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RP:Gualon's Spring Concert

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Gualon City Plaza

There are flowers -everywhere-, hanging all over the bronze tree that rests on a tiered platform in the center of this plaza and from vines that stretch from building to building. There is a wide assortment of vibrantly colored flowers used in the display, all colors meant to remind people of spring. Blues. Pinks. Purples. Pale Yellows. More! Vendors off all sorts encircle the bronze tree where the musicians are expected to perform, with Leone having a forge set up just slightly south of the tree, displaying various glassware. The shopkeeps of Gualon have also made their presence known at this event, bringing their own unique wares. Ribbons. Small articles of clothing. There are booths that sell a variety of different pastries, cakes, goodies and of course plenty of drink! While Meri has hired actual PC musicians, NPC musicians play whenever a PC is absent. There are only small breaks between the music at this fine event, breaks long enough to give different acts a chance to set up and break down appropriately.

Daine totally came strolling in with Meri on his arms, those eyes of his trailing at the magnificent outfit she was wearing. "I'm glad you wore it." So many delicious smells wafted in those nostrils of his. Yum! "The decor looks great!" he winked at Meri.

Meri had of course been working on setting up earlier this morning, helping all the vendors, seeing to finishing touches. She leaves only briefly to actually ready herself for said event, changing into a blue dress and a pair of black slippers. Keeping things simple. Daine and Meri are probably one of the first to arrive! Outside of the vendors of course. Commenting on the decor, Meri smirks, “Of course it does.”

Josleen attends with Skylei, It is so. Skylei can auto-pilot Jos when I am gone. I trust her. Skylei is here doing Skylei things; looking at vendors wares, being overwhelmed by the number of flowers (Boy, did Meri go overboard on the flowers), that kind of thing. She’s generally lurking in the vicinity, not being very exciting. She’s with Josleen who is probably doing Josleen things. Such fun.

The sound of people screaming in both fear and panic might be one of the things that would get anyone's attention while having such festivities, Sound of destruction as a massive Desert Wyrm plow through the streets just to get near the plaza, "Sorry, Coming through..." A small elf pulling the beasts reins as it comes into a halt, "Greetings everyone!" Smiling as if not even bothered about all the damages the beast left on its wake. The Circus Caravan was attached against the beast back and people would see all kinds of mysterious creatures, beasts of horror and other mind blowing acts once the circus performs, checking the destruction the wyrm has left, "Well.. Good or Bad Publicity is still Publicity..." Smiling as she stepped down from her mount and went closer to the plaza, "Good day all, How is... uhm... How is life? Not that I care that much." Giggling at her own joke, looking around.

Hildegarde , after recently going hunting with Tristram, had decided that she would most certainly attend Gualon’s concert for it would most certainly be good fun and what better way to display the strong bond between both Frostmaw and Gualon? The knight’s walk is a calm and slow one, as she peruses each stall and occasionally gazes at the flowers that stretch from one building to another. With her halberd firmly grasped in one hand, she plods along slowly and speaks amongst the vendors: obviously considering buying some of their wares. The knight, however, is lacking her fine admiral’s long-coat this day, instead wearing the resplendent blue cloak with the sigil of Frostmaw.

The glassware is done in a multitude of colors, each arranged in rows that, when inspected more closely, appear to be collections of shapes and colors that tell fairy tales, fables, and the adventures of historical figures. One of the collections appears to immortalize Hildegarde and Satoshi in particular, with the famous redhead Captain clad in gossamer shades of pearly white and silver. Particular important figures are adorned with shapes and geometric patterns of metallic coloring. A u-shaped barrier has been constructed around the portable forge, iron bars on two sides keeping any curious onlookers well away from all of the hot elements of the craft, while a counter at the front holds wares and gives a clearer, though further removed, view of the blacksmith at work. Wringing with sweat and clad almost exclusively in leather, the petite woman behind the glassware counter is in the process of making a special request: A glass lily in shades of blue and yellow.

Daine was certainly not pleased. Eyebrows would furrow deeply as he heard screams of panic along with the rumbling of a disturbance. Eyes would focus on Meri yet they glanced back to see the flowers he so gingerly cared for ripped, destroyed, and withered as well as any other decor. "M-Meri..." a stern tone took place of a delighted one. "Did you call for a circus?" the male was quite livid. "What do you think you are doing there young miss!?" That man surely trekked up to the elf with a strong scowl on his expression. Daine lifted up a pointed finger to place them upon anything that her ride destroyed. "Do you see all of this?"

Josleen frequently offers to buy Skylei treats (with Ezekiel's money). The bard forgets that Skylei is no longer homeless and penniless and now can afford her own orcish delicacies. Old habits die hard. She spots the unmistakable Hildegarde from a distance just after stuffing her mouth with a orc-sized chocolate truffle. “HID!” That is chocolate-choked tongue for “Hilde!” She waves a hand high above her head, trying to catch the dragon’s attention. Her own attention is easily lost amongst the flowers, stalls, and Leone’s glass-blowing art.

Meri hardly had the chance to settle in the little festival she was attempting to host when she heard screams of fear? What? Already there was destruction and the party has hardly even gotten under way! A frown weighs at Meri’s lips, a distracted nod sent to all the guests that are arriving. She knows most of them and greets them appropriately but Ynhaldei and this desert worm? They gain most of her attention, Meri naturally has to investigate. Apparently Daine is of the same mind, she shakes her head to answer that she did not call for a circus. Especially not one that would damage the city. The woman approaches, brow lofted, “Um...Excuse me? But what...the hell?”

Skylei also forgets she has money and accepts Josleen’s offer far more often than she should. On their wandering around the plaza, (as far away from the circus as one could get, fortunately) Skylei and Jos come up to Leone’s little forge and stall. As Jos waves to the Hilde, Sky would stand and admire the glassware (especially the red-haired figurine of Frostmaw’s favourite dragon) for a good few moments before realising that she actually knew the blacksmith at work. Well, kind of. Leone? Was that her name? She’d utter it just loud enough that Leone could hear it, but quietly enough that she could deny she’d spoken if it was the wrong name. “Hello? Leone?” To Josleen, should she get her attention, she would make some hilarious remark about glass-Hilde.

Ynhaldei turns to the man, smiles, "Why? I just got here..." Turning her head towards where the man is pointing, "Ofcourse... I have eyes you see." Smiling at him as she said, "Oh... Where are my manners, taking her top hat off and about the bow, checking the contents of her top hat, "Oh... here they are..." Bowing at the man as she continued, "Miss Yin, Circus Master of the Travelling Misfortune, and you? Kind sir? Mind telling me your name?" (I haven't figure out the name of the carnival so... I use that as place holder)

Hildegarde turned to offer Josleen a polite smile and wave, along with Skylei in case she turned to see it on time. Yet, her attention is quickly pulled towards Daine and Ynhaldei; the destruction caused by the desert wyrm as it had passed through the city. Such destruction would not have occurred if the beast had travelled underground, as surely its instinct told it to do so. The knight pauses for a moment to watch Daine: this was not territory, she did not wish to overstep the mark if another knight or warrior was the protector here. So for now, she’d watch.

Daine would love to be fancying himself around the plaza, enjoying the music, enjoying it with Meri, but no. Daine was here in front of a massive wyrm and a imperious girl...from the man's point of view. A glance sent back to Meri in one of those curious looks, the male soon refocusing them on Ynhaldei. "Miss...Yin," the words being rolled off the tongue were quite distasteful. "Call me Daine..Do you even know how to tame this beast?" He continues to study this 'Miss Yin' and her 'Travelling Misfortune'. A great big sigh happened.

Leone hadn't noticed the disturbance, and she was focused on her work. For the most part, the screams are drowned out by the high-stoked furnace the smith lingers near. However, by the time the destruction is wrought, the farrier is back toward the front of the booth, and frowning gravely. The lily, now finished, is dismounted from the end of the pipe used to blow the initial, pear-shaped form with the aid of thin pliers. Next, the finished, colored piece is dipped into a bucket of what appears to be yellow-tinged syrup. Throughout the process, the blacksmith shoots surly glances at the desert elf and her circus caravan, disapproving of the disturbance and distraction from the concert. Once it is sufficiently cool and dried, the resin-coated flower is handed over to a lady in fine clothes. Fortunately, the diminutive woman is still near the front of the pen when Skylei and Josleen approach. Skylei is greeted in return with a wide smile and a wobble of the head before Leone says, "Madam Skylei, good to see you again. Interested in any of them in particular?"

Ynhaldei frowns at the man's question as she said, "How do you think I was able to put my caravan on its back then?" Confused at the man's question, the little elf turns tilts her body a little as she looked at the people behind or beside Daine, waving at them in a child like manner, "Its really inappropriate to talk to multiple people.. I'll talk to you guys later." turning back to the man as she said, "What is wrong Mister Daine? am I not allowed to be here? I do live in this land you know, as I desert elf, I proudly represent the outposts by the oasis of the nameless desert." Grinning, Bumping her hand against her chest showing how proud she is, "Besides, It is mere logic to find people to perform to yes? Publicity makes one's job easier as to getting customers."

Meri frowns heavily as her words to this ‘Miss Yin’ seem to go unacknowledged. A shrug is sent to Daine before the woman turns and leaves the male to deal with the situation. He seemed to have everything under control. Instead, Meri would approach Josleen and offer the bard a warm smile. “Josleen! I am so glad you could make it. I am really looking forward to hearing what you’re going to perform.” Because the concert would not be ruined by Miss Yin’s chaotic entrance. Meri was determined. “Whenever you’re ready to go on...” Meri gestures toward the bronze tree that is in the center of the plaza. As if the tiered platform was to serve as some sort of performing area.

Hildegarde found herself also sighing, as she finally approached Daine and Ynhaldei. “Greetings,” she offered the two with a polite smile, “is there an issue here?” she asked. The knight looked to the desert wyrm, the elf, the man and the concert behind them. Now was not the time to be causing disturbances. “This concert here is sure to have the governor’s approval,” she said softly, natural authority in her voice from experience of commanding an army, “so this space is surely occupied. However, I am in agreement that all have the right to be in a public space. But there is only so much you can cram in one place,” she said with a champion smile, “if you are truly so set on entertaining, perhaps you would set up a little way off from this stage so people can visit as they please. Perhaps the space might make your wyrm feel more at ease, too.” Skylei doesn’t catch Hilde’s wave because she’s too busy complimenting a whole variety of Leone’s wares. She goes through a selection of them before her attention falls to the little glass Hildegarde, “Your figures are particularly impressive. Why, this one is an absolutely spitting image of Hildegarde” Skylei would grin and poke Josleen in the ribs with an elbow, just at the moment that Meri approaches to speak with her. Oops. So without the bards approval, Sky would simply continue to converse with Leone, “Actually, I’m rather taken with it, I think.”

Josleen offers Hilde a chocolate truffle. “I’d stay to chat, but it’s almost my turn to perform.” She points towards the stage and excuses herself from Hildegarde and Skylei alike. Josleen pulled together a small band, with herself performing the part of lute and vocals. She takes classic tavern ditties and improvises new lyrics to fit the culture of Gualon. One such tune has a well-known flirtatious duet, and Josleen sings both parts by changing her range to suit the female half or the male half. The improvisation benefits from choice lines such as, “A Gualon man I be. I love the stink of swamp, it reminds me of my lady’s YO-HO-HO!” and “A more loyal woman you’ll not find, so long the Governor not cross these eyes of mine!”

Xersom entered the plaza with the distinct tap of the butt of his old and gnarled walking stick as it rhythmically hit the ground in cadence to his gait. It was that he passed Daine, a massive wyrm, and an imperious girl without a second glance, though the remark came from the former General of Arrecation, "Surely a beast shouldn't be tamed." It was a sidelong quip in amusement with that sinister and soothing voice, but he continued his gait in order to move toward Leone, apparently unconcerned with any screams or the ordeal.

