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RP:An Icy Meeting Amongst Adventurer's

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Part of the Sharknado Arc

Summary: The leader of the Adventurer's Guild, Lanara, arranges for all the new members to come to a meeting to formally meet each other, and to inform them of their very first quest. Aira, Emilia, Scandal, and a mastiff by the name of Circinus, all arrive on time, and give a brief introduction and list their duties to the guild, and why they have been chosen for such a position, at the behest of their leader. Right off the bat, things are strange, as Aira continuously glares at Scandal, Emi's hand wanders about the room and it begins to hail, and Scandal feels that he can do nothing right in the eyes of his heated sister. Even the dog can sense the tension, and he slept half of the meeting! Lana informs them about a place known as 'Twister Island' off the coast of Rynvale, where an evil mage has taken over the small island and destroys the homeland of the sweet islanders. Not only does this mage claim to be King of the island, he also has magically made a tornado, that has been ongoing for two weeks... As if things can't possibly get any worse, large sharks have entered the storm! Naturally, the group of risk takers, decide that this quest, along with the treasure chest of gold that awaits them, is too good to pass up. They will leave in a few weeks, to deal with an actual sharknado.

Lanara (Post 1 of 2) As everyone files into the Adventurer’s Guild Meeting Room, they would choose a sturdy chair at the long wooden table and turn their attention to the head seat, which has been filled by the leader of the group. The brunette is perched forward in her chair, poring over an ancient piece of parchment decorated with tons of lines, squiggles, and circles. A giant red ‘X’ is marked on the left corner, and she trails a line with her pointer finger from the starting point to the desired location, her brows furrowed, and her lower lip tucked beneath her two front teeth. Lanara is so preoccupied with her research that it’s the clearing of someone’s throat that captures her attention, and as she lifts those big brown eyes, she finds that everyone is gazing expectantly back at her, and prepared for the meeting to commence. Rising from her chair she smiles at each of her friends, “Welcome, everyone! I’m so happy that you all found this place and that you all have made use of those compasses. I know it seems a little extreme to have enchanted them and gone through such secrecy of where are headquarters are… But it’s necessary because we plan all of our major adventures from this base, this is a safe haven should things go awry on a quest or if one of us needs some privacy, and we hold valuable knowledge and items here, before they are give to our relic museum. I’m sure I don’t need to remind any of you that what happens in this room remains in this room, and amongst those that are members. Anything we do or discuss is only for those that have been chosen to be a part of this group. We share in the trials, the triumphs, and the treasures.”

Lanara (Post 2 of 2) There’s a brief pause, as Lana’s gaze locks with each members, before she lowers her eyes to a large mastiff that is lying at her feet. “I’m honored that each of you has proven worthy to join the ranks, and several of you have already advanced to an elite title of the group. Some of you will advance in time, and one day I will choose a deputy to look after things when I’m unable to be here or should I pass from this realm. I welcome all of you, and consider each of you to be a family member, and I hope that you will welcome the newest addition to our ranks… Circinus!” At this, the massive pooch lifts his head and replies with a loud yip, as slobber falls from his muzzle. He’s intimidating in size, but those hazel eyes and that tail that thumps against the floor is downright endearing. “Circinus is our tracking expert. He is able to follow a scent for up to five miles, and he also provides us some protection, as well as a furry mascot.” Another pause, as Lana gathers her thoughts, “Before I get into the planning of our expedition, I think its best if we all go around the table and briefly introduce ourselves to one another. You all are acquainted with me, though perhaps not with each other. I will go first… My name is Lanara, though friends refer to me as Lana. I am an elf, a woodland witch, and proud of my heritage. I also have the blessing of being an animal empath, and I own the animal sanctuary in Northern Sage Forest. My sister, Talyara, also resides in the lands, and we hail from a faraway land, known as Kelvar. I was chosen to lead this guild because I thrive on going on adventures, regardless of the danger, and I suffer from wanderlust.” Her lips twitch, as she bites back a smile and continues, “I feel that I’m an asset to this guild because I’m intelligent, not easily intimidated, and I’m excellent at planning big events. I also have many contacts throughout the realm, of various importances, and that will help with funding and planning and protection on our quests. My motto is that there’s no point in being alive, if you don’t actually –live- your life… Going on adventures makes me feel alive. Nothing is better than the thrill of following a lead with a group of like-minded individuals, am I right?” Lifting her hand, Lana would then motion to Aira to introduce herself next, as she lowers herself back into her chair.

