers his hand unflinchingly. He knew what the powder was capable of, to the very letter, were it possible. After all, he didn't handle uncertainties. The explosion would not be so much 'boom' as 'big ass fire-ball'. With the dying wind pushing it away from him, he and the house didn't get anything more then a flash of heat. Which he took in his stoic way, of course. Simply because it caught fire didn't mean it blew up like an action scene out of some story, or the like. The hand that called the wind slowly lowers. A side glance to Cornelius as he makes his escape. Keep them busy, indeed. Internally, Ranok was wiped out. He didn't have much mana left in him. But he didn't need it. He had just called the wind in the most spectacular fashion. Most wouldn't try such a thing a second time. If the women persisted...well...Mirabelle was still raring for action. He strides out onto the blackened lawn, to where the epicenter of the fireball went, to kick the women with a boot if they were unconscious, or if they actually did feel the wind and were pushed by it like he aimed it to, he'd do nothing at all. Mission accomplished, after all.

Niawtu claps her spindly fingered hands together and says, in as adult of a way as possible (though her eyes are filled with worry at the coming day.) "Right, now we get down to business..." But then her adult likeness cracks and she balls her fist, stamping a foot weakly on the floor while saying, in a squeaky and near shouting voice "Before Lil Nia get killed by big monster!" quickly, however, she draws that back and takes a breath before continuing... "Ranok, I not tell you this but... I think he knew me some'ow... When I branded I was only one... There no one brand wit' earlier numbers... This brand unlucky... Me think he knew it there, but I not certain... Maybe it some kinda mark... besides obvious..." as she spoke her words practically tumbled forth and were -just- barely understandable.

Rilla was not pleased with what she saw. Not at all. No, she didn't mind that Cornelius had escaped with Jolie. That was someone else's problem. She did not care. What she did care about was the fact that her clan mate was more . . . Unthinking . . . Than she had been when she had first learned to fight. "Ranok, what the hell did you think you were doing?" Rilla would almost growl, standing carefully and examining herself for anything other than bumps and bruises. "You could have killed me too. You could have killed us all." The anger had died back down, and the woman was unbuttoning her jacket to cut at her shirt with a small dagger she held. "When would you ask for someone to come, and then ignore what they tell you?" Rilla glanced up to look at the man, obviously angry. It was not calm that had filled her, but rather a sense that the anger was trapped, bottled contained. Even as she looked away to wrap her hands in the dark cloth of her shirt. They weren't the worst burns she'd had. After a long moment and a heavy sigh, she looked into his house, moving closer and peering at the strange girl. "Hi there. I'm Rilla." Her speech confused the woman very much.

Niawtu takes a deep breath and says to Rilla, as calmly as possible "Hello... My name Niawtu... *quite bluntly* You have slight scent of Ganji on you... He know what happened?" as she speaks a great deal of frost falls from her very long hair, which reaches down past the base of her wolfs tail. The child wore all white, pure white. And her hair, wolf ears, and wolf tail were pure white. Even her skin was quite white. The only things different from that were that her lips were naturally black and she had sharp, black, claw-like nails on both hands and feet. But other than that, and mixed in with her icy silver eyes, the child was quite beautiful... Infact she was practically, in appearance and partially in soul, the apparition of all things pure. Why Vuryal had chosen her to use as a sacrifice if his demands weren't met was beyond her, but she had a great feeling that it was either because she was a child that appeared totally orphaned and uncared for. Or it was because of her looks - the fact that a 13 was branded deeply into her arms flesh.

Ranok frowns. He looked frumpy as he was being lectured by Rilla, "Hy knev eksactly vat Hy vas doink! Hy vas de vun dat schpread de powder in de first place." Accidently. But that didn't bear mentioning. He sighs at all the devastation. The man waves the two inside and would close the door behind them when they did, "Und Hy didn' kall for hennyone. Hyu know my name...so Hy'd vager dat zumone else sent hyu. Und de pipple dat know me und kare enough to send help are fev...Hy tink hyu're vith De Fold, hm?" He extends a massive hand, the man being equally so. Ranok stood at seven feet tall and was broad of arm due to his trade as a smith, "Ve got uff on a bad schtart. Hi. My name iz Ranok. A pleasure to vork vith hyu." His demeanor was calm. Not of a man who just called down the fury of the wind and took a fireball in stride in the space of a minute.