Daine sort of grunted in a bit of frustration, his right arm coming up to land itself on top of his head. The man was just about to say something until a stranger approached them. "Greetings," he would automatically reply. "I don't have an issue with you being...here." Another heave of a sigh as he watched the girl proudly display herself of her heritage, but that frown of his could not lift just yet. Daine was glad that Meri trounced off to enjoy the rest of the concert a little relief loosened itself. "Just please don't cause anymore destruction," said Daine, completely agreeing with what the other woman had said. Eyes stayed on Ynhaldei though, awaiting some sort of confirmation that she weren't planning on catching Gualon on fire. Normally the man wouldn't do such a rude thing but he sure turned on the balls of his boots to walk away, the direction also being Leone's work booth. "I appreciate this," would be what he'd comment towards Hildegarde before exiting to bustling concert.

Meri makes her way over to Leone’s forge now that Josleen has taken stage, standing off to one side of the booth of wares. Meri had seen a small taste of what Leone had to offer for the event but this is the first time she has seen everything in detail. A smile is sent to Skylei and one is sent to Leone, not wanting to interrupt their transaction as she peruses. Xersom is also given a nod since he is in the same vicinity. Parts of Josleen’s performance definitely earn a chuckle from Meri, albeit a tense one....tense because of the unfolding incident with Hildegarde, Daine and Ynhaldei.

Ynhaldei turns her head to Hilde as she starts to imply to her about her wyrm, the small elf blankly stared at him like a lost child looking for a meal then nodding her head a couple of times, "Actually, I am not here to perform... I am here to watch, The caravan alone is publicity on its own so I don't need to. I don't want to ruin your concert.. The destruction is merely a way of getting one's attention, No? I think it worked well... I could pay for that... eventually... I think.. Anywho. If any of you want to watch from a height, I can make the wyrm stand some of its body for a viewing flatform, Bring your meals though..." smiling at her. Turning to Daine as she replied, "I could.. uhm... try to promise that? Well you see I can't make the beast borrow with all the luggage, so the road would be the best place for it for now, I'll just have it walk where it already walked so nothing else is destroyed, How about that?" Grinning at him as she turned to mount the beast, Pulling its reins as it starts to climb, using its powerful muscles as it starts to lift itself into the air, giving a beautiful view of the concert.

Xersom gave a small smile toward Meri, it was sinister by nature but not insofar that he was planning to do anything to ruin her hard work. It was more or less simply an acknowledged greeting as he moved to Leone still.

Leone nods to SKylei, smiling at the tiny Hildegarde. "I knew she'd go fast, and she's actually part of the collection," the smith states, indicating the remaining figures with a point of her finger. There's also Queen Satoshi, a Frost Giant, a scale replica of the Frostmaw Fort, and a uniquely interpretive but rather large expanse of blue and purple mountains. "Pardon me," the farrier intones before straying to the far side of the booth and, after tucking her bottom lip over her lower teeth, whistles loudly and wildly between songs, in appreciation of Josleen's performance. Once she's deafened some of those around her, the plover returns to the center of her booth, and Skylei. "The whole collection is only thirty gold, and all proceeds go to the orphanage," the wiry woman declares with a smile. The smile falters, but does not disappear entirely, at the sight of Xersom. "Well hello again, glad you could make it," the petite priestess voices in chipper tones.

Skylei has heard Josleen perform these songs before, but appreciates the Gualon twist. She would laugh at all the appropriate moments and offer Meri a smile and a wave. With her discussion with Leone reaching the monetary stage, Sky would grin and hand over the coin willingly. Once all that is done she would bound off towards Hilde, keen to show off her purchase (and get away from Xersom. He’s creepy). Hilde appears to be with a Desert Elf. Ew. Keen to distance herself from the elf (Skylei’s racism truly knows no bounds), she would tug on one of Hilde’s hands, completely not understanding the situation at hand, “Hildegarde, come and dance with me.” It’s not a question and Hilde will get dragged towards the stage. Hilde probably doesn’t dance, but Skylei has teenage-girl-at-a-school-disco syndrome and she won’t go and dance alone. And she certainly won’t dance with Dergious (I mean, he’s a boy. Cooties. Ew.) Hildegarde offered Ynhaldei a most courteous nod of her head, “Then I sincerely hope you enjoy the concert that has been set up here, it’s very pleasant,” she smiled. The knight didn’t need to add any more to that, providing Ynhaldei was indeed here to watch and enjoy the concert. While Hilde is about to turn away and return to the concert, her hand is tugged by Skylei and she is dragged closer to the stage, “But Lady Skylei, I cannot dance!” she protested gently. Indeed, while Skylei may dance, Hildegarde is the one standing there awkwardly. As tall and imposing as she was, it was amusing to see this authority figure reduced to an awkward shuffling giant.

Daine was keen on following that Meri, occasionally waving and smiling at other patrons walking about. Spirits would slightly lift to the song that was being sung, a chortle escaping here and there. "Two please," Daine said to one of the vendors, the man holding onto a cupcake in each hand. "Treat?" he says to Meri while coming up from behind her, curious to see what is going on at Leone's forge. Shiny things. And lots of them pretty figurines.

Josleen invites any exhibitionists in the crowd to dance on the stage with her, except for Dergious; he is disgusting. She doesn’t pressure her shy friends, Skylei and Hildegarde, to dance on stage either. Unfortunately Daine walks too close to a show-boating group, and Josleen invites him up onto the stage of mostly women. “Hey there, handsome! Don’t look so cross. There’s a stage full of ladies, and you’re the only man on the stage list! Isn’t that right ladies?” Cue ladies screaming. “Who wants to see this man dance? Is it all of Gualon!!” The crowd roars a second time as expected. All bards know the two sure-fire ways to excite a crowd is to either shout ‘ladies’ or shout the name of the town in which you perform. That roar doubles as unfair peer pressure buffing Daine up on the stage. If he doesn’t move fast enough, Josleen heckles, “What, got swamp in your boots?” This is a family affair thus her heckling remains tame.

Skylei indeed dances, rather awkwardly, around Hildegarde. She would try to persuade the knight multiple times to join her, but these pleadings would be met with refusals. As Josleen begins heckling the crowd, Skylei would stop her semi-dancing and turn to the dragon, “Food? Drink? I know, wine! Let’s get some for Jos too.” Whilst Josleen is on the stage, Hildegarde is Sky’s new partner in crime. The poor knight would have to deal with behaviour that came with this, as the half-elf would take Hildegarde by the hand and attempt to lead her towards the refreshment stalls. At least they’re not dancing any more.

Meri apparently will not be getting said cupcake, not if Daine is up on stage. Meri’s not entirely sure how to react to this. So! The woman lofts a brow, looking a little dumbfounded and watches on. Leone’s glasswares are not getting any of her attention now.

Josleen waves for Meri to join the stage right behind Daine. "Come on, Meri! You look lovely in blue, and everyone wants to see the lady responsible for all of this! Isn't that right, Gualon?!" Deafening roar. Never. Fails.

Xersom watched as that smile from Leone faltered by his presence as the man with that horrendous past paused in his steps in order to lean upon the tall walking stick that the women herself found. The paused simply turned into a lengthy stand of scrutiny of the priestess by means of that intense green gaze, before he finally spoke with that sinister and soothing voice, "You're an enigma." It was simple, cutting, and he changed subject immediately, "I did not want to miss the festival." With that he turned from her, only to slide his gaze over the rest of the gathered.

Daine 's eyes widen with much surprise, his attention being set on the stage that was clearly grabbing at him. Ladies? Dancing? But. An awkward sort of smile appears on that face of his, his nerves definitely pulling at him. Great, now the crowd was roaring at him, he could not wussy out on this. Daine was a man! Peer pressure is very wonderful. Reluctantly the man would set those precious cupcakes down--probably to be stolen by a passerby--his feet climbing up onto the stage. "But who is going to be my dance partner?" A pointed finger promisingly makes a beeline at that woman he's been trying to get the attention of. "Can it be that pretty lady over there?" A charming wink went its way towards the stage girls. "Sorry ladies...maybe next time." Hildegarde isn’t one for drinking so heading over to the refreshment stall is most certainly an awkward experience for her. Constantly asking for water and getting confused looks and gestures towards wine, as in, ‘are you sure you didn’t mean wine?’ The knight persists, however, that water is all she wants. Skylei and Josleen’s shenanigans are usually far too flamboyant for the knight to keep up; she really wants to peruse Leone’s stall.

Josleen moves on from heckling to her next song, which is of course also lively. You can't play a ballad when you have reluctant dancers on stage; there is only so much awkward they will tolerate. This time her improvised lyrics inlude gems like "Our governor's generosity is a like golden shower over our swampy pits" and other such terrible ambiguity. Josleen seems genuinely oblivious to the horror of her own lyrics - but it may all be just an act.

Skylei does the cheering thing every time Josleen shouts ‘Gualon’. Party atmosphere has kicked in and, as she frantically drags Hilde place to place, Skylei would pause to laugh as Daine and Meri get dragged onstage. Skylei judges when Hilde doesn’t buy wine, choosing the pinkest, sweetest wine for herself and Josleen (if she doesn’t drink Josleen’s glass before she gets off stage). Drinks in hand, Skylei would remember her purchase! “Hilde! You need to see what I’ve bought from Leone.” Setting her wine down on a conveniently placed wall, Skylei would showcase the set, saving the prized piece, Hilde herself, for last.

Meri didn’t want to! First Josleen heckling her on stage and now Daine was in on it! First she goes a little slack jawed then both are given a look...The ‘I’m not pleased with this look’. Oh geez. Meri briefly looks toward Leone and Xersom, like they might save her? Though she does not have much faith in either of them, feet eventually drag her toward the stage, plastering the most awkward smile on her red lips.

Ynhaldei couldn't do anything but laugh as much awkwardness, too bad no one would pay to watch people get themselves embarrassed in a circus, Looking at the far sky as the sun finally sets and darkness fill the land as night falls, turning to her caravan and said, "We need some light boys.. Ready the big guns!" Soon after everyone one of her crew was started to get busy upon something, setting up a small platform beside the wyrm as the party continues down there, Some of the crew do go around and have some fun, though the 'freaks' stay on their rooms as not wanting to ruin the occasion. Soon after the tower has been set, she signals the crew to light up the fireworks and as rockets starts to shoot into the sky into colorful lights. The crew makes sure they fire it away from the crowd and the wyrm... it might get angry and no one would want the wyrm angry.

Hildegarde will probably always be judged by Skylei for not drinking alcohol, but she was a very stubborn woman! Tough luck trying to convince her to drink some booze. As the glass collection is revealed to her, the knight is impressed – smiling broadly at Frostmaw’s fort and Satoshi’s figurine – until she sees her own little figurine. Her smile falters for a moment, but she does her best to pretend it didn’t happen, “Leone is a master of her craft,” she compliments.

Daine had a bright smile on that face of his when Meri got picked. "Told you I'd make you dance!" Hands grabbed on to both of Meri's as he tried to get her to swing with the rhythm. "Don't be so bow-legged," he would comment. The man would probably dance to a song then sneak off the stage, of course Meri in hand. Oooo's and ahh's happened as them eyes darted to the sky. Daine was very glad that the desert elf was staying out of trouble. If she were to look down at the crowd the man would send a wave her way as a 'thanks'.

“She’s excellent isn’t she!? Isn’t this the absolute spit of you? I can’t wait to show it to everyone!” Skylei is teasing and vying for some kind of reaction from Hilde. With a grin plastered to her face it is at that moment that Skylei overhears some of Josleen’s more… questionable lyrics, “Do you think she even knows what that means…?” Skylei isn’t entirely sure what it means either, but it’s going down well with the crowd; Meri and Daine aren’t the only ones dancing.

Meri smiled despite herself up until Daine’s comment! Don’t be so bow-legged? How...unencouraging! The woman looks relieved when Daine leads them off the stage, offering up her own commentary once they are out of the lime light. “See if you ever get me to dance again.” And then there were fireworks too admire! So much going on between it all. Whenever Josleen’s act is completed, a new performer takes the stage. And the cycle continues!

