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RP:Boats & Birds

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This is a Rogue's Guild RP.

Part of the Sing a Song of Sixpence Arc

Summary: Blut and Niix band together to steal six rowboats in a mission for the Rogue's Guild.

The Jolly Roger, Rynvale

Niixes stone begins to glow and after rubbing it his voice would be heard. "Time for business kid."

Blut waits at the jolly rodger his legs crossed over a table as he leaned on his chair. A regal looking bottle of wine waited on the table two cups present one filled with wine next to his feet one empty presumably for her. Blut was reading a book in one hand whilst looking at a relic in the other. The relic looked like a pocket watch as the man studied it. He wore his assassins robes with his hood down revealing his mask and messy white hair. The bottom plate of his mask was removed so he could easily drink his wine but still covered the rest of his face. However his eyes still shined a malicious crimson glow.

Niix had almost forgotten about that stone that sat in her pocket. When her attention was finally caught by the odd glow, she reached in, held it a moment before bringing it out then ran her thumb lightly over the smooth surface. “Oh,” she uttered with green eyes widening a bit before tucking it back in the safety of her duster. Getting up from the edge of the dock, Niix brushed off her rear and turned back towards Rynvale and the Jolly Rodger. Blut would have to wait at most, half an hour before she wandered in. Niix hardly paused before joining Blut at the table and sitting down. “So,” she starts without much of a greeting. This was business, not pleasure. “You got a plan or what?” Niix sure as hell didn’t.

Blut took his feet down from his table pulling down his hood. He reached into his bag before puiling out a map of the local area. "Before we do this I need you to tell me a couple of things. How good are you on the field, anything important I should know about you, how wells your night vision and can you ride a horse." Blut asked as he looked at the woman his gaze was still and unmoveing his voice calm and cold. He would wait until the woman finished before going through the plan with her.

Niix met Blut’s red gaze with a steady green on of her own before glancing at the map as it was pulled out. She continued to study it while answering the question of her skills. “Well, I’m good at being quiet and following orders. I see pretty well at night,” she figured that was a gift from her father’s side of the family. “I rode a horse once. At a fair as a young child. Does that count?” It’s then her eyes lift with a spark of humor in them. “I’m pretty sure I can ride if I have to.”

Blut crossed his arms and tilted her head. "Thats it just stealth . And regarding the horse no. Those things are trained and taimed. What we will be useing are heavy duty stalions to move the boats from this werehouse through the city to the abandoned warf where we can hide them." Blut explained pointing at the points on the map not careing for the humor. "I don't need you to be sure I need you to be certain." Blut explained leaning back on his chair looking up at the celling "how does your combat fair?" Blut asked still gazeing at the celling almost like he was lost in thought.

Niix had to work hard not to roll her eyes, but she mimiced the crossed arms and leaning back, except her right ankle came to rest on her left knee. “I’m a bloody pick-pocket. I’m stealthy. I have a knife to cut a bloke with if he gets too close and I’m quick with my wits. If I need to ride, I can ride. I can see well in the dark and have managed live seventeen summers with out getting myself killed. We were teamed up for whatever reason so if there is something you need or want me to do, I can do it and will do it. I try not to fight if I can avoid it,” she was five foot near-to-nothing and about a hundred pounds soaking wet, it wasn’t as if she could really take on a guy Blut’s size and she would have said so herself but chose to keep a hold of her temper instead. “Look. What’s your plan? I’ll let you know if my frail self can handle it. Okay?”

Blut shook his head as he leaned forward as he raised his hand over the map makeing it look like a hologram. "We are going to have to travel to the warehouse and neautralise the people inside. Eleanor has expressed concern for death drawing attention to the guild so we have to get in and out with the boats with no casulties. Meaning no bleeding no snapping of bones the workers just need to wake up with some aches and thats it." Blut zoomed closer to the target werehouse " there are a few guards this night there are supposed to be 8 both guarding and manageing the boats. 2 out front 2 out back and 4 inside. We are going to have to simultaniously remove these 4 outside if we want to avoid any of them calling for help. Once we get inside I'll knock out the lights and then we can wipe them out quickly. We have to be quick once the moon starts to arc in the sky the first stalion will arive so one of use will need to ride it along with the boats to the randavu. The other will sit behind and wait for the first to return as well as clean up the bodies." Blut explained as he took out a notebook handing it to Niix showing the basic guard details their typicall armoury and weapon sets their rounds. It showed all the typical guard procedures clearly showing this man did his homework. " Now all thats left is to decide the order then wait for evening to end before begining the hunt. Now you want to go north or south of the building." Blut asked.

Niix studied it all; every trace of smart-alec teenager gone as they finally got down to business. This was the biggest job she would ever attempt. Petty theivery had hardly prepared the half-elf for something like this. She wasn’t sure how Blut got a drawing to look like a life-like miniature version of the real thing, but it was a handy trick to have, she decided. “I can take the south,” she pointed to a spot that showed promise of cover. “But to knock anyone out, I’m going to need something bigger than a pen-knife.” Niix chewed her lip for a moment then shrugged. “I’ll get something on the way. Now, are you taking on all four inside or….?” she raised her gaze up again. She was assuming she’d even make it past the two outside even though a plan of her own for that was working it’s way through her thoughts.

