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RP:Have Mercy

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This is a Rogue's Guild RP.

Summary: Hiring Terra into the 'Rogue' line of work.

Grogshop, Gualon

Eleanor 's brows wrinkled slightly as she studied the other, her gaze searching the rugged, scruff-lined contours of his face that was growing more and more familiar to her. The fact that he had had a pack shouldn't surprise her, but perhaps it was the fact that this pack didn't seem to be around that bothered her more, for she frowned soon enough. This didn't feel like the time to push the subject, given how skilled she was becoming at reading him, but she did tuck away this knowledge with the intention of asking another time, perhaps in the privacy of her home later on. For now, though, she leaned into him, taking the bottle back in the wake of his drink, the cheap rum doing little to fill her belly. She was hungry, but also somewhat anxious; why, though? Something was going to happen; something -was- happening? Between Rynvale, Larket, the dragon-queen, Emelyan and the dust, she felt, at times, as though she was being pulled in a million directions at once. But then she caught a glance of Leo, and, even if just barely, things did, in fact, seem okay. With the intention of drawing him back to the hear and now, she switched things up with a nudge of her finger against his shoulder from behind him, that arm still propped up against the back of the booth. "Ye guttin'? Ah coods use a bite."

Leoxander was silently grateful that Eleanor already seemed to know when to ask, when to leave the matter to rest. He took another drink to medicate his mind as he continued to stare at the door, perhaps expecting his past to walk through it and explain everything he couldn't figure out. But eventually, he set the bottle down and leaned back against the booth bench seat. His other arm raised, and if the spell-rogue accepted, he was actually settling it around her shoulders to encourage her lean, just after her poke. "I'm fuggin' starvin'. I feel like half the bloody time I forget to eat." He sniffed back any other thoughts and focused on the now, picking up that roach to fix it back into life with a toke.

Terra would be a part of Leoxander's past but she would hold no answers. There were nights she had spent packing her own and tucking that pandora's box away. Being here, in Gualon, was easy and that peace was easy to pick up on. She wore it like a perfume that announced her arrival as she pushed the door open and made her way into the Grogshop. A lot of the wares that the shop boasted came from other areas and she had helped to negotiate those trades and terms. That knowledge made her feel confident about the business engagements she would be signing her name to when she agreed to the rogue pair's request. They were not hard to spot and without invitation, she joined their booth, opposite of them. "There is one thing that you may not enjoy. Trist will know everything." Good chance they already assumed that but the elf wanted to be clear on her terms so there would be no surprises.

Eleanor shifted around on the booth so that one leg was still draped over Leo's knee, while her other dangled near the floor, and she leaned into him, drawing her arm down and letting it drape across her lap. And then there was Terra, the newly-familiar face earning a vague smirk from the spellrogue. "Guid day tae ye tae." And then, "Th'dragon?" Was that who she had been mooching with? I mean, El had heard stories of another dragon-leader opposite the Silver, but her business in Gualon had been limited so far. What was another alliance with human-toothpick-making citizens if it meant their business would be untouched. The rogue shot Leo a side-eye, deferring to him since he knew the healer far better than she, but her eyes belied her concordance with this information.

Leo looked back up toward the door when it opened. He was no reader of mind or fortune teller, but it was a part of his past that came into the grogshop and joined their table, and Leo wasn't entirely surprised. He remained quiet as the two spoke first, and nodded a bit at Eleanor's question to Terra's remark. The bottle of rum was lifted, and one of those unused tumblers found it's contents as he poured the healer a mid tall glass worth to nudge it across the table, her way. "I need yer help, Mercy. We... need yer help. An' I guess this wouldn't be the first dragon I've started to trust." He said no more on that matter, their table reeking of fine herb, a layer of smoke risen above it. "She's... always been part of my crew..." He explained this to Eleanor as his hand rested on her leg, casually. "Took me out of a few troubled times, that I remember." His eyes met Terra's, a bit glassy but focused all the same. "You work with us, an' we'll all work it out. El' here has a pretty good thing goin' an' brought me into it. But it's a bound to be more. I wanna go back to Rynvale, see if the J.R. still stands."

