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The tavern's occupants largely ignored the drow... odd lands indeed

- Setting Kelay Tavern 29 Nov 2011

Izianova walked with a lean, quiet grace; instead of her stiff, haughty matronly demeanor she carried herself with the subtle relaxed self confidance of a master sage. She took a seat amongst the taverns occupants, who largely ignored the drow... odd lands indeed. She peered about for anything interesting, ignoring her erstwhile pupil for the now.

. Rowen scampers in, followed by a pair of gamboling enchanted pink bunny slippers.

Ranok had hopped up on a table, did a running leap at the wall, rebounded off said wall to retain height, and then landed on the ground when that wasn't quite enough. So, instead, he just shortcuts and uses the mechanical device on his wrist to just grapple up close enough to pull himself up.

Some of the locals were reacting with typical irrationality

Cyllth notes the jar being drawn from the pocket and the muttered comment. Apparently his Emissary was indeed spreading the news of his return, and some of the locals were reacting with typical irrationality. Or ignorance. Either could explain the behaviour adequately. But, no matter. He took a brief glance around before settling back into a corner to observe the activities.

Korenai poses for de Cyllth

Izianova see's the oddest thing she has ever seen... a rat-person with self animated slippers trailing behind her. her jaw drops, and her curiousity mounts quickly, little of her attention left to see what her student did. She found herself following the rat rather conspicuously before she knew what she was doing.

Ranok chuckles lowly to himself. A hand wrenches the barb that had bit into the wood free so it could be used again later. "Vow. Does dis brink me back." The remark was a little cryptic, but nothing overly unusual. Balancing on a rafter, duster billowing in a breeze that damn well wasn't blowing through the room, a quick scan to see where that damn light went.

Rowen notices the drowess' rapt attention and addresses her in a rather bored tone. "You have my permission to approach and pay me your respects, lowly peasant."

Rowen said to Korenai, "That, young lady is a fire hazard, extinguish it at once."

Izianova almost giggled. It talked! It may even be somewhat intelligent

Izianova almost giggled. It talked! It may even be somewhat intelligent. She bent down, herself miniature compared to most of the patrons of the tavern, and peer at the rat over her knees, using them to hide her smile. "Oh, do I? I never would have guessed I would receive such an opportunity. I am most humbled and honored, though my mere peasant mind is unable to grasp your magnificance. Enlighten this poor, humbled peasant.. who are you, good lady?" She assumed it was a she... if it wasn't, she wasn't sure she wanted to know what it was.

Ranok causes a veritable trail of dust to trickle down. These rafters he was hopping between hadn't been cleaned in ages. If ever. The footprints of others that had lurked up there before him could be seen here and there. His boots make very little sound as to his passage, the muffling enchantments ever present, as always. He didn't seem overly worried about the people tens of feet below him, and Korenai was completely ignored. Hadn't she seen him grapple up? Just pretending not to hear her, he heads in the direction the light had originally come from, "Kome out, kome out, you pathetic excuse for a fairy light..."

Rowen replies to the obviously rather dim-witted drowess. "You have the honour of addressing Rowen Stronghammer, supreme empress of the entire universe."

Ranok said OOC, "Ranok is hopping around rafters, chasing after fairy lights, at the moment."

You said OOC, "Rowen is being Rowen in KT Jerica...."

Jerica said OOC, "Rowen is always Rowen except when she's not."

Korenai ignores the rat woman, not having a clue what the hell it was as she tried to keep her eyes on the man. It was upsetting actually, to be so compeletely ignored, even though she did it herself. The sword kept on burning its blue flames, while being of utterly no use to her

This thing was adorable! In a grotesque, yet endearing sorta way. Kind of like pugs

Izianova feigns a gasp of shock, and covers her mouth to hide the enormous smile. This thing was adorable! In a grotesque, yet endearing sorta way. Kind of like pugs. "Well, it is indeed an honor, supreme empress Rowen Stronghammer." What an odd last name... how odd that the thing even had a name. "Well, if I do thus have claim to such a prestigious honor, it is my most earnest wish to make the best possible use of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Supreme empress Rowen Stronghammer, I beseach you, teach this humble peasant of the myriad ways of the world of Hollow. She is eager to learn all things, but her tiny mind is unfortunately ravaged in trying to grasp the scope of just this one, pathetic little world. Can you show her the glories of Hollow?"

