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RP:The Great & Bloodless Battle of Snow

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Part of the Festival of Aramoth.

Frostmaw Arena

The arena, normally a bloody, violent place, has been repurposed the this afternoon's event. The sandy, frigid floor is now covered in a thick powdered snow. All around the arena have been erected low barricades, short walls with parapets, hidey-holes, and a few small igloos, all in preparation. Scattered throughout are large piles of snowballs, expertly packed and uniformly shaped. At the center of the arena stands a miniature castle of ice, complete with a moat of chilly looking water beneath a glassy drawbridge--currently closed. Above the castle flies a flag, a small replica of Frostmaw's royal crest: a white gryphon standing rampant against a black snowflake, atop a field of pale blue. It's clear from the way the defenses are built in circles around the castle, that the goal of the game is to capture the castle's flag first. And to down your opponents with snowballs too, of course.

Satoshi stands from her seat up in the stadium box, to deliver a short explanation to the participants. Among the contestants are a stocky dwarf woman in furred armor, a pair of adolescent naga siblings, and four hobbit lads that seem to have been at the mead for some time, judging by their inability to stop swaying. "Welcome, one and all~! This event is simple, although that doesn't make it any less fun~. You all see the castle in the middle there? And that lovely little flag? It's your goal to get it first! But just a few rules: no weapons beside snowballs, and you can only reach the castle on your own two feet. Or scales," she adds hastily, at the offended looks the nagas throw her, "no flying, no teleporting, no catapulting. Go get that flag!"

Nowfaleena arrived for the snowball fight, her cubs in tow. "Alright then," She grinned at Strend, "For once, you are allowed to fight. But only with snowballs." The children were obviously excited as they raced towards the field of battle, taking in the scene. Their mother's maw curved into a gentle smirk as she followed after them. Never having seen Nagas before, the cubs were quite facinated with the pair. Then came the queen's announcements, and the feline and her children took refuge behind one of the little barricades, peering out to see what the other participants were doing as they armed themselves with snowballs.

Svilfon was sitting in his usual chair, high in the arena, warmed by it, enjoying the transformation of the Colosseum. It was his intention to merely watch this one, but damnit! Snowball fights were one of the main attractions of living in this frozen kingdom, even though he always loses them against Satoshi... considering she can throw blizzards. So this was the wizard's time to shine! He leaps from his chair and charges down the isle, barely pausing to leap over the edge deep into a snowbank. "Great," comes the muttered, muffled and miffed response to the wizard halfway buried in snow already. But he begins to pull himself out, even as he watches the four drunken hobbits arm themselves with snowballs... they look at him... he looks at them... before the wizard is covered head to toe in a pelting of hobbit-sized snowballs. Great. Luckily, they're drunk enough a fair portion miss, but still! This isn't going according to plan at all.

The nagas, called Slin and Gris respectively, eye the cubs with equal interest. This was one of the first times the siblings have ventured out of Alithrya, and while the ice is a bit much for their cold-blood, they're enjoying themselves. Wearing twin grins of playful malice, the nagas take up an armful of snowballs each before diving behind a barricade. As Gris dives, he aims a snowball at Strend, hoping to catch the boy square in the face when he next peeks out from his hiding place.

Misaki wasn't gonna bother with the flag. She wasn't here for prizes, she was here to fight withsnow... something she'd never tried before. She was already behind one of the low-walled forts, her crossbow-familiar Satoru next to her. "Since you can't see, you're going to have to throw using intuition," Misaki said the blindfolded man. "Understood, Mistress," he said, picking up a snowball. Misaki glanced up over the wall, muttering something incomprehensible to herself. She notices Nowfaleena looking over their own baricade. She smirked, and muttered to Satoru, "Three targets on your six." She picked up a snowball and whipped it across the way towards Feely and her cubs.