Aira was neither first to arrive at the Adventurer’s Guild headquarters nor the last. She got held up in an outer room where she had been instructed to remove her weapons. It was uncommon to find the huntress without her bow and quiver of arrows, and as she was so unwilling to part with them, there was a heated argument that ensued. In the end, Aira conceded; for Lanara and the guild, she would comply (this time). That didn’t mean she was happy about it and she fixed the man who relieved her of her weapons with an unblinking glare before she entered into the main room and slid into a vacant seat at Lana’s side. The witch seemed to be preoccupied with a map of some sorts so Aira didn’t make her presence known; instead she folded her legs under her and idly drummed her fingers along the wooden table, her copper eyes glancing around the room and taking it in. When Lanara was finally called to attention, Aira adjusted her posture and leaned back in her chair as her vulpine tail swished unconsciously and the russet-colored foxkin ears atop her head gave a flick. After the animal empath’s speech and the introduction of their canine mascot, all eyes turned to her and the huntress scowled. She didn’t like public speaking and she made it known with the annoyed sigh she gave as she pushed herself to a stand. “Name’s Aira,” she says bluntly, shooting a glare Scandal’s way when she noticed his presence (the last time the pair had met she had nearly been killed by one of his posse). “I am the Navigator of this Guild and I also act as a liaison between here and the Ranger’s Guild where I am deputy leader. I like to hunt,” she offers the room at large with a shrug. “So my abilities with a bow and tracking make me invaluable to this team. I was given the position of Navigator because of my experience with boats. I originally hail from Rynvale…” At this statement, Aira’s eyes darken dangerously, if only for a moment. “So island life afforded me boating skills. My mate Kahn has also taught me much in terms of seamanship as he is of island origin as well. I’m sure you’ll be seeing him at some point on one of our adventures. So…yeah.” Aira abruptly sits down and crosses her arms over her chest as she looks towards Emilia expectantly.

Emilia walked the path to the guild without the compass that guided the rest as those barefeet of hers had traveled it too many times to count. Even with the many moons that had passed since she last visited the former leader had not forgotten the way. As Aira fought over leaving her weapons behind the Genasi slipped past into the main room where Lanara sat filling the head seat. A smile graced those death-blue lips of hers as happiness filled in her heart to see someone using that chair once more. Once the Genasi set foot into the room the temperature began to drop, slowly falling to reach a chill that mimicked fall unless one got close to the Healer, then it would seem more like standing outside Frostmaw. While the others found their way in the woman walked about the familiar room, reminiscing over past visits within this very room. Once everyone else began to seat themselves the Healer took a seat herself at the far end of the table, keeping a distance between herself and the warmbloods out of respect for them. Sitting back in the seat the woman of snow white folded her arms over her chest, relaxing back into the wooden chair while she listened to first Lanara then Aira talk about themselves. When the one with furry ears atop her head finished the small woman stood from her seat, waving a stump of where her right hand used to be, “I’m Emilia co-leader of the Healer’s Guild, liaison to the Healer’s Guild, Head Healer to this Guild, former leader of this guild, but you can just call me Emi,” she stated matter-of-factly. Just as the lady finished talking about herself a black hand emerged from those massive white curls of hers that fell to the floor and began to wave at the crowd from her shoulder. “Oh, and this is Righty,” she added before taking her seat again. Said black-ice hand leapt down from her shoulder to walk across the table toward Lanara. Once reaching the new leader of the guild it lifted a finger for a finger-five. If Lana would finger-five the frozen hand it would make its way then back across the table to rejoin the person it was once attached to, almost like a pet, a creepy strange one.

