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RP:Some Call Me Al

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Kelay Tavern

Al walks into the tavern, tilting his youthful face over the current patrons and examining the room. He didn't see a soul he knew, so he shifted in his uncomfortable cotton pants to the public posting board to examine the postings. Short red locks spotting his view from time to time as a thoughtful finger lifts to his thin lips to ponder while he reads. Al dusts his hands, quite glad that the business has been finished, and clicks towards the bar for a swig of ale before he begins his bard-like duties in the tavern for the night. "A strong one tonight I think..." he says to the confused Mesthak, the boy seeming to think the bar tender would remember him from somewhere. Instead of questioning him, Mesthak slaps down some unknown liquid before the youth and smiles. If the boy had an ounce of heart in him, he's survive the liquid.

Al takes the challenge of the bar tender and throws it back, gritting his teeth against the burn as it slides down his throat. Mesthak shakes his head as the youth stands to move his stool into a warmer corner of the tavern, by the fire to warm his feet. "All right..." he said, strumming his lute to test it's tune, "Let's see what we can cook up this evening old friend.."

Al 's fingers twist and tune, humming quietly to himself while he get's the lute ready for it's debut in the low lit tavern. "Please, please..." his voice mocks, "If you hate my songs, throw whole foods..." A quick strum of his lute, "I didn't get this skinny by eating chickens.." His thin lips pull up in a smile as he begins to strum his first song.

Imogene walks into the tavern with her slender fingers clasped tightly around the shiny handle of a knife. There is nothing remarkable about the woman save for the strangness of her blue eyes or the jerky way she moved. "Just a water" she says to the woman, Nancy, who had looked up at her.

Al spots the woman enter, shaking his head to overhear she wants a water but smiling all the same. "Well, before I begin I suppose the polite thing to do is ask if anyone has a request?" His emerald eyes overlook the small crowd for signs of anyone paying him mind. Imogene 's ears twitch as the sound of the lute reaches her ears. Blinking she turns to look at the source of the sound. A smile touches the edges of her lips, she knew this song.

Al nods his head to the woman in a grand flourish before another swift gaze is given the crowd. "No requests? Ah..then I'll continue as planned..." A thick, hearty melody escapes the odd little lute. From the sound you'd expect an instrument 3 times the size of the small wooden thing sitting on the human's lap as he strums, humming along to his heart's content. He is the entertainment after all.

Al's voice rises then in it's full luster, glazing the song with it's well known lyrics. "Well! I knew a girl, pretty as a flower, bright as the sun in her smile. Sweet did she walk, and sweet did she talk, and sweet was her stay for a while..." His lips close then, continuing to hum, waiting for the interlude to end.

Imogene gets her water and smiles to Nancy, her grip loosening on her weapon. The soothing music made her sleepy, she couldn't sleep though, not now. After clearing her throat the strange woman moves silently to the edge of the bar, out of the way. Because she wasn't strong willed, and because the song was catchy, she began to hum along.

Al's quick eyes caught the slight movement in the tavern, most patron's unresponsive to his tune. He was not discourage, however, and continued on. " This girl of mine, stayed for a time and during that time she was a dear. She'd sing me a song, I'd braid her hair long, and we'd nap in the sun 'til it's fade..."

Imogene looked into her drink as though she could change it to wine if she really wanted. It, of course, stayed the same; leaving Emmy with her thoughts. Since the bard's song was a bit more pleasant than her musings she focused in on those. Thoughts progress until she finds herself staring expectantly at the singing man, desperate to know what happens to this girl with the pretty braids.

Al looked down, watching his gloved finger's strum the happy tune, swiftly changing the chord to a more melancholy feel as the song progressed. "But when the sun faded, and night in her eyes, my sweet lady left me with tears for goodbyes. My lady, sweet lady, had gone from my arms forever more..." The tune slows, as does the voice of the bard, "I can still see the sun on her rich olive skin, the way of her smile in the dawn...but my lady, sweet lady, is long gone and so is the heart of my song..." A dramatic flair towards the end, bowing his head for appeal to let the patrons ponder his song.

Imogene moves away from her drink and out of her comfort zone. "No" she narrows her eyes, upset like a child whose bedside story took a wrong turn. "That's not how it's supposed to end" catching the heartbreak in her voice she sits back down and grabs her water.

