RP:Empress Rowen wisely and benevolently advises Rohen

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Rowen condescends to grant Eilyo a boon, "You have my permission to approach, and pay me your respects." The rats scratches behind her ear. "It is customary to bow and refer to me as 'high priestess' or 'o great one.'"

Eilyo said to Rowen, "I don't bow, least of all to strangers."

Rohen said to you, "Hello again, Miss Rodent."

Rowen said to Rohen, "You've had your chance to meet the great Rowen, that you can tell your grandchildren about. If you desperately need my advice, make an appointment with my secretary like everyone else has to."

Rohen said to you, "Indeed I have. But I do not wish your advice, nor to meet you again, therefor we are still able to talk, yes?"

Rowen said to Rohen, "I can't really make exceptions, it wouldn't be fair on all the thousands of people who have been waiting years for an audience. Is is a matter of life and death?"

Anyways, isn't the life span of a rat like three years? And those that can talk about ten seconds?

Rohen said to you, "No it is not, but you only said if I seek your advice I have to talk to your secretary. So if I am just looking to chat, I would need no apointment. Anyways, isn't the life span of a rat like three years? And those that can talk about ten seconds? How have people been waiting years for audience if this is so?"

Rowen said to Rohen, "I am not an ordinary rat. You might have realised that from the fact that I speak, and am more intelligent than you elves. I was born a human, and blessed with this rat form by my goddess. I will permit you a short conversation, on the condition that you are polite and respectful."

Rohen said to you, "I am graced by the fact you would permit me such a intresting conversation. However my question still remains, how have you not been killed? Most would find you useless, weak, irritating, or any other manner of things and just have killed you by now. How did you elude such a fate?"

You waves to the plump vampire lady. "May Daedria bless you, milady."

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== Be thankful I am a kind teacher of ettiquette ==

You said to Rohen, "I refuse to speak to you until you learn to be polite and respectful. Be thankful I am a kind teacher of ettiquette."

Rohen said to you, "My question was meant with respect, I was merely asking it from a observer's standpoint. I was looking for an awnser not searching to be rude. My apologies if you took it as such and were insulted by my words."

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Rowen said to Rohen, "Many things have kept me alive in this dangerous world. My friends, the protection of my godesses and my own wits amongst them. Also most citizens hold the priesthood in high regard, and would be very loathe to harm me,"

Ceraphina steals Yasmine's cup of coveted coffee.

Rowen said OOC, "Azzurro, care to come to a BBQ?"

Azurro said OOC, "What are we having? <.<"

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Or in other words, most kittens

Rohen said to you, "I see. So what happens when you find a person who cares little for priesthood, hates rats, and finds you irritable? Or in other words, most kittens."

Rowen said to Rohen, "I am not afraid of children, and as for adult felines, as ususally far too civilised to eat people."

Rohen said to you, "But you are not a person, merely a rodent. And I was just speaking of cats in general, not the felines who are able to walk upon two legs."

Ceraphina enjoys Yasmines coffee with a smirk on her face.

'You are not a person, merely a rodent'

Rowen said to Rohen, "'You are not a person, merely a rodent' is another example is disrespect. I think sir, that the reason you find people violent all the time, is because you fail to speak to them with respect, not because the world truly is such a violent placed. I do not get attacked often, when I do I use my wits and my mind to survive."

Rohen said to you, "Do you deny being a rodent? I do not deny being pointy eared, as such I see no rudeness in the word. It is just another way of describing you. Also, I have failed to come across many violent people as of yet, which is a good thing for me. "

Veriun argues that Rowen is indeed a person

Veriun said to Rohen, "A person is defined as a sentient being with a will, goal and opinion. Rowen fills all those requirements. although her form is that of a rodent, indeed."

Rowen said to Veriun, "Thank you sir, I could not have explained it better myself."

Veriun nods briefly at the rat "i am rather experienced in explanations."

Fair enough Wise One. Then she is a person

Rohen said to Veriun, "Fair enough Wise One. Then she is a person, in which I still am curious how the form of a rat is able to speak."

Rohen said to you, "Alright Miss Rowen, how does one speak while maintaining such a small form?"

Rohen said to you, "Also how do you avoid being stepped on.."

Do you really think a goddess cannot make a rat which can speak that I may share the wisdom of my goddess with others?

Rowen said to Rohen, "I was given this form by my goddess. Do you really think a goddess cannot make a rat which can speak. Notice how my voice even, is them same as it was when I had human form. That I may share the wisdom of my goddess with others,"

Rowen said to Rohen, "Not my problem, it is the responsibility of others to look where they are going. Be thankful giants are careful not to step on you, also."

Rohen said to you, "While your goddess may have given you such a form, I would never have seen your human form, and as I have never heard a rat speak before I can not tell you what their voices should sound like. So the entire part of being a human I would not know about. Why do you allow yourself to be turned into such a tiny animal?"

Rohen said to you, "I watch where I go so that giants will not step upon me as I tread. They are rather hard to miss.."

