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RP:Song of Sixpence

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This is a Rogue's Guild RP.

Part of the Sing a Song of Sixpence Arc

Summary: Receiving mysterious messages via raven, several individuals convene at the Jolly Roger in Rynvale to share drinks and small talk before discussing the upcoming plan to steal the cargo of a transport ship by the name of Fire of Flies.

The Jolly Roger, Rynvale

Eleanor had spent much of the day scrubbing away the grime from any usable surface. Tables and chairs had been set up - what was left of them anyway after Sidd had taken care of what he could - in a pattern that promoted ease of conversation and access to the bar, which the spell-rogue had managed to cover with trays of food, or at least something that closely resembled food. She’d relied on Hudson’s expertise for “party grub”, and therefore chips and wings were in abundance, along with a giant cask of fresh water on spigot, a keg of the best ale she could afford (okay maybe she stole it), and she’d even talked one of the Oracle’s boys to fry up some burgers in what passed for a kitchen. The smells of grease and fat waft through the warehouse, joined by the musky smell of smoke as the spell-rogue darted to and fro, a cigarette pinched between her full lips. The smoke trailed after her like a train stack as the guild leader made sure another of the Oracle’s croneys she’d borrowed made sure that the trash had a fresh liner before turning to duck behind the bar, in desperate need of a drink. Finding a clean glass lip-down on the surface of the bar, she tipped it up and filled it with brew before gazing out across the warehouse. If all went well tonight, maybe, just maybe, they’d be able to make something of this ragtag crew of rogues.

Twitch was desperate. She couldn't find a ship back... couldn't even manage to sneak on one. Not because she wasn't up to snuff, of course... but there just weren't any boats setting off for a few days. It had been ill luck on her part. As her desperation grew, her concern for her own life diminished... and those that she had been promised to were the only ones who could help her. She'd heard whispers, spied and crawled through the underbelly of the city, to find the name of Eleanor, and to find this gathering. Now... now she just needed to find the one she had to beg for aid from. And hope she survived, and found the aid she needed. She walked around the corners of the place, keeping her cowl over her head. She'd been supposed to work, here. She doubted she'd made the right decision, in the end... but panic was a brutal fact of her nature.

Irenic meanders in sort of dragging his feet. He really hates walking and that opinion on the matter was only growing stronger by the day. He wasn't hungry and opted for whatever was in his flask at the moment. Candlelight helps flame his herbal cigarette, back problems, okay? Finding a chair, pulling it out of a currently vacant table and turning it around so he may sit upon the seat backwards with his tattooed and tawny fire warms drape over the back of the chair. Being nearly seven foot he looked a little out of place to be called a half elf and any that came near would pick up on their favorite scent, famous Avian trait, but no wings. A sigh causes dense smoke to billow out in a fog before him when a lone silver eye catches the sight of Eleanor, a scarred lipped smirk and a wave.

Sidd wasn't sure what the hell was going on. He had been out for most of the day, trying to explore and get himself more familiar with the local terrain, when some bird dropped off what had seemed to be an invitation of sorts. That was weird. At first, the human debated on getting all fancied up for this little shindig, but that would require effort. Laundry and all that just wasn't in the cards tonight. So instead, he put on his best looking shirt with the least amount of holes (outside the the two gaping ones made when he tore off the sleeves), a clean pair of pants and shined up his boots. The door of the warehouse was pushed open with a bit of force, that mohawked head held high as he entered; Accented with a cowboy-killer hand-rolled cigarette in his lips, and a nice purple shiner covering his right eye. He took a quick gaze around, his bottle of whiskey lifted in greeting to the hosts and anyone else he might have recognized from previous run-ins across the land.

Blut entered the once great shake that he had his interview in. The man was dressed in leather armour covered by a black cloak hiding both it and his face. Blut took down his hood revealing a steel mask as he looked around seeing that the place was cleaned up quite a bit since his last visit but the atmosphere threw him off. Blut never was very social so he walked over to the bar where he just sat down and started to read waiting for the other members to arrive.

Meri has been summoned via a raven, in fact she and Callum were probably very easily summoned by the same bird. The two of them were likely lazing around their home in Larket when they received the message and well, apparently the two of them decided to take up the offer to pay Rynvale a visit. Third was an issue out here in Rynvale? Not when she keeps the company of storm mage, as if Cal would let her die of thirst. For those that know Meri, she is dressed in her usual style. For those that do not, the tattooed blonde is adorned in a burgundy colored corset, and a form-fitting pair of black pants that are tucked into combat-esque style boots. There is probably a weapon or two tucked here or there but that is nothing of importance, she was not here to cause trouble. Those that she does know, and those faces are too numerous to list, are all greeted with a wink or a smile. Those she does not know? They get a nod. Seats will definitely be claimed for herself and Cal.

Hudson is here on borrowed time, his wife's at home alone with their children. He's positioned himself by the guac, has put a lime in his crap beer, it's all very bougie of him. He'd been having a conversation with Eleanor but she's bustling around, talking to her people, so he makes with the eating. He recognizes Irenic but doesn't attract the guy's attention, it won't ever be anything but awkward between them, at least for him.

Dezerae slipped through the swinging door, managing to successfully avoid knocking into previous entrant in the process. The feline wasn’t much a partier but the raven, along with its letter, felt like more of a demand rather than an invitation and the redhead could only feel obligated to be present. Heavy boots clunk their way to the bar, eyeing the food inquisitively, even sporting a head tilt, before moving to the keg and attempting to activate the valve. Crimson hues wander from the keg to there others now populating the pub, then fall onto Eleanor. Assuming she’s the source of the flying critter with a note, the feline offers her a quick nod before meddling with the keg again.

Hudson , spying Meri and a maybe a man friend, decides to give up his prime real estate by the guac. He grabs his beer and makes his way in her direction. "What's good," he greets her, holding out his fist for a bump. He lifts his chin at Callum, assuming he's there with her. "Hudson, hey," he greets the other guy, extends a hand.

Irenic notices Hudson walk in. That's that dude from that place… Did they share a sandwich on the beach? He can barely remember, but figures it's probably for the best. He goes back to his own smoke and flask.