Nowfaleena smirked at her cubs, a snowball in each of six hands total in the group, "Ready?" She recieved nods from each as they peeked around the barrier again, only for Strend to be nearly nailed in teh face with a sphere of snow. Fortunately, he had cat-like reflexes, thanks to the genetics contributed by his mother. He ducked back behind the barrier as the ball whizzed by, then chucked his own towards the naga children. Leena took aim at Misaki and launched a ball in her direction. Lyla went to threw her spherical snow projectile art Svilfon. The battle was on!

Nowfaleena also happened to be nailed in the shoulder with Misaki's snowball, which her stupid writer somehow managed to miss in the last post.

Svilfon is quite happily just pulling himself out of the snowbank he sunk into, the hobbits having begun arguing amongst themselves who is best to strike. So as black robes finally leave white snow, he can smile... but even before his gap-teeth can be flashed, he's hit in the face, this time by a snowball Satoshi herself would be proud of. Round, perfect mixture of hard snow and soft, spherical as any witch's crystal ball. SPLAT! Right into a bearded face. He shakes his head, dislodging some remnants from his facial hair, before spying Lyla. He grins at her, even as he kneels down and begins to make his own snowball. It was time for revenge! He leaps forward, commando-rolling with quite a lot of skill, somehow not dislodging his hat from his head, before he leaps up and hurls the snowball at Lyla. He's a little out in the open, but he doesn't mind - he's quick to kneel down and begin preparing his next projectile... intending to get some revenge on those drunken hobbitses.

Misaki snickers, ducking behind the barrier again as the snowball shot over her head. Satoru shot up and shot a snowball in the direction of Svilfon, then another at the naga children before ducking back down. "...I fail to see the point in this, Mistress," Satoru said. "It's fun," she replied, peeking up, "though I suppose you won't get much fun out of it, being blind and all."

Gris is not as quick as Strend, resulting in the naga being pelting upside the head as he attempts to duck back with his sister. But his sister is no where to be seen. ...unless one is paying attention to the ground, where there's a long, thin furrow in the snow, making a winding path behind Misaki. The female naga seems to have taken it upon herself to burrow under the snow while using her powerful coils to travel along until she can pop up suddenly behind the avian, fangs bared in a hiss as she unleashes her entire arm's load of snowballs in a dumping of frost. Nearby, the dwarfess is trying to forge her way forward through the snow, although she's come into some trouble, for her thickly built frame and her armor have served to sink her into the snow up to her waist. Her short arms dig mightily at the powder, making very little headway and painting herself an easy target for the keen-eyed.

Nowfaleena saw Lyla giggle, obviously having a ball as she ducked back behind the barrier, the snowball thrown by the wizard grazing her tufted ear, "Eek! Cold!" She gasped, twitching the ear to cleaar it of the wet cold. Strend took the opportunity to launch a ball in Satoru's direction while the crossbow was peeking from his hiding spot. Leena hurled a snowball at the exposed Svilfon, then another at the hobbits, since they were still arguing.

Misaki looks behind her just as the naga emerged from the ground. "Eep!" she shrieked as she has snow poured on her, but she was laughing, "That's really cold!" Satoru whipped three snowballs at the naga child behind him and Misaki, just to get smacked in the head by Strend's snowball. "Ow," he said calmly, his head turning towards the angle of the trajectory, therefore staring at the barricade that hid Strend and his family.

Svilfon is just about to launch another snowball, this time at the hobbits, before he's struck again, this time by the snowball Satoru threw. Another SPLAT! Right in the side of his head. He's turning quickly to get some revenge, before the snowball Lyla threw hits him right in the beard, splattering up onto his face. He stumbles down so he's sitting on the snow, before deciding, while he still has some dignity left, to get some revenge... he prepares a snowball, before leaping up and hurling it... not at the cubs or their mother, Misaki or his ward. Not at the nagas or dwarfess, or even in revenge at the hobbits. Nay! This snowball he hurls right up into the arena, aimed for Satoshi! It was probably the only time he could do this, so he was making the most of it... The hobbits, in the middle of half arguing, half singing a song about dinner, are shocked when they're struck by the snowball Lyla threw. They spend a long moment looking at each other, before bending down and preparing a grouping of snowballs. Three each, made ready beside them. It was time to show some hobbit power! With a cheer they hurl the snowballs around. One at Nowfaleena, one at each of her cubs. One at Misaki and his familiar, one at the naga behind Misaki... and one, which is hastily made, right at the other naga brother. Oh yes... it was on!

