RP:Roasts, Riddles, and Rapport

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Summary: It's the first Annual Pig Roast, for the Adventurer's Guild, held at the picnic area in Xalious and hosted by the guild leader, Lanara. At first, all is well, as the drinks are flowing, the pork is tasty, and the Sound of Sirens is rocking out onstage. However, things take a dark turn as a scorpion snatches a pig off a spit and escapes to the river. Lana ends up on top of the beasts' back, and after nearly drowning several times, the legendary fashion designer, Kreekitaka springs into action and rescues the witch. The bbq is back on after a near death, and the hundreds of guests mingle and have dessert, which was catered by Khitti's bakery in Cenril. The night concludes with an epic fireworks show, performed by the dragon, Scandal.

Picnic Area

Lanara (Post 1 of 3) A faint breeze rushes through the area, the scent of wildflowers in the distance mingling with the aroma of freshly cooked pork. Those that pass through the park would come up to the picnic area, which has been reserved solely for today’s festivities. An information booth is set up and those that wish to inquire about the Adventurers’ Guild or fill out an application to begin the joining process, would find sheets of parchment, quill pens, and an inkwell for their use. Those that visit the booth are encouraged to take one of the compasses, a staple item for a true adventurer. A healer’s tent is directly beside the information booth, should anyone need any first aid during today’s events. Dozens of wooden tables with benches have been set up in neat rows, with plaid tablecloths, and a centerpiece of mixed flowers. Further down the rows, there are picnic blankets set upon the grass, for those that wish to get the full experience of dining on the well-manicured lawn. To the left of the designated dining area are long tables covered with heaping plates of food, along with plates, utensils, and cloth napkins. Chicken wings with various types of sauces, roasted vegetables, corn on the cob, mixed greens salad, fruit platters, and a metal tray with triangular slices of watermelon, are being refilled as needed by a team of competent waiters. Gordyn Whamsey, the celebrity chef of Lithrydel, is overseeing the giant frost boar, which roasts on the spit, an apple jammed in its mouth. The chef has a no-nonsense attitude and is barking orders at the waiters, dropping some foul language with each of his tirades. To the right of the dining area, the dessert table has been set up, which has been catered from the finest bakery in the realm, The Ginger Snapped Bakery and Sweet Shop, in Cenril. Beside that is where the bartender has set up a portable u-shaped booth, which has been enchanted to keep all the beverages chilled. Housing various types of liquor, spring water, and freshly squeezed lemonade, he’s at the ready to take ones order.

Lanara (Post 2 of 3) A little ways past the dining area, at the bottom of a small hill, a spacious stage is erected for Khitti’s band, the world-renowned rock group, The Sound of Sirens. Before the stage, one would notice that the grass has been neatly trimmed, to mimic that of a mossy dance floor. Wooden chairs are set up to the right of the stage, for those that wish to merely enjoy the show, or are incapacitated and unable to dance. Far across from the stage is the activity area, where a massive dog sits beneath a banner reading ‘Tug Of War’ and should one wish to test their strength, he eagerly awaits, holding one end of the thick rope in his mouth. Venin, the disgruntled caretaker of the animal sanctuary in Sage Forest, stands on a chalk line, glaring at anyone that wishes to take on the mastiff. Clearly, she hates having been chosen for this job, much like she hates anything and everything. The next activity area has a long net, set about eight feet above the grass, with two strong metal poles shoved into the ground. A white ball rests below the net, and a handsome male wears a head referee’s outfit, to properly judge any volleyball matches that take place. If one looks close enough, they’d see that it’s Nick, the blonde singer of the Backstreet Bards! The last activity area has several burlap bags resting on the grass, with a chalk line drawn down the center, and the word ‘finish’ written a hundred feet down the line. An elderly man sits on a chair at the end, a plate of chicken bones on his lap, as he judges the potato sack race. It’s the geriatric puppeteer, infamous for torturing chickens and traumatizing his children viewers. Thankfully, there aren’t any live chickens, unattended children, or puppets, at this event! The final attraction of the pig roast is the large lake that rests at the bottom of the next sloping hill, just begging attendees to strip down to their swimwear and take a dip in the cool water. A small table with neatly folded bathing towels is set up nearby, and a few beach chaises are lined up, should one wish to work on their tan. There doesn’t seem to be a lifeguard on duty, so swimming is at one’s own discretion. All in all, it’s a sunny day in the upper seventies, and no expense was spared in the planning of the first, of hopefully many, annual pig roasts.

Lanara (Post 3 of 3) Wearing an orange tank top that shows off a pierced navel, hunter green cargo pants which end a few inches above her ankles, and tan sandals with a modest heel, she’s casually dressed and ready to kick off the shindig! Lanara had arrived here a few minutes after dawn, and after having a brief conversation with a certain vampiric thug in Cenril, she had made it to Xalious, unscathed. Her permission slip from Tiberius is neatly tucked into her pocket, for safe keeping until the lycan’s arrival. Chocolate hues take in their surroundings, as the witch mentally checks off each thing that had to be done before the first guest arrived, and though she’s stressed to the max, she’s very much in the zone. If the witch wasn’t the founder of an animal sanctuary that gave dance lessons on the side, she easily could have made a living being an event planner. Walking from the lake, up the small hill, through the dining area, she finally makes her way over to the information booth, where she finds the chair designated for her disabled sibling. Lana bites back a smirk as she places a sticker on a pair of metal crutches that had been decorated with rhinestones. The sticker reads ‘Courtesy of Lana’ and if one were to take a good look at the boar, they’d see a small plaque before it, reading ‘Courtesy of Taly’ much to the woman’s amusement. It’s an ongoing joke, since Taly had nearly perished while hunting down the boar in Frostmaw, believing the prank to be an actual task that needed to be completed for initiation into the guild. Seeing that everything was in order, Lana runs her fingers through her long chestnut locks, which were worn in loose waves today, that reached the middle of her back. She’s eager for the guests to arrive, and she lingers near the entrance to the park, a warm smile on her fair face.

Khitti [Post 1 of 2] || As guests started to swarm into the picnic area, a good chunk of them made their way to the stage. What first started out as less than a hundred would soon hit that mark and then surpass it, with the whole of them chanting together “S.o.S! S.o.S!” It was probably not something to be shouted so loudly, what with the actual meaning behind the acronym. But, The Sound of Sirens would certainly save their souls… with the power of music. An eerie-looking fog took the stage first, giving the band cover as they took their places; though few in the crowd that were right up front let out a few screams as they saw shadows looming within the fog. Dayv Ghoul’s drums spoke up first, then Jon 3 and Spyder’s lead and bass guitars. ♪ Freedom! La la la la! Freedom. Follow me! ♪ The strange disembodied voice continued those lines until, quite suddenly, the fog cleared and Khitti was on stage, decked out in all black and looking very reminiscent of her days as a vampire with mage-made lights illuminating the area, “Let me tell you, I'm vicious! Not pass-aggressive! I got my finger on my pulse, staring straight into a hole and I get it. And I'm a savage! It's automatic! I got a way of making noise, the power to destroy with no static!” The undead that made up her band played hard and heavy, with Gorey Taelyr helping with back-up vocals, his screeching, spectre shrill filling the air in time with Khitti’s own voice. “Cause victory is all you need, so cultivate and plant the seed. Hold your breath and count to ten, just count to ten…” The crowd screamed, raising their hands towards the stage as they sung along. Electricity crackled in the air, surfacing from each of the instruments as they were played, coupling with the bard magic that flowed along the redhead’s words. Khitti could only grin in the brief pause the song allowed between verse and chorus before she started up again, and when she did, rain began to fall on the crowd in the immediate vicinity of the stage, likely being manipulated by mages from the town nearby, “I'm gonna make it rain, so ring the bell! I know it all too well! Switchblade on the edge of your wrist, can I get a witness?!” Of course, the crowd obliged with their own ‘witness!’ screamed right back at the band. “Cause agony brings no reward, for one more hit and one last score! Don't be a casualty--cut the cord!” The song would continue and the crowd went wild, screaming and begging for more of the Sirens’ song until it died and would soon transition to the next.

Khitti [Post 2 of 2] || Nearby at the dining area, nearly the full staff and more from the Ginger Snapped bakery were present; some were tending to the tables of sweets, while others were out serving the guests that weren’t partaking in the rest of the festivities of the day, choosing to engorge themselves on barbeque and desserts instead. A vast array of cookies, cakes, pies, truffles, and hard candies galore filled trays and tables, and even various types of bread were made to go with the pig roast, in the off chance that someone wanted sandwiches. On a table separate from all the goodies, cups filled with different kinds of herbs were waiting to have hot water added to them to make tea, giving the guests the option for something to drink aside from lemonade, liquor, and water.

Talyara arrives to the pig roast early enough before most of the guests have arrived but after the caterers and entrainment had already come to set up and prepare for the festivities. The younger witch is dressed casually, donning a pair of cutoff denim shorts that end at her mid thigh and a long-sleeved purple plaid shirt which she has rolled up to the elbows. Her hair is knotted into braided pigtails with wildflowers weaved in and her usual ankle boots are on her feet. Thankfully, she no longer wears a cast on her ankle but she still walks with a simple pair of crutches to keep the weight off of her still injured leg. Not wanting to sit out the entire picnic and be unhelpful, Lana had offered her to sit at the information booth and pass along information as well as compasses to any and all interested. She is about to move past the booth to check out the rest of the grounds when she spies a pair of crutches leaning against the table and she quirks her head. Emerald eyes fall on the sticker and Taly rolls her eyes despite the grin on her face, trading her plain wooden crutches for the bedazzled ones. She was still annoyed with her older sister for pranking her in such a dangerous way, but Lana had seemed sincere in her apology (she had never expected the little witch to go hunting a frost boar in the first place let alone actually slay one for the picnic). Taly meanders further towards the various activities, keeping an eye out for her sister. When she does spy her, the younger witch hobbles over to her and smiles. “Thanks for the crutches. It looks great here! And you look as lovely as ever!” Even though she was still upset and injured from the faux initiation, Talyara wanted to be there to support her sister. Soon the other guests begin to arrive so Taly takes her leave from her sister’s side and hobbles over to the information booth and sinks into the chair, adjusting her leg into a more comfortable position.

Scandal’s arrival went largely unnoticed. In recent hour of being in Xailous he had sent a cart loaded with fried diced Kraken, and a vat of superb quality caviar to be served, in addition to the food provided. In that hour he had also acquired a rather unique potion from a local and had chosen to use it before arriving. When he did arrive, he was sure no one would recognize him, as he had never once in his life ever appeared as this, everything about how he looked and spoke was different. He was a little over 6’ perhaps 6’ 2”, his build was athletic and well chiseled, from his face down to his feet, his eyes a reddish brown, and his long and pulled back in a man bun. Most remarkably was that his skin looked like a lightly tanned humans, and that alone was an achievement for the dragon. His face chisel with high cheekbones and a dark red short well kept goatee. Beneath his head thick muscular neck he possessed well formed and broad shoulders and strong muscular arms, he wore a white t shirt over his muscular chest and waist, and around that waist he wore a pair of khaki black shorts. He wore no shoes to speak of, it after all would be swimming picnic, so he didn’t bother with more fancy garments. On his face he wore some silvery sunglasses. A smile on the dragon’s face showing off his flawless human teeth, yes Scandal felt very happy, if he ever did get the ability to keep this form, he would most definitely keep it. He would approach his sister soon, and he wondered if they would even recognize him. He hoped they would be very surprised. Especially his old friend Rani.

Zahrani hikes to the Picnic Area, the paladin accompanied by a small entourage of felines of many ages. An aged, black and gray woman with yellow eyes walks beside her, wearing simple traveling garb and her head covered by a straw hat; Roahin, matriarch of the Isran Collective colony. Amir, a 9-year-old snow leopard lad, walks on the other side of Zahrani; he seems to be enjoying the cool weather close to the mountains. Strapped to his back is a crate of cleaned and preserved fish; the mist coming from the box indicates that it is being kept at a low temperature as an added precaution. A trained arcanist would likely conclude that Amir has a knack for frost magic, as the boy isn’t even shivering from the icy container. A family of four cheetah-like felines hikes behind them; a mother, father, and the children D’zaeed (a boy who looks to be in his teens) and Almitra (a girl who doesn’t look much older than 6). Marching ahead of the group is a 10-year-old tiger striped lass with braided hair and carrying a quarterstaff. Raahin is one of Zahrani’s students, and she’s built like a smaller version of the panther. The group wears garb similar to the elder woman, a caravan of conical straw hats, traveling cloaks, camping gear, and swishing tails. When they reach the roast area, Amir runs up to Lanara, introducing himself and asking where to place the fish. If necessary, two older male cats that traveled with them would help unbox and prepare the catch.

Hikoro travels just behind the feline group that had arrived from Cenril, the Spirit Feline garbed in a Frostmawian robe. Aside from her travel gear, the woman cradles an Ice Drake hatchling in her arms. Amir had previously walked up to her and asked where it came from. She had found it in a cave as an egg. She had been contracted to slay the adult dragon, not realizing it was a mother, and she has taken on the responsibility of raising the young one. “His name is Syrus, after my own father.” For much of the event, the woman prefers to be a silent observer, though if approached, she would introduce herself.