Leoxander didn't seem as busy or anxious as the spell rogue who had set up for what almost seemed to be a party. He had a different way of thinking about it, but would do nothing to hinder Eleanor's motivation for their first official meeting of what was not quite yet an official 'guild'. The pirate saw it as a crew, a band of misfits and criminals coming together for a bit more relation than most had ever had - an odd concept for the type that tended to work on their own, in their own terms. But with the way the world had shifted these days, he hoped some good could come of it. He had never been so accommodating to the company of scoundrels and thieves in the days long past when the Jolly Roger, but that was the benefit of an intelligent woman's leadership. Having at least carried in a fresh supply and stock of liquor and local ale and brewed a large pot of coffee, he was now mostly passing the time until others arrived chucking throwing knives with one hand at the large 'dart board' propped against the back wall, taking drinks from the nearly full bottle of rum clutched in the other. Leather jacket draped over a chair, revealing the faded skull and crossed bones that matched the tattered Jolly Roger flag behind the bar, he didn't really greet anyone, yet but offered each a look as they made their way into the warehouse pub.

Callum , of course, came here with Meri. It was his day off from his job as Royal Botanist and so he decided to humor the one they’d received the raven from. Callum was dressed in a much less formal attire--well as casual as he can be anyway--which was just basically black pants and a long-sleeved button up shirt. A dark green one. Because plant guy. Duh. There was silence from the botanist, maybe a nod to Eleanor alone for she’s the only one he actually truly knows here, albeit barely. So he sits with Meri, eyes the place, maybe the people too, but not much else, maybe a whisper here and there for the blonde that’s pretty much always by his side. For now.

Niix would have tried to sneak in behind the last person under normal circumstances. Normal being alone. Tonight she wasn’t alone, not that Niix minded at all. Prowling at her heel a snowy tiger paced evenly alongside. Just before the door closes in her face, the girl catches the edge in the palm of her hand. Tuna gave a low excited growl-purr as she nudged the door open and bounded in. Niix shook her head with a sardonic smile as she followed behind the feline knowing full well the cat was looking for one person in particular. Wherever Eleanor was, that’s where Tuna was going to be bounding towards with a happy yowl! For herself, Niix shoved her hands deep into the pockets of the trench coat she’d managed to scrounge, or borrow-- okay probably stole along with the not so tattered clothes that she’d had before-- it was easier to keep itchy fingers to herself that way. Niix was much cleaner, too, thanks to the girls who worked at the Office. Not quite sure of herself at the moment and preferring to watch at the moment, the girl sidled to a table on the edge of this gathering and sat down.

Twitch could handle a feline without losing her cool, if it's attention wasn't on her. But a tiger? Twitch squeaked and fell on her rump, terrified by the giant killer kitty cat. So scary!

Callum would take Huds' offered hand and nod back, "Hi." Yes, Callum is definitely 'the boyfriend'. He doesn't have that overprotective dudebro-ness going on though like most of the males in Lithrydel. As Sargaso put it, he's a 'dweeb'. Except not actually a dweeb because Cal threatened a naga queen for more money and Sargaso didn't. Chya.

Meri definitely does not leave Hudson hanging on the fist bump, "Hey, hey. Good to see you, Huds. How's it hanging? The wife actually let you out of the house, eh?" Meri was joking, Alvina was cool. She liked the redhead, just some harmless teasing. Does Meri introduce Callum to Hudson? Nope. She does not. If only because Cal is perfectly capable of introducing his own self, and because Hudson's hand was already outstretched to Cal. The two men have got this introduction thing under control. After names are exchanged though, Meri will chime in with, "I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Cal to you before. Anyway, grab a chair. Sit with us. The more the merrier." No making puns with her name though, kthnx.

Eleanor made her rounds of course, a wheat ale in one hand, a very excited tiger suddenly in the other. “Tuna!” she exclaimed, abandoning the bartending and socializing in favor of scooping up - or at least trying to - the overgrown baby. Tuna took on some satisfied chuffing, scraping her tongue against any piece of bared skin she could get to, before the spell-rogue deposited her back at Niix’s side. “Guid tae see ye,” she said, then louder addressed the crowed as a whole. “So glad a' fowk coods make it, there's puckle faces Ah dornt recognize thocht.” Her gaze of shrewd celadons swept over those who had gathered, each one a part of the puzzle in some way, each one a cog in the gears of fate. Those pale eyes lingered moreso on those she knew, namely Leo, Hudson, Meri, but her smile grew more as she spotted Sidd and Irenic and Callum. It had become quite a turnout, far better than she’d ever have hoped. This could become quite an operation. Tuna remained steadfastly at her side as Eleanor made more intimate interactions, letting everyone know in turn how how it was good to see them again, her thick accent curling around the words but the tone telling all. Loitering briefly at Leo’s side, she murmured her thanks for his assistance in preparing everything for the evening’s events, knuckles brushing against his before she retreated to seek out Meri and Callum in particular. “Eh'd loch tae spick wi' ye, baith, later,” she said, gaze settling on Meri, and then Callum, nodding before she pulled away from them as well. Next, she focused her attention on Twitch, a most peculiar fermin with the audacity to be the only unrecognized soul in the premises. The white tiger at her side’s nostrils flared, huffing and chuffing with a low, reverberating growl, but made no move to advance on the petite mouse. “Whit dae we hae haur? Did ye lose yer way, wee moosey?” El also noticed Blut! And Dezerae and Sidd! They each get a turn to exchange accented pleasantries.

Dezerae manages to coerce the keg to grant her beer, soft fingers gently tapping the top of the vessel as though congratulating it on a success. Once she’s gifted a full glass, and figured out how to now stop the beer dribble, the feline turns to face the group of…well, strangers. With only two familiar faces, and a hazy remembrance of Hudson, Dezerae decides to lean her figure against the closest stool. In her black trousers and tank top to match, she hoped she’d not draw much attention until the festivities began. Watching who she assumed would be her future teammates, the glimpse of a frolicking pet and a frightened individual in response force her to pause her aggressive swigs of the beer. This was definitely no rum (hasn’t noticed that was available), but she did plan to feel some effect from it.

Niix reached down and scratched Tuna behind an ear once the big cat was settled by her again. She nodded a reply to Eleanor then took to listening as she addressed the crowd.