Satoshi's whiskers give a sudden twitch, bringing out of her conversation with the guard beside her. Snow. Her snow. It's coming straight at her. As magus turns, face perplexed, she's met with a snowball that knocks her orange shades right off her nose. Satoshi splutters, caught offguard and unsure if she should be offended or amused, up until she spots the source. Ah, of course it'd be Svilfon. Who else would throw a snowball at her? The kit flashes her Coterie-mate a fang-filled grin even as frost drips from her whiskers. In seconds, the battlefield finds a new addition, as a pile of pre-made snowballs are suddenly given life by the eidolon. They transform from simple spheres into tiny creatures: ice mice, hedgehogs of frost, snowy spiders, and glacial rabbits, all skittering and scuttling about as they throw themselves at the combatants. A small platoon of the mice take this time to swarm after the wizard, squeaking musically. This is what you get, Svilfon!

Nowfaleena was smacked in the face by a snowball from the hobbits, and sputtered. The cubs were laughing gleefully at their mother's misfortune. "Alright, regroup!~" She cried out, and the three huddled behind the snowy barrier, the other two snowballs sailing off without hitting either of the children. Their mother murmured quietly to them, and they nodded fervently, evidently some planning was going on. The adult caracal gave a final nod, grabbing an armful of snowballs, Lyla did the same. Strend crouched in the snow. Leena and Lyla unleashed their snowy spheres! Throwing as quickly as possible, focusing their efforts on the Wizard, the avian, the familiar, the nagas, and the hobbits. The dwarf wasn't seen as much of a threat, as inhibited as she was. Strend made a mad dash towards the castle.

Slin finds herself being hit with snow from Misaki's familiar, causing the naga to retreat back into her burrow. She's off to find more ammunition, oblivious that a snowy rabbit has followed her into the tunnel. The naga's brother is left dealing with Svilfon's attack, that sends him toppling head over scales until he collides with an igloo. Readily the young naga ducks inside... only to come slithering out seconds later, with three ice mice clinging to his tail. Of all the naga in the realm, this is the only one that has a fear of rodents. Wildly Gris slithers about the arena, his tail smacking into barricades and snowball piles alike to send chunks flying in every direction, taking no care to aim, just frantic to rid himself of his fluffy passangers.

Misaki was hit in the back of the head with a snowball from one of th hobbits. "Why, you...!" she whirled away from the naga to challenge the hobbits when she saw Strend making a dash for the castle. PErfect. She jumped over her barrier, leaving Satoru to deal with his own, scooping up several of the snowballs and launchign them - not at the child, but at the hobbits who were planning on attacking him. "Looks like you need help," she said as she passed the child, the sniper whirling suddenly, "Satoru! Crossbow!" Satoru faded into the shadows, rocketing past the barrier and literally -into- the snow. Misaki reached out a hand, grabbing Satoru the crossbow from midair, already having a bolt made of snow locked in place. "Let's get this party started!" Misaki called gleefully, aiming at several of the hobbits and pulling a rapid-fire sweetness of snow-bolts at them, sending each of them flying. Misaki's eyes gleamed. This was what she lived for.