Lionel slinked through the crowd with the skilled precision of a lifelong swordsman. Probably because he was one. But it would have been difficult for the uninitiated to guess it today. A white smock covered him almost from neck to toe, and he balanced trays of bread like he was born to cater. He glided past even the bulkiest of patrons, stopping just long enough at each gathering to ensure his offerings were on full display. Several times before Khitti’s band had even finished wooing a crowd, Lionel needed to replace empty platters with fresh ones. The scent of bread followed him just as surely as it would have had he been traipsing down the Cenrili streets near Ginger Snapped. He positively smelled of bread; on a clear day, birds would have followed him from a quarter mile away. As it happened, the skies were just clear enough for a small flock of pigeons to encircle Lionel O’Connor as if they were vultures and he were breathing his last breath. The rank scents from the smashed-together crowd of concert-goers, combined with Lionel’s heightened senses, was almost enough to make him wonder if they -were- vultures. “Bread,” Lionel said as passionately as he could muster. “Get your bread.” Lionel volunteered to help out with Khitti’s staff, and no part of him at all was a baker, so he was bound and determined to do this with gusto. Just as soon as he could acquire some. “Bread,” he repeated, this time with greater pride. After all, Lionel was serving the best bread in Lithrydel, and that had to count for something.

Tiber walked through the park of Xalious with the flattest face known-to-man. Ordinarily, he would not try to fit into the festivities, but Lanara was nagging him enough where he had to care just a little. Unfortunately, he was stuck with her for about a week more until their arrangement was off. This was not who he was. Tiberius was not the guy who would make a potato salad to help someone unless he earned something in return. He was not the guy who would interact with a bunch of strangers whom would eventually lead into small talking. Lanara insisted that this was for trustworthy purposes for their venture with the team; furthermore, she did that whole whiney thing which was absolutely obnoxious. The translator for the guild was intimidating at first glance, but a few drinks would loosen him up for the occasion. Anyway, here he was dressed in a nice light blue button-up with rolled up sleeves that was untucked, a pair of tan colored shorts, and loafers. As Lanara waits to greet the patrons wandering into the pig roast, he spots Talyara. Both of them were together hugging and complimenting each other. Instead of walking straight into that disaster, he would pivot another direction to those sparkling alcoholic drinks offered on the table. After all, he was only in it for the free food.

Lanara applauds and whistles as Khitti’s band kicks up, the elf jumping up and down and wanting very much to go and rage before the stage, though she knows her duties lie elsewhere. She’d get to rock out later, she knows, and so she leans in and gives her sister a kiss upon her cheek, before tugging on one of Taly’s braids. “Thanks! You look lovely, too, Sister! Do you like the bedazzled crutches?” Her hues twinkle with mischief, as she gives a sidelong glance to the fellow with the man bun. Who wears a man bun in public?! She’s trying to mask her disproval as she ushers Talyara towards the information booth, when she’s greeted by a young boy carrying a box of fresh caught fish. A dainty hand is extended as they make their acquaintance, “Hello, Amir, I am Lanara. That is so sweet of you to bring some food from your tribe! Why don’t you go over there and speak with Chef Gordyn? He has a spare table that you can set up to prepare your catch.” Lana looks over his shoulder and winks at Zahrani, while giving the rest of her crew a warm smile, as well as Hikoro. The woman’s stomach rumbles and she wanders over to the table that was catered from Khitti’s bakery, her smile widening as she catches sight of the Catalian, playing the role of a bread boy. “I’ll take a roll, please.” How had Khitti convinced him to do this?!

Orphyn , curious as to what all the commotion was about, takes a detour from her intended trek back to Cenril and decides to investigate- It sounded like a party going on, what with the smell of food and all that raucous music playing. For the most part, the assassin keeps her distance, clinging close to the treeline as if it were some sort of forested safety net. She wasn't the most sociable person some days, especially when crowds were so large. Leaning back against a tree , the pink haired girl lifted the hood of her duster and watched on to gauge what sort of shindig this would turn out to be.

Kreekitaka had never bothered overmuch with the Adventurer's Guild. Honestly, of late he had been rather more busy underwater than he'd preferred. It had been dumb luck that he'd even heard about such an event taking place. Figuring now was as good a time as any to check in and see what was happening around here, he decided it'd be good to make an appearance. The eight-foot crabman was dressed rather more casually than usual--which is to say, still flashier than most people. His kilt was a bright jade-green color--unless it was purple. It seemed to change from one to the other depending on what angle you were looking at it. The sashes which crossed his chest were glimmering silver. Despite it being a social event, Kree had been to enough of these in the past to know that danger often popped up at any point, and so he was armed with his jawblade--and, just for extra measure, Vindicator. The huge sea scorpion hadn't been this far inland in a while and its gait seemed a little uncomfortable, but it was still a large enough mount that upon entering Kree was forced to dismount in order to make it into the main area and such large creatures always made great entrances. After stepping away from the scorpion and dismissing it with a gesture--Vindicator immediately turned towards a patch of loose dirt and began to noisily bury himself for some reason--Kree stepped into the crowd, scanning it for familiar faces.

Lanara :: Chef Gordyn directs Amir and his tribe towards a spare table, his glare turning into a grimace as one of his associates interrupts. “That salad display looks awful! What the *bleep* am I paying you for?! My grandmother can do better, and she’s dead!”

Meri is here somewhere amongst all the madness and the people with Dominic. The woman has found some sort of vantage point that gives her nephew perfect vantage point of the stage so that he can watch his momma perform. There were a lot of faces, a lot of things happening, most of which Meri could not actually keep up with right now....So she'd just point at the stage and try and keep Dominic amused for the time being.

Khitti || The next song would soon begin, but not before strange purple barriers glimmered around the ghoul drummer, the skeleton bassist, the zombie guitarist, and the spectral back-up singer. Anyone at the event with magic or possessing the knowledge of protection magic would sense that these were likely in place for a reason. The music would start up again, slower than the first song, Jon 3’s electrified guitar taking center stage for the moment, the careful plucking of strings emitting throughout the area, Khitti’s vocals and the rest of the band accompanying it soon after, “Am I brave enough? Am I strong enough? To follow the desire, that burns from within, to push away my fear, to stand where I'm afraid. I am through with this, cause I am more than this. I promise to myself, alone and no one else. My flame is rising higher!” With that cue, the band’s playing picked up, shifting into a harder sound as Khitti belted out the chorus. All the while, her hair, clothing, her entire body burst into holy flames, the redhead looking like a phoenix as she sang, “I am the fire! I am burning brighter! Roaring like a storm and I am the one I've been waiting for! Screaming like a siren! Alive and burning brighter! I am the fire!” The holy fire burned brighter and hotter, seemingly not even harming Khitti or the things she was wearing, and another purple barrier shimmered into view, this one at the very edge of the stage, intent on protecting anyone in the crowd, that might be undead or use dark magic, from the holy aura that the fire gave off. “I've been sacrificed, my heart’s been cauterized. Hanging on to hope, shackled by the ghost of what I once believed, that I could never be what's right in front of me?” Much like the last song, it’d continue without fail, walls of flames shooting up on either side of Khitti to accompany those on her body.

Lionel had the best damn rolls around. That’s why he was all too happy to provide one for Lanara. “I think Khitti baked some nutmeg into these.” Was it nutmeg? Maybe it was pine nuts. Maybe it was the latest craze from the eastern shipping lines, a curious mixture known only as nutella. Maybe it wasn’t even nutty. He couldn’t remember, but he remembered putting nutmeg in his coffee once, and that wasn’t so bad, so whatever. “Here, have another.” Two rolls for the hostess and Adventurer’s Guild entrepreneur seemed fair; after all, Lionel himself could eat twenty if he so desired. And with Esche missing in action -- temporarily, he kept telling himself -- who was to stop him? In fact, the only thing preventing Lionel from eating twenty rolls right now was the fact that he was serving them. Song lyrics filled his head from afar. Was he brave enough? Was he strong enough? Catering was, thus far, proving far more social than he’d expected. No fewer than one person had spoken to him, perhaps more. This was not what he wanted, but he persevered. “Anyway,” he said to Lanara, “places to go, bread to deliver.” He trotted back into the thick of things, spotting Kreekitaka in the corner of one eye and Meri in the corner of the other. He needed an excuse to see them, either of them, so he tugged a silver coin out of his pocket and flipped it to determine which direction he’d take. The coin landed on heads, and he knew certain species of crab out in the Demon Archipelago had tails, so he decided that heads meant Meri and her pint-sized companion. “Hey,” he greeted her, holding his half-gone trays of bread in front of him. “Have some bread.” It seemed like the appropriate thing to say.

Scandal approached his sister Talyara at the information booth. Whether he knew her as Talyara or not it had been regardless a while so he wasn't completely sure, but he saw some similarities. So he thought the he ought to try to smile. "Hello." He said in a voice more human in its depth than his dragon like deepness. "So I hear you’re the one who nailed the boar." He smiled approvingly. Pulling his shades off his face, to look at her with his dark red brown eyes. "A most impressive achievement," He waited for her response, and he winked at her.

Zahrani || Amir nods, explaining to the chef that they had volunteered some additional food. A table is set up, and two fisher cats get to work with the same efficiency as skilled restaurant workers. The fish is smoked and sushi-grade, so it could be eaten as-is, but they plan to ready it for cooking on a fire. It would cook fast, and the delicious aroma would mean it would probably disappear fast. The cheetah family makes their way to the lake, setting up camp nearby and getting into swimwear. Zahrani smiles at Scandal, Taly, and Lana, removing her cloak and hat to reveal a pair of shorts and a simple swim top. It consists of a simple piece of long cloth, starting at her back, forming an X across her chest, and tying off behind her neck. A turquoise and lapis pattern ornaments the swimwear, and it looks quite fetching on the cat's athletic form. The cat walks up to the green-eyed elf offering a hug and a kiss before asking, "What happened to your leg? Can I help?" Roahin spryly climbs a nearby tree and surveys the area, joined by Hikoro at the base of the trunk. The tiger-striped lass wanders to a clearing, exploring the woods and practicing with her staff.

Lanara snaps her fingers, loving the music, as she hums along to the words. Orphyn and Kreekitaka are noticed, though she doesn’t offer up a greeting as they seem to both want to wander the area. The elf hadn’t seen Kree in quite some time, so she’s delighted that her old employer is paying them a visit! Meri and Dominic are blown a kiss, and she plans on paying them a visit soon, though for now she’s nibbling on the roll, courtesy of Lionel. Motioning to Khitti as the wall of flames surrounds her figure on stage, she’s somewhat speechless, and speaking through mouthfuls of bread, “I don’t know how she does it! That woman rocks!!!” Clearly, Lana is a fan of the Sound of Sirens! Swallowing the last bit of bread, she scans the crowd and spies Tiber over near the bar. She figured he’d scope out the free liquor, above all else the event had to offer, and she narrows her eyes. She could use a drink. Maybe it would ease her own nerves? Walking over towards the bar, she orders some girly cocktail with so much fruit in it; one would wonder if there was anything to actually drink. Sipping, she locks eyes with Tiber, “I see you made it. I had a run in earlier with that albino weirdo again.” He would know she’s referring to the henchman of Skitch, the drug kingpin in Cenril. “Anyways. He said something about Skitch having lost his sight this morning. So… Maybe I’ll be gone in a few days.” Her words hang in the air, before she points to the information booth, “Come on. I want you to meet my sister. I’m always talking about her, so it’s high time you met!”

Meri gives Lionel a weird look and shakes her head at him, turning down the offer of bread. "Uh, no thanks? But hello and good to see you too, weirdo." Of course it is probably hard to hear this, Meri is pretty close to the music.

Talyara remains at the information booth like a good witch and drums her fingers and bobs her head along with the music coming from the stage. She would much rather be in the thick of things; however, broken ankles and dislocated hips hinder one from such enjoyments. As people meandered over to her she would pass out compasses and brochures alike, doing her best to recruit as many people as possible. As Scandal approaches, she of course doesn’t know it’s him so she offers up a kind smile. “Hello there! Are you interested in learning more about the Guild?” When he mentions the boar, Taly nods her head, her cheeks flushing slightly. “Ah, well yes. It wasn’t that big of a deal.” She had almost died and if Krice hadn’t been there, she probably would have. When he takes off his glasses and winks, the witch’s smile shifts to more of a grimace. Was this man attempting to hit on her? Please, someone help her.

Alvina || The Landons arrive fashionably late. Hudson’s mother showed up late to help Marge with the brood. As a result, Alvina had to redo her make up on the carriage ride over. Bryce was insistent in touching her face. They arrive in casual attire; Hudson in his classic salmon colored polo and khaki slacks while Alvina sports a black sundress and overly large sun hat atop her crimson crown. They walk through the crowds, pointing out various events to one another on the way to the buffet table. Hudson loads his plate with wings while Alvina gets them drinks. They find an empty place on one of the picnic tables and absorb the lazy summer afternoon sights and sounds.

Tiber finds himself almost choking on the glass of bubbly in his hand. The way Chef Whamsey yells at his associates has him almost in hysterics, yet the wolf keeps his cool. The man sips on the glass again before shifting where Lanara had snuck up on him. Amber eyes scrutinize her before he responds. “He always finds you. Must be tracking us,” he then offers a crooked smile. “Let’s just hope he caves in shortly,” he finishes off the small glass before setting it on a nearby tray that is walking past him. The rogue then grabs another drink in a long pause. “Your sister? Do I really want to meet your family?” He smirks. “Or does your family really want to meet me?” The man would then shrug and play her little game. This was her day, and he figured he would bend backwards, so he would not upset her like usual. “Fair enough. Let me meet this famous sister of yours,” one arm crosses over his chest patiently. He waits for her to lead the way and pull him along like she normally does.

Scandal puts on his best smile. As the person he assumes is Talyara, "No I am already apart of it, with your sister, and mine, I am so proud of you sis, you have come a long way, and I am so very proud of you." When it dawned on her he put his arms around her hugging her. "Welcome back home Taly."

