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Synopsis: Talyara surprises her sibling and throws Lanara a birthday party, at the Scenic Overlook in Xalious. Many come to wish the witch well, and it's a huge deal, as back in their homeland of Kelvar, they never were allowed to celebrate their birthdays. It was thought to breed vanity, and so Lanara is overjoyed that her birthday was remembered and celebrated with those she loves. Lana's birthday is October 18th, and though she is an elf, she estimates this birthday in the equivalent in human years, to be twenty-six. The party abruptly ends when Talyara and Linn's adopted son, Bachias, sharts in mid-air and tries to launch himself onto the backs of the unsuspecting party-goers.

Talyara :: It was true that Talyara had quite a bit going on in her personal life right now, but that didn’t mean that she forgot her dear older sister’s birthday or that she wasn’t planning a celebration. The witch was the queen of pulling things together quickly, and this was no exception. The witch walks into the scenic area with nothing but a messenger bag slung over her shoulder and a folded blanket draped over her arm. Crouching down, Talyara spreads the large quilt on the ground and begins to pull items out of her enchanted bag, all different types of food and beverages. Once the spread is complete she pulls out a prettily wrapped package and places it off to the side for others to add to it, if they so wish. The half elf is dressed in a long, flowing colorful skit and matching corset; her hair falls in gentle chestnut hued waves down to her mid back. Around her neck she wears a chain which has a rune inscribed stone hanging from it. Yes, despite the complications in her life at present, it didn’t matter, because tonight was about Lanara. On her way to the scenic view, the witch came upon Bachias, the young, immortal child whom she helped take care of. She bid him to go fetch Lanara at the Xalious library and bring her here straight away on the pretense that the younger sister was in trouble. As people begin to trickle in, Taly waves enthusiastically and beams at each face. “Thank you for coming! It’s so good to see you! Lanara should be here any moment!"

Lanara winces as the troublemaking boy quite literally drags her halfway up the steep mountain path and then veers right of the mines. Bachias wasn’t exactly a dream to be around, as the albino was often eating live rats or raw potatoes, defecating on carpets, or causing mayhem by the minute. Still, Lana finds herself accompanying her adopted nephew through Xalious, in hopes of offering her sister some sort of aid. The witch carefully arranges her footfalls so that she refrains from stumbling as she makes her ascent, while wincing as Bach squeezes the life from her fingertips. Wearing knee-high boots, khaki leggings and a moss green halter top, it was obvious the woman was trying to hurry, as she didn’t have time to grab a cloak before stepping into the autumn evening. Long locks of a deep chestnut are pulled into two low braids, one resting atop each collarbone, and enhancing her pretty face. Chocolate hues are narrowed as they arrive at the designated location, and Bach chooses that moment to jump up and down and animatedly shout, ‘SURPRISE’ repeatedly. Lana, at a loss for words quickly scans the area and approaches her younger sister, a mixture of confusion and relief, evident in her eyes. “You aren’t hurt. But… What is going on?” Biting her lower lip, she pulls her sibling into a hug, and realization begins to sink in. Although she never kept track of her birthdays, and although they never celebrated such a thing before… It was Lana’s birthday. In human years, she would be twenty-six today, and the elf is the picture of sheer surprise as her face flushes a dark crimson, against Taly’s shoulder.

Linn was rather apprehensive about coming back out to Xalious after what he had just been through, but, well, he made it for Taly and Lana, even if he cast glances skyward a little more often than normal. He wore what appeared to be a fitted leather suit, decorated with a sparse pattern of star-cut gemstones, and even managed to clean himself up, his hair once again cropped short and his face shaven clean. Not long after arriving he threw off the fur boots he had gotten back up in Frostmaw to walk barefoot on the grass with a happy sigh. He stayed mostly out of the way for now, helping to set things up before taking an unassuming spot behind the others as they waited on Lanara. Belatedly after she asked what was going on he cracked a grin. “Surprise! Happy birthday!” he called into the festivities as if he was never gone.

Emilia would be late to her own funeral as such it was no surprise that the child sized woman arrived to the party shortly after Lana herself. The Genasi traveled with a tiny flying girl holding onto her black hand. The pairing was in matching blue gowns, simple yet nice enough for a birthday party. Lynn had her black curls tamed with a cute bow while the white curls of Em's where braided back into some fancy looking elven work. The only odd thing about the arrival of the snow white woman was she brought with her absolutely no chill, no frost, and no traceable magic of her own. Being late the mother made best attempt to keep out of direct notice while Lynn was eagerly flying full speed toward the birthday girl with an ear to ear grin on.