Cyllth watches the human jump confidently across the dusty beams. While it would be amusing to grease one of them in his path, or shift the apparent location of one a couple of feet to one side, that wasn't his purpose in being here today. He continues to observe the interactions and ebb and flow of relationships between the patrons. There was an interesting focus effect centered on the rat, of all beings. Curious. Perhaps worthy of future study, or perhaps not. Curious effects were everywhere, after all. Including a few around this human diligently hunting his remote at the moment...

Rowen said to Izianova, "Hollow is a pathetic little backwater of a world. The only glorious thing about this benighted place is that I reside here. Someday I will show you some of the civilised lands I rule."

Izianova said to you, "Oh, that would be marvelous. Perhaps this humble peasant may have a consolation prize, then, to learn more about her esteemed empress."

Ranok crouches low on one of the beams. His balance wasn't utterly perfect, but it didn't take an acrobat to make sure feet stayed on the beams. The threat of falling wasn't really present to him. At most, the fall would have been about 30 feet. It would hurt like a mother, but he'd probably survive. To mention nothing of those boots. They were well gripped, and had a number of enchantments. Namely, a slow fall one. They really were built to live up to their promise of 'all terrain'. A hand reaches into a pocket and fishes out a small box. Another limelight, only much more compact. This one was just a light, not a weapon. Flaring the spark that would burn the light and make it shine with a flick of a chemical twist for such a purpose, the rafters were suddenly imparted with a rather shiny directed light. If there was any inconsistency, any solid form of the remote, Ranok would see it. He was looking at the ever telling dust, his motion halted so as to not disturb it any further.

Rowen said to Izianova, "It would take several lifetimes to relate all my wonderful qualities. I am, after all, many thousands of times more beautiful."She scratches behind an ear,"Damn fleas...and many thousands of times more intelligent than any other being who ever lived."

Ronin said to Ranok, "what insanity led you up there,i have never seen somebody so mad."

Izianova said to you, "of course, of course. Any fool would know how desirious the infinitely generous curves ot the Supreme Empress's body are. That must be why those 'damn flea's are so enamored with her... they are trying their peasant luck at interspecies lovemaking."

Izianova pokes Cyllth in the eye.

Rowen said to Izianova, "Errrrr....No mere flea or human or drow or dragon or angel or any lower being is worthy of me."

Izianova wanted to take the rat home, desperately. It would be the most intriguing pet she'd ever had... and the only one

Izianova said to you, "*witha shocked gasp* Then, M'lady... How can you suffer those fleas sordid attentions so? I think you need to take a firmer hand with your subjects. Their 'attentions' cause you discomfort, perhaps this humble peasant can advise her illustrious empress on how to keep her subjects sufficiently culled. First, we could start with a flea bath. *Izianova wanted to take the rat home, desperately. It would be the most intriguing pet she'd ever had... and the only one.*"

Cyllth is soaking up all the information the remote can gather. Human, rat, dragon, avian, feline and vampire, all in one location and not, as yet, at each other's throats. This phase of the world was apparently a more tolerant one. It had happened before, of course, and undoubtedly would again in the future, around the inevitable ages of intolerance and war. While he is aware of the light being shined around the rafters, he pays it no heed. The only way it might reveal his remote is if it happened to be looking at the light source while it was being shined directly at the remote. The light intercepting the flat front of the remote would be blocked by the spell as it observed the room, as would an eye in that spot. From the side or from behind, the remote was effectively not there, and light would pass right through it.