Khitti || As the song ended, a white violin faded into view near Khitti’s side once the fires died away. She picked it up, taking the place where Gorey had been, allowing the specter to get his claws on the enchanted microphone. Together with Jon 3, the shrill sounds of Khitti’s electrified violin filled the area, the drums joining in soon after. There’d be no singing from Khitti now, all the glory going to her co-singer, “Undo these chains, my friend, I'll show you the rage I've hidden. Perish the Sacrament. Swallow, but nothing's forgiven. You and I can't decide which of us was taken for granted. Make amends, some of us are destined to be outlived.” The violin’s tune carried along with the rest of the instruments, adding a haunting melody to the song as Gorey continued, screaming the chorus with his banshee wail, “Step inside, see the devil in I! Too many times, we've let it come to this! Step inside, see the devil in I! You'll realize I'm not your devil anymore!” The music continued, but calmed somewhat as Gorey went on to the next verse and the rest of the song, “Under the words of men, something is tempting the father. Where is your will, my friend? Insatiates never even bother. You and I, wrong or right, traded a lie for the leverage. In between the lens in light, you're not what you seem.”

Lionel was denied the chance to serve bread, which stung more than he could have possibly anticipated. He'd gotten into the corporate spirit, seized the chance to be part of an important team making a real difference to a crowd of bread-less sentient beings, and it wounded him that not everyone wanted to be a part of that life experience. But he understood. Bread wasn't for everyone, and Meri had her hands full. There was only so much one Catalian prince could do to push carbohydrates on the wary masses, even if some of them were his friends. "Oh, yeah. Hi. How’s things? Going well, I hope?" He nodded politely at Meri, recovering from his crestfallen moment. "And hello to you, too, Dominic." That still felt strange to say, but he was beginning to get over it. And it's not like it was the kid's fault; he just had a soft spot for the other one. Regardless, Lionel would die for this child if he had to; he was family, and he liked his mother's music besides. It was a grim thought to have while passing out baked goods, but then, Lionel’s mind could never be accused of following ordinary tracks. Case in point: as soon as he was done contemplating fatalism, he was tapping his foot to the current song being performed on stage, silently complimenting the lyrics for their flow and clever rhymes.

Lanara rolls her eyes at Tiber’s words. She knew the lycan liked having her around, deep down, at least that’s what she assumes is the case. “Yeah. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll start packing.” She grins and takes a hold of his hand and gently tugs him in the direction of the information booth. The dude with the man bun is again noticed, and Lana shakes her head, leaning in to the lycan, “Please, don’t ever do that. It’s not a good look, on anyone!” She looks stressed, as though this random fad would catch on and –every- male in Lithrydel would start rocking man buns. Chef Gordyn is heard all the way over here, screaming at the top of his lungs, ““That lamb is so undercooked, it followed Mary all the way to school!” Lanara bursts into a fit of giggles, finding the man’s antics hilarious, though she sobers upon arriving at Taly’s side. “Sister! This is Tiberius. He’s the man that’s helping me with some behind-the-scenes stuff, regarding the guild. Uh, security measures.” Taking a sip of her drink, she glances away as they make their acquaintance. He was more like her ‘owner’ and she was his ‘slave’ though she doesn’t share that bit of information.

Kreekitaka is a difficult person to impress, sometimes. It comes with having an ego roughly the size of a planet. But the music Khitti was producing had a particularly unique sound, and the visuals were... not wasted effort, exactly, they definitely enhanced the performance, but he had to wonder how much the fire was supposed to be part of the sound. He'd have to speak to Muzo about procuring similar instruments for his own usage later. For now, it was enough to enjoy the music. Familiar faces had been sighted, as anticipated--Lionel and Lanara, Khitti of course, and now Alvina had arrived. They all appeared to be busy with their own conversations, however. He stuck out enough; if someone wanted to speak with him, he would not be difficult to find. For now he contented himself with listening to the music. Meanwhile, the spot where the scorpion had been digging had gone eerily quiet. In fact, it almost seemed like it wasn't there anymore.

Zahrani looks up and down Scandal's choice of form, offering a half-smile and saying, "That's not a bad look for you." The matriarch of the group decides to descend from the tree. Roahin and Hikoro offer each other a smile, before the older cat walks towards the sandy volleyball field. She calls out to the children, rattling off their names like it's a muscle-memory, "Raahin! D'zaeed! Amir! Almitra! Want to play?" A few other party-goers decide to join in, and pretty soon the game is in full swing.

Talyara looks up at Scandal like he’s straight up insane and she does her best to fix that forced customer service smile on her face. “Oh, wellllll no need for me to recruit you then.” Who was this guy?! Her and Lana didn’t have a brother—at least a biological one. As the dragon in disguise moves to hug her Taly squeals and quickly grabs her crutches, pushing herself to a stand and pulling away from his grasp. “Um, I’m going to go…anywhere else!” As quickly as a limping person can, the witch turns on her heel and sets to move away from the information booth and the creepy man-bun guy. She is intercepted, however, by Lanara and…Tiberius. “Mr. Charmer!” Taly says in surprise, realizing that no one else besides the wolf would understand and she quickly shakes her head. “Tiberius,” she repeats although the facade shattering adds a bit of disappointment to her tone. “It’s good to see you again,” she says with a small smile.

Alvina looks up when Lanara yells at the guy with a man bun and grins. “You should wear your hair like that,” She points through the crowd so Hudson can see. “It’s stylish, Lanara likes it, it’s going to be the next big thing. Just wait.” She grins devilishly. Hudson, mouth full of chicken wings, gives his wife a look that suggests he will be doing no such thing. Ah well. There’s always next time. It's only now that Alvina spots Kree and excuses herself from Hudson with the intention to get more drinks and corner the Uyeer. "It's been a while!" She chimes over the throbbing music. No one could deny the purification that comes with a sound loud enough to rattle around in your ribcage. "Are your plans still under way? I'm anxious to hear."

Lanara quirks a brow at Taly’s reaction, as she didn’t know her sister to be acquainted with the lycan. “You two know each other?”

Meri relieves Lionel of his tray of bread and passes his nephew off to him, the tapping foot was a good sign that the Catalian could keep the kid entertained for awhile. "Oh yeah." Meri mimics. "Things are just fine. Now. Go on then, off with you, have fun with the kid. Do some dancing or something, kid deserves some bonding with Uncle Lionel." Meri was happy to stay hunkered down right where she was.

Scandal shrugged his shoulders as Talyara fled. "Oh well, at least I am unnoticable now." He smiled, until it flat lined when he heard Rani say that she liked his look. "Couldn't fool you could I." He said with a begrugdingly smile, "Hey listen Rani, you got a knife I could borrow, something tells me I should probably cut this sorry excuse of excess hair off." He eyes Lana, He doesn't say anything to her merely, pulls his shirt a bit down to reveal the same scaring marks she laid on him on Frostmaw, at least when he was a dragon. "What do you think sis, a good look minus the hair." He moved up to them, "Tiber, a pleasure to see you again."

Tiber follows along, “Just because you asked me not to, I’m going to now. You know that, right?” He grins, but begins to resist Lanara’s pull when he realized that he is approaching the mysterious woman that he met a while back. The one he was pretending to woo due to her own coin purse. Maybe he stole it, maybe he did not. Either way, the man was stuck between the girl he smooched, and the girl who was overly jealous if he talked to a lady in a flirtatious manner. “Sister?” He gave her one of those charming smiles he had always given her, and as she says his name, his smile fades. The game was over between them. “Tiberius is the name,” he pauses. “Pleasure as always,” he then scratches the back of his head. He might have been a tad uncomfortable, but he would not let that show. “What happened to you?” He was staring at her leg now. She was limping, and he was curious.

Zahrani already knew it was Scandal, so she gives him an apologetic glance before following Taly as the elf limps away. She offers an arm to help, before saying quietly, "I know I said this already, but I could probably heal that injury if you want." As Lana and Tiber walk up to them, the feline's cyan gaze rests on the man. It's a nice enough day, so the panther offers a wry grin before saying to Tiber, "So, we meet again."

Zahrani said to Scandal, "I'm sure Amir could lend you his knife. He's down by the volleyball field."

Scandal said to Zahrani, "I will be sure to find him."

Kreekitaka tsk'd at the chef's screaming. Certainly, he'd lambasted an underling before, but if there was a constant need for it, something must be horribly wrong in the kitchen. Alvina's arrival was a welcome distraction. Fortunately, Kree's voice was the sort that kinda rolled out of him, which meant it carried a little better through the noise. "My pyans are never noTAH! unDAH!erway," he answered, "however I have run inTAH!oo various... DAH!eyays. InTAH!ernationoh traDAH!, an' HHHTHe yike. ApparenTAH!yee HHHTHere are many who DAH!oo noTAH! acknowyedge my nation as yegiTAH!emaTAH!. However, I am noTAH! here TAH!oo speak of such HHHTHings." He clenched his facial crushers to her and offered her a light bow. "How fare you, in my absence?"

Lionel had been thinking he’d mingle with Meri for a bit and then saunter over to Kreekitaka. That had been the plan. That plan was now in pieces, because Lionel refused to bring a small child near any uyeer, no matter how well he knew them. It was just as well, seeing as Alvina had beaten him to Kreekitaka, anyway. But now he was holding an infant, which was as alien a feeling as they came. What’s more, he was no longer serving bread, which was like lemon juice to an open wound. “Uncle Lionel will do his best,” was all Lionel could afford to say. Anything more was liable to be a broken promise. What impressed Lionel about Dominic was that the boy seemed impervious to the concert’s considerable loudness. Rather than cry, the kid was practically giggling. “You’re definitely your mother’s child,” Lionel muttered. “He’s definitely his mother’s child,” he repeated, louder, so that Meri could hear. But by now, a throng of too-close audience members had separated him from his friend in their bid to get that much closer to the band.

Tiber addresses Scandal briefly with a nod and thankfully lets him into the circle of weirdness. “Pleasure, Scandal. How’re you doing?” He is over-excited to see him which is not like Tiber at all, but he had to distract himself. Then, Zahrani walks into the circle, and well, that does not help due to how they met. Rinn stealing his stuff and him raging after her. He gives her a nod. “We do, welcome in the circle.”

Orphyn continued to watch quietly from the distance, tracking those that went about their business with mild interest. She didn't really recognize anyone she knew- But with so many people gathered, it wasn't exactly the most easy task to begin with. The music was of somewhat fascinating, mostly a bit of background noise to distract her from the incessant hum of insects that skittered around the forest. Pulling open her stylish duster, the assassin retrieves a small satchel from the inside breast pocket and taps a bit of its contents onto the back of her hand - Which is then brought to her face a inhaled via her nostril. Orphyn leaned her head back and closed her eyes, waiting for the effects to take place. It would tide her over for the time being.

Talyara shifts her gaze to her sister upon her inquiry and shrugs her shoulders slightly. “We’ve…run into each other,” she admits before turning back to the wolf. “Taly,” she says, finally giving the man her name. “I guess the game is finally up, huh?” She says before looking down at her leg. “Ah well, I ran into a little trouble getting that boar,” she tells him, inclining her chin in the direction of Gordyn who has berated one of his chefs to the point of tears. “It’s a funny story, Lana, you’ll like this.” Taly knows her sister has jealousy issues but has no idea that she has them towards this particular wolf. “We met in the woods and I snagged his knife. Then we played a game of chicken, winner got a prize. Tiber got his knife back and I got a kiss. But I’ll have you know,” she says quickly turning back to the rogue. “I took that boar down with my bow and arrow.” He had been giving her tips on shooting the first time they had met.

Khitti || Now, it was time for something entirely different. The microphone attached to the Dayv Ghoul’s drumset sparked to life, and Gorey’s singing took a backseat again. Spyder’s bass-strumming started off slow, soon accompanied by long chords from Jon 3’s guitar, and Dayv’s drumming to keep the beat as the ghoul sang, “Hello, I've waited here for you. Everlong. Tonight, I throw myself into, and out of the red… Out of her head she sang.” Khitti’s violin spoke up finally, adding to the chorus, but occasionally dying out as she used the bow to fight what seemed to be apparitions that threatened to surround her and the band on stage. It was just illusions of course, but nevertheless entertaining. “Come down and waste away with me… Down with me. Slow how, you wanted it to be. I'm over my head, out of her head she sang.” With furious swipes of her violin’s bow, Khitti showed off those swordsman skills she’d learned from both Lionel and Brand. A thrust here. A parry there. She defended her bandmates from the swarm of seemingly ghostly undead that wasn’t quite as sentient as those in the Sound of Sirens. “And I wonder, when I sing along with you, if everything could ever feel this real forever. If anything could ever be this good again. The only thing I'll ever ask of you, you gotta promise not to stop when I say when, she sang.” The performance continued on, as well as the fight, until the song had finished, and the illusions were vanquished.

Talyara adds that she smiles warmly at Rani but waves off her offer to heal. "I'm getting better, but thank you. Enjoy yourself!"

Alvina smirks at the Uyeer, doing her best to decode his accent while Hudson hit the buffet again. Werewolf metabolism equals all the chicken wings. Plus, Alvina doesn’t let him make them at home because the girls always want the hottest sauce and then complain it’s too hot.The lesson is never learned. Not worth the battle. “How rude, I’d say you’ve more than made a name for yourself. Politics and paperwork, bah.” The bard was not a fan. When he asks how she’s been while he’s been away she shrugs lazily. “I’ve been tinkering with this and that, working on my own little projects.” A wink, to denote secrecy is key. She hopes it isn’t a lost gesture. “We’ll have to get together soon so I can show you. I think you in particular will appreciate it.” Because what couldn’t a giant crab man appreciate about machines? “I’ve got to get drinks but, really. I’ll come by your shop later on in the week?” Since he was stationed in Cenril it wasn’t a long commute.