Irenic spots some sort of gathering from the night skies and something of a familiar face amongst them, so he party crashes - allegedly. Swooping down and landing marvelously nearby with the aid of miraculous ivory wings and it's a wonder the man was able to fold the massive beauties so close to his athletic form. Seems he was already in swanky attire of his master's demand, black slacks, clean boots, black button down accented with an emerald diagonal stripped tie and emerald cuff links. The tie was slipped down informally and the top two buttons undone to reveal hints of tattoos decorating tawny skin, seems he doesn't really like the formal wear, just as he approaches Emilia with, "I thought that was you short st-" His greeting was cut short as his bicolored eyes focused on the commotion and joining, "Happy Birthday?" He'd never met the woman in his life, the sightless brown left eye of his picking up traces of magic about her, while the seeing silver one appreciates the appearance of her. He leaned down a bit to quietly ask Emilia, "What did I just walk in on?" He was in the thick of it now.

Krice emerged at the Scenic View from the only pathway west, entering just as Irenic made an extravagant entrance. He glanced briefly at the avian, just enough to acknowledge his presence. Whether the enigmatic swordsman was here for the party or not remained to be seen, but as he lingered away from the gathered friends and family, perhaps the latter was more likely. Dressed in his usual black attire with a knee-length black coat keeping him shielded against the autumn chill, and his katana sheathed against his right hip, the warrior looked on at the party-goers, his gold-streaked eyes more quizzical and watchful than knowing of the celebration or enjoying it. Talyara seemed the organizer of the event, her overall disposition and body language telling the astute warrior as much; the others familiar faces but not otherwise known to him - save for Linn, with whom he had interacted essentially in passing. And then Lanara... Bashful, reserved, surprised... the recipient of the celebrations. Linn's announcement confirmed as much. So it was on the celebrated witch that Krice's piercing gaze lingered, perusing the skin of her arms left bare to the evening chill. Rather than stand as an outsider while she froze, the silver-haired man ventured into the group to stand beside the sister witches with his jacket held out by its shoulders, open for Lanara to borrow. “Here," he'd say, breaking his silence to get her attention in the hope that she could benefit from the warmth he had left in the fabric.

Lanara gives Taly a final squeeze, before breaking from the embrace and smiling, as she meets her sisters emerald gaze. “Thank you, sister.” She softly replies, her voice filled with emotion, which was a rarity these days. The witch had been through her fair share of life’s ups and downs, though this past year was the most difficult of her life, and it had evolved her into a nearly unrecognizable elf. However, tonight, she appears to be her old self again, as she is full of smiles and appears to have a zest for life. Sniffling, the witch turns to greet the rest of the party, when a little girl flies straight into her arms and gives her a loving hug. “My Lynn! Oh! I have missed you so much, darling girl!” Lana giggles, much like a child herself, and twirls the child in her arms, while hugging her close. “Do you want some cake? I’m sure your mother won’t mind! Speaking of… Where is your mommy?” Little Lynn points to Emilia and Irenic, and Lana finds herself skipping over to the pair. Lynn is lowered to the grass and Bachias fixes his stained bow-tie and approaches the child, a wilted flower in his chubby hand. Lana quirks a brow and is about to interject, thinking it some twisted plot of the youngster’s to harm the precious girl, when she sees Linn mouthing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her, and she knows all will be well. Bach’s father would see to it that the children behaved, and though Lana was completely caught off-guard at the mere sight of her old friend, Linn, again, she is standing before the Genasi and the Avian. Pulling Emi into a quick embrace, she whispers something in the woman’s ear and places a quick kiss to her cheek, before turning to Irenic and shyly puts her arms around his arms. “Hello, Fangel. I don’t know you… And you are flying and appear to be an angel of sorts, so… I dub you Fangel! Thank you for coming!” After giving the man a warm hug, the witch takes a step back and quite literally backs into the jacket that was being offered by Krice. The enigma was given the warmest of smiles and as she steps fully into the fabric, she sighs as she begins to warm up, and coils an arm loosely around the male’s waist. “Thank you. You used to look out for me when I first arrived in the lands. It’s only fitting that on my special day you are here, and still looking after me.”

Lanara whispered to Emilia, "I have missed you so much, dearest friend. Much has happened, I assume, to both of us. We must rekindle the warmth we both lost, and become sisters like we once were."

