RP:Paladins, Poisons, and Promises

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Part of the How to Train your Wizard Arc

  • Kaito, Feline, Wandering Samurai.
  • Kasyr, Vampire Revenant, Kensai.
  • Satoshi, Kit Vampire, Frost Singer.

Satoshi sits hunched over a leatherbound book, referencing passages and scribbing notes on a small pile of papers at hand, while beside her rests a large salmon, its silvery scales dulled by a layer of frost. The fish occasionally twitches upon the table, and one might even believe the animal still lives, up until a white, feline-esque heads pops up from behind it, fur caked in dead blood and bits of fish flesh as it chimes with delight. Satoshi's note-taking falters during that moment to offer the young angha an affectionate stroke of its black mane between tiny azure horns. "Bright Eye was right about the fish, hm?"

Kaito walks into the tavern and scans the room, spotting the queen immediately, "Satoshi-dono." He says walking up to the woman and offering a bow, "I've been looking to speak with you, that I have."

Satoshi looks up from notes and hatchling alike at the swordsman approaching her, and smiles in a lopsided fashion. "Swords, hullo. How went your test with Roytoc?" Whether they've had the battle or not, the kit isn't certain, or whether there was even a letter telling her as much. So many messages received in frantic earnest these days has left the magus forgetful of specific details. The little angha doesn't share her fate however, and merrily greets the stranger with a rustling ring of its bell-like voice before diving back into the salmon's abdominal cavity.

Kaito sighs, "That is actually what I wished to speak to you about." he says folding his arms in the sleeves of his pure white kimono, "I have yet to see him since that first day and I was wondering if you had heard any word from him, that I was?"

Satoshi scribbles a lengthy magical formula upon the page, answering as she does, "That doesn't surprise me. He's been heavily occupied with multiple tasks that have him running from the Xalious range to the Isle of Rynvale and everywhere in between. We all have, honestly."

Kaito bows, "In that case I am sorry for interrupting," he offers, "I only wish to get the test over with so I may find a way to be of service, that I do."

Satoshi looks up from her writing to gaze at the swordsman, sizing him up. "If you can't find Roytoc, you can face anyone from my kingdom to prove yourself. There's the earth-mover Kirien, the wizard Svilfon, my champion Gunnar, or even my husband Kasyr. Any of them are capable of gauging your abilities and finding a suitable position for your skills. Tell them I sent you, if you run across any of them?"

Kaito inclines his head, "As you wish Satoshi-dono." the samurai casts a quick look around, "Is there anything that you would require assisstance with at the moment?"

Satoshi pinches the bridge of her nose and leans back into her chair with a groan. "Do you know a good pest-killer, per chance?"

Kaito said to Satoshi, "Depends on the pest, that it does."

Satoshi laughs, the sound frosty and sardonic without a hint of mirth in it. "The king of pests, with as many lives as a cat."

Kaito cocks an eyebrow, "Sounds to me like that will require quite a bit of pest-killer, that it does."

Satoshi gives Kaito a flat look, but after a moment she manages the ghost of a grin. "You have -no- idea, Swords."

Kaito seems to change at the sight of the smile, the samurai relaxes and a smile slips onto his lips, "I am pretty certain I can hazard a guess, that I am."

Satoshi said to Kaito, "Then let's hope your swords are as quick and sharp as your wits, hm? Gods know you'll need it."

Kaito tilts his head to the side "Orro?" he says with slight confusion.

Satoshi flicks her gaze to the salmon slowly being devoured from the inside out by the ravenous little angha, the corners of her lips twitching up into a smile at his chimes made between bites, a sound so ecstatic over something as simple as a meal. Playfully she takes the fish by the fin and flips it over to topple the hatchling out in a mess of fur, feathers, blood, and intestine. With rings of protest at his interruption, Trebel squirms and eventually rights himself on uncertain limbs before diving back into the salmon's guts, all the while Satoshi chuckling to herself. "Even the little ones have to learn fast, if they hope to survive now, Swords. We all do."

Kaito watches the interaction with calm eyes, "That is true Satoshi-dono," his eyes rise to look at the queen, "though with multiple people working together it seems to me that chances of survival would increase, that it does." The samurai's hand rests on the hilt of the katana tucked securely into the obi wrapped about his waist matching the blue hakama the man wore, "Especially when we are untied by such a generous dono."