Scandal had arrived earlier to the proceedings than initially, one to meet with his sister, and two to have explain himself from the previous event that he had attended with Lanara. Standing at about 6 and half feet, or rather he would have been had he not already been seated wearing a purple robe held together by a felt belt. He was currently wingless, rather a rare thing, having assumed a more draconian form, for the attendance. And having as well forgone his normal bodybuilder physique that he normally showed, for a more frail and possibly more reflective of his dragon form. His scales were notably lighter than those may have remembered for those who knew him. Both the reds and blacks were pale at best, and his eyes were red rimmed as well as naturally red irises. He sat mildly uncomfortable in his chair as he was kind of sitting on his tail. And at his part of the table several empty vials of shapeshifter assistance could be found while several others filled ones sat at the table. As Scandal watched those who came and entered, he acknowledged each and every one with a polite respect. Then when it was his turn he rose with some care. "For those of you who know me, hello again." He started in his deep rich voice. "For those that don't, my name is Scandal Scrathulclaw. Lanara and her sister Talyara have welcomed me as their adopted sibling, to which I am grateful for whomever I can call family. For those that do not know my history, I was hatched approximately three million years ago, and lived for 50 years, before entering a long deep hibernating sleep, that happened to be both next to a moonrock but also within a mountain. For reasons I am unable to understand, I slept for almost three million years, before waking up nearly eight months ago. in that time I entered my dragon teens as well as had to do some growing up, to the unfortunate stress of my adopted family and to my friends, and to those I have met and given an ill image of myself. For that I sincerely apologize. I bring forward an unnatural gift which I believe to have originated from sleeping within proximity to a moonrock as I can find no other explanation, but I am a Mana well, a source for mana, which I give to others to replenish their own supplies. I also bring forward to this guild knowledge of mythic dragon society and language that is now both extinct as extinct can be, with my own exception. By my sister who believes that I am suited to being the researcher of this guild, which I humbly accept, and earnestly hope to prove my worth to each and every one of you, but more importantly to the team as a whole. I am an able researcher and consider a personal motto of mine that the value of an individual, whom may be friend or family outweighs and material gains of life, but as I do enjoy a good adventure, and with an excuse to make food for all of you, I hope to, as I mentioned before, prove my value to you and the team, in regards to my position and to whom it may be owed."

Lanara listens to everyone’s introductions, some which are brief and some that are much longer, and she smiles and nods, encouraging all the guild members to speak with one another. So far, so good, though she notices the heated glare that Aira is given to Scandal every now and again. Lana hopes there won’t be any bloodshed, not when the hardwood floor was just replaced, and she was fond of the matching table and chairs set. Circinus inches over to rest his massive head on the top of Lana’s boot and he abruptly falls asleep, his soft snoring audible to those seated closest to them. At the conclusion of Scandal’s speech, and after giving Righty a high finger-five, the elf clears her throat, and motions to the map and all the pieces of parchment that had been affixed to a board that hung to the left of the room. There were various drawings, as well, of different species of aquatic beasts, and some maps of Rynvale and the islands that branched off the well-known tourist attraction. “I’m pleased that you all formally introduced yourselves, and I’ve never seen a group of people so well-equipped for such a group. You all have been thoughtfully chosen for your titles, and those of you that are new to the guild or haven’t earned a title yet, do not despair. It means you just haven’t found what truly interests you, and that others can benefit from, yet. There’s a place for all of you, and others that may join in the future.” There’s a pause, as she looks from Aira, to Emilia, to Scandal, and back to the parchment on the table. “Normally… I would want to wait until there are more of us to take on such a perilous quest, as there is strength in numbers… However, the treasure that waits, and the uniqueness of this location is far too good to pass up, and I hope that you all are willing to make this journey with me. If you aren’t, I understand, as it’s not for the faint of heart.” Now that she had their undivided attention, minus Circinus who was in a deep sleep, she explains, “Off the coast of Rynvale, many many miles away at sea, there sits a small island… Originally the island was vacant, and then some folks moved in and began exporting fish to the surrounding places, and the sales were so good that before long others caught on and set up shops and fishing expeditions. The once vacant island drew tourists in droves, to see the exotic wildlife and sea life and it was a popular vacation resort. About two hundred people live there year round now, and the islanders go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their people, and the trade of their fish… About eight weeks ago, a mage went to this island and claimed that he wanted everyone to leave and that he was claiming ownership. Obviously, the islanders rebelled. This didn’t sit well with this mage, who they call, ‘Crimson Cloak’, and so he cast a curse on the island. A terrible storm followed, a tornado, and it grows stronger every day. It continuously swirls around the island, destroying homes, shops, animals, and people, in its wake. It’s destroying the beautiful island. As the storm continues to grow stronger, so does the caster of the magic. And there’s one other thing… The storm now has sharks flying in it, and their massive weight, and their teeth, are adding to the damage. No one is going on or off of the island. The people are trapped. Isolated. And so… Renata, one of the elders of the island, she penned me a letter which miraculously made it to me… And she asked that we come and try to brave the storm, free those on the island, defeat the mage, and reclaim the island for those that have lived there in peace all these years.” A brief pause, “In turn for our efforts… Should we succeed, we will be given a chest filled with gold that was accumulated over the past ten years, from the islanders. They had a safety fund, should danger ever threaten their island. It’s all ours, if we complete this mission. However, it won’t be easy. I was thinking that Aira, you could map out the best course for us to take to Twister Island… We’ll have to know what supplies to bring, as well. Scandal, maybe you could research the sharks, the storms, and some history on this island. And Emilia, I need you to gather all the healing items we’ll need, should we encounter a shark bite, injury from the storm, a boating accident, or any sort of injuries from spells from Crimson Cloak.” Lana would then fall silent, waiting for a reply from each of them.