Hikoro wanders over to grab a full plate of food. Some wild boar, some smoked fish, some fruit and veggies. She'd nosh on some of it, but her main goal is to feed the hatchling, who eats eagerly with a happy trilling noise. After satisfying his appetite, the small drake hatchling curls up and takes a nap on the Spirit Feline's lap.

Scandal crossed his arms as he talked with Tiber. "I am doing better, always got to take some time to myself, after a guild meeting, we needn't say why, i think we both now know. He eyed Talyara, "Well I admit I goofed a bit, I though Lana filled you in. Its me Taly, Scandal." He said his voice breifly becoming deep like the dragon he was before returning to his accepted humanish pitch. He turned back to Tiber, "You know Gordyn, if your a fan of diced fried kraken, or caviar, ask him for some, I think he might oblige if the picnic foods not to your liking."

Lanara sees Hudson and Alvina in her peripheral and they are offered a wave, though her attention is focused on her sister and Tiber at the moment. Scandal drops the act, or whatever he’s doing, and she merely nods, “Yeah, the man bun is so not a good look. On anyone.” Chocolate hues are glued to Talyara’s green gaze, as she awaits to hear how the two are acquainted. Today was just full of surprises! Her brother rocked a weird hair-do, Khitti nearly set herself on fire, and Tiber and Taly knew each other!? She blinks, not sure if she heard her sibling correctly, “You… Kissed?” Knowing she has to maintain her composure as she’s at a public event for a guild that she’s leading, Lana clenches her jaw and glares at her little sister. Tiber was –not- Taly’s type, not in the least. And here she had already gotten a kiss?! Why did she even care if they kissed?! All he wanted was to get rid of her, as soon as possible! One would notice the shaking of her glass, the tightened grip leaving fingerprints, and the harsh tone in which she comments, “Disgusting. I mean, uh, wonderful. You two can make out during the fireworks later tonight.” The anger seems to be contained, thankfully, as Lana reigns in her jealousy, though her chocolate hues evoke a feeling of sadness and she’s unable to meet Tiber’s gaze. “I, uh, I’m going to go for a swim. It’s really hot. And I have to do the games and hand out prizes in a bit. So… Um, bye.” Handing off her cocktail to Taly, she leaves their circle without giving a final glance to any of them. After what seems like forever, she arrives at the lake and she removes her tank top and wiggles out of her pants, kicking her sandals off, as she readies herself to make the dive. Wearing a barely-there leopard print bikini, several males issue catcalls and stare open mouthed at the brunette, though she ignores all of their advances. A splash later, she disappears beneath the water of the chilly lake, where she can finally tune out the world and think.

Scandal glared at those making cat calls and then at Tiber, "Man you gotta pick someone." He turned and moved to the kitchen seeing if he could take over for one of the crying waiters.

Tiber lets Talyara’s nickname roll of his tongue. “Taly,” he smiled half-heartedly. He then canted his head as she talked about how a boar was the reason her leg was all sorts of messed up. However, as the green-eyed elf begins to talk more about their first meeting, his face becomes expressionless. The wolf does not even glance once at Lanara. His eyes are rested on Talyara before he nods. “Glad that the lesson came to good use,” he smirked. Though, the irritation and atmosphere of the circle becomes heavy as Lanara bottles up her emotions. He saw this coming, but he was not about to chase after her. Golden eyes danced until they landed on Hudson who was devouring chicken wings. Wings were more his speed at the moment. Booze and wings. Scandal’s comment is recognized. “Actually, I’m staring down those wings. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” he begins to step backwards before nodding to Scandal and Talyara. “Good to run into you both,” not really. The rogue then turns to make his way back to the food line. He plates up with salads and wings. Well, he finds himself moving to a table that is right next to Alvina’s. She is busy talking, but he would rather sit with a family of goobered babies then deal with whatever was going on through Lanara’s head. The blonde, lithe man might have been insensitive, but that was Tiberius Lowell.

Zahrani decides to spend a bit of time with Taly, listening to her story of how she met Tiber. The cat raises a brow at the part about kissing, glancing at Tiber before turning her gaze to Lana. The paladin silently watches the elf leave for the lake. Meanwhile, some of the felines leave after playing a full game of volleyball. Rani walks up to the panther, "Rani, are you gonna swim with us?" The woman offers a smile to the tiger-lass, responding, "Why don't you four go ahead and join Lana? I'll catch up..." Rani nods, offering a small smile and wave to Taly before racing the others down to the lake shore. Her past adventures with Taly and Lana make her grateful that the children would at least be able to keep out for any trouble that the brown-eyed witch might run into.

Khitti is a bit out of breath at this point, between the violin playing and the sword fighting and the singing. She takes this as her own personal cue to bow out of the band’s playing, wanting to finally go mingle with her friends and family. “You’ve all been amazing! But the Sound of Sirens isn’t done yet!”, she said into the microphone. The crowd screamed for more and Gorey and the rest of the band happily obliged. ♫I push my fingers into my eyeeesssss… It's the only thing that slowly stops the aaaaaache.♫ Their fans knew just what song this was and cried out for more--it was one of the Sirens’ most popular hits. Khitti was grateful that Gorey could cover for her, for the fans loved his performances just as well. She headed to the back of the stage, then activated the teleport spell on her seashell bracelet. It came in handy when she didn’t want to press through the crowd to find whatever friends or family had come to watch the show. She’d appear in a burst of light right beside Lionel and Dominic, a few blinks given to the Catalian and mini-Catalian as she said loud enough for him to hear, “Where the heck is Meri?” She reached into the pocket of Dominic shirt, retrieving the fire ruby ring that Khitti’d given to Brand several months ago, then put it into her own pocket for safekeeping.

Kreekitaka nodded at this. "I beyeev HHHTHaTAH! sounDAH!s yike a pyan. I eageryee yook forwarDAH! TAH!oo seeing whaTAH! you have come up wiHHHTH." Alvina's creative side seemed to be very closely synced to his, and he hoped very much that she had some kind of prototype siege engine or some kind of glider wings. That would be excellent. Getting drinks actually sounded like a good idea, come to think of it. "Why DAH!on'TAH! I accompany you TAH!oo HHHTHe drink taboh? I coulDAH! go for a biTAH! of--" It was at that moment that a commotion occured among the catering tables. A colossal three-pronged stinger had just exploded out of the ground and impaled an entire pig--not the great frost boar, but a somewhat smaller animal--and was lifting it off the fire. The scorpion shivered mightily and threw off the dirt it had covered itself with--how it had gone from the entrance to the catering table in so short a time frame was difficult to think about, but apparently it had burrowed its way there. Satisfied with its prize, the animal began to wander away, towards the lake, where the swimmers and the volleyball court were. The creature's huge foretalons were folded neatly in front of it, but one might still notice that its pointy bits were the size of swords, and that it seemed to be salivating. That, or the juices from the pig it carried over its head were dripping down onto its face.

Talyara eyes the man-bun guy as he confesses that he is really Scandal. She eyes him suspiciously for a moment but when his voice drops and octave she seems to believe him and nods with a smile. “Hey Scandal! It’s great to see you again!” Emerald hued eyes swivel back to her sister who is giving her a curious look and Taly cants her head to the side. “Well, I mean not -really- it was a bet and didn’t…” Taly quickly releases one crutch to grab the cocktail that her sister shoves into her hand before storming away. “What the hell was that about?” She asks turning to the others before Scandal makes his comment and the witch wrinkles her nose. “What?” Lana leaves. Scadanl leaves. Tiber leaves. And a very flustered Taly turns to Rani with the most confused expression she can muster. “What just happened?” She asked the feline, hoping she knew because the little witch was clueless.

Lionel shrugged. “I couldn’t tell you,” he said, but then he proved himself wrong by looking to his left and spotting Meri twenty or so paces away. He wasted no time handing Dominic off to Khitti, but he had the good sense to do so gently and only when she was ready to accept him. “I’m not very good at this,” he mumbled, gesturing to the poor kid, “but I did my best.” It wasn’t the first time he’d said it, and it probably wouldn’t be the last. “On the contrary, you were splendid up there. What did you call it? Stone music? I don’t understand it. Esche said it’s about rolling stones, whatever that means. The vernacular in this land shifts with the tides, it seems.” Once again, Lionel pondered how eerily similar some of his own vernacular had become to Esche’s; even in his absence, the enigmatic elf had a real effect on him. “But where are my manners? If anyone here deserves some bread, it’s you.” He wiggled his arm, only to realize Meri still had the platters. “Oh wow. I guess I’m not very good at catering, either.”

Alvina returns Lanara’s wave long before the hostess splashes off in the lake before turning back to Kree. “I’d love the company -” But her reply is swallowed by the appearance of a giant scorpion. Well then. “I’d love to stay and chat…” But the rest went without saying. She didn’t exactly have a weapon on her to use. She did, however, notice Lanara separated from her group with purpose and had gone down to the lake. #RIPDRINKS. The red head rushes down the hill, calls out a warning to anyone who occupied the lakeside space, just in case they somehow miss the giant scorpion. “Lanara!” She calls from the shore, realizing now that she has no idea if scorpions can swim. Lanara may be perfectly safe out there...

Meri didn't have the platters though, she put them down somewhere. What happened to them after she put them down? Meri did not know, she was too busy watching Khitti perform to care....but yes, she was about twenty paces away and greeted the out of breath Khitti with a wave from a distance.

Lanara :: Gordyn watches as the scorpion snatches one of the prized pigs that were used for such a succulent feast. The frost boar was merely for show, and of course the smaller pigs were used for slicing. And so, as this happens, his blue eyes darken and he shouts after the animal, ““That pork is so raw, it’s still singing Hakuna Matata! Get back here you *bleeping* thief! I’ll cut you! I’ll make-“ His voice trails off as Scandal dares to step over near the area where the dishes were being prepared. Who did this man bun fellow things he was?! Chef Gordyn pulls up his sleeves and storms over to the dragon, he eyes the dish, fury in his gaze, “This beef is so undercooked, that it is starting to eat the salad!”

Hudson after eating a number of chicken wings decides to go pet the very large mastiff. "You're a good boy," he informs the dog, watching his wife suddenly flee a conversation with Kreekitaka to go chasing after Lanara. He considers rushing after her but his beer is really full and he's concerned about spilling. Perhaps he should drink some and if she still needs chasing...

Zahrani decides to take on her more elven form (ooc: See OOC pic), as the sun was beginning to make her fur a little too hot. She watches Tiber leave for the food, though she didn't say anything to stop him. Her attention is on the giant scorpion tail with the pig attached to it. Her body tenses as the tail's owner crawls past them and towards the lake. Fortunately the feline children had heard the creature coming, getting out of its way and making their way back to Almitra and D'zaeed's parents. The elder feline Roahin sprints up to join them, making sure everyone was okay, before waving to Rani that everyone's accounted for. The fisher cats had told stories of such beasts, but they hadn't expected to spot one so far inland.

Khitti just kinda stared at Lionel as she’s handed the kid and he proclaims how bad he is with children and trays of food. “You know… maybe working at the bakery isn’t -the best- idea for you. You could always tag along with Brand on the Tranquility sometimes?” She wasn’t trying to get rid of him, of course, but… he didn’t seem to be too thrilled. “Or maybe you just need practice. In order to be really good at customer service, you have to feel your soul leaving your body, and then you put on a smile and a happy voice as if you’re a puppet and someone else is pulling the strings. You sort of do that already when you’re dealing with Steward business, you know.” She nodded, then slid over to where Meri was, allowing Lionel to get back to his catering and mingling, “Hi, woman. Sorry I left you down here with the kid for so long.”

Lionel grimaced thoughtfully. "I think a nefarious villain or three did that to me before. The soullessness trick. Was it Immanuel? Xaden? It wasn't Kahran, but never say never. If customer service is as foul as that lot, and given my past job experience, I'd argue this is precisely where I need to be." He nodded, more to himself than his sister, and took off with caterly inetnt.

Zahrani said to Talyara, "*with a confused grin* I'm not entirely sure how to answer what just happened. The sea scorpion complicates things a bit."

Meri shifts her gaze between Lionel and Khitti from a distance with a bit of a lifted brow. She could not exactly hear what they were saying, there was a lot of chatter going on. Lionel is off to find his missing platters that Meri lost and Khitti makes her way over to her adopted sister, kid in tow. "Oh you know I don't mind. Dominic and I are good. I just thought Lionel should try and say hi to his nephew. Give him a chance to try and steal the role of a favorite...but I think Aunt Meri still has a strong lead there."

Lanara remains under the water for longer than any average human would be able to hold their breath, though having magic enables her to control the elements, and so she has all the oxygen one would require, the entire time. She’s lost deep in thought, until she hears something to her right, and she resurfaces, her long hair plastered to her head. Four felines are frolicking in the water, splashing each other and having a grand old time. The witch would smile if she wasn’t in such a sour mood. Though, now was not the time to be angry. Sure, she was there for Tiber when he needed her the most a few evenings ago… But the male was incapable of feeling, or caring about his investment in any capacity, it seemed. Sighing, she dives beneath the water again, trying to clear her mind of muddled emotions. Eventually, when she regains her strength, she surfaces, beads of water clinging to her flawless form, and she pauses to squeeze the excess water from her long locks. The sound of Alvina calling out a warning makes Lana’s head lift, and she locks eyes with a giant scorpion, wielding a burnt pig in its pinchers, and she screams. The sight is horrific! And even though she was an animal empath, she’s frozen in place, her dark eyes wide in fear.