Satoshi said to Kaito, "Generosity is often met with betrayal, the more that work together, the more there are that are will to become traitors. United or alone, we stand to face Death. It's the ones that can dance with Death that will survive, for they walk the gray line that separates black and white~."

Kaito said, "That's one way to look at it Satoshi-dono." the samurai keeps his own views to himself, "I am sorry you feel that way, that I am."

Satoshi shrugs with a smile. "I've managed to live this long by learning those lessons. But I do still accept those willing to fight beside me. ...Once they've proven they can be trusted. And even then," the magus shrugs, "I'm forced to keep a wary eye on most. I won't chase you off, however, unless you show me a treacherous nature. I assure you, I reward loyalty. Ask Roytoc."

Svilfon pushes through the doors of the tavern, briefly exposing it to the swirling snow, blown about by the ever-present winds. He spends a few moments redundantly brushing ice from his tattered robes and pointy hat (when was there ever not ice on them recently?) before he awkwardly moves towards Drargon. Satoshi is spared a sideways glance, as is her companion... and the... what is that? His natural curiosity is soon pushed aside, though - he asks the bartender for his usual food, and within moments has a raw leg o' boar held in one hand. He takes it over to his one-armed armchair and drops down, before going about eating his meal in silence.

Kaito bows, "That is perfectly understandable, that it is."

Satoshi watches Svilfon enter, and claim a seat and meal, wordlessly. She'd seen him a matter of hours ago, soundly sleeping in her library and looking decidedly more peaceful than the night prior, and now she's trying to gauge his current state of mind. And here the kit thought -she- had mood swings. Kaito's remark is met with a mild smile and an absent, "Perfect is an art."

Kaito bows, "An art that few ever manage to master." Taking note of the other man's entrance he bows once more, "If you will excuse me Satoshi-dono, I will take my leave, that I will."

Satoshi nods to the swordsman by way of farewell. "Stay sharp, then."

Svilfon occasionally eyes the two above his meal, but otherwise makes no moves. The fish being devoured with such exuberance causes a swift, quiet snicker. But the wizard doesn't ask any questions yet.

Satoshi alternates between scrawling notes and jabbing the deflated salmon with her quill to provoke chimes from the angha within. "Is it healing?" Obviously she's not talking to the hatchling here, despite her eyes being on its blood-smeared form.

Kasyr shouted, "*From outside the tavern comes a thunderous cracking of ice, and the crunch of snow en masse being compacted*"

Svilfon tears the remnants of the meat away from the bone, before snapping it in half. The 'crack' is the only answer the wizard gives for a long moment, before he replies in quiet tones, "It... hurts." The pain was horrific, but it served as a vivid reminder to the darkness within the lengths Svil would take to stop it taking control. "But.. yes. Durable, eh?" He quietly laughs again, his light-hearted comment an attempt to return their relationship to its somewhat jovial roots.

Svilfon snaps his head to the door, before raising a brow at the queen. He'd heard the noise, obviously.

Satoshi's would-be smile is interrupted by the noise outside, but her surprise is as equally short-lived before her slaps her palm to her face in a gesture of frustration. "Does he have to land her right outside? Really?" Groaning, Satoshi gathers up Trebel and heads to the door on heavy feet, the grinding of her teeth likely audible to the wizard as she passes him by. "At least it wasn't -on- the tavern this time..."

Satoshi stomps out the door, a bundle of vexation with a smaller bundle of bloodstained fur wedged in the crook of her arm chiming protest. "Do you -want- ol' Frosty to come roaring out of her cave to fight you in the middle of town?" she demands of the kensai, and the damnable icy construct that serves as his partner-in-crime. "Because -I- sure don't."

Kelovath is still conscious, amazingly, even though the pain in his frozen hands totally sucks. And the motion of a barrel roll did not help the pain, which caused his hand, even though it's frozen, to smash into his armored chest. "What the...?!" The final word was cut off by the large cracking of ice and snow when they landed outside of the tavern.

Svilfon wanders out behind Satoshi, still gnawing on the bone. He looks around, before deciding quickly he should have damn well stayed inside.

