RP:Riss and Merle are fortunate enough to be granted an audience with empress Rowen

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Kelay tavern Approx Aug 2010

Merle is hot. Smokin' hot!

Merle made her way into the establishment. Burning emerald hues would scan over the patrons as she studied their movement. Flame could be seen dancing in her eyes. Smoke would wrap and twirl around her legs, thick and graceful, dancing around the vampiress's small frame. A strong aura would pulse around the woman, something seemed very evil about her. She looked to be hovering over the floor, legs no where to be traced; ghost-like. Long ebony locks of hair would float behind her like snake perched upon her head. Taking recod of all the faces, she would take her seat. A smirk twisted upon her almost perfect face. Pulling and lifting to show one pearly white fang.

Rowen cannot help but overhear the loud man's comments about gross drinks, the little rat is puzzled. she peeres out of her hamsterball, but can only see one drink, not a hundred and forty four.

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Riss walked in. Sat down. Big deal, wanna fight about it?

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Rowen rolls her hamsterball happily over to the vampire, seemingly completely oblivious, to the myriad signs of danger coming from the woman. It seems this rat is either very brave, or very foolish. "Have you seen my assistant Basil, anywhere? He promised to dress up as Queen Jacklin for me."

Clarence mutters something unintelligible into his glass as he takes another drink. He sets the glass back down a little too hard, sloshing some over the edge and onto the table, then glares up at Edan. "And if yer going to be all laughing, go do it somewhere else, would ya? I got no stomach for it right now."

Athxess is sitting at the bar, amber bottle in his ebony colored hand, as the one covered, and wrapped in smoke arrived and her emerald eyes scanned the establishment's patrons, the one copper eye viable would meet her pricing gaze with out flinching.

Edan sits back on the table cussing under his breathe.

Merle 's attention turned to the hamster thing

Merle 's attention turned to the hamster thing. Raising a neatly trimmed brow, the vampiress would place a sharpened nail upon her full lips, blood-red in color. "Basil? I know not of a person by that name." The vampiress would say sternly, her voice smooth as velet and an accent was present; untraceable at most. An arrogant giggle would will the chilled air that seemed to surround the vampiress. "What exactly are you?" she would continue as her voice sounded almost as if she was mocking the creature.

You told Jacklin, "ooc Basil has a new charry, so Rowen needs to find someone else to dress up as Jacklin,,for Nigel's peace of mind, *grins*"

Clarence nods. "Better." He tilts his head back and takes another swallow. "To life! May it rot in hell."

I don't mind lowering myself to associate with commoners, such as yourself, from time to time

Rowen completely misses the mocking tone, behind the vampiress's question. She climbs out of her hamsterball, and perches atop it. A rat with a missing forepaw. "I am Rowen, high priestess of Daedria. Official rat catcher of Larket, chief librarian of Rynvale. Sea Captain of the 'Window Maker." I am a very important person, I rubs shoulders with royally, but please don't feel overawed to be in my presence. I don't mind lowering myself to associate with commoners, such as yourself, from time to time."

Edan oocly crawled out of merles belly button.

Clarence looks over at the woman and flinches slightly. "Don't need to go nowhere. I'm alreddy there, woman. Just ... leave me alone, lady. Got enough troubles already without some tart adding more on top."

Riss said to you, "Royalty is nothing but a falsehood."

I can remove the other limbs if you wish

Merle gave a low snarl to the arrogance of the rodent. Twisting her hand in a graceful manner, a knife would appear out of seemingly no where. Eyes narrowed at the pest. "I can remove the other limbs if you wish, don't brag to me. I am not a 'commoner' as you think I am. I am lady Blackbird..But how on earth can a rodent like -you- be so important. I would have killed you by now and fed you to Mist.." she looked over to the door as a Chaos hound walked in. Body tensed up as he trotted over to his Mistress and keeping his dead looking eyes upon the rat.