Emrith arrives at the party in a rather unexpected fashion. It starts with a speck in the sky, a faint greenish pinprick in the evening firmament which swiftly begins to grow bigger. Wind begins to rise, and soon it is clear that something large, winged and green is descending from on high at terrific speed. As the buffeting breeze grows louder, a shrill voice can be heard cursing in elvish. Peppered amidst the curses is a single word, repeated over and over. "Stop! Stop! Stop!" A cry erupts into the maelstrom, a trumpet-like bellow which sounds equal parts indignation and glee. Emrith and his charge, a smallish green dragon, hit the dirt some ways westward with a boom and a puff of dust. The spell-blade winces, slides down from his perch, then utters a phrase in elvish which, if translated, would roughly translate to, "Go and hunt. Go home when you are done." The dragon doesn't have to be told twice. With a toss of its head and a brief jet of noxious-looking smoke from its flared nostrils, the beast launches itself into the air, does an acrobatic-looking right wing-over, then disappears to the southeast, its mission complete. Emrith, looking slightly disheveled and very much the worse for wear, strolls as casually as he can toward the east, where the celebration is taking place. "Happy birthday!" He cries exuberantly, then spoils the image by surreptitiously rubbing his left hip with the heel of one hand. Riding a young dragon is no easy task.

Linn’s eyes flickered among the other arrivals, seeming to drink in the sight of every face, familiar or unfamiliar. A wave sent towards Emilia, eyes widened at Irenic’s entry, a quizzical glance towards Krice, it was just all so… refreshing. Even Bachias’ shenanigans were somehow welcomed. Lynn, as well, got an animated wave just before he was interrupted by the dragon overhead. Linn’s head snapped upwards, his breath suddenly tightening until he managed to read the creature’s color. Slowly, it relaxed again, holy hell. That was… Emrith. The spellblade managed to earn a huff and an irritated look of “Well aren’t you fancy” from the enchanter. Too soon, man. Too soon. He just needed to take a couple steps back, stretch, and take everything in. It was a happy time. Open. Free. Tilting his head up and outstretching his arms he took a deep sigh, presenting quite the target for the little draconian.

Talyara chuckles at Bachias’ exclamation and joins in the raucous shouting. “Happy birthday, dear sister!” Taly exclaims, immediately folding Lanara in her arms. “I hope you enjoy your party.” She whispers into the elder witch’s tapered ear before pulling her face back and releasing the woodland witch. “There is food and drink over there,” she explains, pointing over her shoulder towards the blanket spread. “But go mingle with your guests!” She says with a grin, nudging Lana towards the crowd. Taly turns around and finds her emerald gaze lingering on the enchanter and a sad smile pulling on her cheeks. She is about to speak when the arrival of Irenic draws her attention, the witch canting her head to the side as he flies by and joins the party. No problem, the more the merrier. Emi is given a wave and a bright smile, although Krice’s sudden arrival has Taly positively giddy. She hadn’t seen the warrior since he kept vigil over her at the healers and you can bet that she’s nearly launching herself at him to give him a tight hug. She would be successful, too, unless he moved out of the way. She would stay in the embrace until another vision in the sky steals her attention and Emrith, on the back of a dragon no less, makes a rough landing. The witch rolls her eyes and stifles a chuckle behind her hand.

Irenic was surprised, ironically, by the birthday girl's instant kindness to him, "Fangel is just fine." That low gruff voice chuckled at the thought of him being an angel. He reached in his pocket and took her hand, leaning down to place a light peck upon the top of her hand from scarred lips. "Hope your night is magical… I have one more gift for you if you are interested." He released her hand and once he did, she would notice the cool touch of gold left in it, her impromptu birthday present. He wasn't prepared for a party like this obviously and he doesn't even remember what a 'birthday party' is, but obviously you give gifts, he assumed that much. His attention was taken by the near crash landing of Emrith with a look of awe, "Now -that- is an entrance." He even offers a bit of a clap, probably a lone one, but he doesn't care.

Krice gently rested the chest of his coat around Lanara's shoulders, and allowed her to settle comfortably into the sizeable garment at her leisure. As his arms dropped to both sides, he cast a brief glance at the others who came to greet Lanara, including the winged babe, before he looked up into the darkness of the sky overhead. The warrior saw that green speck before he heard the commotion accompanying it, but his attention was short-lived as an arm curled around his solid midriff. Dropping his gaze once more, Krice identified Lanara as the culprit and dipped his head in a nod acknowledging her gratitude, before he smoothly turned out of her one-armed embrace to allow others to greet her. He stepped westward with a casual, "Don't mention it," and put his back to the party, taking a moment to scrutinize the puff of mountain-dust at Emrith's crash-site. Of course, that scrutiny was also interrupted by a fuller hug from the -other- witch, and he twisted at the shoulders to gaze at her over his right one, her healthy appearance softening his otherwise stoic expression. It was good to see her bright and well. Still, all this hugging... As Emrith emerged, the warrior was once more engaged in focusing on the other male, though his approach inspired Krice to depart the immediate vicinity of the party goers. Taking Talyara's Emrith-related distraction as an opportunity to leave without hurting her feelings, he stepped away, out of her ending embrace. Passing the dragon-riding male, the enigmatic man stood off to the side, a few meters out, to watch over the gathering for a little while. Krice gazed toward Emilia, checking from afar her condition and state of mind by reading her body language. Was she happy? Healthy? Did she feel out of place?

