RP:Lawful Looting

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Summary: In order to prove her innocence, Lanara must play the part of a criminal, and so she convinces Meri and Callum to be her accomplices. The rose quartz skull, which reveals the exact truth, will be vital in the trial of The Woodland Witch versus The Realm. The witch is the keeper of this particular skull, and using it should be easy, and convince the jurors that she's not to blame for the heinous crimes. However, it's kept in a safety deposit box at the Cenril Bank, and Lana's assets have been frozen! The trio break into the bank and work together nicely as they each use their powers to ensure a flawless heist; Meri's psionic abilities, Callum's magic, and Lana's animal empathy. They manage to get the skull, as well as loot from several other boxes, and they ride off into the night, unscathed.

Part of the Magic, Madness, and Mayhem Arc

Meri :: It was business as usual at the bank, the flow of customers was about average for the day. Even though the bank would be closing in a relatively short amount of time, there were still people who were slipping in through the doors. Meri was one of those people but she would not be arriving at the same time that Callum was and she has taken efforts to make it so that she is not so easily spotted. It’s not the head-to-toe blacks that Lanara and Callum saw the other night, that in itself is too eye catching...and her shadow robe has not been deployed yet. No, at this moment she is just a woman. One who is still wearing black pants and boots, which is about the norm for her. She has also found a deep green turtle neck sweater. Full advantage of the weather turning colder is taken and blonde hair is hidden beneath a dark beanie. Her makeup is also heavily done up in colors that woman who normally rocks the red-lipstick look does not normally wear. It’s not clownishly heavy, just not...Meri. The disguised woman would mull around various points of the bank inconspicuously before making her way to the restroom. It would be there that she would try and hide until closing, activating the little pendant around her neck once she is out of sight and it is safe to do so. Meri does not hide within one of the stalls, she has the sense to not risk that. She positions herself beneath the long counter that houses several sinks, concealing herself in the shadows there. The moment she activated her little pendant, she would blend seamlessly in with those shadows. Callum was on his own when it came to getting in and locating a hiding spot, Meri had faith. And Lanara? Well everyone had their part to play. She needed to position their horse drawn cart so they had an easy means of escape once they got their prizes. And once she did that? It was all a waiting game. They would wait four hours after the bank closed, approximately thirty minutes after the guards change shifts. After the appropriate amount of time passed, Lanara was supposed to position herself just outside the bank door...which Callum would open so that the third member of this heist could join them. They would have to be quick so as to not draw even the slightest attention.

Callum || It was indeed business as usual that day at the bank, and Cal’s contribution was an absolutely ordinary one. The witch wasn’t a stranger to the people that worked at that fine Cenril establishment, unfortunately, so a disguise like Meri’s wouldn’t work too well. No, Cal went about things a different way: he walked right in like he owned the place--he might as well at this point--and had some gold deposited. “Hi, yes, all but two hundred pieces into my account please; the rest of it goes into the college fund.” Yes, Cal is saving for his daughter to go to whatever mage school she deemed worthy when she got older. But that wasn’t the important part of this whole thing. The important part was that Cal got himself a look at the green-white fire (how did he never really notice this before?) and resisted the urge to cringe himself all the way into void. Nope, don’t think about it until you have to actually think about it, Cal. Oh, you’re gonna worry about it anyway? Oh okay. This is fine, I guess. The bank teller finished with his separate deposits and Cal pointed in the direction of the offices, where people usually set up accounts, opened safe deposit boxes, etc. He asked if that was indeed the right direction, to which the teller would nod, and then move on to the next customer. Cal disappeared down that corridor and slipped his way into a mass of cubicles. The sounds of suffering souls thanks to a dead end job of being trapped in these tiny little boxes for the rest of forever and the scribbling away of pen to parchment was the culprit of making Cal cringe a second time in the span of ten to fifteen minutes he was here. He would not be visiting any of these suckers that were forced to work less than minimum wage; instead, he’d find an empty cubicle and use his own amulet from the Rogue’s Guild to disappear into the aforementioned void--okay, it’s not really the void… he’s just hiding underneath the desk. Thankfully, someone stayed home sick for the day! He did not fancy hiding in the bathroom. On the floor. In his nice clothes. Meri was a brave woman.