Rilla liked the strange child already. She had an attraction to beautiful things. It had something to do, perhaps, that Rilla herself was intensely beautiful with her long mahogany locks, porcelain skin, crystalline eyes and a figure that wasn't quite normal for a human - but then, a human she was not. She was an object of desire when she wasn't killing, or doing other more official things. "Hello, Niawtu. Can you tell me what brand you're talking about, please?" The woman was careful, more gentle with the child. She'd likely have made a good mother - and probably still could. Her voice turned musical as she calmed, honey sweet and relaxed. Rilla moved then, inside like Ranok wanted her to. Extending one now-bandaged, but slender hand she shook his, wincing at the touch. "Ranok, please tell me that isn't your real accent. I really, truly can't understand you." At least she was pleasant, laughing lightly. "I'm Rilla Elemiirre, Vice-admiral, and something else apparently. Ganjimu sent me because he caught word that something was happening. He's on edge right now since he's on the list." A grin spread across her delicate features. "I'm almost sad I'm not. Could have been fun." Rilla was spunky, tough, and a lot of other things, just in case Ranok cared enough to find out about her.

Niawtu waits until it's appropriate to explain about her brand. She didn't usually tell strangers about her childhood right out, but she knew that if Rilla was with Ganji in the Fold that it would be fine. So she turns the right side of her body and removes the white cloak from over it. There deeply burned into her arm was the number 13, black and red at the same time. It was the one ugly thing that was upon Niawtu's skin "This brand." she's says bluntly and with a scowl on her face at the memory "I captured by Preklek when five... They brand me with this when I first get there... But I only one branded with bad number... Death an' bad luck follow me, it seem, since this done..." she leaves the scar uncovered for a bit, her voice was less than thrilled at the thought of the thing. No magic was even able to heal it, being a deep scar and all.

Ranok looked incredibly grumpy at her dissing of his accent. He had a splendid scowl. Perfected by years of use. "Yah. Yah it iz. Regardless." His handshake was restrained. He could have crushed the avian's hand with his strength, though he didn't. He had a lifetime to adapt to his own strength, after all. After the handshake and minor pleasantries, he moves to restore the house to some order. His priorities were to keep packing Nia's things. Time was still urgent, after all, "Beink on de 'to kill' list uf a very powerful Chronomancer iz de life's dreem uf mhenny, Hy'd vager. Hyu vant on dere, dere's alvays schpittink in his face und flappink avay. Ontil den, chereesh you ability to go out viddout pipple tryink to kolleck." The couch gets flipped back down with a click, "Ganji vas korreck to send hyu. If Tiph hed not left as he deed, tinks vould hef been trown down. Magic hall over de place. Very onpleasant." Ranok wore a worn looking longcoat that fit him quite well. And it handily hid the armor and weapons on his body when it wasn't open. Were Rilla was apparently beautiful, Ranok wasn't really. He was worn, to put a word to it. Average, at best. Though he did have that 'traveled' look some people liked. He didn't care. His nose was slightly crooked, from being broken more times then he had fingers, and a very jagged scar ran down his face. It was white with what seemed to be age. It'd been healed that far along.

Niawtu looks upon Ranok with sad eyes. If one looked closely they'd notice that her eyes held self-blame deeply within them. For Ranok's worn down appearance, his jagged scar, and now all of this mess... she mumbles as she helps get her stuff, and fix up the house "Nia should've stayed away from Kelay for a while longer... Stupid bad timing.. an' bad luck." she was mostly talking to herself, of course.

Rilla would have to start trusting Ganjimu. After all, he was now her superior. That was new. Usually she was the leader. She leaned down to examine the number. "Thirteen's known to be bad luck, but I've never thought it that powerful, pet." She grinned at the girl, before moving back onto what seemed to be her adopted father. "Hey, I've been told I've a death wish. I run with the lycans." And wolves, judging by the animal that sat outside the home, conveniently late. "Ganjimu must know something then. I assure you, you'll be able to get a hold of me if you need me again. I'm quite easy to find - and I tend to run patrols. I'll not let anything happen to you two." That was her word. The woman had her honour if nothing else. "If you need a place to stay, you can stay in the realty office or the clan compound. The realty office belongs to me, not that anyone knows it." She wrinkled her nose and laughed. "It's not grand, but there's a bed and a couch. Or I can see about finding you a room in the compound." She nodded before facing the girl again. "Where do you want to stay, sweet? Or are you two going to be on the run?"