Talyara had somehow completely missed the arrival of the scorpion and immediately looks towards the lake. Her eyes widen in horror and although the witch knows she can’t do much on a bum leg she’s not about to leave her sister there. Without a backwards look at Rani, Taly begins to hobble her way towards the late (much too slowly). Still, Lanara’s scream has her moving as fast as her crutches will carry her.

Nikola enters the area quite fashionably late. She wasn't exactly a member of the Adventurer's guild so she wasn't sure if she has the right to be there in the first place... But she 'swung' by out of curiosity. She looks around and poke at someone random, probably a guest or one of the caterers if there is any. "Is it dead yet?"

Orphyn pushes off of the tree in which she had been casually spying from, finding herself rather bored. She was never one for these sort of shindigs, especially when she didn't really know anyone to keep her on the sane side. Tucking her hands into her pockets, the assassin heads off toward her original intended target of Cenril, leaving these fine folk to have their fun little gathering.

Zahrani sighs, quickly following Taly, "You'd go faster if I healed you." Taly's not always good at asking for help to benefit herself, but if it would benefit her sister, maybe she'd take the paladin up on her offer of healing. "Then I could help you get her to safety, if she's still in danger." She glances over at the uyeer, wondering if Kree will call off the scorpion.

Kreekitaka observed his scorpion's antics, contemplated exactly what it was he wanted to do about it, and decided that at this point there was very little for him *to* do about it. Vindicator wasn't likely to give up his prize so easily once he was in the water, Kree wasn't fast enough to get down there before the scorpion made it to the waterline (well, not without wreaking even more havoc than was already being caused) and his conversation partner had just rushed off after it to warn Lanara about it approaching. So, rather than rein in his beast, he decided that since he knew where it was going to be, he wasn't going to bother it and headed for the drink table anyway, quietly humming the tune to one of Khitti's songs. Vindicator was paying very little heed to the shouts of Gordyn, or to the children narrowly getting out of his way, or to Lanara dead ahead. All he knew was that there was delicious meat on his stinger and that he wanted to find a quiet place to start tearing into it. As such, it's quite possible that in his launching himself into the lake like someone's ridiculous Disney's Atlantis-themed boat, Lanara might find herself getting bumped into. Not with any pointy bits, and at the angle he was entering the water it's likely the woman would be more likely knocked up on top of him and taken for a ride around the lake rather than pushed downward and drowned.

Khitti shrugged to Meri, “He’ll get better eventually. Maybe. Who knows. He’s got his reasons.” It wasn’t something she’d go into right now. She’d likely tell Meri about it on the way home. She bounced Dominic a bit on her hip and baby-talked at his face. He was quite pleased with this. “Do you want to go find Lanara? Might be better to get away from this crowd anyway. Gorey’s got a lot of fangirls. I think he might have more than me, really.” She was only a little jealous about this. “Where the frak is she?” Khitti looked around a bit, but then managed to hear the screams coming from the Adventurer’s Guild leader. It didn’t take her long to spy the scorpion as well, an angry frown surfacing on Khitti’s lips. “KREEKITAKA!” The redhead used her bard magic to enhance the volume of her voice to carrying over to the crabman, causing the band to screech to a halt. “Call off your gods’ damned pet before it ends up barbequed too!”

Scandal groaned as the chef was shouting in his ear. "I am the one who brought the fried kraken, and that caviar, I know what I am doing." He hears the sudden commotion, "And now I am doing something else." His voice at first level and cool headed despite the chef's attitude, and then with a mild huff. He mumbles about scorpions and roast pig and loud mouth chefs. He opens his mouth which of course roars with the real dragon he is which the sound is deafening. "Call off that Scorpion before I do it myself!"

Meri had been tempted to find Lanara, but she seemed to be mingling with this person and that person prior to running off to the water. She was not entirely certain what was transpiring with the scorpion, why Khitti was fussing at Kree and telling him to call off his pet. Meri squints off into the water trying to figure it out and understand, but alas...it's hard for her to fully comprehend the situation. Meri responds with a light shrug, "Uh...Maybe once things settle down."

Tiber is eating his food in peace before the floppy-hatted lady stands up and rushes down to the lake where Lanara is. There is shouting, and his senses are off. A chicken wing is dropped onto the plate before he stands and jogs down to the water where Lanara and the scorpion are. Even though he is “careless”, he needs his gold back and Lanara is the only reason he could get it back. The wolf is cautious as he hears the screaming of the bard. The scorpion was a pet? He then just stood there waiting patiently for the crab man to possibly call the pet back. If it is even a pet.

Lionel | It’s not that Lionel was unaware of Vindicator’s aggressive actions. It’s just that he was tired, so very tired, of playing hero all the time. No, once Kahran returned he’d have plenty of chances to risk life and limb anew. Today, he was serving bread. Nobody had been injured, at least not seriously, and the giant enemy crab was merely hungry and misbehaving. Until that changed, Lionel was on a different sort of search. His platters were here in this throng and he was bound and determined to reclaim them. But then Khitti threatened bodily harm upon Vindicator, and, oddly enough, someone’s life -was- in danger. “Eh, it’s just the crab.” Lionel ducked between an elf and a painted troll, espying the first of his platters. It was being used as some kind of subpar floatation device, held as it were by a dwarf with less than savvy swimming skills. “That’s not what that’s for!” Lionel was enraged. He leaped into the water, heedless of Vindicator, and helped the dwarf to the shore. “Egads, thank ye. You’ve saved my life!” ‘Damn it,’ Lionel thought, ‘it happened anyway.’ Quietly, he retrieved the platter, dried it off by the bar and prepared to fetch more bread. Wherever the second platter went, he’d try not to dwell.

Lanara stares at the massive scorpion, knowing he’s about to charge her before they make contact, but she finds herself unable to avoid the collision. “Oomph! Ahh! HELP!!!” The woman’s screams seemingly go unheard, her kicking and punching against the hard exterior of the scorpion are futile, as he’s intent on devouring the pig, and taking his newest prey for a ride upon his back. The string of her bikini bottom is pulled dangerously low on her hip, as she’s firmly yanked back into the water, and the beast violently thrashes from side to side. Lana is now semi-riding the weird sand monster, and her shrieking slowly dissolves as she trembles and looks for a way out of this. Helplessly she tries to remove the caught string, as she swallows mouthfuls of water and is roughly forced beneath and above the water, repeatedly. This was –not- how she imagined the annual pig roast! “Let me go!” Those that knew her, knew she only feared snakes, though it looks like she’ll be adding scorpions to the list, too.

Nikola clearly did not dress for the occasion. The woman still wore her smithy outfit, apron wrapped around her waist with all the tools still strapped on her belt and the scent of molten mental seem to linger around her. Still it was interesting to see how chaotic this people area, as if she was already expecting something similar would occur to begin with but it seems it was not what she was looking for in the first place, "Where is it? Is it dead yet?" Pestering whoever poor soul she found this time, "What do you mean what? I am looking for the pig.. I mean this is the adventurer's guild right? I would assume they would be slaying like a mammoth size pig and roasting it or something... Would be quite an 'adventure' that would be instead of just roasting plain boring pigs."

Scandal growled and marched towards the woods, "What a D--- waste." A second later he emerged as 30' long dragon and flew over the lake aiming to grab Lanara from the scorpion. "Come on."

Khitti frowned at Meri when she returned her attention to the blonde. She seemed a bit off, but… it was a huge gathering with way too many things going on at once. Khitti was starting to wonder if being here was a mistake. “Yeah, maybe.” She sighed heavily, standing on her tiptoes to peer over the crowd and eye the situation at the lake. Meri might not know what that scorpion was capable of, but Khitti knew full well, having had to fight alongside it during the war with the frost giants a couple years ago. “The next barbeque we have… it’s gonna be crab on the damned menu. With butter. Lots of frakking butter. We’ll feed the whole realm with his crispy corpse,” she muttered to herself, seeming entirely not pleased by the way things were going currently.

Talyara is heedless to Zahrani’s words, she’s stuck in a kind of tunnel vision as “runs” as fast as she can to the water’s edge, wincing as her hip gives a painful throb. “Lana!” She calls out her voice full of concern, on the verge of dropping her crutches and jumping in the lake herself despite her injuries.

Alvina’s arms gesticulate while no words rolled off her lips. She doesn’t know what to do. “Lanara!” She calls again, uselessly, before the scorpion jumps into the lake and takes Lanara for a ride. Okay well, maybe this will resolve without anyone getting hurt? Talyara runs up the water’s edge and Alvina reaches out to her. “Don’t -” She warns her with apologetic eyes.

Lanara sees the dragon flying above her, about to skim the water, and she aims to grab onto his talons. The first attempt, she misses, horribly. The scorpion begins to buck, not wanting her hundred and twenty pound frame on his spine, and she swallows more water. Those felines better not have peed in the water, she’s thinking, while trying to calm herself and use her empathic powers, while also clinging to the leopard bikini bottom. Raising her arms, this time she catches hold of Scandal, a look of relief on her face, as the string becomes unstuck and she is gliding over the water, before going airborne. Her hands are so slippery, she’s shaking so terribly, and as Scandal veers towards the shore, she loses her hold on him and falls about thirty feet… And back into the water. “F--- my life!”

Meri herself is just fine, but her player is struggling to keep up with all the posts, for sure. She's missing a lot, it feels like. Maybe it was a mistake for Meri to come here, but she's trying. Meri smirks at Khitti's suggestion of crab at their next BBQ. Before she can comment it seems as though a dragon has entered the scene to come to Lanara's rescue. At least Meri hopes that she is rescued, or Kree calls of his pet, or something happens to prevent Lanara from being eaten.

Kreekitaka had just finished dumping four entire pints of ale into his water tanks when the crowd erupted in shouts for him to save the day. "WhaTAH! is HHHTHe probyem?!" he shouted back, starting towards the lake with an annoyed flaring of his paddles. "Josyeen's DAH!og performs HHHTHe same anTAH!ics ao HHHTHe TAH!ime an' noboDAH!ee HHHTHreaTAH!ens her animo wiHHHTH being cookeDAH!," he added, trying to make sure everyone was aware of how unfair this was. A creature was a creature, and sometimes they did strange thi--oh, look, Lanara had gotten stuck on a bit of Vindicator's carapace. Well, fine. If he had to go save her, he could do that. First, the sashes fell off of his shoulders, leaving his water tanks on the ground. Then his jawblade was lifted, and he began to smash it against the ground as he walked. Thud, -Thud-, THUD. "Cyear a paHHHTH," he ordered, and then almost without waiting for it to be fulfilled, he jumped forward, angled the weapon behind himself, and launched like a rocket in a beautiful arc with a sound like a bomb going off--and equivalent chaos. A wall of kinetic energy blasted backwards in an equal and opposite reaction, possibly scattering several of the tables. Look, they asked him to get this done quickly, didn't they? Kree going fast requires sacrifices. He plunged into the water and swam effortlessly up to Vindicator, snapping his whiptails to grab its attention. The scorpion paused for a moment, long enough for Kree to swim up, analyze the situation, and promptly cut whatever it was that was holding Lanara to the back of his mount. Crisis averted, he then scooped her into his arms and swam away, leaving the scorpion to submerge placidly beneath the water to be unbothered by strange creatures getting stuck on it. As he waded into the shallows, still carrying Lanara, he asked, "Are you okay? I apoyogize. He can be a biTAH! singoh-minDAH!eDAH! when iTAH! comes TAH!oo fooDAH!." Speaking of which, Kree hadn't actually ordered it to drop the pig. He'd been more focused on getting Lanara out of there--and anyhow, they probably wouldn't want to eat it anymore, anyway. At least Vindicator wasn't crashing through the volleyball court or almost drowning someone by mistake.

Zahrani sighs, stopping in front of Taly and looking her square in the face with an intense gaze, "First things first: Let me heal you. There are others who are helping. You can help after you can walk." And the cat could help with that.

Hudson had gone off to find the portable bathrooms and returned to find actual havoc. Lanara is tussling with a gigantic scorpion and a lot of people are just watching like this is a Thing. Like a mechanical bull or something. He looks for his wife and finds that she’s way too close to the action for his liking. There’s a dragon coming down from the sky, hello? Hudson assumes that Alvina is in some sort of catatonic daze watching this and pushes his way past people and grabs her by the wrist, yanking her back. Everyone else can fend for themselves. The timing of this coincides with Kreekitaka likewise getting involved. “Come on, it’s fine,” he tells Alvina, pulling her back.

Scandal sighed, "Butter fingers." With only a roll of his eyes he swept back toward the forest. At this point changing to what he was earlier was beyond him, so he would have settle for his current form. He was again 30' long about 10' tall, this was his smallest he had been in months aside from human form, but he sighed annoyingly. At least Lana was safe. That was the important thing. He trudged back to the border of the clearing waiting to be invited back in.

Alvina looks towards Zahrani with relief when she comes to Taly’s aid. The dragon isn’t on her radar but Hudson’s pulling her back and she lets him. “That’s what you always say.” She huffs but she’s clearly grateful he’d come down here to get her.

Lionel , meanwhile, served bread. It was still fresh to the point of radiating warmth on this fine summer's day, and its scent was so alluring that plenty of people ignored the lakeside disaster wholesale so they didn't miss their chance at sampling the goods. "Bread," he said, and not for the last time. When the last of Ginger Snapped's servings were depleted, he assisted with the cleanup, and when that was done, he finally had enough of the screaming and elected to do something to help poor Lanara. "Alright, fine," he told the gods above. "I'll do this thing for you." He took two steps before Scandal and Kreekitaka provided the support the witch needed to escape her plight. Smiling, Lionel gave the gods above a thumbs-up.