The rat empress is considering making a pet of the primitive cave dwelling elf

Rowen calls "Mesthak bring me swimming pool and my luxurious scented oils." The rat empress is considering making a pet of the primitive cave dwelling elf.

Izianova is smiling broadly with giddy anticipation as Mesthak seems to hurry to accomodate the rat's wishes. izianova would use her legendary 'imprinting' techniques in a bathing massage to cull this rats will and make her succumb to Izi's. It would be very easy... She waited as everything was prepared. "M'lady, may I have the most prestigious honor of bathing your Royal Highness of All?"

Rowen waves her paw magnaminously "Very well, but wash your hands first peasant."

She could have sworn she batted away a flea off her finger that had a flag in one of it's many legs

Izianova makes to wash her hands in the tiny tub of water that Mesthak brought, using the rough soap ball, which surprisingly produced a rather healthy lather. It must have been enchanted soap. The water grew bubbly, and Rowen stepped inside the bath, and Izi's ministrations began. Working to both bath sickeningly coarse and matted fur, she plowed through it with strong, yet gentle fingers, scrubbing away hoards of fleas which even seemed, at times, to put up organized resistance. She could have sworn she batted away one off her finger that had a flag in one of it's many legs. She scrubbed and scrubbed, in a process that took way longer than any normal bath should've, and while scrubbing she began massaging kinks and knots out of the rat's muscles... which ended up being a mind boggling task. The twisted, discordant anatomy of the Supreme Empress truly was marvelous in it's very obtuse, horrifying nature... she couldn't tell where what began and what ended, without extensive probing and prodding. Muscles, bones, all of it seemed a jumbled mess as though her creator had had a thrown down his work, mashed it together, and said 'fuggedaboutit.' Izianova found herself quite perplexed. Still, she did her best to soothe and relax the queen, popping a few vertebrae in a long, snakelike semi-column... she massaged shoulders, and back, had to furiously scrape fleas off of her arms every few minutes. The bastards defended their territory valiantly. Using a littl eelder dancing magic, she imbued the water with greater surfactant quality, destroying their grips upon rowen's flesh, and she reveled in their demise as they slipped beneath the waters.... a little more elder magic lit the waters witha faint purplish glow, and one could almsot hear the screams of dying, infidel fleas.

Rowen said OOC, "Empress bathing naked in Kelay Tavern....avert your eyes lest you be blinded by her beauty.."

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Cyllth said OOC, "Cyllth-1. Shame, Remorse, Conscience- 0."

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Izianova said OOC, "according to the fuggedaboutit comment, god is a new york thug o.o"

Ranok keeps sweeping the upper area of the rafters with the light. Looking for any hint of something. A slight shuffle forward. A sliver of shadow that seemed to persist catches his eyes. The limelight was damn bright, even being as small as it was. Any shadows that it cast were in sharp relief, and the source of the interception of light would be obvious with looking. A few more sweeps, heedless of any requests for his presence on the floor, and he shuffles towards the sliver of shadow, the only thing that seemed to stick out. Anyone viewing on the otherside of the remote would be blinded, as the light wasn't magical, but chemical. Unless specific filters had been set out to block things like the sun shining directly, there'd likely at least be increased brightness, if nothing else.

Rowen leans back in the luxuriant water, the empress relaxing completely under the skillful ministrations of her handmaiden. The exotic oils help her relax still further, with a contented sigh."Adequate, peasant."

Rowen said OOC, "I adored the flea with the flag on its leg."

Rowen said OOC, "The rp so far has been good -clean- fun. "

Akenyil said OOC, "Clean fun? On Hollow? That's possible?"

