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RP:Kasyr destroys Berenic and a bridge

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Setting - The Travelling Imp Pey's Shop

30 Oct 2011 As you find your way up the strange dark steps, the color of them turns from a gray, to a soft white. Within this area is a rather large cloud, and oddly enough a tree is growing out of it. As you examine things closer, you find that the plant is made of pure silver, but as soft as a normal tree, even the leafs and apples that hang from it sparkle beautifully. Startled by a noise you peek around the side of the tree and see a small strange imp sitting on a rock counting gold coins from a rather large pouch. He stands only a foot tall, has dark blue scaled like skin, and strangely, three tails, all ending with sharp little arrow tips.

Kasyr is here with a Writhing Aura-Of-Twilight.

The lycan Berenic has drunk polymorph potion. Normally when not in wolf form, the man is an elf. He now has the appearance of a little hunch-backed dwarf, who is employed in polishing items of stock in order that they may appeal more to potential customers. Pey is stock-taking, a leather bound legder in the imps hands, though should a customer enter, they will of course get the avaricious imp shopkeepers attention.

Kasyr strides into the shop, looking suitably dramatic due to the robe still pulled tight around his form. With a cursory glance spared for the environs, the still-disguised vampire simply meanders over to a point between both disguised 'dwarf', and impish storekeep. Tonelessly as ever, the kensai simply states, "Would you have a moment?"

Berenic is bored - soon enough boredom will be the least of his concerns

Pey turns to his new customer and smiles, showing his sparkling jagged white teeth. Moving with incredible speed the little imp is soon standing before Kasyr, rubbing his hands together gleefully. "Have you brought lots of shiny coins?". The hunched backed dwarven shop assistant is shining up some of the magical rings, a tin of polish open on the counter before him, and a stained yellow duster in his hands. He looks bored out of his skull.

Kasyr briefly produces a pouch from within the folds of his robes, if only to display a rather copious amount of coin. Once his point has been made, the Kensai replaces the pouch back into his robes, before merely stating, "I am an adventurer, with a rather..dangerous penchant for exploring locales most often frequented by the dead, the drow, or odd combinations therein. I was wondering what within your present stock might be suitable for such a venture." Even as he speaks, the Revenant can't help but casually observe the 'dwarf', almost piting the monotony induced misery. Almost.

Pey's yellow eyes go wide as he regards the riches Kasyr displays. "I am sure we can find something you will be absolutly delighted with, sir. All of my stock is of the very finest quality, and available no-where else. I have many items to protect you from the undead. I would recommend, a full set of angel blessed armour, a dozen crates of holy water, and a ring of unholy resistance. "Rayel!" he shouts to the disguised Berenic. "Bring those rings over for the esteemed gentleman to examine." The bored fellow complies, walking up and holding out a jewelry box containing a dozen varied powerfully enchanted rings for Kasyr to examine."

I will also potentially need supplies for an adventure of an aquatic nature

Kasyr is -very- careful when the box of rings is placed near him, somewhat wary as to potentially activating some whatever defense mechanism may be upon the ring. After a few moments of scrutiny, one is finally gestured at, before the Kensai continues, "Oh, I will also potentially need supplies for an adventure of an aquatic nature. I've heard tales of underwater tombs, after all." The vampire pauses at that, before simply continuing, "You do, of course, have such items within your stock, correct?"

The imp takes the ring from the box. "A fine choice sir, a ring of fire resistance. That will be 15000 pretty shiny gold coins. Do you wish me to wrap it up for you?" On being told of the supposed robbing of underwater tombs, the imp thoughtfully strokes his chin for a moment. "Rayel, run upstairs. Fetch the box of golden kelp, the mask of breathing, and a selection of our ever-burning item range, which will be useful for illumination in the darkest depths of the ocean." The hunch-backed dwarf shuffles over to the stairway, which seems, impossibly, to be contructed from clouds. Unless prevented from doing so, he will head up to the next room, in search of the items his employer has requested.