Kasyr gives Kelovath a good firm pat on his back. Firm enough that it would likely dislodge him from Luffy and send him tipping over and towards the ground. "I was told to send this fellow here. This other paladin... to vous. To go et receive your aid for his wound. Since it relates to your..specialty." Luffys response is far less verbose- what with it just being a particularily sly grin poised directly at Satoshi. Kasyr, wisely, chooses to follow after Kelovath. "...I'm going into the tavern."

Kelovath did indeed fall from his position onto of the dragon. And again, his frozen hand smashed against his armor and for the second time in one day, the wind was knocked from his lungs. " Arrrggg...." After the odd and mostly painful noise, the paladin lifted himself off of the cold, snowy ground. "Thank you..." He more or less grunted to the vampire. Slowly, he turned and noticed the familiar feline right away and smiled. Finally, it felt like he would be in good hands.

Satoshi is eyeing Luffy with obvious--and well-placed--mistrust when a heap of armor is dropped at her feet, startling her out of the saurian staring contest. "Plates?" the magus squeaks in surprise, obviously not expecting Kelovath to be so rudely delivered to her doorstep. At a loss, she glances between paladin and kensai, trying to get an explanation. "What happened? Specialty? Other paladin?" And finally a half-shrill, "Don't you leave that dragon here!!"

Svilfon had decided the moment the Kensai deposited the paladin he wanted no part in any of this. One look at Luffy was enough to convince anyone of that, he thinks. Casually the wizard discards his bone, before turning and heading back into the tavern to get another snack from Drargon.

Kasyr follows after Svilfon, the vampire apparently having failed to hear her last words due to it becoming so shrill it was inaudible. Or at least, that's the alibi Kasyr is working out in his head.

Satoshi has been abandoned. And she's going to kill a wizard and kensai later.

Satoshi shouted, "Drargon, poison them in the name of your queen! Or crack their skulls! -Something-!"

Kelovath knew nothing of the dragon or why everyone seemed to be so afraid of it, but at the moment, the paladin felt he had much more pressing matters to worry about. Carefully, he made his way toward Satoshi and presented his frozen, armored hand to her. "Can you help me, My Queen?" If Satoshi asked for the reasoning of his condition, he would explain, in time. For now though, his mind was all about his hand.

Satoshi spares one more glower for Luffy as the dragon settles into a heap of black coils and icy spikes, already bored of the fox's glares, before her attention goes to Kelovath and his frozen hand. Contact isn't needed for her to feel the aura of corruption coming off the element and with a hiss the kit takes a step back, eyes narrowed. "How did you get that...?" The taint of that ice... it gives off the same vile vibe as the sort that had been used to incapacitate her days ago on the mountainside, when she'd been ambushed by one of the Time Lord's wraiths.

Kelovath took note of her step backwards and with that, he stopped moving closer. Taking a breath, he explained. "From a wraith, Lataad. One of Vuryal's. We fought it. Drove it off. My hand is a battle wound. As is the wraith infection starting to flow through my body." Admitting the fact that he may become a wraith almost destroyed any hope he had. "Tomorrow, at mid day, I am to battle the Timelord, Vuryal. My hand being encased in this corrupted ice will only hold me back. Please, help me if you can."

Satoshi ceases her retreat and sets her face into an expression of determination while the squirming angha hatchling in her hold is tucked into the front of her jacket, safely out of the way. "You saved me once when I didn't have the strength to stand. I'll return the favor today, to rid you of this foul thing that calls itself ice." Without hesitation the kit suddenly reaches out to take hold of the paladin's frozen hand, her claws applying pressure and etching cracks in the glossy black surface as she begins to hum quietly. The snow they stand upon begins to glow with an azure light in answer to the cryomancer's song and slowly spheres of frost rise from the ground to gather around their clasped hands in a hovering ring. "This will likely hurt," she warns, honestly uncertain of what is needed to destroy the corrupted glaciation but willing to throw her magics at it as long as Kelovath is.

Kelovath smiled slightly to the Kit and nodded when she decided that she'd help him. His eyes closed tightly when she grasped his hand and along with his eyes closing, the paladin took in a deep breath and started to brace himself for whatever Satoshi plans on doing. "I'm ready..." He wasn't, really, but how can someone really be ready for an amount of pain they have no idea about? Well, for Kelovath, he simply couldn't ready himself for something like that. He stood still and simply waited.

