RP:Rowen reads the instuctions on Ekim's hoof

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Kelay Tavern Some time in 2010

Rowen completely terrifies poor Eilyo

Rowen said to Dergious, "Hi Dad." Then the rat addresses Eilyo, "You have my permission to approach and pay me your respects." Eilyo looked at you.

Rowen said to Dergious, "Poor bard was so frightened of me, I tried, to speak kindly reassuringly to her!"

Rowen said OOC, "Eilyo just took one look at Rowen and poofed...she's not - that- ugly!"

Ginger said OOC, "Rowen is a wunnerful char. . .good for business."

Ginger said OOC, "Makes a convincing argument for hammers. . .and I sell more that way. . ."See, look at Rowen. . .that's why you need this hammer." "SOld!!". . .kinda like that."

You said OOC, "I'm happy to be able to help Ginger hun!"

Ginger said OOC, "Rowen reminds me of my cat. . .and my cat makes me smile. . .so all is well, if Rowen is well."

Terra said OOC, "thank you ginger. my day just wasnt complete before."

You said OOC, "You brighten everyone's day Finn hun..and Hi Ekim *huggles*"

You said to Ekimrelyt, "You have my permission to approach and pay me your respects."

Ekimrelyt said to you, "What respects?"

Ekimrelyt looked at you.

Ekimrelyt told you, "ooc why are they needed "

You told Ekimrelyt, "ooc They are not she is insane and incredibly arrogant *hugs*"

Rowen said to Ekimrelyt, "Don't you know who I am!"

Rowen has just met someone that is just ass arrogant as she if your press the right buttons

Ekimrelyt said to you, "Do I care who you are?" Little did Rowen know it but she has just met someone that is just ass arrogant as she if your press the right buttons. " Really?""

Rowen looks down her little rat nose at him. "I am far to busy, to waste much time on peasants just now, if you wish to pay your respects, be quick about it. Should you actually desire the honour of a conversation with me, you must make an appointment with my secretary, I believe there is a ten minute slot free next May.

The Master Centaur is no Peasant

Ekimrelyt said to you, "Listen here Little Ms. High and Mighty. Im conversing with you right now so the hell with all your little appointments. Now you tell me who you are and if I deem you important enough, I will pay my respects." After the little rant was completed, a second though crossed his mind. Peasant? The Master Centaur is no Peasant. "Wait a Minute, Peasant you called me? You are speaking to a sheriff. ""

Ekimrelyt told you, " ooc We have a university maybe about a half hour from here that goes by the name of Rowen."

Rowen said to Ekimrelyt, "I'm sorry, but if I make an exception for you, it just wouldn't be fair on all the other peasants and sherrifs that have to wait months or years for an audience with the great Rowen."

Ekimrelyt said to you, "Ahhh the great Rowen Eh? Well too bad because I guess your not being fair to the rest of us. I am a Lord, I am ~the~ Master Centaur. I am Sheriff Ekimrelyt of Vhys." He snickered a bit" Ive got a better idea rather than bickering who's more important. Well all know you should be paying ~me~ respects. Why dont you come down of your self imposed pedestal and buy us both a drink."

Ginger rages into the tavern and moos ferociously at the people inside

Ginger rages into the tavern and moos ferociously at the people inside. "Submit to Daisy or be doomed to the peril of the unbeliever!!! Mooo!!!"

Ekimrelyt oocly dies!!!!!!

Ginger shouted, "Moo!"

It is only right that I should give alms to a poor deluded soul who actually believes himself greater than I

Rowen bows politely to Ginger "Greetings fellow priestess." While Mesthak is distracted by the pixie's loud preaching, Rowen uses her psionics to swipe two bottles of whiskey. One of these she floats over to the centaur commenting. "It is only right that I should give alms to a poor deluded soul who actually believes himself greater than I!"

Ginger seats herself beside Rowen in a show of solidarity. She hands out the most effective conversion pamphlet she can think of. . .a bottle of milk. . Rowen uses her mind to pour both milk at whisky into her old tin lid and laps away happily. She also pours some whisky into a glass for Ginger. "Moo!"

Ginger restocks, as believers don't always come willingly. . .kicking and screaming is more accurate.

Rowen as one who has dedicated her life to the goods, believes in treating all gods and their clergy with respect.

Ekimrelyt tips the bottle of whisky strait back and chases it with the milk. "Mmmmm.

Rowen said to Ginger, "Let us hope.."nodding towards Ekim. " That the way to a centaur's soul is through his stomach."

I can always slip some concentrated honey into the next glass and drag him unconscious to Daisy

Ginger said to Rowen, "If it isn't. . .I can always slip some concentrated honey into the next glass and drag him unconscious to Daisy.""

Ekimrelyt said to Rowen, "My soul belongs to the Cateran and shall forever dwell with the rest of the forgotten souls."

Ginger said to Ekimrelyt, "Moo. . ."

Ekimrelyt looks at Daisy then to Ginger. "Nice."

Ginger said to Ekimrelyt, "We do what we must to serve the ones we love. I apologize for nothing. . .it's all necessary."