Kasyr makes an offhanded gesture towards the ring, "Wrapped would be quite appreciated. Also, I would, in fact, appreciate one of those crates of holy water, and a set of blessed armour. If at all possible, to be delivered towards the highest point of your ..establishment. I'm intending upon getting this..surplus of equipment collected by airship. Should your...helper be willing to help deliver these items to that area while I wait for the ship to arrive, I would even be willing to pay an additional 15 percent, on top of the rest of the fees." It's here that the Kensai pauses, mostly for effect, before simply gesturing towards where the dwarf had dissapeared, "If I may? I'm curious as to whatever other wares you might have that may in, fact, meet my needs."

The greedy imp is already adding up the total in his head, and adding on the additionl fifteen percent. He shouts up the cloudy stairway "Rayel!" The hunch backed dwarf soon appears looking flustered. "I haven't got it all ready yet!" Pey wags his blue finger in front of his employee's face. "Watch that attitude in front of my customers, or I might just add a dwarf-skin-wrapped spellbook to my stock." The imp hands a list to Berenic who sighs on seeing the length of it. "Carry all this to the very top cloud layer, ready to be collected." The man grumpily turns and tromps back up the stairs to begin. Pey turns back to Kasyr. "I'm so sorry, one just can't get good staff these days. That will be three hundred and ninety two thousand four hundred and three pretty shiny gold coins, please sir.

Kasyr afford a singular grave nod, making a mental note to be grateful that the robe he's wearing affords him the luxury to be able to keep his features obscured. It helps, after all, to keep any and all momentary pangs of alarm under wraps, so to speak. Once properly composed, the Revenant simply proceeds to speak once more, one hand gesturing upwards, "I'm not quite done yet, either. I heard you keep...certain rare items in the back. I was wondering if you might be willing to allow me the luxury of seeing if there is anything else I might desire to add to the my current list of adventuring necessities. It will also give me ample opportunity to make sure that the equipment I'm to pay for has not been blemished, tarnished, or otherwise -damaged- by your assistant." A pause, and the robed Revenant simply takes a step forward, arms motioning towards the way Berenic dissapeared, "If you would not be adverse."

The merchant imp is always on guard against the potential for larceny, and so ensures the magical defenses that prevent any unpaid for items being removed from his premises are fully operational using his enchanted spectacles to examine the invisible barrier. Confindent that this fellow will have great difficult in robbing him in his absense, Pey is happy enough to leave him alone and head into the secret store. "I have several items that might interest one of your obvious taste and sophistication. I recommend the bone dragon's teeth, that when thrown to the ground cause skeletal warriors the sprout from the earth to fight for you." With that he leaves with lightening speed.

Kasyr may come back for the dragons tooth when he's -not- busy plotting someones murder

Kasyr makes a mental note to possibly come back for the dragons tooth when he's -not- busy plotting someones murder. Or to at least keep it in mind for someone who might have need of such an interesting item. As it currently stands, given that his current designs don't include Grand Theft Imp, Kasyr is more than able to simply stroll from the main room and head further into the shop. More specifically, towards the location where the 'dwarf' was assigned to delivering all the ordered items to. On a certain level, he's somewhat curious as to just how deftly Berenic has managed to contend with the laundry list of odds and ends.

Berenic may be disguised as a hunch backed dwarf who is almost as ugly as the legendarily disgusting loathsome faced Dergious. He is in actuall fact a lycan, however, and is -very- glad of his enhanced werewolf strength given the amount of stuff on that accursed list. Even so, he is having to make several trips up and down the cloud layers slowly building up the pile of goods on the shop's highest level. He appears there, from yet another trip, his arms full of a crate of the finest blessed holy water, paying the rich bastard who is making him work so hard little attention, other than a quick, resentful glance in the revenant's direction.