Satoshi gives no further warning than that before she sings out a string of arcane lyrics. In answer to her words, the gather ice rushes to Kelovath's arm, melting and sheathing the limb in glistening liquid that trickles down the length to worm its way beneath its darker, frozen kin. Again Satoshi's stern melody is given and the frigid waters respond as she floods it with her magic, flashfreezing and expanding, forcing a considerable amount of pressure upon Kelovath's hand--being armor is a blessing here--and the offending ice before, with an earsplitting crack the infectious frost shatters away violently. Satoshi slumps forward slightly, gasping for breath. It had seemed a simple enough spell, but the sheer amount of magic needed for her ice to break the darker version shows in the sudden lines of exhaustion upon her face. "That's... durable," she gasps out, hand still holding Kelovath's. "I can still feel some of its corruption in your veins. ...gotta suggestion to get rid of it. You won't like it, though. And neither will I."

Kasyr shouted, "Hey! Satoshi! Are tu busy? I have a test pour vous!"

Satoshi told Kasyr, "*a wave of exhaustion and impatience coming from outside the tavern is the only reply*"

Kasyr shouted, "There's food~!"

Satoshi just... grimaces at Kasyr's shouts. "Not... finished yet...."

Kelovath held back the pain as best as he was able. A small, but extremely painful grunt escaped past his lips as the magic went to work. Once hearing the ice crack and fall away, the paladin of Arkhen opened his eyes just in time to brace Satoshi as she started to slump forward. When the mention of the corruption is brought up, the paladin shakes his head. "The corruption is from something else...It's the wraith infection. If I lose tomorrow against Vuryal, the infection will be made true. I will be his. No point in doing something about it now." Although he did want it removed, and now, there was no other reason to accept more help from Satoshi. The favor was complete. "I thank you, My Queen, for the healing. At least the odds are slightly evened up..." At his own words, the paladin can only laugh. He knew his chances. They were slim.

Satoshi nods faintly and pushes herself up and away from the paladin, back to her feet. "You should rest them. The fort can accomodate you with a place to sleep, and food to eat, to restore your strength." Stooping, she retrieves the chunks of broken ice gingerly and places them into her satchel for safe keeping. She'd had to experiment with those later, but for now.... a stumbling step is taken toward the tavern as she glances at Kelovath, "My mate is up to something. I should make sure he hasn't decided to kill everyone in my tavern while I was away..." The short laugh that follows suggests she's making a joke, but her expression hints that it is a perfectly likely possibility.

Kelovath nods to Satoshi and motions to the tavern. "Go then. Again, thank you, Satoshi. I..." He stopped there and shook his head. Saying goodbye, possibly for the final time, wasn't something he wanted to do. So wouldn't. Quickly, the paladin turned from the Kit and made his way back to Kelay. Even as weak as he is, he needed to get back to his temple. It would be a long night of prayer.

Satoshi stumbles into the tavern in as unsteady a manner as so many leave it daily.

Kasyr glances between the pile of food in front of him, and than over to Satoshi- before his gaze slips across the table to stare directly at Svilfon, "...So, would it be in poor taste to invite her over?"

Svilfon looks at the Kensai is if he was insane. "Poor taste..." He shakes his head and otherwise doesn't reply.

Satoshi stares blankly at the pair and the mountain of food. "What'd you want?"

Kasyr wrinkles his nose a bit, as though perplexed, "Well, I -had- a test pour tu, but you seem a touch weary. I'm not quite sure it would be a good time to see if tu could properly divine the answer."

Satoshi said to Kasyr, "Answer to what?"

Svilfon looks between the kensai and ice magus. He nods his head in agreement to Kasyr's statement, and looks very, very relieved.

Kasyr said to Satoshi, "Just a game of wits, J'suppose. Within this area~"The vampire takes that moment to gesture the relative contour of the table, "There is a particular bit of food I'd like tu to find. Specifically, the only thing that es not, en fait tainted."

Satoshi glances at the food then back to Kasyr, baffled. "And why would I want to do that? Knowing you, all of it is poisoned."

Kasyr tilts his head over to Svilfon, "Actually, I can give tu my promise that there es exactly one item which es not poisoned. ..The rest es though- Drargon es really eager to please vous." And the Revenant is really eager to get on his nerves some day.