(Post 1 of 2) Lanara :: After having met with Callum and Meri a few days prior, to sort out the details of the bank heist, and to scope the location, the witch had immediately gotten to work. She had to secure attire that was breathable in the warmer climate, yet dark enough that she wouldn’t be detected. Lanara doubted that she was being followed, but to be sure, she had traveled all the way to Rynvale, under the glamour of a flamboyant teenager to purchase the clothing. The salesclerk even insulted the ‘lad’ for cross-dressing, and the clothes were overpriced, but Lana felt good about her purchase. She also sought a shoemaker up in Vhys, to design a pair of boots that were both stylish and would support her ankle, as after all that running and roof hopping, she was in a great deal of pain. A carriage was rented, rather than stolen, and had been set up just beneath the bridge between Cenril and Kelay. It was normal for drunken bums to loiter in that area, but the witch had seen to it that it wouldn’t be an issue on this night. Corrosive salt had been spread in the grass, so those that went barefoot would sustain injuries, though the salt wouldn’t harm the horses, as she made certain their shoes were thick enough to withstand a burn. As promised, four horses had been ‘borrowed’ from the animal sanctuary in Sage, and Venin was likely still slumbering behind the adoption counter. Three of the horses were tethered to the carriage, fully prepared to whisk the trio off into the night when they had their loot. The fourth horse, a black stallion, had wisely been left to roam the area. He was temperamental and overly protective of the mares. In case the corrosive salt didn’t do the trick, if one got near enough, they would be dealt with, courtesy of the horse.

(Post 2 of 2) Lanara :: The witch is a bundle of nerves throughout the day; spilling her coffee, tripping over Cinder, bumping into inanimate object and apologizing. So, it’s a miracle that she follows the orders to a tee, arriving in Cenril approximately four hours after the bank closes. She keeps to the shadows, as she’s not glamoured or wearing a disguise as she had in the past. It was an all or nothing attempt, and she didn’t need the extra gear, which would hinder her more than it helped. Wearing black pants, a navy turtleneck, and knee-high boots, she keeps a close watch on the shadows, corners, and buildings. Thankfully, she arrives at the bank on time, and slips her sleek ponytail into a beanie atop her head. It’s not the most stylish outfit she’s ever worn, but it would do for tonight. Were Callum and Meri successful in hiding inside until the bank closed? Slowly, Lana creeps along the wall, her footfalls silent as she narrows her gaze on the back door as though willing it to open. She doesn’t have to wait too long. Her expression softens as she locks eyes with Callum, and she releases a breath that she didn’t realize she was holding. A nod is given as she enters the bank and takes a quick look around the area. They were really doing this, and her life depended on that skull!

Meri :: Everyone was in, so far so good, but they could not linger in the main lobby for long. It’s just not really wise, the less time they spend in the bank the better. Lanara would be forced to follow a couple of shadow masses, only visible when they let themselves be...like when they are not clinging to the natural shadows of the building. They’re sort of obvious then. The plan was to give her other cues to follow, a slight tapping on the wall or a whispered psst. It was not meant to be easy to spot the shadow figures, that was the entire design of the cloaks. They would not get nearly as far with this endeavor as hoped, the door of the bank is closed and they are moving down one of the halls...when a guard steps out into view at the other end of the hallway. For Callum and Meri, finding a place to hide would be easy. The bank was closed and it was dark and there were plenty of shadows for them to slip into, out of sight. It would be more of a challenge for Lanara to dodge this one...but she’d not be given the opportunity. “Hey!” said guard alerts. Based on the notes they were given, both guards on duty tonight were likely vampires. Which means they are going to have their hands full in dealing with this problem. The options they had were not many, getting caught was not something that could happen. They needed to eliminate the problem, but they could not do so with lethal force. Well, they could...but they should not. Should they get caught, none of them needed to go to jail for murder. Lanara especially did not need that added to her record. Breaking into the bank was bad enough.

