RP:Heyx & Korbus in the Library

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Location: Mage Tower Library

Korbus enters the mage library from the darkness outside. His eyes widen at the sight of the room; the general chaos of it all stunning him before he realizes who's at the center of it all. He motions to take his mask off quickly, but stops himself. After all, he doesn't need to respect who doesn't respect him, right? "Oh... It's you." Kicking several books aside, the rogue wanders farther into the library, his eyes trained mostly on the mage, but also perusing the shelves - as though he's looking for something.

Heyx looks up from scraping away the black, charred remains of a young girl. "Lucas? Is that you?"

Korbus acts very nonchalantly, not even reacting to what Heyx seems to be doing as he absently rifles through a shelf of tomes that's still intact. " Yeah, it's me. Blow this place to hell yourself, did you?" He continues to look through the volumes that haven't been destroyed, not casting a second glance at Heyx in the hope for her response.

Heyx said to Korbus, "I didn't do this...by myself....some girl and I fought in here....I accidentally killed alot of people...."

Korbus feels torn inside. If only she could see the war in his mind, fighting to go to her, to be with her, to be at her side, holding her hand and telling her everything will be alright... He remains still, stiffened with the revelation, but calm nonetheless - at least on the outside. "Well... I hope you won't have guards and soldiers - or wizards for that matter - after you. It's a hell of a thing to have to hide every day from people wanting to gut you for your crimes. Guess you dind't feel compelled to help this bunch after all, huh?"

Heyx said to Korbus, "Lucas....is something the matter?"

Korbus finally turns to face Heyx, giving her a look of complete incredulity. With an overly acted scoff, he looks around and waves his arm at the destruction, "Matter? Well, I imagine there's a big something that should be mattering to you right now. So yeah, there's a big matter."

Heyx pauses as she opens her mouth to say something to Korbus. Then, the look on her face is utter shock. She stares wide-eyed past the man before her, trembling slightly. "Lucas," she whispers, "the Giant Strawberry is back....the one that followed me into the tavern last night..."

Korbus removes the mask he forgot he's wearing, ready to talk about something that is never really addressed - for the strawberry has apparently returned. "Strawberry.... right. Good luck with that, then. Hope he doesn't cause you to kill anymore people." There's venom in his voice, and his words flow like daggers, aiming to pierce her like she did him. But she doesn't even know... Turning away again, he begins walking down an aisle of book cases, distancing himself from the girl.

Heyx slowly begins to stand, panting slightly as she stared towards the entrance to the room. The largy, red, juicy fruit stood in the doorway, staring blankly at the drow. It did not move, but water gently trickled down over the seeds adorning it's cony frame. Gently, a squishing echoed throughout the area as it begin to move forward, leaving a trail of red in it's wake. Heyx stood erect now, hand at her side, ready to draw the small stave of chaos she had been given by Huxley. "Lucas....Lucas! It's coming towards me!"

Korbus doesn't turn back to face Heyx. In fact, he pulls a book off of the shelf, and begins flipping through its yellowed pages. "Oh, I'm sure. I bet it's coming right for you, along with Mr. Banana, and probably Madame Papaya, too." He sighs, shaking his head as he looks through the various spells in the text, "I suppose I'm at fault really. You're insane, and I should've told it right from the start. You took your panties off for me when I asked for your gold. Can't imagine a sane person doing it... Can't imagine you'd ever take a kiss seriously in your life. Probably just see it as some sort of citrus fruit of some sort. Lemonlips. Heh." He frowns, still looking for something he doesn't seem to be finding.

Heyx has no time to correct Korbus, as the juicy goodness lunges for her. She watches in horror as the entire middle of the strawberry opens up, reveiling a distorted, fleshiness vaguelly resembling a human head surrounded by rotting flesh. A wet scream is emitted from the alien-imbued fruit as thick, spiky tendrils extend from the featureless head, swinging through the air to find the drow. A spike snags her shoulder, slicing through her bodice to leave a red trail over the grey flesh beneath. The girl, furious now, runs over to the side and aims a hand at the creature, a plethora of arcane lyrics flowing from her lips before a fiery blast explodes from her outstretched palm. It burns through the air as it floods past the giant fruit, slamming into a nearby bookcase and exploding in a massive burst of heat and broken wood. Korbus turns at the sudden loud noises, and to his complete disbelief, there is in fact a large, demonic strawberry attacking Heyx. Abandoning his tirade and his broken heart for now, he draws his crossbow, pulling the string back and sticking a bolt in it hurriedly. The rogue takes aim at the head in the center of the evil fruit, and pulls the trigger, feeling his hand shaking in fear and his brain melting to the grips of insanity. Heyx gasps as a wet smack resounds through the air, the bolt fired from Korbus' crossbow sinking deeply into the back of the Strawberry. It turns, it's wet, fleshy inner face screaming wildly as a thick black ichor seeps from its blank eyeholes. It wetly slides across the floorboards as it nears the man, a wicked tongue exploding forth from the beast's gaping, tooth filled maw, studded with writhing claws towards the thief. Then, another fiery blast is loosed from Heyx, the powerful fireball charring a great trail of black as it seeps into the warm air, exploding into the back of the Strawberry in a massive blast of flaming fruit chunks and charred seeds. Although the fireball blew a chunk out of the beast, it isn't enough to stop it from attacking Korbus.