Leone grins wildly at Josleen's antics, and the reactions of both Daine and Meri when they're dragged into it. A sharp, staccato laugh is meted out in Meri's direction once the blonde bombshell has been called out by both Jos and Daine before the intensely verdant sights are again swung toward Xersom and his offhand comment. "I've been called worse," the smith intones wryly, her upper lip curling back in a sardonic sneer. Now that one collection had been purchased, another is carefully set out. This time, the historic leaders of Venturil are lined up, starting with Vuryal, through Rheven and including Eboric and Raidh. One could only guess where she obtained the references for each famous ruler, but they are present, none the less. Several dinosaur statuettes and one decidely wraithen figurine in smoky black complete the set. Satisfied that her wares are presentable, the smith turns back to a constantly-growing project. Large, vividly colored dragons in finite detail rest along the back work table of the enclosed forge, several of them purposefully marked with characteristics reminiscent of Hollow residents. The blue dragon is complete with a floppy wizard's hat, while the black holds a short tumbler glass of brownish-red liquid. One highly unusual wyrm is bedecked with flecks of pearlized grey that feathers into a lustrous gold.

Hildegarde offered Skylei a reluctant nod in agreement, “Oh yes, absolute mirror image,” she said, before glancing to Leone’s stall. “I shall have a look at Leone’s stall, see if there is anything I wish to bring back to Frostmaw,” she said quietly.

Daine laughs hardy at Meri, tapping her nose lightly. Alright, now where did he put those cupcakes? Of course they were gone, but this did not discourage Daine! "Two please," he said to another vendor, this time it was a flaky buttery looking bread pastry. He handed this one to Meri. "You know I was just teasing you~" Daine gives Meri a wink, his direction of footing being towards Leone. "Getting hot? These glasswares are beautiful! What are you working on now?" Daine's free hand would pick up miscellaneous figurines to study them in more detail. "Do you want one Meri?"

Skylei would eventually put away the figurines and gesture in the direction of the stage. “I’m going to go and meet Josleen off the stage. And then I might go and find Meri and say hello. Don’t leave without saying bye!” Skylei doesn’t notice Hilde’s changed demeanour and she would run off, wine in hands to meet Josleen as the next performer takes the stage. Post-performance drinks are one of Skylei and Jos’ rituals. They have many. Most involve wine.

Ynhaldei :: As soon as smaller rockets gets depleted, the bigger one starts to brighten up the sky. Though the noise and sparks starts to annoy the wyrm, Tapping its head a couple of times trying to calm it down, "It's okey, It's okey..." Slowly she starts to make the wyrm go down, the height was making the bright colors irritate the wyrm's eyes and it has like eight of them so it hard for it to 'ignore' it. Soon as they landed, though trying her best not to make the beast slam the ground violently, she unmounts the beast and tapped its head a couple of times, "I'll just look around and maybe say goodbye okey? Then we'll be gone.." the small elf put on her top hat and started to walk into the crowd.

Hildegarde gave a nod towards Skylei, obviously making note to say goodbye before she departed; whenever that might be! For now, however, she’d wander over to Leone’s stall and peruse the glass figurines and any other wares she might have on offer. “Greetings, m’lady,” she offered the ex-priestess, “how do you fare? Enjoying the concert?” she asked politely. Xersom either missed the sardonic sneer, or made no evidence of being bothered by it because as the historic leaders of Venturil are lined up the ancient and dark being moved easily over toward them. This made him blatantly miss the look offered by Meri, though not intentionally. Fingers with those scars of carved and forsaken words lifted in order to gently touch at each leader, only recognition in a few of them and in the direction of present to past. At the end he reached Vuryal, before looking up toward Leone, "I have missed much." It was almost said sadly despite his naturally dark voice, before his head turned to look over his shoulder and catch the sight of Daine and Meri. It was more of an idle stare, as if he were moreso lost in his own thought than actually staring at them and it was evident in a far-off look, before the man in those ragged, thick robes of a traveler planted his staff into the ground to turn and lean wearily upon it. Attention moved toward Skylei and Hildegarde.

Meri did her rounds with Daine. The woman scrunched up her nose at him when he claims to have just been teasing her but accepts this new flaky and buttery look pastry happily. No sense on dwelling on the bow-legged thing for long. Josleen’s performance seems to be concluded, Meri applauds appropriately, waving to both Skylei and Josleen as have their post performance drinks. Then back to Leone’s wares, she goes. “I would love one, actually...but there are so many, I can’t decide.” She smiles.

Skylei and Josleen keep drinking wine over by the stage. Sky doesn’t notice Xersom looking at her, she’s too busy conversing with her friend and waving at Meri again. Eventually, if that woman is ever unaccompanied by Daine, Skylei will go and say hello.

Xersom 's attention started following Hildegarde as she approached the stall, and by proxy, himself.

Leone moves toward Daine as he inquires after her current project, sweat starting to dribble down the smith's neck. "It's been hot back here," she quips to the elf with a little laugh while presenting the roaring red dragon she was still shaping, "Dragons, now. They're much larger than the other figures, so they'll be more expensive, of course." Snips in the hand opposite the blowpipe, the farrier hacks at the dragon's chest, each clipping producing a v-shaped notch in the still heated glass. Before too long, the pattern of notches begin to resemble overlapping scales. As Hilde joins the booth, a delighted smile is given to the Captain. "Ah! I'm so glad you made it. I made a collection that you may be uniquely interested in!" For a moment, the work in progress is set aside and a wooden cask is produced, then laid upon the counter before Hilde. Should the knight open the oaken box, she would discover a nine piece set of miniature glass weaponry, complete with a shield and panzer-style gauntlet. Each weapon is highly detailed, bedecked in different colors of jewel-like facets. It is then Xersom again steals her attention, and the blacksmith gives him a curt nod. "I had to look them up. Fortunately, there are many libraries in these lands."

Hildegarde is perusing figurines and wares. Not too bothered by people around the stall, but ready to apologise if she bumped into anyone.

Hildegarde offered Leone a broad smile at the remark, “I am happy to be here and represent Frostmaw as best I can, m’lady,” she said, “and I am pleased to see your work on show! I trust your stall has been very busy?” she asked, glancing briefly at the wares before focusing upon the oaken box that was presented to her. “May I?” she asked, before carefully opening it and gazing at the miniature glass weapon set, accompanied with shield and gauntlet. It was truly beautiful. “Oh my, Leone, this is truly stunning,” she said gently. “What is your price for such a prize?” she asked with genuine interest, “It would sit nicely in the Academy or in my private quarters,” she mused.

The small elf soon starts to make her way into the crowd before her pet starts destroying everything, Trying to look for that specific someone, Meri, as introduced into the crowd earlier, she has started this and wants to atleast thank her for the opportunity to show to these people that a circus might sometime perform in Gualon and would provide so much publicity through the word of mouth. Though as she walk past these stores and people, she can't help herself but consume more of the sweetened pastries, Hopefully she doesn't turn violent.

Xersom found his attention still following Hildegarde despite her lack of attention by perusing figurines and wares until Leone spoke because of his earlier words. This caused his gaze to wrench away from the Silver, of which he knew she was as the ancient green knew his own kind, and bring it to Leone. He didn't comment further, but instead let her curt words fail in the air as those fingers carved in scars for some hideous language so obviously dark idly tapped against the wood of his gnarled walking stick. As he did so the smith's newest work drew his curiosity and upon the figurines he stared for quite some time before breaking his silence. "Do these have names?"

Daine gives a nod at Leone, his pastry gone now except evidence of it upon the perimeter of his lips. "Dragons eh?" Daine would wait or perhaps come back to Leone's stall until she finished with maybe a green dragon figurine. Beryl should like a souvenir. "Well you go..play," another teasing comment sent way to Meri, he just wanted a few moments with the woman; he got a dance out of her, good enough. "I'll be back Miss." Attention sometimes glanced from Leone's figurines to the man with the cane, a lofted brow in question at him. A courteous nod of acknowledgment made its way at him if he were to continue the look. Anyways! There would be a small...if you could even call it a booth; a counter. The man stood behind it, hands resting upon the counter with a wide grin. "Exquisite flowers for sale! I promise you these will never wilt." Was Daine a vendor? He never told Meri but thought it as a nice little surprise for her.

Meri blinks as she and Daine go from ‘do you want one’ to ‘well go play’. Okay then. Meri would do just that! Skylei was over there and Meri had not really had a chance to say a thing to the woman yet. So, when Daine goes to set up shop selling flowers (also much to Meri’s surprise), Meri moves over to Skylei, offering the half-elf a warm smile. “Hey there, Sky. Are you enjoying yourself?”

Leone flexes her fingers in Hilde's direction, and it is obvious that the blacksmith is counting quickly. "Sixty gold, but that includes the box," the blacksmith finally tabulates and replies, a nod given to Hilde's expression that they'd hold a place of prominence. Almost immediately, the nod is passed to Daine in confirmation of his promise to return. The chartreuse sights are once more plied against Xersom, and the smith gives a shake to hear head, "No, I truly never thought to name them. I suppose that would be up to the Captain of Frostmaw now, perhaps," the smith avers with a cheshire grin at Hildegard. Grabbing up the cooling red dragon, the farrier immediately returns to snipping and clipping the scales into place, the appendages and main body already shaped and completed with spines, talons, and horns.

Skylei and Josleen have now consumed a fair amount of wine. The two half-elves are terrible influences on each other and, now tipsy they would wander back towards the rest of the crowd, stopping only briefly to get more wine. They would be attempting to resting lines of Josleen’s songs and bursting into hysterical giggles as they do. They’re young women doing stereotypical woman things. Then Meri would join them and Skylei would be glad to see her, “Oh hi! Yes, thanks. I’m impressed that you’ve managed to pull this off and the decorations are absolutely beautiful.” That’s girl code for waaaay OTT, but Skylei wouldn’t dare insult it. Besides, she quite likes Meri.

Xersom turned his faux face toward Hildegarde questioningly, those intense green eyes studying the silver in silence.

Daine would get a few curious onlookers, his presentation of his advertising not too convincing. A sharp smile rose to his lips knowing fully that his booth was not handsome in the slightest. His right finger would tap itself on the counter top causing a reaction to come forth. First his right forearm would glow through the white long sleeved shirt, a base shape of a circle would clearly be seen. From the two opposing corners of the counter top vines would sprout easily out of the wood only to entwine with each other upwards, then both coming together to merge. Flowers blossomed generously at the top of the thick vines, the sides also entangled a few decorative buds. Daine would then spot that desert elf, whom got distracted with sugary sweets. "Miss Yin? Would you like a complimentary gift?" If she were to hear this before her search for Meri, Daine would surely give her a flowery gift.

Xersom returned his sight to Leone; "I meant the dragons."

Hildegarde offered Leone a broad smile and a soft little scoff, “Sixty gold for such a fine set, box included? You sell yourself far too short, m’lady,” she said. Removing her hand from the box, the knight withdraws a pouch of coins from her belt and passes them over to Leone, “A beautiful set such as this cannot be worth sixty coins,” she reassured her. Once the coins had been accepted, the knight returned her hand to the box to look at the weapons again. Noticing Xersom’s gaze upon her, she turned slightly so she might face him and still chat between Leone and Xersom – trying her best not to be rude, you see – “Do you have any suggestions for names, kindred?” she asked politely; a smile on her face.

Meri’s blue eyes would briefly travel away from Skylei so that she can glance toward Ynhaldei. But! Back to the conversation she was currently holding with Skylei. A warm smile spreads across her red lips. “Thanks. I’m glad you’re both having fun and enjoying the wine.” You know, both Josleen and Skylei. Another casual question is posed to Skylei. “Are you staying in the castle? Or...?”