Rowen said to Rohen, "It is the will of my goddess, that I take this form. I trust my goddess, she has infinitely more wisdom than mere mortals. She surely knows what form is best for her priestess."

Veriun laughs amusedly and sits down upon the air between the two discussing parties, tought a step back so he doesn't obscure they're vision of eachother. "as are we to her, i'm certain."

Whoever heard of a person stepping on a rat?

You smiles at Veriun. "Whoever heard of a person stepping on a rat? We rodents are generally pretty quick on our feet."

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Rowen said OOC, "Kelay Tavern Taikahn?"

Rohen said to you, "And why did you choose to become a priest for such a intelligent being? Surely she should not need people such as yourself, as with all her brilliance she should be able to create a contraption that could do everything for her."

You said OOC, "How about swimming out to sea from where Harold the swim instructor is."

Veriun said to Rohen, "the only god who can truly -create- from nothing is sven, as far as i am informed"

Taikahn said OOC, "I've been to that before, Rowen--that is, the tavern, not swimming out to sea. Taikahn would sink. :P"

A discussion of Theology

Rowen said to Rohen, "I am sure my lady Daedria does not - need - us but she cares for us. She is generous as well as wise, she has helped me a great deal, taught me a great deal, and it gratitude I became her priestess. Lady she honoured me by giving me the position of high priestess, I strive every day to be worthy of the trust she has shown in me."

You said OOC, "So rp him at the bottom of the sea. Get some Golden Kelp, chew it so he can breathe underwater, then walk out of the sea before it wears off."

Rohen said to you, "Why care for creatures that do nothing but squabble, bicker, fight, and destroy one another? Surely she must have some need for you and the rest of us if she is keeping us around, otherwise I see no point in doing so."

You said OOC, "How about on the Airship between Larket and Vhys."

Taikahn said OOC, "Golden kelp lets you breathe underwater?" ." Rohen said to Veriun, "I didn't say out of nothing, I merely said create something. If her knowledge is infinite, she should be able to do such a trivial task."

Veriun sighs "Our dear priestess said great. not infinite. the younger gods are not omnisient, nor omnipresent."

We, all of us, have the potential to become far more than we are

Rowen said to Rohen, "We are already more than creatures that do nothing but squabble, bicker, fight, and destroy one another, and we, all of us, have the potential to become far more than we are. Are you truly saying that if you had the power my lady Daedria has, you would destroy all the mortals, merely because you feel you have no need for them. That would be a monstrous thing to do."

Rohen shook his head at the avian, "Rowen stated she has infinitely more knowledge then mortals. Infinite in itself means boundless. So if she truly has boundless knowledge, she should be able to create whatever she chooses. Whether she has the power to create such a thing however, is another matter entirely."

Rohen said to you, "I would either destroy them all or leave them all to kill each other off. I would not waste my time with such beings, as most are not of worth."

Rowen said to Rohen, "There you and I disagree, sir. I believe than people are of worth, that they can become more than they are, that they are worth teaching, which is why I spend so much time trying to teach you."

Look Daddy, it's a mouse! Can I keep it?

Rohen :: Millie, the child who had been sitting on Rohen's lap this entire time, looked back and forth between rat, avian, and elf rather confused with all this talk. Finally the three year old stood up, holding her hand out towards Rowen. "Look Daddy, it's a mouse! Can I keep it?" Rohen just looked down at the girl amused, doing his best not to laugh at her antics. Shaking his head at the girl he spoke against her wishes, "No Millie, such a mouse could be carrying disease or plague that you might not be able to handle.."

Veriun chuckles "How rude."

Rohen said to Rowen, "I agree -some- people are of worth, however the majority of them are too stubborn to change. I would also spare the kids, as they do only as they are told and have innocent little hearts.. *His expression grew much, much, lighter as he spoke of kids.. He apparently has a soft spot for children*"

Rowen smiles at Millie, she likes children too. "I do - not - have the plague."

Rohen ::Millie continues to hold her hand out towards Rowen, as she tries to pet the small creature.

Millie shook her head at the rat, "I don't have the plague either!

Rohen just sits back, watching the kid play, thinking should anything happen he would be able to stop it before it turned bad. Millie shook her head at the rat, "I don't have the plague either!" Speaking with a smile upon her face, a proud squeaky voice saying the words..

Rowen addresses Fletcher, "You have my permission to approach, and pay me your respects." The rats scratches behind her ear. "It is customary to bow and refer to me as 'high priestess' or 'o great one."

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Rowen smiles at Millie and uses her mind to hover over a gift for the child.

Fletcher said to Rowen, "Piss off."

You told Rohen, "ooc It promtotes rp. *hugs*"

Rohen said to Fletcher, "That was a rather rude way to speak to the priestess. You could state that you do not wish to pay respects to such a creature or even that she isn't worthy of it. However, to just blatantly state piss off is poor manners, specially in front of the child."

