RP:Meet Foax

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Summary: Hake's finishing up the remainder of his money at the Keylay Tavern when a very dehyrdrated Giantess storms in dire need of water. Hake of course get her water, but not before revealing something he'd rather keep hush.

Meet Foax

Whether the Tavern was bustling with patrons, or vacant. The figure of Hake would walk into the tavern, his boots dusty from the trail, brown in color, and leather against black cotton pants, he would wear a simple Brown shirt and over it, he wore dark blue trench coat. His appearance human, youthful yet adult, with a Electrum gray hair which while short, was in desperate need of a proper combing. His sun-kissed skin, rosy, and pink like a man who had walked in the hotter skies west of Craugmoyle, and his eyes green, and weary, peaceful in their existence as if they were a still graceful grassy plain, his voice soft and calm, as words formed on his lips as he took a seat at the bar if a stool was free, lest he take a table and turn his eyes to the Nancy setting his eyes on her, and speaking in a calm soft voice. “Brandy please, in a mug not a shot.” He would reach into his coat and pull from a nap sack some gold coins to pay for the upgrade if he could and patiently await his returning order.

Foax picked one of the worse times to leave her native Frostmaw. Even at night the heat chokes her lungs and coats her body in a ever present layer of sweat. The poor girl nearly throws herself into the tavern as she violently shoves the door open. She stands there for a moment with her mouth wide open, panting as if she were a dog. Her hair is thick and curly and damp for her sweat causing strands to stick to her face. She staggers forth into the tavern after hunching her 11ft tall body down some to fit into the door. There she stands. From behind the thick lenses of the glasses dawning her face, her eyes appears somewhat glazed over. Her massive hands would reach out the closest patron where they easily shove aside, crashing into the across from them. The giant makes flailing grabs at the mugs of liquid upon the table, carelessly turning them to her lips as the contents spill over her face.

Hake made a small smile as he turned to see the commotion happening the individuals being knocked aside by the giantess, and her attempts to swallow back the mugs of ale, and other liquors as seemed quite in need of drink. He rose slightly, knowing that Nancy would bring him back some strong brandy, he took the mug, and offered it the giantess. "Here, you look like you could use it more than I could."

Foax would tilt her head back as she empties the mug of all is liquid. Whatever that was she drank it surly was not water. She lets her arms drop to her side with the mug rolling across the tavern floor. Thankful, being a giant means it will take more that a human sized mug of booze for get her drunk but still enough to upset her stomach to the point she aware sometime is wrong. Hake call to her is meet with a slow and slight tilt of her head as she stares upon out the corner of her eye. Sadly, the angle is just enough Foax's line out sight means she stare through a small space in which her eye does not don’t peer through the lenses, meaning Hake is seen as nothing more than a blob. She means a strange grunting noise before her hands raise, weakly twisting a distorting to sign her word. “What makes you say that?” She cracks a weak grin as she turns back to staring up at the ceiling, unsure if Hake understands silent speech.

Hake shrugs his shoulders a bit as he moves a little bit more into the line of sight....hopefully. Hoping she could read lips, even if could speak, but perhaps she was only mute, and not deaf, he didn't know, but he replied, "I fancy its the sudden need for push away people who were having drinks, and taking theirs." He said dropping some gold into the shaken humans hands, who were about the floor.

Foax wasn’t deaf, or mute. She might as well be. It’s quite easy to forget the world exists when stuck in her own thoughts. Even now with Hake speaking to her, Foax seems lost in thought, upset at the situation that forced her from Frostmaw. She’s also had trouble speaking since she was a small giant, along with many other issues. Foax looks at the man she pushed and turns red with embarrassment at her behavior toward him. She sinks her head into her shoulders, signing with her hands to say sorry. Unsure if he understood she would look to Hake. “W-www” She grits her teeth and tightly shuts her eyes. She struggles to the point a single vain is visible on her forehead. Wwww WATER!” She finally screams as her voice rushes over the room like a gush of wind. She sinks her head further into her shoulder as she releases a loud groan.

Hake would sigh, and motion to Nancy, who seemed to already have the idea in mind. Nancy would soon call for assistance as she had Methshak fill a barrel full of water so that the giantess could drink, however Nancy didn't have the strength to lift it. Hake pinched the bridge of his nose, and looked at nancy, "Would you kindly close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you?" Nancy nodded slowly after a little hesitation. Soon hakes features would expand and morph as if he had been hiding underneath a misty veil of human guise, his features becoming very saurian, Dragonish in nature, until he stood nearly 9ft tall, the clothing in this form very different from the clothing he had worn, but the electrum wedding bands still sat on his finger, he would reach down and easily pick up the barrel, and place it before the Giantess, his eyes were green as ever and his scales were Electrum in color but he wagged his finger at her, as his form returned to that of human. "You can open your eyes," He then did a silent speech to the giantess when she was able to at last look at him, a silent phrase along the lines of 'you saw nothing.'

Foax didn’t close her eyes during Hake transformation. She tilts her head some. She lift her glasses from her face briefly to rub her eyes as she scan Hake new form with a mild sense of glee. She softly bites her bottom lip as she watches him lift the large mug and set in front of her. A smile covers the giant’s face as she stares to Hake. Her thoughts are not for the faint of heart and she squeezes her thigh together as she leans forward to rest of elbow to the table, resting her head in her arms. She nearly forget about the water as she watches Hake change back into a human. She shakes her head some to snap her from her dream day, and points to herself. “Foax.” She then takes the water with both hands, lifting it to her lips for a large gulp.

Hake crossed his arms, Feeling a bit uncomfortable that he revealed a form he was not comfortable in, at least not outside his homeland of Venturil, and displaying it was something he loathed, but he replied to her statement. "Hake." He said with a closing of his eyes and then reopening them, a brief glint of reptilian transformation in those eyes for the briefest of seconds only to revert to the human eyes he had. "Nancy, lemme pay for that water, and these drinks." He said turning to the bar. to grab a spare mug and filling it with small bit of brandy, dropping coins on the table to cover the expenses, but needless to say he was broke now, so that meant work, and he figured he might as well, take a look at that animal sanctuary now. "See you around Foax, perhaps we shall meet again, when your thirst has been quenched, and maybe in a place you can stand in without having to duck." He said walking towards the exit. "Until next time Methshak, Nancy, Foax." He said as he stepped out of the tavern.

Foax mouths the name with her lips as she watches him leave the tavern, continuing to bite her lips as she softly waves to bye to him, She then turns back to her mug, smiling to herself before downing another gulp.