M'lady. I like your cow

Ekimrelyt said to Ginger, "I see no need for you to apologize M'lady. I like your cow."

Iktomi said OOC, "HI Hollow. Ekim!! Dergi!!" Iktomi said OOC, "And can't forget about Rowen."

Rowen said to Ginger, "You'd think being a fellow quadruped, he'd be eager to worship your fine goddess. Such, odd folks are just incomprehensible to me."

Rowen said OOC, "*hugs Iktomi*"

Ekimrelyt said to you, "Worship? No. I worship none . I give respect where respect is due, but my dear lady, you do not deserve respect from me. Ginger Maybe, you no."

Ekimrelyt told you, "ooc Im thoroughly enjoying this."

I am merely a humble priestess

You said to Ekimrelyt, "The gods deserve your respect, sir. I am merely a humble priestess."

Ekimrelyt said OOC, "because ekim is Smexy like that"

Ginger said OOC, "You know. . .I've sacced characters to Astrala, but none to Daisy. . .perhaps I need to remedy that lapse."

You told Ekimrelyt, "ooc I'm so glad..hope you appreciate the irony of Row boat claiming to be humble He he*hugs*"

You said OOC, "Can we make it a Sacrifice/centaur bbq Ginger hun?"

Ekimrelyt said to you, "And the gods have my respect...... Hmpf. Humble" The last words were said as an undertone. Under his breath so to say."

Ginger said OOC, "I don't think he'd go for it. . .but I can try"

Ekimrelyt said OOC, "why does everyone want to BBQ Ekim?!?!?!"

Mitsuko said OOC, "Ikto-chan and Rat! We has to rp again...Mitsu misses chasing Ro-ro."

Iktomi said OOC, "Hey, I'm not wanting to bbq him. I have seen what that centaur has been in and he may not taste good. "

Ginger said OOC, "No idea. . .but Daisy is prolly hungry. . ."

Mitsuko said OOC, "Vat was that Ging!?"

Ginger said OOC, "Hehe. . .that was a mini-RP intermission. . .no one saw that except you."

Rowen said OOC, "She is in rp in Kelay Tevern, feel free to come and chase her around while she tries to converse with Ekim and Ginger."

Rowen bestows some wise advice on Ekim

Rowen said to Ekimrelyt, "Well, I am glad that at least the gods have your respect. I was beginning to despair of their being any hope for you. Now you need to learn to treat your fellow mortals with respect also. Believe me, when you are perfectly respectful, at all times, like I, life runs just so much more smoothly."

Dergious said OOC, "Ain't that whut Chill'en be for? Beatin?"

Ginger said to Ekimrelyt, ". . .except when it doesn't."

Dergious said OOC, "*clears the Dergious out of his throat* Um yeah... I mean yeah I have a pet like that."

Ginger said OOC, "Well, Derg, sometimes i equip T'ots and beat people -with- him. . .that's fun, too."

Dergious tries to force-mate Rowen's bunny slippers with Mitsuko's feline to make Funny Slippers

Dergious tries to force-mate Rowen's bunny slippers with Mitsuko's feline to make Funny Slippers.

Rowen nods sagely in agreement with her fellow priestess' wise words.

Ekimrelyt said to you, "Oh I have respect for most. Just not you." A nasty little grin caresses his lips. "You must think gravel is smooth eh?""

Rowen said OOC, "I have to go in 30 mins. Make the most of Rat Fink while she is here folks!"

Ekimrelyt oocly wants a Ratfink tool box somnethign terrible.

Rowen said to Ginger, "It really is a pity how some young people nowadays have so little respect for the clergy."

Ginger considers all the conversation and acts being performed and adds her two coppers to the mix. "Gravel is quite smooth compared to what that bunny is doing. . .and it might as well be silk, compared to eating cat-meat. . .I mean, gr-ro-oss."

Cat is rather gamey, I much prefer centaur

Rowen said to Ginger, "Yeah, cat is rather gamey, I much prefer centaur."

Ekimrelyt said to you, "Go ahead you little rat and ill stomp you beneath my manure caked hooves."

Ekimrelyt nods his head to his fellow centaur. "Greetings Azurro."

The tiny pixie leaps up to hug the centaur-cannibal

Ginger beams at Ekimrelyt. "A fellow believer!!! I never thought I'd see the day when a fellow cannibal would come out of the closet. . .and in public, too!!! Congratulations. . ." The tiny pixie leaps up to hug the centaur-cannibal, but forgets her wings for a slight second and they reflexively latch on, too, potentially crushing her new friend. . Rowen said to Ekimrelyt, "Really there is no need to threaten violence young man. What was I telling you earlier about treating others with respect. It wouldn't hurt you to clean your hooves, before you come getting manure all over poor Mesthak's floor too. Have some consideration for the poor folks who have to clean this place."

Ekimrelyt really is taken aback by Ginger's sudden change of person." Uhm. Thank You?"

Azurro returns the nod with a light bow. "Morning...Forgive me as it seems i forgot your name.."

Ekimrelyt told you, "ooc You got me with that one.... Almost."

Ekimrelyt said to Azurro, "Lord EKimrelyt. "

Ekimrelyt said to Ginger, "Really?"