Callum || Now, this was when things were going to get interesting. Well, it would be interesting if Callum was a certain stabby redhead, but alas he is not. No, instead of being excited about the prospect of a fight, Cal’s using all manner of unsavory words--except he wasn’t fully voicing it; just mouthing the words--when Lanara’s spotted. Of course, this couldn’t go even the slightest to plan--or the little bit of a plan that they had. The Catalian suppressed a sigh and didn’t hesitate about turning back around to go help Lanara. Unfortunately for the vampire, a grumpy Callum snuck up behind him, looped his arms around the guard’s, and before the vampire even had a chance to think and use his own enhanced strength to get out of the hold, he’d get quite the shock. Electricity lit up the area near the four, Callum using as much as possible to knock the guy out--dude was a vampire after all. “Lanara, if you’ve got something that can keep him asleep, then definitely do it. He won’t be down forever, even with that much electricity,” Cal said before taking a look around. Stupid vampires. That other one better not be around or he might actually -have- to kill them both. That was not a fight they really needed right now, murder charges or otherwise.

Lanara follows quietly behind the forms of Callum and Meri, regretting that she didn’t have a custom cloak designed for tonight, along with those nifty shoes. There wasn’t enough time, and knowing her, she would become claustrophobic and end up tearing it off, or suffocating. The taps on the wall, the whispers, and her focus all work in her favor, at least until the vampire guard spies her frame. At first, she was hoping he had seen someone other than her, for she had been so careful! But no Lanara, it’s just you and your friends breaking into the bank on this night, so stop trying to glance over your shoulder! She freezes, her eyes as wide as saucers, as she maintains that deer in the headlights look for a good five seconds. Her pulse quickens, she takes a step back, and she tries not to give into panic mode. It’s a good thing that Callum springs into action and takes out the first vampire, the one that spotted her and alerted the second guard. Because it takes the witch a moment to come to her senses and she sprints forward and removes the vial of liquid that she had seasoned Venin’s tea with earlier in the night. It’s not enough to keep him out for more than an hour or so, but hopefully it would buy them enough time to get in and get out with their desired loot. Tipping the vial over, she eases it between the vampire’s lips and tilts his head back, forcing him to ingest the sleeping draught. As she’s kneeling beside the male, and Callum and Meri are at her side, she hears the other vampire turning the corner, calling out for the first. “Kemper! Everything alright, I thought I heard you ye-“ His voice trails off as he sees the badge of his coworker on the floor, and it’s as he’s bending to lift it, that Lanara realizes it’s up to her now. They couldn’t murder the guards; they just needed to buy themselves some time. The witch can sense that there’s a dog somewhere in the building, a guard dog, to be precise. It’s underfed, overly angry, and it despises bloodsuckers just as much as the woman that’s calling out to this particular muscular hellhound. Lana rises, deliberately drops the empty vial, and continues to walk in the direction that Meri and Cal were leading her towards before this interruption. The vampire gives chase, as she knew he would, except this time, he has a ferocious dog on his heels, and his jaw just happens to clamp down on his ankle. The two wrestle, and although the vampire has the upper hand in strength, he isn’t being fed the negative energy that Lana has coursing through the air that keeps the hound fueled enough to finish off its prey. It skirted the line of murder, but it was a dog, not one of them. “I can’t use my magic, but my animal empathy can’t be turned off…” A shrug is given to the shadows, where she knows her friends are, and she awaits further instruction.