Rohen told you, "ooc I really do find it amusing though :) And it does promote rp, it even earned Rowen a two thousand gold donation from Strend once ^.^"

She indicates the three year old Millie with her paw

Rowen is shocked by Fletcher rudeness. "There really is no need for language like that, and in front of a child too!" She indicates the three year old Millie with her paw.

Rohen holds up Millie, who had been sitting in his lap, "Aye please refrain in front of my daughter.."

Fletcher said to Rohen, "And you could just piss off. To continually pester those who evidently do not wish to be pestered is poor manners."

Rohen said to Fletcher, "And yet you reply to my kind gesture and my asking of you to refrain from such language in front of my kid. If you truly did not wish to be bothered perhaps you should sit in a corner, fold your hood over your head, and fall asleep."

Rowen said to Ydna, "Thank you, but as high priestess of Daedria, I must set a good example. I cannot spend my time on decadence. I appreciate your kind offer, however."

Fletcher said to Rohen, "Don't be so bloody stupid. Leave me alone."

Rohen said to Fletcher, "I will refrain from such idiocy as long as you apologize to my kid." *Points to his lap where Millie sat* "Then we can all move along and have ourselves a decent day of rest, relaxation, and ignorance if that is what you choose."

Rowen floats a chocolate heart over to Millie.

Fletcher said to Rohen, "I haven't done jack to your freakin' kid. Piss off, or I'll smash your bloody face in."

Mm I love chocolate thank you miss mouse!

Rohen :: Millie who was oblivious of the scene between her father and fletcher grabbed the chocolate treat happily, "Thanks!" Her voice filled with joy as she began to nibble away at the chocolate treat. "Mm I love chocolate thank you miss mouse!"

Rohen said to Fletcher, "Your language is insulting and not for children to hear. You need to apologize to her for such actions, especially threatening me in front of her as both are very rude. I expect a full apology given to her, not to myself."

I can put up such trivial discomforts, as poor food, and ignorant conversation

Rowen said, "I am not here slumming. I am serving my goddess, and the unfortunate people of Kelay, by setting a good example, and offering my advice. The surroundings could be more pleasant, but I have an important job to do, I can put up such trivial discomforts, as poor food, and ignorant conversation."

Dergious said OOC, "It's such a well thought out, impossibly awesome idea I'm suprised I didn't come up with it earlier. I'm not suprise at all that none of you came up with it.... I am just suprised that I didn't cuz I'm so much smarter, funnier, cooler and better looking than any of you."

Fletcher apologises in the form of a shot-glass tossed at Rohen's head

Fletcher apologises in the form of a shot-glass tossed at Rohen's head.

Vgfh said OOC, "Three times I read dergious' sentence, and three times my mind replaced better looking with dirtier."

You oocly *hugs Fletcher* for his eloquent and heartfelt apology.

Yasmine oocly agrees with Rowen.

Fletcher tries.

Rohen sighed as the man threw his glass towards him, and began chanting his words of magic. A brief gust of wind knocked the glass of course as it flew harmlessly towards the bar, smashing against it and leaving shards of broken glass upon the floor.

Rohen said to Fletcher, "I believe two apologies are now owed, one to me and one to my daughter. You have caused me to work, which is something I am not a fan of unless paid. So perhaps you feel like paying me for changing the course of the shot glass?"

Fletcher is content to leave the proceedings here. He turns back to the bar, and contemplates returning to the Isle.

Veriun lifted a hand, thoward which the shards of the glass flew and then reformed the glass, it looked almost as if he'd taken the axis of the throw, changed its course, and then played it backwards. then, with a splurch, the glass if filled with water, which the avian drinks. "must you people always resort to throwing things that are not yours?"

Yasmine mumbles something about remembering why she disliked this tavern so much.

Rohen watches as Millie finishes off her chocolate treat, a brief smile and nod given to Rowen. "Thank you priestess." Extending his hand out towards the rodent he continued to smile, "Also I do not believe in any of our meetings I have introduced myself. I am Rohen."

Rowen said to Rohen, "I am Rowen, high priestess of Daedria."

Hameirak does things that are very inappropriate to Veriun with a feather duster and a very large tea bag

Hameirak does things that are very inappropriate to Veriun with a feather duster and a very large tea bag.

Rohen said to you, "So I have heard. Well Rowen, what else do you do besides being a priest?"

Dergious said OOC, "Ah, the idea is a newb only area where they can learn skills, mine, and fight mobs until an admin approves their charry... or until a quest is completed I guess. They wouldn' thave access to hmail or the ooc until they got out of the area. There would be tutorials, and instructions on the pages to teach them how to do everything... and they can do all that stuff (and possibly solve a quest) while they are waiting for approval."

I organise bridesmaids for celebrity weddings

Rowen said to Rohen, "I have many many responsibilities. I am chief librarian in Rynvale. I am the ratcatcher for Larket, and I organise bridesmaids for celebrity weddings."