RP:Rowen Vuryal Wedding plans?

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Kelay way

25 August 2011

Wedding Bells?

Cornelius murmurs "Needs more wedding ring. You should propose to the gallowsman. Ask him to make your wedding gift the non-slaying of your subjects"

You said to Cornelius, "Your idea has merit. I shall consult with my learn ed advisers on the matter."

Tysinni said to Veriun, "Which would you recommend? None of them are good choices, but it appears I will have to do one." Aubrielle appears from the south. Veriun said to Cornelius, "a very flawed plan, Cornelius. He does not seem the type to submit to a wife, now does he? especially if he, as the empress said, marries several times a year."

Tiphareth hears half conversations and appears to be assessing the situation based on the commotion and crowd, but unsuccessfully so. Ranok sidles up to Cornelius. It'd be clear who he was when he got close. Underneath the hat his face would be visible. "Hy need information. On de man dere at de gallows. Known as Vuryal."

Tiphareth nods toward Ryeanna before mysteriously sinking into the ground.

Niawtu can be heard, just barely saying the word "Death." over and over again and again in a breathy tone. After a while she removes her hands from her face and wraps them around herself, digging her claw-like nails into each arm. Her eyes have more fear within them then any other child could hold, but her face is stone still as the word Death continues to slide forth from her lips. She hadn't even noticed Tysinni or heard her words, and her pale skin was now even more pale as her pure whit long hair began to curtain past her face slightly.

Veriun stood up on the spot as the owl took off and flew away. Turning to look at Tysinni as she asked her question. he sighed as if he'd prefered not to answer. Yet he did. "It is a choice for you to make. All depends on your values. Which could you live with? ..or die with, potentially."

You said to Veriun, "Yeah, he's not divorced em all though, He one of them poly things a polygymist or polygon or something." Ryeanna slinks away from the gallows slowly,before quickly placing the glove back over her bare hand as she walks away briskly.

Cornelius said to Veriun, ""Balderdash. There's a difference between regular women and the Empress of the Entire Universe, you know.""

Veriun said to Cornelius, "and he is the 'lord of time' as they say. It would be quite the domestic contest."

You said to Ranok, "Vuryal is a chronomancer He can stop time and stuff, and he's the leader of the Archmosian Empire, and his last wife wouldn't even let Nigel be a bridesmaid at their wedding!"

Cornelius murmurs to Ranok "The histories in the black library of Vailkrin, and in the Libraries of Rynvale, hint at the being known as Vuryal containing immense mystical power, including that over time itself. One cannot, of course, be sure of the accuracy of these accounts, but the display just now proves that accounts of his mystical power are in no way exaggerated."

Rowen said to Veriun, "Yeah! Have a little confidence in your supreme empress!"

Tysinni shoots the speaker a look, not sure what his angle was, but having more than enough to deal with at the moment. Giving the girl her full attention, she grabs her gently by the arms, attempting to break through her shock. "Nia! Look at me. Listen to my voice. I'm not going to let anyone kill you."

Cornelius comments to Rowen "Of course, My liegelady, if -you- were the bride, of course Nigel could be a bridesmaid" Veriun said to you, "I did not say there was no chance of your succes. Only that it was a risky plan. Large risks are quite the flaw when aiming to prevent massive death and destruction. Unless ofcourse a gamble is the best bet, as such."

Ranok grumbles, "Dey never are, are dey? Right. Options are limited. Looks like dere's only tvo choices here. Hide her. Or find zumone else. Fancy a hunt, Kornelius? Take a look at dat list und see if dere's zumone ve kan' vrangle instead. Hyu kan take de entire bounty. Hy don' kare. Guaranteed to be an adventure."

You said OOC, "People icly seem to seriously be discussing whether Rowen should marry Vuryal in an attempt to curtail his murderous rampage.<3<3"

Satoshi said OOC, "Do it, Rowen!"

Veriun said OOC, "Ver isn't. He just doesn't bother actually challanging a demented womans world view."

You said OOC, "Rowen is crazy enough to try. Not sure Vuryal is crazy enough to marry a rat <3"