Kasyr pauses near the pile, hands folding up behind his back. For a few moments, the Kensai is silent, head tilting as he inspects the mess of collected items. It's only after it passes his supposed examination that he bothers to address Berenic once more. "You, if you can get these exacte.. precisely on the brink of this.. ..surface, so that the airship will be able to better retrieve them, I would be most appreciative. So long as you're careful and neither scratch nor break a single object, I'll put in a tip for you. But do be quick. And make sure its' exactly even. I can't really afford for it to catch on an edge and ruin this investment."

The motivation of sharing in the obscene amounts of gold

The motivation of sharing in the obscene amounts of gold this customer is throwing around causes Berenic to hurry, moving to pile the crates and boxes at the very edge of the cloud, carefully avoiding looking down, since he has always had quite a fear of heights.

Kasyr casually steps over towards Berenic, one hand gesturing over towards the crate of holy water upon the pile, "Remember, take every care and caution here- we do want to ensure that this is a profitable venture, after all."Those words might strike the Polymorphed Lycan as odd, given that for the first time since Kasyr originally ventured into the kitchen earlier that day, there is a tone to the revenants voice- the words cattish and lingering. After all, the cantrip that had been effectively woven through Coreliants ring to mask one of the few factors someone might have used to identify him is no longer needed. Not when all Kasyr has to do is flick one arm back, a singular shock of electricity sent through his arm so as to aid in dislodging a trio of mithril scalpels within, that very same limb is thrust straight towards Berenics gut. The result is hardly going to be pleasent for either of the pair, the cluster of electrically charged blades effectively bursting out from Kasyrs sleeve with an incredible amount of velocity. What's worse, the seemingly haphazard manner in which they were hastuky 'drawn' serves to cue a secondary effect- the scalpels having effectively carved three long trenchs up the vampires arms. Indeed, in the wake of those improvised kinetic missiles is a rather nasty treat for Berenic, insult to intended injury in the form of a Revenants blood for a creature weak to it. Which simply leaves the important question- is it enough to send the poor fellow off the edge?

What in the name of Sven's left ball is going on?

Berenic lets out a scream of shock and pain, a rapidly spreading crimson stain blossoming on the front of his shirt. The wounds burn like fire as the vampiric blood attacks the lycan on contact. Berenic totters precariously on the edge of the cloud, blood covered hands, holding his belly, still screaming in a great deal of pain. His imp employer shouts up the stairs. "Rayel? What in the name of Sven's left ball is going on?" he learned such a manner of cursing just recently, it seems to be spreading like a fad through the land. "If you have broken a whole crate of holy water, I really am going to flay you alive to make a spell book cover."

Kasyr could just shove the fellow and be done with it- but there's always that odd niggling chance that this fellow has some knack or another that might allow for him to actually -survive- the impact. Which leaves the Revenant with the more visceral approach- hurtling himself towards Berenic with every intention of bodily tackling the man, intent upon catching him near his midsection. What's worse, is that the Kensai is currently exercising that peculiar knack of his to generate electricity -during- the motion, every intention being to both shock the Lycan into submission, and reduce the robes about the Revenant into smoldering tatters.

The poor fellow was already suffering badly enough, the new electric shock causes him to scream in pure agony. He looses his battle to keep from falling of the edge of the cloud and plumments to a mercifully quick if messy death on the icy ground far below.

Kasyr works in relativites- such as being relatively merciful, or Berenic's death being relatively quick. After all, once the Lycan is guaranteed to be in free fall, the Revenant has little hindering him from shedding his coat so that he can form those cherished (if somewhat grotesque) leathery wings of his. With that added bit of mobility, there's effectively nothing preventing the Kensai from grasping at the wolfs flailing form and effectively redirecting him to plow -through- the bridge leading to Peys shop. Whilst a seemingly inconsequential detail, should Berenics friend, Theo, decide to go searching for his friend- his investigations will be severely delayed. Such a shame.

The lycan does indeed smash through the bridge as he dies.

Kasyr , given he has wings and all, just falls along with Berenic- though he's not going to come to the same sudden stop with the ground. No, he's going to simply come to a glide- loitering around long enough to confirm the kill before departing.