RP:Cenril Bank gets robbed again

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Jolie and friends including a capuchin monkey and a three legged talking rat rob the bank in Cenril.

This rp took place in about November 2010.

The rogues gather

Jolie set her peridot gaze upon the building across the street, from the alley in which she and her cohorts were ensconced. "Almost time.." she murmured, drawing the hood of a magically-imbued cloak over her head, leaving her features visible for a moment. The rest of her blurred to a kind of indistinct shape that rippled vague mimic of the background of sooty brick and broken carts, detritus thrown into the disused walkway. "Ready, men?" Six stout sailors spoke the 'aye' and one nodded.. Gideon was a mute, a barrel of a man with a silver beard tucked into his belt, perspiration sheening on his shaven head. "Right," said Jolie, "I'm the distraction. Wait for the signal.. then blitz-attack, no quarter, no mercy." She turned toward a thinner man, a tattooed tar with the physique and face of a praying mantis. "Garou. You keep the path the to the docks clear, right?" When he'd assented, she drew the hood over her face completely, and made motion for the men to lie in wait. A midday robbery. Risky, but in that cloak of stealth, she might just disable the guard out front... and then the doors were free and clear.

Rowen said to Jolie, "Should I stay on your shoulder to advise you, or lead the troops in the second wave, so to speak? I wish I'd brought Nigel"

Jolie raised a finger to her lips, motioning the rat to hush. "I need you to help me distract those guards while I slip in and disarm the ones inside." Her whisper stilled as she handed the rodent a tiny vial of liquid. "This needs to get into their blood. Don't know if it works on goblins, but it sure as heck can knock a pygmy out."

Jolie gave 1 sleeping potion to Rowen.

Lulu was somewhere close to Gideon at the moment, for no other reason than a shiny rock had caught her short-attention. Which soon shifted to Rowen on Jolie's back. This simply would not do! So with much haste, dodged around the feet of many-a sailor, she closed in on the duo and was soon on Jolie's /other/ shoulder. The capuchin wasn't really aware of what was going on, or would have likely been hiding in a barrel.

Rowen coats the needles of her nodding Myrall doll with the sleeping potion.

Jolie gave the monkey a narrow look. Clearly her cloak of stealth did not work on simian eyes. She tucked the cloth around Lulu. "You, dear." she said, hoping the creature understood. "I need you to get in somebody's face, in a little while..."

Yasmine had been having a drink at the time that she had come to know the call of her clan. Somehow she knew that there were times when members of the clan wanted her to be somewhere, and honestly they were like family, she wasn't going to turn them down. So she had gulped down the last bits of her drink, paid the man and set off for Cenril. Now, she was gazing up at the building, a few recognizable faces around her, a few that weren't. She caught the sound of Jolie's voice not too far off, as well as Rowen's, and smirked; should have known this was her idea. With arms crossed she gave the perception that she was there for the fun, but she was good at fun. Whatever needed to be done, she was reving and ready to go for it, waiting for the signal to go.

Shaniqua after a day roaming around this strange new world she finds herself in, has now walked from the vast sage forest to a busy city. Standing at nearly eight feet tall the half bread towers over most all she has seen, adding the feeling of being somewhat out of place, which consumed her nearly every waking second of her life. For the most part, Shaniqua appears human, her face that of aging yet young human. No over sized tusks, or odd shaped nose, instead the half breed's visage is riddled with various piercings. Several line both ears, one in each brow, one through her nose and chin, even her tongue. All pulsate with the magic held within, shining a dim light upon her dark skin. She is a slender, yet lean woman, though one couldn't tell as she keeps her body concealed beneath her dress. Her hands however, are twice the size of any human, and armed with long twisted nails which are use at the time to grasp the scorched tree branch which still smolders from it's top. Thick gnarled dread locks fall to her ankles and drag upon the earth as she walks the paved road of Cenril, stopping only to rummage through her pouch. Here, she glances upon the troops standing outside the bank, tilting her head as she wonders what could be going on.

Jolie's tanned and slender hand would appear, it seemed, from the upturned tray of a broken cart - or an odd shadowy ripple in front of it. Her voice was low in greeting Yasmine. "Bout time you got here." The hand indicated Gideon and the others, Garou already having slipped away to keep watch on the road to the docks. "Don't suppose you've got anything on you to make the guard inside groggy?" She paused, invisibly smiling. "Something we can throw at ‘em?"

Lulu took Jolie's words for what they were, even if she made no obvious gesture at acknowledging them. Soon, a guard, or banker was going to be a very scratched up face and missing nose.

Yasmine snickered a bit as she walked over to the in and out appearance of Jolie. "Matter of fact I do." Five slender, needles were produced from within her sleeve. "These will fly swift and true, aim for a major artery for the sedative to knock them out really quickly." A glance was given in the direction of the other men before turning back to the woman, "Anything else? Or just wait for the signal?" The grin on her lips spoke more than words could for the devious nature that harbored itself beneath normally cold, midnight eyes.

Jolie whispered to Yasmine, almost soundlessly. "Need you inside. Ro's got the ones out front."