Korbus finds himself facing the horrible monstrosity, and like a child, he can't compell himself to move. Or breath for that matter. The rogue stares at the alien thing, pointing the unloaded crossbow at it. "What... in the nine hells..." A spiked tendril shoots forth and pierces Korbus in his stomach, knocking him back. He falls to the ground, holding the bleeding wound, and he finds him very much defenseless against this nightmarish creature.

Heyx takes the chance and rushes behind the large fruit-turned-monster, extending a hand encased in a pale blue aura. She sinks it deep into the bloom-crazed Strawberry, a resonating crack filling the air as the thing freezes over from the inside out. Within seconds, its colour has paled, and it goes still. Heyx falls to both knees, panting heavily as she crawls over to the bleeding Korbus. "Lucas? Lucas....I killed it...are you alright?"

Korbus is still stunned when Heyx begins crawling over to him. He can't seem to take his eyes off of the monster, until he hears the Drow's voice. It seems to shake him from his terror, and when he comes back to reality, he feels every ounce of pain coming from the hole in his gut. He removes a hand from it to take a look, and sees the dark blood pooling over his black shirt. "Damn..." He registers Heyx's words, and it seems as though everything comes back to him - including his attitude. "I'm fine. It's nothing." Gritting his teeth, the man pulls himself up with the aid of a bookcase, but when he tries to walk away, he falls against the shelf, unable to make himself move any farther with the pain shooting through him. But he doesn't ask for help, not anymore.

Heyx releases a gasp as the life fluids trickle down Korbus, pooling at his feet, even more so as he attempts to stand, but fails. The girl gently wraps an arm around him, his sanguine fluids sinking deeply into her pink sleeves. "Lucas, the Strawberry hurt you?"

Korbus can't even bring himself to shove the girl away like he wants to. "It's just a scratch." He tries all the resilience he can muster to take a step away from Heyx, but he pretty much just slides against the book case, and falls to his hands and knees. Below him, the blood drips at a quick cadance, forming a crimson shadow beneath the rogue. "I don't need your help..." Heyx watches as the blood flows evenly, puddling beneath her friend. "You need help...you need help. Hold a second."

Heyx told her clan, "Vlos Lustrous? A friend of mine is badly hurt. He needs help, quick."

Valo told your clan, "As much as I may want to help, I can not heal..."

Heyx told herclan, "He doesn't even need magical healing or vitae magicarus...just....someone to stop the bleeding...."

Korbus slowly lowers himself to the floor, laying in his own blood and rolling onto his back. There's a look of fear on his face, which seems to have gone pale by now, yet he continues to push away at the girl, at least verbally. "I don't need your help... I don't need you laughing at me... I don't need you...."

Valo told your clan, "Wait a second, I know your voice. You're the drow woman right? You're a kind of mage are you not? I can't really help in that department. Either use a fancy spell of yours or take piece of cloth from something and tie it tightly around the wound and keep pressure on it...thats the best you can do for your friend right now until you get him to a healer."

Heyx told her clan, "Heyx....thank you...."

Heyx said to Korbus, "Lucas, if you don't let me try to heal you with what little vitae magicarus I know...your gonna die...."

Korbus clenches his jaw against the pain, and his eyes meet Heyx's, "What does it matter to you...? You think I'm a joke..."

Heyx falls to her knees beside Korbus. Her form couldn't possibly be anything other than agonizing blur of grey and red in the eyes of Korbus, but there was one thing certain. She was reaching for him, both hands softly glowing with a light warmth. "I never said you were a joke...."

Korbus opens his mouth to speak, and there is a hint of blood that's gone to his mouth; his teeth are reddened, and there's a slight gurgle to his words, "You laughed at me... I... I opened myself to you.... And you laughed at me..."

Heyx's dark grey hands rest gently along the sides of Korbus, flooding him with vitae magicarus. They shut down key nerves so he will no longer feel the pain, sapping his energy in the process. "I do not know of what you are speaking of...."

Korbus winces at first with the touch of the Drow, but his body slumps afterwards, relaxing as the spell takes his energy. His eyelids struggle to remain open, and his voice seems very far away, "I wanted to know you... more... I.... was going to kiss... you laughed in my face......"

Heyx smiles slightly, though Korbus may not be able to see that. "You have no idea how much you already know of the Bad-Luck mage."

Korbus feels like he's underwater. Nothing around him is clear anymore; everything is hazed beyond recognition, and his eyes no longer focus on Heyx, but rather slowly loll about. "It's not.... same..." Heyx said to Korbus, "Look, Lucas...we can have dinner tomorrow? Your losing conciousness....just go to sleep and it'll be alright."

Korbus slips under the shadows of unconsciousnes slowly, his heart relaxing to a faint beat and his breaths becoming shallower as he drifts off. He tries to speak, he tries to say so much to Heyx, but the only thing that even comes out as a whisper is, "Alone." The context will be a mystery until he awakens.

Heyx carries Korbus to Frostmaw.