Emilia cast her bright gaze up at the tall winged man that had landed himself next to her without a care in the world as to where he was arriving. A half smile with a chuckle as she turned to nod her head toward the incoming elf, "Her Birthday Party you silly Feather.." words ended quickly as the Birthday girl joined them, "Happy Birthday!" she responded before turning the embrace, lucky for Lana Em was freakishly warm to the touch. The whisper was met with a nod and a smile, "Of course." Little Lynn took the flower from the chubby hand of the boy, but her attention was caught elsewhere as she spotted her Linn. With a bright smile she was back in the air flying full force at the man, overly excited to see him. So many people. Em took in a slow breath, waved to Krice, and then turned start walking off after Lynn toward Linn.

Lanara smiles warmly at Krice as she borrows his oversized jacket for the evening, and can’t help but giggle as he’s practically assaulted by her sibling. She knew the male wasn’t one for affection, especially when one was tied to magic, and so she didn’t take offense that he had pulled away. However, she does find her appendage held and chastely kissed by the handsome avian and she feels her cheeks flush faintly. Was it the warmth of the coat, or perhaps the contact with the elf that had caused such a reaction? Whatever the reason, she shakes her head and her smile reaches her pointed ears. “Thank you, Fangel. But there’s no need to gift me anything. We have only just met.” That said, she gently presses the gold coin back into his open palm, once he’s through with clapping. Why was the male clapping? Then, the witch senses the wind picking up and she immediately raises her eyes to peer into the sky, only to see an enormous green dragon descending to the area, and a blonde elf hopping onto the ground. Was that Emrith?! The woman cants her head to the side and peers at the elf, uncertain how to take his arrival. She had doubts that he was really here to celebrate her birthday, as the last time they spoke his carrier hawk had nearly taken her life, but he was exclaiming salutations and seemed to be here for the festivities. For once not being judgmental, the woman takes a few steps nearer to Emrith and gives him an awkward half-hug, and pulls back with a smile on her fair face. “Thank you for coming!”

Kreekitaka arrived late, it seems. To be fair, he had a ways to travel. He'd needed something special to give Lanara for her birthday--the long conversation he'd had explaining exactly why this was important had left him with no illusions as to what he ought to get her. Lacking her measurements and therefore the ability to make her something, he therefore decided to get her something from his home city which he hoped would make her life more comfortable. ...Hopefully. There were a few items in the box he was packing. The crabman arrived atop Vindicator--the scorpion had spent quite a bit of time back in the ocean to get rehabilitated after spending so much time fused to Kree and having its brain suppressed, but now it was back to normal and perfectly functional as a riding mount. Matching pace behind him--and subsequently taking up flanking positions on either side of the path, guarding the way in and out--were a pair of uyeer subordinates. Bodyguards, if you will, though one might question why he felt he needed them. Honestly, it was less due to a need for security than it was a need for an entourage. A king ought to act his part. Handing the reins of Vindicator to one of the guards and dismounting, picking up his package and stowing it inside a large pocket in the INCREDIBLY gaudy silver-white-and-purple cape that he wore over his shoulders and water tanks, matching his white-and-purple kilt, he proceeded towards the center of the party, likely impossible to miss by anybody else in attendance. He pulled out his gift box and placed it with the others, then looked over the crowd of faces for the guest of honor, wherever she might be. There would surely be a line--others would want to speak with her--so he did not push people aside. Merely be, and be extremely noticeable.

Emrith returns the hug Lanara has given him, and with equal uncertainty. "It is good to see you whole," he says in elvish, pitching his voice low. "May I trust that we can...start over, as they say? Things were said and done that need not have been. Misunderstandings. Such is not my wont." He pulls back, regarding the woman up and down for a moment. Then his gaze flickers to the other party-goers; he recognizes a few of them, Talyara most prominent in his regard, but to most he offers only a casual wave or nod. Emrith has never been one to be overly effusive, particularly in crowds. He does at least deign to call out over the din: "I apologize for the dragon. She is as yet unused to a mount, and is too eager by half to show off her flying skills."

Talyara turns around to make a comment to Krice once more only to find he has taken a few steps away. Perhaps launching herself at the enigma was a -little- much. The appearance of Kreekitaka does not surprise her in the least, and neither does his attire. She’s pretty used to him and his appearances right now. Linn seems busy with the little girl practically bee-lining towards him so she turns to Emrith, smiling appreciatively at the interaction between the elf and her sister. “That was quite an entrance,” she informs him after his public apology.