Merle said to Clarence, "You say let it rot in hell, yet you chicken out at the pleasant experiance? Seems to me you're a bit scared of death.."

Rowen calls over to Riss. "You might not be true royalty, scum, but do not insult your betters. " She looks back at Merle and finally seems to realise that she is actually in danger. The little rat gives a high pitched squeal of terror and tries to scamper back into her hamsterball and bolt herself inside."

Merle would blow the knife as it waves away in smoke. Placing her hand back onto the table, she rolled her eyes. "Don't come boasting to me rodent and I won't have to do that..." she gave a twisted looked to the rodent, a flicker of insanity within the vampiress's eyes. "I don't care about your life, important or not. I am -not- your friend and I am -not- going to listen as you try to belittle me..it won't work.." her voice was stern and hard like boulders.

Even drunk I know yer kind

Clarence snorts. "Forgit it, lady. Even drunk I know yer kind. You don't give a tinker's damn about me or anything, you're just after whatever you can get fer yourself. See your kind come into the shop all the time, and you can bet we don't take our eyes off 'em for a second, or stuff'll be flying off the shelves by magic. Just... get lost. Go find some other sucker to muck with - I got enough troubles already without you adding onto 'em." Apparently all that talking has dried his throat out, as he promptly takes a long swallow of beer, finishing another glass off.

Kiri makes a subtle entrance

Kirien arrives with a sound first; there's the crash of something heavy landing upon the tavern roof above, raining small particles of dust and cobwebs down from the ceiling. A few awry wingbeats, perhaps to steady whatever beast might be up there, and then a much smaller thump. It's then that Kirien actually appears, hopping down from the roof and slipping through the tavern doorway. One might notice a few pebbles being flicked at the passers-by from the Elf's wyvern, who stays perched above the doorway, while the rogue himself is practically dancing in the direction of the board.

Merle said to Clarence, "My kind? Then what is my kind? And you are wrong. I do care to an extent..if you wish to die I can take care of that..as long as I get something before your cold and cruel death. "

Clarence tosses a rude gesture in her direction before ordering another beer. "S'all I got to say to you now."

Riss asks Rowen - Do you know who I am?

Riss twitched. Just a bit. He hated being looked down upon, and for that reason, emerald eyes that typically held childish bliss glazed over -- a shattering of soul -- to adopt cold, lifeless apathy. "Scum?" floated through the air. "You have no right to call me, of all people, that. Do you know who I am? What I've done? I've likely accomplished more in half my life than you have with your entire existence. And, if it weren't for my better nature, I'd kill you, right here, and right now for your condescending nature. I don't care if you're associated with royalty or not." And with that, he was back, back to his normal self, sheen akin to the brightest of gems reigniting within his gaze, and boyish grin taking control of his lips. "I'd think twice, if I were you, kay?~"

Rowen - I expect a full and sincere apology from each of you

Rowen seems to believe herself completely safe now she is inside her unbreakable hamsterball, with door bolted. It does not occurs to the rat how easy it would be to pick up the ball and say, stab her through an air hole, or throw it onto the fire. She glares arrogantly at the vampire. "You need to learn to speak to me with more respect. " Then to Riss "As, do you sir, I expect a full and sincere apology for each of you!"

Rowen said, "ooc I am often amazed that Rowen has stayed alive as long as she has..lol."

You may get a warm blade to sooth you through your own death, if you wish...

Rhocielle canted his head as soon as he had entered the tavern. The baker from Larket? He narrowed his eyes as he heard Merle's utterance to him. Striding across the distance from the door to the pair, "You may get a warm blade to sooth you through your own death, if you wish... In the meantime, I need to speak with my friend the baker here..." Already a paw like hand rested on the hilt of his blade while the other was set on Clarence's arm, "Sir..., I need to speak with you urgently about your daughter. I am one of the ones assigned to find the killer..."

Rowen waves happily to Rhocielle from within her hamsterball.