Jolie would eye the half-troll who'd spotted her men, hissing dismay at the female's vigilance. If a passer-by noticed them... "You lot, get back into the shadows, til I call." But would the troll-kin blow their cover, before the heist even began? She held her breath.

The Avian Afrikaisi gets caught up in events.

Afrikaisi had been in the area. Heading for the bank, actually. What the avian caught a glimpse of made her stop dead in her tracks, though. Was that..?No. Monkeys don't float. Rats don't either. She glanced away, going with the assumption she was hallucinating, and notices there's quite a large crowd present, with only one face in particular that looked familiar. Naturally, moves off to the side, where she hopes to be out of the way. Nothing is said. A tattooed hand lifts to wave at Yasmine, though. Then she adjusts her monocle, and watches.

Rowen aims the doll, a gift from the dwarf queen, who probably would not approve of Rowen using it to lighten bank coffers. She take aim and fires at the nearest bank employee.

Yasmine gives the woman a brief nod before turning towards the bank and sidling herself in through the doors, watching as always.

Shaniqua narrows her pierced brow into a frown directed toward Jolie as her attention falls upon her. She grips her staff tightly, sending her eyes to scan each troop member for the slightest notion they'd attack her. It was clear to her that the group was up to something, but breathes a sigh of relief once they slip deep into shadows. With that she returns to searching her pouch, withdrawing a cigar packed with fine smokable herbs and places it to her lips. "Ah... She an' her men got, sum-tin planned." She says to Jolie with a thick island assent, in tones that seem like normal speaking volume to most others, to Shaniqua it's a whisper.

Jolie would wince in the half-troll's direction, the loud murmur not escaping the sharp goblinish ears of a guard, who had only time to draw his black sword before a needle thunked into his unprotected cheek. With a soft grunt, he slid against the wall. His fellow guard looked at him, in alarm. It was now or never. "Ro, get the other one. Men, time to move out." She, along with her shoulder-borne cohorts, slipped into the street - visible perhaps only to the very perceptive, toward the trollish female. A blur of stone and timber would speak, then, "You." Again, her hand extended, to prod the troll-kin. "We're pulling a job. What side of our swords are you going to be on?"

Jolie would, under her cape of stealth, make a sound very like a sharp sword being drawn.

Afrikaisi , beginning to grow curious, decides to follow Yasmine inside.

Rowen stops glaring jealously at the capuchin long enough to fire another drugged needle from her nodding Myrall doll at the second guard. "Didn't even bring Nasuarate, the duckling, bloody poorly organised bank job!"

Shaniqua quirks her brow as lift the smoldering tip of her staff toward the tip of her cigar as small sudden bolt of lightening jumps from weapon to cigar. The cigar catches fire from this, allowing the half breed to inhale the ricj intoxicating smoke. She stares to Jolie with calm eyes, stepping toward her as she exhales the smoke from her nose. "Shaniqua, she wan' ta be on no side. But she help, if-in der be money she can make."

"Two per cent of take." Jolie eyed the tall female up and down - hard to do, from all of her five foot nothing. "We need help with the haul. Do as you're told, don't get killed, you get a good cut." And as the second guard slapped at a dart protruding from his throat and slithered into a slumbering heap, she gave word. "Time, mates!" And the pirates swarmed toward the bank, swords drawn. Shaniqua could follow, or stay, as she liked.

Yasmine made her way into the some what busy bank, hoping to deposit a bit of money. Spotting that Afrikaisi had come in as well, the rather in a good mood lycan made her way over. "Afternoon Afrikaisi." She announced with a happy to see her tone of voice. "Business going well?"

Before shutting the door behind her, the avian peeked over a winged shoulder to look at the strange blur with a monkey and rat perched atop of it, along with the others gathered outside. Without turning fully to greet Yasmine, she says, "Good afternoon, Yasmine." Then she turns, stepping closer to the lycan. Her tone remained dull and flat, just like usual. "It's nice to see you again. And yes, it's going well. Did you happen to notice the folks outside?" An inky thumb jutted toward the door. "I wonder what they're up to." She could jump to conclusions of course, based on what she overheard, and didn't object to it. If anything, the avian wanted in on whatever was about to go down. She'd never voice that, though.

To confuse matters Rohen joins in. Remember Rowen is a rat. Rohen isnt.

Rohen had been sitting inside the bank upon a bench, his body still wounded from the previous night. Both shoulders had been cut open, what looked like a man thrust two separate blades into them, yet both of the wounds were bandaged. His body had little clothing upon it, as he had to have new robes made, causing him to only wear his pants around for now until such a thing could be done. His goal today however was to inspect the bank and it's security to find out if it would be a worthwhile place to hold his gold, afterall for now he had been trusting it to the dwarves and while it was secure it was a llooonnng walk. Sitting inside the bank silently he watched and waited, his decision still not made upon whether or not he wanted to use this particular establishment. As he heard Yasmine's name, his attention set upon her, watching the woman and all the happenings about her.