Aira tries to appear as attentive as possible when Emilia speaks. It’s not so much that she’s bored by her words, nor is she trying to be disrespectful. But rather, the foxkin is used to action, and as someone who rarely thinks before she acts, this whole meeting seems tedious—it would seem that Orikahn has begun to turn this huntress feral! Still her furry ears twitch in Emilia’s direction, nodding her head when she mentions she’ll be the healer of the gang. That was always a benefit as Aira’s moss treatments could only go so far. However, when her metallic eyes land on the animated and blackened hand, the huntress throws herself back in the chair causing it to scoot back several inches. ‘What the hell is that?!’ she thinks to herself, a shiver running up her spine as it scuttles towards Lanara. Dragons. Undead. Malicious goddesses. Aira had seen and handled them all. But a severed hand? That gave her the creeps. The huntress keeps her distance as, after making contact, Righty makes its way back towards Emilia who is thankfully seated far away. Aira unconsciously smoothes down the hair on her vulpine tail which was standing on end in an attempt to regain composure while her eyes swivel, and narrow, on Scandal as he begins his introduction. As he mentions his age and how he got to be that way, Aira doesn’t bother to hide her arched brow as she shoots Lana a look that clearly says, ‘is this guy for real?’. When he mentions going through dragon puberty, the huntress’ scowl becomes more pronounced and she balls her hands into fists. She remembered that all too well. She makes no indication on whether or not she accepts the apology Scandal offers but maybe her scowl softens just a little bit. The tidbit about being a supplier for mana users is quite intriguing…but not beneficial to the huntress. Still she knew others in the Guild would most likely make use of it so she supposed he was as good an asset as any. Aira’s eyes swivel to Lanara expectantly, wondering whether or not this was the end of their meeting or something more was to come. The huntress is not disappointed to find out there is already a quest they are being called to go on and she sits forward in her seat expectantly, her scowl shifting to a ghost of a smile at the promise of a dangerous adventure. “So…we have to fight…a sharknado?” She repeats, looking around the room for confirmation, a mischievous gleam in her eye. “Sounds like a blast,” she says, reaching out for the map on the table if Lanara would permit her. “Absolutely. Do you have more maps here that I can look through? Also, do you have a boat we can use or are we going to have to obtain one?” She asks the witch. Clearly, the huntress was all in for this adventure.