Ynhaldei walked into the crowd, fidgety with the amount of sugar that she just consumed, giggling on her own like crazy as she moved toward Meri. The small elf placed both of her hands against her, trying to stabilize herself, as if she was walking drunk, "Lady... Thank you for this opportunity that you have provided me, Don't worry. The fireworks are free... for now, But if incase you wanted a circus somewhere, I'll be around, my wyrm can travel fast above ground so we can be anywhere. But I really got to go.. my Wyrm is not feeling well and such won't be nice in the long run.. So... Yea.. Have fun with the rest of the concert." She doesn't seem to care even if the woman was surprised or shocked of what she just did but she simply let go of her and plowed into the crowd again, moving into her crew and mounting the wyrm, leaving more mayhem as it left the city.

Skylei would grin as Meri makes reference to the wine. It’s a concert; they’re simply getting into the spirit of revelry. Josleen is distracted with members of the audience offering her compliments on her performance so Skylei would reply for the pair. “Oh we’ve been staying in Methany Manor, sort of like a girl’s holiday, y’know? Not that it’s been much of a holiday, what with the work that the governor wants me to do. And not that he’s been most forthcoming with information about what he wants doing.” Skylei sighs and shrugs, “But that’s not for thinking about today, aye?”

Leone is just about ready to respond to Xersom, looking somewhat abashed that she'd misunderstood him, when the Silver hands her the pouch and generous compliment. The plover gives a start at the purse handed to her by Hilde, the weight of it is tested shortly before the human's mouth drops open in complete awe. "Hildegarde! Well, I dare say the orphans will owe you a great debt of thanks," she says over laughing with giddy delight. With a shake of her head, she intones to the Captain, "They're just glass!" There's a wholly undignified snort of laughter before the enraptured green gaze returns to Xersom, losing much of its glow in the process. "Oh, the dragons. Yes, the black one is after Tristram, the blue is Lydrain. I don't know many other dragons, unfortunately," the smith replies in a husky lilt.

Meri thinks Tristram’s ears must be burning, given the two posts that he just missed. Meri chuckles at Skylei’s plight of how cryptic the dragon-man has been over whatever project he has presented her with. Meri hadn’t caught too many of the details during the conversation she interrupted. “Well hopefully he sees fit to explain himself soon. In the mean time, a girls holiday eh?” Cue a wink. Meri also adds something about how Meri goes to respond to Ynhaldei...but the elf is gone before she has a chance! And. brb, need more coffee.

Daine continues to make pretty flowers and stuff, his attention diverting from customers to Leone. He wished to ask her a request but she was so popular! Daine didn't want to be rude.

Skylei really hopes that Tristram didn’t overhear her last words because that really wouldn’t be all that good for her. Anyway, she and Meri can share a little joke and a laugh, “Well exactly. Not that I ever thought Gualon would be the place for such a thing, but it’s been quite nice here actually. I might stay.” She won’t. Skylei is basically nomadic.

Xersom opted not to tell Leone that two stood before her at this very moment; instead he listened to her speak and tell the names before musing, "A black, eh?" His head turned now toward the silver dragon, to whom he offered a simple smile, as naturally sinister as it may seem in the man's natured past defining a major part of who he was. But it was not hostile. "Kindred..." He briefly repeated and rolled the word around off the tip of his tongue, as if tasting it sweetness. "It'd be folly for me to name them for you. What do you think of those?" Sacrilus jerked his chin toward the dragons being crafted.

Hildegarde shook her head at Leone, “They owe me nothing, but if there is any more I can do to assist, do let me know. I would like to do my part,” she said kindly. While Leone might not have been entirely aware of Xersom’s heritage, the blacksmith knew Hildegarde’s. Besides, the knight hardly kept it a secret! The Silver’s gaze shifted towards the dragons being crafted, admiring them and their details, “They are beautiful, do you not agree?” she asked, “They are finely detailed and of excellent colour. Why, the blue in particular is stunning. I’m sure green or red would stand out beautifully. Gold, too.”

Meri is of the mindset that what Tristram doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right? Meri’s not going to go telling on Skylei. She likes the half-elf. Another smirk pulls at Meri’s lips at the notion that Skylei might stay. The tattoo artist still had a lot to learn about the half-elf but she got the notion that Skylei wasn’t the sort to typically be in one location forever. “Now, don’t go getting my hopes up by making promises you can’t keep.” A brief look is sent to Daine, then to Leone and her crowd, just glancing to see how the rest of the party guests were doing.

Leone lofts a finger in response to Hilde mentioning the gold dragon. From below her makeshift counter, the smith produces a pair of boxes, both of them glass and hinged with brass. Crowned like cut jewels, the boxes show scattered colors of silver and blue in one, gold and red in the other. The lid is then lifted, each in turn, to show not glass dragons, but precious metals. The meticulously detailed wryms sit on velvet linings within their boxes, and the smith cants her head to one side while looking at them. "They are for my assistants tonight. The gold for my water runner, and the silver for my sand runner," the farrier explains to both Hildegarde and Xersom at once. Of course the human already knew that Xersom was a dragon: she'd been present at the Tavern when he'd met Rayala. Before either of her assistants can return and ruin their surprise, the boxes are again clapped shut and ferreted away beneath the counter.

Skylei hopes that Meri is right. And speaking of Skylei not being able to stay in many places for long… “Really, we should get going now. But it’s been lovely. Congratulations on all your organisation and good luck clearing up all these flowers.” She would grin. “Hopefully I’ll see you again before I leave, maybe when you’re a little less busy.” With that all said and done, Skylei would wave in Hilde’s direction and head back towards Methany Manor. Hildegarde said to Skylei, "Farewell! Visit me in Frostmaw soon, yes?" Skylei said to Hildegarde, "In the next few weeks, aye. I'll send word before I travel."

Xersom lofted his brows at Leone for her generosity concerning the two assistants, "Benevolent," he remarked easily, though the word was neither snide nor sarcastic. Instead he peers down to inspect one of her finished dragons, whichever color it may be, "I forget how small our race has become," he told the silver beside him. Intense green eyes roamed the figuring, and even one of his scar-covered hands brushed a finger along a few grooves, "Yet elegant. Nothing like how I remain."

Meri barely even has a chance to wave goodbye to Skylei! But Meri manages it. Hopefully the half-elf saw it. Baby blues take another look around the concert, debating what her next move would be. Everyone seemed so preoccupied, content with their conversations. The music was playing. Aside from the minor hiccup at the start of this shindig, everything seemed to mostly be going smoothly.

Hildegarde grinned broadly at Leone’s figurines, “I imagine your assistants will be thrilled,” she said softly, “I think anyone would be to receive such a gift!” That said, she lifts her paid box from the stall and tucks it under the crook of her arm whilst her other fingers curl around the shaft of her halberd in a reflex like manner. “But still here; better than the alternative,” she said in response to Xersom, a demi-smile accompanying her words. “On that note, perhaps I ought to return to Frostmaw. Duties are always hounding me!” she said to the pair.

Tristram made his way through the square from his house, stopping at the first vendor to peruse his wares. A cat sat perched on his shoulder, kneading the muscle there as the dragon made his way to the next kiosk, where he paused to examine some paper animals, delicately folded and affixed with small gems, lending them an extravagant quality. He bought one for Terra, though he didn't take it with him, paying an orphan instead to run it over to his estate. The cat, Snowflake, or Snowball (he couldn't remember which), jumped from his shoulder to a low-hanging bough of the bronze tree and stalked higher to check out the area. Tristram made his way over to a familiar face - Meri - and waved to her, trying to catch her attention without interrupting her activities.

Daine was doing his own thing. Time passed and such, the concert still going. Music and all that jazz-ness. Feet then carried him over to Meri, his hand coming up to cup at her ear. "I will be leaving. Want me to await your arrival at the castle?"

Meri truly had no current activities. She was in a lull between activities. Her former conversation partner, Skylei, had departed for the evening. Leone seemed to have her hands full, everyone wanted attention. Daine booted her from his company so he could sell flowers. So when Tristram waves, Meri’s attention is easily captured, waving and smiling brightly in return. “Tristram! Glad you could make it.” Though the numbers in attendance seemed to be thinning. Better late than never! Meri also adds on that she smiles lightly to Daine, offering the male light nod, "If you would like to, then you are welcome to."

Leone sets the blue on the table in front of Xersom now, next to the black. The red is finished off with a pair of cloudy topazes for eyes. Detaching it from the pedestal it sat upon to be worked, the smith then carefully sets the still-warm red dragon in front of the eerie male. Turning back to the furnace, a new pool of gelatinous, clear yet molten to the point of being a ruddy orange glass is turned out onto the waist-high hearth. A green powder is added, and the blowing pipe is made quick use of, employed to wind the viscous puddle into a ball on the end, and plunged back into the fiery depths for a moment. Turning back to look at those still loitering around her booth, the plover hoists a hand in farewell to Hilde, "We need to get together soon, I need to know if you've adapted to the rondel, or what it removed." Xersom is eyed, neither suspiciously nor hatefully, though she does not respond verbally to him. It would seem the blacksmith is thinking again.

Daine smiled at Meri, his next destination being Leone's stall. He had to ask before it was too late. "I have a quick request Miss Leone!" Now was his chance to ask since her company was dispersing.

Leone said to Daine, "Oh, of course. What is it?"

Tristram paused to allow Daine to have a moment with his woman, and he offered the former an affable nod in greeting as he joined the latter in surveying the scene of the party. "This looks amazing. The flowers are incredible. These all can't be from the gardens? I swear there are some here that I haven't seen before."

Daine leaned in as close as he could to Leone, only for her ears to know.

Xersom nodded easily enough to Hildegarde as he straightened from his inspection and held on to his walking stick, "Always a pleasure to meet my kind." Then, his gaze moved toward the musing Leone, to whom he gave a nod of departure as well, though offered no words. The dragon could tell the tension between herself and the ancient being, choosing in attempted wisdom not to cause her any suspicion of him further; his past, though referenced vaguely, was buried. Sacrilus then turned to move toward Tristram and Meri, to the latter he spoke an easy, "You did a nice job here. I'll be around for that touch-up," with that naturally sinister and soothing voice. Then, to Tristram, "Thank you again for you generosity, I will find a way to repay you." Daine was just given a nod thereafter, as the former General of Arrecation didn't really know the other, before X was making his departure.

Daine whispered something to Leone.

Hildegarde offered Leone a little nod of her head, “We’ll discuss it soon, this I promise,” she said before departing from the stall; a brief nod to Xersom in farewell. She didn’t want to be rude, after all. On the way out, she makes sure to pass Tristram, offering him a broad smile, “Tristram. A pleasure to see you again – and so soon. I hope to see you again at Frostmaw’s feast,” she said, before departing to return to the frosty land.

Meri smiles in return to Daine before he scampers off to Leone’s stall. Blue eyes set on Tristram again, shaking her head in response to the flowers coming from the gardens. “Oh no. Wouldn’t dare to take so many flowers from the gardens in on sitting and risk ruining the place.” She gestures toward Daine. “He is the creator of them, actually. Which might be why you haven’t seen some of them before...” Meri also waves goodbye to Hildegarde as she passes Tristram and thus Meri as well.

Leone offers Daine a quick nod, a sign of assent that his request would be completed. Turning back to the task at hand, the blacksmith presses her lips against the cold end of the glasspipe, and begins to form another dragon, this one turning shades of emerald and viridian as it begins to cool. Xersom is given no sendoff, with the exception of a sigh once he is no longer sighted within the square. Mummbling myseriously to herself, the smith fashions a thick, whiplike tail and a sinewous head for the glass green dragon.

Daine smiled brightly, not only was Leone going to do what he requested, but also the green dragon. When done, the man would also place a heavy bag on the counter for Leone. "I'd like to buy this one too." Beryl would most definitely enjoy the green dragon figurine. After everything was finished and done, the man made his way back to the castle too.

Tristram glanced at Daine's retreating figure before back at Meri again. "I suppose asking for his secret would be futile. I never knew a good greenthumb to be generous in giving away the tricks of the trade." He looked around the plaza again before returning his attention to Meri. "The music is nice. You haven't seen Wes around, have you?" He was distracted by the mass exodus of Skylei, Xersom, and Hildegarde, though he had a greeting for each, even if called across the plaza as they departed the city.