Satoshi said, "Drargon poisoned it all, then?"

Svilfon mutters something about never getting involved in a land war in Asia, or going against an ice magus when death is on the line.

Satoshi loves Svilfon for that.

Kasyr corrects the statement, "Drargon apparament got fed up or sick of poisoning things. because he poisoned everything save for one item."

Kasyr said, "Or ran out of poison...Potentially possible"

Satoshi said to Drargon, "So which one isn't poisoned, then?"

Kasyr is an odd cross between looking cheated and amused, especially given the particularily dark look the heap of food is given by Drargon. That being said, the giant doesn't seem to be finding the answer amidst the 'main' course as it were, his attention instead falling to the Wizard.

Svilfon remains perfectly still. He refuses to look at the ice magus, the kensai or the barkeep. He valued his life too much.

Satoshi said to Kasyr, "When you have a reason for me to care about what is and isn't poisoned, lemme know." Shrugging, the kit shuffles to the bar and claims a seat there, calling to Drargon, "Wine~."

Kasyr takes one more good luck at Svilfon, before he simply shrugs, and moves over towards the stare, "Simply a guess, et to see if a prediction of your actions were correct. Ah, well. I'm going to take a nap, Mon cher. Je vous en prie...I hope rather, that your next day es not interrupted by the intrusion of ...other paladins."

Satoshi groans and burrows her head against the bartop in reply. "No more paladins... no more poison."

Kasyr said to Svilfon, "You can cough up the one that esn't poisoned. The jest, J'pense, has lost its' moment."

Satoshi said, "There was actually one not poisoned..?"

Svilfon nods absently before pushing the glass in front of him as far away as possible. He gets up from his seat, taking his other glass of warmed ale with him, and returns to his one-armed armchair. His face screws up, clearly finding the stench of all the poisons and other...things... rather too much. "You are a bad person." Is all he says to Kasyr.

Svilfon said to Satoshi, "This. *He raises his glass* A walk, perhaps?"

Satoshi downs the non-blood--dammit, Kasyr got to Drargon too--wine and sighs, nodding at Svilfon. "A walk, yes." Trebel chimes in agreement, from his hiding place somewhere in her coat.

Svilfon gets up from his seat quickly, the smell in the room too much for the man. He stifles the groan of pain coming from his stomach, before leading Satoshi outside with the words... "What -is- that thing?"

Svilfon exits west.

Satoshi is led outside with the answer, "It's an Angha. I think."

Svilfon does his best to offer a sage nod, before a crooked smile comes across his now-fanged mouth. "...A what?" The wizard tries to see the creature hidden away in Satie's coat as he lazily leads them through Frostmaw, walking without really meaning to towards their golem.

Satoshi follows a pace behind the wizard while fishing the hatchling out of her coat to be held out to him on her palm. "An angha. Fluffy wyvern, for lack of a better explanation." The little creature gives Svilfon three high-pitched peals by way of greeting, along with a weak flutter of its forelimb-wings.

Svilfon stopped walking as Trebel is brought out into the open. He stares at it with a grin on his face, before slowly poking his finger towards it's head - his intention to give it a little pat. He makes some rather undignified noises to it, "Coochie coochie coooo." Before flashing a grin at Satoshi. Whether the wizard is fully recovered from the darkness within or not, he does appear to be his old self.

Satoshi manages a smile, both for the seeming return of the wizard's antics and for the angha's ringing purr at being pet, and for a moment she doesn't seem quite as haggard as when she stumbled into the tavern. "He likes you." Although she's quick to make her voice sound as musical and cheery as usual, at the back of her mind she can feel the frigid claws of the wraith-ice she carries sinking in and whispering insidious threats that drain her very willpower. The corrupted element is enough to chill even the cryomancer to the bone.

Svilfon took great solace in her smile. He had doubts about what would come to be after yesterday; doubts fueled by the malevolent nature of Colton Black. But at least now he can rest somewhat assured they're little more than whispered lies. "I have a talent for it. Comes with with being tied to my wife." There is a hint of something in the title he uses for llgy, but fades quickly. He pats the little fella's head for a little longer, seemingly in no rush to move on, before he looks up at Satoshi. They have spent a long time together, magus and wizard, and though her voice is as ever musical, he cannot help but voice his question, "Is it... him?" It seems the deceased wizard fears Colton's influence on the queen.