Blut sighed as he stood up knocking the chair down before takeing off his gloves and throwing them on the table revealing iron wedges that protected his knuckles and mechanical devices that attached to blades. Blut kicked the chair breaking off a leg. He took the wine that was on the table takeing a quick swig before spilling the rest of it on the chair leg. The leg started to freeze over as steam started to emit from the frozen ruby club. Blut smashed the club over the iron wedge giveing out a large smash sound but despite a few chips of frost flying off the club remained in tact. Blut shaked his hand before throwing the club onto the table before the gloves. "Theres your bigger weapon tougher than a iron rod so don't smack the guards too hard or you'll give them a concussion. Use the gloves or the rod will stick to your hand." Blut warned as he put his hood up and reataching his mouth piece to his mask "do you want me to take on all 4?" Blut asked questioningly almost like he had other plans for her.

Niix scrambled back, startled at the suddenness of Blut’s actions and watched in fascination while he fashioned a club. She tucked her hands beneath her thighs, almost afraid to take up the gloves and club just then while she processed it all. “Oh. Uhm.” What was the question? Oh yes. “Yeah. I mean, if it wouldn’t be too much for you. I just think I wouldn’t really be any good for anything else except conking a couple guys over their heads and dragging them out of sight. After that,” she shrugged, “I don’t want to slow us down. As I said, my best skills are being quiet and fast."

Blut sighed as be pointed to the front of the werehouse "then take the north and knock out the people at the entrence. After that pick the lock at the main hanger. You will be the first to ride the stalion to the abadoned warf. If so you will need this." Blut explained as he took out a blanket from his bag placeing on the table "cover the boats with that later now if you have no more questions lets go". Blut instructed pointing at the door and tapping his foot.

Niix nodded and stood herself, reaching for gloves and club, the former being put on before taking up the latter. A quick check made sure she had her pick-set tucked away safely. “Alright. After you then.” She’d let him lead the way...and all this time she had thought they would literally be stealing a boat out of the water. Go figure. ed to go.

Warehouse in Rynvale

Blut lead Niix to the werehouse where all the new ships and boats were being made. The night was dark but the streets were easily illuminated by the street lights and the lanterns of the patrolmen. The front guards were walking back and forth infront of the warehouse. " Well kid your up" Blut ordered before disappearing from sight to take out the men at the back.

Niix followed watching everything and everyone from the shadows of the hood that kept moonlight from shining from her pale hair. She had snuggled up the club under the duster so it wouldn’t draw attention to either of them. So far as anyone knew, she and her red eyed companion were out for an evening stroll along the warehouses and docks. Nothing to see here. Nothing suspicious. She didn’t like how bright it was when they got to their destination and Blut pointed out the guards. Not too many shadows to skulk around in here. She would have said something except that he disappeared already. It didn’t help the guards were splitting the chore of pacing, one going left, the other going right before turning and heading back towards each other. Niix said a few choice words under her breath before slinking to the shadow of the building next door. Keeping to the dark, she snuck her way past into the alley between buildings. Easing up to the corner, she took a moment to listen. They didn’t talk much and what the two said was so low it was hard for the half-elf to pick up. Easing back the lapel of the coat, Niix slipped on the special gloves and removed the club carefully. Now she needed a distraction; a reason for one guard to venture into the dark alley-way. A quick glance found a pebble just big enough to make a racket. Stooping, she picked it up, tested the weight and then tossed it so it clattered down the alley. The response was almost immediate. “Did you hear that?” “Yeah. So go check it out.” A grunt and then all she had to do was wait. Melting into the cover of shadow, Niix hefted the club and waited. It wasn’t long before the guard came around the corner, head down for a moment and that’s all she needed. A swing (not too hard per instructions. No reason to kill anyone) and, with a surprised cry, the guard went down with a hard thump. Niix winced. At least that would get the attention of guard number two. Sure enough, she heard, “Charlie? You ok over there?” Niix kept quiet, hefting the club again. “Charlie? Stop joking around.” Again silence would meet him. Blow out a breath and hearing the thud of boots, Niix stepped back. Guard two came confidently around the corner. This one would be tricky. Once he saw the prone form of Charlie, he would be more alert. Niix had to get him at just the right moment. And that’s what happened. He saw Charlie and rushed over, bending down to check he was still breathing and that’s when Niix struck. The club came down on the exposed back of the head and the second guard went down. Stepping over both, the teen dug for the pick-set and hurried to the door. Crouching down with the club leaning against the building, she made quick work of the lock and eased the door open. Sliding inside and hugging the wall, Niix found a pile of lumber to hide behind. Now all she had to do was wait for Blut to take care of the rear guards and the ones inside.

