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RP:An Order Of Protection... Kree Approved

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SYNOPSIS :: Kreekitaka visits his shop in Cenril and checks in with the manager of his beachfront boutique, Lanara. The witch informs the male that she wishes to hire overnight security as the gangs in the area tend to get rowdy after dark. She even has a certain pirate in mind, should the crustacean approve. After a few minutes of deliberation the elf and the crab agree to higher extra help, especially wish a fashion show coming up in a few weeks. A future lunch date is planned, as well.

Kreekitaka figured, what with all the time he was spending recently in secret, building up his forces, that it was high time to check in on his shops, and so he'd started making the rounds. Today, he was unmounted, but he was dressed more regally than ever--with a brilliant white kilt, embroidery in silver and purple depicting various monsters locked in combat, and a matching cape. Around his neck area, draped over his shoulders but under his cape, was a coral necklace decorated with beads of gold and precious gems. Flanked by a pair of underling crab people, Lord Kreekitaka approached the shop where it all began and knocked on a shelf with a claw to get the attention of any who were inside.

Lanara stifles a yawn as she scribbles something on an order pad and gently runs her fingertips over a turquoise fabric roll. The business was booming, and she knew that when the legendary designer returned to check on his shop that he would be splendidly surprised. The witch dons a canary yellow bikini-top and a khaki skirt, and for now she pads barefoot to the door as she hears the knock from the other side. Having just locked up the shop for the day she opens the door an inch, hesitant at first, as she knows the beach town comes to life at dark, as do the riff-raff in the southern part of town. Chocolate hues peer out and she smiles at her clawed friend as she opens the door wide, and smiles wide. “Kree! How are you? Come in! Please. I was just filling out the inventory list and straightening up.”

Kreekitaka stepped into the room, gesturing to his guards to wait out there--could be crowded in here with all of them--and looked around at the place. Lanara had really improved it--no longer was it a tent with inventory, but a proper building! Impressive! And the decor remained tasteful as ever. "I yove whaTAH! you've DAH!one here," he said, after a moment to take it all in. "Cyearyee you were HHHTHe righTAH! person for HHHTHis position!" He clenched his facial crushers in respect and offered a light bow.

Lanara responds with a curtsy, and bites the inside of her cheek to keep from giggling at the formality of it all. Kreekitaka was a very eccentric crustacean but it was obvious that she valued their friendship from the way her eyes lit up at his approval of the shop. “I’m happy that you are pleased! The Uyeer’s have been helping me to set up a small stage in the far corner. Summer is right around the corner, Kree, and I think that if we throw a fashion show it will triple sales!” Lana moves to stand before a wooden mannequin and smoothes the tank dress over the figure, as she continues to talk. “I really like working here. But with all that’s going on with the gangs in Cenril… I was thinking maybe we could hire some security? There is someone I have in mind. His name is Leo, perhaps you have met him? I know that he may not look like much more than a pirate with amnesia, but he’s working on getting his memory back and I think staying at the beach may help him with that.” Only now does the witch raise her eyes to gaze at the male, wondering what his take on it would be. “He’s very good with a blade, and he has saved my life twice now, I think he would be an asset. He has no knowledge that I’m speaking to you about any of this, so if you disagree, I’m alright with that.”

Kreekitaka nodded. He'd thrown a fashion show before and it had indeed been very good for sales. That was a great idea from her and he approved entirely. The security part he'd never considered before, mostly because the uyeer tended to be security in themselves--they were very aware of their surroundings and quite strong, so thieves tended to have a very hard time with them. He hadn't considered that maybe Lanara didn't feel safe in here. He nodded slowly again. "If you wish TAH!oo hire someone, feeoh free." Leo. The name didn't -sound- familiar, at least entirely, but maybe he'd met someone by that name. "An' pyease, go aheaDAH! wiHHHTH HHHTHe fashion show. YeTAH! me know when you pyan on performing iTAH! an' Io make an appearance." He found a free spot on the floor and half-knelt on his back legs, taking a seat. Formalities out of the way, figuring the shop affairs were now taken care of, he figured he could switch over to friend mode. "How have you been, yourseff, Yanara? If I remember righTAH!, you were overcoming some DAH!ifficohTAH!ee. Have you succeeDAH!eDAH!.? How have you enjoyeDAH! your gifTAH!.?" His tone shifted from formal to friendly and conversational immediately upon asking his questions.

Lanara nods, pleased that there would at least be another human-like presence in the shop, if Leo were to accept her job offer. Sometimes trying to convey a message to a Uyeer could grow tiring, and she often desired conversation when there was a lull in sales. If the pirate declined, she would likely hire another in his place, and strike up a friendship, as well as have the store thoroughly protected. The fashion show would be a blast, and boost sales, which were already skyrocketing with the new line of clothing hitting the shelves. Kree was a busy business owner and his designs were in high demand, as she was constantly refilling the racks and shelves. Lana removes the final wrinkle from the fabric and freezes as the conversation is turned to a more intimate level. “I… I am still struggling with that, to be honest. It’s hard for me, because I have never had to rely on –my- feelings in the past. When my empathic abilities were transferred to Taly, I never thought I would have such difficulty with reading others, or having to face my emotions without guidance. It’s hard to explain. But… Working has helped to keep my mind busy, and it’s a big adjustment that I’m working on. And I love my presents! Though, I’m not entirely sure how to use them… Perhaps one day I can trust the uyeer’s to run the shop and you and I can grab lunch and you can show me how to make proper use of them?” Pausing, she steps into her sandals and stretches. “How are you doing?” The witch was growing sleepy and it shows, though it was the end of the work day for her.