Nikola wonders why there are a number of compasses available, She wanted to move closer to see what the fuss is about at first but watching all compass needles point at her was distraction and entertainment in on itself. Walking around them like a goofball for a solid twenty minutes while the party mayhem continues

Talyara looks towards Alvina and frowns, about to ignore the redhead’s warning and dive in anyway when Scandal, back in his dragon form, circles overhead and Lana is thankfully able to latch on. The witch breathes a sigh of relief as she keeps her gaze on her sister only to scream as she falls back into the water. Taly drops her crutches and begins to hop past Rani one legged towards the water’s edge when a furious yell to her right draws her attention and pulls her up short. Pulling the referee shirt from over his head, Nick, the blond Backstreet Bard, runs past those on the shore and dives into the water. “Lana!” He calls out when he resurfaces, expert strokes carrying him closer to the waterlogged witch. “I’m coming for you Lana!” He’s a little too slow though because Kreekitaka has already saved the day and Nick is left glaring at him furiously. “Lana!” Taly calls, hopping towards her sister. “Oh my goddess, Lana are you okay?!”

Elioyahazer can't figure out what in the world he has just stumbled upon? His blue eyes twitch from one unknown figure to another and finally settle upon some foreign creature. Could it be ridden? Tamed? Honestly, Elioyahazer thought about such things. But in truth, it's the crab-man within his thoughts and not the scorpion which seems to harass the others. The desert spellblade tilts his head to the side completely baffled over the creature's speech patterns. Obviously Kreekitaka would not enjoy being saddled and his hands reflexively twitch at the thought. Is this a party? Whatever the reason for this gathering, Elioyahazer picks his jaw up off the floor and makes an exit. Perhaps another time he will introduce himself to all of these strangers.

Khitti resisted the urge to do that hero thing, much like Lionel did (and failed at)--she was trying to take a break from it after all. Really, the yelling at Kreekitaka was more mom instinct than anything. Instead, leaving it to the rest of the party’s do-gooders to help out, she’d keep a careful hold on Dominic with one arm, while snaking her other around one of Meri’s to lead her towards the foodstuffs that hadn’t been annihilated by a certain crab’s “pet”. “Come on. I need some sugar.” When they got to the main table being handled by her associates, she’d release Meri from her hold and grab up a cookie. The tiniest of pieces was broken off for Dominic and offered to the raven-haired child, his grabby hands taking a hold of it and stuffing it into his face before Khitti could say the word ‘frak’. “You’re going to eat us out of house and home when you get older, aren’t you, sprout?,” she smirked at her son.

Lanara had planned on reading off some riddles, handing out prizes, maybe dancing to the music. She was hopeful of gaining some new members to the guild, seeing the fireworks show, and chowing down on barbecue. She was –not- prepared for riding a scorpion through the lake, nearly flashing her legendary derriere to the hundreds that were gathered, and being rescued by the famed fashion designer, Kreekitaka. As she’s pulled into his arms, she’s barely conscious, whether it’s from shock, the fall, possible injected poison, or a combination of the three. The tiny witch clings to Kree as the picnic people clear a path, and she’s deposited at the healer’s tent, where several capable nurses tend to the scratches that line her thighs. A blanket is laid over the top of her, to keep her warm, and to cover the horribly torn bikini bottom. Shivering, Lana rests her head on the pillow, mentally cursing herself for allowing all of this to happen. To Kreekitaka she whispers, “Thank you.” The nurses surround her, and Venin, the caretaker at the sanctuary clears her throat and bars anyone from entering. “Lana is being tended to… I suggest you all enjoy the food and music and she will be up and about in a few minutes. She just needs to get warm and dry, and be examined by the professionals. Everyone. Stay away.” She glares at any that dare to enter the tent, though she steps aside to let the crustacean pass.

Lionel shook his head, bewildered. "It's already dead," he told Nikola.

Hudson is a little lovingly frustrated with Alvina, who is apparently tetchy at his having tugged her away from the fracas. Hello? She was chilling next to actual peril? “What were you like, zoning out down there?!” he demands, before looking her over like she’s one of their children who did something stupid. He makes an exasperated sound and drinks from his beer. “Sven,” he exhales.

Scandal moves towards the tent being as large as he is and stands behind it making sure those kept their distance from looking in. He'd growl or better yet speak. "Ah ah, no off with you now. Don't you people have respect for other people?"

Nikola said to Lionel, "Eh? Where is it then? I was hoping to watch the Adventurer's guild fend off a fifty foot large pig with ballistas or something similar.... and cook it."

Scandal said to Nikola, "*Points at giant pig with apple in its mouth over by the food area that was not messed up by the giant scorpion*"

Meri :: "Where is Lionel with his bread when you need him," Meri jokes, as Khitti snags her by the arm and pulls her through the crowd toward the booth the Khitti's team is running. On the way there, Meri catches a whiff of BBQ Pork and her stomach starts to growl. Was it even done yet? She thought she heard some chatter about it still needing more time? Meri didn't know. Cookies were closer so she'd snag one or two of those, also sharing with Dominic. It's about this point she catches sight of Venin. Meri has herself a gossip with Khitti. About that time she went to the sanctuary with Callum, she wouldn't stop checking Cal out. Venin was practically drooling. Right in front of Meri. What a B.

Talyara is handed back her crutches from some party mingler after Lana is rescued by Kree and carried off the medical tent. Her green eyes follow her sister and she scowls as Venin bars anyone entrance. Somehow, Taly had upset her and she had no idea why but the naturally anxious witch now blames herself for her sister’s peril even if she had nothing to do with that scorpion. With a sigh, Taly turns her back to the water and hobbles up the hill, wincing as she goes, before finally plopping on the ground near the makeshift volleyball court.

Lionel gestured to the roasting pig on its spit. A second later, he made a second gesture toward the lake. “Pig, pig, everywhere a pig. There’s pig here for days. There was bread, too, but I served everything I was slotted to serve. There’s -still- bread, mind you, but I don’t want to take over for other caterers unless they ask me to. Plenty of pig, and there would have been pig for my girlfriend, too, but prithee, I guess I’ll have to pilfer pig to provide her with pork later on.” Lionel didn’t even recognize Nikola, but what harm was there in telling her entirely too much information? On that note, he kicked off the ground hastily and sped wayward, maneuvering his way back to his sister. Although he didn’t speak, his face betrayed how clear it was he didn’t want to mingle anyplace else. Family and friends like Meri were about as much as he could handle.

Emilia is late per usual. A simple dress of midnight blue clinging to her bony figure while long white curls had been pulled into a high pony to kept them from dragging on the ground. Barefeet lead her into the area, but the antisocial ice woman kept to the outter rim of the crowd, less likely to ruin the event by making it too cold to enjoy. Light eyes watching and Righty, her unattached hand, sitting on her shoulder waving fingers at those who looked her way and were familiar.

Khitti || Now that they were a lot farther away from the music, Khitti couldn’t help but hear Meri’s stomach growl. She smirked a bit, but then had a sudden eye twitch at the mention of Venin fawning over Callum. “Did he throw up? Because I would if that horrid wench had been looking at me all googly-eyed. Ugh.” After gathering up some sweets, they’d move on to where a roast pig that had not been utterly annihilated by Vindicator lay in wait to be feasted upon. She’d nod in approval to Gordyn Whamsey, with a similar nod returned, in approval for Khitti’s own foodstuffs. Welp, that means Khitti can retire from the baker’s life, right? Now that she’s got the approval of the best celebrity chef in Lithrydel? Nope. She’s gotta that kid to feed now. That kid that’s gonna grow up and have growth spurts and end up just as tall as his dad and uncle. Damn those Catalian genes. “I’m gonna have to get his recipe for this. I could smell it all the way on stage,” she said to Meri as they were served their lunch. “Maybe I could make it for all of us and the Tranquility crew during Yule.”

Nikola barely knows anyone from here, then again she didn't mind. Meeting new people meant new customers for her smithing business. Socializing like asking people where the mammoth pigs are in fact... weird. But it is socializing nonetheless. She thinks.

Zahrani walks with Taly over to where Lana was attended to, before they were ushered away by the one known as Venin. The paladin lets the green-eyed elf lean against her, gently stabilizing her with an arm around her back. "It's okay. She'll be healed soon." Roahin, the elder cat, joins them, standing at the other side of Taly. The look in the matron's amber-colored eyes gives her the appearance of a parent about to scold a child. Alas, the old woman says nothing to the witch, simply sighing and saying, "You have a big heart, even if it gets you killed. I can see why Rani likes you." The paladin rolls her eyes and simply responds with, "Grandma..."

Kreekitaka wasn't good at all at whispers and was probably quite audible when he answered, "You're quiTAH! weocome. Io proviDAH! you wiHHHTH repyacemenTAH! swimwear someTAH!ime." With that, he went to go get his water tanks. They still had alcohol in them, dang it. He was missing getting drunk.

Scandal underappreciated as ever, growls to himself, moving back toward the picnic grounds. With a claw he tries to grab a menu and sits off to the side, as he opens a menu. "What’s to eat, not that I am hungry I only ate a kraken a few hours ago." he mumbled to himself.

Alvina looks over her shoulder again. Everything is fine, now? “I wasn’t going to just leave her down there?” She says with moderate annoyance before snatching his beer and taking a drink herself. “Thanks for saving me.”

Talyara forces a smile for Rani and Roahin alike but it doesn’t quite reach her eyes. “I’d like to be alone for a little bit,” she says catching the feline’s eyes, silently apologizing and hoping the paladin understands it’s nothing personal.

Zahrani || Amir notices the ice Genasi on the periphery of the crowd. The young snow-leopard child makes his way over to her, waving to Emilia and Righty, before saying, "Grandma still wants to talk to you, if you have time." The lad could lead her to Roahin, who currently sits by Zahrani and Talyara.

Zahrani nods to Talyara, "Don't be ~too hard~ on yourself." before standing up and walking with Roahin towards an area where there's fewer people.

Emilia nods to Amir, "Gladly, lead the way little one." She replied softly before following the snow leopard.

Hudson us reminded where their daughters get their flippant attitude in these situations. “OK but it’s not your job—“ he begins to say, in a certain annoyed husband tone, but then promptly stows that thought because Uma and her son Marco have showed up. “Hiiiiii!” says Hudson, in the tone of people everywhere who have to feign delight when they were in the middle of having an argument. He holds up his hand for Marco to high five. “Go pet the dog, he looks so nice,” says Uma encouragingly, patting her son on the back until he leaves. She bug eyes at Hudson and Alvina. “He’s been a possessed creature today please tell me you brought yours? Where did you get the beer?”

Nikola was disappointed that there was no monstrous pig to be slain... then again chasing down generic pigs might be... adventurous? Surely she is missing something here, as if something does not add up. She curiously walks around end up finding herself next to the crab... Am I allowed to tap the glass? she ask herself, or is this like store counters? No leaning?

Meri eyes Lionel in a suspicious sort of manner when he pulls up next to herself an Khitti as they are walking away from the cookies in search of some real food. "I'd say you look like you have seen a ghost...but I am pretty you decided to bang the last ghost you met." Sorry, not sorry, Lionel. Meri is smirking and looking proud of her statement. "So I am not sure that statement is entirely accurate...And yet...all the same, you look like you have seen a ghost." After making fun of Lionel, the woman's gaze shifts back to Khitti. "Naw, I think awkward and mortified describes his reaction. You should get the recipe for this." Meri says based on smell alone. After a taste? She confirms. "It is pretty good."

Scandal was a little more than mildly ticked, "Its true," He said closing the menu, " No waiter would serve a dragon, because they all fear that they are on the menu." He smacked the menu down and moved toward the lake, "Maybe the feline kids need a slide, I make a very good slide."

Lanara :: Venin stands guard, with her arms crossed over her chest, and her lips in a firm line. No one was getting past her, not today. The sun is beginning to set, and she can hear the witch regaining consciousness within the tent, finally. It had been nearly an hour! Lifting a hand, she angrily points at Nick, the lead singer of the Backstreet Bard’s, and with a scowl, “Get in there and carry Lana out. Supposedly she sprained her ankle pretty bad in her scuffle with the scorpion. Bring her over to the gazebo by the volleyball area!” When the woman snaps, everyone has this habit of obeying, at least at the sanctuary… Nick, however, is all too happy to have a chance to have his hands on the beautiful brunette, and he’s ushered into the tent. A few minutes later, and after hearing a ‘slapping’ sound as Lana’s hand makes contact with the blonde’s face for groping her butt, the hostess emerges in the strong arms of the lycan bard. A sheepish grin is given to those nearest to the tent, and she waves at any that catch her eye. Nick makes the long walk to the area and takes a seat in the designated chair, pulling the elf onto his lap. “The chair is for me, you idiot!” Rejected, the male leaves the woman to her own devices and Lana gives herself an assessment. She’s wearing her clothes from earlier, before she stripped down to her bikini, though her long locks are somewhat frizzy from the water and the heat. She remains barefoot, and her injured ankle is heavily wrapped in an ace bandage. As many start to gather, she picks up some index cards and smiles faintly to those gathered. “Sorry about that, uh, mishap. Now, if you’d all like to win some gold prizes, all you have to do is answer the riddles, correctly! You can win more than once. The first to get the answer correct, gets a small pouch filled with gold. Circinus will deliver you the prize.” The mastiff lies at her feet, beside ten velvet pouches filled with a thousand gold coins, in each.

Lanara :: Venin walks over to Chef Gordyn, giving him a rare smile, as he sheepishly tosses a quip her way, “Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t *bleeping* cook it?!”