Yasmine had her arms loosely crossed as she listened to the avianess, knowing the tone was not of boredom, just her usual inclination. "It is nice to see you as well." To the folks outside she made a brief glance to the doorway before turning back to Afri and giving her a small shrug. "Saw them, not too sure what’s happening." A dark brow though rose, possibly suggesting she knew otherwise? "You never know. Interested in what it is?" The question was posed as she glanced once more back towards the doors.

Afrikaisi nodded to Yasmine. "Of course I'm interested." She glanced at the doors a second time. "Standing and watching when something fun might possibly happen gets a bit boring." The lens covering her right eye is removed for a moment in order to wipe it clean with her sleeve. Once it's replaced, she glances over at a pair of nearby guards. "They look like they're on edge," she notes.

Yasmine nods in total agreement with the avian. "Standing by is never fun." She chuckled, "I knew there was definitely more than one reason I liked ya Afrikaisi." There might have been a light hearted tease in there somewhere as she glanced over at the guards and smirked. "Eh they always are on edge."

Rohen continued to watch the avian and lycanness and at the mention of the guards his gaze shifted upon them, studying their movements. His eyes rolled at the uneasy feeling about them, his mind made up about the situation, no guards should ever be on edge, not even during a robbery. Standing up he began to make his way towards the door..

Jolie was almost unseen amid the horde of large men led by the wordless Gideon, who burst into the bank, the doors slamming against the walls, swords drawn and ready for trouble. So the source of the female voice shouting "Money or your lives!" wasn't immediately spotted.. by the unmagical contingent, anyway. "Ro, can you get to the vault?" The rat was small enough to slither by the mayhem and with a bit of luck had learned well at the side of Jolie's safe-cracking Captain. "Yas, take the... OW!" A bolt of greenish flame put an end to her invisibility, revealing a smallish dark-haired woman with eyes green as the fire that had singed her. And the monkey, probably. A fleet of semi-seen shapes would converge on her and her nearby companions then - Shaniqua too, if the larger female had followed for her cut of the take... those magical guards weren't slacking off, at all, obviously.

Shaniqua follows in with the wave of troops lead by Jolie, taking up the back as she calmly enters. Her staffs raps upon the floor of the bank as Shaniqua glances about to study this indoor area. She takes a drag from her cigar, plucking the ash to the floor as she stares to Jolie. Her lips curl into a smirk, wondering if Jolie expects her to follow every command, but for now the half breed looks for somewhere to sit, as a day full of walking has tired out her legs.

Rowen scampers down off the small human's shoulder and into the rather musty smelling vault. The psionic rat uses her mind to manipulate the inner workings of the safe's locking mechanism, with a bit of luck, she may have it open soon.

Monkey business

Lulu freaked. Scared monkey, Jolie shouting, rushing guards - green flame. Yes. The capuchin freaked. And when this Capuchin freaks out, she loses control of her bowels. While that nasty bomb was getting set to detonate, she grew a few patches of rough courage on her chest, and bolted from the woman's shoulder - straight into the face of the closest threat she perceived. From shoulder of ally, to shoulder of enemy, the closing gap between her claws and one of those guard's face was short. After the leap tiny paws equipped with generous claws sought face, mouth sought nose to tear off, and soon after - if only to add insult to injury - the agile capuchin flipped position, sticking back end in guard's face while mouth sought to disarm the male, and from her backside came a sputtering of...biscuits and bacon-filled feces. An odd smell, painful, would sting wounds - unpleasant.

Yasmine turns to the sound of a familiar voice saying her name. Turning for a brief moment to the avian she grins, "You game?" Before taking off to the other woman, careful about who was throwing the green fire. "Grab what now?" She asked, catching sight of the troll as well as the scurrying monkey.

Rohen watched as the group of people entered the bank, a long sigh given at the situation. His feet moved backwards, heading back for his bench so that perhaps he might just be looked over as he sat there casually, unmoving and undoing anything at all. Looking towards the ground as if it would make the rest of the people there ignore him entirely, the elf picked up one key word in the woman's speech, Yas. A shake of the head given at the comment as he realized the woman would somehow have to be connected to the situation. His mind went to work, observing the situation silently from his seat, looking for an entrance or escape, something to free him from this location with little to no trouble.

Afrikaisi was game, of course. While nodding followed the lycan, and tried to prevent herself from gagging at the terrible smell that soon filled her nostrils.

Jolie glanced aside to Yasmine, as she hauled her frame out of the way of a greenishly-shining blade that had swooped out of almost nowhere. "Fleece those marks, while we..." Get our asses kicked, she didn't say, dismayed at the magical defenses of the guards. Her own abilities had lain dormant so very long.. was it possible she could call them up? Jolie doubted it. Her cutless sliced into a gaseous patch of shining air bearing down on her, and he guard, minus his head, found it hard to keep up his disguise. The body fell to the floor with a thud, head rolling to Rohan's feet, or thereabouts. She'd catch sight of Shaniqua, who apparently thought this a good time for a tea break. "Lil help?" she gasped, swinging upon the next defender to attack, fortunately a regular militia who was wholly visible - and unarmed with fiery spells.