Izianova did not notice, until too late, a heroic party of the infidel fleas that somehow made thier way to her ear

Izianova isn't done yet. Hearing the empress's commendations of her efforts, she smiles brightly, and begins her more potent ministrations. She manipulates the flow of chi within the empress's body... yet another daunting task, like trying to map the topography of the inside of a lava filled volcano... and starts coursing pleasant sensations throuhgout Rowen that would soothe and quiet her, making her ever so sleepy in ecstacy, and much more malleable to Izi's will. The process carried a hint of addiction, it would key these pleasant sensations to Izianova's presence, a masterful seduction that would make Rowen desire Izianova's abilities enough to make her dependant upon her, if done enough. For now, it would make her simply appreciate being around Izianova. Izianova slected a few hard to control points, Rowen's anatomy and chi being as utterly exhausting random as she was, and placed tiny needles at those points to produce a symphonous, beatific flow that the rat had probably never experienced. Meanwhile, incensed in her formidable tasks, Izianova did not notice, until too late, a heroic party of the infidel fleas that had secreted themselves away from their brethren, and somehow made thier way to her ear... via a miniature flying zeppelin, it seemed, which crashed after they hopped off of it. They were on a suicide mission, they needed no escape. The sudden, agonizing sensation of fleas stabbing tiny flea sized spears, or maybe just biting, her eardrum caused Izianova to cry out and fall backward, slipping a single needle upon Rowen's deformed back, which would poke her somewhat painfully.

Rowen said OOC, "Clean in the sense of bathing Fickle my love"

Izianova said OOC, "I hereby decree the fleas to be Rowen's truest loyal followers o;;O"

Cyllth : The remote does not apparently react to the increased light, continuing to peer down into the crowded tavern, presenting only a slim cross-section toward Ranok's approaching form. Occasionally it will flicker slightly as it glances from being to being below, observing the interplay of the world, as reflected in the behaviours of those below.

Micah said OOC, "I am thoroughly enjoying the Flea Rebellion going on in KT. This is hilarious."

Izianova said OOC, "Rowen, they are defending the most holy and pure civilization of Rowen's vast empire."

Ranok examines the area where he'd spotted the sliver. Shining the light around, reaching in to feel for any object that he might not have seen that could have blocked the light, along those lines. Whether he would find anything of note remained to be seen.

Rowen is relaxing in dreamy esctacy, thinking that she must keep this underelf nearby as one of her utterly devoted, favored servants, when the flea attack suddenly causes a sharp jabbing pain in the imperial rump. A shocked empress reacts instinctively with. "Off with her head!"

Ronin turnes his gaze back at Rowen,now with a sharp expression.

You said OOC, "Raziel I am delighted that your charry is taking advantage of Rowen's imperial decree ordering Mesthak to sell Vodka from now until the end of time <3"

Ronin said OOC, "did you mean of with her head for the drow or the other one."

You sir are -no- gentleman. Staring upon a lady in her bath

Rowen glares at Ronin. "You sir are -no- gentleman. Staring upon a lady in her bath. "

Ronin blushes on his face and falls on his knees.

You said OOC, "I meant The drow Izzy hun...worry not no one is going to listen to the insane rat and behead anyone."

Ronin said to Rowen, "forgive me of my Wrong doing OH great Priestess of Daedria"

Curiosity is a valuable trait, yet forethought one even more important

Cyllth : The remote reacts when the intruding human's hand passes through the viewport, rising nigh-invisibly upward and turning to face Ranok directly. At this close range, the remote focuses momentarily on each of the items and enchantments borne upon it's target, getting a rough estimate of ability and effect. A voice seems to echo directly inside Ranok's skull, "curiosity is a valuable trait, yet forethought one even more important. tell me, human, now that you have found Me, did you have a Plan for what to do afterwards?"

