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Kelay Tavern

2nd September 2011

A philosophical discussion about smallness

Garthum "Gadthun! Tell me ah'm no good, will yeh? Ha! Piss on yeh, you sodding bastard! Uncle Rodan, too! Yer all Dust-damned blowhards! And I ain't never gonna letch'a live it down!"

Bella feeling rather used at this point, folds her arms and scowls " stupid big people "

Rowen said to Garthum, "You seem very exited to meet me again, my loyal subject. How are you? How's the blacksmithing going? Did you hear? I have very kindly given permission for the name of this world to be changed from 'Hollow' to 'Rowen' in my honour."

Garthum said to Bella, "Sodding right about that, short-stuff. Tall people're always steppin' on the short folk."

Rowen said to Garthum, "I am even shorter than you two but of course no one would ever dream of being so disrespectful as to step on the supreme empress."

The dwarf agrees the world should be renamed.

Garthum said to you, "Ah! Yer ladyship! Heh-heh... and renamin' the world, eh? Rowen... Rowen... kind've has a ring to it. Heh-heh-he. Ehh, smithin' is goin' pretty well. Finally got some sodding work. And how are you, then? Any smithing needs you might have? Perhaps some... Royal Rat-Queen Armor? I bet you'd look quite regal in some Scale Mail..."

Garthum said to Bella, "So... ain't seen many of yer kind outside the wilds. Though you fae-folk all hated these big noisy surfacer cities?"

Rowen thinks this over carefully. "I myself am not really in need of any armor but my dear friend Nigel could do with some. He is a guard at the castle is Venturil you know. Have you ever met Nigel?

Garthum could not confess to have met anyone from Venturil, truly... what with his having never before even heard of the place. Chuckling pleasantly, the dwarf canted his head towards Bella... whilst still addressing the rat. "Yeh know... can't say ah've had the pleasure."

Nigel is summoned to the royal presence

Rowen calls to her servant Jake, who appears from the back room where he was getting drunk.He seems thankful to be able to put down the half decomposed shark corpse he is carrying. Jake props 'Nigel' up in a chair. He is not an undead shark. He is merely the corpse of a shark given to Rowen by Satoshi some years ago. The only place he lives and speaks and has a job as a guard for king Rheven is in Rowen's deluded little mind. "Nigel this fine dwarf fellow is Garthum the Smith. Garthum this is Nigel, twin brother of Lirithen, Lirithen used to be an elf before he got re-incarnated as a duck.

Mitsuko appears from the south.

Garthum chuckled pleasantly at the diminutive girl and offered a pleasant grin. "Ah, well... heh-heh... can't blame yeh, there. Yer not to bad, though. Lot've friends of mine said the fae-folk are good company. I'm inclined to believe 'em. At least they know how ter have a bit'o fun."

Bella raises to her feet and takes to the air, but instead on landing on the Dwarf`s hand she settles on his shoulder " that's because pleasure isn't yours to have sweetie. You cant own it it's a feeling" shaking her head at his foolishness.

Garthum 's attention was immediately turned to the decomposing shark. He gave the poor creature a brief assessment... then bobbed his head and gave his graying beard a tug. "Yer right... looks like some armor could do the poor lad a bit've good. He's practically wasted away already."

Soft warm Mittens

Rowen beams at Mitsuko "Mittens! My dear! Nigel and I have missed you so. I have excellent news, the Cabal are no longer at war with the Fold. It was tearing my heart apart being on opposite sides in a conflict to you dear friend."

Mitsuko said to you, "Nigel?"

Garthum snickered at the pixie and shot her a glance, careful not to jostle her about too much with his movements. "Ehh... it's a figure of speech. Though, pleasure can't be owned... it... ehh... heh-heh-heh... -can- be given. Just bear that in mind."

Rowen said to Mitsuko, "You have forgotten dear Nigel, the stress of war must have been reallygetting to you, my friend. She indicates the shark corpse decomposing in a chair, then turns to Garthum once more."Yeah, I know I've tried to encourage him to eat more, but he won't listen to me. Poor Nigel has been suffering from a wasting disease ever since he first left the sea several years ago. I had mages cast a preservation spell so he doesn't rot away anymore, but they don't seem to be able to reverse the damage the poor fellow had already suffered. Still it doesn't let it stop him. He has twice been promoted at work."

