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RP:Donation for Your Thoughts?

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This is a Mage's Guild RP.

Summary: Talyara pays a visit Eleenin in order to purchase some replenishments for the fort clinic. While shopping for the necessary herbs, Daath appears, intent on speaking with the little witch about joining the Mage’s Guild so that they may learn more about witch magic as well as join a support system to foster the growth of the magical community.

The Frosty Herb and Armor

Talyara :: Despite her advancement into the Healer’s Guild as a neophyte as well as her relocation out of the fort and back into her small cottage, she did not waver in her duties to the clinic. Nearly everyday, the witch would trek through the Winterberry Garden and trudge through the snow up to the fort where she would busy herself with whatever the healer’s set her to task. Whilst she felt they weren’t utilizing her to the best of her abilities and tempering her eagerness to learn, she was a patient girl, and thus did the menial work such as changing sheets, cleaning and organizing stations, and running errands. That was why Talyara found herself at the Frosty Herb and Armor this evening, bundled up and soaking from the relentless snow outside. Despite her boots, her black, fur-lined leggings were damp up to her knees, and snowflakes dotted her unruly, chestnut locks even though she had her hood pulled up. Stomping her feet as soon as she shouldered her way into the tent, the little witch placed her basket down on the ground and unclasped the cloak at her throat. Eleenin narrowed his gaze at her but she only beamed in response, always the sweet and friendly little thing that she was. “Evening! The fort clinic needs some supplies so here I am!"

Daath 's arrival is preceded by a shift in the winds that flow through the kingdom of ice and war. Three crows fly to the windowsills of the store, peering inside the shop with their piercing gaze. And just as quick as a blink of one's eyes does the Magister appear suddenly. How out of place does the dark elf seem, so much so that that Eleenin lets out a startled yip of surprise. If one was to follow the shaman's eyes, they'd find a well dressed drow standing right by the window the crows perch themselves upon, peering out into the night as the snow falls. Some things may change, but Frostmaw seems a place out of even time's reach, and that alone brings a small smile upon his lips. Again, Daath looked terribly out of place. First, its the dead of winter and no cloak wraps about his lean frame. Then, a drow in Frostmaw (while not unheard of) was still very rare. And lastly the damn dark elf was dressed in a fine suit, tailored by an obvious master of their craft. His shoes are made of the finest leather, polished and fine. His pants seem pressed and starched, and he doesn't even wear a jacket, just a vest over a white dress shirt with a tie that matches the color scheme of his attire. Black and grey, to contrast against his own ebon skin and white hair. Some fine jewelry can be seen, a few rings, a silver chain necklace that tucks into his shirt. His hair, combed and well kept, is brushed out of his face, slicked back ever so slightly so that fine elven features are exposed to all. Even drow have that hauntingly, other-worldly beauty. Oh, and a cane supports his weight, which leans slightly to his right side. Otherwise, the dark elf seems to just stare out into the night, lost in thought as Eleenin would ask Talyara. "Was he with you?"

Talyara is busy pursuing a shelf towards the back of the tent, her basket and cloak lay forgotten on the floor near the entrance. The little witch examines a curious red tincture when, she assumes Daath appears, for when Eleenin yelps in surprise, Taly startles with a squeak of her own and drops the bottle on the floor with a crash. The witch curses in sylvan under her breath before crouching down to examine the mess she made. She waves her left hand over it before muttering, “Mother Goddess hear my plea, fix this broken mess for me. As the western waters flow, and the fires burn down below; as the eastern winds caress, and stoic earth draws her breath. I call upon the elements' motions, to repair and replenish this potion.” All at once, the broken glass begins to piece itself together before the spilled liquid seems to pool itself in Talyara’s palm, allowing her to pour it back into the repaired bottle. “I’m sorry, what?” she asks Eleenin as she straightens, placing the bottle back on the shelf with care. It is only then that the witch notes Daath’s presence and she tilts her head to the side. “Him? Er, nope. Not with me."

Daath continues his examination of the night as the crash of glass draws attention away from him for a moment. Even as arcane energies surge through the shop, even if almost not wholly arcane, the drow seems ever lost in his own thoughts. That is, until the woman answers the shop-keep's question. His voice, smooth and alluring in its tone, answers as well. " No, Eleenin, I'm here on my own." As he says this, he turns to fully face the witch, his scarlet eyes locking onto Talyara's figure, studying it as he does everything he gazes upon, before saying. " I am here for her." He knows how creepy he sounds. Was he going for that? Maybe. He has odd humor. But he also knows how quickly people get defensive, how often humor is lost on people. So he says, quickly enough. " Or rather, I'm here to talk to a woman who practices magic, and ask her what I asked her sister. If, you'll allow me a few minutes?" he drops hints, but he shows no signs of hostile intent. As well, everyone knows you do not start matters within the city limits of Frostmaw. It just was never wise, then or now. So as Lithrydel's most neutral ground, Daath is counting upon the woman's own knowledge of just how secure she is here to play a part. Eleenin herself is an accomplished shaman, one of the very few magic users to predate even Satoshi's rule, back when the Frost Giants were far more xenophobic. It was an interesting side thought, one he made sure to keep to himself, of facing down the witch and the shaman and then whatever forces Frostmaw would throw at him. Would it be the priestess, Leone? The swordsman, Krice who often haunts these lands? The hero of all, Lionel? Or would he warrant a visit from Hildegarde herself? Could his magic prowess, cunning and wit get him to victory? Ah, alas. Thoughts for another day. " A few moments, a small exchange of words and I shall be out of your hair. Either way, you'll find a contribution to both the healer's guild and the local clinic." It was true, supplies as well as gold was donated just fifteen minutes prior by an anonymous donor. He found that using his wealth, as patron of House D'Jiv'Undus (third noble house of the underdark) he could often soften the deals with people who are usually taken aback by his race's history on the surface. He doesn't blame them. But it does often stifle business, and today he was here on official Mage Guild business.