Linn had his eyes closed looking up to the sky as Lynn barreled towards him, and he was –not- ready to take a full-speed draconian in the chest. But, well, that didn’t matter. It was an easy catch for Lynn, and he was sent reeling by her momentum with an ‘oof’, his outstretched arms folding in to keep a hold of her as he tumbled backwards right onto his butt. He blinked a couple times to regain his senses before breaking into a laugh and rocking the kid playfully. “And just how have you been? Things been okay up top here? I heard quite some time ago you had some more rocks for me to play with.” With that he curled up as he felt the rumbling of Vindicator against the ground. This better not have been that – Okay, a scorpion it was. And Kreekitaka. And… okay, he thought Emrith was fancy. He thought he himself looked ridiculous at times. Nope. Kree just managed to make both of them mundane commoners in comparison. All this activity was… dizzying. Once Lynn had shared any messages she may have wanted to he’d put her down. “Alright, I need to go see Lana. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.” With that he’d stand up and weave his way through the crowd right to the witch to pull her into a quick hug. “And just how have you been after all this time? This was a surprise even to me! I only got to learn about it this morning!”

Krice did not reciprocate Emrith's greeting, though whether because he missed it, or because he chose not to, remained to be seen. The warrior's gaze was filled with a variety of newcomers and presently-presents in one direction and another, most recently Kreekitaka and his entourage. Was that... a crab-guy? A crab-guy... Allowing his many years of many experiences to calm any panic or bemusement such a sight might have otherwise caused him, the warrior coolly regarded the King as he stepped up to wait his turn for Lanara-celebrations, crimson eyes level and without any predominant emotion. Back to Emilia... Her demeanor and overall appearance didn't concern him enough that he went to see her, perhaps because he didn't want to interfere with Lanara's birthday party, but his attention lingered on the magic-free Genasi with evident intrigue shadowing his eyes. Scorpion... Riding a scorpion was apparently a thing, and Krice deftly ignored the multitude of Scorpion-related thoughts that unraveled in his mind as a result. Everyone here seemed amicable with one another, which left the warrior feeling comfortable enough that his watchfulness was not needed. He turned, leaving the avian to flirt with Lanara, Lanara to enjoy the festivities and attention, Talyara to keep things as orderly as birthday parties could be, Emilia to hopefully assimilate a little more comfortably as time went on, and others to generally enjoy their time with one another. The silver-haired stoic traveled westward from the View, seeking the isolation and quiet of the mountain path.

Lanara sizes Emrith up for a long moment, and naturally follows his gaze to her beloved sister. Oh. This again? Well… Hesitantly, she nods her head and although it pains her to maturing, she can’t help but agree. “Aye. We can have a new beginning, Emrith. But… If you’ll excuse me, my employer is here, and I –must- greet him!” Lana steps away from Emrith, and finds that her favorite crustacean has arrived, and he has made the grandest entrance of all, it seems. Several uyeer’s were attending to the crab king’s needs, and the famous designer was standing fashionably by his lonesome self. Lana squeals and quite literally runs over to the male, and hugs one of his oversized claws to her chest. “Kree! You made it! Thank you for coming; I know how busy you are with your shops and helping out with the ball! I’m honored that you attended my birthday party!” As she’s waiting for a response of some sort, and secretly eyeing the present that the crab had placed among the others, she finds herself pulled into a hug from behind. Turning around, she comes face to face with Linn and quite literally leaps into the enchanter’s arms, hugging him tightly, and then rubbing her knuckles forcefully on his scalp. “Don’t you ever do that again! You went and left Taly and me! I don’t even know all that happened, and we –will- discuss this soon enough. But… I missed you! Where would I be without my meddlesome brother?” As her knuckles begin to burn, she stops the tough love and removes her fist from Linn’s head. She lowers herself from the male’s arms and accidentally stomps on his bare foot, but she can’t help but offer a wicked grin. Linn was back, and so that meant more adventures for the pair! They were the epitome of best friends, and often behaved as annoying siblings, so it was only natural for Lana to have pounced on the male and try to scalp him at her birthday party.

Emilia could not help but giggle as Lynn knocked Linn onto his rear. It was good to see the two of them smiling. Her small hands landed on his facial cheeks as she would flood him with messages before he needed to go. She was hopeful he would come visit soon and play with rocks. By the time Em had each the pairing she was being passed by Linn as he went to visit the guest of honor for this event. Taking the hand of the girl and gave a gentle squeeze. Wide eyed the ghostly woman stared on at new arrivals from Emrith to Kree. Her heart was racing within her chest; the look of panic flashed over her features, but was gone a second later. Lynn in tow Em would ever so politely interrupt Lana and whomever her current person was, "Excuse me, sorry for butting in, but I wanted to say goodnight and happy birthday, time to get Lynn home for bed. Sorry again." As polite as she could be before offering a general wave and making exit with Lynn. It was a bit of a trip to return her and get back to Ara.