Bella said to you, "awww..the poor crumpet! "

Garthum snickered loudly and shook his head. "Ehhh, yer a bit too... what's the word... uh, slight of stature... fer the likes've me. But it ain't ever stopped 'n old man from lookin'." With that said, he turned his sights once more to the ticking metal box. "Can't believe I really made it work. All that time... an' it turned out to be a flaw I overlooked."

Mitsuko said to you, "Mmm so that was what I was smelling...Yum?"

Rowen said to Bella, "I would be honoured if you would sit with Nigel and I, young pixie. Nigel could use a friend friend. Do you know any other young pixies? Sanmichel for example, he is a sweet lad."

Garthum said to you, "Heh-heh... devoted trooper, is he? I 'spose he must have a lot of dedication, to keep soldierin' on even with all that rot on him. Sodding commendable, if yeh ask me."

Bella said to you, "oooh why what you, your grate rattyness! I cant say that i do know any other pixies sweet. apart from miss Thea..but she a bit to scary for a pixie. "

The empress is proud of Nigel's career

Rowen beams happily, the rat is filled with joy at Garthum's praise of her dear friend Nigel and spins around several times until she makes herself quite dizzy! Stopping a little out of breath she exclaims."King Rheven tells me that Nigel is the finest guard shark he has EVER employed."

Bella giggles again, pats Garthum on the cheek and says " The best things come in tiny packages sweetie!" giving him a wink he may or may not have seen, then jumps off his shoulder to join Rowen and Nigel.

Rowen said to Bella, "You really such meet Sanmichel. He is a sweet kid. You know that crazy healer woman Sophie who has adopted about a million kids? Little Sanny is one of her brood. You often see him proudly riding his Warhamster 'Champion."

Garthum raised his brow and chuckled. "I'd wager he's the -only- guard shark ever employed! You-neek, he is... heh-heh-heh. Mmm. Y'know... a Dark Priest might know a thing or two 'bout gettin' some of that wastin' sickness offa 'im. You considered lookin' into that?"

Bella said to you, " *frowns* hay! thats sounds familiar, i think i did meet them once..but i havent see them sinces. "

Rowen agrees with Garthum "Yeah Nigel sure is You-neek. He is the best friend I ever had. I can't go dealing with Dark priests though. I am myself a priestess of the light, the high priestess of Daedria. I cannot support the servants of evil gods." She smiles sweetly at her beloved Mitsuko. "Is it Nigel's aftershave you can smell, I bought him that for his last birthday." Then to Bella. "Yeah Kelay isn't raelly safe for kids any more, what with sadistic torturing drow taking over Kelay forest and the evil Vuryal kidnapping a little girl and turning her into Sven knows what manner of unnatural minion to do his bidding."

Bella shivers at the mention of Vuryal, not that she knows who he is or anything, as she glances a the board " I knpw what you mean sweetie, that list man is a big fat smelly bum..I mean head!"

Garthum rose slowly to his feet and chuckled pleasantly. "Aye, a good friend is an important thing to find. Ain't that right, pixie-dee?" He shot Bella another glance, grinned fiendishly, and began collecting his belongings from the table. Eventually, all that remained was his empty mug and the ticking metal box.

Rowen nods seriously to Bella then turns to Mitsuko "Maybe that's what you can smell Mittens."

A cuckoo-less clock

Rowen waves to Garthum. "Don't forget your cuckoo clock. I think you've already forgot to put a cuckoo in the thing."

Bella tilts her head and smiles wide at the man " I sure is sweetie pie" giggling at his grin. Before turning to Rowen with a worried expression "do you know who this list man is sweetie? And why he's being so mean"

Garthum said to you, "Heh-heh... no worries about forgettin' that. That's the Power Box I was talkin' about. The one we decided not to put on your hampster ball. I finally got it workin' right. You take care'o yerself, now, Yer Ladyship. Have a pleasant evening."

Rowen said to Bella, "Well I know some stuff. I went to his wedding. He is Vuryal evil leader of the Archmosiam Empire. The people on the list are those who helped in the attacks on Rynvale a few years back, when Vuryal had captured the city."

Bella said to you, " Oh..so now hes come back for revenge, makes sense "

Garthum said to Bella, "You take care, too, darlin'. Wouldn't do to have anythin'... un-pleasant happen to yeh."

You said, "And you dear friends all, goodnight. May Daedria bless you every one." She calls for Jake to wheel her and Nigel home in the biscuit palace."

Bella said to Garthum, " hehehe.. silly goose"