Al lifts his face in the silence of the tavern to catch her eyes again, the woman who ordered a water when she'd come in. Quickly he turns to the disinterested crowd, "Now comes a short intermission.." he says, hoping off the stool and making his way to the bar. He gives Nancy a pleasant smile, and orders two waters before heading in the woman's direction. Placing the glass on the tabletop, he smiles. "May I join you m'lady?"

Imogene observes the water and looks back at him. He was the first musician that she'd encountered that drank water at a bar. She kept that quiet. Crossing her legs she turns her blue eyes towards him, obviously wary. "Alright" she nods and takes a final drink of her water, finishing it off. That look was so hard to place, yet so familiar, so odd to place. "I liked your song, even though it was wrong"

Al pulled out his chair to sit with her, quirked a brow at her observation. "Thank you," his youthful voice responded, "But I'm afraid it is all too true to the circumstance. I wish it could have ended differently, for the both of us." His smile wavered for a moment, looking down into the water before the smile comes back in full force. "But! There is always another song, maybe a happier ending...I'm sorry you'd didn't fancy that one.."

Imogene runs a hand through her hair "I didn't say I didn't like it" she says, that wild look becoming a bit more prominent in her icy eyes. "I just said it didn't end right" a smile lights the corners of her lips. "Why didn't it have a good ending?" Such a nosy little sucker. The feral tint of her eyes diminished, giving way to a very naive, almost child like look.

Al gives the woman a warm smile, "What's the right ending then? Perhaps..." he said, taking the lute onto his lap to strum a familiar chord, "you could help me rewrite it to sound better?" His intentions innocent and kind, he couldn't stand to see a woman upset by something, especially at his hand.

Imogene looks sad for a few moments then forces a smile upon those cherry red lips. "I'm not a good singer, and an even worse writer" nervously, her hand wanders to rub her neck. "I think they should live happily ever after" after a moment she inquires "Don't you?" Al nods, in agreement with her idea. "I do, I'd love for them to live happily ever after...so perhaps, a new ending should be added on to the end. She could...I don't know, come back? You think?" He strums another chord, humming as if gathering the pieces together in his head.

Imogene shakes her head, adverse to the idea "No, he should go after her" there was a good idea. "Girls like being chased" or at least that's what she had heard.

Al gave her a broad smile, "Do they?" A quick laugh passing his lips, "Well then, by all means it must be redone!" He sits up straighter to show his resolve. "He can run after her, and convince her to stay with him. So the song will end happier." A flick of his autumn locks as he confirms it, "I'm so sorry, I have yet to even ask your name! How rude of me, m'lady."

Imogene runs a hand through her hair and tilts her head at him "Emmy" she says "Imogene, but my friends back home called me Emmy...What's yours?"

Al dips his skull to bow towards her, "M'lady Emmy, I am but a simple bard named Al. No last name or sur name do I own. Thank you, for the advice on the song."

Imogene nods her head "Your welcome. Everyone needs a happy ending" she takes another swig of her water then crosses and uncrosses her legs.

Al nods, pushing himself up to go back to his stool. "Indeed they do, m'lady, indeed they do." A quick flick of his wrist, and Nancy nods, bringing Emmy another water while he takes his place atop his performance stool once more. The lute's strings spring to life under his graceful fingertips as he prepares another song. "Ah, thank you ladies and gents...I'll ask again, if there are any requests tonight?"

Parsithius 's path brings him to the board with a succession of well-cadenced and disciplined 'clicks' that accompany the movement of armored greaves, only to the extent that he can pause before the notices, and peruse them with azure eyes. Al continues to string along a new melody while catching a few new patrons make their entrance, "You there, Knight? Have you a request for the bard this evening?" His broad crimson brows smile as his fingers play odd chords in hopes of a request.

Kenneth entered the Tavern slowly, looking for his sister, Ali. He was following her scent, which lead to some man with a lute. What was this?! He stood at a table, scribbling something on something. Then he walked towards this male. He spoke lightly. "Excuse me...I'm looking for someone named Alvina Lindon....Ring any bells?" He then placed that paper on the male's hand.

Parsithius pauses, turning his gaze in that cold, ruthless, and utmostly efficient demeanor upon the bard whom so wrestles his attention. A tilt of his head, a blink of his eyes, before the answer comes with a, "Nay, I am no student of music. I'm sure anything you play will be just fine." Lies, but perhaps necessary untruths; a boost to the confidence whilst politely refraining from entering further conversation. Such a cold man.