Shaniqua winces as she watches Jolie is struck with the flame. Knowing she dropped the ball on the one, Shaniqua closes one eye as she take another deep drag of her cigar. She taps her cheek with the tip of her nasty nail while mentally flipping through pages of a book, scanning through endless spells the half breed has learned and memorized. Snapping her fingers, the troll woman slowly raises her arms in chant, her staff lifted with them. The air around the guards quickly become charged with static energy. Their skin and pops and crackles with electricity, their become heavy as if weighted down. A field of static surround each guard, creating a strong clinging effect which begins to bind their feet to the floor like glue. As the grunt and groan as movements become strained, guards begin to have a attraction to each other, their armor becoming magnets to one another that brings them together like iron nails around, well a magnet.

A quick nod was afforded the woman as Yasmine set her cold midnight sights on the bank tellers first. Bigger amount to steal from them. Making a quick get around of the guards tossing weapons and magic every which way she made her move towards the first, a silver dagger keenly situated in her right hand. "Gold please? In one of those lovely satchels too." Her empty hand motioned to the brown bags near the back as she kept alert for sudden movements from the others in the bank. "No funny business either."

Kenneth entered the bank for no reason what so ever....In fact...The wasn't at all...because he kept his gold somewhere else...Whatever, Kenneth felt it was his destiny to come here. His sight wasn't one be found of when he entered. He wasn't a stranger to robberies...people were stupid like that, or perhaps they had no choice. However, he saw a woman decapitating one of the guards. When people robbed places and kill, it's means they have intents that aren't great...though robbing isn't ever, but like said before...maybe they are in need...this people were in for something else than poorness. Kenneth spoke aloud, his voice quite intelligent and bold, thanks to many years of military and studying. "Now, now, now...What is the meaning of this....ordeal...I do believe this is quite unnecessary....Just go on home, and I can donate money to you guys...instead of killing people, which is completely wrong....won't you?"

Rohen looked down upon the decapitated man's rolling head, a sigh given, yet little else as his foot nudged the body part back towards the combatants, maybe it might trip one of them who knows. His normal dull gaze sat there watching the groups, attackers and defenders alike, wanting to find his exit out of this place before he got into to much trouble, specially since one of the attackers knew who he was and what he looked like. His feet lifted him off the bench as he was about to move until he saw the guards moving about, their armor attracted to one another and he figured it best to just retake his seat, there was little hope of getting through a group such as this. Instead he went to guise himself in the best manner possible, his legs now moving about as he searched through the bank for various people he could steal clothing from. He managed to find a shirt, which he quickly put upon his bare chest and then looked for something to hide his ears and face.

Shaniqua turns to Kenneth and his promise of money. The half turns to the troops and the small, as she scratches her cheek. "If-in Shaniqua leave now, she be given money?" She asks Kenneth while slowly turning back to him. "But if she leave, how she get money? Shaniqua think he be lyin'."

Afrikaisi wasn't entirely sure if following Yasmine was best when a voice caught her attention. Her eyes settled on Kenneth, and narrowed. He seemed like one of those types who'd talk after the robbery was finished, if he successfully got away. Deciding that looking in the vaults could wait, the avian made a beeline for the man, stopping midway to pick up a blunt looking object that just so happened to be the head that had went rolling for Rohen's feet moments before. It was the head of a man with long hair, which had been tied back, thankfully, and would now make a suitable weapon. Inked fingers held tight to the hair while she began to spin the decapitated noggin over her own. Fwoom, fwoom, fwoom~ With enough force gathered, the avian aimed the bloody head for Kenneth's, with the full intention of knocking him unconscious with the sharp blow.

Jolie would offer the half-troll a grin, appreciating the magnetic magics that put end to motion, or near enough, for those guards armed with metal. As the men shouted and struggled against the spell, iron clashed with iron, and soon all were clumped in armoured angles, feebly waving their swords. Jolie called to Rowen, "Clear?" but saw the vault door swing open a crack, all the rat could manage. Lulu was entertaining herself among the magnetically-challenged horde of guards, biting noses, painting faces with foul excretions. Gideon clanged frantically on a teller's booth, demanding coin, assisting Yas with her job while the others dealt with a new influx of guards bolting in from he street. Things looked to be going well enough.. except those inbuilt magical defenses had been tripped, too, and the whole lot - robbers, pirates, bystanders, victims - would be soon be dodging sheets of greenish-yellow flame emanating from jets set in the walls, or something.. Jolie beat at a small fire searing her hair-ends and forged her way toward the vault. Pausing by Kenneth, she offered Afrikaisi another white grin, and passed by to hurry the collection of valuables.

Kenneth heard the one speak to him and stated, "I give it to you before you leave, ma'am...if you so actually leave...." Before a response was heard, something happened. Kenneth was a born lycan, enhanced with his animal instinct, meaning having the sixth sense of danger, meaning that poor soul's head flailing towards him. Of course Kenneth dodged with relative ease, searching around, see who's who. "Well..This won't be easy....And that wasn't rather nice, ma'am....But...prehaps I have now choice but to at least stop you....You should really go home...That's all I ask..but...I'm afraid now I'm going to have to take care of you..." Kenneth was ready, his weapons luckily upon his person today. He hated making the first move, so he waited for another attack.