Terra took up the glass and tilted in their direction as a thanks. While she listened to Leoxander she swallowed a taste down and returned the glass to the table. "We can make it work then." As Leoxander had recalled; when had she ever denied him of something that he requested? Then she looked to Eleanor, "It's actually Terra." She had not lied when she told Eleanor to visit a new town for a new name. It likely would change again if she ventured out to Vailkrin to ask, but now wasn't the time to follow dark thoughts. "Rynvale..." Just the name of it caused a dryness, one that she attempted to correct with another drink but found it was not capable of washing it completely away. "I'll need a few days to work out all the details and see what things are looking like, on the other side... It's been awhile since we've done business with Rynvale." Legal or otherwise. There were more questions but those could hold until things were secure and their place of conversation more private. Another drink

Eleanor took the lead on their conversation then; after all, the dust had been her priority for a long time, and with this business with Emelyan and Barnabas, well, the gaze she gave Terra then was one of fierce determination. "Ye gie it sorted it, 'en Ah'll fin' ye." Cue a nod. "Avoid th' North'rn waters, if ye can." Meaning, the rogue hoped to bypass the bay between the mainland and Rynvale as much as possible, even if it meant a longer route through which to move product. And if Terra happened to know a secret network of underwater caves through which they could move: even better. El planned to use decoy ships between Cenril and Rynvale, but now was not the place to sort out those deets. The spellrogue smirked then, taking a moment to fully appreciate Terra's position in all this, and perhaps with an olive branch, as best the wary female could offer just then. "Braw tae meit ye, -Terra-." Although Eleanor would still work just fine for her; they could parse handles later, albeit she had many.

Leoxander was a little surprised that Terra gave her name, but he recognized it as a sign of trust, and glanced between the two pale blondes. Was this a fantasy? Perhaps. "It's Mercy..." He countered, revealing their new accomplices' nick name, or code name, as it would become. "I'm either gonna find Eternity or have a new commission. But tell me yer in." He focused this question on Terra with the agreement that Tristram... like it or not, would be somehow involved. "An' tell me the dragon can handle it. I got a lot'a business I don't want compromised, savy?" He poured another glass for the healer and then took a drink for himself before he shared it with his parter-in-crime. "Plan on mergin' east in the next week, and I need a crew. I expect you innit."

Terra felt the side of her mouth tick upwards at the name and she nodded, convinced. The refilled glass was pulled to her again. "I'm in. Tristram will support it." For the most part. The dragon kept his hoard on display, near the pools that they had visited so he clearly had no issues with flaunting his wealth but was careful to conceal the steps he took to garner that much. There was a lull while she took another hearty drink before the glass was mostly abandoned. "Well, if that's the time I'm working with I'm going to go...enjoy it." Here she grinned, planted her hands on the table to help push her up and out of the booth. "I'll have it all sorted shortly and find you." Or she could be found, in a house not far from here. "Until then..." If there was nothing else to be discussed, she would head into the evening and home.

Leoxander almost smirked, as well. The history between them was undeniable. "See you, Miss." He would find her when the time came, or she would find him, but more or less their deal was done. He couldn't help but allow blue eyes, visible since his hair was still somewhat slicked back, to follow the woman toward the door. But he did then look at Eleanor and actually smiled a little. As he had told her, it just felt like everything was falling into place.

Eleanor followed Terra's stand with her eyes, slowly nodding as she accepted what the other had to say. "Until next time we meit, 'en," El parted with, raising the glass as if to toast the other. She trusted Leo on this - if he wanted Terra in, she was in too, and she gave him a look that said as much. Then, unreadable celadon twins were shifting toward the elf as she departed, a curious alignment tugging at her full lips. The woman was pleased with how this was turning out, even if she was hesitant to announce such. There was little left of the roach as she pulled it to her lips, coaxing its last remaining herb out with a flaring up of the cherry, and then it was gone, crushed into the ash tray, the smoke remaining in her lungs a moment more as she leaned into the wolf once more. As she blew the smoke out, she maneuvered over Leo's lap so that she could be free of the booth rather than ask him to stand -- plus, she rather liked displaying her goods for him. Standing at the edge of the table, she smirked down at him. "Ah'll be back," and she leaned forward to steal a kiss from the corner of his mouth unless he protested, "order us somethin'?"