You also watches Daine retreat back toward the castle. There is a brief pout. Her date has abandoned her! Oh my! But! A smile soon replaces that pout and her gaze drifts back to Tristram, “No. I haven’t actually, not since before things really got underway here with the concert. Why do you ask?” A curious brow is lofted. “Have you checked out all of Leone’s wares yet? She has been working hard all day.”

Leone raises an eyebrow at Daine, even as she continued to make the green dragon. "Certainly. If I'd have known you wanted I green, I would have premade it," she says to the male elf's retreating form, smiling. Short, rounded plates are added along the dragon's back, while long, sharp talons come to bedeck the digits and wispy, almost feathery spines branch out from the foreleg joints. Each detail is fashioned with a multitude of instruments, specially designed to withstand the tacky, sticky nature of hot glass.

Tristram mumbled something about needing to arrange something with the orphan ringleader, though it was distracted, and under his breath. "I haven't seen her things yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I need to run home and change .. and find Wes .. but I'll be back."

Terra was moving blur that shouted how apologies for being late and worked on pulling herself together as the crossed the grounds, headed towards the manor. When she spotted Meri she waved but vanished shortly after.

Leone chuckles a bit and nods to Meri. "Yes, and I'd certainly call the concert a success...but the nerve of that elf with the circus!" The mexmory brings a scowl to crease the aging blacksmith's face. "It's just a shame I can't hear more of the music, though now that things have quieted down, I like this minstrel troupe," the farrier says, pointing to the nondescript musicians on stage. "Have you enjoyed it so far? This is all of your hard work."

Meri pauses in the conversation to appreciate said nondescript musicians. They were playing something soothing, something that Meri could truly appreciate after such a long day. Her attention was bouncing all over the place. “True, I imagine it is hard to hear over the flames...and yes, that elf...I didn’t mind she wanted to advertise the circus...it was just....” Meri gestures to the destruction created by the wyrm. “But other than that, I had fun. Wish I had gotten one more dance out of Daine, maybe where we weren’t the center of attention...but hey! Other than that, it has been a blast so far.” But things did seem to be quieting down. Though both Terra and Tristram claim they will return. Maybe it will pick up again?

Leone takes a moment to hand over her promised profits in total to Meri. Leaning forward in a conspiratorial fashion the blacksmith asks, "Do you have a favorite color? I've always assumed it would be blue. Your dress leads me to believe I am correct." The blue dragon with the folded wizard's hat is gestured toward, a bit of a chortle escaping the farrier's throat. Standing back upright, then smith bobs a nod. "I do hope so, too. It would be nice for the square to be filled with people for Tristram's return."

Meri accepts said profits, not that they were for her. They were to help pay for musicians and other expenses that it takes to set up the festival. No profit was being made on Meri’s end, despite all her work. The notion of a favorite color is met with a lofted brow, looking rather amused. “Red, actually.” Red like her lips. “This was just something Daine bought me for the concert...He said he thought I might be too busy so...His taste. It’s not bad taste. But I like red.” Meri admires the blue dragon that Leone gestures too. It was most certainly a fine piece of work. “So what pieces have you managed to sell today?”

Leone pauses to think for a moment, using the needlenose pliers to shape and arrange some of the scales on the green dragon's neck. "Red. Well, I don't think the red dragon is suitable for you, though. He doesn't seem to share much of your disposition," The glass maker chides, looking down at the ferocious, growling wyrm she'd recently finished making. "Though I agree, Daine's taste isn't bad. At least he had enough consideration to match her eyes," Leone expounds before answering the question asked of her. "A collection of mini weapons, the Frostmaw set, and one of the dragons, most remarkably. Some of the hummingbirds, and several of the overlarge glass jewels: those seem very popular among the young ladies," she elaborates with a bit of a laugh. The black dragon with a whiskey glass is motioned to with her chin, and she smirks, "I think if doesn't sell, I shall make a gift of it to Tristram."

Meri chuckles and nods in agreement as she now examines the red dragon and then the black one next. “I think Tristram would be quite pleased with your gift, if you have the chance to gift it. I am sure he would rather see the funds go to the orphans though, if you are given the chance.” Meri seems to be enjoying this lull for the moment. So much that she manages to find a chair and take a load off near enough to Leone that they may still converse. “And yes, at least it matches my eyes. And at least he knows what color my eyes are. Some men sometimes.”

Leone tosses her head back and laughs at the comment about the opposite gender. "Yes, sometimes..." her comment trails off, and she tilts her head at Meri quizzically. "What do you think about the man known as X? At least, that's what Emi says his name is. I know you've met him, he was at the Kelay Tavern the last time we were. He's made it a point to rub elbows with several of the dragons, insinuating many times that he is one," she rambles on, pausing for a breath before sighing heavily. "What do you think of him? Your overall impression."

Meri purses her lips together at the mention of Xersom. What did she think of him? This is a question she dwells on the answer to. “Well,” Meri starts after a moment, trying to select her words carefully. “In truth, I don’t know the man well. He seems rather...secretive. Mysterious. Sometimes ominous? Yet he’s never been anything but polite with me. Never caused me trouble. So I am not entirely sure what to think, to be honest. Mixed signals...Why do you ask?”

Leone nods at Meri's insights, and chews on the inside of her cheek. Deep in reflective consideration, the smith quickly finishes the scales of the dragon. Another tool, akin to a paintbrush, is grabbed from the back workbench. Dipping the brush into gold flake powder, a once-over is given to the dragon figure, texturing the scales with ridges and embedding a glint into them. For the finishing touch, two glowing stone chips are set into the eyesockets. "I don't like him. There's something very strange about him...he..." the greying woman halts mid-sentence, the eerily spring green gaze drifting to the seated tattooist. "I just don't know," the farrier finishes meekly, "He and Emi are in an implied relationship now, and I'm worried he's going to hurt her."

Meri’s red lips are weighed into a frown at Leone’s revelation. This was news to her, concerning news. Meri spares the blacksmith a questioning look, as if silently encouraging her to go on with the details of said topic, if there were even more details to be given. By the looks of things, Meri was not too keen on the notion either. If the look was not enough, Meri would venture on to question, “...Implied?” The artist scoots her chair closer to Leone’s workstation, observing the gold that is applied to the dragon.

Leone sets the finished, but still warm, green dragon in line with the other great wyrm statuettes on the table. Leaning heavily onto the counter, the smith speaks in lowered tones to Meri. "I visited Emi's house yesterday. He was there, in a state of undress, and called me "company". She then reiterated that it was his house, too. Earlier today she made reference to his living there, with her, again," the farrier elaborates, shaking her head afterward. "I know that Emi is looking for acceptance, and I would never want her to think that I thought someone was up to something simply because they wanted to be with her....but he's up to something," the plover surmises vehemently.

Meri summarizes the scene for the new round of party-goers. There is a lot of flowers! Everywhere. Hanging from the bronze tree that is the center of the plaza, and where NPC musicians are performing. And where they will continue to perform until said concert comes to an end. Vendors surround the perimeter of the bronze tree. Food. Clothes. Knick-Knacks. All for sale. The most popular stall appears to be Leone’s where Meri and Leone are both currently at. There is a number of glasswares for sale there, ranging from hummingbirds to figurines of political figures. And dragons! The tattoo artist and the blacksmith are casually conversing as the crowd had momentarily thinned, catching up while they have the chance to. Meri frowns in light of whatever she and Leone are speaking of, nodding her head at the concern the blacksmith expresses. “I see....”

Rayala hobbles into the area, each arm gripping a crutch. The metal prosthetic limb, usually in place of her right leg, is missing, but the runed one that takes the place of her right arm is very much present. She manoeuvres tiredly, though not without grace. Perhaps she might be recognisable only by these injuries, or else by the scars that cross her face and pool at shoulder and thigh, for this woman is hideously marked. Her hair is down and brushed, tamed waves flowing untangled down her back. Three flowers sit in her hair, tucked into folds. She has no scales, not one, pale pink flesh shines in the evening light. Even scarred, this woman looks poised and pretty. Also, she seems nervous. Even her clothing is unfamiliar: a flowing dress made of soft leaves that fold and curl around her body, hugging it at the waist and breast and flowing out from her hips. Upon closer inspection, the dress is fabric, not flora, but it looks real and vibrant and fluttery. She smells like flowers, this woman, and a subtle summer breeze. And she hangs back, gauging the population.

Tristram paused outside his home and turned to Terra, tipping his chin up so she could fix his tie for him. He was indulging in a last cigarette before the party, which he gently stubbed out on his stone railing and carefully left there for later. He took Terra's hand when she'd finished and walked the short distance from his property to the plaza, grumping at her along the way. "Try not to bankrupt me, darling, if you possibly can. I'm fairly certain we don't need one of everything. Oh, there's Leone." He nodded toward the blacksmith's booth and escorted Terra over, where he greeted both Leone and Meri with a warm, albeit boyish grin. "'ello, 'ell. Well, we've made it."

Leone hasn't noticed Ray yet, and is instead preoccupied with Tristram, Meri, and Terra. Whatever Leone and Meri were talking about must have been dire, for as the smith straights her posture, her face is drawn into a grim frown. The mein qickly dissapates, and she's instead grinning with devious delight at Tristram. Before her, on the counter of her booth, sits several glass figurines. One set in particular are larger than the others: dragons. The black is plucked from the table and held toward Terra, a knowing grin playing across the farriers lips, for upon closer inspection, the dragon appears to be clutching a clear tumbler filled with faux whiskey. "Glad you could finally show up," Leone chides the Gualon official, lips twisting into a smirk.

Rayala makes her way slowly forward, navigating the ground before her well for a girl whose eyes seem to be perpetually closed. Occasionally, a light wind radiates around her, gently swirling out and bringing back to her ears whispers of what it can see. It works on conjunction with her nose to lead her to get a drink. There, she is met by her brutish, huge beast of a hound. In contrast to her appearance, the hound is swampy and wet--and thoroughly pleased to be as such.

Meri instantly stands when Terra and Tristram make their way over to Leone’s both, inching away from the wares so that they have a chance to have ample view. “Well, well. It is about damn time too.” A cheeky grin is offered to the pair of them. “I hope you are both doing well...” And that is when Rayala catches Meri’s attention. The blonde woman squints a bit. Has she ever seen Rayala without her scales? She does not think so. It was a strange sight for Meri to see. Meri, adorned in a blue dress and a black pair of slippers, sneaks away from Leone’s forge so that she can approach Rayala. “Well hello!”

Terra tugged the tie into place and smoothed the front of his shirt down until she found his hand. "Why else would you bring me, if not to shop for you? I'm sure there are things you need. I know there are things I need." It wasn't entirely true but there would certainly be things she wanted, at the very least. The sight of Meri and Leone caused her to grin especially when they started to rib Tristram for his inability to be anywhere on time. She'd not claim any sort of wrong doing for it. Leone's work on the dragon was appreciated and she bent down a little further to examine the finer details. "See? Things we need."

Rayala is so rarely without scales, so rarely without the comfort of baggy men's shirts and long, flowing skirts, so rarely without two legs upon which to stand. In truth, she feels quite naked in this dress, with nothing but soft flesh covering her frame. The petite woman tilts her head as Meri approaches. She sighs: a familiar voice. "How are you feeling?" She asks, remembering a certain break-in., forgetting that she's actually seen the woman, briefly, since. Ara trots off to explore, sneezing swamp water from his nose.

Tristram scratched at the back of his head, properly shamed for his tardiness, even though in all likelihood, it was through little fault of his own. He let Terra's hand go in favor of examining the figurine, which drew a smile from him. "Amazing likeness. You've really captured his … specific characteristics." He glanced Meri's way to acknowledge her ribbing, though his sarcastic reply was caught before he could issue it. "Wow, yeah. You look great." Rayala's arrival, along with a large mutt that smelled like his swamps drew his brief attention, and it wasn't difficult to scent out that she was a dragon. He bristled while keeping an easy smile on his face and nodded to her in cordial, albeit aloof, greeting.