Muraski said OOC, "Rat commands beheading *Zombie modes towards beheading someone <.<*"

As fleas jabbed agonizingly at her ear drums, then started using them like actual drums

Izianova noticed the Empress's cry with an unabashed terror. The fleas were inside, past all defenses despite the upmost precautions! She writhed aorund in circles on the floor, screaming loudly, "I surrender, I surrender!" As fleas jabbed agonizingly at her ear drums, then started using them like actual drums, Izianova's head filled with a discordant cadence of what seemed like a ritual sacrafice-esque music, and she believed the fleas would, and could, find a way to decapitate her. Concentrating her elder magicks, she found the vermin infestation, and zapped them without burning her own ear's too badly, and lay down, panting, listening to the flea death rattles, and promises of vengeance to come. She swore she would kill all of those little bastards! Sitting up finally and returning to Rowen's bath and acupuncture, she apologized quietly for the disturbace, and began to go back to work, shaking violently from the abuse she had suffered. She couldn't hear in one ear. She would not underestimate her greatest foes a second time... she resumed her work with vigor, witha healthy new respect for the wonders of the Supreme Empress of the Known Universe. Of Fleas.

Rowen condescendingly replies. "You are forgiven, Ronin."

Izianova said OOC, "i wouldn't be so sure rowen :D"

Izianova said OOC, "*huggles* This is an rp arc to continue for a time yet, Rowen.. as new civilizations rise and fall under Rowen's supreme rule :>"

In future, kindly do your writhing around in agony on the floor in your own time, not while attending to your imperial mistress

Rowen relaxes under the wretched lowly servants skillful massage once more, chiding the drowess with. "In future, kindly do your writhing around in agony on the floor in your own time, not while attending to your imperial mistress."

Ranok was a haze of ill defined magic. It was mostly interference, a likely byproduct of the magic that created the items. While the vambrace was clearly made to call the wind, the duster and the armor were hard to make out. The armor bore a strange murk of intelligence about it. Infused into that bone white metal was a being not of great power, but simple intelligence. Such a weak thing did not concern Ranok. The intelligent could be taught. And cleverness was more useful by half then any sword. As for the duster...even Ranok didn't know what was going on, there. Magical corruption would likely be the most concise explanation. Voodoo was unpredictable, and coupled with the weaving of the other artifacts on his person, the end results were still emerging. The man is silent through this scrutiny, if he even noticed it, considering the response to the question asked. "Hy intend to ask de right question." Recalling the conversation with Ocano, that seemed to be the best response.

Izianova said OOC, "*hops around gleefully* I loved my rowen rp <3 next time the supreme empress will ride her trusty imperial steed. :D"

Izianova said OOC, "and.. give her steed fleas << *scratches*"

Rowen said OOC, "Yep rat dragonrider ftw!"

I have no desire to Answer every single inane Question the addlepated masses might come up with

Cyllth : Ranok hears a faint chuckle, as if borne on the breeze from across a field. "mortal, I have yet to hear a wrong Question. if the Price is worth paying, then the Question is worthy of an Answer. but, this is not what you want to hear, is it? this is no quest to save the world, mortal. I will neither save nor destroy lives unless the Hero solves my riddle. I am no fiend come to enslave all. I Am. that is all. any who wish may seek me out and Ask. I make it difficult to find me because I have no desire to Answer every single inane Question the addlepated masses might come up with. those who truly wish an Answer will do the work required to find me, and may Ask if they can meet the Price I levy."

Izianova said OOC, "They won't accept the offerings of infidels! *fleas strike kasyr by swarming and biting him in all his most sesitive areas, with the promise of greater itching to come*"

You said OOC, "The fleas drink the dragon's blood losing thousands of stamina but not dying."

Izianova idly picks at Rowen's back, having the rat suffieciently passified with her ministrations once more. She finds another tiny flea upon her finger, and looks at it closely. The tiny flea whimpers, and upon looking at her with big, buggy eyes, asks... "Are you my daddy?"

Ranok thins his eyes, slightly. "So Hy see. Ancient und vise beyond imaginink. Hy see. However, Hy hef found hyu, hef Hy not? De findinks hain't particular, onless hyu are gunna schplit heirs. Hy vould ask a qvestion uf hyu." A mere technicality, but when they worked in his favor, he sure as hell exploited them.