Leo leaned back as the spell-rogue made her way to her feet, perhaps grabbing at some of the fabric that covered her backside, if not a provoking grab at the curve beneath it. He accepted that almost-kiss and poured what was left from the bottle into the two tumblers before he stood to carry the empty vessel to the bar. By the many barrels and bottles, it seemed to be a place for drinks, but he bothered to ask. "Think we could get some cheese an' bread? Fried in a pan?" Yeah, he would forfeit a few several gold to persuade Grargh. And that didn't go without a healthy order of drink. He knew Eleanor's preferred flavor, or so he thought, and saw the blended whiskey with it's pricey tag. "An' a bottle... maybe two." Motioned toward it. And granted, if the man was paying three-hundred gold for a bottle, he would have his grilled cheese on bread. A brief discussion and a yell toward the back from the bar keep, an exchange that almost made Leo wince, and he took the Larket Whiskey in hand to take it back to his table and await food and companion.

Eleanor would eye Leo, only playfully swatting away his hand - she had basically asked for it after all - before sauntering off to the 'ladies room', and it sure wasn't to powder her nose. That skin was too flawless for foundation, obviously. After an appropriate length of time, she returned in time to see Leo settle back into the booth, sporting the fancy whiskey, which earned him two lofted brows and a curious half-smirk. "Gods, Leo, whit ur we celebratin'?" the spellrogue teased with that token cheeky grin; as before, she lithely maneuvered around and over him, giving him a faceful of half-exposed bumcheek before dropping onto the bench beside him. With a sultry side-eye, she offered up in that husky voice, "Ye didne need tae spend puckle hunder gauld tae gie me blooter'd, loove."

Leoxander looked toward Eleanor on her return, leaning back again as she made her way to her seat, and he got an eyeful on the way. "Got a lil blue on yer nose." He murmured, teasingly, and went to open their first bottle of expensive as s**t whiskey. Larket. Destroyed and still making profit. Reminded him a little of himself. "I'll let you have a drink if you give me a smoke." He actually had something of a smug smirk on his features, something only she could draw out lately. He was in a damn good mood.

Eleanor leaned into Leo after she'd sunk into the cushion of the bench, lifting her chin as she leveled a hooded gaze upon her partner. "Och? Ye'll -lit- me, aye? Ha!" she scoffed, those glassgreen eyes glittering with her mirth, the first inklings of warmth in their sharp, icy depths that he brought out, much like the almost-smile that curled around his lips. Lips she had often found herself wishing she could kiss more and more lately. -Damn him.- "Ah reckon 'at coods be arranged," the spellrogue all but purred. Arching her left brow even higher, Eleanor send a sidelong gaze toward the barkeep, a rogue's grin tugging at the right corner of her full-lipped mouth. She wondered to herself just how much she could get away with at Grargh's expense; smoking a singular cigarette was one thing, but she was awfully fond of sharing the herbs with the wolf as well. They'd already spent a pretty penny, though, and that was working in their favor, it would seem, for as she produced a new herbal cigarette from gods-knew-where (it really just seemed to appear in her hand!), there would be no outward protest from the barkeep himself, although he did frown, mumbling something as he threw the towel over his shoulder to wander off, still grumbling something about telling the governor about Terra's new shady acquaintances. That pretty much secured her thought process there, and cupping the stick to her mouth, blue flame sparking, she took in a deep drag, then handed it off to Leo. She harbored the smoke in her lungs, then in her mouth like an expert, before blowing artful smoke rings up toward the ceiling; quickly she drew the back of her wrist to her mouth, smothering a laugh.