Rayala doesn't see the nod, and this doesn't recognize the greeting. In truth, even if her eyes were open, the blind dragon would miss it. She doesn't seem disturbed by the scent of another dragon, nor by anything. Her anxiety fades slowly as she gets situated.

Meri offers Tristram a smile in light of his ‘compliment’, if it could be considered such, but she was preoccupied with Rayala. The blonde links arms with Rayala’s leading the woman over to where the rest of the crowd has gathered, about Leone. Meri knew that Leone and Rayala were familiar with one another. “I’m fine. Recovered just nicely. Thank you for your help again.” No need to dwell on that topic for long. “Leone is here. We’ve food, drink, flowers. If you want anything, just let me know,” is what Meri explains as Meri leads Rayala over toward the others. “Are you hungry or thirsty at all, Ray?”

Leone finally notices the incoming Ray, thanks to Meri's sudden retreat. "Um," Leone beings to say to Tristram and Terra, "Feel free to look through them, I'll be back in a moment," the smith utters rapidly before jumping the junction between iron fencing at the side of her booth and the counter. Once on the outside, she rushes over to give Rayala a hand, patting Ara on the way past. "There's a chair over here, you can sit near me," she says to the blind druidess while holding a hand out to her.

Terra would let Tristram handle most of the conversation and mingling. Instead she was drawn towards some of the musicians that were situated around the plaza. When a wolf sneezed on its way past her, she gave a little start and took a step to be futher out of the way.

Tristram watched Meri and Leone jump to assist the dragon -- another dragon of all things -- while he looked through some of Leone's other figurines. When the ladies helped Rayala over, he immediately had a better understanding of the situation; the dragon was blind … and apparently so was he. "Oh." He carefully stepped around Terra and cleared his throat. "Good evening. I'm Tristram." He didn't extend his hand, though he'd be ready to shake Rayala's if she did. "I don't think we've met."

Rayala doesn't know what to do with all the attention. "I'm glad," the druidess intones genuinely to Meri in soft tones. "I'm okay for now," she says, although she could eat, in truth. Pink flushes her cheeks. "Hello," she greets awkwardly to Leone, and her tongue flicks into the air briefly as though to taste the others around. Arajakata, the hound, for his part, has seen the woman-who-is-his-friend, but is wary of her fiery smell, and so instead busies himself with following Terra, intrigued by her step back, with careful steps indicating his restraint, considering the gleeful glint in his eye. He stays a few paces from her, but should she look back, he would be there, sitting and creeping closer with a wag of his thick, ratlike tail. Rayala crutches next to Meri, then Leone. "I'd like to sit," she says, dumbly, almost shy in her reserved tones. "I'm Ray," she tells Tristram. With both hands, flesh and metal, occupied in her crutches, she doesn't offer one to shake, but she smiles widely. "I don't believe we have.." She trails off a bit, being led to a chair. She lowers herself gently into it, wincing when her shortened thigh rests against the seat, and then raises her head, which had lowered with her body. "Forgive me, I don't mean to be rude," her soft voice continues, carried easily on the wind despite its quiet intonation, "I've travelled fairly far, and my arms tire. She tastes the air again, tongue flicking out of her mouth. It looks strange, perhaps, coming from out between human lips. Her brow furrows a bit. Her control wavers some and she is flooded with the emotion of those around her. Pulling herself back, focusing, she inquires, "Obsidian?"

Meri looses her hold on Rayala’s arm so that the blind dragon can sit. When Tristram makes his introductions, Meri sneaks off. This time her path takes her toward Terra. On her way there, she plucks a flower from one of the decorations so that she can present said flower to Terra. It’s a lovely purple flower. Now that there are not so many eyes on her, Meri is not shy with the offer she is about to make. Said flower is held out to Terra, a grin pulls at Meri’s red lips, and a question is posed, “Dance with me?” Better watch out Tristram!

Tristram seem to note each of Rayala's infirmities, as though committing them to memory. Another black, but mixed. Crippled. Was this the dragon Callamyre had so urgently requested he aid? He'd been away at war in Frostmaw at the time and hadn't been able to lend … whatever services he might have. Regardless, it didn't seem the dragon was a threat, not to him, and not to Gualon, and so, the territorial black dragon in him relaxed. "It's lovely to meet you, Ray. Of the black flight, yes." He changed topics, reaching behind him to try and guide Terra to his side. "I'm here with my busin--companion, Terra." Only Terra wasn't there anymore, and he looked behind him to see she was being stolen by Meri. That sly fox. "Well, I was here with her, at any rate."

Leone leads Ray to the chair next to her booth, where she will be slightly removed from the general hubub of the concert. Situated along the outer wall of one of the buildings that skirts the plaza, the booth belches heat. A leap brings the farrier back into the iron-edged corral, and she almost immeidately reaches into the back. A particular glass figurine: a smoky gray dragon that whose scales gradually fade into gold is seated on all fours, tail curled around its hindquarters, while the trailing of some ivy wriggle through the dragon's clawed toes. The piece is held out to Rayala, so that she can feel it if she'd like. Turning to Tristram, Leone smiles and inclines her head toward the newly arrived druid. "Ray is one of my dearest friends, Tristram," Leone asserts proudly.

Terra had been listening to the differences between the strings and the hair used, the various sounds they produced. She nodded politely and maintained the smile expected of a business associate but there was still relief at the sight of Meri and the offering. "Oh yes, please." She excused herself from present company and linked arms with Meri to move to a better spot for dancing. The business slip was missed.

Meri happily links arms with Terra until they reach a better spot for dancing. And dancing is exactly what they would do! Meri is no expert dancer by any means, but she made an effort, if only to help make sure Terra was having a good time. What sort of concert would Meri be throwing if her guests were not enjoying herself! There are a few twists, a few twirls. Meri managed to not go stepping on feet and also keeps her hands in all socially acceptable places! What more can you expect from a dance partner? While they dance, Meri jests with Terra, “Just don’t go telling Daine I went dancing willingly.” If the two even knew each other. Meri was not certain.

Terra enjoyed her turn at a dance immensely. She didn't even pause to correct the stray curls and flyaway strands of hair . That moment found we leaning a bare shoulder to nudge Meri's own. "Was my company not enough? Already another name. I'm wounded." It was all in good fun but she nodded, "I'll brag to everyone that isn't Daine." There was no telling if she knew who exactly Daine was but she couldn't shake the familiarity of the name.

Meri feigns shock when Terra claims she has been wounded. It was also all in good fun. The duo dance and converse away while Leone, Tristram and Rayala converse. “Was your company not enough?” Meri gasps. “Terra! I waited all day for your company.” A devious grin curves at the corners of her red lips, this comment also made in jest, going along with the little ruse they have cooked up. “A girl has to have her fun though, doesn’t she? Besides, you got the dance willingly.” And a wink.

Tristram watched Terra dance with Meri, though he glanced toward Leone again, and her company. "Well, a friend of yours is one of mine, I suppose." He offered them both a grin and leaned down to pick up the black dragon again. "I'll buy this. How much?"

Emilia was late to the concert. She'd be late to her own funeral too when the time came. Worn leather boots made little noise as the blonde hair, freckle faced farm girl arrived. Bright blue gaze glancing about to see who was still here. A slight bit of surprise by the amount of people about. Catching sight of Leone at her booth Emi made her way across the crowd to that locaction. For all that know the blond would be a tad surprised she was without any visible injuries today. Arriving to the booth is was a silent wave in greeting to the blacksmith.

Rayala is rarely a threat to anyone, until provoked. Still, she can feel it when the defensiveness wanes, and seems concerned, though far from deferential. At the approach of those warm-glass scented fingers, Ray flinches a bit. Her hand flies up, meeting whatever it is. As nimble flesh tickles over delicate glass, the sounds of dance and merriment join happiness in the flowers and people. It lifts Ray, her smile spreading far across her face. "Oh?" She asks, "What business are you in? Are you a crafter as well?" She is ever more delighted as her fingers delve into dragon joints and tender leaves. "Leone, this is utterly astounding." She wants them all. All of them, all the pretty things for her hoard. "How many can you make?" And back to Tristram. "What color is she?" She asks, holding up the glass dragon in her lap, "She's gold, isn't she? Leone made me!"

Tristram examined Rayala's dragon, briefly. "With some black, yes. It's beautiful." He might have sounded a bit begrudging, but it was better than chasing another black out of his city and trying to tear it limb from limb in the process. Small victories. As Emilia joined them, he waved to the farm girl, stepping forward to greet her with a kiss to the cheek. "Hiya, Emi. Glad you could come."

Leone tilts her head at Tristram and the statuette of the dragon. "Fifty gold is all," the smith smiles at the governor. "The dragons are the largest collection, so the cost the most each." As her assistants return with yet another load of water and sand, the blacksmith rummages below her table, then presents the two children each with a glass box. Once the eager little urchins have figured out how to open the boxes, a surprise awaits each of them: dragons of equal sizes made from precious metals. "They are yours, in appreciation of helping me tonight," she tells each of the juveniles before they can scamper off to show their friends, and more importantly: rivals. A laugh of delight greets the sound of Rayala's excitement and realization, and the farrier claps her hands, allowing Tristram to actually answer. In the meantime, a kiss is blown to the approaching Emilia.

Tristram withdrew a slip of paper and scrawled on it before handing it to Leone. "There. Show that to a bank clerk when you've finished here for the evening, and that ought to sort us."

Emilia 's cheeks turned a soft shade of pink because not only had Leone blown at kiss at her, but then Tristram greeted her with a kiss to the cheek. An arm folded her chest holding above her other elbow while fingers lightly dug into the flesh. Crowds made her uncomfortable. Toward Tristram a warm smile, "Looks like a good event for the town, Mister Tristram." And then toward Leone, "Hello, Miss."

Rayala can feel, perhaps, the animosity, the territorial nature of this dragon before her. "Tristram, might I steal you for a private word?" The dragon asks, and, to Leone, "I haven't my pack with me. Will these do?" She reaches into a pocket concealed in the seams of her dress and withdraws seven small, but remarkably vibrant, rubies. She waits patiently for a response from the Black.

Tristram nodded to Rayala before remembering she couldn't see it. "Of course." He carefully sought her hand to put it on his arm, so that he could escort her through the crowd around Leone's booth to just a few feet away, in a quieter section of the plaza bazaar. As they walked, slowly, Tristram's stride purposefully quipped, he made light conversation. "I'm the Governor, to answer your question, though my business is mostly looking out for the orphans. Now then, what's on your mind, Ray?"

Terra tucked the flower into the thin strap of her dress so that it would still be on display. The exchange of slips and talk of numbers caught her ear and she smiled slyly to Meri, "I think the next event, I should ask you for the dance." Emilia caused her to smile and she gave the girl a wave in greeting and nodded towards the gathering group. "Shall we join before they become jealous?"

Leone chuckles at Emi's embarassment, shaking her head at the simple farmgirl. "Oh, Emi..." the blacksmith begins to say, though she's cut off by Tristram presenting her with a note. A nod is given to the male dragon, as well as another immediately following, to answer Rayala's inquiry. "Oh, yes. Those will do fine, Ray. And I can make you whatever you like. Seems my little collectables might become the new fad," the smith states, beryl-green eyes glittering knowingly at Tristram, "It'd be a shame if the ones I didn't sell tonight went missing, you know?" There was heavy allusion in the statement, and it was meted out as blithely as possible.

Meri ceases said dancing with Terra and motions towards the others when Terra makes mention of rejoining the others, signaling for Terra to lead the way. Meri would follow and upon rejoining said group, she offers Emilia a hug to say hello. Her customary greeting for the farmgirl, “Hey Emi. I am glad you could make it down here. How are you doing tonight?”