Yasmine hurried from window to window collecting up the gold and handing it off to the pirate who had been following her. Finding all the money from the behind the counters had been cleared she turned her gaze back to the vault and called out, "Need help in there? Or do ya want me to keep an eye out here?" A quick glance about the place told her step between the others and the vault that Jolie had made for. In both hands daggers had slipped tightly into place, while deep in her core something howled, awakening to the possibility of blood and fighting. A small flicker of a glance was given to the avian, noting if she was alright and if not, to give her a signal to step in. As for the male trying to step in, well he'd find himself in some serious trouble soon enough if he didn't back off.

Rohen spotted another set of clothing upon a poor person, he lifted a set of robes off the unsuspecting victim, yes he aeromancied some robes right off the poor cowering person who was about his size. As the robes floated over to him on the air he controlled he quickly went behind the bench he had been sitting upon pulling the robes over his head until he had them upon his body. Hood flipping over his head, he began to think the disguise while not complete was alright. Wearing thin blue robes as he walked back to his bench, eyes still scanning the area as he watched the combatants, trying to make sure no off spells or projectiles or weapons would come towards him. The jetted flames began to shoot out from the walls towards the man, another roll of his eyes given as he began to chant his own magics, air began to stir around the aeromancer, pushing back the flames near him, causing him his own little barrier of protection for as long as they could hold. Course in his weakened state that amount of time might be shorter then normal.

Shaniqua , upon waiting for Kenneth to answer her, has left herself open for attack. She was unaware of the flames shooting out the wall, until one slams into the wall beside her head. To let her know the seriousness of the event, she glances down to see her cigar was grazed and went up in flames leaving tube shaped mound of ash between her digits. Before she can get mad, Shaniqua's eyes widen as a flame zeros in upon her. With thunderous scream of fear and panic, the troll woman throws herself to the floor, covering her head with arms and staff. Here on the floor in a cowardly curled up position Shaniqua slowly chants as she waves her staff in a circular motion in the air. A loud hissing noise filled the bank and comes from nearly every corner of the building. The reason for this is the air within bank was dropping, forced to leave out where ever it call. Breathing becomes hard, but not completely stopped. Good thing is, there isn't enough air to support a flame, fire ball and candles, all become extinguished due to the lack of air.

Jolie shouted back over her shoulder to the desert-lycan, "That feller lurking, over there. Fleece him, wouldya, pet?" Several of the Eternity's crewmen had accompanied her to the vault, and were loading bars of metal and gems into sacks already, desperately trying to avoid gouts of flame, and failing in some cases. Several sacks were used to douse burning hair, the small mortal assisting the crew where she could.

Afrikaisi may not have looked disappointed with her move being pretty much brushed off, but didn't let it show. No grin was made at Jolie, but a subtle nod was. While Kenneth continued jabbering on, she hurled the head directly at Kenneth's a second time, without attempting to use it as a makeshift flail. This was the distraction. She may not have weapons like him, she could be absolutely vicious when the time called for it. Like now. Ignoring the mayhem behind her, Afrikaisi practically threw herself at Kenneth, using her avian strength to throw him to the floor. From there she'd try keeping him pinned with the extra weight of her large wings, and proceed to wring his neck until he stopped moving. Her own magic assisted her inky hands in preventing air from entering his body. She leaned forward, lips just inches away from his, and began calling for her natural ability to play with the air. The avian inhaled, violently tugging air from lungs by way of his nostrils and mouth, and into her own gradually expanding lungs.

Jolie found the flames suddenly burning low, the vault rapidly growing stuffy. "Hurry up, y'pack of slackers," she said, hoarsely, grabbing for Rowen and stashing the rat on her shoulder. "And ready to move out." Making her way back into the now-not-so-burning bank, she would pause to offer the troll a hand up, as if her slight frame could bear the bigger woman's weight.

At the mention of lurking fellow, Yasmine’s deep midnight eyes scanned over the chaos of the room, landing on the elf who seemed to have kept to the shadows. Recognition crossed her features for a brief moment before she called back, "Of course dear." Daggers poised in her hands she advanced upon the elf who seemed a quite a bit weakened. "You heard the pretty lady, fork over whatever you've got." A dark hand clasped over a dagger was held out to take whatever satchel of gold the man might possibly be on him. "I'd rather not have to cut up your face boy." A hint of snarl lingered in her words.

Rowen's wise advice for Jolie

Jolie's rodent-shaped clansmate was babbling something in her ear, about ducklings and fire, and how Nigel would never have let things get so terribly out of hand.