Kreekitaka rumbled internally. He hadn't heard exactly what the difficulty was that she was having trouble with. Upon hearing that she'd lost some ability--and what ability!--he shifted a little in place, but played it off like he was just getting comfortable. Kree was glad she didn't have it, he didn't like being read. But of course he couldn't say that. He was, however, also glad that his employment helped keep her busy. "I... hm." Magic was never his strong suit either. Frankly, he'd had his father make the present, and then labeled it for her himself. "I mus' aDAH!miTAH! a cerTAH!ain yack of famiyiariTAH!ee wiHHHTH mos' of HHHTHem, aoso. I know how TAH!oo use HHHTHe cyeaners, an' HHHTHe potion can be drunk--syowyee, noTAH! everyHHHTHing aTAH! once. ITAH! is TAH!oo hepp you comprehenDAH! HHHTHe scripTAH! in HHHTHe book, which is every rituoh my faHHHTHer knows. As for me..." he tapped his chest lightly and gestured to his clothing. "I am sTAH!epping compyeeTAH!yee inTAH!oo my--hmm--" he lost the word for a moment, "--position as yeaDAH!er of my peepo. Of course Io conTAH!inue TAH!oo run my business, however, I mus' aoso HHHTHink of more... granDAH! enDAH!eavors. Io show you my ranch in Miyous soon." The invitation to lunch was neither accepted nor denied. Matter of fact, actually-- "Oh! I wooDAH! be honoreDAH! TAH!oo meeTAH! you for yunch someTAH!ime, my yack of magicoh experience asiDAH!."

Lanara pays close attention to her employer, as she often had to as his dialect was a few shades different from her own. As he concludes his dialog, she smiles and nods her head, even more animated about hearing of the designer’s future endeavors, than she appeared about hosting a fashion show. “Grand endeavors? Oh! That sounds interesting. And a ranch in Milous? I’m sure that Taylor would love to visit a ranch and stretch her long legs, wouldn’t you, doll?” As if on cue, the panther prowls into the room and lifts her golden gaze to the crustacean, before she retreats to the corner of the room and curls up into a ball. The moonlights casts a glow on the sole window and warms the large cats back, and a purr would be sure to ensue. Lana giggles softly and ushers Kree out of the shop, gently and politely, of course. He was her employer, after all! “I would love to stay and chat but it’s getting very late and I have to complete the order form or we aren’t going to have any materials to make new designs for the upcoming show! Why don’t you stop by in a day or two and we will do lunch and you can teach me how to use those wonderful presents?” The witch is visibly growing more tired by the minute, as she had been on her feet all day, and putting in tons of hours to make the store run perfectly. Taylor, apparently, is tired too, as the panther begins to snore, quite loudly.

Kreekitaka :: Figuring that he ought to use the time to visit his home city and would therefore be returning to Cenril quite soon, Kreekitaka agreed to this proposal and nodded. "Io show you whaTAH! I can, yes." The cat was given a somewhat critical glance--if only the panther knew what Kree was raising on his ranch. Might think twice about it. Still, it seemed like it could handle itself. He turned and started to head out, then considered--why not set a location and a time for next time? It'd mean he could meet her without dropping in entirely unannounced. "A picnic on HHHTHe beach, when HHHTHe sun is DAH!irecTAH!yee overheaDAH!, TAH!oo DAH!ays from now," he declared, knowing that some of the gifts would need water to work properly. "An' bring someHHHTHing for swimming," he added, his tone a little cryptically-dramatic. Because giving little hints about things was oh so much more fun than simply stating outright.

Lanara manages to widen her eyes, despite her sleepiness, and gapes at the crab. “A bathing suit…?” The woman was a decent swimmer, but she couldn’t imagine swimming alongside Kreekitaka! He could swim underwater and hold his breath much longer than a mere elf was capable. Just what was the designer up to?! Lana grins and nods, marking the day and time in her head, and looking forward to it. “Perfect. I will bring the drinks and dessert, and you handle the rest? I can’t wait! You have a good evening, Kree, and please be careful. I fear this town isn’t as safe as it used to be…” Lana’s voice trails off as she opens the door for the male to exit; a worried glance is given to the outdoors. The uyeer didn’t have any knowledge of Lana’s past, or the fact that she hadn’t lost one, but two loves to the horrors of Cenril.

Technically speaking, Kreekitaka didn't need to hold his breath underwater, given that's what he needed to breathe anyhow. He could definitely supply the entree--there were a good many shellfish underwater that he could grab and prepare on his way back. Upon her asking him to please be careful, he rippled his paddles up and down, tapping his chest lightly with a claw, creating a rather amused and fairly melodic sort of sound. "Perhaps noTAH!. Have you noTAH! hearDAH!, HHHTHough?" He glanced over his shoulder as he stepped out of the building and gestured with his tails for his guards to come back to attention. "I won HHHTHe warrior's TAH!ournamenTAH!. I am HHHTHe strongesTAH! in HHHTHe yanDAH!. If any shoulDAH! fear for HHHTHeir safeTAH!ee, iTAH! is he who comes aTAH! me in HHHTHe nighTAH!." And then, with a flourish of his cape, he was gone.