Emilia caught the wave from Terra and returned it with a smile in her direction. Lifting her hand up she offered a small wave in return. Little red marks forming from her nails digging at her flesh just above her elbow, but the farm girl didn't even seem to notice it. Her attention turned back to Leone whose sentence was cut short. "Yes?" She questioned before blowing a loose curls out of her face. It was a fail as it fell right back into its previous place. Emilia would also give Meri a half hug in return, "I'm just peachy, you?"

Tristram , before stepping away with Rayala, winked over his shoulder at Leone. "It would be a shame, wouldn't it. They're probably irreplaceable."

Leone looks between Emilia and the returning Meri and Terra. Finally settling on Emilia, the aging female forces a smile and attempts to brighten her delivery saying, "You missed X earlier, he stayed for quite some time. Even liked the dragon statues, though he didn't buy one." The partial conversation with Tristram is concluded with a grin that twists up at one corner of her mouth, "One of a kind, actually."

Meri flashes Emilia an easy-going grin, “Good. I just had a lovely dance with Terra. It’s been an exciting day in Gualon, that is for certain. My feet are starting to kill me though.” Even if she was only wearing a simple pair of black flats today. No boots. She has been on her feet socializing most of the day. “What have you been keeping busy with today?” Meri surely had more questions for Emi, like if she had received her response to Emilia’s tattoo request, but when Leone brings up this X? Meri is intrigued, curious what Emilia’s response might be.

Rayala nods to Leone, dropping the rubies into the palm of the smith before Tristam's hand meets her arm. As skin touches skin, an empathic transference may take place, and Tristam, lest he is particularly guarded against such things, would be privy to an onslaught of tension, anxiety controlled with an almost dictatorial approach. Despite that, Ray is also feeling a warm, happy buzz of safety, and great joy at the feeling. In return, Rayala might feel more of what Tristam is feeling, despite a great attempt to block it. She takes her crutches, swinging the rest of herself along, until the two meet a quiet spot. Ara pads into view, from a distance, glee lost from his eyes, a hard, watchful stare instead upon his master. Rayala turns her face abruptly towards him, and he seems to relax. "Governor," the petite female responds with a sweet smile. She dips her head. "Your land is plump with life." She pauses, choosing her next words carefully. "I may have misread you," she begins, avoiding a stutter by elongating the first syllable of the last word. Her cheeks grow pink. The glass dragon, perched precariously between fingers that clutch at both it and the handle of her left crutch--her metal right arm sits firm and steady in response--threatens to fall. Rayala takes a moment to slip it into her pocket, where its head might be seen beneath layers of fabric. "My mother was proud of her lands, her clan." She clears her throat. "Our clan. My father ever sought more." Her tone is pensive, thoughtful, and now, yes, carefully deferential. "I have my hoard, I have my caves and my trees." She purses her lips. "That is to say, in many matters...indeed, in most, I take after my mother." She is, perhaps, less light, less holy, more neutral, but the colouring of her human form is indicative of that which she speaks. Golden hair. Golden scales, when she has them. "These are your lands, Tristram. I pledge myself visitor and friend. Do I trespass here? Would you I leave? "

Emilia shifted where she stood so that her angle was better to be able to look between Meri and Leone better without being rude to one or the other. Meri was answered first, "Somethings down at the farm and a trip to the vendors in the town there. Otherwise, just working per usual." A flash of a smile. Then she looked toward Leone, "I am sure that I will see him back home tonight. I hope he enjoyed the fun here." A pause, "Which one did he like? I'll surprise him with it." Emilia looked at Azura.

Leone chuckles and gestures toward the dragon Tristram has just purchased, in response to Emilia's inquiry. "The green one hadn't been completed yet, but it's also already been purchased, before I was able to finish it," she says baldly, shooting a glance at Meri. "Perhaps he'd like the red, though? Or I can make whatever you'd like for him?" The plover appears put out that Emi would be disappointed in the remaining choices.

Azura quietly flutters into the plaza on a pair of indigo butterfly wings. This faerie is about 7 inches tall, has light skin, bright electric blue eyes, and nearly waist length caramel brown hair tucked neatly into a single braid. For the moment, she flutters up toward the large bronze tree in the plaza, dazzled by all the lights hanging from it, but after she flits around the tree a bit, she finally looks down at the people down on the ground, as well as all the food and drink that is set out for everyone to partake in. If anyone chances to get a closer look at the fae, she has quite the girlish face, which is currently graced by a big, bright smile.

Tristram kept his pace careful, and while he still felt the deeply engrained animosity of being around another dragon of the black flight, he seemed sincere in his effort to make sure Rayala was comfortable, and safely navigating the uneven terrain. He paused with her and furrowed his eyebrows at a sudden flood of anxiety, unease, that he swore wasn't his own. In return, his own emotions reflected tension, something deep-seeded within him … but something that seemed to dissipate as Rayala spoke. When she finished, he offered her a smile, one she could probably feel in his posture, the sudden ease that seemed to encompass him. "As a visitor and friend, I insist that you stay, as my guest." He touched her hand, hooking it over the crook of his arm so he could begin leading her back to the party, to her friends, and more importantly, food. "You know the way our kind have fallen into these kinds of disputes in the past. Sometimes it is hard to forget, and old habits, as they say, die hard … and slowly. Please stay as long as you like. Let me introduce you to my … Terra." He flagged over his date for the evening, signaling that he'd like to introduce her. "Terra, this is Ray. Ray, this is Terra."

Tristram batted at his head when he felt something fly by, but a quick glance upward revealed a small faerie. After a moment's study, Azura coaxed a smile from the dragon. "'allo, welcome to the party, miss. Stay a while, won't you?"

Meri flashes Leone a grin at the look that is cast her direction. “I think it reminded Daine of Beryl, the green one.” Meri siddles up to Emilia, nudging the farmgirl gently in the side with an elbow. “Oh you have someone living with you now? And X? Something going on between the two of you?” Meri waggles her brows teasingly at Emilia. That’s about when Azura’s seven inch flitting form catches Meri’s attention. A big bug? Meri squints. It was hard to see at this hour but it finally dawns on Meri that Azura is not a giant bug but a little fae-type. Meri lifts a hand to wiggle her fingers in a wave to the newest arrival.

Emilia looked to Leone with a soft smile. Finally, letting go of the clutch she had on her arm, little red claws marks present on her tanned arm, she reached out to pat the woman's shoulder lightly. "No need to worry yourself into making something else. I am sure that he would love something that you already have made here. Red dragon sounds good enough to me." It was then Emi would actually look down to see what else there was besides the red dragon. Emi was rather fond of the little things Leo made.

Terra had been quietly sipping on wine and visiting other vendors as the night progressed. Occasionally she'd circle back to the group but it was Tristram's summons she responded to... not before selecting another glass of wine when the chance became available. One hand held tight to her glass and the other brushed Tristram's elbow as she came to his side. "Evening. I occasionally partner with Tristram on business deals. Can I get you anything to drink? Wine?"

Emilia said to Meri, "Mister X stays at the farm house with me when he isn't staying here in Gualon. I believe we are together, but I am still a bit lost at exactly what we are."

Azura quickly flits down toward the refreshments, getting herself a little glass of apple wine and a handful of cupcake. Catching the waves of a few people, she waves back toward Tristram and Meri before flying closer to Tristram as he had spoken to her. She does her best to speak loudly so that her tiny voice would carry further. "Thank you! I love parties, I'll certainly stay as long as I can! I'm Azura by the way."

Leone currently has several sets of glass figurines out. One of the remaining sets is decidely for Venturil: Vuryal, Rheven, Eboric and Raidh are all depicted in colored glass, while several dinos and a wraith stand by as guards. Many of the collections are fairy tales and fables, each one spelled out in the positions and colors of the fragile figurines. Resing her hand atop the large, red dragon statuette. Catching Tristram and Meri's greetings to the pixie, the blacksmith looks over her shoulder to the ever-ready furnace, and sends out a warning, "Just don't fly back here, little fae, I wouldn't want you to get singed by the fire!" As an afterhtought, the startling, grassy orbs are pushed back toward Meri, and the priestess states, "Beryl? The green dragon reminded him of a gem? I...I guess I could see that." The statement is backed by a firm nod.

Rayala inclines her head. "I know," she says, and in truth, she does. But still, she meant what she said. "Um.." Suddenly, she is uneasy. "In the interest of full disclosure.." She purses her lips. "I came through the swamp to get here. Sometimes the algae in watery areas gets...excitable. Your..um...your plankton is...reproducing fairly rapidly at the moment." She bites her lip apologetically, but is thoroughly distracted by the arrival of another. "Hello! Terra! That's a nice name. I'm Ray. Rayala." She smiles, wider, the grin breaking trough the scarring that flares over her right cheek. "I could go for some wine," she says, masking the hesitation in her voice. She'd prefer Leone or Meri pour it, in truth, but she won't say outright that she doesn't trust strangers. Her hand hooks over Tristram's arm easily, if a bit nervously, releasing her crutch--she is able with one, after all--and Ara races towards her to pick it up. "Thanks," she says, to dragon and lady and hound, as they make their way back over, her fingers clenching periodically tighter around Tristram's arm, subconsciously, when they pass crowds of people.

Meri shakes her head at Leone’s statement of Beryl being a gem. “No, Beryl is the name of a companion of his....” She didn’t know how to better describe said relationship with this Beryl. Blue eyes briefly look toward Azura, Tristram, Rayala and Terra before they flirt back to her current conversation. This time they settle on Emilia, posing the farmgirl with another round of questions about this ‘X’. It was both for her benefit and Leone’s benefit. “Oh really? You are lost? Have you asked? How exactly did this all come about?” All harmless questions in Meri’s eyes, given how long she has known Emilia by now!

Tristram eyed Terra as she got a bit fresh with him, but there was mirth in that expression. He was distracted again by the fae, and her tiny, delicate voice shouting into his ear. "Azura, that's lovely. I'm Tristram. This is my business associate, Terra--" he said that pointedly, maybe with a glare to the elf, "--and my new friend, Rayala." For Rayala's benefit, he added, "Azura appears to be a very small sprite of some kind. Ah, here's Leone's booth." He helped her back to where Leone had situated the injured dragonness earlier, a bit out of the way, safe, guiding her to the chair Leone had for her there. "I'll have to inform the plankton to keep their private lives private, it appears." He grinned again, and when Terra was finished procuring wine, he held his hand out -- for her hand, dismissing any offer of wine for himself, for the moment.

Emilia was fascinated by the detailed abilities that Leone had with her work to make them look like people she knew, but that would be just awkward to have in her house. She didn't believe in fairy tales, but the sets were cute indeed. "Do you have a horse?" She asked, curiously. If she did Emi would have to get one for Raidh knowing the female would much enjoy such a gift. If not, she'd not let Leone spend time making one. Instead, "I can't recall what you said the price was for them?" Of course, referring to the red dragon to pick up for X. Turning her gaze toward Meri she answered, "It came about after he watched me scream and throw my boots at the barn before flopping back into the dirt with a scream...." A pause before she turned to Leone, "Why does my not looking like my family or anyone from where I'm from make your mind curious?" That question from earlier still on the mind of the farm girl.

Terra would very rarely be found pouring any drink.. However she had mastered the art of stealing one from passing trays and she'd guide it to Ray's hands. Tristram is doing more introductions and she finally noticed Azura and winked at the small fae. The choice of title and the tone does not slip her notice. Amused by this and content to remain outside of the swamp conversation, she merely took Tristram's hand when it was offered. He got a firm handshake to seal the deal.