Blut looked around as the room got livelier which Blut honest to god hated. No matter how many parties he goes to no matter how many people he meets he dies not like this kind of setting. Blut sighed as he noticed Leo playing with the darts and Hudson socialising with Meri. He noticed the outliers who were not mingleing with the others takeing a note that he may be working with them.

Meri 's eyes do not remain stationary on either Hudson or Callum, they are instead flitting all over the room and taking note of the faces present. Who is mingling with whom, who is not mingling at all. Her attention may be divided but the conversation does not falter. A grin curves at her red lips when Hudson mentions that he has heard good things about Callum. "You should have brought it with you. I love me some guac." She probably could devour the whole thing, and the temptation to sneak away to grab some snacks is definitely rising. "Yeah, I sort of follow the numbers." Not as much as Hudson, no doubt, but. "All that hard work paying off, yeah?" The temptation is finally too much to resist and Meri ends up rising from her seat just as Eleanor approaches, delaying Meri momentarily. She is acknowledged with a wink before Eleanor pulls away to mingle with others. "You two chat with each other. I will be back in a few." And when she did return it would be with two glasses of whiskey, one for herself and one for Callum, and a hefty plate of a mix of food for the table to share. It's all finger food, basically, so the three of them can share.

Niix didn't scratch long since Tuna would rather be with El. Didn't blame her.

Callum hadn’t been really keeping up with the polls in Cenril, to be honest. Pretending to be into Larket politics to appease his psychotic, egotistical pregnant boss was enough. He hated it, man. Hated it. “Good things?” There was a smirk and a gentle prod in Meri’s side. “Do I want to know what you’ve been telling your friends about me?” And then Eleanor showed up and a brow is raised at her. It took him a few moments to parse her words--it was that damned accent of hers, you know--before he side-eyed Meri as the spellthief wandered elsewhere. He said nothing, in the presence of Hudson, but he had that look. You know, Meri. THE LOOK. The look that says ‘I’m not entirely sure about this, but let’s see how it plays out’ sort of look. There’s a bit of cynicism in there too probably. He’s Catalian (but none of you lot know that), so it happens. As Meri went off for booze, Cal was in a bit of a panic. Oh god. What do dudebros talk about? “How’s… the… uh… business?” -That- business, Huds. The one Meri’s involved in. Yes, he knows about it.

Leoxander raised his unshaved jaw in response to Hudson's wave, stabbing those three blades into their designated holster, strapped against his ribs over the black, short sleeved shirt he wore. Maybe it would have been fitted a little tighter if he wasn't still showing the definition of ribs and collar bone as well as he was. The same dark dyed denim pants worn to a recent, royal event hid his laced combat boots almost to the thick tread, but they were already looking more worn and scuffed and had never been in any state of 'formal' or well kept, from the start. Another drink sloshed dark rum in the bottle he didn't seem willing to share, but after a subtle touch of hand to the leader of Rogues, he placed it on the dark wood counter as he took a seat third from the end at the bar rather than those appropriately placed, spade marked chairs. Hallf turning with a foot on the stool rung he to continue to observe each individual or potential present. Not that far from Sidd, it was one of the faces he did recognize, but rather than offer some polite greeting Leo was just reaching and feeling behind the bar for any spare rolled herb Eleanor might have abandon to take one of the smokes from her collection. Hopefully his search provided some success, and if so he'd be placing it between his lips with a squint toward the sight of the.... rodent.... fermin creature to show up for their under-the-table soiree. A sidelong look was afforded to Dezerae, but he wasn't very talkative until he got his bearings in a group of so many.

Hudson immediately realizes Meri is right. He should have brought the guac. "Ugh, I should have," he agrees, grimacing in that direction. "Indeed," he agrees, about the poll numbers. He should probably mingle, truth be told, but Meri's been peeled off by, it seems, Eleanor. "So, you guys living in Larket? Do you like it?" he asks, conversationally. Is there a polite way to be like, Sooooo is the fascism still happening? "You guys have any unexplained disappearances? I think the media's saying it was just Cenril?"

Hudson shrugs at Callum's question. "Business is doing pretty good," he answers with an enigmatic grin. "Better since I moved out of Larket, truth be told." That's a loaded statement, maybe Meri can unpack it for Callum one day in the future.

Sidd popped the head of the whiskey bottle in his mouth as he sizes Dezerae up and down first. Then he would find Blut, and Niix, before finding a more familiar appearance of the Fermin he had helped save the other day. From there he spied another couple familiar faces, those belonging to irenic and then Meri; Callum and Hudson soon came under observation as he tried to take mental guesses about what these guys were like. Leo was definitely given a closer glance as he neared; A two finger salute used in place of a more formal greeting. As Eleanor made her rounds, Sidd answered with a gun-finger as he called out, "Place is lookin' mint!"

Leoxander said to Sidd, "From my understandin', you had a hand in that."

Leoxander murmured these first words as he searched his pockets for his firestarter.

Meri happens upon Dezerae as she makes her rounds to swipe booze and food. While the woman is largely unfamiliar to Meri, that does not stop the tattooed blonde from wiggling her glass at the woman and pointing out, "You look like you could go for something stronger than that there beer." Meri found whiskey somewhere, hard liquor must be present, but then back to the table she goes with her pickings to find Cal and Hudson making small talk.

Leoxander had put a healthy supply of various bottles on the bar, along with small stacks of tumblers, a bucket of melting ice, a pot of cooling coffee, and a few spade marked mugs.

Irenic kept his leather eye patch on even though it didn't matter because that eye cannot see either way, but just by looking at these lot he can tell this room is teeming with secrets. His cigarette dangles between scarred lips while he gives Dezerae a lingering glance at her actions and the fact she decided to remain on the sidelines as he is. A brow quirked when Meri gave her a stronger drink and if Dezerae noticed himself at the moment he would subtly shake his head in advice not to drink from whatever she gave her, just to mess with her probably.

Twitch stared in sheer terror at Eleanor, and the tiger. Eleanor, because she talked to her, and the tiger for more obvious reasons. She gripped her arm... broken, and not healing properly, as it hadn't been properly set... and gulped. She was in extraordinary pain because of it, but there wasn't time to think of that. "E-e-excuse me, ma'am. I-i-i need to your h-h-help. I was... g-g-given to a mister C-c-cal, who g-g-gave me to a missus L-l-l-lita." That one was hard to say, and she gripped her arm harder. "I need h-h-help to s-s-save my family. I'll d-d-do anything! P-p-please!" If what she heard was true, Eleanor had the power, the connections, to make the impossible happen.

