RP:Slit meets Kelovath

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Part of the Building an Empire Arc

Slit walks into the cave with a rag in his hand wiping the blood off his armor, attempting to put a little shine back in it. He twist the rag and squeezes the crimson fluid from it and then puts it back in his pocket. He then looks over and notices Kelovath standing in the cave, he wonders to himself what could he be doing here. Slit gathers his composer and walks towards Kelovath and the gives a slight bow and says "greetings, there good sir, my name is Slit, what might yours be?"

Kelovath normally stayed away from the mines. It was tough work for little gain. And plus, gold armor gets dirty very easily. Upon seeing Slit, the paladin gave a slight nod of his head. "I am Kelovath. Good to meet you, Slit. Come to work?"

Slit gives a faint smile "no, need to work these mines myself, I prefer the slaying of beast to earn my way in the world." he then took a seat on one of the rocks and took off his helm letting his hair hang for a moment, then scratching his head he mumbles a little about cave mites

Kelovath continued to peer over at Slit and after a couple of silent moments, the paladin nodded his head. "That is a good way to get by." Kelovath began to walk around the cave, carelessly sliding his armored hand against the wall of the mine. "I can remember working in places like this. Mining for days, simply to stay alive." He smirked then, head shaking slightly. "Seems so long ago." He chuckled a bit and looked back to Slit. "Any beasts worth mentioning from your latest kill?"

slit shakes his head , "none worth mentioning really, they all fall so easily these days." he wondered in the back of his mind where are the monumental creatures that cause havoc "my mind stays more focused these days on the ever more present danger of politics it seems." he said while scratching his beard and attempting to pull the knots out of it

Kelovath said to you, "Politics, eh? A certain area you have in mind?"

Slit said to Kelovath, "the politics that plague me so are the wars that have waged across the land and the anarchy that has embraced the land with the fall of so many kings, several lands do not even have a king and court to rule over them"

Kelovath said to you, "You seek peace, then? A noble cause, to be sure. Do you think it is possible?"

Slit said to Kelovath, "it is very possible all one needs is a wise ruler and a firm hand to keep the people from descending into their tribal ways"

Kelovath said to you, "I see. And which do you seek to become, Slit? The ruler or hand?"

Slit said to Kelovath, "I am but an instrument through which the people will forge a world they want I alone can do very little"

Kelovath said to you, "You need others to help you forge this world, yes? Supplies, gold, and followers?"

Slit said to Kelovath, "ofcourse I accept those who wish to forge this world anew and to make it into the Utopian Ideal"

Kelovath said to you, "I will help you, Slit. Although, I do believe it will easily be the most difficult thing to accomplish within the lands of Hollow. Of course, stranger things have happened."

Slit said to Kelovath, "what is your view on the law and how it should be maintained?"

Kelovath said to you, "I am a paladin, Slit. Law is last word. Law is final. Break the law and punishment is next. And punishment is swift."

Slit said to Kelovath, "very well let us perform an oath of loyalty"

slit said to Kelovath, "Do you Paladin Kelovath swear here this day that ye shall support the Ideals of the Cateran Empire and you shall give your unwavering loyalty to the divine instrument Slit to carry out the will of the gods so that all races may live under the one true Emperor"

Kelovath said to you, "I swear."

Slit pulls his sword and places it upon the shoulder of Kelovath "I hereby declare you to be Justiciar of the Cateran to be its instrument of law, to punish those who would corrupt the ideal and to dispense immediate justice upon them"

Kelovath bows his head in acceptance of this new title and position. "We will do many great things, Slit. And I look forward to those days."

Slit said to Kelovath, "let the wicked and corrupt tremble in sight of you"

Kelovath once again bows his head to Slit, offering a slight smile. "As I'm sure they will." Peering about the mine for a moment, the paladin took a step back from Slit. "I believe it's time I should be getting back to Larket. I have a few ideas in mind for our conquest, Slit. I'd like to think them over, then get back to you." The armored paladin flashed a smile to the elf, then turned for the exit.