Satoshi shakes her head in reply and places Trebel upon her shoulder to free up her hand, sheathing it in a glove of ice then with a whispered lyric. It's promptly plunged into the depths of her satchel then, and with a hiss of pain she pulls a thick shard of glossy black ice out, the substance smoking faintly where it comes in contact with the pure ice coating her hand. If it burns her as is, she can only imagine the pain a blessed man like Kelovath had endured. "It's this. I pulled it off the paladin. His wraiths create this..." Satoshi's tone and expression are matched levels of loathing as she gazes at the chunk of corruption smoking in her grasp. The very air around it feels wrong to the vampire, a vile essence that sends all her tails to bristling. "I've never felt anything so... -wrong- before. It's ice, I can feel that much at the core, but it doesn't answer my songs. I want to know why, before it's used against me again."

Svilfon feels something stir inside him as he stares at the blackened ice. There is a plea, a promise; coaxing words for him to bring forth Colton's ebon fire and hurl its corruption against the twisted ice in her grasp. Evil knows evil; rare it is the two like each other. Unconsciously, Svilfon takes a step back, "It is..." He shakes his head, driving away the malevolent promises, "The wraiths..." A look of worry passes over his face, before he steps forward and whispers words into her ear. With a look of fear, the wizard turns and out-stretches his hand, silent request for the two to keep walking. This area feels wrong, and it was only briefly touched by the dark ice. Truly, this is dangerous times.

Svilfon whispered to Satoshi, "If he can corrupt the ice, lady icicle... what happens if they seek to corrupt our golem..? It is... formidable... if you lose control when it's filled with their darkness, it will be the death of us all."

Satoshi lets the wizard's words wash over her and follows him silently after she's returned the foul frost to the confines of her pack once more. It's certainly food for thought, and a motivation as well, although, "Tirona did put in a failsafe. Just in case. We at least have that." Still, that's a last resort, and would likely cost her the golem in the process. Shaking her hand to banish the last of the melting ice, she trots to catch up to Svilfon and glance sidelong at him, flashing a familiar wicked grin. "I'll just have to learn how to bend it, won't I~? I'm not the coolest ca-... fox this side of the Xalious Mountains for nothing!"

Svilfon nods his head in silent appreciation of the avian's thinking, though he doesn't mention Satoshi would have to be in place to enact it. He would think through the problem carefully. There was little point in senseless worry. Not today, anyway. As the snow queen catches up to him, he replies to her wicked grin with a crooked, gap-toothed one of his own. If Trebel wasn't on her shoulder, he'd have clapped her back; he does so like her attitude. "Damn straight, lady icicle. And worse comes to worst you can just give it a lesson in something..." He cleverly ducks a little away from her there, just in case, "That'll get rid of it quick enough!"

Satoshi completely misses with the swing she takes at the back of Svilfon's head, damn wizard and his preemptive dodging! But she still manages to knock his hat askew, so take -that-. "It will rue the day it chose to disobey the One Lesson Lady~!" She chuckles then, taking heart in the man's jokes, and is rewarded with a mimicked chime of laughter from Trebel, eagerly observing the exchange from his place upon her shoulder. An affectionate pat is given to the angha then, along with a whispered promise of a fresh fish for breakfast. The little creature may be newborn, but it's already learned the word 'fish' and all the joys that carries with it.

Svilfon grins from beneath the wide brim of his most pointy of all wizard hats. He lifts a hand to set it right again, before flashing the queen a wink. "You finally said it!" It was, from what he remembers, the first time she'd spoken her own nickname. It was hers now, no more denying it. He snickers as he makes his way back to her side, resuming their carefree stroll through Frostmaw - something many may find strange in light of the last few days, but between these two it was almost normal. What's some corruption, destruction, broken bones, stabbing, an extra tail, a destroyed garden and a few new scars between friends? As Trebel chimes in laughter, the wizard reaches out to pat its head again. He liked the little guy, "Oshie woo." He makes a little face at it, before carrying on walking, leading them now away from the golem. No point in tempting fate... that way, anyway.