Ranok shakes his head, "Nia, kome und pack. Hyu're travelink lightly, remember." He'd pick it all apart later to optimize space and discard the unneeded things. Children had a habit of thinking everything was important, "Hy'm not. She vill be sent to Frostmav. Measures are ready to implemented. Findink her vill reqvire more effort den Hy hope Vuryal iz villink to ekspend." He didn't go into detail. He wasn't exactly trusting. No specifics, just the bare bones, "Dis house hain't really safe hennymore. Hy suppose it's an goot an eksuse as henny to moff to a more secure location. Hy vill return on my own to pack up vat Hy need. Vere Hy'll go iz yet to be decided. Not important. Don' need schleep as much as normal folks do." He glances out the window, spotting the wolves, "Dey'd betta be yous. Hy've hed it vith pipple comink here und Hy'm fairly sure Hy'll kill anything or hennyvun dat tries something tonight."

Niawtu lets out a moderately shrill whistle. Suddenly a group of different animals comes in, as Niawtu replaces the cloak over her shoulder. A giant tarantula, a bat of black, a bat of white, a black wolf cub that got seperated from its mother, and a frost dragon hatchling that looked only days old. Niawtu allows the bats to land in her spindly fingered hands, she then kneels down and starts giving them directions, though it evidently hurt her so. "Yin, Yang." she says to the bats. "You need to fly off now, ok? Me love both much." she then gives the two bats quick kisses upon their heads and they soon fly out the open door into the night. She then picks up Eek, the venomless tarantula that was the size of Ranok's fist. "Eek, stay here. Hide in shrub. Be good." the spider then makes its way up her arm and cuddles her, afterwards it shoots back down and runs to the backyard to keep hidden. It moved with the looks of a shadow, as it was a black spider. She then looks at the wolf and dragon and says "Maway, Frezia... We gonna leave soon... It just us three for now..." the two other pets seem to understand.

Niawtu said to Rilla, "*pausing while she packs when she realises Rilla's words* Lycans? You mean Leoxander Pack? *the child then glances quickly at Ranok and continues to pack*"

Rilla nodded, understanding the need for protection, and also confirming that the wolves were hers. Her idea of protection was curling up with Jayden, at this point. Nothing else seemed safe, but the lycan was more than large enough and tough enough to defend her if there was anything that the woman who, in different dress, was called killer could not handle. "Well, you're more than welcome in my office. There's a lock on the door, and I'm not there very frequently. Sometimes during the day, but I rarely sleep during normal hours. More happens at night. And no, I've a lycan of my own. He's not with Leo, though I was just with him as well." She moved for the door then, hesitating just a moment. "Niawtu, if you need to find me, I want you to send this after me, and it will find me and lead me back, alright?" Rilla pulled a small bird from the pocket of her jacket - an odd thing to have, but really, quite useful. The dove cooed softly at the woman and then glanced at the girl. It's eyes were just the same blue as Rilla's. "If anything happens, just send the bird for me." She would then press it into the girl's hand gently before addressing Ranok. "I'm going to go to the compound and supervise. If you need anything, you know where to find me. Good luck." She then moved, quite quickly, out the door and disappeared back into the night.

Niawtu looks down at the bird and strokes it's feather's softly saying "I make sure you stay safe, little one..." she then looks at where Ranok is and calls out softly "Nia finished packing!" as she holds the bird within her hands softly.

Ranok nods in farewell. Goodbyes weren't really his style and they didn't have the time for extended ones. He goes to check Nia's packing, rearranging, removing, and occasionally adding something she was missing. Regardless of her ability to take colder temperatures, he makes sure to pack her warmly. Frostmaw was colder then many expected. His own packing took mere minutes. Efficient, effective. He knew what he was doing. Some habits from his days of soldiering never died. His pack and Nia's were put over his shoulder. He'd carry the weight for now. The man's hand extends down for Nia to take, "Gven und Hy vill valk hyu down dere. Guess hyu finally get to visit Frostmav, Nia." Two items were taken. The mask supplied by Uchawiman. And a jar of dirt. Gwen would follow the two, having helped where she was needed.

Niawtu takes Ranoks hand, softly, her skin was still icy... But Ranok probably wouldn't care at this point. She then says goodbye to Rilla and is apparently ready to go, after whistling for the wolf cub and the dragon that wasn't much bigger.