Talyara shares a sidelong glance with Eleenin before focusing her gaze back on Daath standing there casually in his well tailored suit. As his crimson eyes scan her figure, her brow arches and she moves to fold her arms over her chest protectively. When he chimes in that he’s here for -her- the witch puts on her best mad face which is nothing more that a furrow of her brow and the scrunching of her nose. “Excuse you?” she says with a huff before his further explanation stills her tongue. “My sister?” she inquires, the expression on her face softening. “You’ve spoken with Lanara?” It didn’t exactly surprise her, the elder witch with the realm’s best derriere was quite popular in Lithrydel. The little witch is not privy to the drow’s internal thoughts about the various citizens of Frostmaw but when Daath speaks again, dropping hints that donations have made both the clinic and her guild, in exchange for her attention, she scoffs. Measured steps carry her towards the drow, Taly invading his space as she tilts her head ever so slightly to align her emerald gaze with his crimson one. “You think my company can be bought, even towards a good cause?” Talyara breathes out a huff of annoyance which sends an errant curl dancing across her visage. “So let us get one thing straight,” she says after a moment, emphasizing her point with a prod to the fabric of his vest with her pointer finger. “I will speak with you because I am polite and do not hold the same prejudices of others, despite what your kind might have done to me. Not because you throw your gold around trying to manipulate people by pulling on their heartstrings.” Clearing her throat, Talyara takes a step back and once more begins to roam the tent, pulling necessary herbs from their containers. “Who are you and what is it you wish to speak to me about?"

Daath does not miss a beat as she tries to gain an upper hand in their little exchange, stating a fact of. "Oh, the gold was donated simply because its a habit I find I like." Truth, though he does continue to be honest by saying. "Though it was mentioned in the hopes of avoiding preconceived notions my race earned, but the gold was already donated and would have remained even still if you had said no. Softer heart, or not." He allows a brief moment to hang between those last words, before he says. " I am Daath D'Jiv'Undus, Magister in the Mage's Guild. I spoke to Lanara first simply because, at the time I was a closer travel there then here." Yeah know, teleportation spells are nice, but taxing over long distances for even someone as skilled as he is. "Though, I look at you both as an equal. I look to you both to help me, so in turn we can help each other. I am really here because of magic. It grows, it evolves. And now? We have witches. Not simple mages, the usual standard of arcane magic. And magic itself is no simply defined by arcane energies anymore. So, as a standing member of the guild that wishes to remain a beacon for magic in the land, education, understanding and growth, I seek out two of the best known witches in the land. Be it your foreign heritage, or just the way you look at things, magic has changed." He pauses a moment, allowing her to not become overwhelmed by a long winded speech, before continuing with. " My preemptive move with the donations, was due to prejudice I face due to my race. You? Your kind? You've naught been in this land a few years at best, and now witches are hunted, hated and blamed for attacks on cities? Branded a menace? No, the guild believes the "attacks" could not have been caused by witches. But we do believe they are magic caster. Not wholly divine, not wholly nature based, nor wholly arcane, but a bit of all? We do not know. But we'd like you and your sister to join us, to illuminate this matter, and to help grow a better understanding of magic, as well as witches." He knows it’s a lot, so he stops here for now.

Talyara moves freely around the tent, occasionally looking Eleenin’s way as the shaman continues to watch the pair warily. He’s not particularly close with the witch, but her bubbly self has been a fixture at the tent the last few months and it’s hard to dislike someone so friendly and who has such a big heart. As Daath speaks, Talyara remains silent, although she does pause in her reach for a bundle of sage when the drow explains he sees Lana and Taly as equals. The comment, while perhaps holding no weight to Daath, is loaded to the little witch. Lanara would never demean her sister, put her down and say she was better or more powerful. They were raised in the same fashion, by the same powerful mother. However, siblings being what they are, Taly often compares herself to her older sister, and finds the green eyed one to be inferior. She can be quite the self deprecating thing. Swallowing hard, Taly continues to move about the room until her arms are completely full and she is forced to return to her basket near Daath in order to deposit her items. “You want our help?” she asks for clarification, turning to face the drow once more. “And what did Lana have to say about all of this?"

