RP:Rowen eagerly tells her old friend Redhale about her extensive collection of titles

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The Hanging Corpse Tavern approx 2009 Before Rowen was turned into a rat

Nigel is dressed up to try to resemble Myrall

Rowen strolls into the Hanging Corpse like she owns the place. The kid is dragging behind her a dead , not undead, just dead and half decomposed, shark. He is dressed up to try to resemble Myrall, but his priestly robe has fallen half off and his beard is loose. Sat atop Rowen's head is a cute little yellow duckling. Rowen seems delighted to see Redhale once more. "I thought you was dead!" she exclaims enthusiastically.

Redhale found the girls appearance a might amusing on its own, though her words managed to actually pull a choked laugh from him. He wasn't in any strange get up himself, appearing as always in his dark robes and cloak, his face hidden behind the unsettlingly emotionless mask. As his chuckling spluttered to an end the softer sound of his voice crept into the tavern, "Not entirely, I'd wager... Where did you get that notion?" He nodded to the corpse dragged behind Rowen, "And that thing?"

Dergious said OOC, "*sniffle* Terra never calls meeeeeee "

Terra said OOC, "Nigel/Myrall returns! Evacuate the areaaaa."

I thought you was probably dead or been turned into a cucumber by a witch or gone sane or something

The kid smiles "Well I ain't seen you hanging around in the Corpse for a while, and you used to practically live in the place so I thought you was probably dead or been turned into a cucumber by a witch or gone sane or something." Rowen indicates the dead shark she is dragging behind her. "This is Nigel, he is me best mate. That nice elf Skylei gave him to me, do you know her? This is her dad Nasurate. " The child points to the duckling who is still sat on her head, happily preening his feathers. "Nigel don't normally dress like this, only I had to smuggle him into the wedding cos my daughter did not invite him, you see."

Terra said OOC, "Her daughter is so rude!"

Terra said OOC, "but you know... her husband is allergic and all. >>"

You said OOC, "Yep Nigel is in the hanging Corpse still wearing his Myrall disguise, though it is a bit worse for wear by now! His beard is half hanging off."

Rowen said OOC, "I know Terra fancy not inviting her mother bestest friend to her wedding!""

Terra said OOC, "Crazy! Even if it is a smelly, decomposing fish and all the other guests would have left."

You said OOC, "It is all your fault Terra - love. Wanna rp with us?"

Or gone insane, he thought to himself. Moreso than usual at least

Redhale chuckled a little more to himself, "Gone sane, quite. I believe I might know Skylei, though why anyone would give you that, or hold it as a 'best mate' is beyond my reasoning." As was most of Rowen's explanation. "Anyway, I might say that I haven't seen you in some time, so you must have died too." Or gone insane, he thought to himself. Moreso than usual at least.

Rowen said to Redhale, "I have started collecting something can you guess what I am collecting?" Rowen gently lifts Nasurate the duckling off her head places him on the table and gives him a little corn. "Have you met Nassy before? He hasn't always been a duck."

You ooc Yes, she is even more insane than usual.

Redhale looked at you.

Despite this, Redhale doesn't introduce himself to the duck

Redhale has to restrain himself from answering her question with 'blows to the head?' Instead he takes a moment and shakes his head, "I don't think I can guess, and no, I don't believe I have face to face." Despite this, Redhale doesn't introduce himself to the duck, being somewhat unsure of whether it is reasonable to believe in such a transmutation.

Rowen looks very pleased with herself. "I thought you would not be able to guess! I am collecting titles. I am ....Rowen Queen of Craughmoyle. Leader of the merchants guild. Empress of The Frost Giants. Commander of The Desert Legion. The Last Titan. Leader of the Fold. Owner of The Xalious mine. Governer of Selen Island. High Chief of all the Minators.Queen of the Dragons. Assistant chef at the Hanging Corpse.High Queen of All the Vampires. Champion of Kregus. Breeder of champion yellow toy ducks.Cheif Cashier of (Jaize objected to her calling herself Queen of the Nagas so Row changed it to Empress of the nagas *grins*)The Bank of Cenril. Guard-shark trainer to the king of Venturil. Goddess of the Goblins. Empress of the Naga's. Preklek High Commander. Former milk monitor at Shaelyn's Shelter for Younglings." She scratches Nasurate behind the ears. "Poor little duck has been through quite a lot these past few months."

Redhale sits in stunned silence for quite a while, unsure of whether he should point out the pointlessness of some titles, and downright impossibility of some of the others. Still, he manages to stop himself from outright denying her, leaning forwards and beckoning her closer, "That is very impressive, but what does it matter to have all those titles? Does having a special name make you more special than anyone else?"

Rowen said to Redhale, "No, no it doesn't, but then I was already more special than everyone else even before I started collecting titles.