Lanara hugs Emilia tight and kisses Lynn on the cheek. "Thank you both for coming. We will get together soon!"

Kreekitaka was pretty much always the fanciest guy anywhere and one could probably tell by looking at him that he knew it. As Lanara suddenly rushed over and hugged his claw to her chest, he rapidly considered his options. Hugging was not usually a thing uyeer did, and he hadn't much experience with it, and any attempt to reciprocate may have caused some major problems for her--Alvina flashbacks, anybody? We certainly don't want the birthday girl KO'd at her own birthday party. So Kree kind of just stood there awkwardly, offering her a nod and clench of his facial crushers. "Of course, Yanara, iTAH! is a p--" And then she was gone, whisked off into--oh hey, Linn's here! He gave the guy a wave and polite bow--perhaps a party was a bad place to discuss business but Kree had a particular assignment he wanted the enchanter to look into at some point...

Irenic meandered his tall self off towards the food laid out, scratched his head before smoothing the graying hair back and deciding not to grab any his bicolor eyes spanning over each person and how happy they are… He really had no idea what a birthday party was, it seemed to be centered just on one person. Then there was Emilia, he'd met her twice and she seemed different this time, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He would cautiously make his way to Lanara, "Well, this was fun… Have a good one… Hope we see each other once more." He smirked down at her and awkwardly patted the top of her head. His gaze catches on Emrith, though and his left, Chocolate brown colored eye - out of place, nearly feels on fire at the side of him. Irenic doesn't understand why, but he offers a half-ass wave before stepping back buttoning his shirt to cover the vampire bite mark and taking off into the skies towards Vailkrin.

Linn blinked a couple times and nearly recoiled from Lynn’s messages before relaxing, pressing his forehead against hers and nuzzling her affectionately before departing. Lanara suddenly jumping into his arms had him almost, -almost- dropping her. He hadn’t really deteriorated from his time in a jar, but it would take some time for him to get used to the movement and carrying again. He managed a strained “what-“ as he managed to stabilize himself and the witch began giving him a noogie for the ages. He grits his teeth before managing a few strained words through the play. “I did not leave you or Taly. That story’s for later though.” As her foot landed on his own he made a sound much like the one when he had been kicked in the stones, except maybe lacking that octave-jump. “Whyyyy….” He managed a strained grin and something halfway between a laugh and a cry. “You. would.” Nothing has changed with –that- witch at least. And that left him… planted right in front of Kreekitaka, only able to manage an awkward wave and bow back. Interaction of a semi-casual sort was something to get used to once again as well. He looked from the crabman to his entourage and back with an entertained look. “So, looks like you’ve been doing well.” Something was to be said about the crabman’s climb into opulence without any discernible practical reason, but… he was just trying to keep up right now.

Lanara frowns slightly as she is patted on the head and peers up at Irenic with wide eyes. “Leaving so soon? But you just arrived! And only –once- more?” As the male exits the area and fades from view, she waves goodbye, and returns her attention to those at the party. Walking over to Talyara, she pulls her sister into her arms and kisses her on the cheek. “You are the best sister, ever. I bet you are ecstatic to have Linn back. But… What’s going on with that one?” Lana’s voice trails off as her eyes trail to rest on Emrith, making it rather obvious as to who she was referring.

Emrith nods curtly to Lanara as she moves away; he understands well that now is not the time for in-depth discussions, and is pleased, at least, to be on speaking terms. The hawk, after all, was perhaps the greatest misunderstanding of his few years in the public eye, a bird gone rogue in the worst way. He gazes toward Talyara, but seeing her apparently in the thick of things and not wishing to be taken up, the spell-blade prefers to hang back and watch. He is quiet and mostly still; gatherings of this nature have always brought his elven nature most firmly to the fore. When he is wanted, or when a social opening presents itself, Emrith will step forward; until then, he is the proverbial fly on the wall.

Kreekitaka nodded to Linn with a bit of an internal rumbling sound. "I have. I have a shop in HHHTHree ciTAH!ies, sTAH!ock in many businesses in each, an' pyans for an enTAH!ireyee new business venture. I have a TAH!ask for you, aoso--if you wanTAH! iTAH!, of course." He leaned in closer and cupped his claws in an attempt to shield his voice from the others. Kree's not good at being quiet, but in the din of the party it became easier to make himself unheard. Talyara giggles as Lanara approaches her and places a kiss on her cheek. Taly beams, glad she was able to make this happen for her sister who has gone through so much this year. She leans her head against Lanara’s shoulder, emerald hued eyes following Lanara’s as they land on the elf. “It’s…complicated,” she answers in a low voice, her arm snaking around the woodland witch’s lower back and giving her a squeeze. “But that is for another day. You are the focus tonight! Now tell me, who was that fetching avian I saw you making eyes with?” She asks, waggling her eyebrows teasingly.