Kenneth shook his head. Well....Isn't this a pain....He saw the questioning woman being burned, which wasn't good, for he was a doctor, meaning he was always on duty. Before the avian attacks, Kenneth used his advanced terramancy to produce a solid rock wall made from the earth below the building. That would buy him time as he raced to that hurt person. "Excuse me...Despite you doing a bad deed, I know there's good in you....I'm a doctor and I can cure those wounds if you like...." Is motives were backward, but all in doubt, he was a good person, doing what he believed in, which was that everyone was good, so they deserve the chance to get good things back to them. "Well?"

Rohen looked towards the lycanness, a devious look upon his face as he spoke, "Certainly, I will comply with what you ask. You can have everything I have, if you will give me a moment to get to it here." As the last word ended the aeromancer dropped to the floor, in a similar manner to Shaniqua, canceling whatever spell he had been casting, allowing the flames to jet forth from their places and head straight towards the lycanness. His body then began to crawl upon the floor, as he sought to finally gain his leave from the bank.

Jolie said to Rowen, "Hush. Scamper out and tell Garou to ready the boat, would you?" Her eyes snapped to the tricky elf. She'd say to Yasmine, and who-ever was backing the lycaness up, "Grab him." They'd probably need a hostage.

Shaniqua struggles to breath as she herself cannot escape the effect of her spell, she lift her head to watch the shooting fire ball fizzle out before getting far. She grins, happy to see it was safe for her to get up. Her movements are slow, pained even, so upon spotting Jolie's smaller hand, Shaniqua gladly takes it. Using her staff as support and to aid Jolie with helping her, the troll raises to her feet. "Next time, Shaniqua mind her busines."

Yasmine moves as her race had always done, with swift conviction and dodged out of the spitting fire's direction. She heard the words of boat being prepared and yelled out to Jolie, "Our lurking fella is trying to get us killed and get away." A dagger pointed in the direction she had seen the elf crawl off in. "Any need for captives?" Yasmine nods as she makes a quick move to the elf who was crawling along the floor. "I suggest you stop moving." The pirate who had been with her while going to windows made a move to grab the elf, while she had daggers poised, "I'd rather not have to use other unconventional methods to getting you to stop now."

Jolie said to Shaniqua, "And what? Miss all this fun?" The jets would kick in a moment later, revived by the elf's interfering. "Watch it!" Her own ducking might prevent the troll-kin from having her own head singed. Meantime, six big men were dragging sacks clear from the vault, and dispatching the few remaining guards and any who bumbled into the commotion. Lulu was bouncing from fallen man to fallen man, collecting up "shinies", and Rowen had scampered off to organise the getaway. "

Rohen turned back to look at Yasmine, frowning at her insistence to capture him. As the other pirate lurched towards him, his body instinctively rolled, removing him from the path of the man, and at the end of said roll he nodded towards the woman. "Very well.. However, I feel I would rather crawl from here on out." At that he continued on his way of moving towards the door, perhaps still trying to escape, perhaps not.

Yasmine moves to step in front of him, "No, you're going to walk." Standing between him and the door and a couple of other large pirates. "Get him boys." A few of them made to grab the elf by his clothing.

Shaniqua 's eyes open wide as she turns catch sight of flame coming right at her. She raise her arms before her face, using them to shield hear pierced visage from the heat. The flame hits her, sending her stumbling backward and back to the floor. She grinds her teeth together as her arms sizzle, causing a tear or two to fall from her eyes. It's been awhile since she felt pain like this, and hoped she'd never have to again. Afrikaisi can be persistent. When the rock wall appears, she steps back, but stumbles over somebody's body. It takes a bit for her to right herself. She's on Kenneth's trail once again. This time, the avian attacks from behind. She has that head again, too. If the avian can't end him, she can at least knock him unconscious for now. That's her intention, anyway. While he's focused on trying to heal somebody, she brings the head down upon his with so much force that you can hear bones cracking. From the head in her hands, not Kenneth's. If that's not enough to take the man down, she can't even begin to think what will.

Yasmine turns her attention once more to the avian, saddling up to her and taking a hold of her arm. "Time to get going deary. Back to ship and such." Her midnight gaze dances over to the troll as well, signaling she'd be close behind her as well, leading the way to the ship.

Rohen let out a long sigh at the lycanness, nodding to her in agreement. Standing up he began to chant once more, air pushing out around him to keep the flames at bay, his body visibly weak by the magic that was being used. Looking towards the woman woozily, he collapsed upon her, his face looking up towards her should she catch him. "I think you will have to carry me as I am in no means strong enough to walk at the moment. My magic will keep you safe from the flames if you do so, however I will have no means of moving myself while it is active.." His mind still somehow in a rationally state of mind regardless of the events as he spoke to her calmly, informatively.

Jolie said to Shaniqua, "Excuse me..." A sharp request was made for someone to assist the wounded troll out of the bank, and she'd slide out from under the troll-kin's arm. A moment later, her wickedly curved blade was pressed against Rohan's throat. "The lady said stop," came a low snarl. "I suggest you do. Before it's no longer a choice."

