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RP:Homeless & Hopeless

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Part of the What You Leave Behind Arc

This is a Bard's Guild RP.

Summary: Brennia learns of the fate befallen to the DeVere College of Bardic Arts from User:Kanna.

Mastery Lounge

Welcome to the sanctity of the Bard’s Guild and merry meet to you. This area looks much like a large office space with an area designated for each section within the Bard’s Guild while the back of the room looks to be more of a private conference room surrounding a large bass clef meeting table. Plenty of lounge furniture litters the entire area, along with various instruments and even a display case which houses original creations for play costumes created by a certain crustacean. The area is buzzing with creative energies and bardic magics in a sort of organized chaos. A plethora of board postings on the board at the entrance lets everyone know what section is working on what projects at the moment and who to refer to. The headmistresses of the guild can be found in their own offices for any member stopping by to see them, and if they aren’t currently in you may leave word.

Brennia was in the lounge of the bard’s guild as it’s the only place she can go now without a disguise. She had been working here for nearly a week, cleaning out an old unused wing of the guild in order to set up a living space for bard’s left without a home. After she had found out she lost the election she took no chances and evacuated the college, but had to leave some behind in the hidden restricted wing because they were still on the mend from the attack before that. It was a dire mood in the guild and most tried to lighten it with song and drinks. Brennia worked on a post for the public board, but she was having a difficult time making it sound hopeful.

Kanna unfolded and refolded her hankerchief once again, trying to find a dry spot to wipe her tears. Days had passed since the evacuation, yet she still wept for the faces that had become familiar to her in the dormitories who failed to make it to the guild. According to the whispering sweeping the floors, there were some professors missing. Surely, this meant that Orra's forces had killed them, or worse! Despite the constant tears threatening to spill over, she was one of the volunteers that helped to keep the place tidy. Bardic magic was of little use in keeping clean sleeping quarters, though the improvised renditions of popular songs did help the mood. She wears but a simple tank top over her usual skirt, as bandages cover the red lines on each arm, and stitches hold fast across her chest. Her curls cover the stitches also peeking through the fabric on her back from her last fight in Frostmaw. Cornflower eyes fall on the note that the Headmaster is working on, and she tilts her head slightly. Approaching from behind, she speaks up to the Dean. "What are you writing?" She asks, her voice still somewhat hoarse from screaming on that day.

Brennia looks more sunkissed than usual and the story of living on the road was writing its tale on her very being, but if that was a good thing for her soul will remain to be seen. She hasn’t heard anything of Orra’s successful takeover and she was in the makings of a plan to rescue the rest hidden in the campus. Kanna approached and wingless Brennia shifted easily in her chair to look up at the woman, but lingered her gaze on the bard assessing her old healing wounds and the new. She stood to her six two height and answered, “a notice that any and all bard students are welcome here and to keep their heads high… What happened to you?” A glance to her private office for her desire to heal Kanna’s new wounds, but that was too easily in giving her cover away and she is unsure if she is ready for that yet.

Standing a full head lower than the avian, the wounded human has to tilt her head back to make eye contact. What a lovely shade of turquoise those eyes were... was she not so tired from the events, she was sure she could think of some lovely comparison to use in some unwritten song's stanza. Noticing how the avian leans forward a bit to see her back, Kanna nervously pulls a few curls over her shoulder to try to hide the stitching. "Oh, that horrible man Orra brought..." She says this as if the headmistress already knows what she refers to, "I saw red for a moment; I tried to attack him and I missed. He did not miss me, though." A self-deprecating laugh. "I can heal myself just fine, it's just..." Cornflower eyes glisten again as fat tears roll down her reddening cheeks, trying to keep coherent despite the sobs. "I ca--" She takes a gasp for air. "--han't sing, Yosh is... he wa--" Another gasp."--has inside when the army went into the school." Kanna wipes at her eyes and sits on a cushion embroidered to look like sheet music. "I'm sorry, I thought I was--" A third gasp. "--well enough to talk about it, I--I don't know if he escaped or where he is."

Brennia watches the fellow bard seemingly fall apart and she realizes how right Vakmatharas was when she destroyed the jar, if that really was some divine speaking to her. A just falls over the room, this is news to them as well… Whispers start and the lot of them look to Brennia for answers. She kneels down next to the seated Kanna and gently pulls her in for a shoulder to cry on, but this gesture was something rare for Brennia these days and another hush fell over the lobby. “Yoshika is a strong warrior, I trust he is okay,” she softly reassures her. She comforted Kanna for a long moment before standing up with purpose to address the once busting room that seemed to be holding their breath, “I don't have all the answers.” Teal eyes scan the various faces, “but I will tell you, this isn't over. I am not going to stand idly by while they destroy our home, our heart. I know it will be cramped in here and this journey will be tough so let's get out there.... To the taverns and the Inn, let's sing our songs because you can take a bard’s home away, but you will never shut us up.” Renewed determination brings her back to her desk and she finished her post easily now before posting it with purpose. There was a glint of determination seen in her eyes that day which hasn't been aflame for quite some time. “Who is with me?!” Many bards cheer and Hinder comes to stand at her side before giving her a hug, “welcome back Dean Smyth.”