Rayala seemingly had not noticed greetings or other people, or little creatures. She lifts her head now and smiles, again, in the right general direction. "Hello, Azura," she says, gently, her voice a breeze. Lowering her voice, a bit embarrassed, she finds the chair and murmurs another, "thanks," before bursting into rather joyous laughter at the idea of private lives of plankton. The blind dragon lifts her voice again to inquire, "it's nice to meet you." She thinks a moment. "It's nice to meet you all," she adds, rather lamely, taking the glass between two hands, the metal fingers of her right hand clinking loudly upon the glass. "Hi, Emi," she says, politely, recognising another voice. She is too distracted by the number of people to focus on much of anything specific, now her mind is at ease and she has assured Tristram she does not mean to trespass upon or lay claim to lands that are not hers. She settles back, content, for now, to listen. Azura belatedly nods to the blacksmith's warning. Fire was certainly something she knew to keep her distance from. She flies closer still to Tristram as he looks back to her and introduces himself as well as a few others, her bright blue eyes turning toward Terra and Rayala in turn. "Nice to meet you both." She replies with a slight bow and returns Terra's wink before taking a couple sips of apple wine.

Tristram found himself shaking Terra's hand. He eyed her. "You really are something else, aren't you." He huffed at her irritably, and put an arm around her waist so she'd stop being so standoffish. He chose to linger near Rayala to make sure she was well, and he inquired of her after a few minutes spent watching the festivities, "I believe we have a friend in common, no? Callamyre na Trough, and possibly her companion, Krice."

Meri can’t do it anymore! The woman will not stand any further! She finds a second chair and pulls it over to where Rayala is sitting, plopping down into it so that she can give her poor feet a break. All this dancing and mingling was starting to take it’s toll on them. A thoughtful nod is given to Emilia in light of her answer on ‘how’, a little unsure of what the appropriate response would be to that. Cute wasn’t fitting for the scene described. Meri was dumbfounded.

Leone reached out to pat Ray as Tristram delieverd the dragoness back to the chair. "Tristram, I think perhaps Rayala will be staying with me, in the castle, tonight. She can sleep in my room, so we won't need another," the smith says, smiling at her blind friend. Wiggling her eyebrows suggestively, the farrier's attention moves from Emilia to Meri, and back again as Meri continues to rapid-fire questions at the waifish farmer. With a chuckle, the plover stoops below her counter level and, just like before, produces a box. This one is crafted from knotty wood, weathered until it has faded to a blue-grey hue. Opening the casket, the diminutive blacksmith pushes a set of six horse figurines toward Emilia. They range from sleek and black to muscular with tufted hooves. In subdued tones, the girl's question is answered as concisely as Leone is able to at the moment, "Because it makes me think that more than a curse was at work there. The dragons are fifty gold each, and the horses will be forty gold for the set," the shoer blurts out quick, though the change in subjects might give others whiplash.

Terra offered what remained of her wine to Tristram but she seemed more settled after a moment. The music in the background of the conversations seemed to ease her for the moment. She'd wait for Ray to answer and a lull in the conversation to reach for Tristram's ear. She settled back down on her heels and eased the dragon figure away from Trist to admire it. "I have a spot on a table that's been waiting for this."

Emilia blew a puff of air at that pesky curl that kept wanting to fall into her face. It seemed as stubborn at the farm girl was. With Meri's questions ended for now Emi was able to focus on what it was Leone was saying for an answer before the subject matter changed just as quick back to the items of hers. Digging into her pocket she pulled free the needed coins for both the red dragon and the set of horses. Even though Emi wasn't much on eating or having anything in her house she did happen to have money from the farm work. "Here you go. I think both parties will enjoy them." She said, now giving away that she was intent on giving both things out as gifts. Glancing around she noticed how many people were starting to gather by the tent of Leone's. Slightly trembling hands as she offered up the gold gave way to her lack of comfort with the amount of people around.

Rayala seems somewhat surprised by Leone's assertion, though she says nothing to disagree. "I'll be heading to bed soon," she tells Leone, "whether or not I am permitted in the castle." Turning back to Tristram, she smiles. "Calla, yes. And Krice." Her heart lurches. She hasn't seen her warrior friend in far too long, and Calla, perhaps, longer. "I forgot they stay around here," she murmurs. The wine is increasing her sleepiness. She leans towards Meri, peacefully, when the lady sits near her. "Hello again," she murmurs, hesitant to interrupt. Ara trots over and begins to nose at her legs. Ray sets her glass down and scratches his head. "Actually, that might be -now- that I must sleep. My date here is complaining."

Azura watches as Meri goes to sit down and decides a bit of rest sounds good to her also. So she flutters over to Meri and looks up at her with a smile. "Mind if I rest a bit on your lap? Done a fair bit of flying today and my poor wings could use a break."

Meri flashes Rayala a soft smile when the dragon announces that it is time for her to retire -- not that Ray can see said smile. Meri just couldn’t help all of these gestures. The woman offers up, “Would you like someone to walk with you back to the castle? Or are you comfortable with the way?” Meri adds on that Meri gestures to her lap to signal that Azura is welcome to it, at least during the time that the woman remains seated. Should Rayala desire an escort, however, Meri might not remain seated for long. "Make yourself comfortable."

Azura gives a nod of thanks and comes to land softly atop Meri's lap before folding her wings and stretching her other limbs a bit. "That's much better, thank you." She says as she takes a few bites of cake.

Tristram nodded to Terra and surrendered Rayala to Leone's care. "Of course. You're both welcome. And if she'd like a room of her own, that is, if you intend on staying for a bit, Rayala, you are more than welcome. Now, if you'll excuse me .. us." He stole Terra's hand and led her a step toward Meri. "Well, this has been lovely, a real success. I haven't had a party like this here in … well, ages, at least. We're heading home now, but thanks for the invitation." He waved to Emi, next, as he began to take his leave. "Good seeing you in one piece, Emi. Glad you could make it." To the faerie, "It was nice making your acquaintance, Azura." Leone earned a wink and he mouthed the word 'thanks' to her for the figurine he'd surrendered to Terra. After his farewells had been made, he escorted Terra back across the plaza toward his home.

Xersom returned again to the site of the party, which was apparently ongoing! Clad in those old, worn, but thick robes of some wandering hermit and leaning upon his walking stick that 'tap-rap-tap'ed in the cadence to his step, Sacrilus approached with a simple gait. His intense green eyes scanned over the present while he moved, recognizing some of the faces he saw earlier; there was Meri overseeing the festival, Tristram being Tristram, that Leone that didn't seem to like his presence, but before he saw anyone else his gaze took in the sight of Emilia. A subtle smile tugged on one corner of his lips and his path altered to set him on a course toward her.

Leone presses her room key into Ray's hand, the smith lowering her voice to talk to the dragoness directly, "Just have Ara bring it back to me after you're inside. I'll probably not be along until after you're asleep. Take the bed. There's a settee in the room that I can sleep on tonight," the farrier says gently but firmly. Emi's purchases are carefully stowed in layers of scrap cloth and burlap bags before being handed over.

Meri smiles down at Azura, feeling the need to introduce herself since the little lady seems to have found a comfortable spot in her lap. “The name is Meri, by the way, pleasure to meet you.” A hand is lifted to wave goodbye to Tristram and to Terra, blue eyes coming to rest on them both. “Thanks for attending and I hope the both of you had fun. Enjoy the rest of your night.” And then she’d let them be on their way!

Azura smiles back up at Meri as she introduces herself. "Nice to meet you too! I'm glad I heard about this party. It's nice, I got to meet some nice people like you, and it's not so crowded that I'm constantly worrying about being squished by someone... Also the wine and cupcakes are delicious."

Emilia would offer a wave toward Tristram before he and Terra were to depart. "It was a great event. Thanks for allowing me to come." It was then that she accepted the bag of items from the woman that had crafted them. Holding the bag in a slightly shaky hand. "Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again some time soon, Miss." It was now she cast her gaze to Meri, waiting to not but in to the conversation with the fae she was having, "Sorry that I missed most of it. I enjoyed what I made it for. See you soon." Too many people she had to get some space. Glancing away to see where to go her sight fell upon the approaching X. A warm smile as she waved to him from where she was at before moving to meet him on his path toward her. "Hello."

Rayala feels the key pressed into her hand. "Thanks," she says, again, to anyone and everyone. And then, to Meri, "Ara can lead me, I'll be okay. He was excited earlier, but he's calmed now." She bows her head and struggles to her feet. Taking a crutch in both hands, she makes her way through the crowd, Ara occasionally stopping to nudge her remaining leg, or growl at someone--or something--in her way. Before leaving entirely, she tells Leone, "I'd prefer the floor, actually." When Leone makes her way up, she'll find the dragon scaled once more, out of her dress and in more comfortable clothing, and bedded in a nest of leaves and spare blankets.

Meri waves goodbye to Rayala and then to Emilia. “Thank you both for coming.” To Emilia, she offers a quick, “We’ll talk tattoos soon, I hope, take care.” The woman pauses to study the interaction between Emilia and Xersom but does not want her gaze to linger for long. Rude was not her goal. With the party guests dispersing and Meri growing tired herself, the tattoo artist motions for the the current band playing to wrap it up. Things seemed to be winding down for the night, for the most part. Back to Azura, “Well I am quite glad you found your way here and are enjoying yourself.”

Xersom kept his subtle smile despite it usually being so brief as Emilia moved to meet him on his path, and he pulled away from his walking stick (though didn't let go) in order to wrap his free arm around her lithe waist and pull her close to him. Faux lips, immaculate like his fake face, leaned in to just briefly press against the farmgirl's own, before he pulled back, "Hello." He repeated in kind. "Are you alright?"

Azura takes note that some of the guests are starting to leave, she nods to Meri. "Looks like I got here just in time. Are things starting to wrap up?"

Emilia would return a light kiss to the man's lips as he greeted her with one. Her free arm slipped back around him before she adjusted to stand at his side. "Peachy. Just getting ready to head back to the farm. Care to join me?" She asked, curious if he had other plans for the night. She did have a gift to give him that she'd just bought him.

Leone arches a brow at the interaction between Xersom and Emilia, a secretive smile given to Meri once the exchange had been sealed with a kiss. Clearing her throat, the blacksmith begins to pack up her stands, extinguishing the fire first and foremost; the furnace would need the most time to cool off. Rolling her head from side to side, the farrier produces a series of pops and snaps from her neck before she'd casually mention to the nearby artist, "Daine commissioned a piece for you. I'll have it done tomorrow. I just ran out of time tonight." With a teasing smile and a dancing, mirthful look, the plover turns and packs up her wares. Once Leone is done, it would be off to the castle, and ultimately to bed.

Meri offers Azura yet another smile as she explains to the faerie, “Well, we have been going for a long time. Hours. Almost eight hours.” She looks to Leone for confirmation of this. “A very long time. We might have a few straggling guests but I do believe for the most part, it is time to wrap it up for the night.” Meri looks toward Leone, rather surprised by this revelation. "Oh did he now? Well I look forward to seeing whatever it is..." She was curious, quite so, but she knew that she would probably not get further details out of the blacksmith tonight. Besides, both women were exhausted.

Azura blinks a bit, then nods. "Oh my, that is a long time. You must be tired after all that partying. I'll have to try to come earlier next time, but I have enjoyed everything so far. I really like the lights on the tree too, it's quite pretty."

Meri scoops Azura delicately out of her lap so that she can stand without causing the faerie any turmoil. Once standing, Meri then sets Azura down on the chair she was just occupying, letting the little woman continue to rest as long as she so desires. Clean up is something Meri would worry about tomorrow. Tonight? Her focus was sleep. “It is time for me to retire, stay as long as you like Azura.” And then to the castle Meri goes! Offering a nod to Emilia and Xersom in passing, but not wanting to disturb them much.

Xersom kept his arm wrapped around Emilia as she adjusted to stand at his side, though anyone looking could tell that it was hard for the former General of Arrecation to tear his gaze from the freckled blonde. Every so often he acknowledged that others were present with a glance around him by those intense green eyes, but to Emilia they mostly lingered, and he spoke easily in that naturally dark voice, "Of course. I don't have anything planned for tonight." He rarely did; often his visits to others were on a whim or a lingering need to speak to them -they were never announced or appointed. But tonight he wanted to stay in, with the farmgirl. "Are we having company again, or is it just us?" He didn't mind either way, but there was an inflection on the last part of the question in very subtle implication that he'd enjoy some time with just her company.