Riss said to Rowen, "I don't respect those who don't deserve any~"

Clarence looks blearily up at Rhocielle while waiting for his beer to arrive. "Then ... what're you doing in here? Why aren't you out there catching the bastard?" He pauses for a second, thinking, then looks around. "Unless... he's in here.." He glares around the room, looking at each person there with a suspicious look, as if whoever it was would be wearing a giant sign confessing their guilt.

I -am- the Goddess of Smoke

Merle let her hand drop to where all of the smoke would dance around herself. In the dim light, a small shine would be barely seen in such a thick smoke. Returning her hand to her face, knives would rest in between each finger. "I need to apologize..." she said as the vampiress would stand, looking down at the rodent. Her frame seemed to get large, smoke making her seem almost seven feet tall. Eyes begining to turn a dark red, lightning seemed to roll in her eyes now instead of flame. "I do not care how I speak to a smelly rodent like you. Learn to speak to people of more importance with respect! I -am- the Goddess of Smoke and I'll be damned to let someone talk down to me as if I am a peasant. Do you -not- understand with one swift move you're small body would be ripped appart and served on a platter? I recomind you back down from even trying to irritate me and walk away..better yet.." The vampiress acted to go and grab the ball, instead the vampiress would try to hold back her anger, but her sanity began slipping away rather quickly.

Rowen glares at Clarence as if she had been personally accused. "I didn't murder your daughter!" She then replies to Riss "My own attitude exactly, I am glad we agree."

Rhocielle said to Clarence, "I'm here because you're here. Let's go. You can take your beer with you." Looking towards Kirien, he simply said, "I am working alone, until others say they are working also on this. This Roldan would be one of them, I suppose."

You may consider me already in hell if the gods allowed you to become a goddess of smoke, and mirrors...

Rhocielle said to Merle, "You may consider me already in hell if the gods allowed you to become a goddess of smoke, and mirrors..."

Kirien said to Rhocielle, "Oh, right~! Well, if you meet him, tell him he should stop suspecting me, aye? I've never even set foot in Larket, so him suspecting me is simply foolish~."

Merle said to Rhocielle, "I was blessed with beauty and power..I -am- the one and only Goddess of Smoke..mirrors..well seems to me you need one more than I could ever..even as a mortal love.."

Riss said to Kirien, "Youuuuu~"

Clarence staggers to his feet, bringing his glass with him. "Oh. Okay then." He stands with his shoulders slumped, and shuffles along after Rhocielle, clutching his beer in both hands.

Rhocielle said to Merle, "Aye, lest you break one..."

You can tear me apart, but the moral highground will still be mine!

Rowen glares back at at Merle "You can tear me apart, but he moral highground will still be mine!" She, does seem nervous however, and begins to roll her hamsterball over towards the bar calling to Mesthak. "Get me a swimming pool, please, my good, dwarf."

Kirien is trying not to burst out laughing at the vampiress' antics, shifting over in Riss' direction with every intent to sneak up from behind. He's assuming he's not been noticed yet and such due to the chaos going on in the tavern-- ohwait, caught. So he'll simply sort of jump on him instead, arms wrapping about his neck and nose nuzzling affectionately against his. "Hi there~"

Merle closed her eyes as her measurements came back to normal. Sitting back down in her seat, she waved her hand. A book of some sort would appear along with a raven's feather quill. Looking towards the rodent, she would write; not letting her eyes move from the rodent's form.

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Talisia makes her way into the tavern. Her training had taken longer than expected. She tucks a stray strand of hair back behind her high elven ears after settling the hood of her cloak back down around her shoulders. Her eyes adjusted to the light as she gazed around to take in the scene before her.

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Edan appears from the south.

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You wouldn't hurt a poor innocent rat, who was just going for a swim,now, would you?

Rowen watches and Metshak appears with a large bowl of warm water, and places it beisde her ball. "Er...." she begins to Merle. "you wouldn't hurt a poor innocent rat, who was just going for a swim,now, would you?"