Niix got tired of sitting. Squirming in her chair for only a second, she got up to peruse the offerings on the bar. Putting a few tidbits of food on a plate, she takes it back to her seat to nibble on. Not being constantly hungry these days, she was learning to savor what she ate rather than wolfing it down. Beneath pale blonde bangs, she continued to watch those around her; half an ear on other conversations.

Sidd grins at Leoxander, one bare shoulder lifted as he replied, "Maybe a lil'. I just made sure people could sit their asses down! Hah. You guys really cleaned up the joint. I dig it." Sidd pulls out a small box of matches in offering.

Leoxander regarded Sidd's response before he fell quiet again, and considering he had managed to find Eleanor's stash, he would soon be popping open the hinged tin lid of the gnomish firestarting device, grinding steel to stone with a flick of callused thumbprint, before snapping it shut with a distinct 'click' against his thigh. It was in that ritual process that he took the time to study Irenic, clearly the potential for more serious manual labor in the room, but Leo wasn't immediately judging the book by it's cover.

Callum nodded at Hudson, “Larket’s not too bad when you don’t live directly next to the fort. And yeah, I can understand that sentiment.” With regards to getting out of Larket that is. “I prefer it more there than I do here, though. We got a house next to Meri’s studio and my work’s not far from there.” Cal shrugged. “It could be worse.”

Leoxander had the fire covered, but he gave a wordless nod that might have been a thanks, if the rogue actually knew of the word.

Dezerae was very enthralled in the Eleanor/Twitch antics that Meri’s comment caught the feline by surprise. Not a panic surprised, more so a delayed reaction. “Ah, yeah. Truer words have never been spoken,” she says with a slight chuckle. The feline parts ways with a grin as tattooed woman returns to her group, before shifting her attention to the familiar blonde lycan. But, more importantly, his bottle. So there had to be bottles that she hadn’t noticed. She soon finds this ‘healthy supply’ of bottles and decides to pull one of the Rum varieties to the side and pours it into her empty glass. Where the beer has gone would not be mentioned.

Eleanor wasn't really such a terrible person, but gods knew she sometimes enjoyed pretending to be. Eyes narrowing upon Twitch and her stammering, her brows lifted high, names being thrown around willy-nilly drawing a smirk to her lips. Tuna growled a bit, but rather than allow Tuna to actually do anything to Twitch, a low cluck of Eleanor's tongue encouraged the tiger remain at her heels as she turned away from the oversized mouse. Again, the sonsie-bodied figure draped in cerulean meandered around so that she could pick up on parts of the conversation, her grin broad and sly. At one point, she picked up the scent of herb, glances toward Irenic and Leo each in turn, her own cigarette being crushed in a passing ashtray in favor of taking up residence alongside Leoxander. "Hey," she drawled to him in hushed tones, her glassgreen eyes warm as they lingered on the pirate's features, before nodding to Sidd. "Och aye," she agreed, appreciating where the JR had come so far. Stealing a smoke of Leo's, she meandered back toward where Callum and Huds loitered, to be joined by Meri and if all went well, Dezerae too. "When yoo're ready, Ah'd loch tae meit belaw," in the cellar, more or less, "there's business tae discuss." Furtive glances were sent Sidd, Irenic, and Niix, considering their roles in all of this, before she nodded, moving toward Leo. "Ah need ye fur thes," she intoned, then returned back to stand in front of Twitch. She gave the fermin a hard look. "Sae yer fowk? Whit dae ye expect me tae dae?"

Twitch was very, very nervous. A word, and she'd have no chance to escape that tiger. Not with her arm the way it was, with hunger gnawing at her belly. "M-m-my family? I n-n-need protection... food... or a-a-a place to take them... there's s-s-seventy... more..." She was having trouble with words, and knew her opportunity for gaining help was closing. It seemed they were here for serious business of their own. "P-p-please! I'll p-p-pay any price!"

Hudson nods along with Callum's explanation. "Nice area," he tells the other guy. They are having the most basic adult small talk ever it would seem by the time Meri's returned to them. He stands, letting her have his seat, because hers has somehow vanished. "Here you go, I am gonna keep making rounds," he tells them, rolling up to where Dezerae is loitering. Why is he talking to Dezerae? Well in truth, because... he thinks they've met before (and by process of elimination has concluded it was Fine and not Dodgy), and it's nice sometimes to have a chat with a pretty woman. (Calm down, everyone, this isn't a Valrae situation, he's happily married, he just also is A Guy and this will make him feel good for like, 10 minutes and go nowhere, r e l a x.) "I feel like we've met before," he says to Dezerae. "Not a pick up line," he tells her. He wiggles the fingers on the hand that has the wedding ring. "Like maybe in Cenril, on the beach? Do you have a dog?" Eleanor's calling a meeting now, so his harmless flirting will have to be put On Hold. That's for the best. He gestures that Dezerae lead the way.

Leoxander barely got a drag of the smoke between his lips before it was heisted, but he was familiar with such antics from the spell rogue and held the smoke in his lungs as he could before he could burn them with a second take. At first, he was torn between following the elected group downstairs or keeping watch on his bar, but instead, he lightly thudded the back of his hand to Sidd's abdomen and seemed to trust him enough to say. "Keep an eye on things, mate. Don't want that one chewin' holes in me walls." He subtly motioned toward Twitch, gave another glance at Irenic to wait for most to pass, before he stood up and collected his rum to head toward the cellar door.

Meri had only just settled with her booze and her foot and then, dangit, she has to move. You know who gets to help carry all her goods down the stairs? Cal. Boyfriend tip: Always keep your girlfriend fed. Hanger is a scary thing. Without further delay, Meri moves along her way.

Sidd looks like a total doofus as he slaps two fingers against his forehead and says, "Aye aye cap'n! Will keep the rowdy ones in check!" of course, he didn't think Twitch would make too much trouble. Not after what had gone down not too long ago; he had the shiner as a reminder. His eyes the trailed the others as they all took off, and the human got a bit paranoid. It was a little weird that most of the population kind of just vanished off in the middle of a 'party'. it was probably nothing, but still, Sidd was on the defensive now.