Satoshi stops in her tracks, a stricken look on her face. A hand is raised, fingers twitching in horror, to pull in dismay upon her ear as the kit wails a dulcet cry. "Gah! No! I didn't say it! You imagined thiiiings! You tricked me!" Shaking her head earnestly--and almost dislodging Trebel in the process--Satoshi bolts past Svilfon, for all the world acting like a child that's just been caught doing something utterly silly and embarrassing.

Satoshi is going to hurl herself off a cliff. Just you watch!

Svilfon laughs loudly in the frozen Frostmaw air; the sound ringing through the frozen kingdom easily, filled with so much good humour more than a few angry giants take pause to smile. He follows in her tracks in a light jog. It hurts him, everything does, but damnit!- after the last few days, this is more healing than being a weiner and laying in bed all day. It was not the wizard's way, alive or dead. "Youu said it!," he cries in victory behind her. "The magelings will be so happy!" He cannot help but snicker at the irony of that. He probably wouldn't tell them... better to keep them afraid... then again, she did throw a boot at his face...

Satoshi wails a plaintive, "Nooooo. No, no, no, I didn't~!" as she keeps ahead of the pursuing wizard. Well... up until he mentions the magelings. With an almost audible screech of leather on ice the kit skids to a halt, whirling around--to the clinging Angha's displeasure--to stare aghast at Svilfon. "You -wouldn't-!" Such a cruel threat... it's enough to make the wraith-ice and Colton Black's sins look like baby unicorns and sunshine-puppies in comparison. Her hard-earned reputation! It'd be destroyed!

Svilfon was very much enjoying himself, jogging through the ice, finally having a victory over his nemesis of sorts. Friendly rivalry, I mean. Most the time... Until bam! She stops before him and gives him a look that makes Ilgy's glares look like the puppy-dog eyes of young lovers. His mouth opens and he manages a, "uhhhh..." Intellectual is our wizard, before his face cracks into a crooked smile, fangs and gaps shown in equal measure. "I tell you what, lady icicle.." He took a step back then, he couldn't help it. "When we have the time, you give me a lesson in casting while utilizing my newfound... gifts..." He grins again, "and your secret will go to the grave with me." He nods, fine trade off. Even though he has kinda already been there before.

Satoshi eyes Svilfon with obvious suspicion before she thrusts her hand out in an offer to shake on it. "You have a deal. Another lesson (see, I can do more than one), and you don't say a word, else I put you in your grave~." So the deal was slightly modified, shhh. And poor Trebel, stuck here observing all this and believing this is what daily life consists of.

Svilfon eyes the hand with obvious distrust. She was a fox, after all. Slyer than anyone. But such things don't stop the wizard. He takes her hand in his and grins, "You will try... I've survived the first. I am doubting you could even if you wanted." He winks then, and grins. In hindsight it was probably not the smartest thing to say to the ice magus, so he adds a little, "Please don't try!" Dignity, not one of his stronger suits. Trebel is given another quick glance - Svilfon can't help but laugh at the look on its face. "Life here, little one, is never dull."

Satoshi's grip tightens ever so slightly, claws pricking into Svilfon's palm, but his tactful addition halts any attempts to see if she can't actually kill him. With a laugh she breaks the contact and lifts the same hand up to pat the hatchling. "He tells it true. You're stuck in our realm of chaos, sweetling~." Judging by the merry jingles the angha voices, he doesn't seem bothered by the idea.

Svilfon grins all the brighter as she squeezes his hand, before nodding his head. He leans forward to pat the hatchling again, "It is a fine place to be." Whether or not Trebel can understand him isn't clear, but the cheery chimes suggest he either did, or just liked the attention. He would get a lot up here, we all do so enjoy oddities. The wizard steps back, then, and offers the snow queen a tip of his hat. "Smile aside, lady icicle... You look exhausted. Carrying... that... on you," the ice, not the angha, "should not be done in your state. Come, I'll walk you home for some rest. I have more reading to do in your library, anyway..." He can't resist adding, "A feckin," His wizard/pirate roots show through, it seems, "amazing library it is. The best I've seen... a rival to the one in our guild." Which is saying a lot.

Satoshi spends the whole walk back to her--their, really, with most of the coterie present nowadays--home preening at Svilfon's praise. Trebel, being rather birdish in appearance, does his own preening as well, for the sake of feather maintenance and not out of vanity like Satoshi, however.