Al shrugs his shoulders gracefully towards the Knight as he moved away, "I thank you kind sir, but feel free should inspiration arise!" The youth called before Kenneth approached him in such a strange way. "Alvina? No, I..can't say I know the name..." the male continued, finger to string, a melody on his lips. His left hand takes the note, to look it over out of kindness. "I am willing to make an announcement as I'm the entertainer this evening..." he winked at Ken, holding up the paper after setting his lute aside. "Has anyone seen this woman? Alvina?" he shouts, waving the paper madly about.

Kenneth saw the wink, but did not comprehend it. He whispered a message to the man. Kenneth whispered to you, "Where is she?"

Al nods again, pointing the paper in the Knight's direction. "There! You see? Larket, young sir would be your best bet." Climbing down from the stool, he hands the paper back to Ken. "I'd love to stay and chat but it seems that I need a short break, Yes yes I know I never fully regained from the previous one but alas...fans you know?" He gathers up his lute, and re positions the stool at the bar. "Come sir, let us go search for your Alvina in Larket hmm?" A swift pat on Ken's back and Al's out the door.

Kenneth stared at the man. Something wasn't right. He rushed out towards for this male, to stop he. He had something to do with Ali.

Al huffed, bending over on his knees before looking around him. Only Ken was in sight, no other around. "Well chap," he says, patting his back once more, "Here's the bridge to Larket. That's about as far as I go..." The youth's hair was short and sharp, crimson like a razor. But his eyes. He couldn't hide how bright they were, how like Alvina's. Zaria had done her best, but the woman had been preoccupied with her task of flowers...and forgotten to change the eye color.

Kenneth glared at the man his speed incredible. "Hey....what the hell...I'm talking to you!!" He stopped at the front of the male, grabbing his shirt, which then picked him up with ease, for he was light. "Where is my sister!? If you so hurt her, you'll pay, you...you..." He then looked at his eyes....Her eyes!!! "...You....yo-...A-A-Ali!?"

Al's face went taunt with terror, he wasn't suppose to know! No one was...it was a risk he couldn't take. "Put me down you!" He screamed, flailing about like mad. "You'll have your explanation at the cost of my life!" He threatened, not like Ali in the least.

Al shouted, "Put me down you!!"

Kenneth dropped her when she spoke. "Calm down....shh....Ali..what...what are you doing in drag?"

Al huffed, appearing offended. "I'm not in drag! This is a mighty fine Illusion..." but even as the words came from her mouth it wavered. "It only works as long as I believe in it!" Alvina's voice shouted through the breaking illusion before she closed her eyes and regained her sense of...well, self. "You'll break it too if you don't believe it's true brother.." Al's rough male voice added, pushing back a tuff of his short hair to stare at Ken. "It's got all the bases covered," he said, "Zaria did a fine job don't you think?" He tried to change the subject to keep the Illusion from wavering again. He already had to pay 1000 gold for this one..

Kenneth said, "I see....I want to ask why, Ali....err...well....what's your name then now, being a boy?"

Al rolled his eyes, he clearly was no Ali. "Al, my name is Al as it has always been..." Emerald green eyes plead with Kenneth to understand, perhaps even forgive her. This duty could not last too long, as her teacher nor her employer could know of it. "Please, believe me, I'm sure your sister is safe and out of harm's way in the best sense of the word. "

Kenneth sighed softly. "I see...Sorry Al....I...I mistaken you for my sister....perhaps she's around, just resting...Your eyes are like hers..." He shrugged. "You look familiar....You related to the Lindonn family? Or the Sliver family?"

Al shook his head, "I am not, but I can't say I really know. I'm an orphan of sorts, but it's the same old story many of the creatures around here tell. I'm just living to do what I do, sing and enchant. And defend, of course. Thought I'm not much of a fighter..."

Kenneth nodded at him. Definitely her.....No doubt. "Well, my friend...I'm Kenneth Sliver...."

Al gave Ken a sturdy pat on the shoulder, "A pleasure, sir. A pleasure indeed. I'll keep an eye out for your sister, and send her your way should I find her...but I do have to get along my way. The tavern needs a performer you know."