Eleanor huffed out a perplexed sigh as she regarded the fermin, glancing over a shoulder only briefly as their crew descended into the underground market. Gaze swiveled toward Sidd, before settling on Twitch once more. "Protect them?" she started, arching a brow. "Frae whit?" Tuna padded away after Leoxander, following where the people went for all the attention and belly-rubs.

Twitch looked down. "We're m-m-mouse fermin. Larket is... d-d-dangerous, for fermin. And... i-i-it's even worse in the s-s-sewers, for us. Our b-b-bigger cousins s-s-slave us. And... eat us." She looked up at Eleanor, then back down at Tuna. It wouldn't be the first time she was seriously, truly threatened with being a monster's snack.

Sidd took to spinning himself around in circles on his stool between drinks. While he was listening in to the rodent's pleas to Eleanor, he figured he would make it not quite so obvious by self-entertaining- In the most immature way possible, apparently.

Eleanor clearly wasn't up to speed on mouse fermin vs rat fermin, and so she shot a confused stare up toward Sidd, then back to Twitch again. "Feck," she sighed. It was not the time to sort this out. And there was no way they had room to house /seventy fermin/. "Weel ye cannae bide haur." Not the Jolly Roger anyway, it would turn into a ratking, a cesspool of fleas and -- El tried not to shudder at the thought. "Whit dae ye expect me tae dae, bairn? Aw 70? Bludy heel, Ah pure techt mebbe we coods hire puckle ay ye, but there's nae place tae keep ye, nae less ye wanted tae tak' up th' sewers haur oan th' islain."

Twitch blinked. "T-t-there's no one living in t-t-the sewer's, here?!" Well, there was that.

Eleanor really had no idea. She didn't spend a lot of time in the sewers, but there was really only one way to find out. "Buck if Ah ken, bairn, but swatch, ye gotta dae some things fur yerself." The spellrogue huffed out another sigh, sparing a glance toward the spinning Sidd, then back toward Twitch again. "Ye fin' yerself someplace safe tae bide, an' still need somethin' frae me, ye ken whaur tae fin' me."

Sidd abruptly stopped himself, answering Eleanor's confused stare with an equally confused shrug. Another swig of whiskey coated his innards, and he stood finally, wandering around the JR and observing the work that had been put into the place. He wished he could help the current situation, but he was completely useless in the end- he knew nothing of refugee fermin. hell, he barely knew what a fermin even was. So, for now, he wandered and took note of anything that might be a bit more work in the future.

Twitch nodded. She'd have to find a way to get them out... but if she had somewhere to take her family, that could change everything. She hadn't even considered the possibility that there was an unclaimed home in Rynvale, just waiting!

Eleanor breathed out a dry chuckle. "Alrecht. Weel. Ah need tae gang tak' caur ay business, bairn. Loch Ah said, ye need me, ye ken whaur tae fin' me." The spellrogue turned away from Twitch then, nodding to Sidd as she moved to the stairs to join the rest of the crew. Sidd was welcome to join, but at that point, the guild leader was in BUSINESS MODE and Twitch would be left to her own devices.

Meanwhile in the Underground Exchange

If 'Three-Fingered Bill' was still in existence upon that island, he wasn't present at the moment. The cellar was dusty from lack of use, but also harbored a few prized unmarked crates of rogue-worthy supplies and pirate-worthy bottles aged not too much, or just enough, pending on what it was. Weapons, ropes, hooks hung on the wall and somehow the atmosphere was still dry enough to keep rust and fraying at bay, despite being so close to the wharf. There were barrels and boxes to sit on and a concrete floor to keep the atmosphere relatively cool, but it was a rough scene compared to the scrubbed and renovated pub, upstairs. Lanterns had been lit ahead of time, so only the clumsy would fail the first trial of navigating the cellar stairs. Leo closed the door as the one to bring up the tail of those chosen, jumped aside those in line to squelch a crate into place to start a circle in the center of the underground room. Only to nearly be bowled over by the growing tiger that started to crawl into his lap and was begrudgingly pushed at her whiskered face. "You should'a ate the bloody mouse if'r hungry..." He grumbled, trying to get the white tiger from rubbing on him.

Irenic descended on down and occupied a rather boring spot of the area here all the while glancing around at the various loot items. Nothing really his style or taste so just a look with the one good eye will do.

Blut followed Leo down to the cellar coughing at the amount of dust that was gathered. The man looked around his eyes glowed a faint crimson in the dim lightning but nothing too noticeable. The man took a seat on a crate opposite from Leo under the premise that Leo may still not like him.

Dezerae paused, unconsciously at the top of the steps but continues to maneuver down as to not stop the line of others. She wanders over to an abandoned crate and props herself onto it. Legs are hitched to the edge of the top, the chill of the concrete floor disturbing her already frigid being. Finally, she regards Hudson who’d began speaking to her upstairs, “Not a pick up line? I’ll hold you to that then.” Arms drape over her lap and she pulls out the bottle that she’d happen to not abandon upstairs and was now the owner of. She takes a brief sip before processing Hudson’s questions, “I do have a dog. Two, actually, so that doesn’t really narrow things down but I do think I remember you. Slightly.”

Meri was amongst the crowd of people filtering down the stairs, but we already knew that. Tables were not present down here but that did not deter Meri. She would find a seat on the ground and use a crate as a make-shift table so she could chow down while waiting for Eleanor. Wings and chips would be washed down with that glass of whiskey. Finger-lickin-good. When the meeting had more of a vibe of actually starting, Meri would find her way to her feet and be a little more attentive. For now, she was just a hungry gal.

Callum didn’t say or do much, though he did grab some whiskey on the way down for himself. He’d sit on the ground next to Meri, lightly bumping into her shoulder like he thinks he’s flirting or something, attempting to pay attention to the goings-on around them. But then she stood up and he did as well. Cal’s a follower, not a leader, you know. At least, that’s how things appear.

Niix took her own plate with her down the stairs, munching as she went. Waste not, want not. Niix took a perch on one of the crates, sitting cross-legged to use her knees as table for the still half full plate. Vivid green eyes would occasionally flit around taking in the others.

