RP:Jacklin gives royal protection to a duck

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Rowen rolls in, her hamsterball gleaming as she has just recently washed it. She respectfully clambers out of her 'fine carriage' and scampers over to Jacklin, doing her best to kneel, although her rat body is not really designed to take such a position. "Queen Jacklin. I am here to speak to you on a matter of grave concern. In the last issue of Mr Flannagan's newspaper, Skylei told the world that she plans to cook and eat Nasurate! Her own father! I have taken care of Nasurate ever since he was a duckling. Please do you think you could offer him royal protection. I assure you he is an innocent duck who has done nothing to deserve such a fate." Rowen is obviously in quite a state, as you would be on hearing death threats against a dear friend.

Jacklin lofts a brow at the hurried speech of Rowen. It was a humorous scene to any who may have walked in on the pair, armored Queen and small panicked rodent. Jacklin knew better than to mock the valiant attempts of Rowen to gain guard over her duck, "Nasurate is no longer in Hollow I believe. Wasn't he killed by that giant…Gunnar?" Easing herself downward onto the balls of bare feet the elder human took closer regard of Rowen, a sigh slipping her lips as she responded, "The Larket guards can look over the duck I suppose. Offer Skylei a faux-Nasurate in return."

Rowen sighs in relief on hearing this plan. "Do you think another duck would fool her, however? You'd think she would recognize her own father. I know Nasurate was killed by a giant in Frostmaw and then eaten by wolves. He was then reincarnated as a duck. I took the duck once to see the wolfies who ate his old body."

Jacklin shrugs, "Are ducks really that difficult to fake? There's a farmhand out on the island of Rynvale that probably has a few ducks at his disposal. I'd suggest you pay him a visit and find one identical, or nearly, to Nasurate and hand him over to Skylei." Hopefully this plan would be enough to please even Rowen.

Rowen beams in delight, thank you so much, my queen! I was already deeply in the debt of Larket, after your husband saved the life of my best friend Nigel. Now you yourself have quite probably saved the life of another dear friend. You have my gratitude and my loyalty." Rowen bows her little ratty head.

Jacklin rises to a more proper height with a dip of her head down to Rowen, "Let me know how the trick goes, Catcher. I look forward to hearing a success."