Meri was normally all for a good fight, but not in scenarios like this. She did not want Callum caught, she did not want Lanara caught. Her being caught? Well she really did not want that either but in the heat of the moment she was more prone to reckless thinking. Thankfully Lanara and Callum have been able to dispose of their current problem without killing him, and Meri comes in to assist. They could not just leave him sitting there, that was a sure fire way to have someone stumble across him and then the alarms would definitely be sounded. Having not brought anything to bind the bloc with, Meri retrieves a knife from the back of her boot. Her hand slips out from beneath her shadow cloak, revealing the appendage to everyone’s sight. That dagger is used to cut the guard’s shirt up. One shred is shoved into the mouth of the unconscious vampire to keep him from hollering. The other is used to securely bind his hands and feet together. “Keep watch…” Meri struggles for a moment, considering how she wants to signal who should keep watch. Does she just drop Callum’s rogue name? She trusts Lanara, clearly, as Lanara is seeing more of Meri’s life than most see….but sharing Cal’s rogue name? Naw, that is his decision. “Cloud.” There. Callum should be able to catch that she means for him to keep watch. What if there were more guards? Their notes indicate two on the night shift, but those were only the ones that they could see. “Ana?” Look, Meri is grasping at straws, trying to make up nicknames that are obvious enough to the people who need to respond to them and yet not revealing enough that they get caught as a result of her loose lips. “You grab his legs. Help me move him.” Into one of the nearby cubicles, where they would proceed to push him underneath a desk. They would have to do this with the second guard as well, but Meri does not seem inclined to place them within the same cubicle. With Lanara’s help, the second guard will be placed in a second cubicle. Putting the guards too close to one another means that if they awaken, they can help each other out of their bindings and make life difficult for the thieving group.

Callum || Ugh, Meri. Whhhhhhhy. You were never going to let him forget that day, were you? Can you not do this in front of someone he barely knows?! This is why he switched to milk of the poppy instead of drowning his sorrows and rage in alcohol all day--the former was kind enough to let him continue thinking straight. It was bad enough that silver tongue of his had somewhat tarnished of late; he didn’t need booze to make it worse. Can you feel the look Cal’s giving you, Meri? Feeeeel the somewhat dagger-y stare from beneath his shadow cloak. Feel it bore a hole into your very soul. Okay, that’s a little dramatic. He does eventually sigh defeatedly. Meri might know Lanara well enough, but the raven-haired Catalian was still not quite at the level of giving her that much trust just yet--even if they were literally doing something that would not be out of the ordinary for people in the Rogue’s Guild. Cal did indeed keep watch as his woman directed--but not without a jokingly snarky “Yes, m’lady” and a flourishing bow that she’d not be able to see--and for now, as they took the bodies elsewhere, it seemed like the coast was clear. Once the two returned, Cal said exasperatedly, “Can we get this painful fiery nonsense over with now before I decide to send your sister here instead?” He was joking, of course. Mostly. The witch moved on until they reached the wall with the safe deposit boxes--and the giant barrier of fire that stood in their way. “I’m gonna become king of Lithrydel and outlaw all fire,” he muttered quietly.