Linn released an intrigued “heh” with a nod. By all measures, that was actually quite extensive for a single person’s shop. Bordering on the scale of the guilds, even. He leaned in as well to listen to the crabman, and subsequently leaned right back out. It was unnecessary. Still, the general theme might be able to be discerned as Linn thoughtfully scratched his chin before rubbing his brows. “I’ve got a lot of stuff to catch up on right now. Maybe once I get it all sorted out and cleared up I can look into it. That’s a venture that might be… complicated.” Slowly he trailed off. Some of the possible scenarios weren’t that attractive. “I can’t give you a date that I’ll be ready though, cause of what I’m dealing with. I’ll call in when I’m ready.” With a quick nod he pulled away, giving an inviting glance to the others remaining before sitting down at one of the baskets to get some food. The day was pretty busy, with getting some proper protection from the cold up in Frostmaw and helping Taly with the preparations and food, he was ready to eat some of it at this point. He couldn’t even remember if he ate anything today yet. Heck, even being able to recognize a day and the usual cycle that came with it was still a little foreign to him.

Lanara bursts into a fit of contagious giggles and shakes her pretty head, while her fingertips idly twirl one of her braids. “Mhm. Change the subject. Typical. And… I’m not sure?! I thought maybe you had invited him? I didn’t catch his name, exactly, but I called him ‘Fangel’ and he didn’t really seem to mind. It was awfully nice of him to fly by and wish me a happy birthday, though.” Lana says no more on the subject, as she feels those walls being built up again. The witch never had issues with opening up before her sister, on any subject, but since losing her empathic abilities, she had seemed to shut herself off from most of the world. Hugging Krice’s jacket closer to her form, she inhales the autumn air and extracts herself from the embrace, to peruse the food that was carefully laid upon the blanket. Making a small plate for herself, she munches on a piece of potato and nearly chokes as she catches Bachias crawling on all fours, and readying himself to pounce onto Emrith’s back. “I have –TWO- daddies now!” The rambunctious abomination screams, before hurling his forty pound frame into the air, in hopes of latching onto the elf’s back, for a piggy-back ride. Chunks of grass are hanging from the albino’s mouth as he speaks through a mouthful of dirt, and in mid-air, breaks wind. However, he passes more than wind, and if his brown and white body is to make contact with Emrith, it likely wouldn’t be pretty. Lana merely watches in horror, finishes her potato, and gives a pleading glance to Taly.

Emrith is alert and watchful at all times in cases like this. His ears, nose and eyes are finely attuned to the movements of those around him. When he catches the telltale whisper of air that signals rapid movement, Emrith doesn't think. He simply channels mana into his boots and rockets sideways, shooting about eight feet to his right in an eye-blink, moving so fast that his cloak snaps like a whip in the wind current he generates. Whatever had been aiming for his back is apt to crash into nothing but empty earth now, and Emrith eyes the place where he had previously been standing with barely suppressed annoyance. "Whose is it?" he barks, speaking in common now. "And -what is it? The next time it attacks, I may not be so considerate. I did not come to a birthday celebration in order to be set upon." There is steely harshness in the elf's voice; he is startled rather than angry, but it shows.

Talyara gives her sister another squeeze before her smile falters slightly when she feels Lanara build up those walls; it would seem that the two sister still had quite a bit to learn from one another. Folding her arms against her chest, she sighs, closing her eyes as an autumn breeze caresses her skin. She relished the relaxing moment before the screech from Bachias drew her attention. Eyes fly open wide, and Talyara is already moving to intercept the two; only Emrith is too quick and already skating out of the way…right into the witch herself. With an oof Taly tumbles sideways onto the ground, a hand coming up to extend towards the child as a spell is shouted; an invisible barrier is set between Bachias and the rest of the party, an unseen playpen if you will. Taly looks up at Emrith then, a small frown tugging on her lips, her face flushed with embarrassment. “He’s mine,” she informs him quietly. “Sort of. Sorry about that,” she mumbles as she hoists herself back up.