You told Ekimrelyt, "*feels proud* And *hugs Ekim*"

Ginger said to Ekimrelyt, "Absolutely, I'm an expert at preparing a fine meal."

Azurro said to Ginger, "Ehm...As tempting as that sounds, i've not got the time."

Ahh But the Manure is caked

Ekimrelyt said to Rowen, "Ahh But the Manure is caked. Tis not falling out. Must be picked out." THe Master Centaur hands Rowen a pick. "Your more than welcome to pick my feet seeing as I cant reach them.""

Ginger said to Azurro, "Oh, now, now. . .there's always time for brunch." The pixie releases Ekim and raises her chaos blade, testing the edge gently with her thumb. "I can make it quick. . .I promise you that."

Azurro said to Ekimrelyt, "Morning then Lord Ekimrelyt... If you'll excuse me i must continue my route about the forests."

Ekimrelyt said to Ginger, "Sounds like a plan. But I dont want to eat Centaur. Maybe Lycan.? What say You?"

Rowen takes a swipe and Ekim's ankles. (One handed) with the small pick.

Rowen said, "Yeah. Lets eat Leoxander."

Azurro blinks towards the blade..This place just gets weirder each day, backing away with a raised brow before the centaur exits the tavern. "I rather keep my hide thank you though.."

Lycan is tricky to prepare

Ginger said to Ekimrelyt, "Lycan is tricky to prepare. Take into consideration the base-race, and the lycanthropic forms. . .figure in the age and we can't neglect the. . ." The pixie goes on and on, happy in her world of tummy-pleasers. She almost forgets the main course. Azurro catches her glance once more. "Are you sure I can't tempt you? Just because Lord Lester prefers the finer things, doesn't mean I don't enjoy certain. . .delicacies."

Ekimrelyt looks down at Rowen. "What are you doing. Your supposed to pick out the bottom of my hooves." The Sheriff Raises his front left foot so that she could look at the bottom the foot. "Here Yeh go."

Azurro said OOC, "Ginger scares me."

Ekimrelyt said to Ginger, "No, He is one of my own kind Ms Ginger, I could not. What about the Dwarf over there?"

Danika said OOC, "Hey Ik and Azurro just groind them up and put them on toast ;)"

Someone has carved something very amusing into the bottom of your hoof

Rowen starts giggling. "Are you aware that someone has carved something very amusing into the bottom of your hoof, young man?"

Azurro said OOC, "I think Azurro will stray from Ginger. Hehe."

Ekimrelyt said to you, "No. What has been carved itty bitty one?"

Ginger looks over at Mesthak. "Nah, that'd be rude. . .gotta be polite or I'll lose a good place to get drinks."

Rowen said to Ekimrelyt, "You have to eat your own kind to be a cannibal, that's the definition of cannibal. Come along to my library sometime and I'll let you read the dictionary...If you behave."

Silly horsey man

Rowen said to Ekimrelyt, "Why should I tell you what is carved in the bottom of your hoof, when you won't even speak to me will respect, silly horsey man."

Ekimrelyt said to you, "Ahh Mistress. "His nose wrinkles up as the smell carresses his nostrils." You are very correct, but I do not wish to kill my own kind first."

Verse said OOC, "Some people call me the space cowboy."

Gahnenim scamper off and over to the long oak bar as he peers at Mesthak. " Drink and Deerz Meatz" . The small bag of copper chinks in the trolls bifingered claw. His dark fingernails reluctant to pass over the shiny pieces. Perhaps he could swindle the Barkeep he thought to himself.

Mahri said OOC, "Cuz..you're joker?"

Ekimrelyt said to Rowen, "Because if you dont tell me I shall stomp you."

Ekimrelyt said OOC, "Mahri!!! They want to BBQ me help me!"

Ginger said to Gahnenim, "Deer meat? What are you saying? You want dragon bacon, mi'lad. Here, take a piece and remember. . .deer meat is for elves. . .dragon meat is for the powerful."

Ginger gave 1 Wyvern Jerky to Gahnenim.

Ekimrelyt drank a Tears of the Innocent.

Azurro said OOC, "I now crave rp...But i'm scared for Azurro icly to go back into the tavern. *blames Ginger*"

Mahri said OOC, "Save me a Leg of Ekim.

Mez never has no Dragoniz meatz

Gahnenim said to Ginger, "Mez never has no Dragoniz meatz.. Mez try? * His glowing orbs focus on the tiny stranger as his as he flashes his jagged teeth."

Iktomi said OOC, "Someone bbqing Ekim already?"

Quite possibly dead rat priestess all over you foot

Rowen said, "If you stomp me, you'll not only have caked in manure, but quite possibly dead rat priestess all over you foot. You'll probably never find anyone to scrape it all away and read. "Caution, this centaur is made from matter only. Should it ever come into contact with the same mass of antimatter, both matter and antimatter will disappear in a blinding flash of energy....whatever that means. It also says not suitable for babies under six months of age.

Rowen said OOC, "Rowen is reading Ekim...gotta read the cooking intructions first."

Ekimrelyt said OOC, "theyre trying "