Kenneth didn't get his answer, shaking his head. He scratches with his left hand, thinking what else could be done here when a blunt object smack him on the arm, intended for his head. Of course, the repulse of the velocity of the head's throw made his arm hit him, lessening the blow, but damn, does it hit. However, his arm receive no damage, which would arise such questions. "Oww...What was that for?!" Kenneth pointed his arm at the avian upside, jerking it, which launch on of the hidden daggers in his arms, soaked with a poison called burning poison, which within injection, the body would feel like it's burning from the inside. Kenneth was ready to make battle with this one now, stepping away from the injured person.

Yasmine leaves Jolie to take the elf and haul him out of the bank, her concern was now on the avian and getting her out of the bank and away from the other lycan.

Shaniqua , from her place on the floor, grips her staff and readies herself to cast another spell should it be needed. She smiles warmly at the large pirates who gently grab her beneath the arms and carefully lift her to her feet. From here she push them away, offering thanks you to both. She leans to the wall briefly before slowly making her way from the bank.

Afrikaisi didn't turn toward Yasmine, but rolled her arm in a manner that was an attempt at releasing the limb from the lycan's grasp. "Not yet." She nods toward Kenneth, who she hopes will be unconscious by now.. "Loose ends are never good. We get rid of him, and there's nobody who will tal-" Her sentence cuts off early when a dagger hits her side. A burning sensation begins to branch out from where the wound was made, but the pain only fuels her to finish what she started. The dagger is wrenched free from her flesh, and thanks to their close proximity to one another (she's still right beside him), she plunges the blade into his flesh. Her aim was his neck, unless he moved. Anywhere would be fine enough for her. The fast acting poison caused the avian's movements to become sluggish, and with the pain adding to it, but she presses on. A second time, Afrikaisi throws herself at him, and tangles her inked fingers in his hair. If he's successfully brought to the ground, she begins bashing his head against the floor.

Jolie found her arms suddenly full of the very man she'd redundantly threatened. "Oh." The mortal blinked. "Right." She wasn't in such great shape herself. But something told her this one could prove profitable.. "You.. um. Come with me. All who wants a cut, follow!" And she started her way to the door, the scuffle between healer and avian giving her her only pause. She muttered to the captive she was holding, "Wait a moment.." Lulu had found her again, and was curling her tail around Jolie's ankle.

Jolie said to Shaniqua, "You earned your cut. Come with us, we'll patch you up while we split the spoils."

Rohen is lifted off the ground by the woman as he was carried off to who knows where. He in no means was able to fight the people off, unable to worry anymore. As soon as they were free of the bank, he canceled his spell again, allowing no air to be forced out from around him. He sat there limply, watching there location as to note where they were headed.

Shaniqua smiles to Jolie as she stands straight, using her staff as support. "Shaniqua right b'hind ya."

Kenneth wasn't prepared to dodge the knife and did the only thing he could do, use animal instinct. This meant he moved forward a bit and turn, getting the knife jammed in the left arm. No blood though...backward! Then the avian went upon him, griping his hair. Of course, this was indeed successful and he was act once more. He couldn’t reduce all damage, but he reduce most, softening the ground below his head to rise then soften to dirt, which would hurt at first, cause he didn't have enough time in the first two hits to make soft, but after that, it'll be good enough for him to counterattack, which was to simply punch her in the ribs with the left arm. This would be point blank and hurt like hell, for his arm was metal and enhanced with solid carbon, which is harder than diamonds.

Jolie watched the fight's progression from her spot by the exit, one eye kept on her apparently passive captive, as well as her cutless' pointier end. She sighed.. there was always a last-minute difficulty. It might pay to simply murder the healer, but the sound of troopers' shouts and stomping boots approaching from the west had her shout, "All out! Now!" Hopefully somebody would help the stricken Afrikaisi to do just that.

Rohen looks towards Jolie dully, a curious gaze given towards her. "I do get part of the cut to, yes? After all I am the hostage and as such I am producing results, the likes of which will help you succeed with this operation. Therefore I do believe I am entitled to some of the profits gained through your ventures here today." His tone made no hint of jest or joke, merely a informative speaking, allowing her to know that he felt he was entitled to some of the gold.

Jolie felt a tug at her skirt. Glancing down, she found Rowen. "All set." The rat scampered about, chattering nonsense. Jolie laughed, "Boat's ready, then? We really ought be.." Her last words were drowned out by the cried of approaching soldiers.

Jolie said to Rohen, "Yes. If you quit talking now, you get to keep your tongue. Now .. move." She'd shove him lightly in the direction of the beach.

Afrikaisi thought this whole ordeal had gone on for far too long. Just as she's about to remove herself from Kenneth, his punch is thrown. It assists and removing her from him, but it results in giving the already wounded avian even more wounds. The burning from the poison coupled with the blow of the punch made her double over with pain. She cried out, and almost went to attack again. The sound of people approaching made her stop, though. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't finish what she started. Before heading for the door with the others, she gave Kenneth a sharp kick in the side, then grumbled while moving sluggishly toward the door. "We should at least take him with us. He knows what we look like. He might've heard names." Shaniqua places a hand over her chest as she frowns, her stare toward Afrikaisi. With a chant and point of her staff, a intense, stunning jolt of lightening flashes through the bank toward it's target, that being Kenneth. Should it hit, Kenneth's body would serge with electricity, enough to paralyze his muscles and allow the avain to escape the battle.