Blut darted from shadow to shadow the moment a bridge between shadows was made Blut would dash. Even through the light at times in order to get to his needed destination. His speed and agility helped him to keep a step ahead of Niix. Unlike the theif Blut had no problem going through the front door as he dashed through the shadows getting ever closer to the guards. When the guards were patroling Blut waited at a blind spot by the stairs to the back door. It would not reveal him until the guards passed him. The moment the guards meet Blut sprang forward grabbing one by the jaw and at the back of the head. Before the second guard even had time to turn around before the first even had time to groan Blut pushed his jaw up and his skull down causeing pain and knocking the guard out due to his preasure points. Before the second guard could react and scream haunted by the sight of the man who knocked out his friend in a instant he hesitated. Blut dashed forward delivering a blow to the mans chin makeing him buckle and delivering a kick to the temple knocking the man out. Not permanent damage caused. Blut reached into the guards pockets to grab the back door keys. Blut entered quitely not even a sound as he survayed the situation. He let his mana spill coating the area around him telling him where the guards were. Blut primed shurikens as he peeked from his hideing position to spot the lanturns calculateing how to throw his shurikens to break them. Blut nodded before throwing the shurikens turning the place into total darkness. Bluts eyes glowed brightly instilling fear into the sailors anyone who attacked would be instantly knocked out due to Blut being able to detect their position rather than fumbleing in the dark. Niix might hear a couple of thuds crashes and yelps of pain. When she opens the door she would see Blut has taken care of the room the bodies scattered around the room. His eyes would be the only thing visible until the light from outside illuminated him. Blut conjored a small ball of light illuminateing the room further. "Alright thats the easy part now help me get these boats onto that dolly." Blut asked as he pointed to a dolly with hooks and ropes on it's side made for horse travel. "The carrage will take a few minutes to get here take it cover the boats and go through the city center. Noone should be asking questions if anyone does just tell them your helping family. Just make sure the boats get to the Jolly rodger." Blut explained walking over to the open warehouse door and closeing it. "If anything goes wrong tell me through the eccho crystal. Put it against your mouth and just speak I'll get the message." Blut explained as he walked over to the first boat signalling niix to help.

Niix heard grunts and thuds which she assumed to be the guards inside. Once it was clear and there was once again light to see from, the half-elf hurried silently towards Blut. Her own vision wasn’t affected so much thanks to her heritage and the fact she didn’t look directly at the light. Niix looked at the rig that would hold the boats and the ones that were finished. The fresh smell of sawn wood was rather calming as she went about silently helping Blut get the boats on the dolly. They weren’t light but she’d manage to wrestle them with the bigger male. By the time they would be done, unless they got interrupted somehow, she would be drenched in sweat with pale strands of hair clinging to cheeks and forehead. “Okay. To the Jolly Rodger, if any trouble speak into the stone and you’ll come running. Got it.” She just had one question, “Where do I store the boats at the Jolly Rodger?” She hadn’t seen anywhere that they could be hidden. The warf might be abandoned but it wasn’t exactly unfrequented.

Blut smirked as Niix asked about the location of where to hide the boats. "Thats where the blanket comes in. These things were made out of threads from my mana so I can sustain illusions indefinently. So to anyone who hasn't attended the meeting it would look like a regular old rock. So don't worry about it anyways its only temporary we can transport it to where Eleanor needs it later." Blut explained as the horses arrived the rider straping them down before walking away. "The rides here lets hook it up to the horses and get going" Blut signaled waveing his hand.

Niix harrumphed and muttered a few things under her breath. That smirk just really put her off and she didn’t like feeling stupid, because she wasn’t. While she helped buckle straps and make sure they were tight, the girl stole a moment to give the horses a good pet. Once done, she stepped back to look over the horses and their cargo. She would also help cover the boats with the mana-thread blanket. With all this planning and what not, she doubted she would get stopped on the way back to the Jolly Roger. Still, she’d remain on alert but relaxed so as not to bring attention to herself. Glancing over at Blut, Niix asked, “Are you coming back with me?” The horses were big. They would have to be in order to pull this load anywhere. While she didn’t have a ton of experience riding, she thought she could handle them alright.

Blut shook his head as he nodded at the remaining boats. "Someone has to remain with the rest of the boats. The horses should have to be able to manage sides if someone comes to inspect the area whilst your gone someone will have to deal with them. I don't suppose you want to deal with them do you?" Blut asked pauseing to hear her answer before extinguishing his lights. "If your uncertain in your rideing abilities I can go with you but that leaves the risk of someone discovering the scene the choice is yours I can accompany you if you need or I could stay here. It's your choice." Blut explained takeing a seat on the remaining boats waiting for Niix to respond.

Sighing heavily, Niix lithely mounted one of the horses and drew up reign. Maybe she had been less than honest about her riding skills? “No, you go ahead and stay here. I can handle this.” With a click of tongue and tap of heel, Niix go the team moving and the dolly rolling towards the Jolly Roger. She sat with confidence, her form moving elegantly with the gait of the horse beneath. With one hand, the half elf drew up the hood of her duster, putting her face in shadow.