RP:The Fantastic Frog and Rat pop up book - Chapter 2 Rowen gets punted across Hollow, twice

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Setting - Outside Kelay Tavern

Ovoose blinks slowly at the talking rat, but keeps her composure. She watches the druid leave the area in a rush from the corner of her eye and refuses to chase after the coward. With attention now on Rowen, the ogre kneels, poking at the hamster ball protecting the rodent. "What form of magic has brought you about?"

Cyllth : There is a brief flicker of green light in the reflection of sunlight off a window pane, as the sleeper arrives to eavesdrop on a potentially interesting conversation.

Rowen imagines the flicker of green light to come from some peasants setting off fireworks nearby, to celebrate their beloved supreme empresses' presence. She peers incredulously at the ogre, who seems ingnorant of her great status. "Don't you know who I AM?"

Ovoose simply shakes her head. At this point the ogre wonders if she herself were drunk, or dreaming. The thought of Rowen being some trick brought forth by some illusionist suddenly enters her mind. She then looks around, sniffing, attempting to catch any sign of another in the area by sight or smell. "Are you real?"She asks calmly.

Rowen the rat grins good naturedly. "I can assure you that I am completely real. It is not uncommon for ignorant savages such as yourself, who have never heard of the supreme empress of the known universe to doubt that the tales about me can be true. I assure you however, that they are accurate. I am an extraordinarily wise and benevolent leader and many many times more intelligent, and more beautiful than any other being who has ever lived. So far I have saved the entire universe six hundred and thirty seven times."

Ovoose grins lightly at being called a savage. She stands with her eyes still on the rat. "Well my apologies for not noticing you at first. I heard you can fly... Let me help you with that." As the last words leave Ovoose's lips, her readies her foot arching it back as her leans forward slightly. With all the might she is able to muster from her might frame, she aims a kick at the hamster ball, seeking to send Rowen sailing across Kelay. Rowen flies about a hundred yards in her hamsterball, landing well away from Ovoose feeling rather shaken up and dizzy. She leans out the door of the hamsterball to throw up. "What an odd person."

You said OOC, "Rowen icly just got kicked across Hollow in her hamsterball by an ogre :D. Thanks Ovoose, that was awesome hun <3"

Uchawiman said OOC, "Shall I catch you, Rowen?"

Izianova said OOC, "lol i wish i could seen that rowen, sounds epic :O"

Ovoose said OOC, "You hurt the ogre's feelings."

Uchawiman said OOC, "Stick and stones cannot break it's bones. But words will hurt forever."

Rowen said OOC, "I already posted landing being dazed and throwing up. Maybe she could roll back to Ovoose, get kicked and dah Froggy can catch her, she is stupid enough to roll back to the Ogre."

Izianova said OOC, "rowen isnt stupid! DOn't talk about the empress like that!!!"

Jerica said OOC, "Rowen came across as many things but stupid was not quite one of them. Delusional, insane, psychotic--yes. Stupid? No."

Rowen said OOC, "*laughs* Rowen has nothing against ogres per se, she thinks of everyone in the universe other than her as an ignorant savage. :D"

Uchawiman said OOC, "Depends on your definition of stupid, doesn't it? Naively believing the best intentions of everyone beyond made up monsters? Yes. Unaware of basic sense? ...Yes. In fact, I am not quite sure what her inelligence manifests in. The general ingenuiety of her delusions, perhaps?"

Ovoose snort as she watches the ball fly away from her, crossing her arms as the rodent hits the ground some distance away. "Being a rat is no excuse for rudeness." The ogre utters to herself, though she worries of she in fact harmed the rat in any way. She hate to have killed the only talking rat she knows of.

Rowen rolls back, in a zig zag pattern since she is quite dizzy, towards the ogre. "I believe you mistook my imperial carriage for a football. I have kindly returned to give you the opportunity to apologise, ignorant savage."

You said OOC, "Ratty just rolled back and insulted the ogre again :D Maybe you will get chance to catch her, froggy my love."

Uchawiman said OOC, "Hmh. Where did I put that baseball glove..?" Ovoose tilts her head to the rodent who seems to want more punishment. She grins, kneeling down to scoop the hamster ball up in her massive hand. "Oh, do forgive me... For not sending you into another realm!" The ogre shouts as she wrenches back with the arm wielding Rowen. She takes aim for the mountiam peak off on the distance and quickly sends her arm forward, seeking to launch Rowen pass the limit of where her eye could see.

You said OOC, "It's okay. Ovoose has thrown her way off towards the mountains. Love you Ovoose, thanks. You ready to be a ratcatcher Froggy my love? "

Jerica said OOC, "It could have been worse. A game of Volleyball could have sprung up with Rowen as the ball."