Daath watches her, studies her, as Talyara moves about the room. He waits patriently for her to finish gathering her things, set them down and have enough time to do what she was doing before their conversation started, before he'd reply to her inquiry with. "She wants to help. But I could say anything really, I'd rather you talk to her and find out. I will say, she actually shook my hand." He knows family, he knows she will talk to her sister on her time, but she'll get the truth. They'd discuss it, as they should. "Magic is my aim. Knowing it more. Understanding it. Helping it grow. This also goes for those who practice it. And witches, as you lot seem to be called, are followers of magic. I'd rather see us all work together for a better understanding of magic, and nothing more. So, I shall not press any further. I just wanted to talk to your personally, to extend the same offer I did to Lanara. Your choices are your own, you'll find that many will still support you in the guild, should you choose not to join. Though many take our neutrality in public matters far more serious, so you'd see little from them as far as anti-witch propaganda." Nodding to Eleenin, a slight familiarity coming to him, as Daath did frequent Frostmaw during Satoshi's reign, Daath says to Talyara. "I know Lanara's assistant, Venin, may not trust many when it comes to new men around her mentor, but I hope you see I am not here for anything other than magic, and my duties to see that magic isn't stifled in its growth because zealots decided terminology and bigotry are more important than that." He pauses, stopping himself from rambling about magic, a topic he can talk about for days on end. "Please, if you decide this conversation should continue, send a raven. I am not hard to find."

Talyara :: “She shook your hand?” Talyara asks Daath, a smile curving on her lips at the thought, the first one the drow would have seen on her face since entering the tent. “That is quite significant,” she informs him, slipping her hand into the back pocket of her leggings and pulling out a coin purse to pay for her basket of herbs. “As I said earlier, I do not hold the same prejudices that most might hold towards the drow, least of all my family who was destroyed by a patron of your kind. But I know that there are malevolent witches out there and I wouldn’t want to be lumped in with them,” she admits with a sigh. “So you are Daath, Magister in the Mage’s Guild and you wish to recruit me in order to not only study my magic, but allow me to help foster growth in the magical community as a whole. Do I have that right?” she asks him pointedly.

Daath nods his head as she recites what he said in a far more simpler, and probably time saving, manner. " Yes, that sums it up far better than my long winded speech."

Talyara hums to herself thoughtfully as she turns back to Eleenin and places the appropriate coin in his hand before bending down to grab her cloak which she pulls over her shoulders with a flourish, fastening the clasp at her throat. Her emerald eyes focus on the drow once more with a slight tilt of her head, studying him as if trying to sense some type of malice or misguidance. She’s not empathic, but she trusts her intuition which is telling her that Daath speaks the truth. So the little witch dips her chin in a small nod before taking her basket and settling it in the crook of her elbow. “Very well. I believe that this is a cause worthy of my energy. So I’d like to help you Daath D’Jiv’Undus."

Daath smiles and nods as the witch does very much the same as her sister. Curious. Was it a family trait? But, he is a drow, so family traits usually involve murder and back stabbing (literally and figuratively) so he'd make sure he'd be wary of how easily the witches agreed each. He was trying to open his own horizons and be more outgoing, but trusting anyone was a whole new concept even harder to understand then some of the most advanced and ancient rituals he has ever seen. I mean, who can just TRUST someone? They can kill you! They will probably use the connection to harm you, or use you in some way. Daath shall never fall victim to such things, so he'd keep his guard up, not matter how bubbly and nice the witches may seem. "Very good. If you see your sister before I do, I'd like to have you both at the Mage's Tower in Xalious to actually talk with another Magister, so we can hash matters out more formally, is that okay?"

Talyara nods her head in understanding when Daath requests that she and her sister join in Xalious at the Mage’s tower in order to discuss further matters with another magister. “That seems like a good idea,” she agrees with a sweet smile, the little witch probably more trusting that she should be. “I live here in Frostmaw should you need me before then. You are familiar with the clinic, I assume, as you made a donation there. They can easily find me. Although, I daresay with your magical abilities you can do that on your own,” she teases lightly with a smirk.

Daath allows a smirk to play on his lips as he says. "You've no idea." In a playful tone. And with that, he offers her a simple bow of respect, and says. "I look forward to the meeting, and I hope you and the clinic shall put the supplies and gold to good use." With that, he waves farewell before the dark elf opens the door and steps out into the the snow filled night air, taking in a deep breath before he'd allow another small smile to a thought he had. Satoshi would be happy to see he was trying to not be such a stick in the mud. He is also sure she'd love witches, for the magic and for the fun of seeing how her magic compared. It was a funny thought, the former Queen of Frostmaw toying with a witch, trying to start a fight simply to see how fun it could have been. And with that final fun though, the dark elf would vanish just as quickly as he appeared, causing the gathered crows to burst into flight, cawing as they fly away into the darkness.