Rowen said OOC, "Thanks Merle! That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me!"

Merle let her eyes narrow at the rodent. "Depending on if wet rat tastes good..." she would say coldly and monotone to the creature. "The choice is up to you...want me to make a Rat-Kabob?"

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Talisia looks towards the one that talked about a rat kabob. She glides through the room with an erie grace as she held out her hand to Rowen first as she speaks, "That would be the last mistake you'd make in this life wench."

It is a kind offer, but I don't eat rat, that would be canibilism

Rowen shakes her head seriously. "No thanks, it is a kind offer, but I don't eat rat, that would be canibilism." glancing nervously at Merle, but deciding she is more friendly now, she did after all, just offer Rowen a snack. She leaves the relative safety of the glass ball, and heads for her 'Swimming Pool."

Riss was, by all means, done with the hamster, especially when Kirien so lovingly nuzzled into his neck. For that, his neck would more than happily roll back, wide eyes taking in the image, adoringly scanning the Elf's face before gaze focused on those lips of his. "It's nice to see you, too. It'd be much nicer if you were to give me a little smooch, though~." No, that wasn't a blatantly obvious hint. You all are just hallucinating. Should never eat mushrooms, especially if it's Jozie who gives them to you. "If you'd be so kind, that is."

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Merle kept her eyes on the rodent and shook her head. Hearning someone begining to smart off to her, she snarled under her breath as she looked towards the woman. "I recomind you keep your nose out of my business. Wench? Heh, don't dare test me child.." The vampiress's eyes would remain the bloody color, a flicker of sanity would return to her eyes but would fade back and forth as if the two were fighting. Clearly, insanity was winning.

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Rowen calls "Watch my incredibly skilful dive everyone" Then flops clumsily into her 'Swimming pool' and begins to swim happily around, therein.

Talisia puts her gaze onto Merle as she says, 'Do test me... I would relish in a warm up. And it becomes my business when you dare to even think of attacking one of my friends and vassals of sort." She allows her eyes to redden for but a flash of a moment.

Merle said to Rowen, "Control that disgrace of a vampire would you?"

Kiri and Riss kiss awwww <3

Kirien might just have nipped a little at that neck before he leans to press a lingering kiss to his lips. "How's that, hm?" he murmurs thereafter, refusing to pull away more than an inch although bright eyes glance off in the direction of the one named Merle for a second. A shake of the head follows before the Elf goes back to nuzzling, the cool mithril of his ring pressed against Christian's skin. "What's...going on here, anyway? It stinks of overblown egos in here today."

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Rowen pauses in her swim and coments. "I was a bridesmaid for Lady Talisia, and Lord Rheven, and for Queen Jacklin and Parsithius. I am the finest rat bridesmaid in the land and Nigel is to my knowledge,the only decomposing shark bridesmaid.

But, it's better to rip out their voicebox before they start screaming

Merle trying to keep calm from the rather dumb patrons in the tavern. She would pour the male a glass. "Tis no problem. I am not so kind. Please never expect kindness from me...Warning you..tis all.." she would blow on the glass as it hovered over to the male. "Killing humans or any creature for blood is very fun. But, it's better to rip out their voicebox before they start screaming.."

Rowen looks around wondering who Merle is talking about, surely it cannot be Talisia, perhaps it is the new vampire who has joined her. "Sorry Milady, I don't even know him, and I am not really high queen of all the vampires, that was just a rumour that was going round for a while, because I am so all powerful and such."

Thea 's lower jaw nearly drops as sight of Talisia is made. Saying nothing, the Pixie closes her gaping maw and looks away, attempting to conceal several things just now. Several digits wrap about the key now dangling from her neck and she clears her throat before motioning Nancy over to place a quiet order.

Rat-Kabbobs do sound nice..

Merle said to Rowen, "No..tell that woman not to talk to me in such a manner...if you wish to be safe that is..Rat-Kabbobs do sound nice.."