Svilfon raises his hands above his head as if there were thunderous applause at his fine strike at the snow queen. A modicum of revenge for what she made him do a few days ago. As proud as Daisy's peacock tail he begins to strut, right into the snowballs the clever Nowfaleena and her conspiring children have unleashed. He's hit more than once, covered head to toe in frost, and before he can splutter out some response, a platoon of ice-mice are running towards him, ready to hurl themselves at the wizard. He should have known! A quick grin is sent to Satoshi, before Svilfon is enveloped by the frosty rodents, more and more covering him, until all that's left is a snowman like shape, with a wizard hat - amazingly free of snow and ice - resting on its head. Mutterings come from it, the wizard deserves this, but it was worth it! Even as he tries in vain to struggle himself out of the frozen coccoon... the hobbits.. well! They quickly are learning that hobbit might, while maybe wonderful in eating contests, or who has the hairiest feet competitions, is rather lacking in the snowball fight department. First it's the pinning shots from Nowfaleena, then the snowbolts, which have them falling over each other while cursing, only for them to be enveloped in hedgehogs and rabbits made of snow. "For the love of seven meals!" they cry, "For ale and for the Burrows!" they yell. But it's all bravado... it's clear their antics are not up to par for this particular frozen course, as they're beginning to look more and more like the wizard-made-snowman with each passing moment.

Nowfaleena kept up the barrage on the other participants, a new ball flying every few moments. Lyla aided her, though when they saw Misaki was helping their cause, they took care not to aim for her. At least not until she made a move to attack them, then it would be on! Strend grinned over his shoulder at Misaki, "Thanks!" Of course, not watching where he was going was stupid, as he was hit in the face by a clump of snow flung by the flailing naga boy. He huffed, and toppled over a bit. Then climbed to his feet and took off for the castle once more, this time paying more attention to where he was going!

Misaki followed the boy as he made his way for the castle, still firing her snow bolts at everything that moved - except for Feeley and LYla, and of course, Strend and the queen. So that basically left Svil, who was a snowman now, the hobbits, who were now snowmen as well, and the naga children who were still putting up a good fight. Inside her head, though, a completly different conversation was going on.

Somewhere amid his flailing, Slin frees himself of the mice, accidently sending them flying toward Nowfaleena in the process. While the naga boy stops a moment to catch his breath and cower behind a wall, his sister has resumed her tunneling. Her burrow runs beneath where Nowfaleena and Lyla are crouched, set to collapse the snow they stand on as Slin tunnels onward. Next she passes beneath the dwarf, something that results in the armored woman finding herself seated on a naga's back and being propelled through the snow: directly at Misaki and Strend! Frantically the dwarf waves her arms, trying in vain to stop the charging naga, but she just can't. Unless those two move, they're going to the bowling pins to the dwarvish bowl ball hurling their way.

Nowfaleena was hit by the mice! Of course, she's not afraid of silly little mice. She simply moved to brush them away. Then, tragedy! The snow on which the feline and her daughter were standing collapsed, sending the two toppling into a tunnel! Curses! Strend was oblivious to the oncoming naga and dwarvish bowling ball! Oh noes! If Misaki didn't intervene, he'd be toppled! But wait! Doesn't using a dwarf as a weapon break kthe rules? Should Satoshi step in? Or is this allowed? Dun-dun-dun!

Misaki quite frankly, doesn't know if it's against the rules and doesn't care, really. She points her crossbow and shoots the dwarf, knockign her off the naga. Then she grabbed Strend across the waist and started beating her wings, crossing th moat around the castle with little difficulty. "Go get it, kid," she said, loading another bolt into her crossbow.

The dwarf finds herself free of the naga! No worries about possible disqualification now! But big worries about the fact that her being knocked off as sent her tumbling toward the four hobbits, where crashes into them and scattered them every which way. With dwarf and hobbits all knocked flat or embedded in barricades or the snow, they're out of the picture. Strend's only opposition now is the still charging Slin, as she bursts from the snows to sail over the moat, landing with a heavy thud in front of the castle. Rearing up, the naga lass voices a hiss, one arm pulled back to hurl a handful of snow at Strend... but wait, is that a snowy rabbit she's holding? Prepare for a face full of bunny, Strend!