Zahrani || Roahin looks the Ice Genasi up and down, before the old woman offers a polite bow at the waist, "So you are Emilia of the Healer's Guild. I am Roahin of the Isran Collective." She gestures towards where the others had set up camp just by the lake. "If you wish to join us, we can discuss plans for your healing center in Cenril." She glances over to see that the mayor of Cenril has arrived, the feline offering a polite nod to Uma should she look their way. As they make their way to the feline camp, the children stand cautiously on the bank of the lake, their eyes adjusting to the darkness as they keep an eye out for that giant scorpion. Almitra waves to Scandal, before saying, "I think it's on the other side of the lake."

Khitti couldn’t help but overhear Scandal speaking to himself nearby, that eye twitch of hers resuming. She kept her thoughts to herself though, and nodded to Meri, and then nodded at Lionel. The nodding turned more into a bit of bouncing on her toes, like what her fans had been doing during the concert, but a lot more tame. It was mostly to keep Dominic entertained--thankfully, it didn’t take much. Khitti was on mommy-autopilot mode now, spinning around a bit to accompany her bouncing as she ever so carefully kept from spilling her food. Dominic giggled gleefully. “Okay, kid. Mommy’s starving. You don’t want to see what happens when she’s hungry for too long. I turn into a big angry monster. Just ask your dad--he’s seen it.” Khitti did her best to hold her kid and her plate with the same appendage while using the other to stuff food into her face. Multitasking is the best skill you could ever acquire as a parent. “I’m gonna be frakkin’ jealous of you if you and Cal have a kid, Meri. You’ll be able to go completely hands free with those mind powers of yours.” Imagine levitating the kid to where it needs to be. The possibilities are endless!

Kreekitaka said to Alvina, "How have you drawn a picture wiHHHTH your voice yike HHHTHaTAH!?"

Emilia returns the bow to the elder of the feline tribe. "Pleasure to meet you," she said softly before again following behind the felines to their camp area. "What all did you wish to speak about?" Emi asked while keeping her distance per usual.

Kreekitaka said to Hudson, "An' you aoso! WhaTAH! HHHTHe heck."

Lionel wasn’t sure what he expected when he walked back up near Meri, but ghost-bang jokes were not it. He blushed a striking shade of crimson and disguised his pig-like squeal with a too-casual exhalation. “Crowds scare me,” he said quickly. “They remind me of being in a crush during the heat of battle. It’s cliche, I know. The fighter guy making grim associations with everyday things. But boy, it sure is true. Oh, at least I’m comfortable enough talking with key individuals like yourselves nowadays to openly admit that sort of thing.” It was non sequitur to be sure. Still, as his blush faded, color remained on his face. If he’d seen any ghosts lately, he no longer looked the part. Instead, he was amused. Levitating children was a pretty funny thing to picture.

~ A contest is then held, with riddles and guesses, all in hopes of winning a gold prize.~

Scandal sighed, but put on a smile, he liked kids what the heck play a game with them sure, hunt a scorpion why not. "Hop aboard the Scandal express." He said lowering a wing as a ramp, lets go find our selves a scorpion."

Zahrani quietly listens in on Lanara's announcement, while Roahin responds to Emilia, "I just wanted to learn more about what you are proposing in a little more detail, to see if it would be in the interest of our colony to help in building and staffing such a facility. Finer details like: how much would the staff be compensated? How would the builders be hired and paid? Things of that nature."

Zahrani || Almitra shakes her head, "I think we'd rather slide." Going after a scorpion would certainly be interesting, but seeing as it belongs to someone as a mount, they weren't too keen on tangling with it.

Hudson has gotten Uma a beer. She is keeping an eye on Marco but waves at Lanara and Talyara with mom-xuberance. “This is so nice!” she says to Hudson and Alvina. “Oh! Look it’s Lionel and Meri,” she adds, waving in that direction too. Marco is trying to eat food and Uma frowns. He has complicated allergies. “Excuse me,” she rushes away, leaving Hudson and Alvina alone once more. Hudson carefully eyeballs his wife. Hopefully they can call Uma’s arrival a cease fire. He’s pretty sure she knows what he was going to say, and he knows what she was going to say. This is an argument they’ve had many times. #marriage. Best to enjoy the contest and leave it.

Emilia watched the crowd at large from her position with the felines. She listened to the other and then turned to her, "I shall send you a detailed letter in a few days with more details of the project. Sorry, this is not the place to talk openly about guild matters." She smiled at the woman. Crowds made her nervous and this was no small gathering.

Scandal smiled but he mentally whacked himself on the head, Miscommunication. Then he adjusted his wings one to be used as a ramp the other to be used as the slide, and he knelt down so that they could use him as a slide. "Have fun."

Zahrani || Roahin nods in understanding to Emilia, "Of course. We are eager to see what this project could mean for our Collective." It's not a tribe, as others have said, but the cats of Cenril don't see the point in going into a semantics debate. They had more important things to worry about.

Zahrani watches the children playing with Scandal, smiling as Almitra and D'zaeed climb the dragon's body and slide into the water with giggles. Their parents keep an eye on the water further out, scanning for any movement from the scorpion.

Lanara belatedly waves at Uma, and can't help but laugh as Circinus drops a bag of gold on Scandal's lap.

Meri had a plate too. You know who did not seem to have a plate? Blushing Uncle Lionel. Those Catalian's though, sometimes they needed to have the obvious spelled out to them. The whole lot. Take the kid Lionel! Meri was half tempted to fuss at the guy, but decided against it. Why? Well as Khitti had just pointed out, Meri could probably just have Dominic floating right there between the three of them so that all of them could eat without having to juggle the child. Hopefully Dominic is amused with floating out of Khitti's arms. "Yeah. That would be a perk. Maybe. Unless the kid takes after me. Battle of wits and wills. I might win at first when the kiddo is a baby, but at some point I bet I'd start losing, especially if it got Callum's smarts." She chuckles. To Lionel, "Well I'm glad you're comfortable enough to talk to a couple of individuals at the very least." It was hard to imagine Lionel hating crowds, the public seemed to flock to him prior. People change. Meri sees Uma waving to herself and Lionel, she waves back with greasy, BBQ covered fingers.

Scandal watches the horizon as well but more often his eyes slip down to see the children enjoying themselves. Some day scandal you will have kids so you can enjoy them.

Talyara lifts a hand when she espies Uma waving in her direction and offers one in return.

Hudson | Uma asks some of the food staff where Marco is if the food came into contact with peanuts or peanut oil. They don’t know and seem annoyed by the question. She steers Marco away from the food, her face set in a tight smile of carefully controlled irritation. “You can have a banana!” she offers him as consolation. “I hate bananas, MOM,” he tells her, loudly.

Alvina uses this opportunity to wave at Uma. “Sorry, we left them with E.L. -” But there she goes, off to mingle. She shrugs at Hudson in a way that says she agrees.

Khitti || If there’s one thing Dominic loves, it’s magic. Between Brand’s elemental abilities, Brand’s first mate Dozla and a good chunk of the Tranquility crew’s magic, Lionel’s glowy sword, Khitti’s holy magic, Meri’s psionics, and his uncle Cal’s water and lightning magic, the kid’s been around quite a bit. He never got tired of it whatsoever. As he floated up into the air out of Khitti’s arms, the space around the three was filled with joyful belly laughs from the mini-Catalian. Oh yeah. He was definitely digging this. “I’m not sure if I want Dominic to have magic or not. It could definitely be a good thing or a bad thing. If he gets any sort of fire magic, Brand’s gonna do all the training there. Kid’s gonna end up setting my hair on fire or something--and not in a nice way like I did earlier.” She smirked at Lionel’s blushing, finally addressing his admittance of hating crowds, “Just imagine them in their underwear. Or! Maybe as giant bugs. Except don’t kill these ones.” Pause. “Except for maybe that scorpion.” Yes, she knows a scorpion is an arachnid and not a bug, but that’s not the point.

Lionel | On the subject of children and when to take them, Lionel was about as intuitive as a sprig of parsley. He was going to need it spelled out meticulously, letter for letter, if he was going to hold Dominic at this barbecue again. If there should come a day when young Dominic craved the attention and devotion of his Uncle Lionel, that day was probably somewhere distant upon the horizon. It wasn’t that Lionel hated children. He enjoyed several things about the baby’s burgeoning personality! Like his reaction to floating in midair, for example. That was on full display now, and it made Lionel crack a smile. “Yeah, that’s precisely why I can’t imagine them as giant bugs. Hellfire would be out in a flash. Dominic here would get a kick out of that, but no one else present would be half as amused.” Cautiously like a cat, Lionel placed his hand softly on Dominic’s aerial head of hair. “I bet he’d be as great with magic as any of us. Maybe greater. Look how he takes to this. That has to mean something. Teach him right from wrong and he’d better the world with it.”

Hikoro decides to join the other felines, the dragon hatchling awake and crawling behind her. The felines would mostly keep to themselves for the remainder of the evening, keeping an eye on the cubs as they played with Scandal. Raahin and Zahrani find a space to spar and study.

Meri nods at the sentiments Khitti voices. That basically fell in line to how Meri was feeling about kids and magic. Neither sounded like a grand option, it sounded like less of a headache to Meri. "Yeah. Let's not have Dominic set your hair on fire." Let's just not with the burning of Khitti anymore. Same with the burning of Valrae. This is a no. "And let's not go imagining everyone as oversized bugs. We don't need Lionel to go on a murder spree or anything like that. I would like to live another day, please and thank you."

Scandal quietly observed the children, as long as he could. And then looking back towards the kitchen he was intent on getting dessert. "Sorry kids, time for dessert, though if you all wait I will bring back a surprise so long as your parents are okay with it." He said nodding to the felines. Getting up as soon as they had managed to to be safely out of the way he approached the mostly empty wagon he had delivered earlier and retrieved a small cup that had written on it 'spare a coin'.then returning to the felines he pulled out a ginger snap cookie he had swiped, "Watch closely." he said with a smile, Placing the tiny cookie into the cup he turned the cup over and cookie the side of his hand fell out. the cup magically growing to pull this feat off. "Who wants a big cookie, dragon sized?"

Talyara tents her uninjured leg and wraps her arms around it, resting her chin atop her knee. She watches her sister cautiously as she perches in her chair, as if making sure she really is alright after her ordeal in the lake.

Hudson | Marco is being bratty about the banana - he likes bananas, why is he being like this ... - so an exasperated Uma whips out her wand and discreetly casts a quick spell to determine if the treat he wanted in the first place had come into contact with the dreaded peanut oil. It hasn’t. Was that so hard, people?! She puts it in his grubby little hands, and he gives her a dirty look like she’s unreasonably oppressing him. He tries it. “This SUCKS,” he says. “Language!” hisses Uma. “If you don’t stop being like this we’re going home right now.” “Good, I didn’t want to come anyway,” says Marco, venomously. “I HATE your job. Why can’t you be a normal mom.” Uma, cracking with exasperation, tugs him away from the crowd, none too patiently either.

Kreekitaka stowed his winnings away and bowed graciously. "Many HHHTHanks." Perhaps this would make up for the chaos earlier.

Lanara waits for Nick to return, and he brandishes a pair of crutches from the healer’s tent, likely the pair that Taly had earlier discarded. Slowly, she rises to her feet, places a crutch beneath each arm, and she hobbles over towards the group of Meri, Khitti, and Lionel. Her brown eyes instantly lock onto Dominic, and she can’t help but give the baby a smile. He was adorable! “Hey guys! Thank you all so much for coming out. Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to say hello earlier, I was, uh, riding a random scorpion in the lake.” Shaking her head, Lana looks at Khitti, “Is this Dominic? He’s the cutest! And your show was amazing. Everyone loves you guys!”

Lanara :: Chef Gordyn glares at the brat that mouthed off about bananas, his gaze lifting to eye Uma. “Put that bloody brat in the lake! Maybe that scorpion from earlier will take care of him for you!”

Zahrani || Almitra's parents look up at Scandal when he mentions a cookie, her father chiming, "As kind as the offer is, we felines don't do well with super sweet things." Of course, Almitra would absolutely love to eat some of the cookie, and she probably would be okay with a few bites, but such a large dessert would likely get shared with others.

Khitti just shrugged at both of them, “Yeah, but… sometimes a murder spree is necessary. As long as it’s not innocent people.” You know how it goes. Murder some bugs. Murder some not-so-sentient undead. Murder some bad guys. It’s fun. Lots. Dominic will love it when he grows up. “Well, if Dominic ends up anything like Onyx, he’ll excel spectacularly at magic. So much so that I’ll probably get super jealous and resent him for the rest of my life.” Insert an innocent smile from Khitti here. “I was kidding about that last part. Mostly.” When Lanara showed up, and gave Dominic a bit of attention, the floating baby (thanks to his lovely Aunt Meri) let out a giggle and gurgled at her, “We noticed. I would’ve, uh, tried to help… but it seemed like it was being handled, heh. And yes! This is Dominic.” Finally finished with her food, she’d pass it off to one of her employees that wandered past with a bit of trash already in hand, quietly thanking them before grabbing Dominic out of the air carefully, and making him wave at Lanara, “Say ‘hi’ to Lanara, sprout.” Dominic cooed a bit, then looked around, hoping to find some shirt buttons nearby to tear off--poor Cal’s shirts were his latest victim last night. “And thanks! Sorry it got so crazy. I was telling Meri that Gorey’s got -a lot- of fangirls.”

Hudson exchanges a grimace with Alvina as they watch Uma escort her child away to give him a talking to about his behavior. “Our kids aren’t that poorly behaved, right?”

Scandal shrugged his wings, and broke the cookie, "Here, I am going to see if i can find some wine."

Kreekitaka glanced up at the mention of Vindicator again. "VinDAH!icaTAH!or eaTAH!s no kiDAH!s," he piped up, walking closer to Gordyn. "HHHTHose are peopo fooDAH!, noTAH! for animos." Wait, what? Was he joking? Surely he was joking. Crabs can joke, right? It's kinda hard to read that face. It's probably a joke.