Izianova said OOC, "I want to make a map of rowens body. It will be highlighted by the various flea civilizations that live upon it, in different clusters of empires and domains."

Izianova said OOC, "also, I want a custom flea pet to name Gilgamesh, Rowen's most noble her-knight."

You said OOC, "Is back and delighted with Izzy's plans....heart is breaking for the war-orphaned baby flea.."

Bring me fine wine a glockenspeil and and assortment of cuckoo clocks

Rowen relaxes sleepily in the warm sweet scented water, calling to her devoted servant. "Bring me fine wine a glockenspeil and and assortment of cuckoo clocks...no pine ones you hear?"

Izianova chokes on the task Rowen sets before her. She has no idea where or how to find any of those things... except 'fine wine'. Sh ecalls to Mesthak, and orders some vodka for the queen. She'd get her drunk off her arse. Izianova's arms were starting to numb from a mixture of rubbing, pruning from the water, and being ravaged from war torn flea civilizations. Another band has already started marching up her arm, but are carelessly smashed into the side of the tub of lukewarm water, screaming in tiny voices horrific profanities about Izianova's most recent matrilineage.

Izianova said OOC, "rowen... you should totally get a whole flea civilization as a pet. Epic."

Ronin said OOC, "no,no then what if the flea civilations decides to "SIEGE" somebody near their civilisation."

Izianova said OOC, "they did... they sieged izi QQ"

Cyllth : The remote viewer seems to twist in on itself slightly as it hovers in front of Ranok's face. The voice continues within his skull, "an amusing concept, but no, you have not found Me. if only it were that easy. is your Question important to you? if so, seek Me out. the keys to my location have been released, and those clever enough, dedicated enough, and worthy enough may be able to use them to find Me."

Cyllth : the remote seems to blink once, twice, then vanishes.

Izianova said OOC, "ooh :O just use some dashes? Tiny Flea Cities named in_her_fur?"

Ah Wodka, as my dear friend Katya would say. Have you met Katya? Nice lady, burns faces

Rowen sips happily at the drink her humble drow servant brings her in her bath. "Ah Wodka, as my dear friend Katya would say. Have you met Katya? Nice lady, burns faces. I made my latest imperial decree in her honour. Perhaps, lowly wretch if you serve your empress faultlessly, there may be a slim chance of you being so favoured with a royal proclamation."

Korenai wonders what the hell Ranok was doing way up near the ceiling for so long...

Izianova finds herself rolling her eyes at the offer of a royal proclamation in her honor. She had gotten bored just a little after the part where she went deaf in one ear from a flea insurgence. However, this pet would be very amusing at later times, after she got rid of these thrice bedamned flea's... another one climbed atop her shoulder, and after screaming, "For the republic!" Proceeded to exploded gorey-ously, spattering her with tiny flea guts and burning her shoulder almost enough to itch. Almost.

Izianova said OOC, "cyllth, lemme know where the door is. A flea may earn the right to ask cyllth a question, possibly about vanquishing their mighty foe, or about their place in the universe."

Rowen calls lazily. "I wish to emerge from my bath...bring me a towel woven from finest unicorn hair, warmed...naturally."

Ranok clenches his hand into a fist, "Vait...! Gotterdammerung hall. Jimbob kurse Ancients to hell. Kryptic remarks...useful information my ass." A few minutes would be spent ensuring that, yes, the presence was gone. Once confirmed, the limelight was extinguished. He just drops from the rafter he'd been standing on. He doesn't really float like a feather down to the floor, more like a ball of parchment then a rock. The feather fall enchantment wasn't super powerful, but it was enough to turn any deadly landing into a merely painful one. This one was less the former, and so, less the latter, as well. He lands in a crumpling motion to absorb the shock, a roll unneeded at the speed he was going, duster spread out around him. Straightening up, he brushes himself off. And sneezes. All that dust he was covered with bit him in the ass. He pretends that no one saw it, however, and instead opts to mull over what little information he'd been given. A challenge presented to the blacksmith. A challenge to be won.