Lanara is grateful that the dog doesn’t off the vampire, because she didn’t want any sort of backlash that would have the poor animal euthanized. She’s already contemplating if they should steal the dog, as well, as they already have come this far, but she decides against it. She had the tikifhlee living in the small apartment with her, and she didn’t think it would take well to a newcomer. As Meri’s moving the one male into a cubicle and Cal is keeping a watch, Lana beckons the dog to her and pats him on the head. They lock eyes, and she’s likely telling him to run away once the doors open for the next shift. It’s best for the bank to think that a robber came in, the dog went ballistic and attacked the vampires, and all hell broke loose. The further away the blame was from Cal and Meri and herself, the better. “Cloud?” Clearly, Lanara isn’t cut out for this sort of business, as she looks at the psion blankly, and then thinks it’s the name of the dog. “Well. Thank you for your service, Cloud. Go get some water and wash the blood from your mouth.” Of course she would misinterpret everything and think that Khitti’s notes included the name of the guard dog. Once the dog wanders off, Lana helps Meri drag the other vampire over to a vacant cubicle, struggling slightly from the weight. She wasn’t a lycan, she didn’t have enhanced strength, nor was her name Ana, but she is proud to play her part and makes certain his bindings are tight enough. Back on their mission, Lana follows the lycan’s down another hallway and she snorts as Cal suggests switching places with one of their sisters. “I can only imagine Taly breaking into bank! She’s too sweet and fragile. Now… If he means –your- sister…” The redhead could throw down, as Lana had witnessed on quite a few occasions, and she looks as though she’s about to mention a time where Khitti had rushed to her aid, when the safety deposit room comes into view. “It’s now or never…” There’s a hint of worry in her expression, and her palms are sweaty, but she feigns a smile for her cloaked friends. She can’t see them, but they can see her, and she doesn’t want to look like she can’t hold her own.

Meri :: Guys! Meri may have a sense of humor, but she doesn’t really have it when she is supposed to be on a super sneak job. The blonde grumbles her disapproval at all this sister talk, but really Meri can’t hold a grudge against Lanara or Callum. With the situation of the guard dealt with, the trio would be able to resume their task. They move silently through the bank until they are standing in front of the door that leads to the room containing all of the safety deposit boxes. This door is easy to open. Meri makes quick work of the lock, but the psion does not pick this via the conventional lockpicking means. The door just seems to open of its own accord for them. The door was the easy part, as soon as it swung open they can see a wall of flames further in the room, and beyond that it appears to be a number of deposit boxes, all locked. There has to be some sort of mechanism, some sort of way to shut this security measure off. They had to get money into those boxes somehow...but if it exists, then it does not exist within this room. The moment that door opens and those flames come into sight, heat radiates from the room. And now comes the fun part...the part that Callum was particularly concerned about. It is the part that involves the fire. Look, Meri wasn’t going to move into the room if she did not have to. It was hot in there. She could do the psion thing from a distance...and that is what she did, trying to cling to the shadows just in case they encountered another guard. It’s not that Meri was scared of that fight, but it was all about timing. If a guard caught her by surprise and her concentration was broken, Lanara and Callum would be turned to ash. The blonde stood still, off to one side of the door, and concentrated with all of the focus that she had. She imagined the green flames being separated, creating an unseen barrier of telekinetic energy in the way of the flames. This barrier came in the shape of a triangle, with one point being up toward the ceiling and the two remaining points on the ground. It was big enough for Lanara and Callum to walk through the opening single file so that they could try and get at the safety deposit boxes. Unless they really needed some amount of assistance, the rogue woman had her hands full. It might seem like such a simple task, and in most other circumstances Meri would have treated it as such...but look? Meri has already seen one witch burned alive and one sister burned alive. She is really not looking to increase those numbers, so maybe she was a little more paranoid than normal with this task. From here on out it was all Callum and Lanara. Go get them boxes.

Callum || The fact that Lanara mixed up Cal’s “nickname” as the name for the dog only meant that Meri got another stare from beneath his cloak and it soured his mood a little. His mind was wholly on his task now, the talk of sisters and whatnot left behind as Meri opened the door and the fire’s heat poured out of the room. Was that another sigh? Yes. Yes it was. Thankfully, Cal had done as he’d said and had acquired a book on ice magic. Think cold, Cal. Frostmaw. Yule. Mint. Ice cold water on a seriously hot day. Things like this just kept circling in his mind. Before he led Lanara through the triangle-shaped hole Meri had made, he did his best to summon up a layer of ice between them and the fire. The magic initially came out as water, creating a hell of a lot of steam, but soon it’d shift to snowflakes, and ultimately ice. It wouldn’t last long, whether because of Cal having to put his own attention on picking the locks, because the stupid fire was melting it much faster than he liked, or because he just wasn’t the greatest at ice magic yet, it was at least enough to keep the heat off of them for the moment. Without a beat, Cal headed through. “Which one?” Of course, this question was to Lanara. As she sought out her own box, Cal withdrew a small kit, and the lockpicking tools from that. He chose a few boxes at random while waiting for Lanara, starting the tedious process of figuring out which pick he needed to deal with all the tumblers in the lock at once. The tension wrench used simultaneously was turned slightly one way, as the pick went another, Cal’s ear up against the wall to listen for the clicking within the lock. He tried to work as quickly as possible so Meri wasn’t waiting forever, but unfortunately, these locks were not novice quality. He’d continue on, eventually getting to Lanara’s after she’d pointed it out, and let her deal with shoving things into a black sack that was handed over in between changing from one box to another.