Hudson descends behind Dezerae, doing the gentlemanly thing and hanging close in case she slips. (Counterpoint: is walking behind a fine woman really the 'gentlemanly' thing?) Anyway, it's at this point that he realizes she has a tail, i.e., is a cat lady. Uuuuuugh why would the gods ruin perfectly hot women by putting CAT FEATURES on them? Sigh. Anyway, it doesn't matter. He seats himself next to her, on a crate. If this thing is dirty - hard to tell - he's going to get complained at by his housekeeper. "Clearly I made an impression," he jokes into his drink.

Eleanor eventually joined the group in the underground area, taking up a spot near Leoxander, her hand falling to rest on Tuna’s head. She was quiet initially, pensive almost as the spell-rogue’s celadon eyes tumbled over each individual present, her expression soon turning sly. “Puckle ay ye ken we're lookin' fur a ship: an' nae jist onie ship, but nane other than Th' Eternity.” El paused, glancing askew toward Leo then glancing around again with a nod. “Problem is, nae one's seen ur heard anythin' frae thes ship in a lang time.” She looked toward Meri pointedly, nodding again. “At leest nae anywhaur close tae whaur it was lest seen - th' harbur.” That being said, she reached into the wide sepia-toned belt that rounded her full hips, and pulled out a leather-bound collection of papers from one of the enchanted pockets hidden therein. Stepping more into the center of the circle of gathered, she carefully unfolded the sheets to reveal a map of Rynvale Island and the surrounding sea, along with notes about shipments, merchant schedules, guard changes, and other things her informant on the docks thought would be relevant. “It didne jist disappear thocht. Someain has taken it, an' Ah woods wager it's anither crew.” She set the stack of notes on an upended crate, letting anyone browse through them as she turned to address Leo as her second in command. “We're gonna gie it, but Ah tauld ye we're gonna need anither ship first.” And then, to everyone present, she added, “It's stoaner tae tak' a ship withit supplies thocht, an' let's be honest, we're runnin' a wee scarce in uir means.” Eleanor’s shrewd gaze stumbled over everyone again, and she concluded with, “There's a ship comin' into th’ harbur tonecht. Th' Fire ay Flies, she's called. Supposed tae be carryin' quite th' arsenal, meant fur th' Rynvalian Guards. Ah say we ... lighten their burdens, whit dae ye say?”

Leoxander was probably there to translate, if necessary, but he kept his words few and selective. "Some'a you know the Eternity. Maybe jus' heard of it. It's how I got here but can't find a damn scrap of her. Granted, we do end up getting ahold of a few sails, it'll make whatever we're wantin' do to with all this a helluva lot easier, mark my words." He added that statement to Eleanor's when she was done, and fell quiet again to let her continue, taking another drink of rum, listening for responses from the crowd to her important question. "Ain't gonna be easy..." He murmured that warning between drinks, just as a general warning same as the carved note on the door of the building they occupied.'

Irenic sidled on up to the paper Eleanor laid out while listening intently, or as good as he could. He wasn't all sarcasm and jokes this time, but he remained silent until Leo was also done speaking. A low griff timbre comes from him, “get on a boat, steal some stuff and steal a boat to find another boat?” If he wasn't exact on the details he didn't mind and will be corrected easily. “I'm down. Just tell me what you need me to do.” Easy enough for him to say and it might surprised some that know of Avians and how righteous they usually still morally, or the fact he used to be a knight in Larket, but he's obviously not all good since his wings were apparently ripped from him.

Blut looked down at the map humming his thoughts before coming to a conclusion. "What we need is aerial support maybe secureing a flying mount or a avian as a alley would help to locate the eternity. As for stealing ships me and my gang can manage that overnight and transport it from Cenril." Blut explained holding his chin in his hand "it would help if someone could forge papers to get us safely into Rynvale docks however. It would make the operation run smoothly and quicker then haveing to steal a ship and have to avoid costal patrol each day." Blut explained crossing his arms and looking around to see if anyone could help or had protests.

Dezerae takes another pass at her newfound bottle, before pointing toward Hudson with her index finger, though her hand is still occupied by the bottle’s neck, “Such an impression, I promise.” The feline tail does exist, though her writer continuously forgets to mention it, and gently grazes against the back of the crate she was perched upon. No feline ears, though, just dulled pointed items on the side of her head. Eleanor appears, which halts her focus on the man, and begins to speak, her bottle remains at her lips to center her thoughts amongst the other responses. Eventually, it feels as though eyes have moved to Dez, awaiting her response. Being the center of attention, or at least feeling as though she was, the feline lowers the bottle to speak, barely audible, “I’d like to see the ship again. So, sounds like worth a try to me.” Quickly after speaking, she takes another sip to calm her anxiety, before trailing behind Blut’s suggestion, “And if it’s the guards you’re worried about, I can lead them astray…or something like that. I don’t know, just tell me where I’m useful.” Another sip.

Meri lifts a brow at the mention of The Eternity. Well no, it was not just the mention of that ship in particular but the pointed look that Eleanor had lobbied her direction. Irenic have provided more or less done the recap of the plan for confirmation of understanding, which Meri was also going to do. Meri is actually nodding in agreement with the suggestion that Blut made, aerial support would be good. Eyes over the sea would be nice, quite effective, but possibly hard to execute. Maybe Lita was right and a nice, trainable baby dragon would have been useful. A few more thoughts do come forth, "No one has found any leads on the Eternity yet? So. I'm all for stealing a ship and lightening the burden of those Rynvalian guards, but..." hell, Meri knew at least one person who already had a ship but she was not about to offer it up without for consulting with the guy. Captain's and their ships. They could be so particular. "Just not so sure that stealing a ship is actually going to end up leading us to a ghost of a ship we have not even found a scrap of information on yet?" Meri had her doubts but she was not trying to be a total nay-sayer here. "We could be hunting for ages without any leads. They could be sailing north, we could be sailing south and sure at some point we'll maybe sail into each other..." But maybe not. "If it's not been spotted out here in Rynvale's ports, maybe we need to be asking about Chartsend. And if you think another crew has it? Spread a few lies about the ship to piss them off and see if we don't get more information that way?" Surely some rogues can handle a few pissed off pirates, right? "Maybe they lost a battle and sailed away, tail between their legs?" Or maybe that would just generate much of the same, absolutely no information.

