RP:Going Home

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Frostmaw Tavern

Alex stares at the words on his parchment with confusion and furrowed brows as the tip of his quill repeatedly ticks against the edge of page. The work before him, "A History of Frostmaw", a long overdue project promised to the historians and native humans as a recollection of tales in common tongue without the song and dance that the Frost Giants so genuinely preferred.

He had been here before and it was certain that he'd be here again. Stumped. Dumbfounded at a cross-road that required far more knowledge of the heritage he authored than he could ever hope to possess. It was hopeless. His interviews had only granted him so much and countless evenings by the fire only eavesdropped so much and deciphered even less. What was folklore and what was fact? A trivia that the young bard faced on a daily basis.

"Rat" he calls out in a yielding tone as he always did when overwhelmed. The scuttering of little nails a sign of comfort as they peeled across the crude surface of his desk, or at least, they usually were. "Rat?" he beckons again as he breaks his stare from the book to his little furry friend wrapped up in the corner of his work station, a smile spreading as he finds his companion to be in a deep rest.

Dropping the quill, the bard reaches out with a slender index finger to brush the fur of the brown and white rodent, his heart stopping as contact is made. The familiar warm touch of his friend's coat had turned cold and stiff and it's suddenly abruptly apparent that the swift rise and drop of a napping friend had ceased.

"No..." The bard whispers as tears well up in his eyes, the back of his left hand pushing away the book and quill while the right pulls the body of the rat to the center of his attention. "Don't you do this to me..." he pleads as shaking thumbs lift the creature's gums to reveal those yellowed teeth. Alex chatters his teeth as the nerves in his neck pulsate wildly, "DON'T YOU DO THIS TO ME!" he shouts, tears begin to fall down his face. "YOU'RE MY FRIEND. DON'T YOU DO THIS TO ME!" he cries louder, shaking the walls of his room before his head falls onto crossed arms with the body beneath him - tears falling onto the cold coat. "YOU'RE EVERYTHING I HAVE!" he screams in the burrow he's created.

"You're my best friend."

Sage Forest

Alex pulls on the neck of Adagio's fur as they find a decent clearing in the middle of the forest. The dire bear coming to a halt as he pushes his nose into the dirt to sniff around. The bard brings his left foot over the saddle and drops off to the side before turning around to retrieve a small wooden box.

"There" he instructed with a nod prompting Adagio to dig away at the ground with his massive paws until a hole big enough to fit the box is unearthed. Alex kneels down as Adagio sits as the box is placed in it's resting place.

"When I arrived here, I came with the intention of finding a family and settling down. It never crossed my mind that my family would consist of a rat and a bear and if I could turn back the clock and do it all again... I wouldn't change a thing."

Alex smirks and exhales sharply as Adagio grumbles.

"Rattimus, you were the best friend a man could ever ask for. Through all of my trials and tribulations I always knew that at the end of the day I would have those cute whiskers twitching up as me. You never judged my capabilities, you never criticized my poor decisions and you always... always gave me your love. I will never understand what I did to deserve you and Adagio but I want you to know that I am eternally grateful for your companionship and your love."

His throat tightens as he suppresses the urge to cry, a free hand reaching out to rest on Adagio's snout for support.

"I love you with all of my heart Rat. I will never... ever forget you."

The tears come from the bear and the bard, wails ringing throughout the forest without a care.

Some hours later the rocks are stacked.

Frostmaw Tavern

Alex packs away the last of his shirts while the extravagant costumes from his performances are left hanging in the closet. As he pulls his pea coat down he pauses from a weight in the pocket. Reaching in he retrieves a small silver compass and glosses it over for just a moment before tossing it onto the desk beside a musical note key, sketch pad and frostmaw colored bandana.

Several instruments are neatly stacked in the corner of the room with a sign reading "free" strung around the front.

Grabbing his satchel he throws it across his shoulder and moves toward the door, stopping to eye the quill and parchment, a empty letterbox reassuring him in his thoughts. He pulls the door open and leaves.

Tangle of Bushes

Not far from the grave of his friend he pulls on the bear's fur once more and dismounts before circling around to become face to face.

"I'm sorry for what I've done to you Adagio", he says brushing his fingers through the thick brown fur. "You never asked to be a part of this. I should never have taken you from your home. The time you've lost is something I can never return... but I want you to know that I love you."

The bear growls in confusion as Alex places his arms around his neck to give him a hug. Chapped lips placed close to the beast's ear as a solemn melody is hummed.

Stepping away, Alex has pain in his eyes. The free bear quickly sprinting away in hysteria.

Coastal Breeze

The salty breeze causes the human to stare out to the horizon with squinted eyes. A lifetime of emotion regurgitating in his gut as he waits patiently.

"Hey! Hey you!" a strange voice calls prompting Alex to look to his side, a young hobbit rushing towards him.

"You're that bard played in Gamorg, right!?" He asks, eliciting a smile from the slender man.

"Oh man! It is you! My uncle says you're right off your rocker! What kind of human performs for a city of Ogres!? Say, could you sing me a song? I'm right curious about what you've done to keep them from eating you!"

Alex laughs and shakes his head politely.

"I'm sorry my friend, I don't sing anymore."

Across the horizon an unforgettable ship sways slowly into view. A look of fear and relief somehow conjures on the man's face.

Alex was going home.