Lanara stands her ground, though her eyes widen at Emrith’s harsh ton, and she wonders if she should intervene. On the one hand, the child wouldn’t be missed very much if he were to die. But on the other hand, he was adopted by her sister and Linn, and if Emrith was to be part of their family or friends, he had to learn sooner rather than later about ‘who’ and ‘what’ went with it. So, instead of offering a helping hand to Bachias or Emrith, she merely shakes her head to Linn and Taly, and allows the two to interact on their own. As the elf speaks common, and issues a possible threat to the youngster, the child rolls around on the grass and begins to punch the earth. Clearly, he was throwing a temper tantrum as he didn’t make contact with his intended target. And he had crapped his pants. Again. So, as all sick and twisted children would do, he removes his clothing, and soiled pants… And hurls them in the direction of Emrith. “I heard. I heard. You wanna be my daddy now. Mommy Taly talks about you to Auntie LaLa… LaLa is stupid. But Taly isn’t as dumb as her. She looks at you like she looks at Daddy Linn-poo. You’re my daddy now, too.” The child stops rolling around naked in the grass, and tries to smash through the barrier, but for now, he’s locked inside a magical playpen.

Ranok || Overhead, a small light shines. A rare sight indeed, as it was no star that sat familiar among its cousins. No, a more mobile fellow, from the depths of the solar system itself. Caught in the intricate dance of the intermixes of gravity and orbits, the path runs ponderous and slow. So much so that only the elves recall the face of her the last time she came. There were many names of it, written in multiple languages, as the last time she shone, the elves had merely only been split into High and Forest. The Saurian called it the Herald, as it was regarded to be a thing of high deeds, and the signification of change in their long lives. The elves referred to it as the Weeping Widow, for the sky fairly wept with the contrails of her star falls. The avians named her after the woman that discovered her, for that was their ways of knowledge at the time. But it was the elves of the Sage that told her stories. How she was a wandering care giver. Those animals flocked to her, and she loved them all. They believed that she'd come, in her own timing of gravities and the celestial ballet, to gather the souls of the animals loved and lost. Pets or valuable companions. And that she despite how much she loved those she gathered, she returned them back to the earth on contrails of light to return breathing and begin the cycle renewed. All agreed, though, that the spectacle that was on display when the comet that it was broke the horizon of the night sky was pure splendor. Her own herald was the twinkling of cool blues and purples encroaching on the other planets at dawn and dusk, growing by the day. When in full swing, the sky fairly dripped with shooting stars, with the comet itself sat among. Tonight was the beginning of the show, and her light was high in the sky, and the stars began to fall.

Linn was starting to bite into a leg of turkey when Bachias made his grand exclamation, prompting the enchanter to nearly choke on his current mouthful of food before blowing it out in front of him. Lucky no one was there. Then again, half-chewed turkey was probably preferable to what Emrith was just about to deal with. His mouth was left hanging, eyes wide as the child jumped for the elves back with the trailing stream of uhh… Well, Bach missed, at least. Breathing through an embarrassed sigh he looked towards Emrith, slowly growing a grin. “He’s… our… adopted child. Long story behind that.” The hesitation marked that he was picking his words –very- carefully. Still, Linn derived a sort of sadistic entertainment behind the elf’s reaction. Bachias’ introduction was quite the shocker back when he first learned what he was dealing with, and he couldn’t help but wonder how Emrith was going to take it. Emrith adopts a long-suffering look as another missile is aimed in his general direction. This one is just as easily dodged, since a pair of pants, no matter how soiled, are not apt to fly through the air as speedily as the child who hurled them. The spell-blade turns a shoulder to the child, letting him rage for the moment, listening with a rueful little smile as the disgusting pants and other garments hits the ground nearby. A brief but pungent stink buffets his face, and the elf wrinkles his nose. "My apologies for running into you that way, Talyara, but I knew not what I was dealing with," he says to her, attempting to bring his face into a more friendly aspect. It is difficult going though. "I am...surprised this little fellow has not been mentioned before."

Lanara is shoveling birthday cake into her mouth and is inching away from the festivities, about to let the love triangle sort itself out, with the help of Bachias, when her eyes are drawn to the sky. Tons of shooting stars brighten the sky, falling from their depths and leaving a glittering trail of magic in their wake, leaving the witch breathless. This was a birthday she would never forget, as it was her first birthday she was ever allowed to celebrate, and also the most beautiful she could ever imagine. Even the wailing of the turd-covered tot was pushed to the back of her mind as she nears the edge of the cliff, as though she could catch one of those stars and be pulled into the heavens. As entranced as she appears, the witch also grows quite somber, and so she hurls the remaining portion of cake off the cliff, as though to feed the fairies, before she turns her back to the sky. Lana then shrugs Krice’s coat from her slender shoulders and mutters a soft ‘thank you’ to any that may be listening, before she leaves the area. Taylor would be by later, to retrieve any presents and left over food, and Lana would be sure to properly thank her sibling in the morning. For now, the woman was exhausted, another year older, and feeling very loved by her close friends and family.