RP:Desparrow humours the obviously insane rat priestess Rowen

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8th Septh 2011

The wizard bows deeply to the rat

You told Desparrow, "*cleans her whiskers and squeaks*"

Desparrow told you, "*nods and bows deeply* Greeting High Priestess."

You told Desparrow, "*Smiles condescending at the fellow* (ooc I do apologise for the manners of my insane arrogant lil' rat, Her heart's in the right place.)"

Please, do as you see fit for punishment

Desparrow told you, "Have I displeased you High Priestess? If I have offended you in any way, please, do as you see fit for punishment."

You told Desparrow, "The rat glares angrily at the man. "It is fortunate for you that since I have dedicated my life to serving the great Daedria I have taken a vow of non violence or I would have had you horsewhipped for failing to kneel before me. As it is, your punishment for your disrespect shall be community service. I am gathering laboures to build fortifications in the sewers of Larket to prevent attack by the fermin, the drow, Vuryal's other allies or any who may threaten the city in these troubled times. (ooc Probbaly going to do some building fortifications rp later or tomorrow if you want to join in, not a problem if you don't have time I have a number of volunteeers already, and the whole punishment will soon be forgotten by the deluded lil high priestess. )"

Desparrow told you, "I would be honored to serve *bows down on hands and knees*"

You told Desparrow, "ooc *laughs and hugs him* Thanks for humouring may crazy lil rat hun <3<3<3 Desparrow smiles Desparrow looked at you.

You looked at Desparrow.

Desparrow bows on hands and knees

Desparrow said, "Thank you so much, I am in your holy debt"

You is a little mollified that the lowly wrecth has finally learned to show her the respect due to a great rat such as she

Desparrow said, "Thank you High Priestess, you are holy indeed and I will do as you ask."

Desparrow bows even lower than before