Emilia lifted her good hand to cover her mouth as she tried to cover the small giggle, a sound like ice clinking in a glass, as Aira along with her chair slid backwards from the table watching her hand make way across the table to visit with a friend for a quick touch. The little woman looked at the male as he started to talk, but found her gaze wandering away as he started on a life story tangent that meant little to the frozen woman. Instead, her eyes trailed over the room itself once more, taking in the familiar space once more, trying to remember something about it, yet it wasn’t fully coming to mind. As the man finished the Healer gave a nod before picking up her hand and setting the thing atop her mass of crazy white curls. It was then Lanara began once more, this time going into details about an adventure already at the wait for them. The slight wide eyed look the elf would get came accompanied by a sudden showering of hail within the meeting room. The hail was small pea-sized chunks of ice on her side of the room, a reasoning to why she sat so far away, beyond the constant wave of chill that left her small body. Water? Sailing the ocean? Sharknado? Had the elf forgotten from her stay with the Genasi that she was deathly afraid of water, especially deep water. Letting out a slow breath the Healer mumbled a soft, “Sorry,” about the rolling bits of ice across the floor and table before them. It was a sudden loss of control having not expected the first adventure to be something to do with the sea. Why did everyone as of late want the Genasi to fight her fear of the sea? Shaking her head, white curls danced around the woman, Righty jumped off the head of the frozen owner and toward some corner of the room to get into some space in the shadows. Clearing her throat, “I will gather supplies along with a group of people from the guild to come with. I am sure that many could be in need of healing when we arrive. If you need more maps, I have a random assortment of them in a chest back home from my days spent traveling, not sure off hand if any fit the area of choice,” Emi spoke almost like a robot in reply. She was indeed ready for adventure, just mentally getting ready for an ocean adventure with the guild.

Scandal's eyes searched the room as he sat back down taking note of the other guild members reactions to what he had hoped would not have been a speech but had been. He really needed to stop rambling on, something he would have to work on. Forgetting as he took a seat he sat directly on his tail and had to rise a bit to readjust himself. Feeling a twitch in his face he downed another vial of shapeshifters assistant potion, as he listened about the details of the tornado, and then of sharks being scooped up. He spoke slowly trying to figure out his own logic before explaining that he would dig up what research he could on the subjects at hand. "Tornado with sharks. Well a tornado works by usage of spiraling winds one hot, one cold, together creating a vacuum, however one that is made magically will be more difficult to stop as its thus tied to its caster, perhaps if we found a way to heat the air or chill the air, it might take a toll on the caster, allowing for someone to end them, the sharks though, my biology is rusty, I think I am going to need to go find one of those marine biology books again." He shrugged, "It would probably be best for my health to fly there, rather than sail there. If anyone wishes to use me as alternate transport, I promise the journey won't be like what happened with my sister." He didn't say anything more on that, either Lanara would say it, or she wouldn’t comment on it.

Lanara closely watches each members expression after she concludes her long explanation of the journey, and it’s Aira who first speaks up. The foxkin is given her undivided attention as she inquires about securing passage, to which the witch purses her lips. “Hm… I assumed that we could rent a boat in Cenril, and say that we’re sailing Rynvale. If we’re able to fool the harbormaster, I suppose that we could say we accidentally went off course and were stranded for a few days… Or do you know someone that we could steal-erm, ‘borrow’ a ship from?” Gesturing to all of those gathered, she chimes in, “We’ll need enough passage for at least two dozen people, plus a dog, and all of the necessary supplies.” Sliding the maps and a few other papers that Aira would need to dissect over to the vixen, she then shifts her gaze to Emilia. The sudden chill in the room, along with the tiny drops of hail falling from the ceiling didn’t entirely surprise her, as she had known Emi for years, and she knew of her connection to ice and water. She tries to ignore the half-room inclimate weather as she doesn’t want to embarrass the Genasi or Righty, and she fixes a smile on her face, nodding in response to the offer of more maps. One could never be too prepared for an expedition of this magnitude! “Extra healers are a wonderful idea, Emi. I know there are many wounded islanders, and we can use all the help we can get. The extra maps would be great, too, as yours may differ or show hidden passages.” Circinus lifts his head, suddenly wide awake, and his hazel eyes adjust to the light. He had slept through the entire meeting, though as Lana glances his way, he unleashes a shrill bark, in an attempt to make her think he had been paying attention the entire time. “Yes, Circinus. Aira will make sure to have a crate full of biscuits and kibble, too.” Sighing, the elf shakes her head and quirks a brow, as Scandal downs another vial of his transformation potion before voicing his concerns. Proving that he has earned his place as lead researcher, he gives them a brief lesson on the inner workings of a tornado, and then offers passage atop his back to those that desire aerial travel. This gives them all pause, and then he just has to go and bring up the time he had swallowed his sister, ALIVE, and Lana pales. She wasn’t exactly proud to have been gobbled up by Scandal, even if it was in an attempt to save her life. “Scandal. We are a guild. The main purpose of this guild is to do things –together- during an adventure. That includes the journey to and from our destination. You never know what dangers, and treasures, we may encounter along the way. I don’t want anyone to miss out on that… However, if you need to fly there, due to medical reasons… I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t fly there on your own. Maybe you can make sure that the items of importance arrive unharmed, Goddess forbid they get damaged from the sea.” Lana’s expression softens, as she hadn’t meant to speak so cross with her brother, though he was on thin ice the past few months. “There are some books here, and in the museum… Also, you may find some reference materials at the library in Xalious. They seem to have a bigger selection than the other libraries in the land.” The elf lowers herself into her chair and crosses her legs, waiting to see if they had any other questions or concerns to voice, and if they did not, she’d call the meeting adjourned.