Lanara is oddly calm once the door seems to unlock on its own accord, though she knows it’s all courtesy of the psion. Her shoulders relax, her breathing is steady, and she knows that they’re close to their goal. Meri and Callum could have all the gems and coin their pockets could carry, but she was intent on one item in particular, the rose quartz skull. The heat that emanated from the close door was palpable, but now that it was sprung wide open, it was nearly unbearable. Already, sweat stains are forming in the underarm department, and there’s a thin film of moisture forming above Lana’s brow. It was go time, and the elf puts on her game face and studies the area, the wall of flames, and she tries to locate where the lock mechanism is to open all of the safety deposit boxes. Callum helps her through the tight space, and for the first time in her entire life, she’s relieved that her arse isn’t as plump as usual. She was resuming her squats and eating more, but she was still underweight. Perhaps it was fate? The room is sweltering, and she’s nervous as Cal’s magic causes steam, though he gets it together and the ice barrier is in place. The flames lick at the magic, threatening to melt his attempt to keep them safe, but Cal’s magic wins in the end, and Lanara is proud. He wasn’t her apprentice… Yet. But, he was showing real promise! As her gaze trails over the rows of boxes, she feels a certain hum coming from one in the third column, fourth up from the floor. The pull is so strong that she feels as though an invisible chord were tethered about her waist and tugging her gently in that direction. Of course, she remains rooted to where she’s standing, but every nerve is awakened, the adrenaline is surreal, and her skull is calling out to its keeper. “There.” She lifts her hand to point at the box, and tears herself away to shove all the loot in the opened boxes into the black sack. There are some expensive pieces of jewelry, a few uncut gemstones that would fetch a high price, and of course various mementos from all over the realm. Like a woman possessed, her hues keep trailing back towards the box that holds her precious skull, and she repeats its location to Callum, as though he didn’t hear her the first time. As the tumblers click into place and the box is opened, Lanara immediately approaches her belongings and collects her book of shadows and the skull. The power in her palms is immense, and she feels faint, so she leans against the wall of boxes for a moment to catch her breath.

Meri :: There was little for Meri to do at this point except make sure the opening that she created for Lanara and Callum was not closed due to her own distraction. Meri did not mind, it was a very important task and she would in the end reap the rewards just the same as Cal and Lana, if they made it out at least. She did not want to rush them, but the clock was ticking. How long did that tea buy them? And what if Lanara was anticipating they had more time than they did? They were trying to drug vampires after all. Meri waited, giving Lanara and Callum as much time as they needed without trying to rush them. Not that she could. What was she going to do? Use her voice to nag at them from afar? And gain the attention of another guard? All the blonde could do was wait, and wait. And hope that they came out with way too much stuff...because once she was done concentrating she had two perfectly capable arms to use to help carry things. The moment that Lanara and Callum managed to return from the vault, the moment they were clear of the flames, Meri’s concentration would find an end and the blonde would be trying to help with the goods...while also trying to usher everyone out of the bank. Quick, to the cart….!