Lionel frowned almost imperceptibly when his sister mentioned Onyx, recalling what she’d told him recently of their lineage and its implications. Forcefully, he pushed his lips back into the smile. “Good point,” he replied. Lionel waited his turn to greet Lanara, allowing Khitti and especially Dominic right of first approach. “Thanks for throwing this together. Have some bread,” he said, when one of the other caterers came up behind him and handed him what remained of their platter. He plucked a kaiser roll filled with butter and herbs off of the platter and dangled it in front of Lanara enticingly, like a psychiatrist might have dangled a pendulum. “It’s really good,” he added needlessly. If there were a prize for best employee at Ginger Snapped this month, Lionel O’Connor was hellbent to win it.

Alvina waits out the scene and turns to Hudson at the same time. She shakes her head with a small smile. "You're the worst of 'em." Of the kids, she means. "I'm putting my money on Bryce being just like you...Sven save us all."

Lanara giggles as the baby waves at her, and for a moment she feels that maternal pang in her heart, though this was something that would never be fulfilled for the infertile woman. “He’s precious, Khitti… It’s nice to finally meet him!” Gushing over the little guy, Lana leans in and in a singsong voice asks, “You need to bring your mommy and daddy to the sanctuary! We’ll put you on some nice pony rides, and you can pet lots of animals. And maybe you can take home a nice bunny!” She hopes the kid likes animals! Brushing off the mention of the scorpion, Lana shakes her head, “You outdid yourself, Khitti. The band, the food, and the crowd you drew in! I never imagined it would turn out this amazing.” It almost makes up for her sister kissing the guy she’d been chatting up, and the fact that she nearly drowned at her own pig roast. Glancing at Meri, her brows lift, “Yes! Gorey is quite a heartthrob for an undead… And that voice?!” The witch is in complete agreement with Khitti, it seems, though she does nudge the woman and wink, “But… I think you’re my favorite member of the band!” She excuses herself and makes her way over to Alvina and Hudson, both of who are greeted with a customary kiss on the cheek. “Hey! I’m so happy that you both could make it! Are you enjoying the event?” She doesn’t mention the scorpion, again. She was traumatized enough for one night. After hearing their answer, she’d move on to greet Emilia, before she hobbles out of view for a few minutes, getting ready to make her final speech of the night.

Emilia slowly made her way out of the scene after bidding farewell to the felines and waving to the rest gathered in a single gesture. Patients to check on it was high time the lady departed the crowd.

Meri chuckles at the distinction Khitti makes and nods in agreement, that goes without saying in Meri's mind. No comment from Meri as Lanara hobbles over before the blonde spits out the words. Meri gives her a bit of a look, frowning at the witch, "I don't know if you should be hobbling around so soon after your adventure. " Not that Meri was one to talk, she has been guilty of doing much the same. "What Khitti said..I'd of helped but..." Well Lanara had a lot of help and Meri would have just gotten in the way. "But since you have hobbled over her and I have your attention, I heard Khitti joined up with the Adventurer's Guild. I was wondering if you had room for one more?" Meri points at herself to indicate that she is the one trying to join up.

Meri doesn't manage to get her question out before Lanara slinks off to meet and greet the other guests. Another time.

Alvina turns to receive Lanara with a broader smile. “The hostess of the hour!” She makes a kissing sound when Lanara is next to her face, lips puckered in the air. “The food is to die for.” Is this a pun? IS THIS A PUN? Who knows. “I’m sorry we didn’t bring the girls -” But not really because there was a scorpion? “Next time.” She promises before Lanara moves off the tend to her greetings. “I think I like her more every time we see her.” She remarks to Hudson about Lanara.

Lanara (Post 1 of 2) gently pushes through the crowd of dancers as she makes her way to the stage, smiling up at Khitti and the undead band. The witch moves hastily, as she knows her adopted brother is shifting and making his way towards the scenic view, where he would perform the fireworks show at a safe distance. The last thing the Adventurer’s Guild needed was a lawsuit! She pauses before the stage and catches the eye of Gorey, who gives her a wink and waits for the song to end, before he offers her a hand to climb the three steps. She stands in the center of the stage, her voice loud and clear, and amplified by magic. A hush falls over the crowd and the leader of the guild clears her throat, her dark hues shining beneath the star filled sky. “As most of you know, my name is Lanara, and I’m the leader of the Adventurer’s Guild. We are a group of fearless individuals that enjoy exploring diverse locations, diving into the unknown, and pushing our bodies and minds to the limit. Sometimes our quest leads us to great treasure, sometimes to trouble, nonetheless, it –always- leads us to a greater knowledge, fantastical stories to share with others, and companionship with our fellow members. If you are interested in joining our ranks, please don’t hesitate! We have an awesome adventure in the works and we’ll be heading out in a few short weeks.”

Lanara (Post 2 of 2) She pauses, her gaze scanning over those in the crowd, locking eyes with a select few. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending our first annual pig roast! I want to give a special thanks to Khitti for providing us with treats from her bakery, The Sound of Sirens for being some kickass entertainment, Talyara for hunting down the frost boar that we all pigged out on, and Scandal for providing us with some closing fireworks. I also want to thank all the current members of the guild, as you all are valuable assets to our team.” She lifts her hand and motions to the north east, “In a few minutes there will be fireworks! So take this time to find a seat, cuddle up with a loved one, and enjoy the show.” Lana carefully descends the few steps and walks through the crowd, accepting handshakes and hugs along the way, before she leaves the area entirely. She knew the perfect spot to watch the show, which was up a little ways on the hill, and isolated from the crowd. The witch craved solitude after such a huge event, and she didn’t have anyone special to watch the fireworks with, so she lays out a picnic blanket with a sigh. It had been a long day, with unexpected revelations! Lowering herself to the ground, she presses her back to the tree trunk and lifts her head to gaze at the sky, waiting for the show to begin. Talyara walks past, and Lana pats the area at her side, “Come and watch the show with me, Sister.”

Meri gives Dominic a smooch, Khitti a hug, Lionel a wave, and then makes her exit from the party.

Scandal already having given his sister the stage as moved away from the group, moving towards the other end of the lake, as safety must come first before fun. Then following a short shapeshifting to much larger size, he waits ten minutes after Lana leaves the stage before he begins. Inhaling and then blowing, he begins by blowing six blobs of his unique breath ability into the sky. Which immediately ignite their fiery tails lingering behind them as they sail high up over the lake each a different color of the rainbow, as the balls of fire begin to curve toward their descent they immediately explode in a massive twinkling display of glory. Some small, others large. He then focuses a bit of his mana into his breath ability and it fires twice, one to the east side of the lake and one to the west. As they run along the surface they begin to corkscrew in air, creating long winding tails before combining together and spiraling in an ascent before detonating. For now he would entertain with the small stuff, and a few of these tricks, but in the coming next half hour he would show them, more talent.

Hudson rolls his eyes. Maybe his wife is still salty from earlier. So much for making jokes! Can’t even endear himself by talking trash about other people’s kids. Lanara joins them and he puts his response on hold. “Great event,” he assures her. “The kids would have loved it.” He eyes Alvina who is speaking positively about Lanara. ... Is this a trap????? “Yeah, she’s good people,” he remarks obliquely. He eyes his wife with suspicion. “Are you still hating me? I can’t tell.”

Alvina rolls her eyes at Hudson but her mood seems slightly improved. “I’m not hating you much.” She tells him easily. “Besides, no matter how much I hate you I’ll probably love you just a little bit more.”

Khitti frowned as Lanara takes off quite too soon, having to play hostess to everyone else. She took the praise that was given to her, but sighed. “Maybe no more huge events for a little while for us. What do you say, kid? You wanna get out of here soon? Wanna go rip off Uncle Cal’s buttons again before you go see your father? Just no petting the bees this time, okay?” Meri was quick to slip off away from the party, and Khitti just sighed. “Okay. Maybe just your dad today. Uncle Cal’s probably had enough of our nonsense anyway.” She looked to Lionel briefly, crimson brows knitted together in concern before she shifted her attention towards the stage as Lanara spoke and Scandal lit off the fireworks. The Sound of Sirens had long since finished their set for the concert, but still they remained on stage, adding some nice instrumental rock music to go with the lightshow.

Talyara had pushed herself to a stand with much difficultly as she was sore from all the hobbling around she had been doing. Unfortunately the witch hadn’t been paying attention and had stumbled into the marked off area for volleyball as she attempted to right herself. She heard someone yell, “Spike it!” and she instinctively turned around just in time for one of Gordyn’s employees to spike the volleyball right into her face. Taly curses loudly much to the dismay of nearby mothers who cover the ears of their children. She stumbles slightly and angrily walks off in the opposite direction, the side of her face already changing colors thanks to the force of the impact. She was mumbling to herself, not realizing she had been walking by Lanara, when she hears her sister’s voice. She pauses for a moment but limps over and collapses on the ground beside her sister. The witch is quiet for several beats, making no comment on the black eye that was beginning to form. “Do you like him?” Taly asks her sister quietly, her focus on the sky above as she waits for Scandal’s fireworks show.

Lanara blinks as she sees the bruising already beginning to show on her sister’s fair face, mildly amused, and slightly concerned. She doesn’t even bother to comment, though Grandpa Krawtch is quick to hobble over and drop a bag of ice on Talyara’s lap. The sisters were quite accident prone it seemed, and she rests her head on Taly’s shoulder, with a faint sigh. “Thank you for coming out to support the Adventurer’s Guild…” For a while, they both remain silent, listening to the crickets, the bright explosions in the sky, and the loud ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ of the crowd as their gazes remain transfixed on the sky above. Scandal was performing an epic fireworks show, and Lana is stunned by the beautiful shapes, for a moment forgetting the reality of tonight’s events. She had been traumatized and nearly drowned at the pinchers of a scorpion, she was rescued by a crab fashionista, found out that her ‘master’ and her sister had locked lips, and her sprained ankle was beyond sore. Taly’s inquiry draws her back to the moment and she shakes her head, her long locks brushing against her sister’s arm, as she struggles to form an honest reply. “I… I think I was starting to care for him as more than a friend? I’m not sure. I’m so afraid to find love again, and –obviously- it was all so very one sided. Tiber doesn’t care about anyone but himself! I thought after-“ Her voice cuts off as she remembers the discovery of his lycanthropy and how she had helped him through that night, as well as how he had saved her from a life of servitude, and the many, many times they were caught gazing at each other and flirting. “I just thought after the time we’ve been spending together that I’d come to be cared for, at least in the friend sense. But… After his actions, erm, inactions of today, well, its better that we aren’t anything at all, I guess.” Lana’s voice is soft, her expression sad, though she doesn’t utter a word more about the topic. She didn’t want her sibling to worry about her well being, or her love life, as she already had enough on her plate. So after a time, as the finale of the fireworks nears, they’d link hands and watch the show in comfortable silence, merely enjoying the companionship of each other.

Hudson smiles mildly, to be so reassured, and pumps his fist. “Still in the running to get laid later,” he remarks, pointing to the burst of color in the sky. He reaches for Alvina’s hand. “Come on, let’s find a place to sit.”

Lionel retrieved his bread from Lanara’s previous location glumly. Someday she’d have the bread. If Kahran didn’t kill them all. The Catalian recognized his sister’s concerned face and patted her on the shoulder. “You did good out here today, sis. And so did you, kid.” He messed with Dominic’s hair, but not too much. “We’d better take off soon. It’s getting late and the enemy’s still got soldiers all over Lithrydel even if they haven’t done much more than grit and bear their fangs lately. I know you’d be fine, but I worry for Dominic’s safety.”

Alvina :: “You’re the literal worst.” She lets Hudson pick the place and settles against him. “In your dreams, Landon.” The fireworks thunder overhead, everyone’s faces illuminated by the lights and various colors. Fireworks always feel like a stolen moment in time, a group of people fixated on one thing in unison.

Khitti merely nodded at Lionel, then looked to where the remainder of her bakery staff was. For the most part, things had been cleaned up. What was left of the food was packed up, ready to be shipped off to the orphanage in Gualon and the equipment they’d brought ready to go back to the shop itself. Whomever was left from the bakery, she’d send off to help the rest of the band breakdown and take care of the instruments and such, telling them to give her bandmates the message that she had to head out of here to take Dominic home. They’d understand; she’d done it before… and she paid them well in exchange for their understanding. “Yeah. Let’s go,” she said finally to Lionel before slipping off to where she’d left her Tikifhlee.

Scandal paused as the time for the finale approached, if all went as planned he would begin to hear the choir of voices across the lake, focusing his power into his breath. His body's lighter colors began to glow a silvery violet color as the mana pooled towards his throat, then with a breath he breathed. Strangely the speed at which the fire emerged was slow and deliberate he seemed to flow with the music, gliding over the surface of the lake, and then the fire began to change forming people outlined in fire dancers upon on the surface of the lake. To those who watched female humanoids emerged on the left and male humanoids on the right together they seemed to grasp each other and dance to the music as if they were at a ball and then into a balle, they seemed to glide to sway, their dances weaving and lifting carrying each other in a ever so graceful ascent, and then they dived backward and towards the surface and then upward at the last second they spread out clutching each by their hands the males taking the females in their arms, and then a kiss, and then together they turned bowed and filed back towards their source their bodies stretching as if the very space above the lake seemed to draw them into a stunning new frontier, then the skies a lit in a massive firework like a great two dimensional bubble and within glittering words seemed to write themselves into the sky, "Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!" The letters would then glow brightly and the display would close like a scroll and shrink to point and then blast outward as the particles of fire fell into the lake in a display of every color known and visible as the finale finished.