Kirien notices Thea's, er, shock, and snickers a little. He's heard rumors, and a lot of them. "I wonder what you'll do about this, hm~?" he calls in the Pixie's direction while continuing to snuggle Riss; albeit with a huge grin upon his lips now.

Talisia me gazes to Merle as she says, "And that is exactly the kind of barbaric behavior one would expect from someone uncivilized. Rowen.. dear... would you like to return with me to see my husband? I fear my training took longer than we both anticipated."

Merle said to Talisia, "Barbaric..no..I just don't take kindly to those who direspect me..I am probably much old than you all.."

Rat-woman claims to be buds with royalty

Riss nodded happily. "That works. And as for the situation, rat-woman claims to be buds with royalty, so I was all, 'Psshhh. That's overrated.' Then she called me scum. A-and... I don't deal well with that. I mean, it's not like I have a big ego or anything, but that's just... not nice, y'know? So... I think I may have threatened to kill her. Maybe. I'm not sure. It all got hazy for a moment or two. And I'm not sure what that one lady is going on and on about~ I had half a mind to attack her earlier, just because of the evil that dwells in the air around her body, but I decided against it. I don't feel like putting forth the effort. Go figure."

Thea shoots a cooled verdant stare towards Kirien, lips pursing, "And just what am I expected to do something about, aye?"

Rowen sighs "I already told you, I won't eat rat Kabob, that would be canabilism. " The rat smiles up at Talisia and clambers out of her pool. "I would love to see Lord Rheven once more. It has been too long. (ooc tell him I'll, bring a racoon)

Merle would smile as she looked to the male (Eian). "I was raised a specific way...If you mutilate a body..it's much more fun..."

Eian said to Merle, "I'm sure it is."

Talisia said to Merle, "Then show you are deserving of respect. Right now I don't even think you worthy of much. Be as barbaric as you please. Just know if you harm a friend or vassal you will pay dearly til you wish for the death of your unlife."

You said OOC, "Rowen has the master hamsterball!"

Merle said to Talisia, "Do you dare challange me? You say you can kill me please do it...I am a master at Smoke Illusion, Weapondry, and much more. If you want you darling..Rheven was it to tend to your broken and bloody body..be my guest.."

== It is nice you are having such a pleasant chat with the other vampire lady ==

Rowen said to Talisia, "It is nice you are having such a pleasant chat with the other vampire lady, but I am sure Lord Rheven will be eager to see me."

Kirien is sneakier than Almeri, and therefor spots him, especially as he leaps onto a nearby chair. And he likes cats, and hasn'treally interacted with one for a while; being none-too-used to the tricks of the feline kind the Elf really does assume the cat is but a cat, and runs to pick it up somewhat uncerimoniously, cradling it against his chest and turning back to Christian. "Look~! A kitty!" he laughs, somewhat childishly, before pausing to listen to the man's words. "Ehe. What's the point in bothering with someone like that anyway? She'll either learn she looks like a complete idiot, or continue to be one forever and amuse people~." He looks then to Thea, head canting to one side. "Well, about her wanting that revenant back, of course~! She looks like she might get naaaasty when she realises~."

Rowen oocly found Riss' post hilarious. Riss <3

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Riss knew a thing or two about Rheven's love-life. After all, he had be more than acquainted with Shaelyn in his time -- that's right, Riss got her first, what son? -- and also dealt in political relations with both Talisia, and briefly, the pix. "Heeeee~. And here I was hoping for a cat-fight. Mmm, ripping clothes, certain things pressed so tightly against one another, causing buttons to pop and goodies to unleash their beauty to the world. Screams softening to delight ears in the form of enjoyable moans-- err-- getting carried away." To Kirien, he'd return his attention, especially as he picked up that cat. "You're adorable. You know that, right? I couldn't ask for a better future whatever-you-are Saydanas~."