Callum || More and more boxes were opened. Cal had to make it seem like they weren’t going after Lanara’s stuff specifically--he even eventually opened up his own box, but used his key for that one. All manner of shiny objects were shoved into another bag Cal had waiting beneath his shadow cloak, giving Lanara the much needed time to catch her breath. He eventually spotted her and her near-fainting spell and--sorry Lanara--summoned up a small globe of water to toss at her face. And if that doesn’t work? Well, he’s going to push her along because they have got to go! And if -that- doesn’t work? He would literally pick her up and carry her like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder. Lanara would not get the damsel-in-distress treatment; Cal’s woman was literally right there and Lanara was not his type (ie: a dude or a Meri). Regardless of however he had to deal with his fellow witch, his own bag of shinies were given up to Meri to deal with. “Go out the back door,” he whispered. The alley seemed like a good place to regroup for a moment and make their way into the northern part of the city, before heading west to the bridge. If they’d had the option, Cal would’ve suggested hiding out below The Office, but it wasn’t in the cards today. Maybe Cal and Meri should invest in a hideout somewhere in Cenril that’s away from where they usually did business, just in case they decide to further their career of robbing banks.

(Post 1 of 2) Lanara gets her act together after being splashed in the face, having forgotten how strong the pull of the skull was, and why it truly belonged behind lock and key. Still, it was necessary for resurrecting Valrae, vital to proving her innocence, and safer in her grasp that in someone that practiced the dark arts. Callum and Lana work in tandem as they fill sacks with treasure, while making it look like this was a random robbery. A few cheap trinkets are deliberately broken and the shards are tossed on the ground, a couple pieces of silver are tossed around the room, as though the robbers were in a rush. This couldn’t look planned, or as though they came primarily for the skull. Lana’s arms are full, her skull and grimoire in her right, while her left held a massive bag of goods that were stolen from the other boxes. She hopes the rightful owners had insurance on their items, but she doesn’t dwell on this factor. Time was of the essence, so she hurriedly follows Callum through the hole that’s held open due to Meri’s abilities, but she pauses as something catches her eye. How had they missed those? One of the boxes is ajar, and within is a delicate crystal sculpture, worth a fortune! The sculpture is a heart, which breaks in two, and one half is blue while the other is pink. Lana smiles, knowing that Fleur and Dominic are the most deserving children in the world of this gift, and she tucks it into her beanie, which is offhanded to Meri, once she’s out of the room. The trio quickly makes their way down the halls, and thankfully the guards are still out of it, though the dog wags its tail when they pass. “Don’t forget what I said, Cloud.” Lana whispers to the dog, as it licks the blood from its jowls, and they step out into the night.

(Post 2 of 2) Lanara :: The horses and carriage aren’t too far of a distance to walk, but after robbing a bank, and with all of their cargo, its best that they stay here for a moment. Lana bows her head and focuses, using every ounce of her strength to call the temperamental steed to their location. She’s getting a headache, but in a matter of three minutes, the onyx beast turns the corner. He isn’t alone, as the three horses push the empty cart to their destination, and the elf dips her hand in her pocket and hands some sugar cubes to the leader, “Thanks, Slater…” As she tethers him to the reins, the others load the carriage and take a seat, only for her to follow suit. “Thank you both so much, Meri and Callum. I couldn’t have done this without your help.” Lanara relaxes once the carriage sets off, towards Enchantment, while Meri and Cal sort through all of their stolen goods. The couple was welcome to spend the night in her apartment, or they could take the carriage back to their place in Sage. Either way, the heist was complete, and no one would suspect that they were involved as they had covered the bases. The horses would know where to return, come morning, and Venin would think she spiked her tea a little too much and freed them. The elf remains quiet for the duration of the ride, half in disbelief that they pulled this off, and likely wondering why she had to commit crimes in order to prove her innocence. Sometimes… You had to get down and dirty, to get what you deserved.

This is a Rogue's Guild RP.

This is a Adventurer's Guild RP.