Aira looks up in surprise when hail begins to fall from the ceiling and her metallic gaze lands on the healer towards the back of the room as she arches a curious brow. Still, she wasn’t sure it was her place to comment so the foxkin bites her tongue (quite literally), nodding along when Emilia finally speaks of bringing more healers and supplies and also the promise of more maps. The huntress listens as Scandal explains the makeup of a tornado as her fingers slide along the map. “Sharks can be nasty business,” she pipes up. “The problem is a lot of time in the water the attacks come because they think you’re a food source not because they are trying to hurt you. However, they’re going to be pissed, being flung around in the funnel. Are they real, organic sharks, or are they magically conjured by this mage?” She asks Lanara, interjecting over Scandal when he mentions needing to study up more on the marine animals. “There’s a famous marine biologist from Rynvale. Wrote a ton of books on the subject. Name is Bruce something or other.” When the dragon mentions flying to the island as opposed to traveling on the boat Aira scowls, nodding when Lanara explains the necessity of staying together as a group. “Plus, tornados make the wind pick up. What happens if you get caught up in a bad current and get pulled into the funnel? You aren’t doing us any good then.” She gives Lanara an apologetic look, if only fleeting—she felt she may be overstepping her role so she quickly settles down. The witch seems to put her back into place when she informs the dog that the huntress will be supplying his dog food. That’s met with a narrowing of her eyes but she doesn’t comment on it. “In the interest of being transparent with all of you, I’m not entirely sure I’m allowed back on Rynvale. With my vulpine affliction I’m not exactly, ah, conspicuous.” Aira winces, she didn’t like being vulnerable with people but if she was going to fight a freaking sharknado with these people, it was necessary. “I have some gold stashed away. I’ll get us a boat,” she assures them all.

Emilia glanced around the room for her hand, but it was nowhere in plain sight, off hiding in case more hail came falling from the sky again. Genasi magic was never very predictable since it was pure elemental from her core and based on those emotions of hers. It was a wild ride most days, that is for sure. Turning her attention around the table the woman waved a dismissive hand, "Flying is ill advised as Aira said. The winds of the twister could easily eat you up, especially if formed from magic and I sure do not care how old you are or who your family is or what you are. It is too dangerous the closer we get. Maps I have plenty, I have been just about everywhere one can go here in this world. As for your ship problem, Aira, save your gold. I have a ship or two we can use and I do know another or three that would loan me a ship if I asked. I am fairly well liked by a good deal of the realm for fixing their people or having known them as a human girl," the Healer replied with a shrug. This last statement might give Aira an odd answer to unspoken curious nature about the snow white creature at the table. Formerly human, now monster. A last bit added in, "When we get close enough I can use the water mixed in from the sea to try and freeze the twister solid."