Niix listened mostly and absently flicked a crumb of something off her thigh. Her attention was grabbed when Irenic made his way to the maps and papers. Setting aside her plate, Niix brushed off her hands, wiped her mouth and slid off the crate to her feet. Again, her hands delve into the depths of her duster’s pockets, best not take any chances here. The girl made her own way over to peek at the papers herself but kept any thoughts she might have at the moment quiet. Listening to the talk and plans going on around her Blut’s need for papers to get into Rynvale docks gave her a glimmer of an idea and she stood a bit straighter, only a little puffed with pride, “Oh, I could probably steal those for you.” After all, theft was her speciality, “And any proper stamps needed. You’re on your own for a forger though.” Niix had never heard of the Eternity but if her help was needed to get it, she’d do what she could. Although, and her head tilted towards Meri in consideration. She did make a few valid points. “It’s just a thought, anyway.”

Hudson snorts faintly in response to Dezerae's remark. He doesn't say anything, though, he listens to Eleanor and Leoxander. He's already discussed with Eleanor his role here. He won't be stealing a ship. He's going to get home to cuddle his wife, who is probably irritable after watching their kids and in general has been having a hard time since the Sudden Vanishing In Cenril the other day. This isn't his show: he's here for moral support, and because he's an alchemist and knows how to make explosives. He's left them a small supply, 'in case' they're required. Anyway, he handles the situation with the Irish goodbye. He gets up, as if he were going to go take a piss outside, and then never returns.

Eleanor angled a glance down toward Leo, nodding in acknowledgment of his words before directing her glassgreen eyes toward their newest recruit. "Och aye," she started to Blut, tone sly as a fox, straightening as she gestured down toward the notes. Near the bottom of the stack was the stolen manifesto for one particular ship, not previously mentioned: The Shield of Aramoth, a prestigious frigate that often made port in Rynvale, and it would be their ace in the hole. "Th' ship Ah plan tae ned isnae jist sae we can fin' Th' Eternity, wee jimmies an' burds," the spell-rogue continued, tossing a grin toward it's sae we can tak' back th' goddamn islain." Stocked with cannons and ballistas, it boasted a sizeable hold for smuggling and was expected to come into the Rynvale harbor in just a few weeks. It was not going to be an easy task to take it, not with all the crew and the armed guards protecting its precious cargo. "We'll still need papers thocht," she agreed, turning a glance toward Niix and then back to Meri again. "An' a way tae disguise it if we can." Then addressing everyone as a whole, she shrugged, "A cloakin' speel powerful enaw tae lit us sneak in close enaw tae hug ye." They'd find their way in and out of the ports undetected or unsuspected one way or another, together. Hudson was nodded to on his way out, their silent understanding of the situation passing through glances, before El was looking toward those who remained. "Ah ken if we're smart an' dae it reit, we can caa Rynvale oors in nae time." And while taking over the nearby sea through force or subterfuge, they'd make bank on smuggling and perhaps will have enough to send out ships to Chartsend or wherever, to look more. El also nodded to Irenic, appreciative of his efficient summary as well.

Leo responded to Irenic, first. But only after Eleanor had spoken to regard everyone's opinion and Hudson was on his way out. "To start, mate. Jes' a beginning. Can't do much without proper ways to get here 'n there. Means we'll eventually need another Captain, though." He pointed that out openly, perhaps peaking some interest in those present or those they might know. He wasn't about to give up his position once they found his ship, and the leader's optimism gave him high hopes for the recovery. In the meantime, he could use whatever they 'acquired' to train anyone who hadn't been on the seas since they could run a smuggle, as he had. But Blut actually got his attention then, and he recognized the intelligence in that suggestion. Most of it, until he insisted he and his 'gang' could handle it alone. "You're either with us, or yer not with us, Blut. I'm trying for the faith that you'll learn to trust some of the people in this room an' not jus' see to yer own. But you make a decent point." He glanced Dezerae's way, but Meri made the fair statement that had him speaking her way. "I ain't doin' this jus' to find her. That's jus'... a hunt we take when we have the greed for it. Firs' things firs'. A decent table an' chairs down here might be priority before any'o that."

Irenic took his spot leaded up against a wall and only listened, all very good ideas. His hands shoves into his pockets as he's long disposed of his cigarette before now. He remained silent, he knows these kinds of people quite well and knows it's only fitting speak when spoken to. Fewer words the better a she already mentioned to them that he'll help in any way possible for him…. Being wingless, a half a second of frustration with himself shows on his face. He misses his wings.

Blut sighed at the topic of trust. Blut was so used to working alone or commanding a squadron he put together he never had to many moments where trust was a big factor. "I was referring to a smaller ship a decoy fishing boat from Cenril. I can't create huge illusions to disguise a ship but I can disguise a small strikeforce. We can't directly oppose them as you said they outclass us in weaponry and man power. However a fishing boat may be able to approach close enough for me to cloak a small rescue boat filled with killers." Blut looked around before addressing the elephant in the room "perhaps as we discuss a plan of attack we say our talents and combat abilities. I'm a assassin proficient in subterfuge as well as close range, long ramge and illusionary arts. Now what can all of you do?" Blut asked in a emotionless tone looking around and crossing his arms to see what their proficiencies are.

Dezerae : Attention flutters from person to person, each having their own good points. The red head has still fallen back, allowing the others to speak and doesn’t interject though their conversation was lively and dynamic. Eventually, the red head stands from her perch, despite the comfort it brought her, it was not yielding any action from the feline. Indiscriminately, Dezerae approaches the group as they brainstorm, analyzing the map at a distant until Blut’s question to the audience catches the feline by surprise. Brows furrow, instinctively before she attempts to form words that are polite, “Ah, I’d say I’ve developed an expertise in sneaking around and being aloof.” She looks toward the map again, gnawing her bottom lip, “But honestly, you are right, it would be safer to try and disguise ourselves. But if we’re caught, then what? We’d be ambushed.”

