RP:Patrol; Job Offer

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Summary: While on patrol, Kelovath runs into a half-elf. Cobalt makes a fool of himself.

Western Eternal Forest

Kelovath quite often explored the Eternal Forest. Normally, it was his time to think and to get away from everything for a bit. Right now, the paladin was not alone. Walking with him was Cobalt, his mount. They walked beside each other and behind them, were a few guards. “Careful, men. These woods aren’t completely tame.” Kelovath warned, his eyes scanning the forest for anything unusual. During this patrol, everything had been calm. Typically not a good sign, but it was early in the day and things can change suddenly. Cobalt, the large weasel, sniffed at the ground, unable to catch any scents for the time being. The armored paladin and his men were at ease. The fermin attacks had slowed down, but now there seemed to be a large amount of lycan within the forest. He knew why, but the information was kept close. Only Kelovath, the council, and a few others knew of the real threat lurking nearby.

Airion is heading back towards town when he hears the paladin's voice. Stepping softly the ranger moves to see if he could identify the source of the words. When he gets within sight of the small party he recognizes the man, having grown up in Larket the half elf easily recognized one of the leading people of the town. His keen eyes sweep over the small group, deciding that it probably wouldn't be wise to be caught stealthing through the forest, especially with its current problems, he steps out onto the path and offers the paladin a small bow, "Greetings my lord."

Kelovath was alerted by Cobalt at the approaching person. A few flicks of the weasel’s ears was all it took for the paladin to know someone was coming close. Using his own magic, he could feel it was nothing evil. A possible threat is still an option, but when seeing the half-elf, he offered a small smile. “Good evening.” He bowed as well. He’d seen the half-elf before, but never caught a name. Larket wasn’t exactly a large town, but remembering all names and faces proved to be difficult. Cobalt stepped forward, wanting to sniff at the half-elf, although Kelo wouldn’t allowed it. A single armored hand found its way onto the large mount, who then stopped his movement. “Not to sound rude, but is there a reason you’re out here? It’s not as safe as it used to be, as I’m sure you’re aware.” The entire patrol stopped now, the guards behind Kelovath and Cobalt talking amongst themselves.

Airion started to hold out his hand when the weasel started to step forward but hastily dropped it when he saw Kelovath move to halt his mount. "I was simply scouting around," he said with a slight shrug, "I was hoping to make sure that there was no immediate threat to the town. If there had been I would have been able to alert the guards. Things are a little tense and I feel like everyone should be doing what they can to assist in the defense of Larket."

Kelovath nodded at the words of the half-elf. “Initiative. I like that.” A smile formed after his words. His eyes scanned the forest for a couple of seconds, then he looked to Cobalt, who was just standing there. No danger nearby. The armored man stepped forward, now looking at the half-elf. “What’s your name?” He asked softly, allowing his eyes to look the somewhat familiar man over. Whatever response and/or name was given, the paladin looked back to the guards and called out. “5 minutes!” The five guards all nodded, gave an exhausted salute, and relaxed. Back to the half-elf. “Are you often out here alone? Can be dangerous, you know?” The paladin giving a genuine look of concern to the man. A death out here in the woods would certain stir up trouble. Larket didn’t need trouble right now.

Airion visibly relaxes at the sight of the human's smile, things were going smoother than he expected. "Airion." he says in response to Kelovath's question. He waits while the man relays his orders, "I am alone," he says with a slight half smile, "I know the dangers sir, the same could be said for just stepping out your door in the morning. At least if I'm going to do something dangerous let there be the chance of some sort of benefit to my home."

Kelovath continued to lock his gaze on Airion. “You are brave, Airion. There are many who avoid this part of the forest.” Cobalt was now with the guards, begging for any food the men may be willing to share. The paladin normally would have stopped the weasel for acting that way, but they were on patrol and it’s rather hard to break that habit from a weasel. Still looking at Airion. “As much as I’d like to continue this conversation, I’m afraid my men and myself need to keep going with the patrol. Do you live near here? And have a safe path home?” The man showed no signs of being impatient or really wanting to move at all. This break from the constant walking was much needed for him as it was for the others. And to prove that, the paladin crossed his arms over his breastplate, a small smile still showing on his features.

Airion nods, "I live near enough and my path is as safe as it could be given the forest." Leaning back the ranger braces himself against a nearby tree and relaxes more so. "And to your other comment there would be many who avoided trying to keep a large weasel as a mount." he says with his half smile growing slightly wider and a nod towards Cobalt and his antics, "Though he seems quite loveable to his friends."

Kelovath canted his head to the side, unsure of what the half-elf was getting at. Turning somewhat, the paladin looked behind him and spotted Cobalt, who was no longer by his side. He sighed and shook his head, arms dropping to his sides. “Ah…Well…” Not much else could be said, given the scene. Cobalt was standing on his hind legs, a guard holding something in his hand. From this distance, Kelovath was unable to make out what it was. The guard opened his hand, but nothing fell. Apparently, he wasn’t holding anything and Cobalt fell for it. Literally, the large weasel lost his balance and fell onto the grassy floor of the forest. Again, Kelovath shook his head, looked away from Cobalt and closed his eyes. “He’s usually more coordinated than that.” His eyes opened, observing Airion once more. “I give them a break and now they are playing around with my weasel.” He chuckled a bit before calling out, “Cobalt!” Right away, the mount came running, forgetting all about the embarrassing moment and the possibility of food. The mount sat down, right next to the paladin and waited for another order. The order never came. Instead, Kelovath addressed Airion. “Well, before Cobalt decides to be careless again, I think we better be moving on.” The armored man shifted his gaze backward and waved the guards forward. He stayed and spoke to the half-elf as the men walked by. “I’d like you to come by the fort sometime. I have a job for you, if you’d be interested.” Another smile, this one larger than the last couple, before he begins moving with his patrol.

Airion can't help but to laugh softly when the weasel falls, though he does regain his composure before the paladin turns back, "If you must." he says stepping aside to ensure that he was out of the men's way. "I am most interested sir," he finishes with a bow, "and would be more than happy to help in any way I can." He stands there a moment watching the group depart before melting back in to the trees.