Scandal’s facial appearance did not change, rather because when your head is like a dragon's there are few if any facial responses one can give. In his head, he told himself,*I really ought to just shut up, and let the grown ups talk.* But then verbally he said, "It will seem that I am sailing, then." The coldness of the room felt nice, and the hail well he was starting to like that too, kind of like a pelting massage. He breathed in and then out. His eyes pass to the genasi and then to the foxkin, he didn't look at Lanara, he felt he had lost that right. "Any relations to the island that the three of you have will no doubt be better than the relations I have, a giant flying pain in the ass, or so that fisherman in Cenril says, Brogan I believe." He concedes to Aira, even though his argument could have been valid, but he wouldn't have gotten anywhere with her, at least he didn't think he deserved to, she had every right to hate him, and Lanara she had every right to hate him as well, but strangely he was getting used to it. "Your point is valid Aira, my mistake."

The room feels as icy as the tundra known as Frostmaw, be it from a combination of the Genasi’s hail magic, and that of the tension between Aira and Scandal. Even the dog feels the chill in the atmosphere, and he lets out a low growl as he circles the table, retreating to Lanara’s side, only after being pelted with a few pebbles of hail. The leader of his group of assumed misfits can’t help but crack a smirk. It was their –first- meeting, and already they were off to a tough start, but she was more than up for the challenge. She had the utmost faith in Aira, Emilia, and even Scandal, who had managed to push her buttons quite a bit the past month. And of course there would be more joining them on the actual adventure, so she mentally prays that the foxkin finds a rather spacious ship. Close quarters and they’d be killing each other, never mind the horrific storms or sharks that could slaughter them by the dozen. Lana bites the inside of her cheek, the expression on her face causing the trio to behave for the moment and give her their full attention. In response, she looks to Aira and addresses her inquiries first. “As far as I know, the sharks were merely pulled into the tornado. They are somehow surviving… I’m not sure if it’s because enough of the sea is being pulled inward, or if the magic sustains their lifespan as they are no longer in the water. We should know more once we’re there and can actually get a full spin on things. For now, we’ll assume that the storm and its path are controlled by the mage, and the poor ocean life are its non-magic casualties.” She waits a beat as Aira voices her concerns about her appearance being recognized, and she gives a nod, “I can make you a glamour potion, if you desire. It will change your eye and hair color, and perhaps I can modify it to hide your tail and ears. Once it wears off, you will be back to your old beautiful self.” Lana and her sister had used this in the past, as well as having provided Emrith with such a disguise to enter the Underdark for dealings during the war in Sage Forest. Feeling that her answer was worthy enough, the elf shifts her attention to Emilia, who is given a warm smile. She seemed the most agreeable to their cause, and though she brought actual ice to the table, she wasn’t as hot headed as the other two. “The use of a few boats would be wonderful, and I can’t thank you enough for offering! Maybe Aira can go with you when you make these deals, so she can be sure they are what we need, and if we have to make any modifications? And that’s a good idea, Emi, about freezing the storm… I have a feeling you will be controlling the storm, while the others deal with the sharks… And I will try and distract the mage, before we all fully take him on.” She didn’t mind being bait, hell, she was damn good at upsetting those more powerful than herself, and she had already died twice and returned to the realm. She enjoyed living on the edge. Lana turns to look at Scandal, her smile slightly fading, though she appreciates that he tried to placate Aira and ease the tension. “Scandal, all of the maps and information upon the board is at your disposal. If you could make a few copies of each drawing so that we each could have a copy, I’d appreciate it. Also, be sure to check out the maps that Emilia has to offer.” Glancing down at the dog, she tilts her head, “Circinus, you will accompany me to the sanctuary, so that I can have you fitted for a backpack, booties for your paws, and a new collar with a tracking device.” Now that all of their questions had been answered, they all had formally met, and they all had some tasks to complete, Lana feels that the meeting has come to a close. She had plenty of work to do, and she knew the rest would want to get a jump on things too, especially to collect the treasure! “We’ll meet back here in three days, at the same time. I’ll have snacks, backpacks for each of us, and maybe a new member or two to introduce to the group. I bid you all a good evening.”