Meri 's red lips twist up into a smirk at the mention of disguising a ship and using it to smuggle around Rynvale. It's a familiar enough of a thought that Meri is able to readily offer up, "S'pose I might know a gal who might be able to do something on the disguising front. I think Huds might know her too. Or I mean, you know, did." A certain blonde witch who is not often prone to leaving Larket. With the clarification provided that this was not just to hunt for the Eternity, that it was just one of many goals, Meri nods. What could Meri do? That's not a hand that Meri reveals so freely, Blut. and it is a question that is going to remain unanswered. Eleanor by now is more than aware that artist was just one facet of Meri's skillset. El has already discussed Cal's abilities as a storm mage and secret connoisseur....but if either rogue leader wanted a less public demonstration? Meri would be inclined to oblige. For now, "Well, you guys know how to get in touch with me when you're ready." There would be a salute for the gathered, everyone at once for Meri was familiar with enough of them that individual goodbyes would take ages. Without further adieu, Meri and Callum head on up the stairs.

Niix usually wasn’t one to actually beam, as the saying went, when someone paid her any mind. In her experience anyone paying attention her way was a bad thing. But not when it came to Eleanor. For some reason her agreeing with Niix brought a quick grin and slight ‘aw-shucks’ lift of her shoulder. Maybe there was a little bit if idle worship going on here. Stepping back, Niix let the adults continue talking. A sideways glance goes to Blut and she finally takes her right hand out of her pocket, forefinger pointed towards the stone ceiling. “Uh- I did mention I was good at stealing sh---stuff, right?” With an eye-roll and shake of her head, Niix returns to the crate serving as table for her mostly finished plate of food, she might even nod to Dezerae in passing as she does. Hopping up, the little blond swings her feet, resting elbows on thighs and chin in hands. Obviously she’s beginning to feel comfortable in the company she’s keeping tonight. Tuna might even wander by and get a good rubbing in the process. Meri’s parting is met with a nod of her head and a mumbled, “’Night.” After all, the only one she knew her really was El and Tuna.

Leoxander said to Niix, "Be seeing you.' It might have been a threat, for his stare. 'Soon..."

Irenic quirks a scarred brow at Blut and internally wonders why he should even answer to this guy for he seems to not be running the show. Quickly a distraction provides and be looks down at Dezerae causing his lips to slightly curve into a smirk while Meri was talking to pointedly avoid answering Blut all together. This gave him time to form his own response, “I think Eleanor is a smart lady and she wouldn't have invited any of us here without reason. Shell figure out how to put me to use in no time, I'm sure,” with this he was looking at Eleanor now in hopes of giving the floor back to her.

Eleanor nodded to Leo at her side then looked around the room, a slight furrow to her brow. Her accent was making things difficult, she could tell, but she'd trudge through with help from the wolf and the wingless birdman. "Och aye," the spell-rogue started, indicating the sheets of paper and maps and notes. "Loch we've said, first thing's first: we need tae fin' a way ontae th' Fire ay Flies." She looked pointedly at Blut and Niix together. "If ye tois can wrangle up six rowboats an' cloak them tae tak' us tae th' transport ship, we'll sneak oan board under th' new moon in a coople ay nights." Her mind diverted then, recalling the references Meri had made to a certain witch, and her full lips twisted, a lightbulb going off in the rogue leader's mind. Drawing up a crate and at last taking a seat - getting comfortable - she leaned forward, elbows pressing into thighs as she addressed the others, the plan unfolding. "Six rowboats under th' new moon. Mebbe it's foggy tay, mebbe we're lucky. We attach sleepin' powder tae th' bombs Hudson left. A single body sneaks oan board, plants them; we blaw a hole in th' hauld, knock it anyain oan board. Sneak in, fin' th' cargo, gie out afair anyain wakes up." It was a solid plan to her, but she looked to everyone who still remained, the room open to suggestions or alterations. In the meantime, she glanced again toward Irenic as well, nodding, then shot Leo a curious glance, his comments earning him an arch of brow. The spellrogue glanced toward Niix, as if warning the kid to simmer down, her lips twisting in a smirk, then she turned her attention toward Irenic. "Ur ye a body ay us noo?” she asked him, her smirk turning into a fully roguish grin.

Leoxander would just sit on that crate and drink his rum, in thought.

Blut shook his head as he sighed "very well then I will complete my objectives as soon as I can. Good day." Blut answered as he started walking towards the exit but noy before giveing Leo a glare "maybe next time tell the rest of your associates what you told me. That thing about trust." Blut spook his tone was hollow not betraying any emotion he may felt as he walked off. But not before throwing a shineing Blue stone at Niix "we can keep in touch with those." Blut explained vefore assending up the stairs.

Niix gave El a wide-eyed ‘what?’ sort of look before turning her attention to Blut. Great, she had to steal six boats, correction—rowboats, with the guy. Niix preferred to work alone; heck, the last time she tried to work with anyone things had gone terribly wrong and they had ended up with a beating for their troubles. Anyway, past is past and best left there. Shaking out of her reverie, Niix nods, “Sure, whatever you need. Six rowboats it is.” Already the wheels were turning and working around the problem. Up til now all she’d really done was a few break-ins and lightening up a few pockets. Suddenly a blue stone sailed her way and reflexes had her snatching it out of the air. “Yeah, okay.” She turned the stone in her fingers before tucking it away in a pocket.

Eleanor shrugged her shoulders at Irenic, as vague and sly as ever. "Ye ken whit Ah mean." They could talk more on it later. For now, the spell-rogue was turning her pale seafoam eyes toward Leo, giving him a gentle side-nudge with a shoulder, then toward Blut and Niix, nodding to each of them in turn. The meeting was a success, she believed, a lot of information figured out, a lot of skills discussed, plans in the works. Her head however was throbbing, and she rose at last, Tuna already moving to paw at the door leading up into the JR. "We'll be in tooch," she said to the assassin and the thief, before turning her attention toward Leo. "Hey," she'd murmur to him, nudging at him again. "Reek?" she offered, fingers dragging across his shoulders as she moved toward the door, tempting him with smoke to conclude the late hour.

Niix watches as everyone leaves; alone or in pairs, and feels a little miffed that Tuna goes with El. "Oh well. Cat-sitting job is done I guess." When she is finally alone, Niix takes the blue stone out of her pocket, examines it then returns it. She would be the last one back up stairs where she would find some out of the way place to crash for the night.