RP:The Construction Has Started

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Part of the Building an Empire Arc

After four days of traveling the laborers from the Hollow Trading Company finally showed up to the work sites at the Oases. Several of the horses they had brought appeared to be over burdened with equipment. Slit asked the foreman of the group why he didn't bring more horses to lighten the loads. The Foreman gave a weary glance and told him we did bring more, half of them died on the way here due to the heat and lack of water. Slit nodded very well I shall repay you for the damages you have suffered. Slit took his wrinkled hand and reached within his desert robes and pulled out a bag of gold and tossed it to the man, "this should cover the lose of your horses and anything else you lost." The foreman nodded and said "we need rest for we have traveled a very long way to get here." Slit agreed and told the men that work would begin tommorrow by deepening the Oases so that more water could be attained and after that begin work on breaking the stones off the mountains around the temple to form foundations for buildings. The foreman looked at Slit and told him "It will take a month to clear the sand to reach the bedrock before the foundations can even be layed. Slit gave a little smile and said "yes I know it will, but that is how the creation of great things typically go, when this city is built people will talk for generations to come about how a determined few overcame the impossible to make the incredible."