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RP:Muraski the Mouse and a beautiful vase of flowers

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22 Oct 2011 Muraski is interviewed by 'The Mouse' regarding joining a shadowy organisation. Cozy, well hidden and brimming with supplies of all kinds, what more could those of the shadowy professions ask for? Cases of daggers line one wall, while various tools of the trade line another: garrotes, nooses, picks, and small vials of who knows what all neatly stacked within. Mockingly, all cases are locked tight, the openings requiring some skill not readily available to the uniformed wanderer. From out of the shadows steps a cloaked figure that greets you without words, but instead with complex hand gestures. If answered correctly, the master points you to a note that suddenly appears. Staiwen is here.

The Interview

Very incongrous, amongst all the subtle and not so subtle ways of killing in the shadowy den is a large bunch of brightly coloured flowers on a tall stand, such that the flowers are near Staiwen's left ear. The master assassin looks faintly embarassed by the floral addition to his den. Naturally there is a furry little nutter hidden therein, whispering mostly nonsense, into his ear. The dark robed man greets Muraski with a nod."Tell me what skills you have, that you feel may make you worthy to join us, please."

Muraski had gotten the rather odd letter from Mouse, something about meeting them here and just as he was about to head home. A yawn was made as he looked at the man with the flora. Single eye set upon the plants rather curiously, "Skills?" He looked at the surroundings, ahh.. Those skills. "It depends on the job, depends on the skills that present themselves." His cobalt optic took another glance about, "I can kill, though it's not my preference. I can hide, steal, poison, and scout. My best way of doing things is in the field of gathering information and getting it from others.. Unless, there was something else you were inclinced to know?"

Stainwen nods seriously, the fellow is silent for a few moments, as if lost in thought. "That is acceptable, we have several useful memebers who specialise in the field of information gathering and you can leave the killing to those who relish such, save for emergencies." The man, looks incredulous for a moment, before shrugging and with an apologetic. "I didn't write these questions, I'm just following instructions." Begins....What is your favorite colour, and type of dance? Have you any training in first aid and health and safety precautions?"

Muraski continued to watch the man curiously, the slow response of delayed thought to be noted. "That's a good thing indeed, a very good thing." He blinked at the questions to follow however, "Color? One that looks good on a tuxedo. Dance, one that displays a female partner beautifully in my arms and training in first aid, health, and safety was learned in the war against the prekleks many years back."

Do you think you can provide a pleasant experience for our customers?

Stainwen is silent for several moments more before with a resigned sigh asking. "Do you think of yourself as a people person? Do you think you can provide a pleasant experience for our 'customers'." The assassin explains "Customers in this context means victims."

Muraski blinked, that seemed like a rather odd question to be asked. "I can get along with people for the sake of business or when it's needed. I'm normally a giant pain in the ass who likes to crush people with words but, when it comes down to something needing done as a job. I can most certainly be a person amongst people." He paused and gave a nod, "As for pleasent.. I can provide them a comfortable demise."

Staiwen, is looking rather apologetic. He nods. "Thank you." Makes some notes in a book, then replies."You will be contacted by one of our operatives shortly for the entrance test, sir. It will most likely be in the form of a duel. Good luck."

The petals and leaves rustle as The Mouse and Stainwen discuss the merits of their most recent applicant, poor Staiwen, seems tempted to smash the vase, flowers, rat and all to the floor, but with the patience necesassy to his proffesion refrains.