Yasmine again moves to grab a hold of the avian, "Come on Afrikaisi!" She knew the smell of what had gotten on the avian and she wasn't going to be able to get the woman healed if she did not get going now. "Come on please." Another tug was given to the woman's arm.

Rohen shakes his head at the female, "I do not believe that to be appropriate terms. I helped in the matter, therefore I deserve part of the loot. Time lost, plus time separated from family, along with the work I could have been doing. Therefore I believe myself to be entitled to let's say, fifty percent of the gold, silver, and copper you stole?" He began to move in the direction she shoved, not truly in a position to stop her from forcing him in the direction she wanted him to go.

Jolie said to Afrikaisi, "Leave him." They had no time for further shenanigans - those troopers were close - and they had wounded to deal with, besides. "We're moving. If he squeals.. " she gave the healer a pointed look. "We'll hunt him ... and his family... down and murder them all." Satisfied with that solution, she'd give Rohen another shove. "I said be quiet.."

Kenneth coughed in pain when he was kicked. "Oww! Geez....." He saw the lycan take her away, give him the chance to get up with great speed. However, another conflicted occurred. But before the electricity hit, his shapeshifting pet shifted into an ape, block them all, but damaging her greatly. "Simona!" He lifted her up since she returned to her true state of a monkey with the right arm, in case the metal would jolt him on his left arm. He looked once more at the avian. He would see her again..and settle the score.... "Come, Simona...This won't be the last time I see these people.... Rohen nodded at the woman, "Alright I will be silent, however I still expect my demands to be met." His body lurches forward at the shove, nearly stumbling over from the push. He continues to walk forward, a thought crossing his mind to run and escape, course his body told him it would be a worthless endeavor.

Afrikaisi didn't resist being tugged by Yasmine. In fact, she welcomed it. She hadn't the slightest idea of what had been put into her body, but if the burning sensation was anything to go by, it wasn't anything good. The avian nods while trying to quicken her pace, peeking over a winged shoulder when a flash is emitted from Shaniqua's staff. Her fingers crossed. She hoped it rang true. Her head jerked in Jolie's direction, and nodded. "That's good enough for me." It actually wasn't, but she wasn't in any position to do something about it. She'd much prefer Kenneth either captured or lying in a pool of his own blood. Jolie, after her hurried bolt for the beach, shoving Rohen every step, it seemed, find a large-ish rowboat filled with pirates and loot, waiting in the shallows at the agreed-upon place. Gideon had paid the lookouts handsomely to look the other way, and he offered the stragglers a silent wave. Jolie was grumbling at rat and monkey about how she never had a gag handy when needed, while eyeing Rohen darkly. To the rest she said, "We can divvy up your cuts here, or you're welcome to hid eout on Eternity with us. Your choice... but it make it quick."

Shaniqua shrugs as she moves with Jolie, deciding that snice she's gone this far why not continue. Plus she could use a place to stay the night.

Rohen grew irritated of the shoves, his dull gaze setting upon his captor. "You do know I can walk without your irritable shoving, yes?" He continued walking along the path until he found their hideout by the beach, boat ready to take off. A look was given back to her, "Nice job, you seemed to have thought this through well. However, are you certain that the boat will fit all of us? If not I volunteer to stay behind."

Rohen watches as the gold is given out, a frown thrown towards Jolie. "Where is my cut?"

Yasmine follows close behind with the avian in tow. "At some point I need to give Afrikaisi an antidote. The lycan back there poisoned her." She spotted the men coming and turned back to the others.

Jolie was sorely tempted to give Rohen a cut he wouldn't be so happy about. She looked at her ratty crewmate. "Rowen. Would you kindly help our new friend to keep his silence?" The resourceful rodent would very likely find -some- way of gagging the elf.

Jolie glanced to Yasmine, concern for the avian stamped on her features. "Gideon will bring you to Eternity, once she's feeling better. He has friends here..." with fast little skiffs, and shacks to hide out in. "We'll meet you aboard, when she's able."

Afrikaisi was beginning to look weaker now, but tried not to show it. She followed Yasmine and the others while keeping a hand pressed against her bloody side, applying pressure to prevent more blood from spilling from the stab wound. "It's not a lethal amount of poison, is it?" A hint of worry is present in her normally flat voice.

Yasmine nods to Jolie, "Come Afrikaisi." Still keeping a firm hand on the woman so she didn't collapse.

Rohen shook his head at the woman, teeth clenched tightly as he spoke once more. "I do not deserve silenced as I am the one who is helping you. You deserve to help me in return, do you not?" His brow poised curiously, daring her to fight his logic, something he doubted would happen as she was after all a bank robber and some kind of ship owner. He then begins to travel with Jolie towards the Eternity, until they arrive at their destination.

Jolie motioned to the large mute pirate to wade back to shore, and accompany the women.