RP:Meeting the Council

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Summary: Kelovath returns to Larket and meets with the council, hoping to give some closure.

Council Meeting Room

Kelovath decided it was time to see the council of Larket. It had been several weeks since returning to Hollow and already it seemed things were spinning out of control within the land. Larket included. Stepping into the large chamber, the paladin would be able to see three of the current members of the Larket council speaking among each other. Moving farther into the room, his golden armor clicking together the entire time, the paladin wondered what they all might think of his return. After all, the paladin did disappear for almost two years. Just up and left everything behind without a single warning or whisper as to why. He bowed slightly at the waist once the members of the council saw him. Those members included Isiln Huldom, Macon Jauzon, and Andurla Caula. For Kelovath, the only person he did not want to see today, was Macon. Bad history between the pair and Macon’s mind was a steel trap. He’d remember anything negative about the paladin.

The Council members, discussing the current fermin problem took no notice of Kelovath entering the chamber. After all, the room was rather large and there seemed to always be movement of some kind. Clicking armor also being a normal thing. Although, seeing a reflection of gold was not normal. Macon, who was speaking, halted his words and spotted the paladin. Isiln and Andurla turned next, keeping their emotions in check. Macon, however, did not. The council member stepped forward and spoke in a harsh, disrespecting manner, “Well now! It seems we got a visitor! Or maybe he’s only here for a short time before disappearin’ again!” Andurla sighed at her fellow council members words and Isiln remained silent. Macon continued on, “What do ya’ want, paladin?” The words kept the same tone, with the final spoken word leaving the man’s lips with a sneer.

Kelovath did his best to ignore any rude tone from Macon and simply addressed the council. “It is wonderful to see you all again. I did not think I’d see this place again.” His brown eyes started to scan the large room, but he knew there were more pressing matters to attend to. The paladin stepped closer to the small group of nobles. “I seek forgiveness for my absence. It was not the pressure of my duties that sent me away. Nor was it the citizens of Larket. It was…A personal matter that I believe, for the time being, has been resolved.” He lied. The matter was still very much at the front of his mind, but he needed help. Larket, once upon a time, was his home. He missed his home. “During my time away, I have grown, and also discovered many things.” Reaching into his pack, a silver flask was retrieved. His gaze lingered on the flask for quite a long time, at least it felt like it. The paladin had spent many moments staring at it. Finally, it was held out toward the council. “This belonged to Parsithius.”

Kelovath dropped 1 Larketian Kings Silver Flask.

Isiln was the first to step forward at the mention of Parsithius. He had kept his emotions in check for the entire conversation until now. It wasn’t until taking the flask from the paladin did the man finally speak. “Oh my…The King was a strong man, but it would take something quite serious for him to be parted with this.” Macon wanted to speak and to shut this all down right here, but there was still certain protocols to follow. Berating a fellow council-man would not be allowed. Andurla made her way next to Isiln to consul the man, then spoke to the paladin. “Thank you, Kelovath. Closure seems to be exactly what Larket has been missing since the Queen and King went missing. Maybe it’s time we…” It was almost like Macon knew what was coming next in the conversation. Before Andurla could even speak another word, the man interrupted her, “The removal o’ the fermin! That’s what Larket needs! And that ‘tis what we were discussin’ before –he-,“ Pointing at the Kelovath, “interrupted. Larket needs help!”

Kelovath wanted to speak. He wanted to yell. It was clear with the gaze that he sent directly at Macon. At about that time, he realized what Andurla was about to say. The council wanted to finally move on from their previous Queen and King. After this many years, the paladin thought that it would be for the best. The city needed to move forward and continue with the progress Jacklin had brought to Larket. And Macon provided the best option for Kelovath to help with that. The fermin needed to be removed. Larket would need to request help from her allies. Allies that were made, usually with the paladin present. “Allow me to help with the fermin. I was there for the first battle only a couple of weeks ago. There will be more, no doubt, and something is causing this to happen. Give me permission to approach our allies and request for aid.” His stance improved right before the request, showing his dedication.

The three members of the council listened intently on the words spoken by the paladin. Although the entire council was not here, the mission, although important, would not require a lengthy meeting. All it would take would be one member. Obviously, Macon would not agree to anything that would possibly get the paladin back into the good graces of Larket and it’s council, but the flask had already done that. At least for the couple of members here. And surely the others. Andurla lifted a hand to Kelovath, asking for minute with the other two. They all walked farther into the room and spoke quietly. As expected, the conversation did not take long. And it was clear that the decision was in Kelovath’s favor, as Macon furiously left the chamber. Isiln spoke this time. “You have our approval, Kelovath. Do not disappoint. Larket needs you. More than ever now.”

Kelovath bowed to the two remaining council members, gave them a wide smile, and left the chamber. The Parson of Larket has returned.