Tysinni cautiously enters that bar, looking this way and that for any new floating valuables that may happen to appear

Tysinni cautiously enters that bar, looking this way and that for any new floating valuables that may happen to appear. Of course, the chance of that happening twice wasn't very likely, but a thief could always hope. She brushes past a clearly inebriated patron on his way out the door, her shoulder making contact with his for less than a second. But long enough for her hand to snag his money pouch that was carelessly attached to his belt. Its all over in the blink of an eye and the drunkard would stumble out of the tavern, none the wiser for having his purse lifted by Ty. Smiling in a highly satisfied way, the half-elf adjusts her hat and heads for the board, intending to check up on some of the latest news (inanity).

You said OOC, "Just read Sayban and Izzy;s suggestions ...I think I may get a custom pet Tiny Flea Cities...or Bustling Flea cities..."

Azalea launches a counter poke!

Korenai jump kicks said poke and then jabs with big toe!

Ranok lands right behind Ty, as luck would have it. Whether the thief would notice his descent from the rafters, after his impromptu chasing of a strange mote of light, remained to be seen. Silent as his boots were, the duster still made noise. And the sneeze right out gave him away.

Ranok crashes the heads together of all parties involved to cut the shenanigans short.

Azalea bites said toe? Obviously.

Korenai is bitten, and then slammed together before slumping to the ground.. only to arise in the face of adversity... victorious!

Azalea is clearly trying to behave, but it's clearly very, very difficult for the Lyastri.

Izianova procured a towel... of rough spun cloth that was moth eaten and tossed at her by Mesthak. She wrapped the 'empress' as she rose, and huffed indignantly at actually being treated like a worker. She was completely unused to this... she prefered to seduce anyone she liked, and whimsically control them as she wished. She didn't think it would work so well on this creature... still, the rat now had an ingrained desire for Izianova's presence, for better or worse. A flea flotilla firing infinitesmal flaming fodder convinced her that is was going to get much, much worse. She grasped the flea insurgence in her hand, crushing the whole armada single handedly.

Tysinni hears the 'thump-sneeze' as something rather heavy lands right behind her. With those fast reflexes of hers, she spins around, ready to defend herself if the drunkard had suddenly discovered his purse gone. She blinks when instead she finds herself face to face with Ranok. Remaining silent for the moment, she eyes him curiously before looking up towards the ceiling. She squints up for a long moment before looking back down. "Did you just get here to?" Having not seen him when she first arrived, the thief was curious as to where her friend had come from all of a sudden.

Rowen snuggles up happily in the towel, thinking that this new servant is really quite a bit better that the ususal oafs she has to put up with. "Carry me to my next royal engagement, check the details with my secretary." No such secretary exists.

Tysinni discreetly pockets her ill-gotten gains in her duster, before eyeing the person that Ranok had addressed. "Busy? I could always find you later if you need to take care of...that." She gestures towards Korenai in a dismissive way, unconcerned with whatever their business was.

She decides to put her back where she came from, finding the nearest sewer entrance to drop her into

Izianova decides to just take the flappin rat home with her. Carrying the towel wrapped bundle with her, she makes her way out of the tavern, and finds a spot where no one is looking, then tosses Rowen high up into the air, and turns into a gigantic serpentine dragon, flying her away to... well, she realized she didn't even have anywhere to take the delusional rat, so she decides to put her back where she came from, finding the nearest sewer entrance to drop her into.

Izianova oocly can't handle it anymore! She has to get rid of this foul creature before her face implodes! It will be great when Rowen comes looking for izi later, demanding her imperial servant get back to work :D

Rowen is mildly suprised when her loyal drow servant turns into a huge wyrm and flies away. She is already missing her, calling. "Where do you think you are going?" The rat then scampers away down the sewer...finding a route back to Kelay Tavern.