Svilfon shakes himself eventually free of the snowman he has become, and with teeth chattering, cannot help but cheer on Strend. It's not that he dislikes Naga, as such... he just has a soft spot for children. So he begins to cheer, stuttering only a little, even as he keeps on clearing the snow from himself. He did not do too well in this fight, but the wizard doesn't mind... he still hit Satoshi with a snowball, that is victory enough!

Nowfaleena struggled her way out of the snowy trench, pulling her daughter up after her. Looking towards the castle, she saw that Strend was almost there! Huzzah! But wait! The naga girl is about to smash a snowy bunny in his face! Oh noes! Leena scooped up a snowball, and bounded through the snow, hurling the ball when she got at close range, aiming for the back of the Naga's head. Hopefully to distract her! Strend stared at teh naga just a moment, then took off towards teh castle again, not waiting to be smashed in the face with a rabbit.

Misaki followed the boy again, using her wings to cover her head as she loaded another snow bolt. She kept her eye on the naga, then took aim and was about to fire when she noticed Feeley's snowball. Well. If that didn't knock the naga off, her bolt would do the trick.

Satoshi winces in a sort of sympathy when Slin receives a snowball to the back of her head that sends her forward and into the moat with a mighty splash. Strend's final opposition is out of the way, the drawbridge of the miniature ice castle lowers before him to reveal the flagpole and a small wooden chest.

Nowfaleena cheered on her son as he hurried over the drawbridge, claiming the flag from the pole. He held it up victoriously, "Mama look!" He was clearly more excited about capturing the flag than the other spoils. Lyla hurried to catch up to her mother, cheering and jumping for joy as she and her mother hurried over the drawbridge toward Strend.

Misaki smiled as Strend showed off the flag. The avian went over to the chest and opened it, removing the pouch of goodies. She then helps Strend back over the moat with the spoils and the flag. "Here you go, ma'am," she said to the mother, "half of what was in the chest."

Satoshi stands as she applaudes the celebrating Strend. "Congratulations, little warrior. But don't forget that you won this battle due to the aid of your allies. A proper warrior never forgets those that fought beside him~." With a flourish of her arm, the magus bows and takes her leave, so that the others may celebrate as they see fit. There's to be a drinking challenge in Frostmaw's tavern soon, and Satoshi doesn't want to miss out on that, or Drargon's new mystery brew.

Svilfon loudly applauds Strend's victory as he finally fully frees himself from the snow, while kicking one of the ice-mice which happened to scamper towards him. "Congratulations!" He flashes the child a crooked grin. "A well fought victory, indeed!" He tips his hat to the child, and flashes grins to the other combatants, before shifting towards the entrance of the arena while muttering about needing a warm drink to stop his few teeth from chattering themselves loose.

Satoshi, on her way out, might have nudged one of the little frosty hedgehogs Lyla's way, since the small critter seemed lonely sitting in the snow by iteself.

Svilfon does pauses long enough to give Misaki a look; ambiguous, it is, though far from hostile. He would remember her... he has some questions about her crossbow that he wouldn't mind answers for... he was intrigued... but not enough to stop him heading for the tavern to enjoy some drinks, while watching the contest.

Svilfon also pauses as he catches up to Satoshi to mutter, "You owe me the image of a dragon in a dress." before he carries on out towards the tavern.

Satoshi is apparently leaving at the same time as the wizard, so she links arm with him on their short trek. Is there skipping, and singing of, "We're off to see the wizard~"? Maybe.

Svilfon thinks there most certainly is!

Nowfaleena accepted the gold, though really, her son had won...but then again, he wouldn't have done so without Misaki's help. So, she lets the cut go. "Very good." She smiled at the avian woman, then reached out to muss Strend's hair, "Well done, Strend." He grinned up at her, still gripping the flag victoriously. Turning to Misaki he beamed up at the woman as well, "Thanks for your help!" Lyla ran up and hugged her brother, "Oh, Strendy! You did it!"